Agern, or “Acorn” in Danish, is a season-driven restaurant, located just off Vanderbilt Hall inside Grand Central Terminal. Led by acclaimed Icelandic Chef Gunnar Gíslason, Agern features locally-sourced ingredients exposed to time-honored techniques and flavors rooted in Nordic Cuisine.

The oak tree is not only the National Tree of Denmark, but it is also featured prominently in the Vanderbilt family crest, and therefore located throughout Grand Central Terminal. The Vanderbilt family motto was “From a tiny acorn a mighty oak shall grow.” Cornelius Vanderbilt had French artist Sylvain Saliéres create decorative flourishes of bronze and stone laden with oak leaf and acorn motifs. Acorns and oak leaves are visible in Vanderbilt Hall, on the arches reaching up to the ceiling in the main concourse, and on the giant bronze chandeliers positioned throughout the station.

Our 110-seat space, designed by Christina Meyer Bengtsson and partner Ulrik Nordentoft, is tucked away in the former men’s waiting lounge of Grand Central Terminal. The interior is tastefully designed with an aesthetic that nods to its Nordic roots and the city’s historic architecture. The art deco of the Chrysler Building sparked the chevron-patterned celadon and cream tiles. A Verner Panton pendant illuminates the banquette nook. Danish Modern aesthetic also expands beyond furniture and lighting, with pale curving millwork adding further depth to the modern organic warmth of the space.