The Melting Pot Foundation was founded in 2010 by Danish restaurateur and food entrepreneur Claus Meyer, with the aim to improve the quality of life for vulnerable and marginalized people and to drive social change, through initiatives that have food, craft of cooking and entrepreneurship as recurrent elements.

The Foundation’s work is focused on the following areas:

to drive social change and to combat poverty through initiatives related to food and hospitality;

to use education in food and cooking and culinary craft as instruments to inspire people in prisons and in struggling communities to choose a life without crime; and

to break picky eating habits of children and, from an early age, strengthen their ability to influence sustainable and healthy food choices.

The Brownsville initiative

Last year the Melting Pot Foundation initiated a social project in Brownsville, East New York; a culinary school, community center, restaurant and bakery, serving the local community, with the goal of engaging at-risk youth and striving to make an impact in the community beyond the walls of its own physical premises. The restaurant and bakery will be run by the students and both are expected to open later this summer.

Kid’s Table, Denmark

Gustu Team, La Paz, Bolivia

Mural, Brownsville, New York City

Food Courage Run, Denmark