Valentine’s Day 2018

Start date: February 14, 2018

End date: February 17, 2018

Celebrate love at Agern!

We will be serving the shared meal as an option for
dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well.

Menu for Two – all items are served to share
185 per person  // 145 beverage pairing
185 all champagne & sparkling wine pairing

See our menu here.


Gustu at Agern

Date: February 21, 2018

Marsia Taha produces naturalistic dishes in celebration of local ingredients and all food and beverages are 100% Bolivian.  She will be bringing with her Bolivian ingredients and we will start with Bolivian singani cocktails and add some Bolivian wines to Agern’s American list for the night. Join us to meet Chef Marsia, taste uniquely Bolivian flavors, and enjoy a collaborative evening where Scandinavian meets South American.

Join us for Chef Taha’s five-course tasting menu for $155, or a few Bolivian bites on our a la carte menu that evening.

Tuna flakes, chicken reduction, isaño powder

Carrot, pink cañahua, huacataya

Llama Tartar, Yogurt, Maca and Hibiscus

Amaranth Caviar, Asaí Juice, Deep Fried Malt, Brazil Nut Milk

Pork Ear Croquettes, Puffed Pork Ear, Pickled Pork Ear, Roasted Pig Ear, Quinoa Miso sauce and Dried Coa

Tarwi* bizcoflan**

 tarwi (Lupinus mutabilis) is a South American beauty that has it all. It’s gorgeous, its flowers smell like fresh honey, it attracts beneficial insects and fixes nitrogen in the soil. And if that weren’t enough, it produces bumper crops of round, bean-like seeds that are hugely nutritious.With a full range of essential amino acids and more than 40 percent protein, tarwi would easily win out over soybeans in any comparison.  Like soybeans, tarwi beans need to be leached to remove unwanted compounds that are bitter, and in large doses, toxic. Once prepared, however, tarwi can be enjoyed like soybeans, or made into flour, or pressed for oil.

** A dessert halfway between flan and sponge cake.

Idlewild Takeover

Date: March 12, 2018

Wine Takeover
with Sam Bilbro
of Idlewild

Sam Bilbro grew up in California’s North Coast wine world, but has chosen to focus his energy on championing Northern Italian varieties in some overlooked parts of California.  From Arneis and Cortese to Barbera and Nebbiolo, Sam’s wines are true to their roots, while still being more affordable than many of their old world antecedents.

Day Wines Takeover

Date: March 26, 2018

Wine Takeover
with Brianne Day
of Day Wines

Based on a single bottling of Pinot Noir, Brianne Day went from restaurant server and aspiring winemaker to natural wine darling. Her high-end, single-vineyard bottling of Willamette Pinot Noir continues to impress, but since she took on a full winery in 2014 she has included pet-nats, and other seemingly “experimental” bottlings from Southern Oregon in her repertoire.