Pete Wells

Three Stars

“It’s like a spa with tasting menus and cocktails.”

“The design is gorgeous, drinks are outstanding, and the location is ideal for midtown business lunches-of a certain type. Dining here is pleasing as well as cerebral and unapologetically expressive of the New Nordic food scene, without a flight to Copenhagen.”

Edward Behr

“The theme running through everything, in tandem with utter freshness, is clean flavour and control. The food, fun in its variety and unexpectedness, made our group of potentially hypercritical eaters very happy. Agern offers some of the smartest, most carefully conceived and executed food I’ve tasted in a long time.”

Carolyn Corman

“If Grand Central is a cathedral for commuters, Agern is a chapel for indulging the senses. Best to stay put.”

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