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Agern, meaning “Acorn” in Danish, is a season-driven restaurant and bar, located at Grand Central Terminal, tucked away between Vanderbilt Hall and the 42nd street southwestern passageway entrance.

The menu, from the hands of Icelandic head chef Gunnar Gíslason and his team, features farmed and wild ingredients from the New York State region exposed to time-honored techniques, and flavors rooted in Nordic Cuisine.

Agern has a 24 seat private dining room. For more information please reach out to our Events Team.

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The acorn (in Danish “agern”) is the fruit of the Danish national tree, the oak. Also, it connects us to the place we are in, Grand Central Terminal.

Since ancient times, the fruit of the oak has been a prevalent symbol of life and perseverance, also serving as an attribute of protection in Norse mythology. For Vikings in Scandinavia and indigenous peoples in North America alike, the acorn played a significant role as part of the everyday diet.

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow,” reads the Vanderbilt family motto. Great things can come from small beginnings. Our approach to food and people is that we love to see things grow.

Our 110-seat space, designed by Christina Meyer Bengtsson and partner Ulrik Nordentoft, is tucked away in what used to be a hairdressing salon and in the old days, the former men’s waiting room of Grand Central Terminal. The new interiors incorporate elements of a Nordic design esthetic, with a mix of organic shapes and natural elements from sleek, curved mid-century furniture to mosaic tile work and natural wood elements in warm, earthy colors.

We offer an a la carte menu, a tasting menu, and casual bar snacks,  all of which are available whether seated at the bar or around the open kitchen.

Agern is open for dinner six nights a week; and lunch every weekday.

Our beverage program is focused on American wine, beer, and spirits, with an emphasis on sustainable and low-intervention producers.