Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator Reviews And Buying Guide In 2022-Which One Suits You Most?

If you are on the lookout for the best 12000 watt portable generator as you are requiring it for home back up, or a building site, you should take a look at 15 amazing 12000 watt portable generator reviews from agernrestaurant and see which one will have the highlights you require for your application. 

A 12000 watt generator can control a wide collection of machines, apparatuses, and hardware to keep you fueled up in any circumstance. A 12000 watt generator can control a ton of home or business applications. The greater part of these force generators are intended to deal with uncompromising uses, and that is the reason they are ideal for recreational use, home reinforcement, and business use. 

So, what are our best 12000 watt portable generators in 2022? Let’s check now!

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator
Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator
Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator
Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator
Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

Best Back-Up Portable Generator

Best Gas Powered Portable Generator

Best Duall Fuel Portable Generator

Best Mid Sized Home Portable Generator

Best First Time Users Portable Generator

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Top 15 Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator Reviews 2022

Champion Power Equipment 100111

The first best 12000 watt portable generator on our rundown is this predominant Champion Power Equipment 100111.

This Champion 100111 model is a mind-boggling generator that purposefully gives you 12000 running watts with 15000 starting watts. You will like this power for a long time on a full tank at half weight.

This compact generator runs on a strong low-uphold engine that uses an electric start and a reliable flip switch. There is likewise a certain development planned to allow straightforward beginnings even in a nippy atmosphere.

Additionally, this generator comes outfitted with an enormous body, yet it's fitted with portability features, including wheels, handles, and a lifting catch for basic movement.

  • PROS
  • Implicit flood defender 

  • Implicit innovation 

  • An excellent V-Twin motor 

  • Strong flip switch 

  • CONS
  • Oil spills 

  • May be hard to replace the oil

  • Expensive

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

No products found.

Powermate has been an industry-driving brand for many years in giving expertly planned compact generators. Powermate PM0601258 is one of these strongly planned that is known for the best 12000 watt portable generator.

Powermate PM0601258 Is a generator you can depend on for recreational use, home reinforcement, and for proficient contractual worker use as well. This generator runs on a dependable Subaru V-Twin OHV motor with an electric beginning and a low-oil closure for insurance.

Besides, with its 8 gallons tank full, this portable generator provides more than six hours of run time at half a burden. With regards to productivity, this Powermate model highlights an inactive control highlight to diminish fuel utilization when there is no force being pulled.

  • PROS
  • Dependable Subaru V-Twin OHV gas motor 

  • Low-Oil closure and fuel check 

  • Inactive control highlight 

  • Inflatable wheels 

  • CONS
  • Non-CARB Consistent

  • Expensive

DuroMax XP12000EH

DuroMax XP12000EH is fundamentally an excellent 12000 watt portable generator with some perfect features that you should consider when choosing a generator.

Beginning with the motor, you will get a fundamentally the 18Hp with 457cc motor that will give you 12000 beginning watts with 9500 running watts.

It will likewise be double fuel, making it one of only a handful few crossover generators on this rundown. This will provide you with the adaptability to utilize either fuel or propane for your generator or even both if you run out of either.

This generator features MX2 innovation which permits you to get the greatest force from its sources. It additionally has inactive control that brings down RPMs when not being used to help lessen the commotion levels and help to spare fuel.

With about 8 gallons fuel tank, you can expect run seasons of more than eight hours at the half burden on gas and a 40lb propane tank.

Source choice will legitimately mirror this DuroStar with a 120V curve lock source, a turn-lock source with 120V and 30A, an uncompromising source with 50A, and two-family unit sources with 120V. Besides, a DC charging post is additionally added to help charge outside batteries.

Elastic tires and foldable handles make moving this generator a breeze. Coming in at a commotion level of 74dba, this 12000 watt portable generator is directly comparable to industry norms and will have the option to be utilized in neighborhoods.

  • PROS
  • Since quite a while ago run time 

  • CARP endorsed 

  • Double fuel 

  • CONS
  • Weighty

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

Westinghouse is one of the main generator makers in the business and is generally known for highlighting rich generators. This Westinghouse WGen9500 is a genuine demonstration of this standing as it is one of the most famous 12000 watt generators available.

This generator comes furnished with an amazing Westinghouse OHV motor. You can anticipate that this motor should enable this generator to make 12500 beginning watts and 9500 running watts.

This is the ideal measure of capacity to get your bigger machines, and different force instruments running effortlessly. This generator comes outfitted with a steel fuel tank that will permit long periods of runtime at about 25 percent burden.

This generator will run at about 73dBa, which is normal for its size. Investigating the source choice, you will see that there is an incredible determination and they are covered, making this generator ideal for private and business use.

Tipping the scales at just 220lbs, it positively isn't the heaviest of generators, yet at the same time substantial enough to require some help while moving it. This generator highlights a folding handle and plastic haggle to make moving it a lot simpler.

While it is ideal to see some elastic tires with more track, you will never need to stress over punctured tires. One of the most champion highlights of this generator is its diverse modes, including electric, distant, and withdrawal.

Generally, this best 12000 watt portable generator will be perhaps the perfect decision. It has extraordinary surveys and is profoundly evaluated by a great many fulfilled clients.

  • PROS
  • Far off beginning 
  • Longer running time 
  • Enormous selection of sources
  • CONS
  • Weighty

DuroStar DS12000EH

The following portable generator on our rundown is this DuroStar DS12000EH that comes from an extremely famous generator producer in the business named DuroStar.

This DuroStar DS12000EH generator is fabricated extreme, has incredible highlights, and has double fuel highlights, making it one of the main mixture generators. It is fueled by an OHV DuroStar motor that assists with creating 12000 beginning watts with 9500 running watts.

This sort of intensity is incredible for an assortment of employments including work locales, home backup force, and power. When utilizing this generator for business use, you should guarantee that soil and garbage don’t enter the sources as this generator doesn't include source defensive covers.

With about 8 gallons fuel tank, you can expect more than eight hours at the half a burden on gas and a 40lb propane tank. This implies on the off chance that you have both close by, you can appreciate about 16 hours of the show time to exchange between the two.

This best 12000 watt portable generator is intentionally made for bigger apparatuses as it just incorporates a solitary duplex of family unit sources. Different sources you can expect on this generator incorporate an uncompromising source, a wind lock source, and a curve lock source.

With 74dBa, this generator will be as noisy as most generators in this force level and be reasonable for private use. Much like some other generator of this site, you can anticipate that collapsing handles and wheels should be incorporated with this generator.

This portable generator also incorporates inflatable elastic wheels which are incredible for handling any kind of territory. It provides close consideration to detail and holds their ear to the ground with regards to the requirements of their clients.

  • PROS
  • Since quite a while ago run time 

  • Tough development 

  • CARB compliant 

  • Has a long guaranteed time

  • CONS
  • Doesn’t have many sources to browse 

  • Substantial

DuroMax New_XP12000E Gas Powered

The DuroMax New_XP12000E gas powered portable generator is another best 12000 watt portable generator on our list that has a DuroMax OHV monitoring mechanism.

With 12000 beginning watts and 9500 running watts, this portable generator can deal with substantial burdens from lights and a cooler to a home climate control system and high amperage power devices.

Moreover, this DuroMax model also comes with excellent MX2 innovation. With this generator, you can choose between working at 120V and 240V at the same time, or 120V just with full force.

This DuroMax Generator brings down RPMs when not being used, sparing fuel and diminishing clamor. Ideal in circumstances like in places of work where force is utilized irregularly.

This generator works extraordinarily that effectively puts out 10000 watts. Whenever utilized wisely you can control a 200 amp house with no issue. It is extremely simple to utilize and collect. The wheels are strong so no stress over pads.

This portable generator is reduced yet weighty and can without much of a stretch be turned over a lopsided landscape. The control board is all around checked and very much spread out. It isn't peaceful however for a 12000-watt unit, it is very acceptable commotion astute.

  • PROS
  • An excellent MX2 innovation

  • Working at 120V and 240V simultaneously or at just 120V

  • Simple to utilize and collect

  • Strong Wheels

  • CONS
  • The battery isn't simple to get to 

  • The fumes are 1-inch distance across that requires finding a connector if expanding the fumes. Generally, this is an all-around planned and made item. This was a phenomenal buy and energetically suggested.

Pulsar G12KBN

Pulsar is a famous generator producer in the business that has made various generators to fit many different requirements. This Pulsar G12KBN is an extraordinary case of the force and highlights that are equipped forgiving.

This portable generator is fueled by an excellent motor that incorporates electric beginning for simple beginning up by pretty much anybody.

The force levels of this portable generator will fluctuate contingent upon what kind of fuel you will use since this generator is a double fuel, crossbreed generator.

Furnished with 8 gallons fuel tank, this portable generator will provide an amazing run season of more than 12 hours at half a burden.

Moreover, this 12000 watt portable generator comes equipped with plastic tires, so punctured tires will never be an issue just as a convenient voltage recurrence hour meter.

  • PROS
  • It has a huge selection of sources 

  • It comes with double fuel 

  • It features superb run time with more than 12 hours

  • CONS
  • Just has a year of guarantee

Pulsar PG12000B 

This Pulsar PG12000B Dual Fuel compact generator produces around 12000 zenith watts when you utilize fuel, appearing differently with 10800 apex watts when you utilize propane.

This filling adaptability makes this generator simple and direct to utilize. This best 12000 watt portable generator is also filled by an excellent monitoring mechanism and features seven sources. It comes with a trade switch so that it too easy to even consider utilizing.

Additionally, this Pulsar PG12000B compact generator has a combined electronic meter and a novel all around planned arrangement. The assistance organization is unprecedented and astoundingly responsive that will spare your day if it builds up any problems.

  • PROS
  • Incredible in two fuel modes 

  • It is effectively convenient 

  • Well-designed plan portable generator

  • CONS
  • Conflicting force yield

A-iPower SUA12000ED

This A-iPower SUA12000ED double fuel portable generator is among the top-notch models watching out that accompanies different phenomenal highlights.

Outfitted with a wattage of 12000 watts, this generator is uncommon for giving power deftly to a huge load of devices in your home at the same time and works inconceivably as a fortification.

Plus, this generator gains some run experiences of around nine hours at half weight, so you will have a genuine course of action. This device is furthermore known for being successfully usable in each atmosphere condition.

Crafted by this thing is extremely intense making it solid. It furthermore incorporates a cover source which is atmosphere safe making it more trustworthy.

  • PROS
  • Equipped with 12000 watts 

  • Has an incredibly sturdy outside 

  • Fitting to utilize in any atmosphere conditions 

  • Furnished with a wheel unit for basic adaptability 

  • Automated worker ranch is useful for giving information about runtime 

  • Has low oil shut off help keep the engine secure 

  • CONS
  • A bit noisy

All Power America APGG12000

This All Power America APGG12000 portable generator is historic and is flawlessly suitable for all house backup. Other than that, you can utilize it for business driving, as it features an apex yield of 12000 watts.

In any case, the running watts are possibly smaller than the things examined above, regardless of the way that the qualification in cost may turn the piece into an arrangement.

The contraption in like manner comes with an electric starting part so that you will have a quiet starting technique. Its monitoring mechanism is possibly astonishing, diverged from the above-minded generators.

This best 12000 watt portable generator has 8 gallons fuel limit and concerning upheaval conveyed, the thing is insignificantly loud. It comes with an hour meter peruser that will tell you the oil and fuel readings.

The sans upkeep battery and level freewheel pack are ideal arrangements. These infer that you will have zero worries concerning beginning it and no worries concerning delivering it. It weighs around 240 pounds and the wheels are altogether created for the supportive delivery.

  • PROS
  • Excellent engine and monitoring mechanism 

  • It goes with a sans upkeep battery 

  • You get a level freewheel

  • CONS
  • A bit noisy

  • Short runtime

A-iPower SUA12000E

A-iPower provides various excellent generators and is building an arrangement of dependable generators that are estimated seriously. This A-iPower SUA12000E generator is perfect because of its powerful, extraordinary highlights, and incredible value range.

Including an amazing motor, you will get 12000 beginning watts and 9000 running watts of intensity. This sort of intensity territory will permit you to keep your bigger machines, power instruments, and RV running without thinking twice.

The motor on this generator is effective as it gives about nine hours of run time at half burden from the seven gallons fuel tank. This generator is a little on the boisterous side as it has 78dBa, yet it can even now be sensible for private use.

One of the best highlights of this 12000 watt portable generator is the source choice and the way that they included source covers. This considers more machines to be utilized simultaneously while guarding your sources when not being used.

With the wide choice of sources, you will have the option to control up a wide range of apparatuses, machines, and hardware. Since this generator is weighty, you will need to convey it with a companion, so it has to underlie a foldable handle and plastic wheels.

This 12000 watt portable generator comes outfitted with keyless one-contact electricity to make beginning this generator simple for all ages.

  • PROS
  • Reasonable price range

  • Great runtime 

  • Simple activity 

  • CONS
  • A bit noisy

Rainier R12000DF 

Rainier R12000DF is another best 12000 watt portable generator on our list. With this generator, you will get a double fuel gadget, which offers adaptability as far as fuel to utilize. Appreciate up to 12000 pinnacle watts when utilizing fuel.

The force is sufficient to utilize at home or in the business stores, so you don't have anything to stress over independent of the fuel you use. This portable generator also features a fuel tank to store the fuel for the entire day.

There is also a fuel check set up, and it’s a computerized set to close down when the level of the oil is lower. It is ground-breaking, all gratitude to the motor driving it.

There are numerous sources to guarantee the most extreme accommodation when utilizing this machine. There's an electric beginning component to guarantee the most extreme perfection in the activity.

The fitted backlash start is there as a reinforcement alternative. In contrast to different things under survey, this portable generator features a showcase highlight to guarantee its time running hours, and recurrence.

  • PROS
  • Low oil and overburden security highlights 

  • Comfortable handles 

  • Electric beginning 

  • Calm 

  • Information show include 

  • CONS
  • Has short runtime on the half burden

CAT RP12000E Gas Powered

CAT RP12000E Gas Powered portable generator is one of the most mainstream among clients, generally because of its stunning pinnacle wattage.

While most conventional generators have a wattage of 12000 watts, this generator has a flood wattage of 15000 watts. This causes it to begin huge gadgets without dreading any up-downs in the voltage or confronting any short out.

The model can run for more than 12 hours on a half burden, so it is extraordinary for utilizing in houses just as in places of work. You can utilize this generator even around evening time.
The Drove board helps demonstrate the current status of the machine, for example, the voltage it is running on, the run time it has left, the measure of fuel required.

  • PROS
  • The electric beginning gives convenience 

  • The driven board shows the status and offers in dim spots 

  • Strong and reliable

  • Simple to move around with the assistance of the included wheel unit 

  • Furnished with circuit breakers to give assurance from overheating 

  • CONS
  • A tad on the costly side

Westinghouse WPro12000 

Westinghouse WPro12000 is the next best 12000 watt portable generator that is the popular, high-power generator on the rundown. If you are looking for a portable generator with 12000 watts, you should also consider this one.

This generator is an ultra-obligation mechanical generator intended to deal with rock-solid applications. This generator is fueled by a high-caliber, ultra-obligation OHV monitoring mechanism that includes a tough, rustproof cast iron sleeve.

This 12000 watt portable generator is sufficiently amazing to give solid 12000 running watts and 15000 flood watts. With regards to eco-friendliness, this generator is likewise considered as it offers about 16 hours of run time.

  • PROS
  • Ultra-Obligation OHV monitoring mechanism

  • Durable cast iron motor sleeve 

  • Programmed low oil closure 

  • All-sources elastic covers 

  • Brilliant inactive component 

  • CONS
  • Overly Hefty 

  • No virus start innovation

Rockpals CARB EPA

No products found.

On the off chance that you need the calmest 12000 watt portable generator, Rockpals CARB EPA is the perfect choice for you to consider. This model is very exceptional from numerous points of view, alongside being the calmest out there. 

This best 12000 watt portable generator has accomplished that status by joining larger than usual suppressors into its frameworks, which diminishes the sound of motors radically. 

The best thing about this generator is the way that you can utilize either propane or gas for its motor, as indicated by your decision. Be that as it may, the bit of leeway doesn't stop at this. 

Rather than restarting this generator each time you will need to change starting with one fuel then onto the next, you would now be able to do a similar errand by utilizing a switch as it were.

  • PROS
  • Two options of fills 

  • Switch framework takes into account convenience 

  • Respectable runtime 

  • Extremely peaceful contrasted with different generators 

  • Reasonable for use in every single climate condition

  • CONS
  • Somewhat difficult to collect

Things You Should Know To Get The Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

Types Of Fuel

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

12000-watt generators are on the higher finish of the force levels for versatile generators. Generators of this size generally arrive in a couple of various setups with regards to fuel hotspots for their motors. 

There are three principle contrasts with regards to fuel hotspots for generators: gas, propane, or a half breed blend of both. 

The most well-known wellspring of fuel for generators will be gas. Gas is promptly accessible, can be bought pretty much anyplace, and is generally the most moderate fuel source. 

The main genuine downside that accompanies utilizing gas is that during public catastrophes, gas can turn out to be scant and harder to discover. 

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

To help battle this, you can take a gander at utilizing a propane generator. A propane generator utilizes propane gas that is put away in pressurized propane tanks and can without much of a stretch be snared to your generator for brisk activity. 

Propane can be put away for significant periods, and a great many people as of now have a propane tank from gas grilles or shop radiators. A disadvantage of utilizing propane is that it is more costly, doesn't have an implicit measure, and can be somewhat harder to discover. 

If you are needing the best of the two universes, you can pick a half breed generator. A half breed generator is outfitted with a motor that can run off of fuel or propane. 


Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

If you plan on utilizing your generator for longer timeframes, a detail that you might need to focus on is efficiency. With regards to versatile generators, efficiency is estimated by how long your generator runs on a solitary tank of gas. 

This will be influenced by tank size, motor size, motor proficiency, and the measure of the burden that you are applying to the generator. Most determinations are estimated at half burden, a normal burden that numerous individuals put onto their generators. 

For the individuals who will be running their generators the entire day or overnight, ensuring that you have a generator that has a more drawn out run time will effectively pay off. The exact opposite thing that you need to do at night is to awaken and top off your generator.

Plan Quality 

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

Plan quality ought to be at the highest point of your agenda when taking a gander at buying the best 12000 watt portable generator. 

All things considered, you are making a huge buy, so you will need to bring in sure your cash is going toward something that is going to keep going for quite a long time to come.

Perhaps the most ideal approach to sort out if the planned nature of the generators you are taking a gander at will be an incredible fit for your application is contemplating where and how you will utilize the generator. 

For the individuals who will utilize the generator for home force reinforcement, a generator that has standard plan highlights will turn out great. For the individuals who will utilize the generator for modern or business use, a generator with more rough attributes may be picked.

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

This typically incorporates more tough wheels, source defenders, and more grounded move confines. Rough wheels for the most part come as inflatable, elastic tires with characterized tracks to explore harsher landscapes. 

Source defenders are plastic, pivoted covers that cover your sources when not being used to forestall dampness, earth, and trash from entering the sources. Move confines are pretty normal on pretty much all generators, however, for business use, you may need to discover one that has a more vigorous arrangement. 

Commotion Level 

Commotion level is a factor to consider if you plan on utilizing your generator in an area, at a park, or close to other people. 

For those utilizing generators for development use, commotion isn't as large of an arrangement when contrasted with private use. The explanation behind this is that generators can be noisy. 

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

Most generators in the 12000-watt range will have commotion levels going from 67-78 dBa. To place this into point of view, this is about a similar clamor level as a family unit vacuum cleaner. 

On the off chance that you plan on utilizing this generator regularly in a provincial region, I would exceptionally contemplate how boisterous the generator will be. A boisterous generator may fuel protests from neighbors and whenever utilized outdoors stops, it very well might be excessively noisy by law. 

For the individuals who have neighbors that are further away than most areas, the majority of these generators will be totally fine. You can generally assemble generator boxes to help cut down on a portion of the clamor too.

Force Needs

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

Before you check any model, get a gauge of how much wattage you will draw from the generator. For you to control your applications appropriately and not train your generator, you need to ensure you get the right-power generator. 

As you would have seen, there those with 12000 watts as a beginning force and 12000 running forces. The two are very extraordinary. The gazing power gives you the force accommodated by the engine-driven apparatuses, and running force is the force that can constantly be drawn from the generator.


While purchasing a generator, you should purchase a model that goes on for quite a long time since you will put resources into it. You should ensure the generator has strong, top-notch making. The motor sleeve should be rust and erosion safe. The paintwork should be done appropriately to abstain from rusting. 

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator


The exact opposite thing that you will need to contemplate is the guarantee and sort of client care you will get with your generator. Most convenient generators are going to keep going for quite a long time without any issues if you give them appropriate support and deal with them. 

Be that as it may, there are times where something may turn out badly and a guarantee may be recorded. Business guarantees are generally more limited as they get utilized all the more regularly and are presented to more components. 

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

To the extent client care goes, you can look at audits on every generator or look into the brand's surveys online to perceive what kind of surveys clients have given them. This is a simple method to perceive how you will be dealt with if an issue shows up and what you can expect when managing the organization. 

Additional Highlights 

Diverse 12000 watt generators are furnished with different highlights for added security, better operability, and movability. The highlights can make it simpler and more secure to deal with the generator. A portion of these highlights incorporates GFCI sources, Volt-monitor, Low-oil insurance, and significantly more.

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