Top 15 Best 2 Stroke Oil For Dirt Bike: All In One (Updated 2021)

Just like any high-geared machine, your dirt bike always needs regular mechanical attention for them to perform as best as it can. The majority of people get confused easily by the number of oil products on the market. You may be wondering what kind of best 2 stroke oil for dirt bikes will suit your needs.

It is essential to know which kind of oil you need for your bike because it will cause a lot of side-effects for your bike if you choose the wrong one. The incorrect oil will catastrophically destroy your bike. But if you choose the right one, your bike will become one of the best gear ever!

To make everything better for you, we have listed the top 15 best 2 stroke oil for your dirt bike in the list below. All you need is to choose the one that is most suitable for your needs! Don't worry if this is the first time you ever have to buy essential oil for your bike. Let us help you! Check out the list here asap.


Best Oil For Provides Extra Strength For Your Bike’s Appliances  

Best Oil For Suits Best With Racing Cars 

Best Oil For Produces Low Ash And Smoke 

Best Oil For Excellent Greasing 

Best Oil For The Environment 

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Top 15 Best 2 Stroke Oil For Dirt Bike Reviews 2021

This Pro Castor, 5 Gallons (23505) oil by Maxima Racing Oil is a unique blend of highly purified castor oil. It brings a manufactured and additive system that degrades carbon and provides excellent corrosion and corrosion protection for your bike. If you are looking for the best 2 stroke oil for a dirt bike, this may be the one for you.

This oil also contains an exclusive additive that keeps power devices disinfectant and working continuously. Moreover, this Castor 927 is safe for the environment. The product will keep on lubricating to provide extra protection for your car, especially the cylinder walls.


  • Presents superior oxidation and corrosion stability
  • It also contains an incompatible additive that keeps the machine cleaner and working excellently 
  • Provides extra strength at the most necessary warmth on automobile walls, supporting other important spaces.


  • Just like any high-quality oil, the price for it is quite pricey

This Red Line's oil is one of the best 2 stroke oil for dirt bikes you can ever find on the market. This ultimate two-cycle oil produces remarkable power and absolutely cleanness for your bike. The range of improvements moves from 3% to 5%, which shows in different tests. The temperature stability is more than your expectation.

It can prevent deposits in the hottest part, such as the upper-ring or piston sections. This oil protects not only motorcycles but also marine engines. Moreover, it will always strengthen the age of your motorcycles.


  • The oil is conventional motor oil
  • It suits best with racing cars or racing devices
  • It produces low carbon dioxide and smoke


  • The price is quite pricey

This oil has powerful blending properties that allow the product to have excellent oil suspension mixed with gasoline. It brings low ash, low smoke, which is very good for the environment and your health. The oil is specially designed for 2 stroke motorcycles with high technology to create top support oil.

It has semi-synthetic technology, which avoids slippage and device hot spots that can seldom occur with sufficiently manufactured oils. Nitro Lubricant oil prevents deposit in the upper ring and cylinder headspaces.
You can use this oil for every engine you have- from racing motors, chain saws, jet skis, and any other purpose that requires supreme motor stability.


  • Suitable for any 2 stroke devices
  • It produces low ash and smoke
  • The oil has semi-synthetic technology for preventing hot piston spots


  • The price is quite pricey

This Quicksilver extensive oil is one of the best 2 stroke oil for dirt bikes for your oil changes. This refined oil in 2 cycle engines that have an oil injection system. The oil itself is making from a synthetic blend that provides strength for engine life.

The Quicksilver oil intends to burn clean, maximize production, maintain height engine performance under vigorous conditions, and provide superior lubricating.


  • his oil is 100% premium
  • Strengthen engine life
  • It reduces carbon dioxide, ash, and smoke
  • The oil provides excellent greasing


  • This oil is quite costly

The Red Line 2 Stroke Racing motor oil is one of the best oil to ultimate 2 cycle gears. Companies use Dyno technology to gain 3% to 5% power for the longer runs to make this oil. It also brings a lot of benefit to the machines, such as stopping the exhausting upper ring and piston crown. You can mix it with gasoline at 50:1 or 100:1, which depends on operating requirements.

The oil contains an ester base oil with the most necessary film strength and instability for hot elements to increase your machine power and protect your stuff. It produces low carbon dioxide and reduces connection fouling and gas.


  • The oil is good for the environment
  • 100% high quality
  • You can mix it with gasoline to strengthen your gears


  • Just like any high-quality oil, you can see it is quite pricey

Now I may guess, you are looking for the best 2 stroke oil for a dirt bike? Watch this product out! This high-quality Lucas oil manufactures the product to give you a long risk-free life to gasoline-powered 2 cycle engines. The company has designed this oil for any oil injection system or pre mix up to 50:1. You can use this oil for any device, type of equipment, and gears; for example, motorbikes, chain saws, leaf blowers, and furthermore.

This Lucas oil presents ash-less because it has the most advanced mineral oil formula, synthetic crude, and low smoke package, including protected dispersant inhibitors. It also contains select cleansers and ointments.

This high-level technology is a more accurate burning of the ammunition occurring in power and fewer problems. Lucas smoke-free cleanser inhibitor packaging depreciates flash connection fouling, corner sticking, and oxidation container coats.

Users can await more reliable exhaust gates and spark plugs, more limited reproduction development on the piston corners, top and under top areas.


  • This oil is high-quality
  • You can mix it up with gasoline
  • Can be used for a variety of products


  • You can expect some problems due to shipping

Valvoline 2-cycle engine oil is a unique feature 2-cycle lubricant significantly expressed for 2-cycle outboard motors. Its features are pre-diluted for you to identify quickly. This oil is best used with fuel ratios from 11:1 and 150:1. If you want your bike to have the best performance, you should consider this Valvoline 2-stroke oil.

The company's intention for this oil is to minimize corrosion and fatigue to provide rust-protection during the warehouse. You will be happy to enjoy a clean and block-less exhaust gate and spark connections. The oil also protects facing scuffing and cylinder securities for optimal machine production.

This Valvoline oil is astonishingly varied. It bestows work with premix or injection generators, water-chilled motors, and machines that need a gas or oil mixture. Besides using it for dirt bikes, you can also use this oil for chain saws, leaf blowers, and jet skis.


  • This is a high- quality oil
  • The oil is very versatile
  • You can use it to prevent corrosion and fatigue
  • The price is affordable


  • You might expect some leak due to shipping

People consider this oil to be one of the best 2 stroke oil for dirt bikes out there in the market. It provides the maximum for triple protection recipe merges with fully polymerized support oil. The Shell oil also has high-level additives for excellent equipment protection and extended transformer life.

The company has made this oil with a high technology that protects the bikes from the effects of soot and dirt, and other contamination. It is suitable for vehicles that run with diesel, and it is very versatile. You can use it in a wide variety of engines, for example, tractors, trailers, motorbikes, and even leaf blowers.

Shell Rotella engine oil contributes a heightened fuel economics aptitude to save fuel damage without endangering motor strength or sturdiness. The full oil synthetic affords a significantly developed level of assurance toward catastrophic motor impairment.
The superior multi-functional oil blended with synthetic core petroleums provides an enhanced stability level upon the consequences of smoke, filth, and other contaminants in high-problematic machines. The engine oil combats collapse by heat to afford endless reassurance everywhere the assistance interlude.

The exceptional smoke-free formulation maintains authority or vapor exhaust in specific designs, serving control transportation radiation acquiescence and diesel powerhouse fuel capableness.


  • This is a high-quality oil
  • The oil is smoke-free
  • It can be used in different types of transportation


  • You might experience some leaks due to shipping

Continued on the list is the Royal Purple oil to enhance the production of the bikes it is applied in. It will also decrease damage and shred in oil-injected and premixed gasoline turbines.

That said, it is highly suggested for application in a diversity of motors for 2-stroke potential tools, chainsaws, turbojets, motorbikes, and many kinds of devices that need 2 stroke oil.

As a high-performing artificial oil, the Royal Purple will also promote the appearance of your engine. This is frequently because the label used exceptional technology to mastermind this oil.

As with any item of high-quality 2 stroke oils, the oil is absolutely smokeless. As a straightaway result, it will decrease sediments inside the exhaust arrangement and the oxidization container of your generator.

The oil appears with manufactured stability, which will keep your exhaust gates and spark connections as fresh as possible while concurrently boosting the performance of the 2 stroke motor on your bike.


  • The oil is smokeless, which means it has the potential to downgrade the deposits inside the exhaust system
  • The design is aimed at ensuring the efficiency of your engines
  • This 2 stroke oil will shield your motor from damage and destruction
  • It will develop the production of your bike
  • The Royal Purple oil comes with corrosion and oxidation safeguard prescriptions


  • Customers might experience some leaks due to shipping

With a wide diversity of impressive innovations, the Maxima Castrol oil is different from one of the high-performing 2 stroke oils you can use on your vehicle.

The unique combination of processed oil makes a unique additive that will enhance your horsepower system and motorbike engine's persistence. Besides, it lessens reproduction sediments and prevents the accumulation of gum inside your machine.

The Maxima Castrol oil also goes considerably to limit corrosion and oxidation, which directs to occur over a period between bikes that use more inexpensive condition oils.

You might also note that this dirt bike powerhouse oil appears with a control device additive. Applying it, hence, will sustain your valves managing ultimately by brushing them regularly.


  • This oil is biodegradable, which means that any leaks will not harm the environment
  • It provides long-lasting lubrication, which will keep your bearing records and barrel surfaces working healthy and at moderate frictions
  • This 2 stroke oil decreases the creation of gum and reproduction
  • It will clean your horsepower pipes and guarantee them to work efficiently
  • The oil contains the right technology to block build-ups
  • It blows a powerful vaporizing heat
  • The price is affordable


  • It can cause leaking while shipping

Produced by a committed label in the fuel and oil additives manufacturers, Lucas Oil will accommodate your bike with reliable representation irrespective of its type of air-cooled motor it has.

In particular, this 2 stroke oil goes strong on more used machines because it occurs with extraordinary lubricity. The display of the oil also operates without mystery.

Further, this semi-synthetic oil is the best oil for dirt bikes because it has made a title for itself for the smokeless injury due to the mineral fuel synthetic compound it highlights. As a consequence, you can require little to no corrosion and reproduction deposits.

Your piston collars and the other unprotected parts of your bike’s engine will continue long-lasting over the long voyage. The oil also comes with expensive cleansers, causing more exact burning, fewer eruptions, and more prominent energy.


  • The oil blows a smokeless burn.
    Maintain your engine's high performance over the long run
  • Burns effectively, intending that you can assume more economical fuel waste and more strength
  • It is available in a variety of container sizes, so you can pick whatever size you want
  • The price is in your control


  • Users might experience some leaks during shipping

The Star Tron oil is a multifunctional combustible additive that uses a bizarre catalyst technology. Using this oil, you can expect your generators to start quickly and run smoothly, even when you used ethanol fuel or after lying shiftless for periods.

It also can prevent ethanol fuel problems and restore your bike. Star Tron cracks down the excess liquid and refuses micro measurement, permitting it to be harmlessly smoked away during regular transformer action, checking state division.

This Star Tron oil significantly increases fuel saving by soaking the entire fuel transmission operation, shifting production, robbing wax, and varnish sediments while transforming ammunition injuries. These outcomes in more comprehensive and stable oxidation, the most outstanding achievement, extended fuel performance, diminished eruptions, and regular operation.

The 2 stroke Star Tron oil is one of the most sustainable combustible oils ever! It can prevent the establishment of gums and additional solids that plug carburetors and ammunition injectors. Star Tron can help reinvigorate exhaust and sub-spec combustibility.

The unique ash-free formulation supports authorization or vapors fatigue in particular designs, agreeing direction transferring distribution permission and diesel substation combustible capability.


  • This is a high-quality oil
  • Presents the unique ash-free due to a special formula
  • It can be used in different types of transportation
  • The price is affordable


  • You can experience some leaks due to shipping

Most riders are drawn to the Maxima premium oil because it develops with more carefree tuning. Including it, you can apply soft reproduction at more economical temperatures than other oil models.

As an excellent 2 stroke oil, it also occurs with a low burn standard. The oil makes it the supreme option for most of the cyclists out there in the shopping place. Additionally, because it is a semi-synthetic and ester-based fuel, you need more of it each time.

And if you are an Enduro cyclist, the Maxima Premix oil will work well. It is because it suits the best for the accelerator positioning standard in most Enduro courses.


  • Its price is considerably affordable
  • Its low burn pace suggests you won't have to use it in a period
  • The oil might draw cyclist's interest in learning that this premium oil is better to tun than other types of oil in the market
  • The price is in your control


  • None

The company has made this Pennzoil engine oil to keep your engines running correctly. It will produce a magnificent safeguard versus damage and piston-scuffing and guarantee your machine remains concerning running.

The oil will control carbon precipitates from expanding in the cylinder tops, following crowns, or in the oxidation chamber. The exhaust gases will also continue fresh.

The oil works well with motors that have oil injection methods or premix requirements. Many brands' engine requirements also appear, including popular ones like Suzuki, Yamaha, and furthermore. Accordingly, you are officially convinced that it will operate well with your bike's engine.


  • This is a high-quality oil
  • It can be used for different devices
  • The oil is well-known for various motor brands
  • The price is affordable


  • Users can experience some leaks due to shipping

Whether you have any problems with oil injection or your pre-mixed system, this Red Line oil will be the most suitable for you.

It is beneficial for improving activity and strength on 2-cycle motorbikes and ships. It will also shield your motor by limiting ash's sediment in the cylinder head and uppermost ring sections.


  • You can use this oil to run lean or rich parts
  • The oil is suitable for various transportations; for example, motorbikes, jet skis, and further
  • It will cleanse your spark connections
  • You can have this with an affordable price


  • Users might experience some leaks due to shipping

Guides To Follow When You Consider Buying The Best 2 Stroke Oil For Dirt Bike

You should know these information by walking into the land of oil for your dirt bike:

Your gear handbook

best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

It is your dirt bike manual in this situation. To completely understand your equipment and its specifications from the manufacturer on what kinds of oil you can use to feed your bike, you have to read it carefully.

Oil Standards

best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

Overall, in the shopping area, appropriate stroke oils are available, including various types of oil for 2 strokes and pressure oils for 4 strokes. Similarly, on all dirt bikes, individual gearbox oils are achieved for 2 stroke bikes and filter oils.

Oil Differences

best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

There are many differences between oil used for 2 stroke and 4 stroke, and you need to learn it carefully. The main contrast does not occupy weight, but most riders are not aware of this problem. There are two types of oil you will buy: injector or premix oil. Bikes, motorbikes in general, go smoothly with premix oils, which means you can mix it with gasoline whenever you add oil to your gas tank. 

Moreover, there are various kinds of proportions you can select.

In conclusion, you should read your bike's instructions carefully to find the right oil and the right proportions for your bike's best performance. Use measuring devices to make sure everything is as accurate as possible. 

The Land of 2 Stroke Oil, Which One To Choose?

best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

Finding the best 2 stroke oil for your dirt bike's performance would not be too hard. Motor vehicles, or in this case: bikes, can use various types of liquid. Here are the main ideas to choose the most suitable one. 

Bike Model

First, check your bike. Is it 2 stroke or 4 stroke dirt bike? Check it first, and then choose the oil that suits your gear because the differences between these types are enormous! 


best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

Initially, you use the stroke oil in different parts compression of your motor. The oil works as part of the higher installation field, so that you may need to mix it with gasoline for various purposes to match your intention. 

Questions And Answers

best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

Q: Do 2 stroke oil have any different names?

A: Indeed, under a few other different names, two-stroke oil can be found, including two-cycle oil, 2-T oil, and two-stroke oil. For use in a two-stroke engine, a strategic plan for either of these names is desirable.

Q: Do I have any problems if I'm not using any 2 stroke oil?

A: It can be tempting to speculate that the smaller size and low oil concentration of two-stroke engines mean the engine can run without oil. This is not the case. Oil is a fundamental requirement for it to function effectively in a bike because it is an engine with many moving parts.

best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

Q: If I don’t have the 2 stroke oil, can I use the 4 stroke one?

The answer is no. 2-stroke and 4-stroke graded oils are fundamentally distinct, and you should not substitute one for the other. Most two-stroke engines on dirt bikes use a premix that is a blend of petrol and oil. In the combustion chamber, the motor will burn this mix and lubricate the rings and piston.

2 stroke can also use injector-safe oils. The manufacturer will recommend the best oil to gas ratio for your dirt bike engine.

You can not mix 4 stroke oils with gas, and they come weighted in rates like 20w-50 and 10w-40. Do not use four-stroke oil on a 2-stroke engine as it needs specialized oil.

best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

Why Do You Need To Change The Oil Of Your Dirt Bike?

There are many reasons why you should change your dirt bike's oil frequently. Unlike any other vehicle, dirt bike engines need more oil changes because of the nature of dirty biking. It needs supplying not only the external parts but also the internal parts as well. Basically, dirt, trash, and other pollutants can effortlessly discover their passage through the atmosphere filter due to your bike's activity.

Tiny quantities of carbon bypass the piston rings during the combustion process and find their way into the supply of gasoline. Over time, this process allows the oil to get darker. Particles of aluminum make up the majority of internal toxins. These particles also wear off the clutch, and if they are not filtered, they will mix with the oil.

If the oil absorbs too many contaminants, the users will significantly reduce its lubrication capacity, and parts such as the piston, cylinder, and valve will begin to wear.

best 2 stroke oil for dirt bike

How Often Do You Need To Change Your Dirt Bike's oil?

It bases on which types of oil your bike has. For example, mineral-based crude will need to be replaced after 2-3000 miles. On the other hand, semi-synthetic fuel will need to renew after 5-6000 miles, and for fully-synthetic oil, it is 7-10,000 miles.

However, you need to change the oil if you tend to travel continuously for long distances. The visual, of course, is another point for you to decide to change the oil or not. Dirty oils usually are brown to blackish. Moreover, you should change the oil immediately as soon as you see it becomes watery. 

If you are still confused, watch this video on how to change the oil for your bikes right here!

If you are searching for oils, it is essential to know the different varieties that exist. There are various oils for various applications, and putting the wrong one in the wrong place can lead to many mechanical failures and low-running motorcycles. Besides, your bike will not reach its full potential if you use the wrong oil for it.

You can pick the most appropriate one for you with our top 5 critical 2 stroke oil for dirt bikes here. We hope you can select the right one for you by considering the price, the stars, and whether or not your motorcycle will be valued! Don't forget to stick to what works best. It can save you money to buy oil at a low price, but it may cause your vehicles to have numerous problems. Some problems might be out of your control, and you will need experts to scan your bike. In the end, the money you pour into your bike will double, even triple and we don’t want that here!

Consider buying oil that is high-quality to make sure your bike runs smoothly without control asap! You can not go wrong by following the list we have done up here. We list everything that you need for your dirt bike, including brands like Maxima, Red Line, Nitro Lubricants, and furthermore.

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