Top 13 Best 5 Person Tent 2020: Best For Your Trips

If you're new to camping, or you simply want to upgrade your existing tourist tent. It can be quite tricky when there are so many quality and suitable tents available today that you are not sure of. The days of heavy A-tents are over. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, the tent industry has made great leaps. There are many types of travel tents that you can choose from, fair price five-person travel sleeping tents with different designs. Our top 13 best 5 person tent is the most popular today below will recommend the best that you can find to buy yourself.

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Top Best 5 Person Tent Reviews 2020

With tent design for many people to use and bring in trekking, climbing, picnics. Features and effects that the tent brings are stable and help you not be under pressure or weight when moving.

This tourist tent has a reasonably large door, so you can quickly enter or exit the tent—robust fabric system, anti-wear, and tear. And especially when the tent is combined with mosquito net fabric, insect repellent. The closed system ensures you are not affected by rainwater or harmful insects—spacious area for multi-user group.

Travel tents are quick and easy to set up and use as well. Travel folding trunks are folded neatly and packed in backpacks or bags. Lightweight suitable for hiking, mountain climbing, or backpacking.


  • Easy to carry on the go
  • The door is quite broad and stable
  • Durable fabric is stiff high-quality
  • Unaffected by rainwater and insects
  • Easy to pick up for packing or in a backpack


  • High cost

Sun protection, anti-ultraviolet rays bring effective use. The tent has an area, and the arch is relatively high. Therefore, it is comfortable to use and does not obstruct or hinder. Designed with two spacious doors that make it easier for you to access. The floor deck provides a sturdy, clean surface for you to play inside.

The tents are manufactured with steel frames, fabric upholstered and plugged into the ground to build an enclosed space safe for occupants. Products are becoming increasingly necessary for long trips in nature, or for those who enjoy the new feeling of outdoors in the garden. However, some customers commented that the doors are susceptible to water intrusion during heavy rain.


  • Adequated sun protection, UV protection
  • Large area and high arch
  • Wide doors
  • Usereasonabled quality steel frame
  • Safe when using


  • Get water in when heavy rain

One of the most popular products today. Travel lovers highly appreciate this high-end product line for high-quality materials, durability, and flexibility to meet the needs of large tastes of users.

High-quality waterproof fabric, solid seam, waterproof glue, and effective wind gust. Frame structure, firm pile, high elasticity. Diverse models, sizes for users to choose from. However, the price of the product is relatively high


  • Good material, solid seam
  • Flexible to use
  • Has a waterproof ability
  • Sturdy frame
  • Variety of options


  • High cost

High-quality camping tent products, high-quality fabric material with high PU index for optimal water resistance. Fabric edge is durable, anti-tearing. The frame is firmly designed so you can use it with peace of mind.

The product is very convenient to protect the user from mosquito and insect attack. High-quality frame material, durable, anti-rus, and high elastic. However, the product dome is not high.


  • The right fabric has good sun and water resistance.
  • Solid sewing fabric edge
  • Anti-rust and durable frame


  • The product arch is a bit low

This is specialized camping or picnic product for a variety of users' needs. The product is highly durable; the material is strictly selected for standard products, durable and effective against water. The tent price segment is quite diverse.

Besides, the tent’s door is quite broad and high, contributing to effective water resistance if you have to experience rain while going out. Simple color is also a big plus for this product.


  • The right fabric has good sun and water resistance.
  • Effective water resistance
  • The tent door is wide and high
  • Simple colors


  • Not found yet

The tent is designed for a wide range of people with premium, water-resistant, high-quality fabric with a durable coating. The tent is equipped with a thick layer to effectively keep warm in the middle of mountain conditions, effectively preventing splashing water and insects.

The durable high-grade steel frame can be used on many terrains with high stability and a dedicated sporty, bright color design. Use is easy to use, fold, and store in the bag. The lightweight tent is easy to use. Zippers are convenient for users. Reasonable price for users. However, the tent only accommodating 4 people is comfortable.


  • Material durable
  • Effective waterproof
  • Able to keep warm
  • Durable steel frame
  • Bright and sporty color design


  • Should accommodate 4 people at a time

The product uses a fabric material that is waterproof, durable and is not afraid of sunlight or rain. Rugged steel frame structure. Compact design, easy to fold, convenient to carry. Carbon fiber tent frame is durable, highly resilient, and can be used on many surfaces.

Sports design, diverse colors for users to choose from. The camping tent has a dome design for large spaces. Robust sewing thread for high durability. The reasonable price is a big plus with this product. However, if the rain is too heavy, water will seep into the tent.


  • Water-resistant materia
  • Solid steel frame, durable
  • Compact design, easy to fold
  • Sports colors
  • Solid seam


  • Tents are easily absorbed in heavy rain.

This specialized product serves to travel in areas with severe weather conditions, heavy rain, and wind. High-quality laminated material increases the waterproof effect, good wear resistance, the inner fabric is waterproof both above and below the floor.

The frame structure is sturdy, durable, and resilient to withstand great tension. Size tent used for many people at once, equipped with the wide front door, ventilated ceiling, effective anti-mosquito. Many people love specialized fashion and sports design.


  • Specialized products
  • Effective anti-mosquito material
  • Good elasticity
  • Modern design
  • High arch frame


  • Not found yet

This is a tent model that many people love. With a layered design with high quality, durable umbrella with superior water resistance. The solid seam is effectively heat-pressed against water.

Sturdy, rust-resistant steel frame for standard tent structures. The design is not only waterproof but also resistant to heat, effective against sneezing and insect entry. Tent size suitable for six standard people. Durable, lightweight fiberglass tent piles for easy installation and connection on multiple surfaces. Compact and lightweight design for easy folding and carrying. Elegant green color, creating a feeling of closeness.


  • High-class fabric design
  • Water-resistant, adequate sun protection
  • Solid steel frame, durable, not rust
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Compact, easy to take away quickly


  • not found yet

The tent fabric is a practical waterproof umbrella, compact, and compact; it is not too large for convenient use. Durable, rust-resistant steel frame for a sturdy frame structure.

Piles are designed to be durable, super light, and highly elastic.

Stylish tent design, bright colors are popular with many people. Easy-to-fold feature to store in a sports bag. The tent’s size is designed for many people with the high door,s so it is convenient to access. Convenient, smooth zipper for simple operation. Sturdy seam for high tent strength. However, if 6 people are using it at the same time, it is quite cramped.


  • Effective waterproof
  • Durable stainless steel frame
  • Fashionable design, bright colors
  • Easy to fold to carry
  • Easy-to-use zipper


  • A bit cramped with six users at once

Thick fabric combined with seams is coated with a waterproof film to increase the tent’s waterproofing ability. However, the tent is suitable for low rain, moderate rain and cannot withstand heavy and continuous rain.

Although the stability is not high with outdoor tents with large space, with this ten,t you can be assured entirely because the frames are made of iron, extremely strong, stable against the wind.


  • Thick fabric material
  • Solid seam frame e is stable, not easy to rust


  • Only tolerates small and medium rain.

The tent uses a lightweight material, has good rain resistance, withstands heavy rain for several hours continuously, and is resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. This product is suitable for use by professional hikers.

The tent frame is made of aluminum alloy, light, durable, and has adequate bearing capacity along with compact size, so you can ultimately bring this tent during hiking trips or using a car to move.


  • The lightweight material has excellent waterproof ability.
  • Suitable for professional riders
  • Easy to carry on the go
  • Shield and no rust


  • Not found yet

Furthermore, the tent frame is made of sturdy steel material, which can be folded easily. Plus, the tent-rim structure is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber. It helps you to erect them on many other terrain surfaces such as concrete, soil, sand,... without the need for tension.

Besides, to increase resistance in bad weather such as wind, rain, or prevent mosquitoes and insects. The tent has been retrofitted with good waterproof material and a sturdy zipper.


  • The steel frame is sturdy and can be folded easily.
  • Good waterproof ability
  • Good resistance to insects
  • Convenient and sturdy zipper


  • Not found yet

Something You Should Pay Attention To To Choose The Best 5 Person Tent

Travel and picnic tents are an essential item for travelers. It is necessary for the trip, as a shelter, avoiding the sun. In other words, the tent is like a mobile home, in addition to fighting against harmful weather factors for riders. And below, we will show you how to choose the best 5 person tent that suits you.

There are a few types of tents to consider

best 5 person tent

A-shaped tent

This is probably the typical form and first appeared in various kinds of rainproof tourist tents. This design had a long time ago. The A-shaped tourist folding tent consists of a thick, thick canvas built on horizontal pillars, fixed by two sturdy posts. Fixation is mainly based on ropes and borders plus designated piles, the topography of the tent.

Today, the rainproof A-shaped tourist tent is more innovative thanks to the lightweight aluminum pillar and the outer fabric made of waterproof polyester or nylon. It is light and rugged, effective against rainwater, and wear-resistant for long service life.


  • Effective in preventing rainwater, with a high protrusion design that prevents rainwater from settling on the fabric.
  • Strong in bad weather
  • Simple to set up and build


  • The windproof ability of the A-shaped tourist tent is low because the ends are not sealed.
  • Usually heavy

Dome travel folding tent

Some dome tents also have an outside courtyard but are usually small. Some dome tour tents have an outdoor patio (patio) designed to increase the usable area and space. Dome travel tents come in various sizes, and they are usually best used when up to 4 people. As it is used for more and more people, they become more unstable.


  • Not too expensive
  • Light, easy to move
  • The ability to fold and narrow the size when packing Hanoi tourist tents
  • Spaces are used widely.


  • In windy and lousy weather conditions, generally low stability
  • Unstable when the size is too large
  • The patio (yard) used is usually small.

Tunnel tents

The tunnel’s name is used to show that its appearance is quite similar to a broad and deep tunnel. This cheap travel tent with this design is used for friends and family groups because it offers a lot of space and a large area.

The erection is designed with a series of poles ringed from side to side of the tent to form a tunnel shape and outside like a dragonfly. Good high erection and good, impaired weather tolerance. The dome tour tents, although built on large models, are also very well appreciated.


  • Easy to set uplifting, lowering
  • Lots of living space and uses
  • The rainproof tourist tent is excellent for groups of friends and family.
  • Stable in the wind


  • Heavy, often used when you travel by car. Walking on the move makes you feel pressure from the weight.
  • For heavy rain, it is often stagnant on the top of the poles.

Geodetic tents


  • Good quality
  • Light


  • Expensive, high investment costs
  • It can be a bit difficult to get up high.

Family tent

Large family travel tent with multiple aluminum poles designed together to create a cabin. The outside is a fabric made of waterproof polyester or nylon. It's like a miniature house and has a lot of space for you to stand up while in the tent. Even some tent area is divided into different compartments, making it look like you are using in a house. This is the perfect choice for families.

The purchase cost for family waterproof travel tents is relatively cheap. And so their quality is objectively assessed at an average level. Ideal for use in calm, stable weather conditions.


  • Widely
  • Cheap
  • Get upright inside the tent.


  • Heavy
  • It's a bit difficult to operate.
  • The material is not too high-end.

Pyramid Tent


  • It's effortless to set up
  • Modern tents are designed and manufactured to be lighter and easier to carry around.
  • Durable in lousy weather, so you build a good tent and flat terrain


  • The usable space is limited.
  • Often there is no floor system (foundation) attached.

Tent frame

The first criterion is durable, then firm and chewy. You will be challenged to use it in high winds; when setting up the tent. When storing, carrying, and moving, you must also be careful not to throw or compress. 

Fiber frame

This composition is usually glass fiber mixed with plastic (plastic). This type of frame’s advantages is cheap, flexible, high elastic, and easy to work. Besides, this frame will age over time; if left for longer, the durability will decrease.

Aluminum frame

This structure is more expensive; the production is complicated. 

Floor Area: Two different tents with the same floor area can have different floor configurations.

With a larger floor area, the tent has more space. However, this index does not indicate the inclination of the tent wall. So the tent floor area is a number to consider, not the perfect number to measure the total volume of space inside the tent.

Peak height

In general, the higher the top of the tent, the wider the area inside the tent. 


Understand that the peak height only measures the tent’s highest point; it does not describe the entire area inside the tent nor the tent wall’s inclination.



A tent that lasts for many years and has many features often comes at a high price. Sometimes, the price is not the deciding factor for the best 5 person tent is best for you.

For example, if you are camping in a cool, dry climate, flat terrain, you should only pay more attention to the size; the ability to withstand storms is not something to think about too much.

Cleaning The Tent

To keep the camping tent always new, clean, and durable, the most important thing is the cleaning and folding the camping tent. This "how to clean a camping tent during and after the trip" article will help you clean your tent correctly.

best 5 person tent

Clean the tent before folding it during the trip

In using and living in the tent, there will be some waste and leftovers, so before you lower the tent and bring it back, you need to do the necessary cleaning to ensure that there are no food, fruit, and cake waste, candy, or dirty clothing. If these are still in the tent, they will smell and get into your tent, along with that the cleaning will also be more difficult when going back. So, make sure the tent’s inside is free of food, fruit, confectionery, or dirty wet furniture.

Thus, the necessary cleaning during the trip is completed. However, it is impossible to handle the dirt that sticks to the tent and is wet, so after returning, you should immediately clean the camping tent.

Clean the camping tent after returning

If you've already done the necessary cleaning of your tent before folding it, go to the next step right after your trip (and as soon as possible if you haven't done the necessary cleaning). Because it only takes 2-3 days, the tent will start to smell very uncomfortable due to dirt and water incubation. And the lifespan of the tent will be reduced because moisture will rot the tents. So it is best that the day after returning home when it starts to shine, proceed to clean the tent immediately.

The best way to clean the tent is to put the whole tent up again, wipe the dust and dirt from the inside and outside of the tent with a brush, then use a clean wet cloth to wipe the whole tent completely clean.

Next, you flip the tent horizontally and continue sweeping along with wiping the bottom of the tent. Usually, the tent’s base is the dirtiest because it is in contact with the soil, so you need to be patient; just a little is done.

best 5 person tent

Through 2 steps, you will be able to clean the tent. Now for the final step, leave the tent in the sun until the tent is dry so that the sun takes the damp, musty smell of the tent away and returns fresh and clean air to your tent. After cleaning and drying in the sun, let the tent dry and remove any moisture. You fold up the tents neatly and keep the tents ready for the next trip!

Note to use the best 5 person tent to ensure safety

best 5 person tent

Camping tents used outdoors, affected by the environment, the environment, and the user's actions will affect the tent’s durability and longevity. Users should be aware of the following when using a camping tent:

  • Learn how to properly plug and set up the tent, unfinished the central pillar first to distribute the force evenly on the posts, to avoid tearing the tent. Tents should be set up in the shade to protect the fabric, especially when camping for long periods.
  • When folding neatly, do not fold according to the old joints because the folds will make the tent more quickly damaged and torn.
  • Protect the tent from direct sunlight, wet rain for a long time, avoid chemical corrosive. Do not store tents when wet, do not use highly corrosive chemicals to clean tents.
  • Do not let sharp objects or metal objects rub on the tent’s surface, scratch, or damage.

best 5 person tent

Put a tarpaulin down before you pitch your tent: When erecting your tent, it is essential to place a separator between the ground and the bottom of your tent to protect it from friction and moisture from dirt. Building a tent is better with a floor made with insulation and prevents rainwater from any tent type.

Fold the canvas into the relative shape of the tent, but slightly smaller. Tent rugs should not be larger than the floor because this can cause rainwater to accumulate in those redundant locations.

Find the underside of the tent and place it on the canvas. Orient the windows and tent doors in the direction you want to see them. It will be great when you wake up in the morning and see a beautiful sunrise, right? Set it flat and continue to the frame and pole to build.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For best 5 person tent

Buy a good camping tent? This is probably the question that most people are interested in. Here we will help you synthesize the best 5 person tent with its strengths. We hope you can find the best 5 person tent that best suits your needs.

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