Having Enjoyable And Safe Moments With The Best Affordable Skateboard

To smoothly coordinate movements during the skateboarding process and ensure safety, selecting skateboards suitable for use at an affordable price is one of the essential factors. There are diverse skateboards that make it difficult for beginners to choose an affordable one with good quality and suit all your needs. After researching and investigating,  Agernrestaurant has created a list of the top 17 best affordable skateboards to make your selection easier.

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Top 17 Best Affordable Skateboard Reviews 2020

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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My favorite part is probably the sandstone finish above to grip your feet and show off the bamboo deck and unique graphics. It's the right size for the everyday skater to help you carry and store throughout your day in terms of size. This skateboard can withstand a maximum weight of 275 lbs, so slightly oversized those can rest assured to use.

The plank is made from 7 layers of durable wood with 2 full layers of Bamboo, and 5 layers of Canada Maple on top is a rough anti-slip layer. The asymmetrical front and rear rock tails create a cool surf-style design while maintaining an excellent skateboard performance.

Wheels are cast in high-quality SHR polyurethane that can be easily walked on various road conditions while still being comfortable to use. The trucks are made from quality gravity-cast aluminum that makes them super durable and sturdy.

The back of the board is constructed to resist water and heat transfer. This skateboard feels as good as used in terms of flexibility or resistance to water and the texture of the surface. As for the price, I find the price is extremely reasonable and can be said to be one of the best affordable skateboards with extremely satisfying quality.


  • Pretty easy to drive
  • Great balance with it
  • Pretty
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Very nice size


  • Bearings are not good, but you can fix this a bit by applying some lubricant
  • Sometimes the deck is slightly warped

MINORITY Skateboard

If you want to find the best affordable skateboard, you can't go wrong with the MINORITY. MINORITY Skateboard is made of weathered wood material with a 7-layer design that is exceptionally sturdy and has high elasticity.

The 32mm, 102A PU wheel, combined with the ABEC-9 ball bearing, is made of chrome steel to increase the wheel's flexibility during the sliding process. The skateboard design is youthful, impressive and so chosen by many people. This skateboard has a unique design that allows the user to slide and fly over all different terrains and street surfaces.

The rocky trail is concave in the middle and spacious, offering excellent performance suitable for any trick. A 5-inch aluminum alloy cast truck equipped with carbon steel and high elastic 78A PU bushing brings stability.


  • With perfect grip, the skates allow for tricks
  • Easy acceleration wheel
  • You can choose from eight different high-quality graphics and color options
  • Durable Canadian cinchona construction


  • Adequate care is required as the edges can get scratched after a while

BELEEV Cruiser Skateboard

BELEEV Cruiser is a penny board available in three colors that is black, white, and blue. The pattern is printed by the Thermal Transfer Printing method, so it is enduring and lasts for a long time. The price of a product fluctuates depending on this index. It is designed for Children, Teenagers, and Adults with a maximum weight of 220lb.

The 10mm thick board is made of adaptable and sturdy 7-layer Canadian hardwood, which adds strength and solace to your driving experience, guaranteeing that the board won't twist in any event while slipping and slowing down. 

Swallowtail tails give you absolute authority over your development while advancing the simplicity of slowing down. It's helpful when you need to make fast turns, perform deceives, and get all over the check. The waterproof non-slip matte tape gives an incredible foothold between your shoe and the board for a protected ride insight.

The high-quality PU wheels spin here easily thanks to the 7-speed ABEC ball bearing for superior shock absorption. This ensures good adhesion on the asphalt road. Due to the skis' large size, both experienced and beginner athletes will feel confident on deck.


  • Both experts and beginners can use it
  • The surface is not slippery
  • Smooth ride
  • Fast acceleration


  • The effect of color on cost
  • Big wheel

Gonex Complete Skateboard

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Gonex Complete Skateboard is made from top quality maple wood. The board surface with 9 layers of wood should have high elasticity and durability. The floor has good shock absorption and loads resistance to ensure a great experience for the skaters. The board's surface is made of high quality abrasive, waterproof, and anti-slip for your safety.

The ultra-lightweight of the board makes it easy to perform techniques. ABEC-7 bearing with adequate bearing capacity and wheels made of PU synthetic resin material covered with stone increases aesthetics and makes the product more durable.

Outlined with both sides cocking & curved in the middle with charming decorations on the back, this skateboard adds an interesting style to you. It is suitable for skaters of all levels.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Good deck
  • Smooth scroll
  • It's easy to ride because it's long and wide


  • The truck is a bit loose
  • After a period of use, the paint on the edge fades away

WhiteFang Skateboards

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The outstanding advantage of WhiteFang Skateboards is an impressive design with a minimal color combination. The plank's surface is made of high-quality hardwood with 7 layers of plywood that is extremely durable and highly elastic. It can withstand a maximum load weight of up to 330 pounds.

Not only that, the wheel parts of the Longboard Enkeeo 40 Inch Drop-Through skateboard are high-elastic Pu with a large 52mm wheel size that feels balanced and stable when sliding, especially when sliding down the steep slope. In particular, ABEC-9 bearings with high rotational speed help you perform the sliding techniques more smoothly and skillfully.


  • Durable decks provide balance
  • Suitable for all levels of skaters
  • Various interesting design options


  • Bearings are not the best but are good for that price range

Chrome Wheels Longboard

ChromeWheels Longboard consists of 8 layers of maple wood combined with a rough design to increase friction between the legs and the board's surface. The wheel uses rubber mixed with plastic with a high ability to grip the road surface, withstand wear and force well, so it is super durable.

The size of the 31 x 8-inch Premium Skateboard is suitable for all ages and levels. That ideal size gives better control and is easy to brake. The maximum load of the skateboard is 220 lbs. The wheel axle is made of aluminum alloy with a high bearing capacity.


  • Suitable for all levels and ages
  • Fashion designer
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and sturdy built
  • Cast wheels
  • It comes with a carrying bag


  • None

Magneto Skateboard

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Magneto Skateboard is the best affordable skateboard for kids. It is made of hard, weathered rock, so it is quite light. It can be easily carried in a backpack due to its small size, just over 27.5 inches wide.

Big Urethane Rebound wheels make the car run smoother and more stable. In terms of shape and design, the skis have a shallow recess for greater comfort while skating. 5 "Gravity Die-Casting Aluminum Truck with Steel Axle for added strength and durability. SHR medium hardness bushing gives the rider the ability to turn around.


  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Go smoothly on rough terrain
  • Flexible due to a medium concave and double tail type
  • Great grip


  • Difficult to maintain spee
  • Not intended for downhill
  • Ordinary wheels

NPET Pro Skateboard Complete

The plank's surface is made of 7 layers of hardwood and has good water and heat resistance. The top of this wooden Skateboard is equipped with a rough layer that prevents skidding and increases grip, preventing slipping while skateboarding.

ABEC 11 carbon high-end bearings have a good bearing capacity. The plank shaft is made of super-durable steel, capable of withstanding a maximum user load of 220 lbs. Wheels are made of high-quality PU plastic that is hard, firm, durable, and anti-slip.

The perfect elasticity and curvature of the board help the player to move easily and flexibly. The key to this option is backlighting. This long plank is comfortable to skateboard and can be used by both children and adults.


  • The surface is comfortable and sturdy for standing
  • Convenient size
  • Provides stability for safe driving
  • Easy to push, brake and control


  • Can only carry 220 lbs

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

This is a classic 7-layer skateboard with 14 vibrant colors. The urethane wheels here are big enough, so you won't be able to accelerate much. Their diameter is 52mm 99A, but at the same time, the front is comfortable, with a small indentation on one side. This allows the person to maintain a stable position while riding.

The board is made of natural wood and has an anti-slip coating. The thickness is no more than 1 cm. The inconvenience here is that the wheels swell enormously on the sides. It is versatile, which is why it is on our list of the best affordable skateboards.

It can roll both children, teenagers, and adults. It can withstand weights of up to 200 pounds and thanks to its highly rigid polyurethane wheels that adhere perfectly to the ground. Smooth and smooth ABEC-7 bearings give you the best surfing experiences.


  • Wooden floor likes the fine and concave design
  • Acceptable for short-distance flight


  • Need an upgrade
  • Bad grip tape
  • Not the best for the tricks

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard

The outstanding advantage of the Cal 7 Complete Skateboard that makes it on our list of the best affordable skateboards is its excellent shock reduction. The plank made of 100% maple wood in 7 sturdy layers offers extremely high durability. In our opinion, this skateboard offers consistent control and a smooth ride.

Besides, Cal 7 Complete Skateboard also has an intelligent design with an almost symmetrical shape. It provides the ability to adjust the angle of 45 or 50 degrees; The wheels use 52mm / 99A urethane wheels ABEC-7 bearings for the most precise and flexible movement. Traditionally, there are 4 small rollers to distribute the load across the board evenly. 

Thanks to its ready-to-bear load capacity of up to 215 lbs, both children and adults can use it. The suspension is made of steel and won't wear out with regular use. The 3mm elevation pads prevent wheel marks and make those tight turns easier across the board.


  • The flexibility of the application
  • Big size
  • Smooth ride
  • 1-year warranty
  • Due to lateral bends, it allows you to perform various tricks


  • Not resistant to water
  • Paint fades over time

METROLLER Complete Standard Skateboard

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METROLLER Cougar Professional Rough Skateboarding is made from 7-layer Canadian Maple wood, super durable with smooth and good bearing. The diamond-coated outer surface is anti-slip and increases the friction between the foot and the surface's surface. 

The design of this Standard skateboard is youthful and modern with many outstanding colors, so it attracts young people and gives you a better experience of safety and control, and helps you master—new tips with ease.

The frame is made of solid aluminum alloy to carry a maximum load of up to 220 pounds. Wheels 95A PU plastic has good strength, wear resistance, and high road surface adhesion suitable for smooth surfaces, even some rough ground. High-quality carbon steel ABEC 9 bearings combined with PU bushing give you speed inspiration with smoothness.


  • Colorful
  • It comes with a pocket to carry and a tool for adjustment
  • Reinforce the deck
  • Suitable for all ages and situations


  • High noise level

Geelife Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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When talking about the best affordable skateboard that comes in many colors and looks like a fashion accessory, Geelife skateboards must be mentioned. The Penny skateboard models are extremely diverse with striking and eye-catching colors, bringing richness to the user. It can be said that there is no lack of any color. In general, Geelife skis products invest in quality and appearance with unique beauty and not mixed.

It will not be suitable for professional athletes, but teenagers who are just starting to master the sport will quite enjoy it. This model doesn't allow it to develop super high speeds, but it provides an ideal grip to the ground due to the ABEC 7 bearings.

Wheels are made of ultra-smooth polyurethane. The turns are provided by a pair of front wheels that are connected by the aluminum suspension. This makes the product stable. The low weight of the board complements this advantage.

Both children and adults can use it. The main thing is that the rider's weight does not exceed 330 lbs. The board is quite convenient because the polypropylene anti-slip floor can be bent. Despite the plastic floor, this option is quite durable.

Unlike competitors, there are only two narrow wheels. This skateboard wheel makes it maneuverable and allows it to easily "slide" even on uneven surfaces. LED casters that generate electricity from a rotating power source are always on to make you stand out


  • Lightweight suspension
  • The neatness of the wheel
  • Easy to operate
  • Ride calmly both on flat and obstructed roads
  • Lightweight


  • It can bear a weight of 330 pounds, but it's not enough for an adult

Beleev Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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This skateboard is planned with a reduced body that effectively fits in your pocket, or it likewise gives you a cool look with regards to compact to convey. 

Skate decks are developed of sturdy and bendable polypropylene for added strength and solace to your riding experience. The board with an enemy of slip surface upgrades security. It is suitable for all ages on account of its capacity to help the driver up to 220lbs. 

The skateboard highlights 59mm PU wheels, delicate and tough, while the wheels add some additional speed and grasp. Premium Abec-7 course for speed up while not creating influence or squeak. 

Additionally, the gleaming wheel in various tones as you abandon the battery makes it stick out and fun. It accompanies an across the board T-slide instrument with all you require to fix or fix your skateboard. 

The surfboard includes a cool surf-style plan while keeping up the presentation of a fantastic skateboard. The ideal cruiser shape and small size are incredible aides for moving effectively through sharp turns. Cruiser skateboards accompany 3.25 "thick aluminum vans for the greatest speed and control, kicktail to build control while driving, ideal for different moves.


  • The compact size makes it easy to maneuver
  • It comes with a multifunctional T-tool for tuning your board
  • Features the surface of a non-slippery waffle to keep it safe while skating


  • The battery has a shorter lifespan

Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

This affordable skateboard weighs only 3.8 lbs, but it can carry up to 200 lb. It is designed with a compact body that easily fits into a pocket, perfect for kids, beginners, and adults. You can take it with you anywhere,

The slider is made of CE certified plastic, so it is safe to use. The vehicle floor is made of polypropylene that can be bent and sturdy. 4 60mm wheels glide smoothly and steadily, suitable for moving or rolling on all terrain. It adopts a very smooth high-speed ABEC 7 Marketec Bearing giving you a great speed experience.


  • It has a perfect size for kids and beginners
  • Good for learning basic skating tricks
  • Solid aluminum trucks
  • Flexible plastic floor


  • Probably small for adults

JECOLOS Pro Skateboard Longboards

JECOLOS Pro Skateboard Longboards are made of Maple wood with a wide range of layers. They are profoundly tough, sturdy, stable, and fit for withstanding a most extreme client heap of 220 lbs. For example, it has four kinds of themes: Conquest, Desire, Freedom, and Nebulae are printed with heat move, permitting the composition to be more challenging and any longer. 

The drug surface is covered with a water-safe unpleasant covering to help increment bond against slip during use. This insightful plan shields rollerbladers from dangerous circumstances and genuine wounds when rollerblading. 

The board shaft is made of top-notch thick aluminum that is amazingly durable and tough and furnished with proficient safeguard innovation, so it moves easily. Orientation utilizing ABEC-7 and PU bushings give a smooth ride. 50mm PU wheels are exceptionally versatile with high wear obstruction and sturdiness. Plan with a topsy-turvy indent of a twofold kick so you can play out an assortment of abilities. This longboard is reasonable for any smooth surface or even harsh ground.


  • Versatile design
  • Withstands considerable weight
  • Easily overcome obstacles along the way
  • Shock-resistant suspension


  • Low altitude compared to the ground
  • Narrow board

DINBIN Complete Cruiser Board Mini

DINBIN plastic skis are available in a wide variety of colors and models at reasonable prices. It can be used by children, teenagers, and adults thanks to its maximum load capacity of up to 220lbs.

The 22-inch plastic skateboard has a relatively slim design that makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. The skateboard's surface is made of robust, durable plastic, difficult to deform or break. Waffle textured skateboard surface helps create the necessary grip on the skateboard, reducing slipperiness during skateboarding.

The Skateboard shaft is made of alloy, so it is stable. The shaft is attached to the board surface by removable screws or adjusted to suit your playing style—large PU wheels with high wear resistance and durability. The skateboards use good quality ABEC 7 bearings providing good acceleration and a smooth feeling.


  • Large load capacity
  • Color variety
  • Precision measurement standards
  • Waffle style skateboard surface


  • Bearings are prone to rust

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard is the best affordable skateboard designed for use in urban environments for all ages with a weight of 198lbs. This Rimable skateboard comes in various colors and designs to choose from to suit your taste and style.

22 '' x 6 '' wide floor is made of hypoallergenic and shock-resistant plastic. You can even ride them barefoot without worrying about slippery conditions. Super smooth, bearing PU wheels and aluminum suspension. This skateboard is very light and weighs only about 3lbs. The anti-slip coating reduces the risk of injury.


  • Good price
  •  Lightweight
  • Good length
  • Interesting motifs
  • The surface is not slippery


  • Not suitable for heavy loads
  • The white coating quickly gets dirty and fades

Buying Guide: Tips For Choosing The Best Affordable Skateboard

If you are a beginner in skateboarding, this will help you get the best way to buy the best affordable skateboard. Or if you are a skater, this article will also have things you want to keep in mind as you learn more ways to buy a skateboard.

Determine The Genre In Which You Will Orient To Skateboarding

best affordable skateboard

Indeed a lot of you think a skateboard is just a piece of wood with wheels to run. In fact, with each different genre of skiing, we will have the right boards for it. First of all, you should determine whether you will want to skate or practice technique. Of course, a skateboard can be used for these two purposes, but it won't be as good as a single-function skateboard in terms of suitability.

  • Cruiser (penny): is a skateboard for street skating. Those who need to move by a high board should consider this option because the board's size is quite compact, suitable for carrying around. The board usually has a curved plank tail, which aids in pop. If you have skateboarding skills on a skateboard, you absolutely can perform tricks on a cruiser. However, it will have quite a great difficulty because the game structure is different from the skateboard trick. However, cruisers can only do some basic tricks.
  • Longboard: In general, the longboard is also used for street skating. However, the size of a longboard is quite bulky compared to a cruiser. You can also do tricks on a longboard. The trick of the longboard is softer, suitable for girls.
  • Trick skateboard: a series of boards with two curved ends, helping players easily perform technical moves.


best affordable skateboard

The deck is the biggest part of a skateboard, so it's also the most important part of paying attention to how to buy a skateboard. Each skateboard company produces the board surface and has a different length, width, and curvature of the two ends. For example, Flip, Blind, or Girl boards have the curvature and recess of the board. Quite shallow or hollow but very quick. To make it clearer, you can see Skater Sean Malto slipping for Girl's label.

The difference in length, width, and curvature of the board surface also depends on using the skater or because each production model has a different structure. For example, Baker's plank surface, if it was manufactured and stamped “OG shape,” means that the plank was the length, width of the first models, and a quite deep curvature.

The curvature of the two ends is also an important factor in deciding which skateboard brand is best suited. The more curved the two ends, the stronger the amount of Pop force you receive, the higher you will jump, and suitable for performing techniques on the ground. If the two ends have a higher degree, the Pop force will decrease, but it will be suitable for Slide, Grind.

With a way of buying a skateboard with a large board, it will be easier to stand and balance, but it will be more difficult to flip or spin the board. It would be good for playing Vert, Grind, Pools, Ramps.

 With a way of buying skis with small surfboards, it will be easier to Flip or Spin the skateboard. Still, it won't be easy to maintain balance on the surfboard. Skateboards with small surfboards will be suitable for street skating or do difficult techniques.


The truck is the second most important part if you want to have the best way to buy your skateboard. The shaft is a metal part of the shape, but T is below the 2 ends of the skateboard surface.

best affordable skateboard

When choosing the board's trucks, choose the trucks with the length of 2 ends closest to the board surface’s width. The small difference of magnitude between the trucks and the skateboard's surface will have many effects when you are skateboarding. To have the safest and accurate way to buy skateboards, you need to pay attention to  "the bigger the board surface, the bigger the trucks are."

Different brands also have different size markers on the trucks, but most of them will stamp on them to help you choose the right skateboard.

Truck height also contributes to your choice of skis. The trucks' heights are divided into 3 types: high, medium, and low, corresponding to Low, Medium, and High, usually glued under the skateboard shaft.

  • Low: Suitable for Flip the board more easily, Pop force is not strong. Suggest small wheels 50mm to 53mm.
  • Medium: Suitable for both Flip board and Grind, not too much Pop, skate at Park or on the road. Suggest a cake from 53mm to 56mm.
  • High: Easier to Grind, takes Pop force but will fly very high. Suggest using cake 56mm or more.


For a full way of purchasing a skateboard, this will be the third most important part. A quick look at the skateboard's wheels has 2 main shapes that we will call the wheel and the square wheel. The wheel is suitable for those who like to make many difficult technical moves on the ground. The square wheel is more suitable for those who like the certainty when going "closed sugar" or Grind.

best affordable skateboard

How much is cake size right for your skateboard purchase? The size of the skateboard wheel will help you control the speed of the skateboard to your liking.

  • 50 - 53mm: Small wheel, easy to accelerate, suitable for the skater on the street, at parks.
  • 54 - 59mm: The medium size wheel for new skateboarders or street skaters, in parks and Vert, Ramp.
  • 60mm +: Large special wheels for skaters using Longboard, old-school boards, downhill, and rough pavement.

How about the hardness of wheels to bring the best feel of the board? The harder the wheel, the faster the rolling speed, the softer the wheel, and the slower the speed, but the grip will increase significantly in return. Skis wheels are divided into an "a" scale for hardness from 1 - 100. Some companies use a "b" scale for hardness but only at 80, so the wheel 100a will be the same as the wheel hardness of 80b. It is challenging to select a skateboard wheel's hardness correctly, so the average wheel hardness is 99a.

  • 78a - 87a - Soft wheel is suitable for rough pavement, Longboard or on gravel, crack. For skaters with experience in the cruiser, Longboard, downhill, and rough roads.
  • 88a - 95a - Stronger and faster roll with less friction, but still good grip. Suitable for street and rough road surface.
  • 96a - 99a - Speed and friction are all good, suitable for all skater subjects. It was sliding on the streets, Parks, Ramps, or places with smooth floors.
  • 101a + - Hardest wheel and fastest rolling with little grip. It isn't easy to slide on rough surfaces for professional skaters.
  • 83b - 84b - The wheel using the "b" hardness scale will be very stiff.


The speed of your skateboard will depend on the skateboard bearings. 

Skateboard bearings are rated on the ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee) scale. The bearing's scale is divided into 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and the closer the number is to 9, the faster and less frictional your bearings will be.

  • ABEC 1 - Cheap, low quality, less precise skateboard bearings. Quality is not high.
  • ABEC 3 - Mid-priced skateboard bearings, not too smooth, not sensitive yet.
  • ABEC 5 - Standard bearings for most skis. Reasonable price.
  • ABEC 7 - The roller bearings are quite fast, smooth, and cost more.
  • ABEC 9+ - Bearings roll very fast! They are perfect for downhill and speed skaters.

Especially with the company produces "Bone Bearings" skateboard bearings. Their bearings do not comply with the ABEC rating as they are highly efficient, and the ABEC rating ignores many of the quality factors that Bones Bearings is proud of.


best affordable skateboard

Whether standing on the skateboard, you have chosen to buy can be good or not thanks to the Grip plate, also known as the rough face. Perhaps the word "rough surface" is not unfamiliar to everyone when this paper's effect creates friction between shoes and skis.

Usually, when you choose to buy a skateboard, you can get 1 free sander included. When choosing to buy sandpaper, you do not have to worry much about the quality of the same good surfacing manufacturers. The best quality matte surface is rated by the skater as Mob Grip.


Although they are only small screws, they contribute significantly to your best affordable skateboard. The improper installation of 8 screws can cause crankshaft fracture, affect and damage the board's surface, and reduce the skateboard’s quality.

When shopping for screws, you should choose one with a length of about 1 ", which is the standard length for skis, if for Longboard it is 1 1/8". If you want to add a pad riser, choose the longer one.

Riser pads

best affordable skateboard

When choosing to buy the best affordable skateboard, you also need to decide whether to use a lift pad or not. For skateboards using larger wheels, the more susceptible to biting (wheels stuck to the board's surface) on a board such as a Longboard or a Cruiser, you should consider using a lift pad.

In general, for large, long skis with large wheels, a lifting pad is required. Smaller boards can also increase the distance between the wheel and the board surface, helping to avoid the land trick times the wheel does not get bitten on the board. At the same time, when installing a lifting pad, the board will receive more Pop force after increasing the distance between the tail of the board and the ground.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

The Bottom Line: My Pick For The Best Affordable Skateboard

Now you are up to date on our top 17 best affordable skateboards. We have pointed out the pros and cons of each skateboard. We believe that you will make a suitable choice for your own. After comparing things like Size, Design, Material, The quality of the wheel, Purpose, we choose the best affordable skateboard to suit your requirements. So here is my pick:


BEST FOR mini-cruiser

No products found.


BEST FOR beginner

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