Penny-pinching: Top 13 Best Air Compressor Under 200 For 2020

It’s of great convenience to have a versatile machine like an air compressor to help you with framing nail guns, pumping tires, or spraying paints,... especially when you desire to set up DIY projects. However, if you have a tight budget, going for the best air compressor under 200 seems to be a brilliant idea. 

You are likely to be more attracted to an item with not only affordability but also fantastic performance and then you may find it incredibly challenging to make the decision. That is why the Agern Restaurant Team has been working for the whole week to gather all information and sort out the most reliable units for you. Start reading our Top 13 Best Air Compressor Under 200 now for more details.

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Top 13 Best Air Compressor Under 200 Reviews 2020

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor w/ 57pc Hand Tool Set

The CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor now has allowed users more convenience and utility with the attachment of the accessory kit. With the compact build and the handle design, you can move the compressor to different places either indoor or outdoor to do your work easily. 

The attached hand tool set contributes to how great this unit is for home repairment or any DIY projects and you don’t have to waste an extra amount of money on the handy accessories. You shouldn’t miss such a beneficial chance to get this bundle at a very affordable price point. 

Due to its lightweight of 32.5 pounds and the compact design, it doesn’t eat up much space and can be stored easily. Even in colder weather conditions, the launch of the machine is hassle-free and the unit comes in handy regarding the time required for refilling when doing tough jobs.

  • PROS
  • Powerful operation so that you can pump up standard van tires 

  • Quick refill time

  • Great convenience due to the handle design 

  • Come with a 13-piece accessory kit

  • no requirement for oil to pump

  • CONS
  • Cannot handle tougher tasks like pumping water into a sprinkler system

  • Possible errors with the safety control valve

California Air Tools 8010 Air Compressor

The most outstanding feature of the California Air Tools 8010 is the silent working with the noise level of merely 60 decibels. You can also save much time for recovery since it only takes about 165 seconds to fill up an empty tank thanks to the high 120 PSI. 

Under a high frequency of usage, the compressor can work effectively while not requiring a considerable running cost. The reason behind this is the low 8.5 amps of the compressor. The maintenance fee is even reduced since the unit can operate and pump air without any fuel and be powered by electricity. 

When it comes to maneuverability, the product is highly recommended for its convenient design. The weight is measured to be merely 54 lbs as well as the wheel kit makes a great contribution to hassle-free transportation. As a result, a unit is a perfect tool for housing and DIY projects or even for business purposes. You don’t have to worry about a generous place to store it or troubles of moving it to different locations. 

Although it runs on electricity, which means you are not likely to use it anywhere without electricity sources, for indoor utility, this unit is still an ideal option. A plus point is the support stand to keep it in place when not used.

  • PROS
  • Even with intensive working, the compressor performs well without much-needed maintenance costs.

  • Easy mobility for the lightweight and other convenient design for portability

  • Low noise level for using either in enclosed places or outdoors. 

  • 17-piece accessory kit

  • CONS
  • Since the model is powered by electricity, it may be an inconvenience for you to bring along cables or find power sources. 

  • Only 1 HP

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor Combo Kit

Even if you’re not a professional user and desire to realize multiple DIY plans around your house, this combo kit is worth considering. Or if you have owned a certain compressor for many years and are looking for an upgrade, this is not a bad choice.

Despite the possibility of noise from the base, the overall operation of this unit is pretty silent for an air compressing machine. The product is portable so that you could bring it upstairs to your bedroom, then go down to the basement easily. 

Also, the unit is versatile when it comes to functioning. You can use it to mold nailers, inflate tires or other decorating jobs. Besides, with up to 150 PSI, it’s fast for recovery when the tank is full. 

The compressor is easy to set up and operate. You are likely to find it quite hassle-free to empty the container for storage. It’s a recommendation that you should screw in the drain plug on the valve before activating the unit, though it’s not mentioned in the instruction.

  • PROS
  • High tank capacity of 6 gallons

  • Oil-free operation 

  • Up to 150 PSI

  • Ideal for light decorations, shoe framing, and baseboards

  • Lightweight

  • CONS
  • Some users reported the weird noise coming from the bottom valve

  • Not come with the accessory kit

Campbell Hausfeld 8 Gallon Portable Quiet Air Compressor

The next product on our list of best air compressor under 200 is Campbell Hausfeld 8 Gallon Portable Quiet Air Compressor. As the name suggests, the noise level is quite low, at least you can still talk while working as well as the sound doesn’t make your ears vibrate. 

Though it is a 1 HP air compressor, that is enough with a T or Y connector for convenience. Regarding its performance, you can use it to spray water, frame nailers, or pump tires without hassle. 

Besides the quiet noise level, the air charging process is fast and the tank recovers quickly. As an air compressing machine, this unit is considered lightweight and easy to operate. Hence, you are likely to find it kind of convenient to use for different purposes. However, the handle part of the unit may not be very comfy since it’s quite short. Also, it’s possible to have air leaks at the base, but you can fix that problem.

  • PROS
  • Can store pressure well 

  • Can get a Y or T connector

  • The noise level is not too loud to bother your conversations

  • Use it to spray water with no bubbles

  • Easy to use

  • CONS
  • The handle is not long enough

  • Some users complained that there were air leaks which need repairing

Makita MAC210Q Quiet Series

This Makita MAC210Q is one of the most recently introduced units from Makita which is a reliable brand with awesome products. Users are likely to get impressed with how super silent this machine is. 

The 2-gallon tank is pretty adequate for home jobs. Though it’s not very light and can even be quite a hassle for seniors, the durability of the product is guaranteed. This is because it is covered completely with a roll cage to prevent destruction to the whole onboard parts. if you want a much lighter option, just come to the 1 gallon unit. 

Additionally, the refill rate of this unit is fast, it only takes you about 1 minute to recover. And we think the 2-gallon option would be more valuable since it can save you more time.

  • PROS
  • Great durability due to the complete roll cage build

  • The 2-gallon tank is larger than some units at this cost

  • Fast recovery

  • Incredibly quiet

  • CONS
  • Can be a bit heavy for old people

  • Possible air leakage

California Air Tools 2010A Air Compressor

Another product from California Air Tools, the California Air Tools 2010A Air Compressor with various great features. But to be honest, the most notable thing about this unit is the supreme quiet operation. Thus, this is a brilliant option for indoor utility as well as a user-friendly machine. 

Another oil-free machine which means regular maintenance and repair is not necessary. This is also why anyone looking for a budget-friendly product should not pass this unit. Though the tank capacity is merely 2 gallons, it is made from aluminum to make up for this. Hence, it is resistant to rust and increases the durability of the unit. 

The compressor comes with 1 HP and the toughness is also not very great. However, it’s pretty easy to move and at this price, it’s worth considering with such a quiet performance.

  • PROS
  • The aluminum container for durability 

  • Incredibly silent

  • Ideal for indoor utility

  • Require less maintenance and repair fee due to the operation without oil

  • Lightweight and easy to move. 

  • CONS
  • Some buyers reported the air leaks problem.

  • The sturdiness is not very great

DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

With the pancake design, it’s understandable why the DeWalt DWFP55126 Air Compressor is highly appreciated for its portability. This unit is a smaller machine at a lower price. 

Regardless of the small size, it has a wide container of 6 gallons capacity, which means you can use this model without refilling it regularly. The lightweight also helps to increase its portability so that you could move it around and perform a variety of tasks without being tired. You don’t have to be too concerned about where to store it as well. 

However, some users complained about how the air in the tank cannot reach 161 PSI as given in the specification of the product. Luckily, you can contact the manufacturer or fix it yourself. Another epic feature is the pretty low noise level. Of course, it’s not totally quiet as some excellent products are on our list, it’s enough not to bother you and your family.

  • PROS
  • 6 gallons tank capacity

  • Extensive cord and allows to start easily in cold weather

  • The design and compact design makes it easy to store

  • The noise level is quite low

  • CONS
  • The tank pressure doesn’t reach 166 PSI due to faulty assembly

  • Not completely quiet.

Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV

The Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV is not only a budget-friendly product, but it also includes other useful 10 Piece Accessory Kit for versatile functions. 

The unit has a 3-gallon container, which is pretty large at this price. Also, the attached accessory kit is such a plus compared to other units with added tools but at a much higher price point. Then, if you don’t own a tool kit yet but still want a new air compressor, this is a smart choice. 

On the other hand, the refill rate is quite slow, so you are likely to take time to wait for the tank to recover. The noise it makes is also quite loud, and you may have to raise your voice while talking. However, when it comes to hassle-free experience, this unit is still great and worth your consideration, not to mention that it is powered by electricity, not a battery. That means you don’t have to worry about the machine running out of battery.

  • PROS
  • The container with 3 gallons capacity is larger than some models on this list

  • Can be charged with electricity

  • Comes fully equipped with multiple accessories

  • The PSI is up to 120

  • CONS
  • Pretty loud noise

  • Takes long time to recover

Metabo HPT Air Compressor

This Metabo HPT Air Compressor comes in small size and lightweight design as well as additional features.

Compared to other higher-end products, this unit also has a pretty silent operation. Hence, it’s reasonable why you can use it either indoors or outdoors without worrying about the distraction of vibration or loud noise. 

Unlike other products, this HPT has a rubber part on the handle for greater comfortability whenever you move it around. The portability is doubled with the lightweight and smaller size of the unit. 

This compressor, in addition, doesn’t use oil to pump air. Therefore, it tends to last longer as well as doesn’t require frequent maintenance. However, it has a limited tank capacity of 1 gallon and some users had problems with the broken gauges

  • PROS
  • Pretty low noise while working

  • Allows for both outdoor and enclosed areas

  • Being lightweight

  • Offers easy mobility 

  • Rubber grips for ease and comfort

  • CONS
  • Only 1 gallon capacity

  • Some problems with the gauges

PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor

The Porter-Cable C2002-WK is another unit with attached accessories on our list. It can also handle high pressure of 150 PSI, together with a wide tank of 6 gallons. Higher capacity also means that it can perform continuously for an impressive amount of time without regular recovery. 

When it comes to repair costs, this unit requires little maintenance thanks to the oil-free operation. Hence, this unit is more likely to last longer without costing you much money to keep it working well. 

Moreover, More stability and reduction of vibration is provided since it comes with rubber feet. The toughness of this product is great for better protection even in cold weather, it can start without hassle. An integrated air regulator is also available for the prevention of fluctuations while operating.

  • PROS
  • Large tank capacity

  • High PSI of 150

  • Offer 13-Piece Accessory Kit

  • Doesn’t require oil to pump

  • Can be used in cold weather conditions

  • CONS
  • Can be pretty loud and high vibration

  • Not very lightweight

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator

A competitive opponent of the California 2010A, this DEWALT 20V MAX comes at a pretty reasonable price. Also, This unit is attached with many useful tools. 

One of the most outstanding features is that it can work either with or without a cord. Specifically, as its name tells, it can inflate tires with no cord, while the cordless functionality allows you to bring it to other places for outdoor use. When it comes to more intensive jobs, it has an automatic turn-off feature for greater convenience. 

Though you have to spend more money on battery, charger, and AC power adapter separately, it also means that you have more options for tire inflating mode. 

Besides, there are also built-in LED lights so that you could work as well as navigate with more precision in dark places. Additionally, you can also store your tools in the onboard storage compartment of the unit.

  • PROS
  • Availability for both cord and cordless utility

  • Simple to operate

  • For tougher jobs, it has the auto switch-off feature 

  • Great portability to work on different jobs 

  • Integrated LED lights for greater accuracy on the darker situations

  • CONS
  • Has to purchase the AC adapter separately for use at homely use

  • It takes a bit longer time to pump big tires

  • The inflator can be loud

BOSTITCH Air Compressor Kit

One of the most fascinating features of this BOSTITCH Air Compressor Kit is the escalation in air pressure performance thanks to the compatibility of the Regulator and double couplers. Specifically, the couplers as well as the regulators contribute considerably to the functioning of the air tools. 

The product is preferable for indoor utility for the reason that it has a lightweight and compact design. You can move it to different areas within your home easily.  It doesn’t take up much space and can be stored anywhere. 

The pumping operation is completely free from oil for little maintenance fee. To double the advantages of this unit for indoor jobs, it has quite low noise, together with additional accessories, though the quality of them is not very durable.

  • PROS
  • Offer convenient portability. 

  • The noise is low while working 

  • Ideal for use in enclosed areas

  • Regulator and dual couplers for better productivity

  • Easy to store and move

  • CONS
  • The quality of accessories is not meant to last

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S

The final product we want to introduce is one from California Air Tools, the CAT-1P1060S that works effectively without noise.   

With this unit, you no longer have to worry about the bad impacts of the loud noise from the compressor’s operation on your ears thanks to the silent operation.  That means this machine is ideal for indoor use. Also, the product is lightweight at merely 29.5 lbs and quite portable design. The more compact build compared to most products on our list enables for hassle-free mobility to different areas in your house to perform multiple jobs. 

Besidesthe , the compressor is designed to last thanks to the toughness of the pump. The 1 gallons capacity container seems to be not very considerable, but that is to compensate for the compact build of the unit. Besides, The tank is still able to work well even with limited space. 

The 0,6 HP is quite enough for the smooth and strong functioning of the unit. Despite the small tank, the unit has a fast refilling time with 120 PSI. Hence, you can save much downtime.

  • PROS
  • Compact and convenient design

  • Easy to move

  • Doesn’t require frequent maintenance. 

  • No noise 

  • Fast refilling time 

  • CONS
  • Tank capacity is not very great 

Buyer’s Guide: How To Make The Decision For Best Air Compressor Under 200

There are things that air compressors under 200 cannot offer compared to the higher-end units, yet, at the same time, there are must-have aspects of an affordable unit. They are: 


best air compressor under 200

This is no doubt the most crucial factor to consider while looking through each product’s description. For this reason, that great performance proves that the product has the ability to complete all tasks without any hassle. 

Then, how can you tell a certain unit is working well? The simplest way is to read the specifications of the product when you’re scrolling on the website. And for those who are still unclear about the parameters, a qualified compressor tends to have at least a volume of 120V and more HP.

Running duration

Next, the total amount of time the unit is able to work continuously can tell its durability which may differ due to how frequently you are going to use it. To be specific, if you’re planning to make full use of it as a heavy-duty machine, then, something with remarkable runtime will do the best. 

best air compressor under 200


The extra durability of best air compressor under 200 is not only because of the material but importantly the sturdiness of it. Greater sturdiness means that the unit is not prone to damage and distortion, allowing it to perform a variety of jobs. Adequate sturdiness is added for high intensity of usage

The toughness in the pumps, one of the most important components also helps to guarantee more durability. However, the toughness in that place is not required to be as robust as side caulks.

Noise Level

best air compressor under 200

With some air compressor models, the noise level can be very considerable, which is not good for your ears and mental health. Besides, when working indoors, you are likely to wish for a silent unit so as not to spoil the quality time with your family. Luckily, models with quiet operation are available on the market. You can read through our reviews to find out whether the product you have an eye on is noisy or not. 

Time To Recover

No one wants to wait too long for the compressor to refill and continues their work. If that wastes you quite an amount of time, your jobs will take longer than you estimated. Hence, it’s fascinating to acquire a model that is time-saving when it comes to refilling

A feature to examine the refill time of the unit is the CFM, which stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. That means how much air is pumped into the tank for a certain time. Higher CFM refers to faster refilling speed.

best air compressor under 200

Specifically, as the heat and the air pressure start to change, the performance of the unit also decreases, which affects the precision of the CFM level. Therefore, manufacturers recommend users about the preferable air force of 14.7 pounds per square inch at 68°F

Easy Mobility 

It’s also pretty significant to know whether the unit is portable or not. Despite the look, multiple compressors offer great mobility and are moved to different areas for versatile jobs in your house without much hassle. The portability also contributes to the maneuverability of the unit. 


best air compressor under 200

Although this is not a much impactful feature as other aspects, you shouldn’t take it for granted. This is because we won’t consider the look of the product like when you’re purchasing an electronic device, but we take the lightness and compactness of it into account.  

Like we have just said, the easy-to-move feature of the unit is mainly due to its compact design. Besides, a portable construction also allows it to not eat up a lot of space in your house while being stored anywhere convenient. 

High PSI 

Higher PSI, which refers to the amount of air in pounds per square inch means better performance. Thus, choose items with more PSI, if you desire a smooth and top-notch operation.

best air compressor under 200

Tank Capacity

Wider tank capacity allows you to increase the runtime of the air compressors. With a bigger tank, the unit is able to work consistently without being refilled. As a result, you can save a lot of downtime for doing all the tasks

Additionally, wider tanks mean that greater capability to handle higher amounts of PSI, and doubles the time you can save at the same time. However, bigger holders tend to be heavier and even less powerful motors to make up for the big size. If you still want to have both a large container and big engine, you have to accept that the unit will be kind of weighty.

How Does My Best Air Compressor Under 200 Operate? 

best air compressor under 200

In fact, the operation of the air compressor is not as complicated as its design and structure. The unit does its duty by drawing the air into its tank and pressurizing the air. Next, the air is guided through an opening located in the container, while pressure is enhanced. The whole process acts as a balloon that is full of air. The air after being pressurized can be generated into energy to do other tasks. 

This is enabled by an internal engine that is able to generate electricity into kinetic power just like the way a burning engine operates. 

However, it’s hard to tell the detailed operation of the unit since each individual air compressor has slight differences in its own way to work. The unsimilarity is relevant to how a compressor tolerates air motions. .

Therefore, you do not have to be an expert to set up and use this machine

Why Should I Look For Best  Air Compressor Under 200?

best air compressor under 200

The first and foremost reason is that they are budget-friendly and you don’t want a machine to be a bank breaker. Conventional or luxurious models can be priced at up to ten thousand bucks. Though the high-end and professional units will come with more functionality, the best air compressor under 200 still is able to offer pretty high performance. 

In addition, looking at the bright side, the inexpensive models tend to have a more user-friendly mechanism. Then, even inexperienced users can handle and operate the unit without any hassle or guidance from the expert. 

Another aspect of cheaper units is flexibility. Especially if you are itching for DIY plans, you will want a useful machine to help you with the tasks involving nails and bolts. An air compressor enables you to power nail guns, spraying pigments, or pumping up tires like a breeze. How compact and effectiveness of the unit is more crucial than any further functions. Then, buying an affordable air compressor at this price point is worth your consideration.

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