Top 13 Best All Terrain Electric Skateboards For Your Ride

Join the best all terrain electric skateboard, a great fit for all those who want to get their talents out of the roads and into the hills. They are simple to learn and difficult to master and allow all skating fans to enjoy nature and concentrate on technique rather than moving the board.

But which one to purchase? Find out which board is the best electric off-road skateboard and deserves the most for your money.

We included the five best all terrain electric skateboards in the table section, which we will recommend based on their expenditure to our friends and family, as well as skateboarding knowledge. And if you're looking for a cheaper option, take a look at our list!

best all terrain electric skateboard
best all terrain electric skateboard
best all terrain electric skateboard
best all terrain electric skateboard
best all terrain electric skateboard

Best all terrain electric skateboard for quality

Best all terrain electric skateboard for for safety

Best all terrain electric skateboard for powerful motors

Best all terrain electric skateboard for capacity

Best all terrain electric skateboard for speed

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Top Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard Reviews 2020

HETAO Cruiser Electric Skateboard, All Terrain Mountain Board

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At first glance, it was impressive. This HATEO board comes with a linear accelerator, a smart switch, and a belt drive. The top speed hits 40KM/H, which gives you an insane experience. The frame is so solitary that it has a power of 264lbs

The rechargeable wireless remote control for fast forwarding, The rechargeable wireless remote control for fast forwarding, braking, speed switching and battery indicator is another feature. Therefore, this board offers incredibly smooth acceleration when you're riding. The electric off-road skateboard strikes a fine balance.

The use of dual 1650W servo motors is to provide you with amazing speed and smooth riding performance, simple to forward/backward with reverse acceleration and braking! You will be taken further than ever by your rides and adventure experiences.

This electric skateboard does have a remote control, a modern ergonomically designed and excellent features, including a joystick for speed control, a signal indicator, a reverse button, a high and low speed change.

For entry-level enthusiasts looking for affordable rates, freestyle, downhill and dancing and perfect cruising, this one is the best all terrain electric skateboard choice. This is built to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, demanding not only speed, but also diverse functions to adjust to different terrains. There is no strain on highways, beaches, dirt and snow.


  • High performance and quality
  • Great warranty
  • Strong battery with rechargeable remote control


  • Beginners need some time to get used to it

Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control by AZBO

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This AZBO Skateboard is a solid pick, whether you're a pro or a newbie.  To keep you safe all along the trip, it also ships with knee pads, elbows pads, and gloves. It contains large pneumatic tires to enable you to cruise over grass, gravel, concrete, and various other terrains.

On this board, the maximum speed is 25 miles an hour, a fantastic amount for rapidly getting around the city. It has a maximum capacity of up to 290 pounds, and charges from empty to complete with as little as three hours.

In any place, big or small, these electric skateboards can become the ultimate new form of transport. You can do all of this with an AZBO skateboard, and have pleasure meanwhile, getting along campus to your classroom, crossing a few blocks to your workplace, running a fast errand in the city!

Then you can also whip out your skateboard once all the projects are finished and it's fun to come! On your reliable, maneuverable, comfortable,and maneuverable AZBO skateboard, explore the roads of your town and play with speed and riding style.


  • Great for off-road riding
  • Protection equipment for beginners included
  • 290 pounds maximum weight capacity


  • Slow charging

Teamgee H20T Longboards Electric Skateboard

Although this board does not give anything you get from expensive off-road brands, for any skateboarder looking to explore the rugged terrain, it is an ideal option.

Compared to the list of the best all terrain electric skateboard, this design-wise was designed with comfort and durability in mind. A special TeamGee foot adapter is used, resulting in a solid base on which to stand.

To hold you steady at high speeds, the deck is made from a blend of 8-ply maple and ceramic. The warped sides increase the stability of the rider, while the wide 102 mm tires have a concave profile to help absorb shock and minimize turbulence on rough surfaces off-road.

In addition, in all 4 directions, the H20T uses a good camber to provide a comfortable width when cruising for more stability. Ultimately, this board was built for anyone with a desire to get on an electric skateboard. It is propelled to outstanding top speeds by a pair of strong hub engines, with an acceleration that will leave your rivalry in the smoke.

A decent spectrum is provided by the battery; enough to make sure you truly express your journey. To ensure lengthy use in the rough outdoors, it is protected with an aluminum preventive casing.

Finally, you get 4 distinct speed modes that end up making the board suitable for use by inexperienced and experienced riders alike. Four different braking system modes also assist the board to adjust based on their riding experience to the requirements of diverse users.


  • Waterproof
  • Decent range
  • Multiple safety modes


  • A little bit heavy

Atom Longboards Electric B10X All Terrain Longboard Skateboard

The next one from the review is Atom B10X that has integrated some amazing features in order to provide skateboarding trips that are satisfied and carefree. One of the attractive properties that provide the rider the freedom to extend the range by recharging your battery while riding is a regenerative braking system to extend your trip for extra miles. 

This means, without worrying about running out of energy, you can experience an undisturbed ride. In addition, because of its unique project as well as commendable control, this skateboard can take pleasure to the top levels.

The innovative look of this skateboard is one of the objects that provide skaters with endless pleasure along with an urge to skate more. In addition, this best all terrain electric skateboard is fitted with a very strong 1000W engine to give the board acceleration power. This off-road skateboard can conveniently achieve its maximum speed of 15 mph due to such a powerful motor.

A comparatively recent but reliable product line, Atom, this longboard B10X is an amazing product. The strong 1000W engine is capable of delivering a remarkable top speed of 15 mph. In addition, in about 2 or 3 hours, its Samsung 25R batteries get fully charged.  It means that in just 2 hours of pause, you can rejoin your trip. So light in weight, this longboard has a weight of only 14lbs. Despite this lightweight, the deck material is flexible and strong enough to comfortably carry the maximum weight of 200lbs.


  • Compact weight
  • Economical
  • Quick charging


  • Some might struggle with turning

Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard, 22 MPH Top Speed, Maple Longboard

On an electric board, Teamgee is among the first to choose a drop-through deck and its deck is 15-25mm lower to the ground than most others, making for a more comfortable and confident ride. The curved deck makes it effortless and easy to turn; when it comes to creating sharp turns, the soft bushing makes the board super nimble.

The board works well, and if your dog is tired, it scales the hills very easily and even slower. Especially at night, the brakes work well at slowing down. The remote works incredibly as well, and the pace and breaks are very easy to monitor. When riding at night, the flashlight is also a great option. In the direction of oncoming traffic, you should flash it to be seen.

You can be truly impressed by the spokes. You'd drop it on a rock or a pothole, for sure, but those wheels are super supportive. You could have hit some pretty good rocks, potholes, and markers on the lane. Without any difficulties, you might have even gone off into some grass and dirt and up little curbs, into sidewalks. SO Cool!


  • Convenient flashlight at night
  • Great brakes system
  • Supportive spokes


  • The motor may be a little bit noisy

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard

There are two types of ride mode offered by SKATEBOLT: regular mode and sports mode. With a mild 14 mph top speed and its flexible nature, the regular mode can take you like a breeze through traffic jams and dense crowds. On the other hand, the sports mode will take you as far as 25-27 mph, like you were skating on a lightning bolt.

One remarkable point you may concern is that SKATEBOLT has passed LVD, EMC, FCC, and ROHS quality authentications that give you an enjoyment of protection. The downhill safety brake from SKATEBOLT enables you to stop safely at any stage except when you are at the maximum speed and certifies your safety to a large extent. The regenerative braking system allows the loading of skateboards during braking and extends battery endurance.


  • 2 modes for choosing
  • Excellent braking system
  • Durable battery


  • Not much capacity

Electric Skateboard, 400W Brushless Motor Electric Skateboard with Remote

The objective we always buy is that this company focuses on making a convenient, high quality electric skateboard.   Sleek and comfortable way to ride, with personalized pattern, sleek style, durable wood, excellent carving and so on, they offer you the URBANPRO electric skateboard for your everyday commuting. They also concentrate on those specifics to provide you with an excellent and sophisticated electric skateboard.

The multi-function remote is easy to use, which is appealing. You can speed up so quickly, go on and go back for extra fun and cool! You'd love the option to use 3-speed modes, it'll be nice to start on the 1st speed for beginners, once you get a hang of it! At the 3rd speed, you can sail!

The engine is really powerful! With just one fee, you can ride up to 10 miles and go a bit upward with ease. The wheels are very solid and comfortable, the top of the deck is made of a non-slippery substance and it holds a lot! 265, a lot of pounds!


  • Quick charging only 3 hours
  • Cool speed
  • Easily assembly


  • Not reliable warranty

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote

The Hiboy S11 electric skateboard is built for young people and beginners. Unlike the elevated skateboards, the aim of S11 is to have enjoyment and playfulness, perfect for riding around the city and school for kids and newbies. The custom-designed integrated maple deck and hub motor from Hiboy is built around a powerful but lightweight motor. It is simple to pack up and cart around with just 8.6 pounds of weight.

Another aspect is that the surface of the board is somewhat different from traditional skateboards. There seems to be several tiny hooks on the board surface. Your feet will not fall while you are standing on it. This means you are not going to crash due to slipping. There's a certain weight on the skateboard itself, not as light as a regular skateboard, and it'll bring you some more security. 

Then you turn on the skateboard switch and the remote control, connecting them automatically. The remote control is light and very thin, and can be kept naturally. It has four speed ranges and a braking system.According to your tastes and habits, you can opt for the one which gives you confidence.


  • Custom-designed deck
  • Suitable for the beginner
  • Simple remote control


  • Not perfect for climbing up

Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard - 39" , Woody

The trucks are tuned for a lighter, more seasoned, but you will have no trouble just scooting down the lane. You can imagine that the street you are on is a small hill before you start moving down on it and you keep accelerating. The wheels moved so smoothly.

With this skateboard, there are fun jokes. Googling how to stop is a best idea before getting on the board if you are approaching 300 pounds and 50 years old, and have not ridden since you were a child. So it means that the board is very robust because the board went into a concrete storm drain. when I jumped off, very ungraciously, and came out without even a scratch on the finish.


  • Durability and stability
  • Solid frame
  • Classic design


  • Weak battery

MBS All-Terrain Electric Longboard

Look no further than the MBS Electric Longboard if you are looking for a top of the best all terrain electric skateboard. Its huge lithium battery provides it with an unparalleled 31-mile per charge range and allows the user to choose between different modalities to optimize speed and control. 190mm navigator drone trucks guarantee the transition. In addition, wheels with 78A super-high-rebound urethane are cast.

What a beast this board is!  It's exceptionally stable and rapid. It seems easy to roll on the grass, grime, and well-wrapped gravel. You can now frequently ride it down steep roads of gravel, regardless of the weather. 100mm wheels carry an ass on the pavement. The wheels are fairly soft, but without too much difficulty, they can slide and skid. This one comes with wider lorries and stiffer bushings, and gives you fewer wobbles of speed.

The redesigned sideboard ensures a smooth, comfortable ride on any terrain so that you can confidently go off-road.


  • Easy to run
  • Economical
  • Smooth turn


  • Low battery

Happybuy Mountainboard, 37''L Cross Country Skateboard

The board boasts high durability. The curved surface makes the board secure and stable for your feet. For protection problems, the sandpaper increases friction between the deck and your feet. Two knee pads, two hand coverings, and two elbow pads are included, giving you all the protection you need throughout the practice. 

In addition, even when you are performing high-speed work, widened bindings will hold your feet securely on the surface. The assembly tool is designed for simple assembly.

Amazingly, they also provide you with one black carrying bag, except for the mountain board and accessories, to carry all of them wherever you want, and store them neatly and leave no worries for you. 

For long-lasting usage, the complete collection is intended. It seems awesome for teenagers and adults and great for either entrance or experienced riders. It means adding a lot of enjoyable and exciting experiences to your life. Come right now and get one.


  • Easy to carry and assembly
  • Necessary accessories included
  • Not too strong frame


  • Not too strong frame

Atom 90 MountainBoard

The Atom MountainBoard is easily one of the industry's best all terrain electric skateboard choices. In a collective of trucks with off-road Skates, It arrives with F1 fasteners that are ideal for smaller feet. You can try riding it on any ground possible with a diamond tire. It is fairly stable with a driveshaft to axle length of 14.01 ft, and in certain unreachable terrains, you would not have any difficulties.

It works well! It runs extremely fast over grass hills and actually feels quite smooth to turn it on. It's not ideal, but you can do quite a bit if you have access to broad, grassy slopes or steep, flat trails. Attempting to jump a simple ramp-like doing a 180 or 360 is fun, even though I crash frequently. 

It can be a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors to come down a huge hill or take a turn on the stuff that goes down the trail. Just make sure you don't live in a flat city infested with the pavement, or you're not going to be available too much with it!  You can actually come to love this thing if you love ice skating or longboarding.


  • Conceived for pace and long-term consumption
  • Designed for every possible surface
  • Massive tires with pneumatics


  • Sometimes, the tires are too smoọth

Maxfind Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control, FF Plus 38 

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For a really pleasant and cheerful ride, Maxfind is a renowned company that aims to produce the best all terrain electric skateboards. .So, the first position on this list goes to one of Maxfind's brands.  There are a few other explanations. 

One of these causes is the existence of incredible speed control knobs, with the support of which the rider can simply press a button to increase the direction of the electric skateboard. OLED's ergonomic controller makes it much easier to function your all terrain electric skateboard. 

And just not all of it is! strong dual 2000 watt hub engines generate a huge torque so that your best all terrain electric skateboard can achieve the top speed of 23 miles an hour. The distance of 10 miles with a full charge can be covered with the aid of a  lithium-ion battery with a design BMS. 

In addition, a replaceable battery allows you to significantly expand the range of your skateboard, and you can also extend your riding time with two extended batteries.

With "Maxfind Plus" off-street electric longboard, you only need to switch a latch and your battery swapping operation takes place in seconds. Switching the battery is not a concern.

A further daring point is that despite the fact skateboarding has to be sufficiently efficient to overcome the rugged terrain. Sometimes when you have to climb up to a certain edge of incline,  you may face weak results of your boards if your skateboard does not have the ability to navigate at the various angles. But this is not in the case of this FF Plus skateboard. 

You can quickly and quite conveniently climb up to 35percent annual grade mountain surface.   So, you can simply ride this skateboard according to your own aesthetic with all the stated factors. 

There's still more to it! Even if this skateboard is rather thin, it can carry a heavy capacity of 220lbs due to the extremely flexible polymer deck. In addition, thanks to the rapid charging function, this longboard can be charged in 3 hours to its bearing load. It is quite fair to say that this Maxfind Electric Skateboard has everything which makes it the best all terrain electric skateboard, considering all these unique features.


  • Weight capacity up to 220lbs
  • Remote controller
  • Quick charging


  • Low range

Why should you use the best all terrain electric skateboards?

As the name suggests, this kind of electric skateboard has the potential to be driven off the street, offering you a lot more flexibility in your choice of destinations to travel to. They don't only restrict you to urbanized regions use but you can try in the countryside, then, skateboarding will satisfy you. Who doesn't want to be able to drive anywhere that you just want? Most people, I guess, do. It's obviously impractical to ride anywhere, however, with all terrain electric skateboards, the option and range of where to travel get larger.

Among the greatest benefits of all-terrain electric skateboards are they let the runs much easier on the regular tarmac and pavement. With off-road skateboards, switching from the streets to the lane, riding over rails, getting up the asphalt, getting the curbstones up, is just much simpler and clearer. City trips are much more easy and relaxed, straight out smooth with these skateboards.

What factors should you concern purchasing for the best all terrain electric skateboard?

best all terrain electric skateboard

The boards need to deliver more than standard electric skateboards with the ability to go on any surface. Basically, all-terrain skateboards are the giant trucks of skating. Those boards need strength to climb up mountains and clear rocky obstacles! In order to handle all this extra power, they would need bigger trucks, more powerful engines, bigger wheels, a bigger battery, maybe even a suspension system, and a wider deck.

On account of that, an all terrain electric skateboard has to be made really intentionally and with the excellent quality that can be carried off roads. Because of the needed strength, extreme exertion, and serious vibrations, many sections of boards reported a significant temperature while riding in difficult terrain. They also obviously require outstanding brakes! 

In order to conform to the possible powers involved, off-road skateboards should be heavier. They must therefore be faithfully planned and assembled with great-quality pieces. However, let me say to you that it's always worth it!

Tires and wheels sizes

best all terrain electric skateboard

We need large tires that may withstand the rugged terrain when we want to go off the streets. For rocky routes, the usual longboard epoxy wheels are really not created.  When it tends to ride convenience and even distance, brake pads and wheel setup are significant factors. 

All-terrain tires can bring a layer of riding convenience, but their traction and friction are also exacerbated by a reduced maximum velocity and a slightly lower scope. Generally, bigger tires have a stronger maximum speed, but less torque and slower acceleration. Smaller wheels do have a slower max speed, but much more torque and greater acceleration.

Engine power

best all terrain electric skateboard

We undoubtedly need efficient engines to handle rocky areas. The higher the hill ride potential, acceleration, ground clearance, and the greater the max speed, the more power an engine has. You need to take one with drive systems if you tend to have an electric skateboard that can manage many areas. Take a look at my table with the best all terrain electric skateboards and their abilities for hill-climbing.


When it arrives at the e-skate spectrum, weight, and expense, the battery capacity and quality ( there are significant differences) is obviously the most major element. If you are going on making journeys away from the roads, you want a large battery. Riding on a hill or forest path and then getting out of the charger is not enjoyable. 

best all terrain electric skateboard

Most off-road electric skateboards are pretty complex and difficult to carry, so we often want our battery to have liquid. The most costly component of an electric skateboard is the battery. The more variety of batteries you get the larger and stronger, the more costly to maintain your skateboard will be. It is also crucial to notice differences between different brands, kinds, and configurations of batteries. 

Usually, the battery size is calculated by watt-hrs. Some board businesses want to hide the actual battery size and thus simply show a spectrum or battery size on the blog or service with an or voltage figures.

Users weight

best all terrain electric skateboard

The larger and heavier the rider, the slower it will be for a skateboard. This implies that the bigger you are, the less you get torque, hill-climbing strength, acceleration, and maximum speed. If you are on the bigger side, select one with a lot of strength to smash your skateboard off the streets. Check reading my post about it if you want to learn more about why the weight of riders matters.


best all terrain electric skateboard

It is necessary for the trucks to be wide and robust. You want decent maneuverability, but a solid truck as well. One of the most challenging components to construct an off-road electric skateboard is the truck. Unfortunately, if the manufacturer renders them maneuverable or "turns" the risk of having speed wiggles at faster altitudes is increased. But you can't make tight turns unless they make them too stiff. It will, therefore, still be a balance.

Remote control

best all terrain electric skateboard

The remote control plays an important role in the design of the skateboard. It is hard for us to enjoy the rides without remote control due to the essential acceleration and braking system.

Electric speed controller

best all terrain electric skateboard

This part in an all terrain electric skateboard is the core and key functional organ. It is the electronic mechanism and component that controls the ride and the engine speed. The controller provides the perfect amount of reactive energy to the engine, which controls the curve of braking and acceleration. When we state how smooth your trip on your off-road board is the speed controller is an integral component.

Customer services

Customer service is always necessary if we buy goods. Even though those boards are often designed like tanks, the pieces can rust off quicker if we drive off-road, and the risk of anything breaking is obviously raised. If any component splits, we have issues with the installation to which we would like somebody to go. The difference between disappointment or happy satisfaction can be made by client help.

Frequently Asked Questions

best all terrain electric skateboard

Are All-terrain Electric Skateboards Secure?

No matter what form it is, the first thing that strikes our minds when thinking about skateboards is the safety correlated with them. A significant rise in the popularity of electric skateboards has been noticed in the past years. It is because these skateboards can go very fast and have quite a few appealing features as well.

Most individuals are worried about their safety because these e-skateboards can go very fast. It is nice to be concerned, but all e-skateboards are very secure because before reaching the market, they must go through a safety approval review.

Is it possible to ride an electric skateboard?

The fundamentals of riding stay the same, whether it is the normal scooter or an electric board. Having mentioned that the sensation is totally different when you mount an engine to a skateboard and make it an automatic one. And you have to get used to that feeling. It is correctly said, practice makes a person great, so before you really ride it you must train the e-skateboard. In an empty ground where there is less chance of hitting anything and dropping, it is easier to practice it.

Since we all recognize, you don't have to manually control your electric skateboard. Most electric skateboards come with a wireless controller, so you don't have to drive your foot. You just dictate the tempo you want to move at and you can make your skateboard stop with the push of a button. It is also reasonably straightforward to ride a skateboard and it takes roughly of effort, but do not ignore practice before your ride.

best all terrain electric skateboard

How To Safely Ride An All-terrain Electric Skateboard?

The most key point to remember when operating a skateboard, irrespective of its kind, is safety. But the e-skateboard can go much faster than traditional skateboards, so you need to be more vigilant. Ensure that you have all the safety gear on before you step on your e-skateboard, you also must wear helmets, your elbows and shoulders should also be protected with pads since you never want to tumble backward and scratch such areas.

The choice of the best all terrain electric skateboard with a safety factor is another aspect that will secure you on an electric skateboard. E-skateboards are available in various sizes and loads on the marketplace, so you can select the one you are most confident with. The entire experience can be ruined by an unpleasant trip and could even result in injuries.

This will allow you to ride it quickly and securely at the same time before you get on the e-skateboard and make sure you'll know all the fundamentals of riding it. Don't just rush to ride your best all terrain electric skateboard, unless you're a typical hoverboard expert. In particular, the start and stop transmissions of both these skateboards are distinct. Only do some exercise to get the feeling of the electric skateboard.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Here is the best all terrain electric skateboard table for you to take a choice. Hopefully now you can have a partner to explore and enjoy the ride!


Best all terrain electric skateboard for quality

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Best all terrain electric skateboard for for safety

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