Top 13 Best ATV Mud Tires: Details Recommendation & Reviews

ATVs will smash up the lane, but taking them off-road is what makes them really worthwhile. The amount of its parts is not worth your ATV if it blows a tire in the first fifteen minutes that you get it off the pavement. Only if it gets caught in the mud would it amount to a load of annoyance. Strong tires will make and break every ATV experience, so you need the best ATV mud tires if you are planning to get them in the mud.

This is where we get in. We have the feedback simplified, so you wouldn't have to. Here is the table of the top 13 best ATV mud tires at your disposal. A buyer's guide is followed to help you select the best ATV mud tires for you.

Let's start off.

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Top 13 Best ATV Mud Tires Reviews 2021

Terache 30x9-14 30x9x14 Tubeless 8 PR 30" ATV UTV Tires AZTEX

Several sizes larger are the Terache Aztex Premium tyres. With severe conditions in mind, these wheels are designed. Their amazing tread on smooth surfaces is wasted. They were built to tear through the mud.

Mud, particularly in flood-like situations or driving through the creek, can definitely be dangerous (which is not just mud, but also water). (which is not just mud, but also water). Where they really keep their ground is in snow conditions, though.

Snow and ice sometimes create particles that are smaller and more slippery than mud, which often includes rock or patches of drier soil for traction points. These tires generate their own traction, and from all angles, they do it with the tread running down the sidewall.

You'll pay a little extra, but if you've got a challenge, it's worth it. Unfortunately, these tires come in one size only, so you will need an ATV with 14-inch steel wheels.


  • To avoid scratches and punctures, thick 8-ply rubber
  • Tread crosses the sidewall downwards
  • Built for mud and snow


  • Comes in one size only

Hallmark Wooden Sentiments 2 in. H x 24 in. W Wood Plaque

For excellent traction, they have the same V-angled buttons with shallow lugs and heavy 6-ply rated latex, which is resistant to scratches and punctures. You have a little more side bite for additional traction with the larger scale.

The majority of customers were satisfied with the wider tires than the A033s. If this is a factor in the material itself (i.e., it fits better together during shipping) or whether it is the design of consumers using these tires on larger ATVs for reasons that do not cause high-speed tires to shake is not clear. Whatever the explanation, it seems that one inch larger makes a significant difference.


  • Angled tread provides useful traction
  • Puncture and immune to scratch
  • Easily to be mounted


  • These come without rims

EFX MotoClaw (8 ply) Radial DOT ATV Tire

EFX's MotoClaw Radial DOT ATV tire has a pavement that is unlike anything on the lane. A brief glance at the tread so you already realize that both difficult surfaces and mud are built to function with the MotoClaw.

EFX made the lugs as powerful as possible to make it all possible. For a tire that can be run on moderate and hard surfaces, such as dirt, gravel, and dirt, this is very necessary.

This also implies that the tire is extremely responsive-you will not have to delay until the lugs bend and begin to grip the surface. Here, anything instantly happens.

These ATV mud tires are super fun to drive on, thanks to all of that. The tire has enough traction and grip for a safe drive, and sufficient responsiveness to offer an excellent steering feeling to the driver. On account of that, in the mud, the MotoClaw is also helpful. Sure, in deep mud, it will not dethrone every true mud tire, but light mud should not be a concern for this tire.

In addition, on the lane, the MotoClaw tire is also accessible, where the ride is quite smooth. It is supremely robust and strong, like most EFX tires, and should last a fairly long time. All things considered, this type becomes one of the best ATV mud tires.


  • Excellent conductivity on the path
  • Efficient production in mud
  • Smooth Street Trip


  • It may take a little time to get used to it

ITP Cryptid Tire 32x10-15 - Fits: Arctic Cat 1000 LTD 2012

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In a very dark muck, the ITP Cryptid are truly the best ATV mud tires for driving. This tire is so great at digging through really deep mud that to get the most from it, you'll need a very strong ATV.

The tires could put a lot of strain on the powertrain components if your ATV isn't powerful enough and you come into contact with deep mud. On most surfaces, and particularly mud, the ITP Cryptid supplies the rider with incomparable forward traction.

And where you don't anticipate it, the Cryptid will give you traction, like deep mud filled with over 20 inches of water. ITP Cryptid is, in other phrases, as good as you are courageous. The curved center lugs, on account of that, channel away dirt and debris from the tyre, cleaning it up and ready for the next major mud puddle.


  • Best-in-class traction for mud
  • On the road, excellent responsiveness
  • Excellent stability


  • Without rims

Maxxis M966 MudZilla Utility ATV F/R Rowl Tire 28X10-12

Making a list of the best mud ATV tires should include the Maxxis Mudzilla. On any surface you meet, including very thick mud, the deep rivets with an incision in the center will give you excellent traction.

Maxxis also took charge of washing, enhancing the cleaning and lug power of the leap tread. The advanced rubber, on top of that, increases straight-line stability, which is unique to a mud tire. Responsiveness is highest level, thanks to the strong sidewalls, while stability is outstanding throughout.

That said, while in the mud, the Mudzilla beautifully styled. The Mudzilla provides the rider with excellent forward momentum on the most challenging surfaces thanks to the custom designed track surface built to flex further in dirt areas. In other terms, both in light and quite deep mud, the tire functions successfully.


  • Outstanding traction of mud
  • Usable on other surfaces off-road
  • On the path, high stability and responsiveness


  • The trip may be smoother

Set of 2 SunF A027 XC ATV UTV Knobby Sport Tires 22x7-1

If you are solely interested in its consistency, then the SunF A027 XC tire will be a perfect match for you. The A027 measures 30 percent less than its rivals due to its lightweight nature.

That is sprung and weight, which is a brilliant place can influence efficiency. These tires should enhance their performance when mounted on your ATV and reduce fuel consumption. And, at the same time, who doesn't like to go fast and secure fuel?

The SunF A027 XC again does not disappoint when it refers to cornering efficiency and traction. On this tire, the knobby tread pattern is different from others, which is good because it gives excellent traction and drivability to the user.

On difficult surfaces, the A027 is particularly strong, better than nearly every other tire on this chart. Riding quickly mostly on the dry path with a collection of these tires’ comfortable tires are very sensitive, have excellent traction, and excellent grip in the corner.

The SunF A027 is impressively robust and reliable on the bright perspective and provides outstanding on-road riding and stability.


  • Outstanding traction on different surfaces
  • In light dirt, very strong traction
  • Lightweight architecture enhances efficiency


  • Not the most successful solution for very deep mud

GBC Motorsports Kanati Mongrel Radial Tire (Front/Rear / 30x10-14)

Look no further than the GBC tires if you're searching for best ATV mud tires that will fit on many of these surfaces. This tire is built to operate on any types of surfaces, and with great moments throughout, it succeeds.

That it has a 10-ply score is one of the best characteristics about the Kanati Mongrel tires. This implies that the tire is insane, but you can also use it without fretting about damaging even at very lower temperatures.

The excellent durability of a trail path is coupled with very good results. Like a champion, the GBC tires handle tricky surfaces. It is very sensitive, makes great elevated pursuits possible, and has high grip and traction levels.

In addition, on water conditions, these tires still function well.There should be no problem with moving in light mud-the aggressive treaded tires take care of giving you ample traction. The tire can even be used in deep mud conditions ,but we also suggest opting for a proper mud tire for serious mid-drive.

Lastly, this tire is Pixel, meaning you can legally use it on the street. The trip on the pavement is, most importantly, very smooth, much more than mud tires. Also, handling is reasonably decent, but not outstanding.


  • Outstanding consistency on tough surfaces
  • Smooth pavement ride
  • Highly resistant and robust


  • A little bit heavy when installing

Interco Swamp Lite 6 Ply 27-9.00-12 ATV Tire

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For riders who are only interested in driving results, Interco's powerful tires are the best ATV mud tires choices. The Interco Swamp Lite will provide you with excellent drivability and traction everywhere you go, which tries to compete with racing ones.

It is pure fun to drive quickly with a collection of these tires on different trails. The Interco Swamp Lite is super sensitive during fast driving, due to the engineered V-forward track surface with silicon carbide lugs. The solid architecture brings exceptional better sensitivity to the mix.

Moreover, it is capable of handling them all comfortably when it applies to surfaces. On tough surfaces as well as some intermediate surfaces, these ATV mud tires are perfectly functional. Another region where Swamp Lite succeeds is light mud, providing the driver with excellent traction.

Said that the tire's deep mud presents a massive issue. It is available, but we suggest that you get trapped without pushing it too far. The ride on the street is very comfortable and safe, on the bright side.

Finally, when pushed on very hard-packed surfaces, this tire is notorious for rapid wear, something which its rivals have completely rectified in their newest tires.


  • Excellent production on different surfaces of the trail
  • In light dirt, very strong traction
  • Excellent traction in the snow


  • On hard-packed surfaces, rapid wear

Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire - 25X8-12

Among all-terrain enthusiasts, Carlisle's tire is one of the most popular ATV tires. The tire functions outstandingly well over different textures and environmental conditions. There really is an explanation for that.

The busy compound pattern makes this tire a genuine all-rounder with a huge range of grooves. Your ATV can overtake about every surface you meet with a collection of these tires, provided it isn't quite deep mud.

On difficult surfaces, such as gravel and dirt, but also grass and rocks, we had a very great experience. Even in glow mud, the Carlisle All Trail tire is usable, but we suggest pushing it much further.

The best feature of this tire is that, at faster altitudes, it's very sensitive and stable. It's fun to drive quickly with the Carlisle on a path, but, more importantly, secure.


  • Outstanding pavement traction and grip
  • Durable compound on tread
  • Good casing with strong shells


  • May be narrow in some cases

Kenda K538 Executioner ATV Bias Tire - 25x8.00-12

According to the rare combination of responsive handling, outstanding traction, and excellent resilience and endurance, the Kenda Executioner can be listed as one of the best ATV mud tires right now.

For riders wanting to have pleasure in even the most difficult conditions, the K538 Executioner is a specialized mud tire. It is a tire that can handle light mud quickly, dirty its lugs in deep mud, and even provide you with ample traction in mud-covered water puddles.

The deep, angular lugs with an inside hole prove to be the ideal style to drive in mud. The traction you are going to get over to these tires is second to none-just turn the knob, and the ATV will go forward quickly.

On other surfaces as well, these tires are available. Due to the strengthened knobs that can operate at lower pressures, driving on sand is feasible. On tough and medium surfaces, the same dials are often solid enough to provide excellent compatibility.


  • Exceptional traction in thick mud
  • Responsive on uneven ground, and stable
  • For trail driving, great grip and traction


  • Better performance on road

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire - 25X8.00-12

Another example of an all-rounder that performs on every condition is the Kenda Bearclaw tires. The Kenda will cover both tough surfaces and mud. In this scenario, however, the stronger one is mud stability.

Whenever you run across mud, the angled lugs with wide holes on the Bearclaw charge the dividends. In soft mud, where the durability is comparable to none, these tires work exceptionally well. In deep mud, the Kenda is also available, more than other tires from its class.

In addition, the Bearclaw is also quite useful in several other trail areas, considering the wide-angled lugs. Difficult surfaces should not be a problem; for fast driving, the Bearclaw has ample side-to-side grip and straight-line stability. Due to the cautious center lugs, the tire is also very sensitive. In the winter, even this tire is very useful-snow the traction is fantastic.

The ride is pleasant enough and the handling is sensitive, but there is a lack of traction and grip you can feel. The Bearclaw is super rugged and sturdy with fracture casing with a 6-ply design, much like most Kenda tires.


  • Outstanding traction of mud
  • Usable on surfaces that are hard-packed
  • Quite strong traction on snow
  • Durable and robust


  • Better on-road dynamics maybe

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x8-12

The ITP Lite II is the perfect ATV tire for a mix of mud and trail driving right today. In other terms, this type can be the best ATV mud tires if you don't notice where you're going to use the ATV mostly over the next time. Surely you're not going to be disappointed with that tire.

The greatest part about that kind of tire is that, considering its outstanding resilience and longevity. The tire fits with a 5-ply rating, which even for the most violent drivers out there should be enough.

Let's begin with the trails, though, because it's where this tire really shines. We found in our test that the ITP Mud ARV Lite gives the driver excellent reactivity on difficult surfaces as well as high stability at a greater velocity.
The ITP Mud Lite ATV tends to shine on rough surfaces, gaining excellent traction and durability. For moving on wet paths and gravel, the twisted and deep rivets work really well, but also offer outstanding mud traction.

TVYeah, you're going to find better mud tires, but none will have the same trail efficiency as the ATV Mud Lite. And unlike off-road tires, the gem of ITP has redesigned pavements that help in challenging conditions for better mud smooth.

Finally, we were pleasantly amazed at how road driving is done by the ITP Mud Lite ATV tire-the ride is smooth, and for regular driving, there is ample grip.


  • Excellent consistency on a wet trail
  • Usable on the wet gravel and grass
  • Durable and robust


  • Tires can be a little bit heavy

Quadboss QBT673 Tire (Front/Rear / 30x10-14)

In pursuit of another brand? The QBT673, the best ATV mud tire that Quadboss has to sell. with a thick 1.75in compound it takes you through certain heavy mayhem. It is new to the scene, but with the best ATV mud tires, it is well on its way to rating up there.

This is another wheel that needs to remain off-road to avoid premature wear and tear to the rubber, due to the deep tire, but softer ply ranking. It's not as advanced or snow-safe as the Terache Aztex tires, but it's not as pricey as either of them. This is an outstanding tire for your ATV, big number, trail-mudding and riding.


  • Adapts to 14in rims
  • Deep tread of 1.75in
  • More affordable for a large deep-tread tire


  • Newer to the market/ Fewer reviews

Best ATV Mud Tires Buyer’s Guidelines


best atv mud tires

In the form and thickness of the tread, mud tires differ from standard trail tires. A deep and long tread pattern with such a depth of 1-2+ inches has traditional mud tires. The large tall tread acts like a paddle supply traction, while the wet mud can also easily slip off and not get slathered on with the densely packed lugs.

To make sure you get the best possible traction, mud tires have a really aggressive tread, but this aggressive tread comes at a cost. Mud tires are stronger than trail tires, so on the straightaways you can experience a slow down. The efficiency of mud also comes at the cost of acceleration.


best atv mud tires

One of the key disadvantages of aggressive mud tires is they're so skilled. Mud tires are only ideal for mudding, with an extremely aggressive two-inch tread. It will be jarring to travel with these tires on a flat surface or even on a trail. So, if you're a road rider who often rides through mud, it's not recommended or desirable to have a two-inch tread.

A less violent mud tire is a lot more flexible with a tread in the 1 inch distance. Not only are you going to get the mud grip you need, they're going to give you a nice, relaxing trail ride as well. Bear in mind that even less severe mud tires are also not suitable for smooth surfaces or pavement.

The efficiency of mud also comes at the cost of speed and acceleration. Basically, for your riding style, you have to pick what is most essential: pace and traction or acceleration

A decrease in fuel efficiency can also be caused by heavier tires, but this is marginal and is really not enough to impact your decision.

Collection of Loads

best atv mud tires

Both tires get a tire ply ratio that displays the intensity or load capacity of a tire. ATV tires come with a 4, 6 and 8 ply ratio. The ply score is an old-fashioned concept that was originally used when tires were constructed in layers upon layers by bonding various materials. So 6 layers (ply) were better and stronger than 4 layers, of course (ply).

Over time, technologies and materials for tire construction have advanced , so tires do not need as many layers to produce the same results. This is why the 'ply' word slowly falls out of fashion and is replaced with the 'load selection' term.

best atv mud tires

Construction Radial/Bias

Tires have either been generated with radial construction or constructed with bias. For radial construction, the rubber-coated metal underlying layer passes in a single direction from the center to the edges of the tire. For bias construction, the underlying layers of steel coated with rubber are overlapped at an angle from the core.

best atv mud tires

Radial construction is usually found beneficial to the construction of prejudice. However, when moving hard on the road, some of the advantages of radial tires occur, so this leads to some reduced returns when it comes to the cost/benefit analysis for ATV tires.

Size of tires

You need to know the size of the tires that your ATV demands. Without any problems, most ATVs can allow you to go up a but certain and some larger ATVs tire which will even enable you to go up to 2 dimensions without any problems.

But there could be issues with the tire potentially grinding against the casing, exhaust and shocks if you go with too big a tire. And, to handle the extra burden of the additional weight, you should have an engine big enough.

You'll have to do some big modifications if you're trying to upsize your tires, including: output shaft, brake kit, boost kit, powertrain, and suspension.


best atv mud tires

The SunF tires are an excellent way to go if you're only looking for the best value for your dollar among the best ATV mud tires. In the universe of ATV tires, they are a deal. You would not have the highest ply rating or the most effective rolling terrain, but without investing a lot of cash, you will have tires that work

The biggest issue in creating the SunF tires is that the roundness of the tires is often weakened by their movement, leading them to shake at high velocities. These are great tires for trail riding... you don't want to try to compete with them.


When it appears to sheer grip, the Terminator stands above the rest of the best ATV mud tires. The 2-inch grind cuts through something, and it's covered from damage. Almost no tire has a more powerful grip.

The Terminator, though, is not intended for the path. To prevent it from losing toughness too easily, it is wise to put it away from the firm and asphalt ground altogether. The tread will not do you any good if it is worn away by the pavement.

best atv mud tires


The most flexible of the best ATV mud tires is the EFX Tires MotoClaw. The MotoClaw tries to fill the gap between highway and trail, unlike many of the others whose architecture operates around a thicker tread and much more traction. The 8-ply ranking also helps to have a better experience on solid ground.

This could be the tire for you if you have a vehicle that spends half of its time on the streets and half off-road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are ATV tires so easy to wear?

For that matter, ATV tires can usually wear much quicker than a pair of car tires and every other on-road tire. For optimum grip on pavement and packed gravel, high convenience, low tire sound, and durability, on-road wheels are intended.

They use continuous thread forms and have as much rubber in contact with the ground as possible to accomplish this. To treat water and boost heat dissipation, there are only a couple of grooves and threads.

On the other hand, traditional ATV tires are equipped with off-road friction and rugged trails in view. They use large lug nuts of rubber that are often inches apart.

As a result, when you travel on hard roads like asphalt, you will have much less friction hitting the ground. Before you begin losing thread thickness, there is less latex to wear on. The gap between the lugs produces more tire wear and friction noise than for an on-road tire.

best atv mud tires

How does the consistency of tires influence tire longevity?

The consistency of the tire will also have a lot to tell about how long an ATV tire would last. At a very fair price, some of the made In china brands sell tires that have interesting thread patterns, but typically you will get what you pay for.

They use bad rubber content to keep the price down, which will possibly break long before they wear down. How they hold back traction while you are cornering is another way to say a poor tire from an elevated tire.

With little to no alert, inexpensive and hard tires can lose traction instantly. On the other side, a high-quality tire can have more progressive input where the traction is "held on" and increasingly lost.

Here are some tips for you to choose best ATV mud tires:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best ATV Mud Tires

Now you can make your own decision for best ATV mud tires which are the most suitable to you. This table is created to recommend for your purchasing. Hopefully, it works!


BEST ATV Mud Tires FOR versatility

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