Best Baseball Radar Gun Quick Reviews And Buying Tips (2020 Updates)

Have you ever wondered how powerful your pitch can be on the green field? If you are a new baseball player, this question must be in your mind every time you start a play. If you are a coach, you also need to wonder about the speed of the ball your athletes can produce. And yes, you cannot estimate it with your eyes and mind. You need a tool to solve this. 

We now call that kind of device the baseball radar gun, which is similar to the Doppler radar. To figure out what is the best baseball radar gun now is not an easy task. There are multiple brands with numerous models on the market now. It is hard to find, but it is not impossible to find one for you. This article on AGERN will review the best radar gun for baseball and some buying advice for you to pick the perfect one.

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Top 15 Best Baseball Radar Gun Reviews 2020

Jugs Gun — Sports Radar Gun

For some people, JUGS is no longer a new brand, as they have been doing pretty well on the field. They have been providing training equipment for not only athletes but coaches as well. They aim to aid their customers in becoming the best players/coaches in sports.

This JUGS model of baseball radar gun is equipped with cutting-edge technology, Digital Signal Processing, which utilizes digital processing to analyze an object's velocity and range. Thanks to this, the gun has an index of accuracy, reaching up to ±0.5 mph. This radar gun can measure in both MPH and KPH to catch the speed range between 5 to 140 MPH (approximately 8 to 224 KPH).

There are two modes available for your use, which are the trigger and continuous way. For the trigger mode, what you are supposed to do is pull the trigger and let the gun analyze the ball's speed for you. The result will stay on the screen for a fixed time length. For the continuous mode, you need to pull the trigger twice to read the speed for you. And the result will quickly disappear from the screen to give room for another pitch. 

One plus for this gun is that the battery will take only two hours to be fully charged. Meanwhile, it can operate within the time of a week in the usual way. If you are looking for the best baseball radar gun with high performance and accuracy, this radar gun is worth your consideration.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Good performance with accuracy
  • Two modes for operation
  • Excellent battery power
  • Firm to the hold
  • Two-year warranty

Jugs Radar Cube — Sports Radar

Another JUGS candidate is this Jugs Radar Cube, which is also a perfect companion for sports. This model from Jugs occupies the exact accuracy index of the model mentioned above of Jugs Radar Gun. The accuracy index is ±0.5 MPH. 

The LED screen will provide you with the most precise result of analyzing the ball’s speed. This feature is excellent for both indoor and outdoor usage. It might appear to be a little bit large at first, but it only measures 7x11 inches in height and width. With the lightweight of 1.5 pounds, there is no need for you to worry about its portability, and can carry it anywhere you want to. 

A bit of useful advice here is to buy a tripod mount to make the radar cube stand on its legs, which will make the radar catch-all ball’s movements on the field and help your sports field look exactly the professional ones. 

It is also easy to use the radar cube. All you need to do is press and hold the ON/OFF button and wait until the small green mall light starts to flash. When you want to turn this  baseball radar gun off, press the power button until the light flashes. Let go of your hand, and it will stop flashing. This radar will be shut down. Also, the radar will automatically shut down when left unused for ten minutes. 

Although this radar cube is water-resistant, it is essential to keep it away from rain and water. Because no matter what the manufacturer’s claim is, electric stuff will be electric stuff.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • LED screen for best visibility
  • Accurate and easy to use 

Pocket Radar Smart Coach/Bluetooth App Enabled Radar Gun

This coach radar can catch and analyze any ball’s speed from 25 to 130 MPH. Its accuracy index is ±1 MPH. The cool thing about this radar is that it can store data on your cloud account. Not only can it store data, but it can also help you export data. 

Thanks to the technology applied to the radar, it can provide immediate footage and speed analysis. So we can work remotely with coaches, athletes, and friends. It means that you can train with your companions as long as you want. There is nothing to worry about the distance problem. 

The radar can be used both as a stand-alone and with an app in the meantime. When you use the radar and the application in your smartphones or tablets, you will be given furthermore features such as the audio call-outs, which will promote immediate feedback and discussions or track speed history. Of course, with the help of the companion app, you can share videos of your training with your friends and coaches immediately. 

The radar is a true definition of radar pocket, for it only measures 2.3-inch x 4.7-inch x 0.8-inch (W x H x D). The smart part of the radar is that the companion app will split your video into smaller segments, and they will add the speed analysis on them, precisely. 

You can also attach the radar to your tripod if you are playing alone. Adding an extra tripod base will make the radar stay firmly on the ground.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Incredibly compact and fit your pocket
  • Smart running system
  • Smart companion app with multiple features
  • Friendly budget 

Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Pro-Level Speed Training Tool and Radar Gun

Another candidate for the race to become the best baseball radar gun comes from the family of Pocket Radar. Much more budget-friendly than the model of Smart Coach, this Ball Coach is still a good investment. 

This model from Pocket Radar can shoot the speed from 25 MPH to 130 MPH, which is accurate within ±1 MPH. The manufacturer claims that the radar can analyze better if the ball is in its flight. The brand’s name just tells it all. This radar will precisely fit your pocket as it only measures 2.3-inch x 4.7-inch x 0.8-inch. 

All you are supposed to do is to hold the power button and release it. For both opening and shutting down, you can simply hit the power button. This model is not compatible with the companion app from Radar Pocket. 

When you are playing alone, or your hands cannot hold the radar, you can equip it with a tripod for the best stability and convenience. You can also keep track of the speed record history (approximately 25 history results)

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ability to track speed history

Pocket Radar / Pro Radar System with Smart Display

If you are advanced to the field or are a novice (but you still want to train baseball seriously), this Radar Pocket model is a good treasure. 

This radar model can work well with the speed range between 25 MPH to 130 MPH with the accuracy index within ±1 MPH. Like the model as mentioned above from Pocket Radar, this model can recall about 25 results from the speed history. With the power mode on, you will get instant speed results from the screen of this model. 

This pocket radar can also export data for you as smart coaches like a professional speed tracking system. And yes, like many other models from the Pocket Radar, this model will give off the constant speed result. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • A professional and sleek look
  • Water-resistant
  • LED screen for excellent visibility

SKLZ Bullet Ball Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor

If anyone asks me a perfect radar for baseball speed, this model from SKLZ is the first to pop up in my head. Just a glance at it, we can realize how compact the radar is. This small yet smart ball can measure the speed of up to 120 MPH. Of course, accuracy is guaranteed. 

Although many reviews will claim that this radar is suitable for both newbies and advanced players, from our knowledge and experience, this ball is more appropriate for the newbie players. 

The screen, although small, will provide you with instant speed results with high visibility. Because of the compact design, we should not expect so much from this radar. For example, it only provides products in MPH.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Compact
  • Instant feedback

Stalker Sport 2 Radar - Starter Package

This radar model from Stalker Sport is a true definition of the radar gun - a gun of Stalker Sport can measure the speed between 5 to 150 MPH with the error of ±1 MPH. The screen will show you all of the results and battery status. Buttons on the screen of the radar gun state all of the features the gun can perform. 

Regarding durability, this radar gun can last for a lifetime with your proper care. Although the measuring gun looks not so compact as other models available on the market, it only weighs 1.8 pounds, which means you can easily bring it along to any sports field. 

You will quickly figure out how to use the gun the moment you see it. Simply pull the trigger and shoot so that you can have this little monster analyze the speed of the ball. When the screen displays the XMIT, it is time you know that the gun is about to give you the readings of the ball's speed. 

The only weakness of this baseball radar gun is that its cap at the battery part is weak. So if you rush to open it, it might get broken easily.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Many cool functions
  • Visible screen
  • Smart and compact design

Stalker Pro IIs Sports Radar

Also coming from the Stalker Store, this model of Pro IIs Sports Radar’s design is similar to a gun with a grip, trigger, and barrel. This radar gun has such a high price range because it has consistent speed analysis accuracy and a wireless connection, which helps you less connectivity when storing your speed history in your cloud. Everything is recorded for you to track your progress easily. 

There will be neither estimations nor delays when this monster is reading any balls. It definitely will give off the most constant and precise feedback for you. 

Its speed range is within 1 to 150 MPH with reading error between ±1 MPH. Maybe with this model, the Stalker Store has improved its battery concealing part. This monster's battery is about 3700 mAh, which can provide the time used for more than 4.5 hours, continuous usage, or up to 11 hours for the gun's trigger mode. 

The screen of the radar gun will tell you about the spin rate of the ball. You can also change it to show your preferred ratio of the hit speed. All of the buttons and displayed icons on the screen are well built to promote all customers' easy usage. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Accuracy
  • Great battery power
  • Sleek design with minimalist color

Sports Sensors Glove Radar

If you have been looking for a compact yet still best radar gun for baseball, this model from Sports Sensor is worth your consideration. Although it does not look like a gun for baseball speed analysis, this glove radar still acts as a perfect companion for the pitch.

In case you are new to the field, this radar sensor is attached to the players' glove. The radar is a dedicated representative of portable radar as it only measures 4.2-inch x 4.2-inch x 2-inch and weighs only 1.6 ounces. 

The cool thing about this radar is that there is no need for the third person to stand and hold anything to shoot at the ball. This small monster possesses a speed range between 20 MPH to 120 MPH. 

There is no need for you to worry that the plastic radar will be broken if the ball hits the glove. From the manufacturer’s claim, we are sure that the radar can survive the speed of any ball flying from a long distance.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Compact and portable
  • Constant feedback
  • Lightweight

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

The Sports Sensors have introduced the Swing Speed Radar model to the market, which can become your constant baseball companion. 

A little bit bigger than the product above from the Sports Sensors, this Swing Speed Radar measures 7.2-inch x. 5.4-inch x 4.6-inch. But it is still a good option if you want to have something perfectly fit your pocket. 

The radar can reach the speed range between 20 MPH to 200 MPH, yet its error can be 3 to 5 MPH. There will be a stand in the back of the radar so that you can make sure that

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Novice suitable 

NET PLAYZ Odis-171 Speed Vision Plus Sports Radar

If you have been looking for a baseball radar with hi-tech wifi connectivity and still at an affordable price, this NET PLAYZ model can be the best choice for your best baseball radar gun on the field. 

This radar can provide you with the instant results of the speed analysis on the screen. The dark tone screen and the shining red lights will create a contrasting effect, allowing you to easily see the screen results (even if standing far away from it). The screen measures up to 8 inches, so there is no need to worry about its visibility.

There will be an SD card space for you to store your playing history. However, this radar can only recall ten results from history. But we think this will not affect much your fun experience on the field. 

The radar looks a little bit like an electric clock. It is equipped with a flat base so that you can simply place it on the ground. It can stand with stability by itself. Sometimes, the players will attach it with a small tripod to stand a little bit higher. 

This model from NET PLAYZ is compatible with the iSmart App, which will allow you to control the camera on the radar remotely. You can also record it even if you are far away. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Great visibility
  • Lightweight despite large dimension (compared with other models)
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Smart App compatible

NET PLAYZ Smart Baseball Trainer

It seems like NET PLAYZ always wants to provide its customers with the best visibility. Nearly all of the models can vividly show the results, without a doubt. The screen's blackness perfectly marries the red tone numbers, creating excellent visibility to the players and audience's eyes. 

This radar can reach up to 3 MPH to 200 MPH regarding the speed range. Similar to other NET PLAYZ models, this one can recall about ten results from the analysis history for the players. 

This radar can still stand thanks to the flat base perfectly either with a tripod's help or not. One cool thing about this radar is that it can speak out the results after its analysis. It is not only convenient, but it can also save you a lot of time on the pitch. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Sleek design
  • Accurate
  • Speak-out feature

Sports Radar Speed Gun SR3600

For some people, they might find the design of this radar gun a little bit ridiculous. It might resemble a cash cannon money gun. Yet, even the appearance is a little bit demanding, the radar gun can prove itself as a powerful companion during your baseball fun moments. 

This  baseball radar gun only weighs one pound, so you do not need to worry that it will be heavy while you hold it in your hands. There are two usage modes, like other radar guns. The continuous mode will make the gun run for approximately 2 hours. Meanwhile, on the trigger mode, this gun can perform excellently for 20 hours. 

Its speed range can be somewhere between 10 to 250 MPH. 

The only thing that makes us find this radar gun a little bit annoying is the feel it gives when we hold it. Because of the cheap plastic material used to make the gun, the users might not feel so steady on hand. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Accurate
  • Immediate displayed results 

Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun

Bushnell is no longer a new brand for outdoor activities. Until now, they have been improving a lot of their products’ designs. This version of Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun is a real treasure to the hand. 

From the high-quality material to make the gun, we can see how much effort Bushnell has been putting into their design. Unlike some other cheap plastic on the market, this model will give an excellent feel thanks to the material, making it deserve the best baseball radar gun title. 

Its speed range can be between 6 to 110 MPH. The final results will be provided on the screen, and they are promised to appear after you aim and shoot. 

The only thing about this baseball radar gun is that it has no memory card. It means that once you pull the trigger for the next analysis, you will lose all of the history results. This missing, however, might not be a significant hindrance to your fun with friends. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Excellent construction with good material
  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design

Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun w/ Speeds

Another sports companion from the house of Bushnell has entered the race to become the best baseball radar. This model from Bushnell might be the fastest to have its results appear on the screen. Once you release your fingers away from the trigger, the shooting results will immediately appear on the screen. 

Bushnell has made a considerable investment in the technology. For this small Bushnell radar gun, you can easily transmit data thanks to the wifi connectivity. This best baseball radar gun can shoot at the range between 10 to 200 MPH with the error between -/+ 1 MPH. 

The material from Bushnell will never let us down. It lasts for an extended period with your proper care and provides you with the smoothest feel to the hand. This kind of material is non-slip when your palms get sweaty. What huge advantage!

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Unique material
  • Neutral and fashionable color
  • Accurate 

Buying Guide for Best Radar Gun for Baseball 2020

best baseball radar gun

You cannot rush into anything, even buying a helping tool for your baseball playing time. To find out the best baseball radar gun for you, you need to invest not only time and effort to read reviews and specifications, but you also need to experience the process of trials and error. However, the buying guide below will help you a lot, including getting rid of the trial-and-error process. 

So we have to make it clear first that even if you have piled enough information and knowledge about radar guns, it somewhat depends on your luck. Because after all, this kind of product is powered by battery and electricity. That is why we can call it a battle of luck. 

Purpose and Usage

Whenever you are about to purchase something, it is essential to ask yourself what your main buying purpose is? Why do you need the best baseball radar gun? Why do you need to invest a sum of money to get a radar gun? Do you need it to improve your ball-throwing skills, or you need it to help you and your athletes on the field? Or do you only need it simply to record your family or clan fun moments? Ask yourself first! Since the investment is yours, you are the one that needs to make up your mind the most. 

best baseball radar gun

The advice is, if it is only for a fun moment (and you are on a tight budget), you can select those with a lower price range. They are both excellent and budget-friendly. Yet, if you want to follow a professional career path (either playing or coaching), a good investment of money is always worth it.

Price range

Some might claim that you will get what you pay, but this is not always the case. Everything will depend on your need or purpose as well. But because it is your money, you need to consider it carefully. ut

best baseball radar gun

It would be best if you clarified how much you are willing to pay for a radar gun will not only save you a lot of time, but it also keeps you away from high regret. If you want something to last long, having multiple features, and supporting your professional career, you can save your money and purchase the model with a high price range. Do not rush!


Considering the baseball gun materials is also a key feature when it comes to finding out the best baseball radar gun. Commonly, what you can find on the market now are made from cheap plastic. Only some brands make a serious investment in this. 

Some of you might feel that materials will not play an important role when you purchase a baseball gun. But imagine holding a cheap plastic radar gun that can easily slip when your hands get wet. Quite annoying! So try to feel the materials with your hands first. 

best baseball radar gun

If the radar's final coat is a little bit rough to your hands, it is fine too. This roughness will help you hold the gun with stability. 


So our way of thinking is that this kind of radar gun needs to be small enough for you to carry all along. If it is too big, it will eat up a lot of space inside your bag. It won't be very comfortable when you bring a heavy load behind your back every time. 

best baseball radar gun

So finding a small, compact, and portable radar gun is vital. Some of the radar can even perfectly fit into your pocket. Some will not take up too much space. There are various designs available on the market now. So you can look for them easily.

But it is of the uppermost importance to ask yourself whether you will carry it with you every time. If the answer is yes, the small radar is your choice of the best baseball radar gun.

Mounted or Hand-held

best baseball radar gun

This aspect is also worth your consideration. And the answer will depend on your usual baseball activities. If you have a gang who is always willing to help you hold and check your pitch's speed, it is sufficient to purchase a hand-held model. But if you want to spend most of your time playing alone, buying a tripod or mounting stuff to support the radar is also a good option.


Of course, because radar guns are a kind of battery and electricity-powered products, you need to ensure that the warranty is valid. And the longer the warranty can last, the more security you will have. If you encounter two options (you like them both), consider what chance has the longer warranty time. 

You can also ask your friends about the store's customer service, where you are going to purchase the product. If they have any feedback on lousy service, you can consider it as well. That's a contributing factor to your choice of the best baseball radar gun.


best baseball radar gun

Question 1: What is the principle of Baseball radar guns?

Well, this question is a little bit tricky for those who are not physicists like us. We are players and baseball lovers only. So to fully explain the principle of physics, things are out of the question. Simply you can know that Baseball radar gun can activate thanks to the Doppler effect. This kind of impact is also used in police radar guns. 

When you pull the trigger or hit the power button, the radar gun will send out some kind of electromagnetic waves. They will accordingly use the reflections to estimate and analyze the speed of the ball. 

A Radar gun for baseball is invented to satisfy the needs of the baseball players, either to keep their pitching history or to improve their skills. 

Question 2: Do Baseball radar guns work for Cars?

Actually, yes, they do. But not all of the models can work for cars. A model with multiple functions can. You can easily watch a video of riding inside a vehicle holding a baseball radar to calculate other cars' speed on the streets. They are popular. 

These radar guns measure the cars' speed, but they can work well for human’s speed and animals’ speed as well. But we do not highly recommend your continuous use of baseball radar for other objects. 

Question 3: What is the best place for the players to put the radar for the best results?

It will depend on the model you purchase. Most of the addresses are in the product description and instructions. But commonly, they are in front of the ball, and some are at the back. 

best baseball radar gun

Question 4: Do MLB use a baseball radar gun? 

Yes, they do. Of course. This kind of highly professional organization will use a baseball radar gun to calculate every pitch's speed. It is a perfect tool to improve every player's performance, but it also helps to keep track of pitching history. 

Human’s eyes cannot calculate the speed and movement of an object. If naked eyes do it, it is only an estimation. Meanwhile, if you use any kind of technology like the baseball radar gun, you will get more precise readings and analysis. 

Question 5: What level of players should purchase a baseball radar gun for themselves?

My answer is anyone. As long as you want to play baseball seriously, you should invest. Even if you are a beginner to baseball, you should also have a radar gun. It will help you understand your pitching speed from which you can learn and improve your skills. 

And even if you are a skilled player, you should also have a companion as the baseball radar gun. It will keep you understanding your playing skills. The common thing that both newbies and advanced players share when using the baseball radar gun is that they can improve their playing skills.

In case you are entirely a newbie to the field, this video will give you an essential guide on how to use the baseball radar gun:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Baseball Radar Gun

From all of the reviews and simple buying guide above, we would like to share the top 5 picks for the best baseball radar gun with you. No matter your purpose or how much money you are willing to pay, do not rush into buying anything. You might end up getting some trash from the market and deeply regret not carefully considering it. Below are our choices for you to think your best radar gun for baseball.


Best for Long-lasting Material and Design
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