Best Beater Watch: Top-Rated 20 List Beater Watch Reviews 2020

Temporarily overlooking expensive mechanical watches with mechanical movements that used to be human technological achievements a few decades ago. Many people are looking for a cheap watch that still very accurately serves the user's time needs. The watchmakers have a funny concept called "Beater Watch,” only cheap watches, not afraid of impacts, rainwater, the mud of daily work, in stark contrast to the excellent Omega or Rolex costs a thousand dollars. In this article, I will show you the top 20 best beater watch 2020.

Below you will find 20 of the best beater watch to help you choose a beater watch that suits your favorite—keep reading Agernrestaurant to keep up with beauty trends for the best beater watch under 2020.

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Top 20 Best Beater Watch Reviews 2020

G-Shock GWR-B1000

Warships model in the Gravitymaster test line. The first G-Shock had a monocoque body made entirely of carbon fiber. If you have a budget under $1000 then this is the best beater watch under 1000 you can consider.

There is no back of the watch in the conventional sense - the case is monolithic, and therefore, the case's shock resistance and reliability are even higher. A completely new case protection concept - Carbon Core Guard includes a particular carbon case surrounding the watch module and protects it from mechanical action. This makes the GWR-B1000 more potent than its brethren and much lighter due to the use of carbon.

The laminated carbon bezel comprises 52 individual layers, and the push-button mechanism is isolated from the environment. The function of this series is also excellent - solar power, multi-band radio time synchronization, "Package" with a smartphone via Bluetooth protocol (for automatic time adjustment and copper setting clock), 24-hour stopwatch with Fly Back function (quick reset of the countdown), a timer, an alarm clock, world time and of course, the “pilot” protective trio Exclusive G Resists (shock, centrifugal force, and vibration).


  • Carbon Core Guard includes a particular carbon case surrounding the watch module and protects it from mechanical action


  • Not at all

Casio G-Shock GR-B200

The design of the GR-B200 is "drawn" in the spirit of the mobile and fast helicopters used in the aviation industry for quick access to where aircraft will not land. Giant protruding buttons are designed to cope with their primary task - providing a "groping" feel when pressed comfortably and accurately [for example, in the dark or wearing gloves], which is very important in emergencies.

Aviator's G-Shock line has always been known for its visual "build" - there are many convex details on the case, strap, and dial. It's fantastic that the Japanese have thought carefully about all aspects of the appearance so that the end product is convenient and serves its owner faithfully for years. Pay attention to the strap structure, or rather its attachment to the case - the vast side screws have a plug, and the polymer front insert bears all the load.

Carbon is one of the most successful solutions in watchmaking. It’s merely unrivaled in terms of manufacturing capabilities - the material is strong, light, and durable. If we're talking about the bezel, this is the solid look first and foremost, but the GR-B200 has the primary carbon advantage hidden inside - the Carbon Core Guard case’s protective structure. The watch module is located inside a carbon fiber reinforced polymer core, positively influencing the case's toughness properties.

The input threshold is stronger in terms of cost (solar always affects the price), the larger size favors your everyday life [not the office], the inverse, in this case, is large, can be the standard to read.


  • The input threshold is more potent in terms of cost.
  • The larger size favors your everyday life.
  • LED light for the face (Super illuminator, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds).


  • Lack of solar energy

Seiko Sea Urchin SNZF15

At first glance, the Seiko Sea Urchin certainly has the most iconic traits of Seiko's dive watches. You will get the same with any dive watch with smaller variations. For example, the Sea Urchin is bulky and is larger on a scale with a 41mm case. Many divers consider this the right size for a diving watch, giving it more room for essential information. Its features also make it easy to handle and operate even underwater.

The Seiko 5 SNZF15 dial is similar to the classic Rolex Submariner. It features large luminescent circular hour markers, bars at 6 and 9 o'clock, and twin triangles at 12 o'clock. On this watch, there are sharper corners on the outer minute markers. It tends to be higher than most other Seiko lines.

The Seiko 5 logo is shown above, and specifications are displayed at 6 o'clock. Also, the date’s color in this model matches the Pepsi frame but is challenging to read.

The case is very sturdy, with polished sides. The crown at 3 o'clock is recessed in a unique way to protect it.

The back of the case can be seen through the watch’s inside, which is an excellent thing for a watch. While you'll only notice it when you're not wearing the watch, it's nice to be able to see the rotating propeller and parts inside the watch.

On the other hand, it's not too thick, so those with thin wrists won't feel too uncomfortable wearing it. At 13mm thick, it is very thin for a diving watch. This feature alone makes it a comfortable accessory to use.

Immediately upon the touch, Sea Urchin feels durable. Its robust case and design make it a reliable underwater companion. The watch is excellent for its price range. It has a shell made entirely of steel. And what we mean by the case to the band is steel. A lot of watches in this price range make use of unstable hollow metal pendant links. Additionally, the watch has a Hardlex glass dial to protect its dial and back.

Each watch has a 22mm lug size with a 46mm spacing between the two. The lugs have a polished satin finish that contrasts with the glossy finish of the edges. This watch gives it a luxurious feel, although overall it is sporty.

The crown is recessed into the case, increasing the water-resistance of the watch. The bezel grooves make handling and handling more comfortable, even while wearing gloves.

The water-resistance of the watch is 100m or 330 feet. Given the value of the watch, this is very impressive. You can take it for recreational swimming or snorkeling, but you don't have to scuba dive. Don't risk using your Seiko Sea Urchin watch for deep diving.

Like most Seiko watches, there are color options available. In addition to the one with Pepsi-blue and red trim on the post, there is also a full-face option and a black border, as shown with the model number SNZF17.


  • Easy to use
  • Good water resistance feature


  • Bulky

Citizen Eco-drive AT2430-80E

Dynamic but no less formal. The watch with the most consumption level, suitable for giving gifts to loved ones, is this watch. Diverse designs with two black and white colors with luxurious and masculine 316L stainless steel. This watch deserves to be the best beater watch under 500.

However, this watch’s downside is that it will only be suitable for those with a slightly small wrist because the 41mm face diameter, 10mm thickness, is mostly designed by the company for those with a not too big wrist.

Besides, this watch is designed with an anti-glare Sapphire glass and runs a stable, rhythmic Eco-Drive movement suitable for all activities. Of course, this watch is also water-resistant up to 10 ATM.


  • High water-resistant feature
  • Anti-glare Sapphire glass design


  • Not at all

Seiko Quartz Sapphire Blue SGEH47

A sturdy stainless steel bracelet for a sleek yet bold look for the man. The watch case is made of stainless steel 41MM wide and 9MM thick for outstanding durability.

The silver details of the Seiko Quartz SGEH47 create a more subtle and noticeable contrast than the striking blue dial.

The dial is also protected by Sapphimax crystal, water-resistant up to 100 meters / 330 feet / 10 atm. Besides, the watch uses Japanese quartz material, which guarantees high accuracy and requires little maintenance.


  • High water-resistant feature


  • Not at all

G-Shock GA-2100-1A1

Ever since the first DW-5000C went on sale in 1983, G-SHOCK has continually surpassed new limits on timekeeping toughness while creating novel and unique designs. These new models showcase those efforts in an attractive slim profile. G-shock is the best daily beater watch for you if you want to wear it everyday.

The G-Shock brand is one of the most prominent Casio watches that is masculine and highly functional. G-Shock watches go against the fundamentals of obsessive fictional watches: watches that run on a small chip, made of the actual materials of technological advancement, come into being. 1983, centuries after the first watchmakers began to write the history of wristwatches.

The G-Shock GA-2100-1A is perhaps the only shock capable of turning a large audience into a buyer, even one who doesn't embrace the durable watch philosophy.

Historically, Casio has encouraged the regular introduction of new G-Shock models. These new models inherit the octagonal style used in the original DW-5000C. The digital and alloy timekeeping timepiece packs in a simple, functional design that retains the same toughness as G-SHOCK. Since Kikuo Ibe introduced shock-absorbing products worldwide, the range of models has expanded dramatically: some have given a new direction in the big G-Shock world, but the GA-2100 model. -1A has been popular even with those who are not the typical fans of the brand.

These are the thinnest G-Shocks to date. The case is 11.8 mm tall and hugs the wrist for a more compact visual effect. Plastic has no weight: it's incredibly cool if you're used to wearing very modestly sized items. The strap is bent at an angle so that there is little space between the 48.5mm case and the watch. There are also some other notable points about the design, and that is the Carbon Core Guard technology. The bodywork is made from a thin layer of carbon fiber for increased strength.

The Carbon Core Guard doesn't change the wrist’s feel, but it still feels confident that the watch will be in perfect condition, even if it's passed by a car. This is also the reason why G-Shock is often worn by the military and law enforcement officials.
The markers are now large enough to be easily read, but with the paints themselves, they overdo it a bit. The GA-2100-1A doesn't require much from you. The watch gives you more than what you invested.


  • Easy to read information about time on the watch
  • Carbon Core Guard technology made the watch more durable


  • Not have many unique designs

G-Shock GST-B200

Warships model in the Gravitymaster test line. The first G-Shock had a monocoque body made entirely of carbon fiber. There is no back of the watch in the conventional sense - the case is monolithic, and therefore, the case's shock resistance and reliability are even higher.

A completely new protective concept of the case - Carbon Core Guard includes the latest representation of G-Shocks steel in G-Steel direction with the new guard structure of Carbon Core Guard. The inner shell is made of polyurethane to avoid adverse effects on the carbon fiber reinforced module housing, making the case harder and lighter. Size reduction compared to the GST-W300 is about 0.224 x 0.1 x 1.2. All external parts of GST-B200 such as bezel, buttons, screws, back panel are made of high quality steel. This watch is one of the best beater watch under 200 you can consider to buy.

STN technology is used for digital displays, providing a wider viewing angle and increasing picture clarity. Designers have redesigned the look of the buttons - now they look more stylish and modern. Solar and Bluetooth are synced to be responsible for the main function of the model, and added basic features like timer, alarm, and world time.


  • Solar energy feature included


  • Not at all

Seiko SKS623P1 Quartz

Seiko SKS623P1 Quartz metal wire is in the cheap Chrograp segment of Seiko. Seiko's SKS623P1 is made of stainless steel with a soft, elegant white side.

The watch is designed in a sporty, personality style that incorporates 6-hour hands. The SKS623P1 Quartz features an extremely precise chronograph. This product is also equipped with a reasonably exact date and a specific date for the user's convenience. With 100m water resistance, the SKS623P1 watch device is sure to be a reliable choice for you.


  • Exact chronograph feature included


  • Poor water-resistance

Seiko SKS635P1 Quartz

Seiko SKS635P1 Quartz (pin) leather strap from Seiko's low-cost Chronograph series SKS635P1 Quartz has a sporty design with a 6-hand display. The SKS635P1 is also equipped with a unique chronograph feature, with a date calendar, with water resistance up to 100 meters.

The product is equipped with a stainless steel case and high-quality black leather strap, combined with a masculine black face that brings a particular elegance to men.


  • Stainless steel features included
  • Precise chronograph feature


  • Not at all


Casio is a watch cave famous for its Japanese persistence. Casio entered the watch business in 1970, and in 1983 the G-SHOCK was born with a completely different breakthrough that made timepieces that were difficult to break on impact. Until now, Casio has always reaped the G-Shock sports watch line’s successes and is continually improving both in quality and variety of models.

Like many brothers, I turned to G-Shock for its rugged, angular design but was curious about the neatness of the DW-5600's almost minimalistic dial design. The version I bought is codenamed DW-5600BBMA-1. DW-5600 is not a new name in the G-Shock collection, but it is one of the classic products that appeared since 1987, and until now, Casio is still produced and sold. However, unlike previous versions, the DW-5600BBMA-1 was sold in mid-2018, coinciding with the 35th anniversary of Casio's G-Shock brand.

The words to advertise the 200m waterproof feature or the EL light (Electroluminescent) technology are no longer printed under the watch glass. The whole plastic shell is matte black, very cool, and straightforward.


  • Simple, lightweight design
  • Extremely accurate in terms of time
  • Durable


  • Not at all

Casio Baby G

Casio Baby G is suitable for girls with small and lovely wrists. With a stylish and compact design, Baby G is currently very hot and extremely popular.

Casio Baby G features an "automatic step count" that is quite convenient for women passionate about sports, creating a youthful, dynamic feeling.

This model is currently available in four colors: black, white, blue, and pink, which are very lovely for girls to choose from.


  • Suitable for small hand girls
  • Beautiful design


  • Have not good quality

Casio AE-1000WD-1AV

Casio is the hottest electronic watch line of all time, not only for active sports enthusiasts but also an indispensable accessory for you every time you go out. AE-1000WD-1AV is interested and welcomed by many young people because of its beautiful and simple design but still shows youthfulness and energy.

With this watch face, you can completely replace the metal strap with an elegant leather strap in a luxurious man’s style. The watch glass has adequate bearing capacity because it is made from impact-resistant and scratch-resistant hard glass.

Besides, this is also an electronic watch with many convenient features. Advanced functions such as LED design make it possible to check the time even in poor lighting conditions.


  • The LED design makes it possible to check the time, even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Good water resistance


  • The watch face is fragile

Casio MTP-1302L-1AV

Casio MTP-1302L-1AV owns a strong appearance with a very "quality" price and is selling well today. The watch is impressed by the black background dial and great metal-plated details. Especially with the luminous coating, you will quickly see the time in low light conditions.

The Casio MTP-1302L with a premium alligator black leather strap and color combination line looks great. Besides, leather material also gives the wearer more comfort and comfort. Measured 44.2 × 38.5 in diameter and 9.2 mm on the dial, the Casio watch is a perfect fit for anyone's wrist size.

Comfortable 5ATM water resistance can operate in the rain, wash hands - This is the ideal parameter for a genuine watch.


  • Premium alligator black leather strap and color combination design included


  • Poor water resistance

Timex T49884

The Timex T49884 is only 41mm in diameter, but its surface thickness is 12 mm, proper sporty size, and extremely strong for any guy. This is one of the best beater watch under 100 suits for people have budget under $100.

T49884 Timex of Quart series uses quartz celestial body with a battery pack that transmits energy to the movement, and the direction of the winding is very smooth movement. The watch strap is made of a high-quality umbrella with a stainless steel bezel safe to protect against external impact.

The watch’s white hardened glass is impact resistant very effectively, creating more peace of mind for users. Water-resistant up to 50M for greater comfort in all outdoor/underwater activities.


  • Proper sporty design
  • The Timex of Quartz series uses a quartz celestial body with a battery pack that transmits energy to the movement, and the direction of the winding is very smooth movement


  • Poor water-resistance

Timex TW4B04600

TW4B04600 Timex has a simple watch face design and displays information about 24 hours + full date. Noctilucent hands increase the brightness to help users see the time, even in the dark.

Indiglo backlight is very specially equipped to increase convenience for users. The mineral glass face is a mineral glass that is durable with time. Bright silver stainless steel bezel adds a touch of luxury and a more extended use time.

The gold nylon strap makes the watch stand out from the crowd, and the 40mm face size fits into a popular men's watch design. The TW4B04600's water resistance is 50M, convenient for all your outdoor activities.


  • Bright silver stainless steel bezel adds a touch of luxury and a more extended use time
  • Indiglo backlight is very specially equipped to increase convenience for users


  • Not at all

Timex Unisex T2P142

The diameter is 38mm, and the watch's thickness is 9mm. Timex T2P142 is perfect for men with small, medium hand sizes. Model T2P142 Timex is a product line powered by a Quartz movement with very high durability and precision.

The watch case is made of a shiny stainless steel material that always creates a unique appeal. The watch strap is made of a very durable umbrella and is exceptionally waterproof.

The good scratch-resistant Mineral Crystal adds value to this Timex watch. The water-resistance of T2P142 is 30M for you to comfortably contact water, wash your hands, and go swimming.


  • Timex T2P142 is perfect for men with small, medium hand sizes
  • High durability and precision


  • Poor water-resistance

Timex T2N647

Timex T2N647 black watch model striking and attractive with fancy design, suitable for both men and women. The very stylish and stylish black watch strap complements the modern and full personality of the owner.

Like other Timex military watches, this 2019 T2N647 Timex is made of a super durable umbrella, giving every guy a more youthful and dynamic feel. The face of the eye face is designed with two dials to make a complete difference to this standard design.

The watch glass material is mineral glass with excellent scratch resistance, scratch resistance, and impact resistance. The watch is also equipped with water resistance up to 30M to swim or stand in the rain comfortably.


  • Suitable design for both men and women
  • The watch glass material is mineral glass with excellent scratch resistance, scratch resistance, and impact resistance


  • Not at all

Timex Rugged Metal

The Timex Weekender T2N754KW military watch is the best luxury beater watch which has a very stylish and sporty look for men. This Timex men's watch face comprises a mineral glass material with good scratch resistance with sharp hour dials and an obvious layout.

T2N754KW has an integrated date display function, and the Indiglo backlight also makes it easier to see the time in the dark.
The watch strap is made from a unique leather strap with a distinctive gray-green stripe that looks quite fancy.

The fastener is fitted very firmly so that you can easily adjust to the bracelet that best suits you. Besides, Timex T2N754 also has a Tachymeter function to help measure velocity effectively and with fantastic accuracy.


  • A sporty look for men
  • Unique leather strap design


  • The strap is comfortable to break

Citizen AN3600-59E

If you are pursuing this style, you cannot ignore this watch. The case and band of the watch are made of titanium.

Not only is it lighter and more comfortable to wear than other materials, but titanium also feels luxurious and intensely personal when combined with all types of clothing. Elegant and essential to bring masculine beauty, the price of this watch is no joke.

The company was designed with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, strong as planned, so the durability is second only to diamond. Can withstand water pressure up to 5ATM, stable performance in any form.


  • Lighter and more comfortable to wear than other materials
  • The scratch-resistant feature is included


  • Not at all

Citizen Eco-drive AW1350-59E

The unique color blend of white and black will help you stand out like never before when you put this watch in your hand. The watch is designed in 316L stainless steel, is not easy to scratch, and makes operation light and comfortable.

With a face diameter of 40mm, 10mm thickness is suitable for sports lovers because of its compactness and portability. Water-resistance, like other watches, is 10 ATM with stable and reliable Eco-Drive movement. A unique design from the company, but the price is also very affordable that many people love.


  • Not easy to scratch and makes operation light and comfortable


  • Not at all

Buyer Guides For Buying Best Beater Watch

Sometimes the distance between like and fit is quite a long distance, but on your budget, beater watches are a great solution because of their affordable price and excellent quality. Below, I will introduce you to a few tips to choose the best beater watch that suits you.

What Is The Purpose Of Buying Watches?

Best Beater Watch

Depending on where you go, who you meet, or simply show your personality, you should choose a watch that suits you.

1. If you are a person who often has to meet your partner, always wearing shiny suits or flat shirts, a classic but straightforward round face watch combined with masculine iron wire is a thing. It will prove you are strong, assertive, and old. If you are a bit older, you can choose yellow. Young people can choose white or blush with fashionable, youthful leather straps. It looks quite classy and elegant.

2. If you are a sports lover, active, used for hanging out or meeting friends, the watch with a leather strap or rubber strap with many details is not a bad choice. These watches are very resistant to impact and water-resistant and very useful with many support features such as sports timer function, night glow, and spoiled for expressing your personality.

3. If you are a simple, polite type to buy a watch simply to check the time, making it convenient to go on the road, you can look for simple leather straps or iron watches models such as lines Tissot or Longines or even new Casio MTPs - looks very polite as well. The price is also quite reasonable.

Best Beater Watch

Understand The Watch Prices Of Genuine Watch Brands

The famous and popular brands of genuine watches are often mentioned as Rolex, Omega, Tissot, Longines, Ogival, or Seiko. You cannot buy a real Rolex for less than $ 1000. Or the price of genuine Tissot watches also falls between $ 100 - $ 500. Besides, the cost of authentic watches can never be reduced by more than 10-20%. That is why any watch shop that advertises: Tissot watches with a 40-50% discount with a fullbox is a scam. Knowing a little about watch brands, watch shops will unjustly hook you.

How Much Can You Pay For A Watch?

Best Beater Watch

Sometimes the gap between like and fit is quite a distance, and if your budget is limited, you should also know how to choose watches that are suitable for your account and beautiful. Here I do not mention watches that cost a few hundred million, because if they can buy watches up to a few hundred million, they would like to buy anything. What I want to mention is that the beater watches are genuinely affordable. I will classify them according to each specific price for everyone to follow and evaluate.

1. Below $ 100: At this price, the buyer needs the lowest price but good quality. Buying a watch is simply to check the time. With the above budget, you can look for watches Casio BEM - MTP, Fossil, or fashion watches like Timex, D & G ...

2. $ 100- $ 500: With a budget like this, you can choose pretty and quality watches. Brands include Seiko (International models), Citizen, Orient - If you want timepieces that are a little more polite and mature, Casio Edifice, Swatch, Wenger, Luminox - with younger models equally polite.

3. More than $ 500: This is the segment where players are interested in watches, and with this segment, you have a lot of choices without choosing a beater watch anymore.

Check Out Basic Watch Features Before Buying

Best Beater Watch

The basic features to remember when buying a watch are:

1. Getting the calendar includes day, day, and month (Watches have different calendars, where to use knobs, where to use needles, and turn the hour hand( Not the same).

2. How to get standard time (morning or afternoon), usually have to get the calendar before taking the time.

3. How to use the sports chronograph function.

4. Some watches also have a function to get hands-on day and night (of NEOS), or as international time (with coordinates like Rolex's on the outer rim….).

5. So if you forget how to adjust the above, go back to the seller's website or keep the phone number to contact immediately if necessary.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Beater Watch

Buying the best beater watch that meets your needs is not too difficult. There are many things about the best beater watch for you to learn; however, they will be a little tricky and become a bit of a challenge for you the first time around.

If you want to know a little more information about the different choices, you can consult the five best beater watch, in my opinion. You can go back to our list of the best beater watch and discover the one that suits your favorites.

And one last thing before I finish:

I hope this guide has helped you feel easier in choosing the best beater watch. If you would like to comment or request more information, please use my contact form to get in touch.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best Beater Watch at the comment box below!

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