Check Out Top 15 Best Benchtop Belt Sander Reviews And Buying Guide In 2020

Are you looking for the best benchtop belt sander but don’t know which one is suitable for your needs? To get the best one, you should consider 15 excellent benchtop belt sander reviews and a buying guide from agernrestaurant

Benchtop belt sanders permit you to finish the employment rapidly and all the more precisely with less exertion. Seat belt sanders help you to apply great completion to woodwork ventures. They are reasonable for little items, which require fastidious consideration. These machines are likewise useful for honing sharp edges. 

Contrasted with handheld machines, benchtop belt sanders permit more noteworthy manual expertise. You can utilize both your hands to handle workpieces while utilizing benchtop belt sanders. Benchtop machines, consequently, permit substantially more exactness and control than handheld machines.

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best benchtop belt sander
best benchtop belt sander
best benchtop belt sander
best benchtop belt sander

Best For Horsepower Motor

Best For Carving, Drum Sanding, Deburring, and more

Best For Sharpening Or Smoothing Metal, Wood Or Plastic

Best For Small And Large Sanding On Various Materials

Best For Direct-Drive Motor

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Top Best Benchtop Belt Sander Reviews 2020

RIKON 50-120

RIKON 50-120 is our first best benchtop belt sander that lifts and can be situated to work at any point. The enormous cast-iron turn-out table for the circle sander can be repositioned up to 45 degrees making it a very flexible apparatus. 

With a drive motor, this machine is ground-breaking enough to handle practically any sanding position. The plate sander on this benchtop belt sander gives you a ton of surface territory to work with. It's a robust and hefty belt plate sander with a long term guarantee. 

This best benchtop belt sander is best for a DIYer or a woodworker who doesn't exactly do mechanical or business occupations however who is routinely doing ventures that require a belt or plate sander. 

There aren't many grumblings about this machine. The most well-known things that have come up routinely are the free screws referenced before and the way that this machine can be uproarious and vibrate a ton.


  • High-quality form 
  • Works vertically
  • Fast delivery belt pressure switch 
  • Hardcore cast iron base for soundness 
  • Essentially bigger plate sander than different machines 


  • Expensive
  • You should check the ineffectively fixed screws before utilizing
  • Confounded gathering

JET Tools J-4002

JET J-4002 is an excellent benchtop belt sander that its belt is set vertically so that, with the utilization of appropriate frill, it can serve as a saw. The protections or platen of the connected haggle are removable to make smooth inward and external bends a lot simpler. 

The working table can be turned surrendered and can be halted all things considered usually utilized points. Yet, turning the table can be furious, as it is somewhat close on the off chance that you utilize the connected handle. 

This best benchtop belt sander works smooth, vibration, and clamor free. Additionally, it is made tough with cast iron to give it a smooth look on this worn-out material. Residue assortment is most adequately done in this machine.

This J-4002 is one of the most costly sanders on this list. All things considered, on the off chance that you are utilizing it expertly, at that point the additional hundred bucks aren't anything contrasted with its ease of use. 


  • Can be utilized as a jigsaw
  • Reasonable for cleaning sporadic pieces
  • Exact and proficient activity without fail 


  • Weighty
  • Costly

Kalamazoo 1SM

Our next best benchtop belt sander is this Kalamazoo 1SM which is certainly not a 2-in-1 sander since it just features a sanding belt. Its engine can convey 1/3 HP, which is sufficient for little to medium ventures. 

This belt is thin and extraordinarily intended to consummate little subtleties on a little wood piece. We energetically suggest it for complex obligations that expect tender loving care. Besides, this belt is sufficiently strong to hone a little blade without inconvenience. 

This Kalamazoo belt sander is likewise simple to change. You simply need to slacken a screw to deliver the spring stacked system that extends it. The cycle takes a few minutes if you utilize a drill with a screwdriver tip. Furthermore, the following belt framework keeps its belt in the correct spot. 

This is a strip sander for straightforward obligations. It would be helpful for beginners since it's quite simple to utilize. Likewise, there aren't numerous catches and switches to deal with making it an easy decision at the hour of figuring out how to utilize it. 

However, this benchtop belt sander is very weighty but it is steady and calm. It isn't the most versatile model you can discover available. The security forestalls little developments that can demolish the completion of the piece. 


  • Exact and high-quality structure
  • Simple to utilize
  • Simple to set up
  • Steady and calm


  • Doesn't feature a sanding plate
  • Residue ports excluded

Porter-Cable PCB420SA

Porter-Cable PCB420SA is another best benchtop belt sander that is abundant ground-breaking. It includes a pick iron base that diminishes vibrations, guaranteeing that no wobbles interfere with your craftsmanship. 

In case you are sharpening edges, by then this PCB420SA might be what you need. If you are working with tinier or progressively touchy edges, by then you will need to pick a belt processor that utilizes a more modest belt for logically precise work. 

This belt processor accompanies a buildup sack, which implies you can change to working with wood that you expected to. It is furthermore greater than anticipated among the belt processors on this overview concerning the straightforwardness of changing it.


  • Simple to change
  • Included residue pack


  • Loose belt

WEN 6524

WEN 6524 is another best benchtop belt sander on our list that is a combo of belt and shaft sander that will let you sand straight surfaces just as an assortment of circular segments, bends and forms, and other peculiarly molded workpieces. 

Even though it accompanies a reduced size, this sander features an amazing engine, a lot of extras, and durable, great quality form. All pieces and weaves can be put away on the apparatus. 

The transformation from the belt to shaft design and back again is straightforward and generally brisk. Simple belt change, strain, and track settings work with this apparatus considerably more lovely.


  • Small size
  • A simple change from drum to belt arrangement
  • Great residue assortment
  • Decreased vibrations 


  • Plastic body 
  • Pretty loud
  • You can't turn the wavering off

Rockwell RK7866

Another best benchtop belt sander is this Rockwell RK7866. Be that as it may, it accompanies a long guarantee. Indeed, even the cost is nearly the equivalent. Its belt strain changing system appeared to be truly novel to me, as it lets you control the pressure over the belt. 

This Rockwell sander comes equipped with cast iron. The engine is ground-breaking, to manage its responsibility immaculately. It works so easily, you can't tell the engine is on except if you begin sanding with it. 

One special feature of this Rockwell sander is that it is covered by a long guarantee alternative. The main mentionable thing is, it doesn't accompany a residue sack. It isn’t considered as a con of this incredible item, however, it well may be comprehended effectively. 


  • Calm engine
  • Change the belt easily
  • Safe switch
  • Heavy-duty induction motor


  • The residue sack is excluded

RIKON 50-112

Rikon 50-112 is our next best benchtop belt sander that is decently valued for you to consider. This seat sander is customizable that features a little fixed work table and the plate doesn't distend about it. The body is solid metal and steel for security and vibration is negligible. 

The strength motor provides enough capacity to do most interest and light shop occupations, however, hefty positions could impede the engine and cause the sanders to freeze up. On the off chance that you stick to utilizing it for light, little work, it won't allow you to down. 

This model costs much, not exactly our best pick, and just somewhat more than the others. Clients are commonly satisfied with its exhibition as long as it's utilized for light positions. With this sander, you will have a ton of execution and a long term guarantee at a sensible cost.


  • An incredible incentive for the quality
  • The plate doesn't stand up over the belt
  • The belt is simply changeable
  • Cast iron and steel body for dependability
  • Insignificant vibration 


  • Hinders somewhat with heavier positions
  • Guidance booklet indistinct

Grizzly Industrial H6070

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Grizzly Industrial H6070 is another perfect benchtop belt sander for little scope ventures. At the point when accuracy is an absolute necessity, this Crizzly model is a decent decision. 

It is modest, lightweight, pre-collected, and comes with different belts and plates accessible on market. In any case, it features impediments as the engine is less ground-breaking, the whole sander is efficiently made, the tables and miter measure isn't helpful to sand bent 

This Grizzly is one of the lightest sanders in this rundown that means you can convey it to various working environments or ventures or from your carport to outside. This machine shows up preassembled and is efficient for a learner.

Eliminating rust with this sander is a breeze. All the rust buildup winds up inside the residue ports, keeping your work territory clean consistently. The two worktables before the plate and the belt are movable. You can shift the slope to get wonderful inclines and bent fringes. 

On the off chance that you don't have the opportunity to squander, this H6070 is a simple arrangement sander. The speedy delivery instrument encourages you to change this belt in almost no time. 

When you enact the component, the rollers move to relax the belt. The best part is that you needn't bother with apparatuses during the change. This belt sander is thin and can access complicated pieces of wooden pieces. The metal base improves exactness, forestalling vibration. 

As a rule, any individual can utilize this sander. It's extraordinary for new learners since it's simple to arrange and the directions are straightforward. It's useful for specialists since it provides a high accuracy level to complex activities.


  • Incredible engine
  • Lightweight
  • Stable and strong
  • Simple to arrangement
  • Flexible 


  • The sanding plate may stall out during substitution measure 
  • Some moving parts are plastic

WEN 6510T

WEN 6510T is ideal to eliminate blemishes on wooden loads up in a brief timeframe. The drums and the plates are simple to change. Hence, it's incredible for complex positions, where the client needs to sand distinctive wooden pieces in a brief timeframe. 

With this best benchtop belt sander, there's no danger of stuck fingers between the belt and the gatekeeper. If you don't feel good working with a belt sander, you certainly need to attempt this. The drum leaves a smooth surface on the wooden piece shortly. 

When your occupation requires additional accuracy, you can utilize the slimmest drum to sand bent pieces. You don't have to apply a lot of weight as the pivot speed is excessively high. Moreover, the engine is peaceful and doesn't need successive upkeep. 

This 6510T benchtop belt sander features a thick outer case to oppose high effects. Along these lines, you can be certain this sander won't serve on the off chance that it inadvertently falls off your seat. 

What makes this machine unique is its lightweight and little size making it perfect for woodworkers working in their carports. You can undoubtedly ship it starting with one spot then onto the next absent a lot of exertion. 


  • Inherent adornment holder
  • Amazing engine
  • Calm and safe
  • Minimal
  • Simple to store 


  • Some moving parts are plastic
  • Not suitable for hefty obligations

WEN 6502T

WEN 6502T sander is suggested for apprentices, somebody who needs a space-sparing yet durable one to complete a fair measure of sanding. The limit of its engine is fairly restricted to be utilized vigorously, so I don't suggest it for proficient use on a consistent schedule. 

This best benchtop belt sander accompanies all you require to begin utilizing it immediately. It features a roomy sloping work table with the circle sander and the belt sander can be situated vertically for the greatest convenience. Belt changing is additionally a breeze, a valuable element for each individual who needs successive belt changing to finish one venture. 

This belt included with this sander is appropriate for finishing woody material and it is without commotion for that reason. With an alternate belt, you can sand metal too, yet the activity can be truly loud around then. 

This WEN model is reasonable, thus, even a novice and DIYer can have the delight of utilizing a quality sander for their absolute first applications. 


  • Durable base
  • Reasonable cost
  • Simple belt and plate change 


  • Little security monitor

Rikon Power Tools 50-151

Rikon Power Tools 50-151 is another excellent benchtop belt sander that makes you feel the cleaning cycle simpler by eliminating the vast majority of the sawdust. 

Supplanting the belt is tedious work, but to do this, you have to eliminate the stage and a few screws. Then again, eliminating the plate is a lot simpler. You simply need to strip off the old sandpaper and stick the upgraded one. 

The immediate drive engine moves all capacity to the plate and the belt. Furthermore, it lessens the upkeep recurrence as there are fewer pinion wheels. The solid iron base helps keep this machine set up. Also, the elastic covered feet on the base hose vibration. 

This best benchtop belt sander doesn't feature the most impressive motor of all. In any case, it provides enough capacity to sand large wooden pieces. The work tables are sufficiently huge to provide agreeable help. They're made of aluminum, being more impervious to rust. 

Most importantly, you will adore this sander due to its low weight. This sander is probably the lightest option that implies that you can undoubtedly convey it without a lot of exertion. It features a little impression, leaving more space on your work table.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to utilize
  • Tough and safe
  • Smooth, calm, and modest


  • Quite difficult to set up
  • The miter measure may wobble


POWERTEC BD4600 is another best benchtop belt sander that is a minimal sander, ideal for little to medium activities. The arrangement cycle is a breeze, on account of the brisk delivery instrument. 

By turning a switch, you can without much of a stretch fix or slacken the sanding belt whenever the timing is ideal. Clients with minimal available time will enormously like this significant component. 

The base is thick and made of cast iron that forestalls undesirable development and vibration. Shockingly, the motor isn't the calmest of all. This belt sander also features movable worktables. 

One special feature of this BD4600 sander is its residue authority sack. This pack highlights considerably more space than ordinary implicit residue holders that implies you won't need to discharge the sawdust authority so oftentimes. Hence, more opportunity for carpentry and less an ideal opportunity for cleaning and support. 


  • Solid and safe
  • Low vibration
  • Simple to utilize
  • Incredible engine 


  • Excessively uproarious
  • Quite difficult to set up

WEN 6515

WEN 6515 is an excellent benchtop belt sander that utilizes a vertical-movement belt that isn't perfect for huge pieces as it isn’t wide enough. Be that as it may, it's ideal for amending little deformities in the wood. 

This best benchtop belt sander incorporates a plate sander also. Before the plate, there's a worktable that you can tilt to accommodation. Similarly, its miter measure causes you to change the even point of the wooden piece. 

This component is valuable for inclining hardwood sheets and making wooden moldings. On the off chance that you have wooden floors or work as a temporary worker, you'll discover this instrument valuable. It also features two residue ports to suck up more wood flotsam and jetsam. 

One more outstanding feature of this sander is its principal motivation. It doesn't occupy an excess of room and doesn't burn through a lot of energy. What's more, its solid steel base ensures the greatest steadiness and assimilates vibration. 


  • Lightweight
  • Amazing engine
  • Stable
  • Sturdy and safe 


  • Smaller plate and belt
  • Not suitable for sanding enormous wood pieces

Ridgid Benchtop Belt Sander

Ridgid Benchtop Belt Sander features a belt that can be utilized as a rotational and wavering sander. There is no plate appended to it, so one belt is sufficient to fill all needs. While different sanders can tilt the stir table up to 45 degrees, this one can tilt up to 48 degrees, with stops at five positions. 

One more interesting element about this sander is its stockpiling framework. This benchtop belt sander is smaller for what it's worth. On the off chance that you need to pack it, you can eliminate all the connections and can put it conveniently inside it for capacity. 

This sander vibrates a bit, however putting a tangle underneath limits it by and large that the workpieces won't be influenced by it. It is also expensive, however, it fills an alternate need. Along these lines, the cost is justified, despite any trouble.


  • Underlying storeroom
  • Metal roller development
  • Wavering and turning movement
  • On-board adornment stockpiling


  • Vibrates
  • Residue assortment is inadequate


This Bucktool BD4801 is a standout amongst other benchtop sanders available at the semi-proficient level. It's the main sander on this rundown with an immediate drive engine, which implies upkeep free use and a more modest possibility it would back off during sanding. 

This best benchtop belt sander is the most impressive one included in this examination. It provides a lot of intensity and the body is made out of casting aluminum, making it a strong and weighty instrument that is less inclined to vibrations. 

The residue ports permit you to connect it to a residue gatherer without dust activity. It likewise accompanies two tables, one for the sanding belt and one for the plate. A miter check is additionally included and can be utilized on the two tables for point sanding. 

The immediate drive engine implies there is no requirement for changing the driving belt and no issues with pulleys being lopsided. This benchtop belt sander features a lot of belt speed on account of this immediate drive arrangement. 

This belt sander is very much made with a decent measure of cast aluminum, and indeed, there are plastic parts in spots, yet that is normal. Simple to set up with the straightforward arrangement of parts just as amazing and smooth inactivity. 

The residue ports take into account snaring a shop vac or residue extractor, making practically a residue-free activity. The producer suggests the hose arrangement rather than two hoses or changing starting with one port then onto the next. 

This sander features a truly pleasant, solid that causes the belt to sit excessively close and level to the plate. The table on the circle is greater than the one on the belt. It's cast aluminum and squares effectively, and what's more significant holds square during sander activity. 

This is an extraordinary quality device, however, there are a couple of downsides I'd prefer to refer to. However, the hose is difficult to fit the belt part in an even position. The port source is pointing downwards making it a touch of additional testing to associate. 

Another minor protest is tied in with changing the sanding belt. It isn't troublesome however requires some investment, and the residue watch should be taken off, and the supporting leg is eliminated to change the belt. 

The last little grievance was that the handle for the following is somewhat abnormal to utilize. As it's covered up in the belt sander arm, it very well may be hard to turn, particularly if you have greater fingers.


  • Smooth and calm
  • Incredible direct-drive engine
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Hefty steel cover for the circle sander
  • Simple belt following and tensioning 


  • Abnormal belt sander dust port point in a flat position 
  • Hard to utilize the handle
  • Changing the sanding belt requires eliminating a few sections

Things To Consider To Get The Best Benchtop Belt Sander

Engine Force

The standard engine on a benchtop belt sander ranges somewhere from one to six amps. For normal DIY folks and ladies out there, an engine of around four amps gives enough capacity to your requirements. 

On the off chance that you're searching for more force for greater activities, at that point take a stab at finding a 6-amp benchtop belt sander. An all the more impressive engine for the most part implies faster, more successful sanding.

best benchtop belt sander


With regards to sanding, you will need to locate a rapid device. Be that as it may, you should be careful about the weight you're applying to the machine with your workpiece because you may coincidentally wind up eliminating more than you'd initially arranged. 

best benchtop belt sander

For the best outcomes, a variable speed choice would be ideal, permitting changing the belt and circle sanders' speed to coordinate your undertaking. Nonetheless, the mid-value range models typically just have a solitary speed for the belt and one for the circle. So on the off chance that you require a variable speed, you'd need to put resources into a more expert model. 

The higher the number, the quicker the belt sander is the more material it eliminates. Anything beneath 1500FPM is excessively delayed for this sort of work. Concerning the circle sanders, the speed is estimated in RPM. More slow speeds are best for carpentry, particularly with greater breadth. 

Likewise, with regards to circle sanders, the speed changes relying upon the good ways from the plate community. The speed is higher and the completion smoother when you're standing nearer to the circle's edge, and it's increasingly slower, a more unpleasant completion when you're nearer to the plate's middle. 


The size of the belt is another important feature that you have to consider carefully. To start with, a longer belt features a more drawn-out life expectancy so you won't have to buy substitution belts as often. 

best benchtop belt sander

Second, more extensive belts permit administrators to sand enormous workpieces with insignificant development and moving. You don't need something so little that you can hazard sanding endlessly as you diversion your workpiece. 

The decent size should be around three inches wide, however, you shouldn’t hesitate to discover something greater or more modest relying upon what you're generally alright with utilizing. 

Weight and Development 

best benchtop belt sander

You should also consider the weight and development of the belt sander. Though this apparatus is versatile, you truly shouldn't consider buying a machine that comes with 35 pounds. 

The perfect belt sanders are normally produced using steel or cast iron. These strong materials add truly necessary load to the device to hold vibrations in line. On the off chance that the apparatus is produced using plastic or aluminum, we suggest discovering something different.


When purchasing a benchtop belt sander, ensure it has a lot of intensity for your arranged assignments. The plate and belt shouldn't slow much during sanding. 

best benchtop belt sander

On the off chance that you need to perform hardcore occupations on a greater scale, we suggest putting resources into an all the more incredible asset. 

There are two different ways the engine can be driven, first by a bunch of pulleys and a belt. Also, the second by direct drive. 

The two of them have advantages and disadvantages, yet by and large, the immediate drive type is more effective and less inclined to back off. Notwithstanding, this kind of engine is more troublesome and costly to fix or supplant. 

The belt-driven engine has a belt that can slip and pulleys that can leave arrangement. This can burn-through the required force. 

So two apparatuses with similar engine power however various ways the engine is driven will contrast in the force yield. 

Compelling Residue Assortment

With regards to sanding, you need to downplay the sand dust. Nobody loves the muddled workshop, and you would prefer not to take in the residue particles suspended noticeable all around. All benchtop sanders have a type of residue assortment framework.

best benchtop belt sander

A few models will have just one port for both plate and belt, some will have separate sources, and some will have extra shoot entryways too. 

In the two ports arrangement, you can either utilize two hoses or move one hose starting with one port then onto the next. This can be a torment as in some cases the ports are of various sizes and moving the hose itself isn't exceptionally advantageous. 

For this situation, one port arrangement may be a decent alternative here: one hose in addition to one size source. In one or the other case, except if there are shoot entryways to close off the unused sander/other port, the pull can be less viable. 

If you don't have a shop vac or residue gatherer, consider models with a locally available residue assortment framework.


All benchtop sanders accompany at any rate one table. Some of them accompany two separate ones-one for the plate and one for the belt sander. Sometimes, you can move the table from one sander to the next, however, that isn't suggested. 

best benchtop belt sander

Generally since, supposing that you're changing its area, the tightens that hold its spot can wear off, prompting the table to not keep level. And afterward, you need to ensure again that the table is square to the sanding surface. 

Mid-range models have trunnions or rotate arms made out of cast iron or aluminum alloy and stepped steel. Huge tables give better help for the sanded piece, and cast iron/aluminum tables are best as they hose vibrations. 

The majority of the sander models accompany tables that additionally have a sufficient miter check. Ensure the miter check space is a standard size simply on the off chance that you would need to move up to a superior quality miter measure later on.

Simple Belt Arm Situating

best benchtop belt sander

Changing the arm rotation should be simple and will permit you to sand at any point. A portion of the models have a part collar instrument and utilizing an Allen wrench, you can change the positions rapidly. Others can have a double ring instrument that locks with a few jolts, which are regularly difficult to reach. 

Change And Adjustment 

best benchtop belt sander

Changing belts should be simple and fast, particularly on the off chance that you have to experience the networks consistently. 

The greater part of the models utilizes a tensioning switch to fix the belt. This ought to have a solid spring that will take into consideration appropriate belt strain. 

Changing the following is generally finished with a turn of a handle found on the belt sander arm, and it takes into consideration situating the belt midway on the platen. 

At times, you need to eliminate a few sections to get to the belt and have the option to transform it, so remember that on the off chance that you have to transform it as often as possible

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Benchtop Belt Sander


BEST FOR Small And Large Sanding On Various Materials 
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