Furniture Making Has Never Been Easier With Our Top 11 Best Benchtop Jointer 2020

The best benchtop jointer provides a lightweight as well as versatile approach to straighten imperfect woods. Because of that, whenever you begin building, they will have to be completely straightened.

You are looking for a suitable benchtop jointer currently available on the marketplace, so that let us support you in discovering the best benchtop jointer for your demand. We've been collecting and evaluating the top 11 best ones for you to get started right now. You are able to read our purchasing guidance for benchtop jointers below.

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Top Best Benchtop Jointer Reviews 2020

Jet 708476 Model Jjp-12hh Jointer

This Jet benchtop jointer had already received multiple awards due to its incredible response to its cutting tool function. This has fully editable coated carbide, which also makes it possible to organize high-quality final goods in one's workbench as well as operate massively softly. Since this contains a four-sided shape architecture, the cutting tool is managed to keep truly tight to the bench, offering an ideal surface as well as making your task extra accurate.

Showcasing a lengthy, adjustable barricade made of soft stainless steel could be infinitely adjustable due to the oriented control mechanisms.  It's simple to accomplish whenever it falls to moving in both two separated main tasks since the wide boundary doesn't seem to be replaced or relocated whatsoever. When the cross-cut plant is 501 kilograms in weight, the energy management is not moved while in place. But you are able to exchange the 7 feet charging cable where this might be necessary.

Driven by 222 volts, the energy management will get attached to its electrical equipment. Owing to its robust engine, it has a maximum frequency of 5,400 rpm and can break across all of its heaviest of any panels. Along with such a six-year consumer guarantee, the benchtop jointers are covered for weak artisans or element flaws. For such a lengthy assurance, this somehow shows that the device seems to be a top-notch, time-proof item.


  • Exclusive cutting tool in the coil pattern
  • 222 volts driven
  • 5,400 rpm maximum performance


  • Pieces might get rusty

Powermatic 1610082 Pj-882hh Jointer

Powermatic 1610082 is designed as around 7-8 inches of cutting jointer in a coil shape. This is almost similar to another Powermatic PJ882 that simply requires regular strained knives.

The basic design, the PJ882 itself has three standardized blades, and furthermore lacks the speedy functionality seen on certain affordable Powermatic benchtop jointers. It allows the PJ-882HH tubular top to be a significant improvement. The tubular point blades are smoother, operate further, more straightforward to repair, as being ideally suited to complicated plant designs.

Powermatic even provides affordable 7-8 inches of joints with quite an intertwined frame, instead of the triangular prism structure used on another version named PJ-882HH. Triangular prism table benchtop jointers find things simple to adjust the position of a desk as well as being fewer resistant to dropping or breaking.

In comparison, Powermatic's triangular prism benchtop jointer often has broader desks as well as a more comprehensive or heavier frame, allowing jointers simpler to modify other than additional wedge-bed equipment.


  • Large panels
  • A thick and strong foundation allows the foundation to be mighty,
  • Tubular slicers of the head (less noisy and long-termed)
  • The triangular prism framework provides an easy way to adjust heights
  • Robust border including a gear mechanism to established dimensions precisely


  • Rabbeting ridge won't be applied with tubular top cutters
  • Restricted range of size

Jet Jjp-12 Jointer Planer

This kind of Jet product with the device code (708475), another best benchtop jointer from Jet brand, helps you crop bits of wood off to a standard diameter to connect planks of wood. Thereby make them flux and flat on the sides. As more of a rotating electric motor weighs 510 pounds, it's hard to transfer when put in the right position.  However, the 9-inch charger allows you to position the energy device just where individuals would like the machine to be inside the workspace.

The edge benchtop jointers have quite robust 3-4 horsepower engines, which will be capable of handling also the heaviest or toughest bits of material.  This includes a formulated accordingly, which can work at a tremendous velocity, as well as the three stainless steel blades are better sharp, which will be enough to slice off all the sides of the wooden board. Since they're so reliable, they can endure whatever work they're doing as well as lasting for an extended period. Nevertheless, if you have any trouble with devices, you are bound by a five years company guarantee.

The energy equipment has a large aluminum barrier that helps you hold every one of the panels you operate on balanced, leading to more accurate performance. Owing to the flexibility of the benchtop jointer combo unit's machine configuration, you may efficiently and switch between the energy implement multiple dual positions. Since it's constructed of velocity aluminum, this is very robust and very powerful. It implies that though it is used daily, it can endure a number of years and, therefore, does not dissolve.


  • 3-4 horsepower engines
  • Around 510 pounds of weight
  • Large stainless steel fence


  • Able to get out of sync

Powermatic 1610086K Model Jointer 

Whether you're searching for a strong and extremely durable benchtop jointer on the marketplace, seek out another Powermatic machine with device code (1610086K). The eight inches of carbide knives in the coil pattern will help you handle the wooden tasks easily.

It is driven via three horsepower, a singular engine running on 241 volts, and a 74-inch huge table offering excellent service.

The gear reduction mechanism lets you turn the barrier, whereas the caster wheel table trigger, as well as the spinning stick, enable you to create tremendous changes to the width of its slice.

However, the real highlight of this device will be the tubular cutting equipment, including additional four knives on the sides. You will be compelled immediately to stop operating to sharpen that rusty knife. It requires to spin it 90degrees to get connected to another single, straight blade.

We really like the stopping and starting button, which is placed for quick access, as well as the rigid foundation of the press frames, which you are able to store on every sheet of steel for immediate entry. Yes, of course, you're going to be paying for most of these characteristics. However, without any suspects, whether you're a passionate beginner, this kind of benchtop jointer would be worth buying.


  • Most remarkable changes to the width of the slice
  • Turn on/off, installed for quick access
  • Tubular blade head including 4-sided blade attachments
  • May not shut down to sharpen the rusty knife


  • Really costly because you need to charge for most of these functions.

Powermatic 4hh Jointer (1791317K) 

Next will be another benchtop jointer from Powermatic company with the device code 1791317K, which has consistent findings coming from a similar manufacturer as the previous product in this list. It is carried out in one horsepower engine, which provides a 116 volts charger. However, it may be adapted to larger volt configurations.

A tubular cutter including 41 four-sided carbon steel blade extensions can enable you to complete your lumbar flattening activities easily and precisely.

Accuracy is often assured by the precise adaptation mechanism placed on the supply board. We appreciate numerous different characteristics: the spinning fencing or flexible breaks, and the core switches.

It might be a little loud, as well as it might become a bit complicated to create a knife cover arrangement. Still, beyond such minor inconveniences, the unit serves as a perfect option for one of the best value benchtop jointers if you would like a tubular blade or do not need to care about the cost.


  • Complete the wooden straightening projects efficiently and precisely.
  • Configurable pause
  • Monitors are located in the center


  • Maybe a little loud
  • Might be a little bit difficult to create knife cover changes

Powermatic 1791279dxk 54A Deluxe 6-Inch Jointer 

Since you're an accomplished furniture maker as well as you like to do a bunch of tasks, along with closets or more oversized wood objects (beds, chairs, and so on), this may be one of the best benchtop jointers for sure. This is a vast benchtop jointer built to endure the harshest works, which may use the most tenacious material you might draw a picture. The foundation board comprises 100 percent stainless steel for more durability, spanning around 14-20 inches. This has a single-horsepower, one-phase, 116-volt engine, which has already been checked in production houses and planned some scenarios which may happen in reality to assure this machine has enough strength for every form of operation.

The speedy blade mechanism guarantees a clean as well as precise slice every moment you launch the benchtop jointer, as well as continue to cut via the material. Precision land fencing is constructed of carbon steel sections to provide structural rigidity as well as a defense throughout the slicing operation, capable of moving vast quantities of timber or maple organisms without any difficulties.


  • The push-button shift can be locked
  • Simple to understand the measure
  • Every blade is composed of strong, solid aluminum.
  • Quick and a fast download with a tutorial.


  • It is perhaps a large device so that a pair of hands would be needed to transfer or establish this benchtop jointer. 
  • Few buyers indicated that some screws from this machine for installation were not made from the best standard. However, it could be replaced with more fantastic screws.

Ridgid Jp0610 Best Benchtop Jointer 

Generally, if you would like to set the pace out using a panel from both sections, you'll choose to utilize a benchtop jointer as well as a machine towards one edge until everything is perfectly flat. So you'll carry a panel to a dense board to slide the other edge. If you're doing it, you might eventually wind up against a panel having three perfectly pointy bits from both edges. However, one surface will never be collateral to the other one.

This kind of benchtop jointer isn't just a version for beginners. It has a number of other narrower jobs which you would need for a considerable amount of cheaper payments, as well as this is not such a luxury commercial design either.

This starts with a single horsepower engine. This is connected to 119 or 122 watts, as well as you may even rearrange to 241 volts. The knives measure 7 and 9 inches, as well as the benchtop jointer utilizes four of these and then make 10351 cuts every second. It works anywhere near the bottom of the medium ground with a cumulative width of 46 inches much like decent beds including broad infeed as well as outfeed level tableland with bluff fringes.


  • A superb suction work.
  • There are outstanding directions.
  • The knives should be re-sharpened, the knives adjust, and economically this is a beneficial move.


  • It's not entirely acceptable, since several of some powder find their move out as well as around the lower part of the machine.
  • There is a widely accessible space on the base of the dirt chute.
  • This kind of benchtop jointer is not assembled

Grizzly Industrial G0725-6 Benchtop Jointer 

Grizzly company is recognized for its solid and reliable production, as well as this is quite apparent in its G0725 benchtop joint. This is manufactured of natural metal as well as this rests like that no matter whatever kind of material and frequency you are going to operate. The hedge framework rests quite comfortably and may be changed to balance somewhat quickly when slipping happens, that is ideal for anyone to test out a wide variety of woods to determine whether they match.

Both large as well as small furniture items are being quickly rolled into this benchtop jointer, then straightened out so that you may have the capability to fit a little more material underneath the knives than most of several other devices currently on the post. But the benchtop jointer often appears to be compact or portable into some kind of lightweight workspace room and seems to be fully functional.

The stainless steel tables, as well as hedge, are connected towards this unit, which ensures that the consistency of your competitively priced requirements is assured. You will be able to alter the level to reach an infeed board whenever you want to modify this as well as the corresponding screws perform well enough to keep the item next to each other regardless of the position at which you like this to function. The slices are considered to have been destination as well as smooth enough for it to create very little traces and stains upon this material you are dealing with.

The is a good engine within it and a wind that blows dirt in the correct direction.  Thinking of the machine also provides a cleaning solution installed in, enabling users to conveniently integrate a full junction scheme across your workspace by simply installing this machine anywhere you want to bring it along with.


  • The input and output boards are constructed of accurate aluminum for complex applications.
  • The hedge may be angled to 136 degrees.
  • The foundation is really strong and secure.
  • This is accessible.


  • That's a powerful benchtop jointer.
  • Due to the overstretched screws, changing the cutting handle is sometimes challenging.

Wen 6560 Benchtop Jointer 

Whenever discussing which one the best benchtop jointer on the marketplace will be, Wen 6560 has been certainly on the chart. This consists of several modules you will want to straighten as well as face-to-face panels quickly. Including an 11 amp drive, this machine does not sacrifice strength because it holds the capacity to maximize, generates 21,000 slices per second on a table as well as leaves the softest of surfaces upon this.

It is fitted with such a large table with 7-1/5 x 29-1/3 inches, offering ample room to accommodate the platforms to render them face-to-face. This Wen machine would not walk with a large stainless steel foundation when operating with that as well. It'll still be going to be trustworthy as well as stable when you enter the boards.

Generally speaking, whether you are trying to pick from any of the better benchtop jointer versions, this kind of Wen machine is one that you really should take into account.


  • Among the lowest-cost models commercially available
  • Woodcuts flat as well as perfect, then there is also nothing you are scrabbling about.
  • Typically, the knives remain clean until you are required to replace them.
  • Concrete fencing mostly flat for the whole campaign.


  • The directions are not really simple.
  • It could be impossible for you to work it out unless you have installed any benchtop jointer to each other ever before.
  • Users sometimes have a difficult time shifting the barrier, discovering it challenging to change the direction.

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer

With a one-phase engine, this kind of benchtop jointer offers 11 AMP operation as well as 1-half horsepower, which can be used while fresh to reclaimed lumber. It is the potential to slice 21,000 cuts every second against no losing momentum because this cutting force reaches 11,000 rotational speeds. Although the cutting top is just a double-knife model, this still gives a smooth as well as reliable slice every moment. Great, the infeed board wrench allows you to monitor the extent of the slicing as well as modify it if required for something like the job you're undertaking.

Messes will not be concerned because they are provided with just a convenient machine as well as a speck of dirt collecting bin to avoid timber cuts being clogged.


  • Is indeed a strong, reliable device
  • Does have a steel metal fence as well as a stainless steel bench.
  • Engine output is sufficient for panels up to five inches in diameter.


  • Consumers have identified problems with the fencing and have it changed.
  • You advised that the replacement of iron bars be checked prior to actually trying to adjust the blades as the rotational torque often twists much further because of the engine performance.

Delta 6" Bench Top Jointer 37-071

Commonly, most manufacturers choose steel or aluminum as the production material for the benchtop jointers. It all is because of these material textures, which means the final product will be lightweight and highly compact. However, the devices have become so fragile which the consistency is often undermined.

This Delta benchtop jointer may be distinct from other ones. This contains a sturdy cast-iron structure, which eliminates friction, keeping the unit extremely balanced even under hard acceleration. The fencing, as well as the input and output tables, are both constructed of cast steel, which decreases the likelihood of grooving or inflecting.

This features a solid 11 amp engine with dual metallic blade cutting tools, which can straighten the most problematic wood products. This benchtop jointer is prepared with a double of push frames as well as being fitted via an integrated dirt turbine to maintain the system fresh.


  • Towards its sturdy stainless steel structure, the entire benchtop jointer remains remarkably durable.
  • The control button is strategically positioned on the perfect section of this device, allowing it simple to access.
  • The fencing is constructed of steel aluminum, as well.
  • It's indeed convenient or intelligible to assemble directly out of its package.


  • The Delta benchtop jointer becomes more important than any of the other ones that we analyzed.
  • It's forbidden to bear as thick as well as the reinforcement framework of the hedge stuck out.
  • The technical support of Delta is incredibly bad.

Buying Instruction: Consider The Following Factors Before Purchasing The Best Benchtop Jointer 2020 

best benchtop jointer

Whenever you would like to purchase a piece of complicated equipment or machinery such as an excellent benchtop jointer, a ton of mechanisms as well as functionality would be available for comparison among different versions on the market. Then how are you going to limit options down to able to buy the best benchtop jointer for your own? We have taken a chance to try a variety of available benchtop jointers. Over this period, we have discovered a lot of interesting information you have to remember to be sure that you will make the best choice.

Throughout this brief buying guide, we are going to help you understand the needed knowledge. Due to this information, you will be able to get the best benchtop jointer after all.

Cutting Depth

best benchtop jointer

This function measures how deep you are able to break through most of the joints for every motion. Numerous modeling machines are available with slicing moves, which are able to be modified according to specifications. Because its cutting failure would decide how many cycles you might hold operating the benchtop jointer again till boards are totally smooth, ensure that you pick a benchtop jointer with the appropriate cutting width.

Table infeed/outfeed spans

best benchtop jointer

In general, you may accommodate double the table size in a relaxed manner. You should purchase bench additions for irregular business with lengthier timber.

Piece of advice: The table orientation is between the two most critical aspects for effective and consistent outcomes.

Cutter Head

This calculation will be the effective length of the timber that the benchtop jointer may accommodate. 

best benchtop jointer

  • 5-inch: it will be the lowest benchtop jointer, which you may find suits most expectations. This is ideally designed for furniture makers as well as other builders because of its flexibility. 
  • 7-inch: it is going up a level in height, 8-inch benchtop jointers bring you further adaptability so that you will have the ability to joint larger material as well as usually encourage you to deal with thicker wood since they provide longer benches as well as seem to be bigger. They are more robust devices.
  • 15-inch: all of those are specialized function systems, suitable for broad commercial workplaces, which need to be used regularly.

Identify what type of tasks you are going to do to get the right benchtop jointer

It is important to determine which kind of benchtop jointer that you would like to purchase. You can identify it according to the woodwork that you are going to operate. The first most common one will be a closed stand, the second one is an open stand, or the final one will be the benchtop.

best benchtop jointer

Both of them have distinct benefits and drawbacks, which can support or impede your work, based on:

  • How many times do you intend to carry it?
  • Whether you intend to place it
  • If you use the machine for basic wood processing,
  • When you use it to cut extra complicated woods


best benchtop jointer

The successful operation of the benchtop jointer is based on the engine being used with the strength it supplies. While both devices operate on electrical energy, this doesn't mean that its conversion efficiency would have been the same. Energy can indeed impact the maximum frequency of each benchtop jointer. 

Because those benchtop jointers have been constructed to have residential studios in perspective, they will not need additional electricity; however, whether you start using a commercial benchtop jointer, for example, straight joints and you may need a double outlet of 441 watts.


best benchtop jointer

The fencing would be the aspect of the illustration that is needed to maintain the term when you drive your system around it. This can be applied to verify whether the timber is smooth until it has been completed. You have to have timber to be sliced at multiple angles so that the benchtop jointer must have a customizable fence. After that, you will have to ensure unless the fencing is not sturdy.

Dust Issues

best benchtop jointer

Whether you're purchasing another benchtop jointer, this implies you'll very likely be putting it at the workplace or basement because cleaning would be a dirty as well as unpleasant job. Keep in mind to choose the benchtop joiner being capable of gathering dust. Any benchtop jointers either provide a cloud of single dust collecting bin added to these machines as well as also a drain installation, which will be equipped along to the outer storage tank to catch the dust.

A Video Tutorial For Basic Woodworking

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Benchtop Jointer

Was the list of products appropriate for your specifications for the best benchtop jointer? This is a perfect tool, which is worth for you to invest in as well as making the workflow certainly smoother. Before purchasing, make sure to evaluate all its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages within each item, then pick out the best benchtop jointer.

To help you make a better decision, we have listed out our top 5 of the best benchtop jointers that we think will be suitable for some of your desires.

We expect this information that we have analyzed in this post to help you discover which one will be the best benchtop jointer for your requirements. It can't help, but the range of benchtop jointers available on the market is so many with the difference in cost, pace, capacity as well as specifications.

Finally, if you have any problems choosing the benchtop jointer for your own, please feel free to leave a comment below. We will try our best to reply to all your questions.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best benchtop jointer at the comment box below!

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