Do Your Tasks Faster With Top 15 Best Benchtop Milling Machine – Full Reviews And Buying Guideline 2020

Best benchtop milling machine will enable you to achieve improved performance for your works in terms of accuracy and power, comparable to larger milling machines. There are smaller models of milling machines utilized in big warehouses.

Benchtop machines are favoured by design engineers and rookie furniture makers for milling, thinning, grinding and sometimes even slicing objectives. A benchtop mill can fulfill several functions, and it's awesome to have one, since there are many different tasks which can be done.

When it refers to selecting the best benchtop mill for your project, you have to be specific concerning the final target. Identifying what you really want at the end of the day will help you pick the right portable mill.

In this article, we attempted to make it seem less confusing for all new buyers by highlighting our impressions of the best benchtop milling machines below. Keep reading this review to discover the relevant recommendations and guidelines for purchasing the best benchtop milling machine machine for your own.

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Top 15 best benchtop milling machine Reviews 2020

JET JMD-18 350018 Benchtop Milling Machine

Jet JMD-18 350018 is the perfect alternative for someone who wants strength in the benchtop mill. You have a double horsepower system which seems to be a perfect instrument for technical consumption provided with full of amazing characteristics such as a super large work table, high strength of roller bearings and a curved belt cover which allows quicker speed adjustments.

No matter what the benchtop milling machine that you decide to buy, you may really want to get a machine which has great features such as longevity as well as the ability of supporting the whole process of production for a long time. The JMD-18 350018 jet designs a 1-piece of stainless steel column that is perfect for help and offers improved long-term usage.

Benchtop milling machines are used to passing through the invention stages. The JMD-18 gets packed with characteristics such as external work light, an internal diameter measuring instrument and plenty of controlled accessories which are easy. If talking about the tempo, you can set it between 150 and 3000 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). This is one of the best benchtop milling machines as well as this may be a good choice for entry-level users. 

If you have a specifically exact target about the benchtop milling machine that you want to support your tasks, it can work well. However, even if you do not have a specified production, you still are able to add various gears in order to bring it a wonderful performance machine with no losing the efficiency of the instrument.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Double horsepower system is appropriate for industrial works

  • Using belt cover hingedly to adjust the tempo 

  • Suitable for extra big tasks or having to work on the huge amount of projects

  • 1 piece of stainless steel column for longer period of time

SHOP FOX M1110 6-Inch by 21-Inch Variable Speed Mill and Drill

Perhaps there are a lot of furniture makers reading this post who need a milling machine which is inexpensive that can do difficult work with the maximum efficiency. SHOP FOX M111 is a perfect option for them. Any of its characteristics involve speed control and backlight button, together with the optical rotor temperature gauge.

SHOP FOX M1111 couples with a speedy-tilt headrest which creates the horizontal milling position very fast. The assistance designed with this device is created from the longevity of the ground cast iron. You may receive a four level of feeling so that you are able adjust it as per the level workpiece surface.

Safety is something that everyone should take care of. The fox M111 comes with a front facing emergency stop button. We believe for anyone who is looking for a strong Mill with features such as back-lit tachometer and push button speed control, The SHOP FOX M111 is a great benchtop milling machine.

Safety issues are stuff which everybody has to be concerned about. The M111 fox designs with an emergency stop button facing in the front of the machine. We make sure people are looking for a reliable benchtop milling machine with charatectices like backlighting integrated feature and press button tempo control. The SHOP FOX M111 may be the best benchtop milling machine for you.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Design for heavy tasks

  • Reliable and offering trouble-free repair service for many years

  • Long-term usage of the cast iron 

  • Feet is flexible for simple levels

WEN 33013 4.5A Variable Speed Single Phase Compact Benchtop Milling Machine

The benchtop milling machine designs with a guide of laser that is perfect if you want to increase the precision. Entry-level users are going to like this characteristic. This machine has five tempo options, from 600 to 1,300 RPM. It helps the benchtop milling machine flexible to manage a range of equipment. This is such a main mane, and the table is made of cast iron as well as hand tools at 45 degrees.

Although this machine is not necessarily the safest regulation in order to buy the cheapest product when you launch your benchtop milling machine school, you will not like wasting money unnecessarily. This could be a great benchtop milling machine which is appealing to newbies in spite of its expensive cost.

If you are searching for accuracy, a guide with lase as a needed characteristics. This will help it simpler to level up your precision, at the same time, tempo may be up the work amount.

The on-board illumination allows the user to function independently from the impediments of light. Once you pair it with a laser guide, you get the ideal mix of accuracy.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The guide with laser

  • Onboard illumination system

Proxxon 34108 Micro Mill FF 230

With only 41 pounds, Proxxon 34108 is considered as a lightweight benchtop milling machine choice which may be amazing whether you are owning a small work space and want  the mill for your projects which is able to handle simple milling tasks. 

The lack of space should not be the reason to prohibit you from setting up your project for woodworking. Due to that, we have assembled this machine to see that you are able to begin your woodworking in your limited space either.

The tempo range for the benchtop milling machine may be from 280 to 2500 RPM at six different intervals. Proxxon 34108 is also too simple to use as well as the hand wheel sets the height and feeds the fine mill.

Even the headstock turning around 360 degrees will be a wonderful feature that offers you every location which will be appropriate for precise milling. When you're about ready to work,  the quill with the headstock lock in place.

If you are a person who wants a benchtop milling machine which concentrates on well tiny tasks then proxxon 34108 will be the choice for the best benchtop milling machine. These mill weights are a little lighter than any other devices available and you will enjoy the function of this benchtop milling machine that is a headstock rotating 360-degree.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Light and appropriate size

  • 360 degrees turning head which offers precise location

  • Consists of 3 collets with various 6, 8 and 10 mm

  • Great size for doing projects with huge models

Zen Toolworks CNC Carving Machine

Here is another special designed CNC cutting machine which you're going to enjoy since it can be changed and made exactly as you need to. There are several cool features which it carries, as well as every single element comes together with all the required things that make it a decent CNC cutting device.

Even though you will want to get some extra items for extra performance, this machine performs admirably by itself. Whenever it comes to combining industrial architecture and features, this is the best benchtop milling machine to use for certain.

The awesome system comes with an overall mass of around 16.9 pounds, making it incredibly compact. So, you're not going to have to think about dragging this around anywhere. Because of appropriate dimensions of 10.7; 5.7  or 16 inches, it has been shown that the size of the instrument is also very lightweight and does not take up much room anyway.

For those that like to get the best value option with most of the required characteristics, this is really a product for you.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The best thing is the anti-backlash feature prevented the blasklash occurrences 

  • The machine is so simple to set up and all the components are included in the kit

  • The assembly is so basic if you obey the direction completely

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Benchtop Milling Machine

Since we've already pointed out, adjustable speed options improve the utility of the benchtop milling machine. This design provides maximum speed reaching from 580 to 3,200 RPM, so you have the opportunity to manage the model to accommodate multiple items.

It does have a 0.75 horsepower engine, as well as the spindle moves 3.18 inches. The panel is made of cast iron with a frame and a rear wheel system software for quick adjustment. This one has a flashlight, a laser pointer, and a digital rate gage.

The tempo options on this machine is setting it being better than other inflexible benchtop milling machines. The range from 580 to 3,200 RPM may be a wide range of tempos to appeal to any content.

The extension expands your table capacity as well as being simple adjustment. This levels up the scale of the work tasks that you will focus on. This may not be the cheapest benchtop milling machine, but it definitely seems as a very great value for the payment.

This machine does look like that though it may not be the cheapest benchtop milling machine, it provides a lot of characteristics which WEN has really tried to reconcile efficiency and money value. They were gone for volume and had less durable materials. Many people have stated that there's still a severe shortage of care and treatment as tool damage occurs. This really is something you'll have to hold in mind once you buy.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Various tempos

  • Table extension

  • Great value for investment

SUNWIN Metal Mini Milling Machine

Perhaps this is one of the best hobby benchtop milling machines on the market, this machine from Sunwin may not fulfill the requirement of professional machinists, but it is able to put a big smile on the newbies’ faces.

This is an entry-level product. Compact structure weights are only 6.2 pounds. It contains a vice, a 12-volt DC engine with 2-amp output, which provides 2,000 RPM. You truly can't get much strength from this device, particularly in regards to metals. But it really is nice for woodworking, and it's a fantastic present for any newbie or hobbyist.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • A great beginning machine for newbies

  • Would be good as a present for newbie or hobbyist

  • Offers an appropriate slide of traveling

  • Affordable and value for money 

Grizzly Industrial G0704-7" x 27" 1 HP Mill/Drill with Stand

This is filled with characteristics which are also seen in massive, high-quality, costly mills and drill machines. It has a scrolled frame, adjustable speed options, a 1-hp engine, protective lock-off functions, a wireless memory (rom-out) of R-8 spindle, a wide bench, multiple locks and curved gibs. It still has a stance of its own.

The Grizzly G0704 drill / mill machine is a beautiful tool offering a fantastic quality and value.

The whole system provides a two rate gearbox with adjustable speed options which provide high precision and time savings. In comparison, the forward / opposite turn is very useful and gives power to the consumer. It also has a nice feed control head which, together with the other advantages mentioned above, gives even more power and precision.

Last but not least, it has a highly accurate-ground cast-iron table with a large space as well as a simple-to -read screen. You will operate without any difficulty, then.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Great value for investment

  • Safety characteristics

  • Offer space for huge types of projects

Klutch Benchtop Milling Machine

Almost everyone would like to have a milling machine which is quality and value. To anyone on a tight budget, you should go to the Klutch Mini Milling Machine, that is constructed of cast iron, which ensures that it would have great longevity. The Klutch benchtop mill starts with a 3.4 horsepower engine which doesn't make a noise like any other and has flexible engine speed.

The tilting angle of the head and column plays a significant part for any milling machine, with Klutch Mini you have a tilting of 45 degrees to both the left and the right, making the machine flexible. If you are someone who likes to travel or moves the device through one location to the next, you might go for this benchtop milling machine because it has a smaller size and lightweight.

If you'd like a buck bang in a benchtop mill, head to the Klutch benchtop milling machine. This has a decent sale price, made of durable materials, and seems to be ideal for people.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The vibrations are low

  • The gearbox speedy is flexible

  • Milling head along with the column tilt of 45 degrees for left and right positions that makes it adaptable

  • Lightweight size that will be good for a workshop at home

Erie Tools Variable Speed Mini Metal Mill Drilling Machine

Erie Tools is a benchtop mill machine which always bears in mind the customer demands who really need the heavy production capacity of the machine. This milling machine has many special characteristics such as a flexible speed management, a forward and opposite turn and a protective locked off turn. You can also restrict switches to make the system run faster and more effectively.

According to your requirement, you get the flexibility to fully integrate your alignment, that is partially thanks to variable depth pause, nice feed, crossfeed, lengthwise feed and lift handwheel. And there are bonuses included as well.

To Erie Tools Mill, you'll have a six-pieces package with a variety of sizes. There are indeed a variety of items which you will get such as a can of oil, hex wrenches and a pour spout wrenches.

Erie Tools Mill may comfortably be used in a variety of hard duties of work. This machine is really versatile and due to the different shanks which make it adaptable.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • 6-pieces couple with the wrenches

  • Forward and opposite turn is easy to use

  • Suitable for hard-duty and strong milling works

  • Flexible speed adjustment and wheels for accuracy outcomes

JET 350017/JMD-15 Milling/Drilling Machine

The JET 350017 is a benchtop mill machine backed by a single-piece cast-iron column for lengthy-term longevity.

The unit has wide hand-wheel knobs that can be quickly modified and high-duty roller bearings that can handle heavy loads and have a more precise drilling range. Jet 350017 is a perfect choice for someone who wants to work on a wide wooden desk.

A huge work board is able to provide a variety of advantages, such as having more flexibility with the goods you can produce. JET 350017 does have a 360 degree wiggle, which ensures you can quickly drive it around your warehouse or workspace. You should also change the speed of the spindle as this contributes to a smoother change of the belt.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Comfortable extra-huge job table

  • Highly adaptable with 360-degree turn

SHOP FOX M1036 Micro Milling Machine

Many advanced customers are still searching for equipment with a much smaller error range and a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. The SHOP FOX M1036 is one such benchtop milling machine with specifications such as a wireless deep printout, a micro low flow knob for improved and good modification and adjustable speed command.

While doing a complex work, you should have a mixture of slide tables along with the Fox M1036. The feature of this system is that each axis of the unit can be run separately. You have to place each axis by using a hand crank but then just turn it off, that often eliminates disturbances.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The axis has an seperated management that can be locked down to reduce the disturbances

  • Have various speed rate for changing to a difference materials

  • Accurate up to 0.001 inch that will be great for tiny working model sections

Proxxon 37110 MICRO Mill MF 70

A further deserving choice to the reviews of the best benchtop milling machines will have included this Proxxon machine version because of the impressive characteristics it has. The versatility of the system is top notch, with so many features a complete depending on the scale of the package.

If you prefer this product, you could be sure to get a completely working benchtop milling machine. A tool is also given for other purposes. With this specific milling machine, you would be able to use something such as unique steel , aluminum, cast iron and other items. The motor of magnetic supplies the unit with the aid of a belt that ships with the design.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The benchtop milling machine speedy is flexible and along to different 6 options

  • All the strength in this machine is given with the assistance of a belt

  • There is a accuracy adjustment which you can receive for the benchtop milling machine

  • The structure is sturdy as well as yet does not weigh too much

Grizzly Industrial G0795-8" x 28" 1 HP HD Benchtop Mill/Drill

Often you should have a device which is going to grind and then get the hardest tasks done. This Grizzly benchtop milling machine is one of those things. This has a rotating table that spins 90 degrees left and right. And it has a 14-inch turn and a 0.75-inch metal drilling power.

This also deals with a work lamp, but the bulb is not available in the cost, quite oddly.

The speed will increase from 6.115 to 1700 RPM. Like we said before, an improved option of speeds makes you a more flexible benchtop milling machine. The closed-off button is placed in the front and in the middle. You can't lose that in an urgent situation. This cool addition ensures that you can turn the gage to the appropriate depth then lock this in position with both the lock nuts.

This machine is not inexpensive for a table benchtop milling machine. t  It's made of durable materials, so it does not account for the high cost.

As all Grizzly benchtop milling machines, the G0795 is along with a 1-year guarantee protecting components and ensuring that the machine is free from manufacturer problems. (The consumable items are not protected by the guarantee)

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • 12 range of speeds

  • Emergency turn off button

SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Machine

This machine is perfect for those who want to walk their shoes into this field without spending a lot of money. It is based on the information-source Arduino platform as well as utilizes the open-source GRBL to learn G-code and movement management.

It is indeed appropriate for lighter fabrics, and that you can use an additional laser restorer enhancement.

Nevertheless, apart from its contemporaries, it is along with a few more luxury technologies to make the whole consumer experience healthier and better.

Due to the price of $400 and a reasonable workstation of 260 x 155 x 35 mm, PROVer has received favorable feedback. Whether you're interested to see if this is really the CNC device for yourself, read on while we're evaluating its pros.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The opt-in couplers will also save the system from destruction done by tough stops, and could also minimize vibration.

  • Stabile framework

  •  There are several safety standards in the PROVer, including tough stops, restriction changes and an emergency brake, which will shut down the system automatically.

Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Benchtop Milling Machine 2020

Best benchtop milling machines are flexible instruments for performing on a wide range of materials, from metal and wood to iron. A benchtop milling machine can help you do things by simply forming the whole product, and that it's necessary to learn it any more than you can until purchasing it.

The below are the key aspects that you'll have to learn and remember when considering the best benchtop milling machine in your business.

Speed Management

best benchtop milling machine

Once we talk about tempo rate, it means the maximum speed intensity and also the range which it has to provide. Milling into rugged materials such as steel and cast iron needs more pressure and much less speed. Thus, a benchtop milling machine which is able to handle varying speed levels in the optimal candidate.

Speed is determined in revolutions per minute, shortly as RPM, and that is the quantity of shifts per milling per minute. The greater the scope, the more flexible the benchtop milling machine is. Usually, benchtop milling machines work between 250 and 3500 RPM.

Strength Of Engine

best benchtop milling machine

The strength of the engine is one of the most important things to remember when purchasing a milling machine. Any milling machine is operated by an electric engine, and the capability of this electric engine decides what you are able to do with the milling machine.

Engines provide horsepower or HP levels, with 1 HP averaging roughly 750 watts of electricity. You have to bear that in mind, since things like iron need more mill energy than wood.

best benchtop milling machine

For many of these wood tasks, a 1/8-HP device can be used, but you could still use more efficient machines exceeding 1 HP or 2 HP if you choose to deal with harder materials.

In short, if you're dealing with hard items and commercial applications, you'll need a reliable engine. Check at the power of the engine. It will not only be strong but also durable, guaranteeing a long life cycle of the system.

Capacity/ size

best benchtop milling machine

There are several things to remember whenever it refers to size. The first one is the simplest, the actual size of the instrument. Although all of these can be mounted on a workbench, some of them seem to be fairly huge and weigh a ton. Sure, it's essential to  ensure whatever you are climbing, you are able to hold the weight and get enough contact area to somehow provide enough room for you.

Spindle gap is also significant. The spindle moves up and down with the gap determined at the maximum height. Each measure offers a clear idea of the overall height of the stuff you will use in the mill.

best benchtop milling machine

A worktable is also essential. The very first thing to remember is the distance to drive. They're going left to left between front and back, and the direction they're running shows you the overall working zone. This happens since the more the table swings, the less you're going to have to reorganize your table as you go.

Bear in mind the scale of the physical worktable, as well. Although a table will accommodate a part that stretches a little from the sides, far too much overhang would make it too hard to operate the device securely.

Lowest Motion Of Increment

best benchtop milling machine

This is indeed really relevant since not all milling machines will have the same increments. You ought to go to a system for as few increments as needed.

This corresponds to the shortest route you are able to use a hand-wheel to drive the workpiece throughout a path as you place it underneath the spindle. Any very accurate milling machines are able to move far less than 0.001 inches each step.

Movements Of Head

best benchtop milling machine

You have to bear this in mind either.  As you are able to move the framework from left to right, from the front side to the back side, even up and down, the spindle-bearing head still rotates.

The distinction now is that others can rotate just around 45 degrees, while some can rotate 360 degrees. There's no doubt that 360 ° is easier.



best benchtop milling machine

What factor affects precision more than anything will be the flexibility, and what influences the flexibility over than anything else? The base of the method maybe. It needs to be created on something sturdy which can withstand vibrations and motions without shifting about. Cast iron is the strongest material for the foundation. 

It's durable and can withstand the power of the milling operation and even handles any of the vibrations. Extra, cast iron lasts almost indefinitely. It's a decent option for a sturdy machine.

best benchtop milling machine

The table is another essential story when it comes to precision. It is made of iron, typically stainless or aluminum, based on the condition of the table. Benchtop milling machine tables often have T-slots so that you are able to connect clamps to tie down the content when you're working.


Whenever you need to create complicated shapes, search for a best benchtop milling machine with a tilting and rotating head part. Some just tip to 45 degrees from left side to right side, whereas others switch 360 degrees.

best benchtop milling machine

In regards to the consistency of the foundation, there are several other aspects of the benchtop milling machine which relate to precision. Controls are therefore very relevant. The quicker they are to control, the more reliable they are. 

Levers are mainly recommended for rough motions whereas the measuring instrument for indicating the quantity , stops, and levels are being used for adjustments. Several of these devices have got lowered to increments as tiny as 0.001 inches..

Safety and things to remember

best benchtop milling machine

These are some of the easiest things you could do to make a benchtop milling machine more stable is to bolt it flat. Probably, we would not suggest doing one with no bolting this down, since there is a decent chance that perhaps the unit will slip marginally and actually change the precision of whatever you are trying to do.

Pay much attention to the ranking of the full load. What you're trying to do is actually somewhere close to the limit, however the more pressure a machine can bear, the faster it's basically made.

best benchtop milling machine

Often using goggles and a mask if you are using a benchtop milling machine as a result of the steel passing via the air will give you a lot of issues whether it's in your eyes or if it's absorbed through the skin.

Quality, Price & Guarantee

Among the most significant things you will need to remember is the selling cost. Today, it can be difficult to buy a benchtop milling machine since the costs are very great. You have to spend an average of 700 dollars above to buy a good to best benchtop milling machine that performs properly. Thus, for someone on the tight budget, choosing a quite good choice for themselves might be a struggle for you.

best benchtop milling machine

You certainly want to include all the major characteristics which you might like for your works once you pick a specific benchtop milling machine. It completely depends on the cost you're going to pay, which will determine the kind of machine you're going to receive.

If you're the one who wants more perks and does not really mind investing a few extra dollars, you can actually get the expensive alternatives which charge more than $2,000. Interestingly, there are indeed a number of cheap alternatives that can be used as well. Though they're not of the same value. Well, you have to ensure that you take the certain specific aspect into consideration when picking a best benchtop milling machine for yourself


Your job that you will do with a benchtop milling machine based on your desires. You could do anything from tiny home works to large industrial jobs.

After choosing a best benchtop milling machine, you should search for some tips and tricks on how to use a benchtop milling machine as their best function to make all your tasks done efficiently.

Whether you are confusing how to do that, the video below will show you the correct way to use a benchtop milling machine:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For best benchtop milling machine

We might advise you to think first of all about whether or not you need this product, since it is quite a large expense that takes a few hundred dollars. When you've already established your requirements, you'll be doing deep industry analysis to get detailed knowledge into what is going to be the best benchtop milling machine for you. 

Until purchasing the product, frequently evaluate multiple brands and take into consideration the tips and factors listed above.

The table below is the top 3 choices of best benchtop milling machine that we have narrowed down to help you have a general view of the products.

We hope you'll find meaning in our suggestions. Even if you haven't seen the one ideal for you, ideally, you've taken some meaning from our buying guide.  We wish all the best of luck to figure out which one is the best benchtop milling machine for you. If you still have any questions, please send us a comment below, we will try our best to help you out.  

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best benchtop milling machine at the comment box below!

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