Enjoy Your Ride With These Top Best Bike For Under 200

Cycling is a popular form of choice and is also a popular sport. A wide range of bikes is developed to meet all the needs of the consumer. Many people believe that if we want a quality bike, we should buy expensive bikes from names brands. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money to own a good quality bike, thanks to the advent of budget bikes and bikes' popularity. How to choose the best bike for under 200 between the diverse market of different models and brands? After doing some research and investigation, agernrestaurant.com has created the top best bike list for under 200. Besides, we also give our best tips for you to choose your bike for under 200.

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Top Best Bike For Under 200 Reviews 2020

IDS unYOUsual U Folding Bike

If you want to buy the best folding bike for under 200, you can't go wrong with this bike. The general structure of IDS unYOUsual U is made of stainless steel alloy, which is lightweight. This folding bike uses a 6-speed Shinamo, so it makes the bike a lot lighter when traveling on complicated terrain. Besides, it is equipped with front and rear lights to light up at night.

If you are concerned about carrying extra items, the installed rear rack can do it. The great thing is that the bike has no age limit to use. You only need to adjust the seat and steering wheel to use it without worrying about changing new bikes. Transformer makes it easy to fold your bike and transport and store it in any area.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Adjustable seat and steering wheel
  • Good safety features
  • Installed rear rack


  • Slightly heavier than some folding bikes
  • Fragile chain guard

Takara Yuugen Road Bike

If you are looking for the best bike for under 200 that ensures safety and runs smoothly, suitable for daily exercise, Takara Yuugen Road Bike is the answer. This bike has enough modes and parameters for urban long-distance cycling.

Monolithic molded double-wall alloy rims, sturdy shape creates a firmer feeling for the cyclist. This bike looks very compact but can overcome many challenging terrain roads. It is equipped with a quality transmission system that makes it possible to change the speed during the move very easily, quickly, and very smoothly. Yuugen also features latches on hubs to ensure safety and prevent theft.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good handling of different terrains
  • Durable steel frame


  • The saddle is uncomfortable if sitting for a long time
  • The front brake is tough to put together

Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike

The Kent Oakwood Men's Cruiser Bike is a bike suitable for those who consider the cycle the primary means of transport, providing the rider with the most comfort while driving, with a straight seat, wider saddle.

The chassis is made of durable, ultra-light aluminum. It provides a high load capacity with a maximum weight of 320 lbs. The saddle is softly designed, creating a comfortable feeling when using. This bike is equipped with brakes for both front and rear wheels to make safety, high sensitivity in all cases. This bike's colors combine youthful and delicate black for all ages or genders, going to work or school.


  • Designed for all types of terrain
  • Equipped with seven speeds.
  • Designed for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Front and rear brake
  • Fashionable design


  • Difficult to assembly
  • Brakes are not adjusted
  • There is no rear rack

Schwinn Suburban Sport Comfort Hybrid Bike

True to its name, this is a hybrid bicycle between the characteristics of a road bike and an MTB. You can use this bike on many different terrains while ensuring good speed. This hybrid bike is perfect for those who prefer a casual ride on the street.

It is not surprising that the great bike industry giant Schwinn with a wide variety of products is also on the best bike for under 200 lists. Schwinn continues to promote its forte with a line of ultra-compact, elegant and durable. All parts from the steel frame, the neck, the handlebars are designed flexibly, intelligently opening and closing.

26-inch wheel design for riders between 64 and 74 inches tall. The saddle is softly designed, creating a comfortable feeling when using. This bike is equipped with brakes for both front and rear wheels to increase safety in all cases. It has a 7-speed gear lever to help the bike run on all terrain with standard gear.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Adjustable height 


  • Assembly takes time
  • No rear rack

IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer

Again a folding bike from IDS is on our list of the best bike for under 200. With a stylish design and extreme convenience, this folding bike line is always in the top number one in the world.

With a weight of 34 pounds, and the ability to fold quickly, this bike is a great choice when traveling to public locations. You can adjust the bike size to best suit your body. This bike is equipped with a gearshift, and a 6-speed Shimano derailleur brings you a great experience.


  • Light
  • Easy to fold
  • Strong and offers a right balance
  • The front handle body is easily removable


  • Top speed may not be as fast

Schwinn Baywood Cruiser Bike

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Schwinn Baywood Cruiser Bike is considered a representative in the cruiser segment in the best bikes list for under 200. This model has unique features that help them suit women.

The Schwinn Baywood is the perfect bike for women when they are looking for an easy-to-use cruiser. Using only a one-speed transmission system, driving is simple and easy to maintain—full fenders to prevent any puddles of rain from splashing at you.

Simple but outstanding. The Schwinn Baywood Cruiser Bike 1 allows you to go anywhere comfortably. The bike has a classic steel frame, luxurious and smooth saddle, sturdy wheels, and friction notches at the wheel to help balance the bike even when riding on the sidewalk or the ground.


  • Effective wheel brakes
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Designed for comfort


  • The 1-speed gear system may not be perfect for off-road riding

Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR

Rocker is the brand that initiated the BMX mini-revolution and continues to develop & innovate sports at the top level. So when it comes to the best BMX bike, we cannot ignore it.

Rockers are the chunky mini versions of the standard 20" BMX bike. It is designed with an extremely sturdy steel frame and extremely stable. This cool and dynamic bike has a high handlebar for a comfortable stance.

This bike delivers high speeds of up to 15 mph thanks to its large bolted steel 2-piece wheels. This Rocker BMX bike is designed with tiny wheels, but its ability to grip the road, accelerate, and cross-terrain is exceptionally outstanding. This bike has no brakes, so it is only suitable for off-road use.


  • Durable frame
  • Cool design
  • Good acceleration


  • Only suitable for off-road use

Kent Gzr700 Road Bike

The Kent GZR700 long-distance bike has an elegant look with high-strength steel forks and frames. You'll drive in peaceful silence thanks to Shimano's 21-speed powertrain that's excellent maintainability. The bike moves even when you stop, and the chain stops working.

The brakes are very responsive so that you can stop quickly. Plus, we love the cushioned saddle and the tires that give you comfort for a long ride. This bike has superb quality that goes beyond its price tag.


  • Speed flexible with 21 different speed settings
  • Equipped with the brake lever and brake calipers
  • Sturdy frame Bike seat with cushion.


  • There have not been any negative reviews for this bike's quality so far.

Mongoose Men's Bike For A Path, Trail & Mountains

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One of the best bikes for under 200 uses a Shimano 21-speed drive system that allows you to keep your balance on any terrain. The bike has a durable, high-grade aluminum frame system. Thí bike is designed with a powerful engine system.

The painted rims and tires are large and smooth. The soft seat can be adjusted like a sofa to keep you comfortable on your bike. This bike has a front and rear brake lining for your safety. This bike's configuration is strong enough for you to unleash your passion with the cycle to conquer difficult roads.


  • It has a solid steel frame and telescopic forks at the front.
  • 21-speed Shimano transmission
  • It has a linear-pull brake.
  • The saddle can adjust pillars.


  • Chain quality is not the best.

TANGNADE Adult Folding Mountain Bikes

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TANGNADE Adult Folding Mountain Bikes is the only mountain bike on the list of the best bike for under 200. Designed for the highest comfort, durability, and performance in today's mountain range. It shows the usability, function, and friendly benefits of a folding bike.

After trekking, off-roading, the dirt gets on the car, but you don't have time or water to wash the car. You can fold it neatly and store it in your pocket and store or transport it to avoid causing dirt to the trunk of your car, train, bus, etc.

The chassis is made from premium carbon steel for its lightweight. Equipped with a 21-speed Shimano set to keep you safe and always keep up with others without difficulty. Solid, thick tires. Large, prominent tread for safe maneuverability on rough and slippery terrain.


  • There are both advantages of MTB and Folding bike
  • Can be used on any terrain
  • Easy to fold


  • Heavy

Huffy Women's Cruiser Bike 

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Huffy Women's Cruiser is a bike with all the necessary standards to be a perfect choice for the best bike for under 200. The cycle can give you style, especially the luxurious yellow rim. Besides, the bike has a spring-loaded bike for increased comfort and a full fender to prevent any puddles of rain from splashing at you. 

The chassis is manufactured with high-strength steel. This bike is suitable for heavy transporting objects on trips thanks to the front basket and rear rack. Owning a high-quality bike but at a reasonable price for many people, so Huffy Women's Cruiser is the focus of many people today.


  • Good solid quality
  • Comes with many additional features
  • Low cost compared to a quality cruiser


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to assemble

Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX Bike

If you're a BMX beginner, the Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX will accommodate your needs.

The premium steel frame allows this bike to have stability and the right balance during your ride. These 2.3" BMX bike tires have an excellent grip for durability that will also give you a great experience while riding on the street.

A 25T alloy chain with removable ball base rack and transmission with 25x9T one-piece forged steel cranks makes the Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX extremely fast for speed performances and extremely safe to the powerful U-shaped aluminum brake. This BMX is designed for riders with a height of 4.8 "to 5.4 feet.


  • It is perfect for the beginners
  • Durable
  • High stability
  • Lightweight


  • It is not suitable for professionals

Dynacraft Bike

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There is no need to explain when you choose a Dynacraft Bike for the best bike. This 24 "bike has a striking design with two red and black colors.

Robust steel chassis for easy climbing. The Shimano 18-speed drive system makes cycling easy. Plus, linear V-brakes and shock absorbers give you comfort and safety on every ride. The Shimano paddle shifters make it easy to use this bike in any situation.


  • Eighteen speeds for more comfortable hill climbing. Shift gears easily 
  • 24-inch tires provide comfort and stability
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Brakes rear and front


  • Little assembly required but tricky

Huffy Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike

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The Huffy Women's Trail Runner Mountain Bike combines fashion, color, and comfort into a beautiful bike. The highlight is that the ATB saddle is designed with a smooth cushion, a style suitable for women. The parts from the chassis, the handlebars, are calculated about the design, the distance, and the height to match the female's general physique.

The bike is equipped with Shimano's 18-speed drive system so you can climb the slope more efficiently for a flexible and precise shift. Front and rear towing brakes provide excellent control. The configuration is strong enough for the ladies to unleash their passion with the bike to conquer difficult roads.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for different terrains
  • Solid construction
  • The low bar design is suitable for female


  • Heavy

Huffy Men’s Mountain Bike

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This is one of the top best bikes for under 200 from Huffy that we recommend to you. This bike has a durable, high-quality steel frame system. It is designed with an extremely healthy engine system. Large wheels are made of pure solid rubber to increase grip when braking. High-performance front disc brakes combined with linear rear pull brakes provide absolute safety for you. 

The rim is designed to withstand the weather and coordinate with the overall design. Wheels are made of high-grade rubber that is sturdy and runs smoothly on all roads. The bike is equipped with good shock absorption, giving you the ultimate experience. Its height is not very tall suitable for people with a height of 5ft and above. The bike is ideal for both climbing and sports to exercise.


  • Lightweight
  • Many acceleration options
  • Durable structure
  • Including disc brake and linear brake


  • It is not ideal for people who weigh over 250 lbs.

Roadmaster Women’s Granite Peak Mountain Bike

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If you need a lightweight mountain bike, the Roadmaster Women's Granite Peak Mountain Bike is one of the great choices for you. This is an ultra-light bike with comfortable riding. It is slim and elegant. In the case of mountain climbing, you can carry this bike to the rough terrain.

This steel-framed has a comfortable upright sitting position. The 18-speed torsional gear shifter and Shimano rear axle offer versatile gearshifts. The forks have good damping and compression and do not feel numb even on high mountain terrain. 

The mechanical brake provides good braking performance, without danger even on slippery roads and steep roads. The wheel with many rubber spikes creates good friction even on slippery roads or sharp curves. Hence, this bike is suitable for climbing activities and can also be used in the city.


  • Women-friendly design
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Maximum gear shift performance on the trail


  • The uncomfortable seat with longer rides

Roadmaster Men’s Mountain Bike

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The Roadmaster Men's Mountain Bike stands out for its smoother performance thanks to an 18-speed Shimano transmission. Large wheels are made of pure solid rubber to increase grip when braking.

High-quality aluminum alloy chassis, super light, with high load capacity. This bike has a compact and sophisticated design with a balanced frame and handles, flexible and high-speed movement structure. Safe brake system, advanced spare parts for efficiently controlling the movement speed. 

This bike has a tremendous good shock absorption ability. Hence, your hands will not feel numb, even if you have to ride for a long time. Its height is not very tall, so it is suitable for people with a height of 5.4 to 6.2 feet.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy structure


  • The seats are not comfortable.
  • Brakes need to be adjusted regularly.

Buying Guide: Tips For Choosing The Best Bike For Under 200

best bike for under 200

The bike market segment is quite diverse; you will have many choices of quality, design, and price to meet users' different needs. Choosing a bike based on actual conditions. Here's how to choose the best bicycle with the most appropriate criteria:


The bike market is very diverse. Bikes are developed into many different types to meet the needs and tastes of professional users and athletes. The following categories of bikes will be helpful for you to choose the best bikes for under 200.

  • Road Bike: This bike is lightweight, designed to ride on flat paved roads. The handlebar usually bends into 2 steps. There is no front or rear shock absorber. With thin tires and shells, fewer spikes compared to other models to minimize weight and reduce contact with the road surface, the chassis is designed to create an aerodynamic position while sitting to reduce friction, reach speed height.
best bike for under 200

Tires are quite thin, so it is easy to tear or leak when facing obstacles. The frame of the Road bike is designed to be slim, so it is inefficient to go on bad, bumpy roads.

However, you must be very careful when cycling because they are prone to slip with the wet surface.

  • MTB: Designed for mountain roads, undulating, rough terrain with sturdy frame structure, sound shock absorbers, sensitive brakes, heavyweight, and large wheels with good grip on the road surface and diversified price segment.

This bike is heavy with big wheels with a diameter of about 650 - 700c, many spikes, suitable for riding on rough terrains such as steep roads, downhill hills, or forest roads. Large frame, front and rear forks, some types with shock absorbers in the middle of the car, straight handlebar design. Although the speed and flexibility on the street are not equal to the Road bike, Mountain Bike can run on all terrains and is redesigned strong and strong, so it is used quite commonly.

The MTB sports bike is also divided into many types, suitable for each subject as well as specific terrain. Because the weight of this mountain bike is relatively heavy, with big wheels, running on flat roads will have slow speeds and cause energy for users. You should install mud fenders for the front and rear wheels.

If you are into off-road cycling or simply prefer a bike with a more aggressive size, MTB will be an excellent choice for you.

  • Hybrid bike: A combination of racing and off-road bikes. Speed advantages such as Road Bikes, faster than MTB, suitable for traveling in the inner city area with high speed and flexibility. The vehicle structure is firmer than Road Bike but thinner than MTB.

With a slim frame, smooth tires, and a front shock absorber, a Hybrid bike is a good choice to go in the city with high speed and comfort. Due to possessing the advantages of both types of vehicles above, the Hybrid will go faster than MTB on short and flat roads, and can easily overcome bad roads.

This bike is light, easy to handle, able to overcome rough roads but still achieves the required speed. Narrow neck angle, although less acceleration than the Road Bike, but easy to control and turn turns. Straight steering for a more upright sitting posture and fenders trim.

best bike for under 200

Despite its relatively optimal design, a Hybrid bike is not an appropriate choice for climbing or conquering difficult terrain.

  • BMX Bike: Specially designed for the needs of acrobatics, performing, controlling flexible vehicles with compact size, simple structure.
  • Folding Bike: Smart bike line, simple design, foldable to optimize space, use a lot in the city.
  • Fixed Gear Bike : Simple design includes only moving parts, no: brake, brake, fender.

As classified above, bikes have been developed into many different product lines, with structural features and for the needs of training, cycling, or performance, depending on the terrain that you choose accordingly. 


To choose the best bike that suits you, it is necessary to pay attention to many factors such as type of bike, purpose, price, etc. Anyway, choosing a bike suitable for your body is the most important thing. Men and women are different in body shape and height, and for adults and children.

best bike for under 200

Choosing a bike for height is very important when deciding which vehicle to use. Choose an oversized or too small motorcycle. It will make it harder for you to travel, cost more and significantly endanger the user, causing many health problems such as scoliosis, creating massive pressure—muscles, causing pain and discomfort while driving, especially on rough and rough terrain.

Height between 4ft and 5ft is suitable for the bike with sizes of 13.5-15 inches;

Height from 5ft to 5ft 6 choose bike size from 16-17 inch;

Height from 5ft 6cm to 5ft 10 choose a bike with size 17-18 inch;

Height from 5ft 10 to 6ft choose a bike with size 19-20 inch;

Height over 6ft, choose a bike with a size from 21 inches.


When choosing a bike, you need to pay attention to its specifications. Because bikes have many components, it is quite essential to check the bike's parameters, ensuring the operating requirements to meet the vehicle's needs, speed, control, and safety.

The parameters to note are the number of chassis, transmission, rim size, chain - sprocket, maximum vehicle speed, vehicle weight, front brake - rear brake, shock resistance.

best bike for under 200

  • The transmission, or in other words, is the "engine," which is known as the heart of a bike. They are made up of many connected components and act as one. Different transmission lines of each brand will serve other cycling purposes. Currently, the most famous transmission manufacturers in the world are Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo. Shimano is the most popular brand now. A good drive is integrating many technologies and suitable for cycling purposes, surface terrain, and the skill of using and handling from amateur to professional.

  • Wheels and rims:

The next important point that you need to keep in mind is the wheels and tires. The wheel's weight dramatically affects the operation on the road, heavy wheels help stabilize, compact, and have more grip, but lightweight wheels, like carbon, will help. Works faster and glides smoothly. Today, the most advanced wheel models are composed of carbon and are aerodynamically designed to maximize the speed of professional cyclists.

  • Brakes

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes come in two versions, including a hydraulic disc brake version, which provides the more powerful braking force with less mechanical finger movement (squeeze the brake), and they self-adjust when the brake pads are worn and a brake release version. Cable-operated (mechanical) requires manual adjustment when the gasket is worn. The most prominent advantage over rim brakes is that it is more stable in all weather conditions or terrain, easy to replace and does not depend on wheel size.

Rim brakes

The rim brake (mechanical brake) has a pad attached to the wheel rim, works on the principle of friction between the gasket and the wheel rim, thereby reducing the wheel speed. Usually, several materials are preferred to create rim brakes, such as rubber, leather, etc. 

The most significant advantage of the rim brake is compact and easy to replace. Still, the main disadvantage is comfortable wearing the gasket and often changes more continuously than the disc brake.

Besides, some other popular brake types such as Caliper brake, U-brakes brake, Cantilever brake, etc.


It is not easy to produce a bicycle product that meets speed, control, and safety. The car will be made up of many different parts. Pay attention to whether the vehicle is made of materials to ensure durability, if it is heavy or not, structural safety.

Bicycle frames are usually made of durable alloy aluminum or high-grade carbon steel, resistant to corrosion, impact resistance, and heavy loads.

best bike for under 200

  • Aluminum Ribs:

Aluminum is a famous and relatively popular material in the bicycle industry because it is light, quite sturdy, and easy to weld.

  • Steel Ribs:

Steel has long been a favored material since the 1980s, though somewhat heavier than aluminum and carbon, but still a right choice, offering a more compact and firmer feel.

  • Carbon Chassis:

Finally, Carbon, the most advanced material, has been widely applied to the road bike line. It is not only a super durable interwoven structure but also extremely flexible, light, and sturdy. 

Because of its superiority, the price of a carbon bike is also much higher than other models. They focus on maximum performance and serve the purpose of professional racing. However, aluminum is still a perfect choice if you are new to road cycling!

You can refer to the video given below with considerations when choosing the best bike for under 200 to maximize comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

How To Maintain Your Best Bike For Under 200 At Home:

Bikes that are used regularly, are worn out, and are affected by environmental weather conditions will be damaged over time. Bike maintenance at home will be necessary to protect it and improve its longevity.

best bike for under 200
  • Always keep the bike clean and dry, especially at the time of purchase and after the rain needs to clean, dry, avoid standing water causing rust.
  • Using the bike always ensures that the tire is stretched at the standard pressure, reducing the friction with the road, avoiding rim deformation. Check and pump the motorcycle once a week.
  • Always check the brakes' safety, the sensitivity of the front brake, keep the surface with the brake clean.
  • Check the chain, sprocket, and plate. If the oil is dry, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the chain, increasing the chain when it is coincident. Periodically maintain and replace broken parts, broken spokes, or worn tires.
  • Keep the bike indoors, in the shade, always stand it up or hang it from impact or collapse.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Bike For Under 200

After comparing things, we choose the best bike for under 200 to suit your needs. The best bikes don't always have to be expensive.


Best Mountain Bike for under 200 

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Hopefully, this article can help you choose for yourself the best bike for under 200. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

Enjoy the fun, adventure, and health benefits that the best bike for under 200 can bring!

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