15 Best Bike Lock For Kids Don Not Miss 2021

Are you hesitant to buy your kid a bicycle just because you're afraid he’ll lose it? Statistics showcases of bike theft have been increasing in the last few years. Getting the best bike lock for kids may come to your mind immediately. However, not only the best, but the idea of applying multiple sorts of locks simultaneously would also stand out, as the thieves might afterward need multiple tools!

Sympathizing with your worries, after researching and experiencing, our team of experts has selected out these 15 best bike locks for your kids 2020.


Best Bike Lock For Kids Living In Prone-To-Theft Area

Best Bike Lock For Storage, Active Kids Who are Always Forgetful About Their Keys

Best Bike Lock For Kids Love Police And Are Interested In Detective Stories, High Security Needed

Best Bike Lock For Active But Forgetful Kids

Best Bike Lock For Younger Kids Living In Prone-To-Theft Area

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Top 15 Best Bike Lock For Kids Reviews 2021

Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

This best bike lock for kids is made by Kryptonite, a trendy brand for its quality and reliability. Made of 13mm steel shackle - max performance, the lock could only be cut by giant bolt cutters, ensuring the safety of your bike.

It is rated Gold from Sold Secure, a non-profit organization in the UK.

The combination of a U-Lock and Cable is smart, as you could protect your crossbar and wheel at the same time. However, the Cable could be easily cut, so it can only protect you from opportunistic thieves.

If you happen to lose your bike, you will get a certain amount of money back from Kryptonite if the lock is used properly thanks to the anti-theft protection.

The lock goes along with 3 stainless steel keys. On the condition that you lose all, 2 keys would be delivered to you, providing that you register the key safe program.

In fact, this product is in charge of several drawbacks which are worth considering. As it is a mini version, its function would be limited compared to a standard one, for example, if your bicycle has a thick frame, you may not get the lock around it; or you may face difficulties in applying it to your bike racks.

Additionally, 13mm shackle wide is still not the highest level of protection, therefore, I recommend you should buy this lock if you live in not-so-crowded towns and cities.


  • Hard to be cropped
  • Multiple uses
  • Money guarantee
  • Free backup keys


  • Narrow
  • Limited choice
  • Difficult to carry

Kryptonite New York

Our experts select another best lock by Kryptonite. However, this genre provides a by far outweighed level of protection for your bike through 16mm hardened steel shackles, which requires thieves a much more sophisticated tool to crack.

Just like the above best lock, this Kryptonite New York not only offers you a money guarantee, but also provides you with 2 backup keys.

My brother has been using this for 6 months by now, and he said that its lock mechanism is super smooth. Moreover, he has hardly any harsh time attaching the bike to the bike stations.

However, is best lock price is rather steep; therefore, it is recommended if your children’s bike is at the top-line products; or, say, if you live in a metropolitan area with a high rate of bike thefts.

Moreover, it might be rather heavy for your child to carry, however, he can take time to relax and worry about nothing when taking a break from cycling.


  • Extremely low risk
  • Money guarantee
  • Backup keys
  • Smooth lock mechanism


  • Expensive
  • Rather heavy for kids

Master Lock Street Cuff Locks

Looking like a police handcuff, I’m pretty sure that your kids would like it.
You might find that the lock mechanism is quite ruff, but don’t worry, high-quality oil can be used to ease off.

The most fantastic feature of the lock is the fact that it’s tricky and nearly impossible for thieves to defeat it. Neither twisting is impossible due to its articulated joints nor hammering and leverage could cause any serious damage.

The cuffs are designed for convenient and easy locking to parking meters, fence posts or other bikes as well.
It is wonderful that the lock could be folded in half, which means it is an easy job to store it.

Make sure to lubricate your lock on a regular basis, or it would be you who are unable to ride your bicycle.


  • Attractive look for children
  • High level of protection
  • Could be used conveniently both indoor and outdoor
  • Easily stored


  • Need regular lubricating

Hiplok V1.50 Original Superbright Wearable Bicycle Lock

An awesome feature of this wearable lock is it’s rated Silver by Sold Secure, a non-profit organization awarding security products according to the level of difficulties to defeat them. Thus, if you still cannot have faith in Cable Lock, this option from Hiplok could be a practical alternative which provides a decent level of protection.

If you’re hesitating to invest in a D-lock as it’s inconvenient to carry around, this one is absolutely for you. The fact that it can be wrapped around your kids’ waist but still fashionable stands an easy option to bring here and there.

But before checking it out, you should be aware that this lock is 2kg weight, so that your kids may get mad carrying it around their waist. However, it’s unavoidable. Your kids could attach it to their seat post as a substitution.


  • Conveniently portable
  • Decent protection level


  • May be heavy for your kids
  • Only one color (black)

ABUS Bordo 6100/90 Folding Lock

Any of you could without a click find that Abus produces the best quality locks which are tested multiple times by multiple organizations and proved long durability. This best lock for kids is by Abus, implying thieves stand hardly any chance to really defeat.

Like any other combination lock, this option provides keyless convenience, which actually is of great ease to me as an absent-minded person. Your kid needs not to worry about his keys when he is having fun.

An extremely useful feature of the lock remains its compactness when folded, making it easier to store and carry around.

In terms of weight, this best lock for kids is lighter than U-lock but less secure than high-quality U-Lock (I tested it myself), so be considerate in choosing the right lock!


  • Lightweight than U-Lock
  • Compact
  • Keyless convenience


  • Limited color choice
  • Weaker than a high-quality U-Lock

OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Locks

With the anti-scratch design, this best lock for kids will be unlikely to damage your bike’s cosmetic.

Unlike the first two locks, this keyless Ottolock comes with a 3-dial combination, which prevents the risks and annoyances in the event of losing keys.

I’m pretty sure the thieves would face a hard time cutting and sawing the three layers of stainless steel wrapped in an ultra tough Kevlar jacket.

Interestingly, there are a wide range of active colors for your kids to choose, ranging from orange, gray, black, to flash green. Not only color but its size is also various, giving you the freedom to choose and chill.

Another bright point is the lock weights, which is light so as for your child to easily carry around.

However, this lock has not yet revealed much of its large security credentials in spite of the fact that it still received above-medium level of protection outcome by third parties, hence, be careful that it is essential for this Ottolock to go along with a U-LOCK if your child parks his bicycle in a prone-to-theft area during a long period of time.


  • Anti-scratch
  • Keyless
  • Multiple color choices
  • Lightweight


  • Not largely tested

NDakter Bike Lock Cable

In case you’re in need of a simple-to-set-up best lock for kids that has a high strength braided steel cable, you may not find anything more suitable than this 5-digit combination resettable NDakter Bike Lock Cable.

This high quality cable comes in a multitude of colors that are sure to be impressive to your kids.

Another fantastic feature of this lock is it comes with a mounting bracket, meaning it is easy for storage. Also, as the cable can amount up to 4 feet long, you’re able to lock 2-3 bikes together, attaching it to a tree, a gate or any fence is therefore absolutely possible.

Compared to the four mentioned above products, this option claims the most cost-effective one for you.

To seriously consider, the lock is in cable, suggesting that it could be easier to be cropped than the U-Lock products.


  • Well-written instructions
  • Keyless convenience
  • Diverse color picks
  • Mounting bracket
  • Multi-purpose
  • Cost-effective


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Offer less practical security

KNOG Party Frank Cable Lock

If any of you are looking for a cheap product for your kid’s bike, then this best kid lock may be the best option regarding its level of protection.

With a diverse range of color, I found my Kid the one that best suits his bike. He says that he is happy with the lock because of its lightweight and low-volume.

Moreover, with silicon wrapping, don’t worry that your bike will be scratched!

Remember that in case you live in a high-crime rate area, then seriously consider this product, as it will not guarantee high security!


  • Lightweight
  • Unlimited color range
  • Does not scratch your bike


  • Your bike may be stolen

Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT 1410

Unsurprisingly, this another lock from Kryptonite is an incredible theft deterrent. It demonstrates its own characteristics as high durability, and versatility at locking positions.

However, due to its heavy and big size, it might be intimidating and therefore not highly recommended for your kid if he does not live in a prone-to-theft zone.

Questioning about the Kryptonite’s policy on this option? Don’t worry as this goes along with all of the Kryptonite program, namely anti-theft protection and key safe program.


  • Super high level of protection
  • Under money-back guarantee
  • Backup keys provided


  • Heavy and big
  • The least portable

The Club UTL810 Utility Lock, Yellow

This square-shaped best lock for kids is able to maneuver and lock your bike at any angles, even the most awkward one.

Affirmed to be able to withstand over 1500 pounds and adjust by 3 to 7 inches to its shortest length, I’m pretty sure that your bike would be secure.

But be careful of the weather-resistant characteristics of the lock. You should store it in appropriate condition, since once it is continually exposed to rain, the lock mechanism would not remain smooth as it should be.

Another feature to consider is its weight and thick frame which provokes inconvenience in smaller spaces.

However, if you find your kid able to put up with the demerits, a multi-purpose heavy-duty lock would be highly recommended.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Multi-purpose
  • High level of protection


  • Resistant to certain weather condition
  • Heavy
  • Limit choice in small spaces

Abus 1100/55mm Combination Cable Lock

Unlike the above Utility Lock, with a 6mm high tensile cable that is protected with a plastic sheath, this best lock for kids could tolerate poor weather conditions, since water can hardly penetrate through it.

In fact, just like any Cable lock, this option only provides protection against opportunistic theft in a short period of time.

More suitable for young riders, the Lock is lightweight, although the lock comes in only 2 colors, which are black and blue.


  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Highly affordable


  • Low level of protection
  • Limited color choice

Schwinn Anti Theft Bike Lock

This Schwinn cable bike lock provides you a wide range of options regarding secure level and sorts of lock tool which fits best to your purpose.

To lock the cable, you only need to snap the two ends together without the need of a key, which is still necessary to unlock it.

One more thing to admit that coiling and storing this lock is easy.

It is perhaps one of the lightest bike locks that I have bought and wrote you review. Therefore, to carry it around may not be a big problem for your kids. Nonetheless, this also means a low level of protection.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easily operate and store


  • Not secure in unsafe environment

Via Velo Bike U Lock with Strong Cable

This best lock for kids provides a dual security mechanism with both D-Lock and Cable Lock, which helps improve security in multi-parts of your bikes.

One of the favorite features of the option is its weather resistance and mounting bracket, but flimsy, though.

To complain, I might say that the lock is too heavy for young kids, but appropriate for the older ones.


  • Dual security mechanism
  • Weather resistant


  • The Cable is not actually in need after all
  • Heavy
  • Flimsy mounting bracket

Titanker Bike Chain Lock

It is well known that Titanker is an expert in bike security equipment, and this best lock for kids manages to demonstrate how innovative and awesome their products are.

With 6mm thick chain links, this option needs sophisticated tools to cut, as it resists bolt crop and bottle jack attacks, which therefore absolutely outweighs any cable locks. Moreover, being up to 3.3 feet long proves the versatility of the locks, plus its high level of flexibility, making it easy to carry around.

One complaint is its heavy weight, so warn your kids over it in advance.


  • High level of protection
  • Highly Versatile
  • Flexible
  • Easily portable


  • Heavy

LITELOK Gold Wearable Bike Lock Limited Edition (Boa Green)

Compared to an U-Lock, this best lock for kids not only is much lighter but also gives your kids more freedom in internal space. But not because of that makes this lock prone to theft. The fact that it is rated Sold Secure Gold may make you surprised.

Another fantastic feature of this option is its lightweight and portability.

However, one small minus point is that it may not fit well to many sorts of frame and wheel as when I tried to attach it to my cousin’s bike frame.


  • High level of protection
  • Lightweight
  • High portability


  • Limited able-to-apply wheel and frame

A Complete Buying Guide: 5 Criteria To Consider When Choosing The Best Bike Lock For Kids

Still, being in two minds about what to choose? Never mind! We are here to assist you to find out the best lock for kids that suits you most. Check out our 4 factors below:

Addressing Your Desired Level of Security

Bike Lock Keys And Combinations

It goes without saying that the ultimate goal of a bike lock is to be a thief deterrent. Therefore, if not being well-lit on your purpose, it would be a hard job to eventually find out the most appropriate one for you.

The question now raises how to determine the right level of security you need?

Location Research

Bike Lock Keys And Combinations

It goes without saying that the ultimate goal of a bike lock is to be a thief deterrent. Therefore, if not being well-lit on your purpose, it would be a hard job to eventually find out the most appropriate one for you.

The question now raises how to determine the right level of security you need?

Location Research

The first thing you need right away is to research your location. In this section, we draw out several necessary questions that may be of great help to you:

1. Is it a crowded town, a metropolitan or is it a peaceful countryside?

2. Is it a prone-to-theft area?

3. Is the security service in your neighborhood highly qualified?

4. How much time does your kid leave his bike unattended?

Bike Lock Keys And Combinations

After answering these questions, make yourself fully knowledgeable about giant testing organizations, the two most popular and biggest are independent organizations Sold Secure and Holand’s ART.

Investigating into Sold Secure, there are 4 grading systems that a product could be placed on: Bronze, Silver, Gold and (new!) Diamond. These 4 are determined according to the period of time when a lock withstands any types of attacks done by screwdrivers, junior hacksaws, pliers, stilsons, steel tubes, ball-pein hammers, HSS hacksaws, punch sets, club hammers, TCT hacksaws, freezing agents, cold chisels, 24″ wrecking bars, scissor jacks, slide hammers and lock picking tools, some of which i have never heard about!

Sold Secure has by far the most lock tested in the market!

Unlike Sold Secure, Holland’s ART relies on a system of 1-5 rating which is therefore tougher and stricter. Even though, ART is now in charge of less tested products than its counterpart.

Though coming in for some sorts of criticism from the public, I personally believe in these 2 independent organizations. Being Independent makes them less reliable and less affected by external sources!

Your bike’s price and its intended purpose

Bike Lock Keys And Combinations

A not less important factor is the cost of the bike. The fact that you buy your kids a top-market mountain bike or you buy them a bike just to make up for the days when their motorbike is under repair makes a huge difference. Also, you need to think of the durability and the period of time through which the bike is in use.

Take A Meticulous Consideration of 4 Main Types of Bike Lock

There are 4 rudimentary sorts of bike lock that you could easily find in the market. Hopefully, evaluating their pros and cons will help you narrow your range of choices.

These are: Cable Lock, U-Lock (D-Lock), Chain Lock and Folding Lock


Cable Lock


Chain Lock

Folding Lock

Level of Security




Lower than Chain but much higher than Cable

Cost Effective




Cheaper than Chain

Easy to Carry around/ lightweight



No (heaviest)


Cases that I’ve review

Schwinn Anti Theft Bike Lock

Kryptonite New York

Schwinn Anti Theft Bike Lock

Via Velo Bike U Lock with Strong Cable

Titanker Bike Chain Lock

ABUS Bordo 6100/90 Folding Lock

Brand Research

It is undeniable that brand plays an indispensable role in the race of the best. High ranking brands often produce the best quality with the best design, but at a rather steep price, though.

Go straight to Google and it won’t take much time for you to find that Kryptonite and Abus are two of the most popular brand names.

In terms of quality, Abus ranks top in the market, lasting with plenty of tests from different organizations on durability, weather resistance and materials of its products, followed by Kryptonite, which outweighs Abus when it comes to customer service. This is proved in a multitude of programs that Kryptonite brings to its customer, namely anti-theft protection- a money back guarantee, or key safe program.

Another brand that has caught on recently is OnGuard, whose quality and service are significantly improved to keep up with Abus and Kryptonite. A fantastic unique feature of OnGuard is its products’ price, which is one of the cheapest among popular brand names.

Bike Lock Keys And Combinations

What’s more to be considered? Keys and Combination Codes make a big difference because of the convenience they bring.

Keys are likely to lose, but most lock manufacturers provide users with several backup keys. There are two sorts of keys, namely flat keys and cylindrical keys. While cylindrical option reported cases of being replaced by a ballpoint pen, the new manufacturers have fixed it, making it more reliable.

In terms of the Combination Codes, your kids are of no need to carry the keys everywhere with him. Instead, remembering the code is a must.

Bike Lock Keys And Combinations

Your Kids’ Wish List

Getting too obsessed with the level of security and brand names may make you neglect your kid's taste. This in fact is a big mistake. Since if your kid does not like the lock, or if he finds it immitading and hard to operate, he can hardly do a good job in protecting his bike. 

There are a number of wonderful things you should take into account, including the color of the lock, the design of it, or just simply the trend in your times.
Purchasing a lock that impresses your kids would make it a fantastic experience for them. It could make them more likely to lock the bike even in unnecessary circumstances, hence lower the risk of bike loses. Otherwise, they may get mad at you and perhaps throw the lock away!

Moreover, in choosing the best lock for kids, the lock’s weight is of great importance. The reason is simple, if your kids are too weak and young, they are not recommended to use Chain Lock as it is the heaviest of all, nor could they use U-Lock for not only its heavy weight but also its low portability, which may prevent them from enjoying their tasks when riding the bike. Instead, Cable lock or innovative Waist Wearable Lock might be an outlandish option.

Last but not least, any locks need a decent level and sort of maintenance for its long durability, check this video out, it would tell you the way to clean an U-Lock!

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Bike Lock for Kids


BEST Bike Lock for Kids FOR kids living in Prone-to-theft area


BEST Bike Lock for Kids FOR Storage, active kids who are always forgetful about their keys


BEST Bike Lock for Kids FOR kids love police and are interested in Detective stories, high security needed


BEST Bike Lock for Kids FOR active but forgetful kids


BEST Bike Lock for Kids FOR Younger kids living in prone-to-theft area

Kryptonite New York would always be the best lock for kids who are in need of a highly secure lock.

If you live in a prone-to-theft area, we suggest that the best option is Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket, as it is lighter than the NewYork Option but provides a high level of protection.

Otherwise, if you find a U-Lock as big and heavy and inconvenient to carry around, then think of ABUS Bordo 6100/90 Folding Lock and give it a thumbs up!

If your kids love police and are interested in Detective stories, also, if you need high security, then stop wondering as Master Lock Street Cuff Locks will be your destiny.

If your kids are active but forgetful, then choose Hiplok V1.50 Original Superbright Wearable Bicycle Lock. That prevents the case your kids are absent-minded, he needs not to worry about taking the lock with them.

After reading your reviews, have you found your best lock for kids? Get started and find your own on Amazon!

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