Top 15 Best Bowflex Machine That You Don’t Want To Miss ( Updated 2021)

If you are a busy person with a huge workload but still thrive to have a perfect body fit without going to the gym, bowflex machine is a good choice for you. It offers you a variety of choices with different exercises to let you build your perfect body form at home. After a deep research with scrutiny experiments, we proudly introduce you to the best Bowflex machine that you can take as a suggestion for buying a workout machine at home. 

best bowflex machine
best bowflex machine
best bowflex machine
best bowflex machine
best bowflex machine

Best Bowflex machine for a comprehensive work out exercises

Best Bowflex Treadmill machine

Best Bowflex machine for level of resistance

Best Bowflex machine for portability

Best Bowflex machine for affordability

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Top Best Bowflex Machine Reviews 2021

The name of this bowflex machine is “Revolution” . It brought to our attention that this appliance is an excellent development of a workout machine.  It offers the gymers more than 100 exercises. It is equipped with a Spira flex system  to provide resistance without inertia. It provides you with a smooth experience  when you push or pull. 

Next the machine comes with a vertical bench and leg press station, allowing you to perform a variety of exercises.

The machine also has a foldable and slidable seat that can allow you to practice aerobic exercise and is easy for storing. More than that, the Bowflex Revolution enables you to have up to 600 lbs resistance with the leg press station so you can easily build up your muscles as well as resistance exercises.


  • Good choice for gymers, one of the best bowflex machine
  • Easy to store with foldable chair
  • Variety of choices for exercise
  • Spira flex system, create resistance without inertia
  • Suitable for arm exercises with 10 positions and 170 degrees of adjustment
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Expensive
  • Mainly made by plastic
  • Some reviews mentioned about the weight and size, it may not fit into a standard house

BXT 216 is the perfect option for treadmill lovers from Bowflex. It is equipped with a high resolution screen, offers personalized coaching that can give you the result of calorie burned, and also the feedback to let you know about your derided goal. 

Moreover, it has morto inclined for 15%, allowing you to  experience workout intensity. The appliance has load capacity up to 400 lbs. From most of the reviews from buyers, they are experiencing a smooth, sturdy machine. We highly recommend it for any gymers loving to have a treadmill at home.


  • Have backlit screen
  • Monitor the progress of your workout
  • Personalized coaching
    Monitorized inclination up to 15 %
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Only focus on low-part exercise
  • Costly
  • Do not have lower inclination option

Unbeatable choice for portability with horizontal design from bowflex machine company. This machine  perfectly fits into your house, its length is at around 78 -79 inches. Despite its size, Xtream 2SE offers a comprehensive tool that you need to workout at home. It allows you to have up to 70 activities and has up to 310lb of resistance.

You can totally enjoy doing squat, bench press without worrying about changing the cables therefore your enjoyment when working out will be enhanced. Next, without changing cables between different exercises will allow you to perform more arm, leg, back activities and if you choose to upgrade, it is feasible. 

In addition to the machine is its warranty, the power rod has a lifetime warranty and one year from frame.


  • Portability
  • Offer upto 70 exercise
  • Lifetime warranty for power rod
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Pricy
  • It is not an option for people focusing only on cardio exercise.

An exclusive choice for professional gym lovers. This machine comprises 11 workout programs, mitigating your tiredness of repeating the same workout exercise. Easy to monitor and set your workout progress by simply connecting with your phone. It comes with a backlit screen, you can easily track your speed, calories through the screen.

Moreover, it provides more than 20 levels of resistance, enhancing the process of torching calories. Especially, it was built-in with high expectation of quality, lasting the longevity of the machine longer.


  • Magnetic shelf, easy to keep your phone
  • 11 work-out programs
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Integrated contact grip


  • Expensive machine
  • Need the help for amsbleing from the experts

The fantastic elliptical, M5 Max Trainer, is one of the best bowflex machines for you. It focuses mainly on groups of people wanting to have cardio exercise at home. The appliance has a high resolution backlit display, allowing you to interact with 8 workout programs and 16 resistance levels. 

Moreover you can stream the video content from a professional trainer through the MaxTrainer App which is free of charge. You also can set your desired calorie with the machine, and it will adjust the resistance accordingly.  Furthermore, the M5 Max Trainer is compatible with bluetooth 4.0 allowing you to connect to your phone to monitor how many calories you have burned.


  • Have high resolution screen, easy to watch training videos
  • Can connect with your smartphone through bluetooth 4.0
  • Monitor how many calories burned
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • High price
  • Not suitable for professional gymers

Bowflex M8 Max Trainer has a cheaper price compared to the M5 model. By purchasing the product, you are enrolled with an annual subscription, providing you with a personalized trainer, custom workout that automatically adjusts the intensity to fit with your workout.

The appliance combines a full-body, low-impact sensor that maximizes your workout to achieve your workout goal. The design of the machine is a bonus, it was designed with a horizontal shape that can be easily stored at home and it is not a heavy machine with smooth wheels transportation. Moreover, it provides more than 20 levels of resistance and lets you torch your calories quickly.

In addition, it comes with a sport pedal, enhancing your experience during workout time.


  • Competitive price to other model
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Horizontal shape,easy for storing
  • Bluetooth heart rate grip
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Not is an ideal for professional gymers
  • Need assistance for assembling

No products found.

It is a combination of a treadmill, stepper and elliptical machine, allowing you to experience from lower to higher exercise. You can easily monitor and track your workout progress through the app that can be downloaded from your smartphone. 

Speed range of the machine varies from 0.5 up to 4.5 per mile, along with 5 work-out programs such as: just walk, distance, calories and interval. Moreover, the strength of exercise allows you to burn up to 2,5 times compared to other models.  In addition, you also can monitor your heart rate through the rate zone light bar.


  • 3 combinations of workout machine into one
  • Easy to monitor workout progress
  • Heart rate zone light bar monitor, contact and telemetry monitor
  • Vary speed from slow to fast
  • USB charging port
  • Wheel transportation
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • It is heavy machine
  • Need assemble assistance from expert, may need to pay extra fee

Another competitive choice for a combination of 3 workout features in one. Compared to the previous model, it has a cheaper price but still offers you a comprehensive workout program. 

The difference between the model and the previous one is about the speed, the maximum speed of the machine is only up to 4 miles, less than 0,5 compared to the  TC 2000. Moreover, it does not support for monitoring health through the phone app as well as a designed workout program. Other than that, it still has all the features like TC 2000.

Most of the buyers are satisfied with the machine, they can easily monitor their workout process through a backlit screen.


  • Competitive price
  • Heart monitor through hand grip
  • USB charging port
  • Transport wheels, easy to move another room to another room
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Need assemble assistance from the experts
  • Does not have 5 work-out programs

Another choice for  portability bowflex machines, it is built in with the horizontal design minimizing the space for storing and it almost fits into any house. PR 3000 allows you to have more than 50 exercises from low to high level at your desire.

This machine has an affordable price compared to the other model but it does not mean it has less optine of exercise for gymers. The machine offers up to 30 strength exercises, you will not get bored of doing the same activities every day. Moreover it can generate from 5lbs to 210 lbs resistance, but it is not an ideal option for gymers with high expectations for resistance.

Another feature of the machine is flexibility, it can be switched into a rowing machine allowing you to focus on cardio exercise.


  • Affordable price
  • Have a media rack to store your phones or music devices during workout
  • Offers up to 30 exercises
  • Easy to assemble at home
  • Best bowflex machine for people just starting to gym
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Not an ideal for professional gymers due to the strength of resistance

This model is an excellent choice if you are looking for a wide range of activities. It offers you to have up to 60 exercises that you can build up your muscles, or resistance exercises. In addition, the machine provides a sliding seat allowing you to do aerobic rowing and leg presse. 

Moreover, this appliance could generate up to 210 lb of resistance and be available to be upgraded to higher capacity. Being built in with multiple cables permitting you to have different custom workouts. Especially, this machine can be foldable, you can store it with ease. We highly recommend it. 


  • Provide up to 60 exercises
  • Have a slidable seat, allow to practice aerobic rowing
  • Generate up to 210 lbs of resistance.
  • Easy for storing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Need to change the cable when switch to other exercise

A newly released machine from Bowflex, it has been sold since Jan of 2021. All weights you need from light to heavy are coming with the machine, easy to control by switching the dial. Therefore you will avoid clutter from the weights. Moreover, the barrel is 20 lbs of weight and 20lbs of curl, giving you extra weights. 

The appliance is easy for storing and it is an easy carry item.


  • Inclusive of all weights, easy to adjust by switching dial
  • Newly released item
  • Avoid cluttering


  • Only for arm exercise 
  • Pricey appliance compared to other models

This is the latest model of the dumbbell from bowflex machine company. Each dumb allows you to adjust from 5 to 52,5 lbs so totally maxium for 2 dumbells are 115 lbs. Furthermore it is built in with 15 sets of weights, easy to switch by dial system. 

When purchasing the product, you will have a more enjoyable time working out because there are no more dumbbells on the floor since everything you need was built in the Selecttech 552. Moreover, you will have the assistance from the trainer by simply downloading the app and following the instructions.


  • Built in 15 sets of weights
  • Latest model with dial system
  • Affordable price
  • Two-year warranty for weight plates and parts
  • Easy for storing
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Only for arm exercise
  • Could not switch to maximum weight for each dumbbell, 52,5 lb, at the first time

It is a good choice for an adjustable bench from a Bowflex machine. Using it is easy like a piece of cake, you can simply click the button to adjust the degree of the bench at your desire .It has 6 options for angles and a decline option. 

Selecttech adjustable is a foldable machine, so it would not be a challenge to you when storing at your home because it, for sure, will fit into any. Moreover, it was built with high-quality material that meets the heavy-duty construction standards, so longevity will last longer. Essentially, it can handle 600 lbs load capacity.

It come also with a complementary leg attachment so you can use it as an extension for Selecttech


  • Foldable machine, easy for storing
  • Up to 600 lbs load capacity
  • Built in with high -quality material
  • Affordable price
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Focus mainly on abdominal exercise
  • Not be compatible with power rod
  • Designed for only for stable exercise

Body Tower  is a good choice for gymer having a low budget. This machine still offers you fundamental exercise, up to 20, that you may be looking for. It is suitable for upper-body workouts. Easy to move from another room to another one as it is a light machine. 

In addition, the machine comes with hand grips and sling traps that are an ideal for abdominal work-out exercises. Next, Body Tower was built in with an non-absorbent cushioned so it will not take any perspiration as well as easy for cleaning


  • Lightweight
  • Well-suited for upper body workout
  • Suitable for abdominal exercise
  • Non-absorbent cushioned
  • Free delivery with in USA


  • Do not have lower part exercise
  • No resistance

How To Pick Up The Best Bowflex Machine

best bowflex machine

Is Bowflex a reputation brand

The company is a well-trusted company specializing in home gym equipment. It conducted a variety of scrutiny experiments to create the best bowflex machine. Therefore, you will not regret to choose the brand product as your accompany for your journey of working out at home

Spiralex or Power Rod Technologies

Bowflex machine company produces machines that mainly focus on full-body workout, enhancing the building of groups muscle. However, to make your goal feasible, gymers still have to lay on the development of technologies that can minimize the process to achieve your goal quickly. 

best bowflex machine

Currently, the bowflex machines generate the resistance mainly by using Spiralex or Power rod technologies. Spiralex technology creates resistance by calculating entire movements, so it will give you an equal resistance. 

On the other hand, the Power rod technology focuses on generating the resistance by adding more resistance through movement. It means at the first beginning when you start to work out, it will only give you zero resistance and the resistance will be added more after continuing movement

In the perspective of a professional trainer, they would highly recommend the gymers to choose Spiralex over the Power rod technology because it will effectively help you to build your muscle, for the other one, you have to adjust the level of resistance at your desire.  

Wide Range of Exercises

The Bowflex machine offers you a wide range of the exercises, it can vary from 20 to up to 100 exercises but each machine has its own feature, such as some machines only offer either upper-body exercise or lower-body exercises.

best bowflex machine

With the machines that combine more than three-part exercise, it would not be inexpensive. You should look for the machine that you want the most features for your workout program.

Moreover, an upgradeable option for the Bowflex machine would be taken as a consideration. Just thinking about someday, you would love to upgrade your lovely Bowflex machine with higher resistance but it turns out that it would not be feasible. At the moment, it would be a moment of regret. Mostly the products from Bowflex are upgradable, but we highly recommend gymers double check with the seller as well as our review so you can pick up the best Bowflex machine.

Free Shipping

It is an unbeatable service from Bowflex company. Regardless of the product you purchase from Bowflex, you will totally be eligible for free shipping. Therefore you will save a lot of money for delivering 

However, there should be a delay if you purchase the Bowflex machine on the weekend. Next the speed of delivery also depends on the location that you want it to be shipped. Please check all the information before purchasing the product, we will not want to see you to wait a long time to receive the Bowflex machine

The Dimension Of  Bowflex Machine

best bowflex machine

Falling in love with the Bowflex machine and would like to bring it back home. Hang on there for a moment. We urge you to think about the how big of your house, and how much space you would like to spend for the lovely machine.

Most of the Bowflex machine has an average height under 83 inches, for width is less than 78 inches and length is upto 96 inches. We believe that it most likely fits any garage if you want to place it there for daily exercise. The second place option should be in the living room

However, it is not an ideal to place the Bowflex machine into the bedroom due to its size, but if you are truly in love with the Bowflex machine and want to see it first when you wake up, we strongly believe that you will make it feasible for the space. 

Other than these things mentioned above, it would be a perfect spot, if your house has a workout room, so you can place the machine into it. It not only does save space from the other room but also you have a private room to enjoy every moment when using the Bowflex machine. 

How Much Bowflex Machine Will Cost You

It draws our attention that the main questions sent to us are about the Bowflex machine. So we believe that, you also have the most curious question answered when reading this part. 

Firstly, the price comes from your interest, how much you would like to spend for the Bowflex machine. The price can vary from 300 dollar and up to more than 5000 dollar. Depending on each level of prices, you can pick up the best Bowflex machine. 

Secondly, it should depend on your needs. If you are not busy and have time to go to the gym so purchasing an expensive Bowflex machine would not be a good idea. In fact, you should select the machine that focuses mainly on the exercise such as resistance activities, not the exercise building up muscles.

On the other hand, you are a busy person but still thrive to have a perfect body with 6-pack muscle. Spending more money for the Bowflex machine, you will not regret about it. It will provide you a combination feature from different machines into one. Therefor, you have a comprehensive workout exercise such as leg, arm, shoulder or resistance activities 

Last but not least,  Bowflech understands the financial struggle that a lot of people are facing, so it offers the gymer a great bargain that allows you not to pay all in one time otherwise you can pay a required amount every month, and the length of paying up to 12 months. Therefore, Bowflex is giving chances to everyone to have a Bowflex machine at home. 

best bowflex machine

How To Build Your Program With Bowflex Machine

With Bowflex machine, it can offer you different workout exercises from lower body part, upper body part or full- body exercise. It is up to your goal and your consistency.

Most of the Bowflex machine allows you to perform bench press, shoulder press, leg press and abdominal exercise. In some models having a sliding seat, you also can do aerobic exercise.

By setting up your workout program and following it consecutively, you will effectively let your muscles be maintained or recovered. And your muscles will not be overstressed and avoid any injuries that may occur. 

best bowflex machine

Does Bowflex Assist To Lose Weight

Absolutely! Bowflex machine not only does focus on building muscle, or resistance exercises but also it can do a great job to help you lose weight. However, you should look for the Bowflex machine that mainly focuses on losing weight such as the machine supports strongly to torch your calories or supports for  cardio exercises.

In addition, losing weight may not come in one day or one week or even one month, you need to be patient, consistent and the most importantly should come from your eating diet.  

Warranty And Quality Standard Of Material

When buying any products, warranty policies should be taken as a consideration. For a Bowflex machine, the warranty standard should be from 2 years for the weights and plates, in some models it is lifetime warranty for the power rod and one year for frame.

However, purchasing an extension for warranty would not be a big deal for any model of  Bowflex machine. And the warranty package is affordable and depends on the type of model and what part you would like to buy a warranty extension.

Regarding material used to produce Bowflex machine, the company puts experience of gymers as its top priority and to make it feasible, quality of material would be its consideration. As if Bowflex machine were made from a low-quality material, of course, it would not last longer and the experience of using the product would consecutively be disturbed. 

However, all the materials used for producing Bowflex machine are top quality and have been tested through different environments such as : hot, cold, humid weather or human impact. And for some models of Bowflex, they have even passed the scrutiny test which is a constructive standard. 

Do You Need Help From The Expert For Assembling

best bowflex machine

Most models from Bowflex are easy to assemble and set up. But we urge our customers to use the exeter service to have an expert set up the machine for you. Because they are well-trained and can get the job done quickly. The cost for it would be less expensive than paying extra money for any damage that you may make during assembling. 

However, if you choose to do it by yourself, Bowflex also provides you with the instruction paper as well as video attached with the product, so that you can follow it and set up your machine. But any damage occurs during your assembling, Bowflex may refuse for warranty. 

Maintaining Your Lovely Bowflex Machine

It would not be hard to maintain your machine and you totally can do it by yourself. If you do not clean it frequently, some parts of the machine will be rusty due to your spiration. Moreover, maintaining  your machine will make it last longer and you will keep having a smooth and steady experience when using the Bowflex machine.

Useful Training Workout Program

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Bowflex Machine

It is a big challenge for us to choose which machine is the best Bowflex machine. Because each machine was designed for specialized purposes and picking the best Bowflex machine would totally depend on your needs.


Best Bowflex machine for a comprehensive work out exercises


Best Bowflex machine for level of resistance 


Best Bowflex machine for portability 
  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best bowflex machine at the comment box below!

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