Top 13 Best Car Seat Cushion For Sciatica: For A Comfortable Long Ride (2020 Best Choices)

Feeling dread out every time you have to drive because of your awful sciatica pain? Well, sad news: it can be worse if you just leave it like that. For someone who suffers from sciatica, or just back pain and stiff neck in general, having a car seat cushion is very important to help you feel comfortable on a ride andcorrectly treat your pain. To find the right one for you, we’ve come up with the list of best car seat cushion for sciatica down below. 

Well, if you’re worried about your pain, then worry no more. Through hours of researching and reading through reviews, our list has got you covered. Read on before you buy anything to save you time and money. 

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Top 13 Best Car Seat Cushion For Sciatica Reviews 2020

Aylio Socket Seat

This one is amazing. No, seriously. Not only did it feel very comfortable to sit in, but the Aylio Socket Seat will also help you to recover from sciatica quite well. It’s designed with double holes that help to retribute your weight efficiently rather than just concentrate on one spot. It will make your sit bones and tailbone more protected and lessen the pressure on the nerves.

But it doesn’t just stop there. The Aylio Socket Seat is also covered with thick mesh, which will make you comfortable and cool all day. Say goodbye to sweaty ass-print, cause this cushion won’t let you have it.

In terms of convenience, this one has a handle with it so you can easily carry it around. It fits pretty easily on most car seats too so you won’t have to worry about buying another cushion when you’re not in the driver seat either. You can carry it anywhere you like honestly.


  • Double holes design helps your weight to retribute better.
  • Design smartly to help lessen the pain of sciatica.
  • Lessens the pressure on your nerves quite effectively.
  • Keeps your body cool.


  • The memory foam can harden after a long time. 
  • The zipper of the outer cover is quite fragile.

Desk Jockey Car Seat Cushion

If you like something to better your view when you’re riding, this one's for you. It boosts your height up a bit by stopping you from sinking to the car seat, which happens more than you think. This feature will also offer a clearer and more parallel view on the road while still feeling very comfortable to sit on.

From the first look at its design, you might worry about putting pressure on your tailbone. But actually, the Desk Jockey has a special curve designed for protecting your coccyx. You won’t have to worry about your lower back pain as well as your sciatica problems with this model.


  • High-quality material and smart design.
  • Comfortable and therapeutic.
  • Has a removable cover which makes it easy to be put in the washing machine for easy cleaning.
  • The grip bottom is non-slip. 


  • Can affect tall people's road view.

Aylio 0L-9ULV-QXNJ 

If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to carry around then Aylio 0L-9ULV-QXNJ is the one for you. Not only did it lessen the pressure you put on your pelvic plate, but also keep your tailbone, hips, and legs protected. The velvet cover makes it more comfortable and warm, while still pretty breathable and won’t leave you sweaty in your seat.

Its design also distributes your weight nicely and very evenly. Also, it’s very lightweight and has a handle for easy carrying. The only thing you should consider before you grab one of these is the cover comes in a light color, which means it can easily get dirty. But the cleaning is as easy as eating a piece of cake so you won’t need to worry too much about it. Nothing your washing machine can’t handle.


  • Do a very good job of relieving your pressure.
  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Distribute your weight very evenly.
  • Easy to carry. 


  • Get dirty easily due to the bright color cover.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

The everlasting comfort seat cushion is designed specifically to support the weight of your lower half body, reduce your pain, and aid your recovery from sciatica.

It's made from high-quality memory foam and has a non-slip bottom surface for a steady ride all day. Everything is smooth and soft so you can be comfortable. And it comes with a lifelong guarantee so you won't need to be afraid of buying a new one soon.

It comes in 5 different colors and is fully washable in washing machines for easy cleaning. It's also very lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • Smart design to ensure correct posture.
  • High-quality material.
  • Have a non-slip rubber bottom for a steadier ride.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes in multiple colors. 


  • Can leave a mark on your seat.

Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Another great product to relieve your sciatica pain and lessen the stress that is put on your lower body while sitting in a car. The Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion has a contoured design to separate your tailbone from the sitting surface so less pressure would be put on your pelvic area and your lower back.

By correcting your posture, this car seat cushion for sciatica will help your spine to be in the correct position as it should be, as well as make your blood flow easier to the lower region of your body. Thanks to its material, which is active memory foam, it can stay in shape for a long time.

The cover is made from mesh fabric and is very durable. You can easily remove it and put it in the washing machine for cleaning. This product also comes with a carry bag and a handle for easy carry.


  • Distribute weight evenly and effectively lessen the sciatica pain.
  • Design to reduce pressure on the coccyx and nerves.
  • Comfortable thanks to the active memory foam material. 
  • Can be washed by machine. 
  • Easy to handle. 


  • Might leave a stain on the car seat.
  • The boosted-up front can be inconvenient sometimes.

Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion

If you’re suffering from severe lower back pain and are looking for something that can support the lower half of your body nicely, then the Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion is a good product for you. This is an affordable yet high-quality car seat cushion for sciatica as its design has specially carved out parts to offer more space to your coccyx.

Your hip and back will benefit greatly from using this product. The Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion does a very good job of lessening the pressure you put on your nerves while sitting. Plus, it has a non-slip bottom so you won’t have to worry about it sliding all over the place. The clean up is easy as a piece of cake and nothing your washing machine can’t handle.


  • Effectively counter lower body pain, especially hip and back.
  • Good pressure relief.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Easy cleaning. 


  • Becomes hard after a while and has to be adjusted several times.

RaoRanDang Car Seat Cushion

If you’re looking for something that can help you with your sciatica problems in your daily rides to work or school, the RaoRanDang is a pretty good choice to consider. While it’s on the thinner side, it is still made out of memory foam and has a multilayer design for maximum comfort. It’s soft and comfy just like any high-quality car seat cushion. The bottom is also non-slip for extra safety.

And if you’re a lazy person, we have great news for you: the RaoRanDang is super easy to clean. This product is built to be anti-dust, water, and oil, which is pretty much everything that can dirty your car seat cushion. The cover is also easily removable and can be washed in the washing machine.

The only downside to this product is its thinner design. While this is great for short rides and average folks, long road drivers and heavyweight people won’t benefit as much.


  • Offers great comfort.
  • Supports your body quite nicely and comes in spacious size.
  • Not too thick to cause discomfort.
  • Secure. 
  • Easy to carry around.


  • Not very suitable for heavyweight people.
  • Not very good for longer rides.

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

For sciatica people, comfort is always the number one priority, right? Understand that the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced seat cushion takes it a step further by adding a layer of gel on top of the memory foam for maximum comfort. Not only did it do a great job of keeping off the pressure from your tailbone, but the gel also adjusts its temperature to your body so you won’t have any sweat problems.

Aside from doing a great job correcting your posture, the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced seat cushion is also easy to clean and carry around. Its cover is easily removable and machine washable and comes with a handle for effortless carry. And another bonus point is that if you don’t like the product, you can always return it and have your money back.


  • Has cooling gel for maximum comfort.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Comes with a handle and very lightweight, easy to carry around.
  • Helps with posture and lessen sciatica pain.


  • Can flatten out quick.
  • Doesn’t have a non-slip bottom or straps.

Edealyn 2H-8BKH-4DLP

The Edealyn car seat cushion is pretty unique when it comes to material. Rather than commonly used memory foam, this cushion is made of bamboo, which is great at correcting your posture and keeping your spine nicely positioned while still feeling quite comfortable.

It’s on the thinner side, but still very comfortable and soft to sit on. Plus, this thing isn’t sliding anywhere. This seat comes with straps, metal hooks, and elastic to keep it in place for maximum protection. Its cover is made from PU leather which is both durable and won’t fade out after a long time of use.

The only downside is other than your cars, the Edealyn car seat cushion won’t be compatible with other places, like your chair. But it will fit most car seats so it’s still pretty versatile.


  • Keeps your posture straight.
  • Durable cover.
  • Non-slip secure features.
  • Can fit most car seats. 


  • Only suitable for a car seat, can’t be used on a chair.

5 Stars United Seat Cushion Pillow

If you want something that you can place anywhere and sit on, this is the one for you. The 5 Stars United Seat Cushion Pillow can be put on your car seat, your chair, as well as any place you wish to sit. It’s also doing a very good job of keeping your posture correct and supporting your body nicely.

The therapeutic use is mostly for your sciatic nerves, as it lessens the strain you put on your lower half and your spine. This is great not only in relieving pain but also in recovery from sciatica.

It’s also pretty good with air circulation so you won’t have sweat problems any time soon. The cover is made from mesh fabric, which is durable and easy to wash.


  • Great at reducing nerve pain.
  • Corrects your posture and spine position.
  • Easy clean.
  • Can be put on any surface that you wish. 


  • Deflate after a few months. 
  • Doesn’t support heavyweight people as nicely.

Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion

If you’re looking for something that is comfortable yet can retain its shape for quite a while, then the Kieba lumbar cushion is a great choice to consider. The high-quality memory foam will ensure it will keep its shape even being used repeatedly. The gel layer also helps to keep everything cool and comfy. The non-slip bottom provides extra security and safety.

You can place it anywhere you like. It’s cheap, comfortable, and can last you quite a long time too. But it’s on the thicker side, so for someone tall or doesn’t like a thick cushion this product might not be suitable.


  • Its shape can last quite a while.
  • Made out of high-quality materials.
  • Has soothing gel.
  • Durable and easy to wash.
  • Non-slip bottom. 


  • Can be too thick for some people to use on their car.

TravelMate Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam Seat Cushion

The TravelMate car seat cushion is great for people who have sweating problems. Not only did they use high-quality memory foam for maximum comfort, but they also added a gel layer for cooling effect. The air circulation created by the design also helps to ventilate the heat and lessen the chance of you becoming sweaty. Everything is easy to wash too.

This product also has a non-slip bottom to prevent it from sliding around and causing discomfort.


  • Have gel and memory foam.
  • Breathable.
  • Has a handle for portability.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Non-slip silicone cover.


  • Doesn’t offer much support for your joints and spine. 

Cylen Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal-Infused Seat Cushion

This product is good at reducing your lower body pain, as it can adjust its shape and mold around your body for the maximum comfortable experience. It’s at a pretty affordable price too and surely can help you with your joints and spine problem.

This model is built durable and machine washable for effortless maintenance. The activated bamboo charcoal at the core also offers extra support to your spine. The one thing that some people might find it unsuitable for them is it can feel too bouncy.


  • Comfortable.
  • Has no smell.
  • Breathable.
  • Non-slip bottom. 
  • Durable and washable. 


  • A bit too bouncy.

Factors To Consider So You Can Choose The Best Car Seat Cushion For Sciatica

Can't decide what is best for you? We have the answers to some of the most asked questions about car seat cushion for sciatica below. Read on to find out more and satisfy your curiosity. 

Do I need a car seat cushion for sciatica?

While it’s not like owning a car seat cushion will magically cure your sciatica or anything, using one correctly regularly is very beneficial for you in the recovery process. It can lessen your pains and discomforts a lot, especially when you have to sit in a position for a long time. By lowering the pressure you're gonna place on your sciatic nerve, the cushion actually can help to improve your body.

And while it’s not the magic cure, the car seat cushion when doing its job well will help you with the recovery of your nerves by fixing your posture. It might seem as if nothing is happening at first, but after a long time using the car seat combined with exercising regularly, your sciatica will be much better if not cured.

What kind of seat should I buy? 

best car seat cushion for sciatica

There are many shapes of car seat cushion for sciatica out there and you might be confused about which should you buy? What is the best choice for you? Well, it depends on how you are planning on using it. Down here are the most popular shapes and how they can benefit you. 

Whatever you choose, the quality is the most important thing to consider. It must fit with your car seat and your body, as well as feeling comfortable.

Donut Shape

best car seat cushion for sciatica

Sitting on this kind of cushion is comfortable, but people with sciatica won't benefit much from it, especially during a long drive. This type of cushion is usually made out of memory foam, which will harden up after an hour or so. It will make you quite uncomfortable and can put more pressure on your coccyx.

Cycle Seat Cushion

best car seat cushion for sciatica

This type of cushion is great for comfort and lessens the pressure on nerves, but will increase the pressure on the pelvic once you sit in it for a long time. Also, due to its circular shape, it's not really the best to fit in a car seat.

Wedge Cushion

This is the best type of driving by far. Wedge cushions are designed to better your posture, relieve pressure from your sitting position, and can actually fit into your car seat seamlessly if you choose the right one. For people who often have to go on a long drive or spend a large portion of their day in a car, this is the best type for them.


You don’t want to pick up something that you might find hard to carry around when it comes to a car seat cushion. You don’t want something that can’t fit into other seats on your car either. Find something comfortable, versatile, easy to carry around for washing and travel while still fit on other seats in your car, not just the driver’s seat.

Pressure and Pain Relief cushion

If you have severe pain then you should look for pressure or pain relief cushions. These types of cushions have special designs that have points and holes to absorb a lot of pressure you normally would put on your sciatica nerves when sitting. Lessening the pressure you have will help you be able to feel more comfortable on longer rides.

best car seat cushion for sciatica

Core engagement cushion

This type of cushion is better in balance and makes your core muscles stronger rather than lessen your pain like the kind above. With that being said, strong core muscles mean less pressure your sciatic nerves are gonna withstand. It will help you to recover from sciatica in the long run.

best car seat cushion for sciatica


Posture is very important in sciatica treatment. Sitting in the right position will help your nerves to stress less, thus lessen the pain and help your sciatica nerves heal. However, people tend to slouch after they sit in a position for a long time. A car seat cushion for sciatica can help you feel comfortable while adjusting your posture to be better.


best car seat cushion for sciatica

You really, really don’t want to buy something that won’t fit nicely in your car seat. Too large and you’ll have a problem trying to put it in, too small and it will slide around. Too thick and tall people won’t see a damn thing. Too flat and smaller people will have to complain. 

Not to mention, if you are someone of a bigger size, then having a small car seat cushion can make your sciatica problems worse.

Another aspect of the size that you should consider is will the car seat cushion you get will fit into your car? There is something called “universal-fit”, which is like a one-size-fits-all type of cushion. But even those models can sometimes be unfit for your car seat, so make sure you check the measurement carefully.

Bottom of the line, get the wrong size and you won’t be comfortable.

What kind of material is the best for me?

best car seat cushion for sciatica

Memory foam

The best kind of car seat cushion for sciatica usually will be made from memory foam. This type of material constantly adjusts itself to your weight so it stays soft to sit on for a while. It also has air circulation happen inside, which means you won’t be sweating when you sit on it. 

However, because of its self-adjust feature, once it gets warm and starts to harden it can be quite uncomfortable for you to sit in. For short drives that only take an hour or so, this one is perfect. But for some longer rides, we wouldn't recommend this type of material.

High-density foam

Another type of foam is the high-density type. Unlike memory foam, this type of material can distribute your weight very evenly while holding its shape for quite a long time. This can benefit you greatly once you have found the right (the most comfortable) way to use it. You can freely enjoy the comfort during your longer rides without fearing you’d have to change your position from time to time.


If you need something really easy to carry around, but soft and comfortable to sit on, this type is the one for you. By changing the air pressure, you can always adjust how you like your cushion to be. Some like it a little bit on the hard side, while others might find the soft texture more relaxing.

best car seat cushion for sciatica

Liquid Gel

Another great choice is the liquid gel. It supports your body by molding after it and giving it the comfortable softness that your body needs. Also, thanks to its characteristics, this type of material feel very cool and can be a relief on hot days. However, like memory foam, the liquid gel also warms up fast and is not suitable for longer rides.

How about the cover?


If you suffer from sciatica and sweating problems, then polyester is a great choice. It’s water-proof and durable, which can last you a long time and you won’t have to worry about having to constantly change your cushion’s cover.


This is a very commonly used material when it comes to making the covers of car seat cushion for sciatica. It’s soft, it’s durable, and can do a perfect job of keeping everything protected.


For someone who hates having to clean your cushion’s cover all the time, nylon is a good choice. It’s water-proof, tough to get damaged, and lightweight. Sweat and other dirty stuff can hardly affect it.

Special Features

best car seat cushion for sciatica

Heated Cushion

This type of cushion is great because it helps you with the blood flow to the lower region of your body, which when defected can become one of the main issues that lead to pain in your lower back. By aiding the blood flow, the heated cushion will also help you with your pain and your recovery from sciatica.

Non-Slip Base or Secure Straps

You don’t want to sit on something that could slip and risk injuring you during your ride. Even just the slightest mistake in placing can have you feel uncomfortable and worsen your sciatica. Find something secure and sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about getting yourself hurt.


One of the most important features to take notice of is the support. How well can it support your body? Do you feel comfortable driving with it? Can it protect your body as well as it should? A good car seat cushion for sciatica should feel soft, comfortable yet sturdy enough to fully support your body weight. But most importantly: it must support all the spots of your pelvic region and the lower half of your body nicely.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough when sitting in it, pick something else. Having the wrong kind of car seat cushion can increase the pressure on your nerves, make everything more painful, and worsen your condition in the long run.

How can I keep my car seat cushion well-maintained?

Well, the most simple way is to always keep your car seat cushion clean. This isn't as hard as you might think. All you have to do is remove the cover, put it in the washing machine and it will take care of the rest. The only thing you have to consider is sometimes the dye that the manufacturers put in their fabric can bleed and affect other clothes you might put in with your cushion cover.

If you’re someone who hates doing the washing, then pick something made of nylon or materials that are easy to wipe clean rather than requiring constant washing. These models will last you longer as well as easier and faster to clean.

Can I use it on a truck?

best car seat cushion for sciatica

A car seat can be quite small for the bench-like size of a truck seat. They’re designed for cars, not for trucks so it’s easy to understand that they are only big enough to fit one person.

However, if you’re a truck driver, you can always pick something with a non-slip base or straps. If you have somebody sit next to you, then you should buy one for each person to ensure the safety of everyone.

Can a big person benefit from a car seat cushion?

Of course! As long as you pick the right kind you will be fine. You can check for the maximum weight limit that the model can handle, and see if it is suitable for you. As long as you don’t cross the line, everything will be alright.

A good rule of thumb to remember is the thicker the cushion, the better it can support your weight. Heavyweight people should buy models with more padding and have thicker foam. These models will support your body better by taking away quite a large amount of pressure from your weight on your nerves.

Air circulation

Like we’ve mentioned above, a breathable and cool to touch cushion can save you from the discomfort of sweat. This feature depends on how long your ride is, what kind of material your seat is made from, and the weather of where you live. Hotter regions will make you sweat more and your cushion cool less. Nylon is not really great if you have sweating issues too.

The last thing you want to be is a wet seat and sweaty body when you get out of your car, so the more breathable your car seat cushion the better chance you won’t have to worry about it.

It’s also important that you know how to place your car seat cushion correctly. You can watch the video below for more detail on that.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Car Seat Cushion For Sciatica

And we have our winner of the best car seat cushion for sciatica: the Aylio Socket Seat. It’s the unique design of this model that makes it stand out from the rest of these amazing products. You’ll have all the good features from the other models like durability, breathability, portability, and more. Most importantly: this product is great at correcting your posture and lessening your pain. You can also use it anywhere you like too.

Having this car seat cushion will aid you a lot in your healing process from sciatica. It’s smartly designed and will last you quite a long time. The best thing is that it works really really well and you can get many benefits from it at a reasonable price.

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