Top 13 Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet: Reviews & Comparison 2021

Do you live or work in a place where the floors are covered with thick, expensive carpets? And does that make it difficult for you to move your work chairs, or are you afraid that the wheels under the seats can damage the carpet? A reasonable solution to this situation is to use the best chair mat for thick carpet.

The use of these mats won’t only allow you to freely move around your workplace, but also help the carpets from not being harmed.

You will need to look for a chair mat which has the best quality to ensure the chair can move easily on it without creasing the carpet, but at an affordable price. So to save your time and effort, we have brought here the list of top 13 best chair mat for thick carpet.

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Top 13 Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet Reviews 2021

The first chair mat to be listed in the top best chair mat for thick carpet will be a product from MuArts. It has a standard rectangular design, up to 47 inches long and made of PlexiGlass - a material that is highly durable as well as very popular in the manufacture of chair mats.

The design of the product is extremely sturdy, can stand up to a weight of approximately 1200 pounds but is only 0.2 inches thick. Without a doubt, this is definitely the best chair mat for thick carpet that anyone should own one.

Plus it is an odorless and non-toxic product. You will also like its transparent design.

This product is sturdy and thicker than the other carpets available that make it possible to use well on both thick carpets and hard floors.

You cannot fold or curl this chair mat. It's also very friendly with the environment since it is made up of special non-toxic and odorless material.

The brand MuArts provides you with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support. This company has an extremely friendly customer care team and is always ready to assist you 24/7.


  • Made from high quality material
  • Work very well with thick carpet floor
  • Odorless and non-toxic product


  • Not really a good match with desks in L-shape.

No products found.

Next we will come to an Amazon Basics product. This is definitely a great product for you to choose for your home as well as your office.

This product is highly appreciated by us for its durability, it can be used well in many years without warping, scratching or malfunctioning thanks to its made of Polycarbonate material. It does not contain harmful chemicals, is odorless and is completely environmentally friendly. Flat design provides maximum convenience for the user to move the chair while working.

In addition, this chair mat is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. You do not need to clean regularly or use specialized chemicals. Just wash it with warm water and soap and wipe it off with a dry towel and your carpeting will be as brand-new as just bought.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable


  • Could be a little bit expensive

This is the chair mat that has surpassed many quality products from other brands to become the most purchased and used chair mat in 2020!

The product is made of transparent polycarbonate material but this time the product has been enhanced in terms of their compression compared to the previous version.

Durability, quality and safety go hand in hand when it comes to this chair mat. To protect a healthy environment, the material is free of harmful chemicals, and the company also offers more than 1 year warranty.

It is very easy to clean and you do not need any special cleaning tool. Just warm water and soap, this mixture does the job perfectly and easily!


  • Use non-toxic material
  • Transparent view
  • Easy to clean


  • Can be scratched with exceed movement

A too thick or too thin chair mat will not be considered as a good chair mat and will not be enough for the purpose for which it was made.

This Gorilla mat is made from polycarbonate material with the ratio of 100%, giving it the optimum thickness especially for thick carpets.

You probably already know about the material's unique properties, which are extremely durable and clingy. If you are still unsure about it, then I will have to tell you that when subjected to heavy loads, the polycarbonate won't even curl or break a bit.

If you own a nice carpet and really want to show it to everyone, then using this chair mat will be a good idea. The matching transparent design of this mat will give you a seamless view through it, while also making the general look more classic and professional.

To ensure that the mat is in its correct position, the designers have added a few small spikes to the bottom face of the mat. Furthermore, it allows you to comfortably work at your workplace, move your chair around easily. These spikes work well with every kind of thick carpet.


  • Made from high quality material
  • Very durable and strong
  • Has spikes to fix the position


  • Not really a good option for medium carpet.

This chair mat is made of 100% pure polycarbonate, thick enough to withstand the loads of heavy people and seats. Moreover, the smooth surface of the mat makes it comfortable to move the chair around without any difficulty.

In addition, the surface of the mat will not be concave or the edges will not bend over time which is proof of its extreme durability. Also, this chair mat also has a stone bottom surface. When placed on a thick carpet, it ensures a firm grip and prevents it from being moved off the thick carpet or floor.

Lastly, this product is also very easy to maintain and clean. You do not need to clean it regularly. To clean the carpet, just wet it with warm water and soap, and it will be done!


  • High durability
  • Easy for chair wheels to move
  • Use non-toxic material


  • A little bit expensive

Tempered glass chair mat? Very strange, huh?

If it's tempered glass, you've probably heard it before. The screen protector of cell phones is made of this material, which looks like glass but is much firmer and harder than normal glass.

The brand has used the same material like the one we mentioned above to make this high-quality chair mat, making it sturdier and more durable than the other chair mats in the list.

A small minus point is that the tempered glass is easy to get dirty. You will have to clean it regularly to make sure it always looks fresh.


  • Very durable
  • High quality material
  • Transparent look


  • Easily to get dirty

If you are looking for a beautiful chair mat to place in your work area, this one is definitely a good pick for you. The chair mat from StarCounters can be used well for many years. It is designed to withstand heavy loads and will not create cracks or dents unless the expected service life is exceeded.

The thickness of the material is nearly 3.2mm and its smooth flat surface prevents the seat's wheels from sinking inside the rug.

The studs have been mounted at the base for good adhesion to the floor on which they are placed. However, it should not be used on hard floors, and is likely to break under such conditions.


  • No odor and non-toxic material
  • High durability and long term usage


  • Could be a little bit heavy for some people

To protect your carpet from damage and to let your chair move freely around the desk, we have brought here another representative from Marvelux for the best chair mat for thick carpet.

It is composed of 25% recycled polycarbonate and up to 30% renewable energy, which makes this product even more durable and above all eco-friendly, robust and easily withstands the weight of seats and heavy people. Perfect performance is ensured when it is matched with a medium to thick carpeted floor.


  • Good protection for the carpets
    Very durable
  • Work well with heavy load


  • Metal chair wheels can cause a bit damage to the mat

No products found.

PThe next item will be named in this list is the one from Amazon Basics. This chair mat is made of solid, tough polycarbonate, with a medium load capacity. In terms of adaptability, it is suitable for all types of medium to thick carpets. Also the grippers are installed on the mat backside to allow it to adhere firmly to the surface.

Another great function of this chair mat that we cannot miss is that users can move the chair without any difficulty around the desk. In addition, it is also prized for durability as it won't easily bend, sink or break because of heavy loads.


  • Work well with many kind of chair wheels
  • Good value with affordable price


  • The size of the chair mat need to be improved

We can list some of the great advantages from this chair mat as follows.
The first is its super good protection against the day-to-day wear and tear of office chairs. The bottom is equipped with a modern anti-slip grip.

Next, this is also a product with incredible durability. The chair mat is very flexible and will not tear, crack, curl, break, scratch or change color; It works well on most medium to extra thick carpets.

Third, this product is also suitable for most decorative spaces. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors to complement any home or office.

Finally, this product is extremely environmentally friendly. Made of recycled vinyl, phthalate free and eco-friendly; it does not contain any contaminants as defined by Prop 65


  • Good protection
  • Good for environment
  • Highly durable


  • Not transparent view

Next let's come up with a product from Kuyal Office. This is definitely not a bad choice if you are looking for the best chair mat for thick carpet. First of all, we need to mention its thickness and ruggedness: 2.3MM or more. Made of premium PVC material, this chair mat is very sturdy and thick but also pliable to avoid cracking or breakage. It is absolutely reliable for long term use.

Protecting an expensive rug is important, and this chair mat does a great job. The ideal thickness makes it suitable for all types of carpets from low, medium to extreme thickness.

Its material also ensures that the mat does not tear or bend due to frequent use. The chair's wheels don't sink in the carpet either, allowing you to freely glide around your workspace.

In addition, it is also made from an odorless material, no toxic chemicals, very friendly with the environment.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Good protection
  • Long-term use


  • Work not very well with metal chair wheels

The first point to mention in this chair mat is its excellent ability to protect the floor and the carpet. It is suitable to place on the wooden floor as well as all carpets from moderate to extreme thickness. Its durability is also very high. You can freely move the wheel without worrying that the pad will break or scratch.

In addition, it uses transparent materials, you will not need to worry that this chair mat can affect the aesthetic of your workplace or room.

This product is made up of high quality material, providing complete protection for your carpet. It will avoid the daily wear caused by the seat wheels. Its surface is completely flat and has a lightweight texture. Using this product, you can easily move your chair around.

It is good for the environment as it does not contain phthalates and any heavy metals content. Your chair will not sink in easily. It is safe with no added artificial odors and will not discolor. This chair mat is compatible with underfloor heating.


  • High durability
  • Good protection
  • High - quality material


  • Can have some difficulty when cleaning it

No products found.

Another one will come in our list of best chair mat for thick carpet is a mat from the brand Matladin. This chair mat works best when placed on hard floors and thick carpets. The edges are designed in a downward direction allowing it to adhere well to the surface where it is located.

This chair mat is durable and will not break easily unless they come in contact with heavy metal seat wheels. So, it would be idealer to use it underneath the chair with plastic wheels.

Transparent design and limited thickness to just 1.4mm make it good enough for use on thick carpeted floors.


  • Suitable with many kind of floor
  • Very durable
  • Good design


  • Downward edges can cause some difficulties when moving the mat

How To Choose The Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet At Your Home/ Office?

So you have just read our list of 13 best chair mat for thick carpet after reviewing and experiencing them. May I know if you have any idea about the mat that will match with your home or office yet? 

In case, you are a little bit confused, well no worries, we are still here. You will find below some of our advice and tips to help you find the right one. 

Your carpet thickness

Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet

The simplest way to check the thickness of the carpet is to straighten the paperclip end, then dip it into the rug, across the cushion, until it hits the floor. Take the paperclip in a flat position with the carpet. (Make sure you don't rest your hands on the carpet.) Measure the distance between your fingers and the end of the paperclip. That is the thickness of the carpet.

The thickness of the chair mat

Although a simple chair mat can have a thickness of about 2.5mm, we still recommend choosing 3.5mm or more for best performance. If your room floor is using a super thick carpet then a chair mat with at least 5mm of thickness is ideal.

Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet

Chair mat size

Most office chair mats are rectangular in shape, although to protect the feet of the users, some products are provided with the lip extensions. The length and width of a mat can usually be customized, however the minimum ratio is 30 x 46 inches. The most popular ratio is 36 x 48 inches, suitable for typical office tables and chairs. Dimensions around 48 x 60 inches can be ordered as well, but its price will increase proportionally.

Building materials

PVC or other vinyls are the most common materials for chair mats, but their durability is not always good. However, they don’t protect the carpet from the concave impact of the chair wheels. There is a better choice when choosing material which is polycarbonate - the one which is quite popular in making mid-range mats. It resists curl and cracks, and the fibers generally hold a carpet more tightly than vinyl or PVC.

In addition, many manufacturers use natural ingredients to make chair mat, such as wood, sisal or bamboo. Tempered glass can be a good choice as well, although the price could be higher than polycarbonate.

Size of your home or office

Another point you should also note when looking to buy a seat mat is the area of the work area or the room where you will place the carpet. If your room or work area is too small, you will certainly not be too late to put a large chair mat there, right? It will look so redundant and rude. And the opposite is also true. Currently, brands offer their products in many different sizes, so make sure you check this information before choosing to buy a product.

Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet

Arrangement of your furniture

If you are a very perfectionist and want everything to be arranged together in the best way, then you definitely cannot ignore the layout of the interior when looking to buy a chair mat for your workspace. You can pay attention to some points as follows: what color is your furniture? And what shape and color should you choose for the chair mat to match them?

The shape of your chair mat will be determined by the way the furniture is configured in your office. One thing that you should never forget is that the sum of opposite sides of the mat must match. (For example - The sum of the transverse measurements on the projection surface should be equal to the sum of the horizontal lines on the bottom of the mat. The same applies to the vertical lines on the right and left sides of the mat. Check carefully and make sure they add up again.

How will your chair mat affect the environment?

Also, another point that we believe you shouldn’t forget, especially at this time, when we live in a time when protecting the environment is now the responsibility of everyone, that is that chair mat material is harmful for the environment or not. At this point we recommend using eco-friendly material, in particular pure polycarbonate will be a good choice.

The warranty and customer care service

Along with the features and specifications, you should also carefully check the warranty and the customer support services during the pre-sale and after sale period.

Make sure that the chair mat you purchase has the longest warranty time. The warranty defines that the brand will have the responsibility to assist you when your chair mat has problems.

You should pay attention to the warranty terms to make sure you completely understand it. In our opinion, you should choose the top brands since their warranties policy will be quite professional, meanwhile some low-price brands often try to ignore your complaint.

Just in case you are a little bit tired with these long paragraphs, so kindly get some rest by visiting a very informative video via this link below, it might help you to have a clearer view about how useful a chair mat can be for your work area:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet

With all the suggestions and product information that we wrote above, hopefully you will get the right decision to choose the best chair mat for thick carpet at your home or office

Just in case you are too busy to complete reading the full article, here are our top picks of the best chair mat for thick carpet.


BEST chair mat for long term usage

No products found.

Thick carpets always need more care than normal carpets, so no one can deny the necessity of having the best chair mats to use with these carpets since the seat wheels and their move can damage the carpet surface. The chair mats which are mentioned in this article will definitely not disappoint you and provide good protection for your expensive carpets. You can use these chair mats in the office and at home as well

I hope you enjoy our list of the best chair mat for thick carpet. If you like it, feel free to “like” it and we will be very happy if you can share it with your friends. Also, please don’t hesitate to leave any comment below this article if you have any concern, we would love to help!

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