20 Best Cheap Electric Skateboard Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide for Beginners

If you are a novice to the skateboard field, you might find the term “electric skateboard” quite strange. To put it simply, an electric skateboard can run without you pushing. Of course, there are reasons why this kind of skateboard is becoming trends, not because of its convenience only. This blog post on AGERN is to provide any readers with the most informative and briefest reviews for the best cheap electric skateboard along with some buying tips for beginners.

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Top Best Cheap Electric Skateboard Reviews 2020

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard

Although we have mentioned some Skatebolt models above, we still want to carry on this article with another model from Skatebolt for its excellence in design and performance. For sure, the appearance of this Breeze II will capture the look of everyone. 

Thanks to the double 350 Watt motor, this monster is perfect to get on 30% steep hills. Wheels that measure 100 mm are perfect to ride on difficult rides. And yes, these wheels are replaceable which will save you a lot of money later on. Battery power of this little monster is 6000 mAh. There are four braking modes ranging from soft to strong. You can simply adjust all of these via the remote control. For many models from Skatebolt, there are some warning lights on the board that will give you security while riding at night. 

Design of this model might appear to be a little bit appropriate for children only. Yet, for those who are adults, it goes very well with your vibes too. So worry less, enjoy more. 


  • Excellent design
  • Best wheels with four braking modes
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Take time to get used to riding it

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

In the medium riding mode, this longboard can run as far as 24 miles along with up to 7500 mAh battery. This best cheap electric skateboard is recommended for 25% steep terrains. With the powerful motors inside, this monster can beat others when its speed can reach up to 26 MPH. 

The board is a little bit high off the ground thanks to the wheels that measure 99 mm in diameter. The main color of this board is black that will never fall out of fashion. Impressively patterned on the board is the manufacturer’s name which will make all eyes linger on it for a moment. 

Skatebolt pays a lot of attention to the safety of the riders as well. They arm this monster with two red tail lights. These lights will perform their best when running during the nights. Fear not because these lights will help you inform other vehicles of your appearance on the road. 

The only problem we might encounter is the remote control. The Skatebolt’s remote control might give off a cheap feel to your hold and it also performs a little bit laggy after a period of usage time.


  • Warning red tail lights for safety
  • Great wheels with responsive brakes
  • Fashionable design that will not go out of fashion


  • Laggy remote control

Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard

There is nothing to worry about the durability and flexibility of this board for it is well made from 10 layers of maple wood. The outer coat is finished with black and shining bright ombre colors creating a contrast in the total design. However, every design detail just perfectly goes along very well. 

Reaching up to the speed of 22 MPH, this board is well equipped with double 380 Watt motors. Within only two hours, this board can be fully charged. It is also appropriate for 25% climbing hill terrains. 

It seems like Teamgee focuses a lot on the wheels of every board they introduce to the market. This board’s wheels are made from 90 mm PU which is not only good at distributing gravity but also excellent at providing you with security while on a ride. The remote control is not merely well connected with the board but also can show perfectly visualized status of the board.


  • 10 layers of maple wood
  • Shock absorbant PU wheels with instant brake systems


  • Unexpected disconnection with remote
  • Going-back mode problems

AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control

AZBO is no longer a new brand on the market for those who are skateboard enthusiasts. This little electronic board comes with a wireless remote that will help you to move with ease. Ah yes, remote controllers can also control brakes and speed as well. There are three speed settings so there is no need for you to worry that the board will run too fast (if you are new to the field).

The only thing that requires time to learn is how to use the remote to control the brake for a smooth stop. There will be a battery indicator to tell you whether it is time to charge. Charging time only takes two hours in total. 

The maximum of this electronic board can reach up to 17 MPH thanks to support of double hub 800W motors. The board is made totally from North-Eastern maple. This kind of material promises for stability and durability for a long time. One cool thing is, the wheels are made from PU which can absorb shock when on the road. This will not only ensure stability but also speed of the board.


  • Sleek design
  • Protective gear set included
  • Smart wheels


  • Battery problems sometimes

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser

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In case you are on a budget while looking for an electric skateboard,do not worry because VOKUL is currently offering a board with both friendly budget and good performance. This board is equipped with a 350 Watt hub motor allowing the riders to challenge any kinds of terrains. 

The braking system goes very well with the remote control. Thanks for this, you can make the board stop as long as you want to ensure your safety. This board can reach up to 13 MPH of speed and run as far as 10 miles after two-hour charging. The remote control is well made to firmly fit your hold. However, there might be some connection problems that pose a weakness for the board.

One manufacturer advice is you should bring this board to ride on the puddle or watery areas. Because the battery package is not water resistant. Therefore, it can totally damage your board as well as be very dangerous for you.


  • Friendly budget
  • 350 Watt hub motor suitable for climbing as well


  • Remote control connection problem

Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser Electric Skateboard with Bluetooth Remote

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A new gen skateboard from Voyager has entered the race to become the best cheap electric skateboard. We bet this skateboard’s stylish look will remain forever as the main color is black. This black coat will not fall out of fashion no matter in what era. 

This skateboard is powered by a 350 Watt electric motor. Weighing only 9.5 pounds, there is no worry about bringing it to anywhere. And yes, this baby will come to you with a bluetooth remote enabling you to be its captain whenever you want. The bluetooth remote can even track the available battery power and allow you to change the skating modes. 

Even you happen to get caught in the middle of the rain, fear not because this electric racer will bring you home. Yes, it can run even if it rains heavily because this electric skateboard is totally water resistant. The braking part performs well when you throw yourself off the skateboard. It is well constructed for stability and sturdiness. The top surface is smooth offering your feet an excellent experience when you stand on it.


  • Sleek design and strong construction
  • Two skating speed modes 
  • Easy to ride
  • Wide stance with big wheels


  • Decent weight support

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

The reason why we want to list this Razor product to become the best cheap electric skateboard is that its friendly-budget price is contrary to its excellent performance. Made out of strong maple, this electric rider can bring you anywhere you want to go. This is not only appealing in the appearance but also good at the speed with the 125 watt motor. 

The deck length measures 29.7 inches and it surely can provide you with a stable and enough large space to stand on when riding. The part to pay the most attention to is the battery. Without your care, it cannot last long. Anyway, all you need to do is stand on the skateboard with your hand holding the remote. And whoosh. There you go. The trucks are also equipped with high technology to boost stability when on the ride.


  • Contrasting and appealing design
  • Stable maple deck with hi-tech wheels


  • Battery problems

Blitzart 38 Inch Electric Longboard Skateboard with Brushless Motor

Classic as it might be, this monster is armed with a secured 36 voltage with 144 Wh battery. Thanks to this, the board can run as fast as 19 MPH as maximum speed. Within three hours of charging, this baby can reach its best performance. 

Two speed modes are available on the remote control by which you can easily control the board as your wish. There is a hold ability to make sure you can get in and get off the board all with ease. 

Completely made from the USA, this electric board can bring to you the best experience. Every board is well constructed with 6 maple wood layers, double bamboo decks. Each layer is well put on the other to create flexibility and endurability. 

There is a grip on the side of the board which will help you to stay balanced if you are new to the board. This can carry the maximum weight of 250 pounds. 

Blitzart chooses the Hub-motor for this model for not only smooth performance but appealing appearance as well. Additionally, the hub-motor board can run silently causing no frustrating noise at all. The most awesome part is that even without the battery, this board can still run thanks to the hub motor and your physical push.


  • Hand grip for balance
  • Stable speed
  • Smart motor hub
  • No sound at all


  • Patterns on the board falling off easily

Wookrays Electric Skateboard With Wireless Remote Control

With 350 Watt motors, this board has three different speed modes that range from 6.21 miles per hour to 12.4 miles per hour. The battery will take only two hours to be fully charged. When the light turns green, you know that the board is totally for the adventure. 

In case there is no electricity left in the battery, you can run it as traditional boards powered by your push. This skateboard is made from seven layers of wood piled up together. Concave shape is not only fashionable but can also keep stability for any rider.

The only problem about this skateboard is it has a decent size measuring 25,4 inch x 6.8 inch x 5.5 inch and can support the weight of 176 pounds. Furthermore, patterns on this skateboard might be appropriate for those who are young only.


  • Excellent remote connection
  • Good at accelerating and braking


  • Decent size

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard

A new candidate for the race to become the best cheap electric skateboard comes from the family of Alouette. Made from seven layers of wood, this board promises you with stability and a non-crack statement. 

One advice from the manufacturer is that this board is only suitable for 15% slope climb. So you should bear this in mind not only for the durability of the board but also for your safety. 

If you have been looking for a board that can both provide you with professional performance as well as fun experience, this electric board is worth your consideration. 

The dark color of the board and the red color of the wheels give off sharp contrast just making a bold statement to your ride. Well equipped with 250 Watt dual hub motors, this board can speed up to 165 MPH.


  • Excellent and fashionable design
  • Durability and incredible speed


  • Sudden battery showdown without proper care

WeSkate 35" Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

Delivering a good range, this monster can reach up to 10 miles for a ride. With only three hours of charging. This electronic board can bring you to anywhere you want to go. Battery power is 4000 mAh which is quite good quality for the affordable price. 

The board is made up from 8 layers of maple wood along with a hand grip on it to help any riders stay balanced. If you are new to this kind of sport, a board with a hand grip is absolutely ideal.

Remote control has recently upgraded, not only in the appearance but also in the connection ability as well. The newly upgraded model will give a firm hold to your hand while still well connected to the board. Still fashionable and still safe during the ride. 


  • Sleek design with a hand grip for balance
  • Decent battery power


  • Brake problems

BLITZART Tornado 38" Electric Longboard

Another model from the Blitzard is the Tornado model. Simplicity makes it till the end. This might be the focus of Blitzard when designing every model. From the sketch board to the final product, they try to bring the most minimalist design with the best performance. This Tornado model is made from seven layers of maple wood along with two layers of bamboo. A hand grip is designed on the board to make sure that you have a place to hold while out of balance. The total weight that it can support is up to 250 pounds. 

This electric board can reach its maximum speed of 17 MPH after one full charging. For the board to be fully charged, you only need to spend 2 hours and a half. The only problem you can find while using this board is that it cannot climb hills. So bear this in mind in order to protect yourself as well as this electronic board.


  • Responsive remote control with firm hold
  • Shock resistant PU wheels


  • Not recommended to climb hills

Kyng 38" Electric Skateboard with Wireless LCD Remote

If you want to upgrade not only your skating experience but also your style, this best cheap electric skateboard from Kyng is what you should consider. The board is made from eight layers of maple wood which will allow the board to last for a lifetime. 

The wheels of this board are replaceable giving you more choice to customize your powerful e-board. The board is equipped with 900 Watt motors which will deliver nearly no sound while running on the road. The power part is built with a Battery Management System which you might find as BMS. 

This will help reduce shock to the power part of the board if you are running with high speed. It seems like Kyng receives and learns a lot from customers’ feedback. And until now, they have delivered to the market this smoothest model which is not only shock resistant but can run on watery areas as well. 

LED safety lights are also equipped for your safety.


  • Simple yet sleek design
  • Battery Management System
  • Able to run on many terrains


  • Decent remote control connection

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Mini Fashion Gift S5 Motorized Skateboard

As the name already indicates, this electronic board is mini sized measuring only 20 inch x 7 inch x 5.12 inch. It also weighs only 7.9 pounds. Despite the decent appearance, this e-skateboard can reach up to 12.4 MPH and runs as far as 9.3 miles for one hour of charging. 

Made from seven layers of maple wood, this skateboard is also guaranteed with sturdiness. At first, the small size might be something very strange to you; but, you will get used to it very soon as it can offer you the best skating experience ever. That is not to mention you can bring it on vacation with ease thanks to its portable design. 

On the remote screen, you can see how much battery is left for your ride. In the meantime, you can also adjust the running mode for your fun moments. 


  • Incredibly stable and portable
  • Awesome braking system
  • Quick charging time


  • Suitable for newbies only
  • Decent wheels

Kyng Electric Skateboard With Wireless Led Remote

This electronic skateboard successfully marries the vintage style with modern vibes at the same time. Take a glance at it, we will immediately realize that the main design belongs to the traditional skateboards that are lozenge shaped boards. Yet, it is now equipped with a battery system that can help you reduce any physical attempts to make the board run. 

Along with it are some upgrades on the wheels that are shock absorbing giving you the smoothest ride. There is a gripping part on the board to help you stay stable (in case you are new to this electronic skating fun). The board is made from seven layers of wood so it can support up to 200 pounds. 

The remote is also easy to use and easy to understand. The LED screen will help you double check the battery status as well as control the running modes of the board under your feet. 

For those who wish to see your good old (skating) days along with the modern technology, this best cheap electric skateboard from KYNG is worth your investment.


  • Vintage look
  • Upgraded wheels
  • Responsive remote control


  • Not good on hills

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard With Wireless Remote

Being able to support up to 180 pounds, this portable board can reach up to 13 MPH with approximately 8 miles in range for a fully charging time. This maple board measures 30 inch x 8.3 inch x 4.4 inch and you can easily bring it to anywhere you want to. This monster from Hiboy has four speeding up modes that will satisfy all of your desires. 

The problems you can find while using this chick is that the battery part can get hot easily. This will affect a lot to the lifespan of an electric skateboard. When it gets overheated, the board cannot reach its maximum prowess. Another weakness is that wheels do not perform well as it might not deliver a smooth ride. 

After all, this electric longboard is suitable for newbies for its portability and being easy to control.


  • Easy to use
  • Short charging time


  • Cheap wheels
  • Overheated battery part problems

OppsDecor Electric Skateboard Youth Electric Longboard

Another portable skateboard, however can become one best cheap electric skateboard, is this model made from seven layers of wood. This kind of construction will not only give the board a longer lifespan but it also provides you with the most fun skating time. 

This board can speed up to 12 MPH as it is equipped with 29.4 Voltage 2200 mAh battery. This board is suitable for both advanced skateboard lovers as well as beginners. 

The medium size with the easy hand grip also allows you to bring the skateboard as a constant companion. The most exciting part of this skateboard is that it is suitable to climb hills and somewhat steep terrains thanks to the big wheels and off-ground design.


  • Portable and simple design
  • Suitable to ride on hills


  • Battery problems in watery areas

Devo Electric Skateboard, 12 MPH Top Speed, 350W Singal Motor

Along with the 350 Watt single motor, this skateboard is the best option for both newbie and advanced skateboarders. Battery power is 2000 mAh and it will take you about two hours to fully charge this monster. 

Remote control that is perfect for firm hold will keep you stay updated for the battery status. In the meantime, it can also help you to control the board, whether to speed up or to stop. 

The surface of the board is non-slip so that it can promise you to protect your fun experience while on a ride.


  • Simple usage and charge
  • Non slip surface


  • Brake problems
  • Battery shut down sometimes

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard Dual Brushless Motor Longboard

If you are wanting to steal all of the spotlight wherever you go, this Hiboy S22 electric board model is totally designed for you. There are up to seven layers of maple wood to build up the main board. This promises any riders with its durability and flexibility. 

The biggest plus for this board is its response to the remote control. All you need is to simply control the remote and this little baby will completely be under your command within a second. This kind of teamwork will make the board be one of your best companions. 

All of the abilities of this electronic board can be found on the remote. Everything from speeding up to braking is within your hand. When your baby is out of battery, it will give off sounds of beep beep beep. That is time you should charge the board. Common charging time is about three hours. 

The 350 Watt dual hub motor can not only help this board reach up to 18.5 MPH but can empower it to run as much as 13 miles after one charging time. The smart design of this S22 can bring you and your electric companion up to the hill with ease. A 20% grade hill is recommended for your safety. 

One more advice is that if you are new to skateboarding, you should find a friend to help you in case of falling. Because the board can accelerate almost too fast for any newbie. For all of the things we have mentioned, this really deserves to become your best cheap electric skateboard.


  • Stealing-spotlight design
  • Seven layers of maple wood
  • Quick response from the remote control
  • Hill climbing ability


  • Not appropriate for newbie

Hurbo 35.4 inch Electric Skateboard

If you are on a tight budget, yet still want to have an electric skateboard, this model from Hurbo brand is worth the consideration. Equipped with the 24 voltage 2200 mAh battery, this skateboard can speed up to 20km per hour. Within a period of two hours only can you fully charge this monster. With this battery, the skateboard can stay active for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Coming with this electric skateboard is a wireless remote that allows you to control it easily. The hard maple deck promises to keep you stable and will not crack easily. The maple deck is not only smooth on the surface but the fashion feel it gives will remain as time goes by. You can also adjust the trucks to your favorite height and enjoy the race. 

It seems like this model from Hurbo is more appropriate for kids and teenagers who just start falling in love with skating. The speed it can reach is not a plus for the advanced players. 

Although this skateboard is not suitable for steep paths, it is perfect for anyone to get along the neighborhood just for fun.


  • Stable maple deck
  • Quick charge


  • Not suitable for steep areas

Buying Tips For Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

best cheap electric skateboard

Ah yes, we acknowledge that you might be struggling to find out what electric skateboard is the best for your skating life. But do not rush into anything, especially for those electric stuff. What you need now is time and effort to read and research. Only by this way can you have enough and precise information for the best cheap electric skateboard. 

There are numerous brands, sellers, and models for e-skateboards out there. But there are a few key features we need you to carefully consider when choosing an electricity-powered board.


best cheap electric skateboard

This question you can ask and answer on your own. There are multiple options for you on the market now. But how much money will you be willing to pay for your best cheap electric skateboard? Make it clear at first and the journey ahead will be much easier for you. If you are on a tight budget, just keep it clear in your head. There are, of course, many good skateboards out there with an affordable price.

Types Of Terrains

Will you use the electric boards to ride on roads leading to companies or schools only? Or will you use these monsters to climb hills and risky terrains? And yes, different terrains will require different board designs, especially the wheels. 

best cheap electric skateboard

You can pick a board with large wheels made from rubber as they are suitable for nearly all terrains and will provide a smooth experience. The high off-ground boards are also perfect for climbing steep and rough areas. 

It is never recommended to try your electric boards on dangerous roads or hills as it might pose unexpected threats not only to the boards but to you as well.


best cheap electric skateboard

If you are new to skateboard, we highly recommend you take the board with medium speed only. Because once you bring a board for advanced players home, you will figure out how much effort you have to make to get used to its speed. That is not to mention if any damage will be caused when you cannot control the speed.

For this part, you should focus on the motor of each board. Some with decent speed will give you stability as well. So carefully consider this.


best cheap electric skateboard

Although you can push the board when it is out of battery, it is important to check the battery size before you purchase any electric board. Battery and range will come and support each other. The more battery, the longer ride. That is simple. 

One thing to consider is that some big battery sizes might be prohibited on airplanes. Therefore, it is important for you to check the restrictions of airplanes carefully. You will not want your holiday to be ruined only because you are careless to check the battery restrictions on your best cheap electric skateboard.

Warning Lights

best cheap electric skateboard

Some riders might not use the board at night. But what if in case of emergency? When you pull out a skateboard only to realize that there are no lights at all. This might pose a danger to your security. So if you have to use the board much at night, you can consider buying an electric board with warning tail lights. 

If you are on a tight budget, you can equip your electric companion with some LEDs. Here is the video for the DIY Leds for your electric skateboard: 


Commonly, all of the brands are now making lightweight electric skateboards. Thanks to their decent weight, you can bring these skateboards on vacations or wherever you go. But if you are often on the move, we recommend you check the weight of each model on the product description.


best cheap electric skateboard

Even if you are an advanced skateboarder, taking brake systems into your consideration is something of the uppermost importance. Ask the sellers first or read carefully through all of the model’s reviews. If there is any problem with the brakes, you should be careful. Once you have stepped on the board with brake problems, nobody will know what can happen next. The more braking modes the board has, the more safety you are ensured. It might take you a while to get used to how your board’s braking system works. But you should invest time to learn how to control the brake carefully. 

What we want you to remember is, skating is fun. But it is more important to keep yourself and people around you safe.


best cheap electric skateboard

Regarding the warranty, you should take careful consideration when it comes to electric stuff. Because buying electricity is sometimes like gambling. It still depends on your luck. The lifespan of each product might not be as long as the product description can state. Ask the seller carefully about the warranty and their policies. You will not want to spend time and effort in the future arguing about checking and repairing your electronic skateboards.


best cheap electric skateboard

Question 1: Is maintaining balance on an e-skateboard is difficult?

The truth is, if you are completely new to skateboarding (in other words, you have not tried to skateboard once in your life), maintaining balance is truly a difficult task. And it is even much more difficult to stay balanced on a board that can move itself. But good things take time. You can practice it and all you need is time and effort (and sometimes a friend who is experienced in skateboarding to help you). 

Question 2: Can electric skateboards be used just like traditional boards?

Long story short, yes, it can. But we do not recommend this kind of usage. The design of an electric skateboard is only suitable to run with electricity-powered motors. If you use your own physical push to operate the board, it can shorten the lifespan of the board. Therefore, only when the battery is out of power will you use it physically. If not, just let it be the way it is supposed to be. 

Question 3: Is it a must to have LED lights on e-boards?

No, it is never a must. But it is highly recommended. An e-board with LEDs or with DIY LEDs is not only safe for the board riders but also for other commuters on the way. LEDs will help the skateboard riders to be visible to other people on the roads. This will help reduce unwanted crashes. 

Question 4: What is the best material for skateboards?

This question has been asked a lot however there have been no specific answers to this. Because each skateboard’s material is used for specific reasons. But commonly you can find tons of boards made out of bamboo, maple, fiberglass, etc. Sometimes they combine two kinds of woods together. This is to make the board endure weight and stand the test of time. 

best cheap electric skateboard

Question 5: Is electric skateboard waterproof?

No, it isn’t. There is no electricity-powered stuff that is waterproof. However, they can stand the possibility of being water resistant. Those boards that are water resistant will be certificated with IP-56 or IP-65. You can check it by yourself when buying an electric skateboard. 

One more thing to remember is, the more you protect your electric skateboard, the longer it can stay with you. 

Questions 6: Electric skateboards are for adults only, aren’t they?

No. Skating is for everyone, even the kids (between 6 to 10 years old). There are multiple portable designs of e-skateboards on the markets now. Those mini-sized boards are suitable for not only adults but kids as well. Maybe this is because manufacturers are attempting to reach more customer segments. But it won’t bother the riders much as the mini-sized boards are portable and lightweight to bring along.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

After all, we have picked out five candidates for your best cheap electric skateboard. Of course, this is all based on our expert team’s knowledge as well as research. You can also check for further information of more models you like on the market as well. Bear in mind that you should check the update time of the article to make sure the information is up to date. Because technology changes every minute, you will not want to invest a sum of money only to get back something that is out of fashion. 

Still, below are top five choices for your best cheap electric skateboard:

No pain, no gain. To grab this fun skating fun moment, you need to invest time to consider what board model is the best for you. But trust me, you will never regret researching and reading more information before purchase. It will save you in the future!

For further thoughts and discussion, do not hesitate to leave us a comment. We would like to share and discuss any problems with you. We hope this piece of article will help you to some extent to find out your best cheap electric skateboard.

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