Review Of Top 15 Best Combo Grills: A Step-to-step Buying Guide In 2020

If you are interested in getting a grill for barbecue but can’t decide between using charcoal or gas, the best combo grills is exactly what you need. 

Combo grill, which is also known as hybrid grill, combines benefits of grilling using charcoal and gas. While using gas gives you convenience, taking less time to heat up, charcoal gives your food an authentic smoky flavor. Therefore, a combo grill will give you the best of both worlds, saving you the pain of choosing between these types of fuels for grilling. 

This article will guide you on how to choose the best combo grills and give you the top 15 best combo grills.

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Top Best Combo Grills Reviews 2020

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo

This combo grill allows the user to choose the cooking method between charcoal, liquid propane and smoker. It also gives users a total of 1,060 square inches of cooking space. The grills are completely separated, allowing you to cook with different heat, different methods at the same time.

It also comes with a shelf underneath for storage, as well as a side burner, giving you extra space. There is also an air vent that can be adjusted and temperature gauges on the gas grill, giving you extra control over the heat and smoke. Another point for this combo grill comes from its lids, which were Cool Touch steel handles, keeping the lids safe for you to take a grip.

The best combo grill for people who want to smoke along with a grill.


  • High durability
  • Diverse cooking method
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lack of hooks to hang utensils
  • Poor shipping might damage the product

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Grill

With this combo grill, users have a cooking capacity of 63 square inches, meaning it can cook up to 13 burgers at the same time. The Touch-N-Go gas ignition system allows charcoal to be lighted up with gas, saving a lot of time while still being able to enjoy the flavor of charcoal grill food. 

The design of this product also allows users to clean it up easily using a removable, high-capacity, aluminum ash catcher. For extra storage, there is space beside the grill as well as a weather-protected bin to store charcoal. 

The grill also comes with an app with instructions and a timer to keep track of your grilling.


  • Wide workspace
  • Excellent warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • No lid on fuel bin
  • Limit storage underneath
  • Heavy

Blossomz Dual Fuel Grill

This combo grills from Blossomz offer a total of 188 sq of warming rack space (89 charcoal, 99 gas) and 557sq of cooking surface (262 charcoal, 295 gas), can cook up to 32 burgers at the same time. This means it would be the best combo grill for small gatherings.

It comes with an extra side gas burner and a shelf, hooks to hang grill tools and a storage area at the bottom. All these features offer users space to store utensils and fool conveniently. 

Temperature gauges on the gas side and the ability to move the charcoal closer and further away from the grill plates help you easily adjust the heat on both grills. The charcoal tray can be slid out to remove the used charcoal, making it safer & simpler to clean up.

The grill also comes with 2 wheels, making it extremely convenient to move it when needed. 


  • Easy to use
  • Easy and safe to clean up
  • Good customer service
  • Adjust temperature conveniently


  • Need to be assembled by the buyer
  • Take times to assemble
  • Low-quality material

Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill

This grill offers you 1,260 square inches of cooking space (gas and charcoal) as well as a side burner for additional cooking capacity. The side burner cover can be folded down when not in use, giving additional space. There are also wheels for portability. A shelf underneath and a shelf on the side give you extra storage capacity. 

There is electronic ignition to fire up quickly and easily on the gas grill. Adjustable charcoal grates makes it easier to control the temperature and to clean up. There are also warming racks on both grills, making it more convenient for grilling. You can also adjust the air vents of both grills as well as keep track of the heat with a thermometer on both grills. 

The best combo grill for holding a party or a large gather.


  • Wide grilling space
  • Gas starter to save time
  • Easy to adjust the temperature
  • Convenient to clean up
  • Cooks efficiently


  • Low durability
  • High maintenance/ fixing fee
  • Difficult to set up

Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Hybrid Grill

This combo grill offers you the convenience of converting between gas and charcoal grill without any tool. It comes with 540 square inches of total cooking area, including 120 square inches of warming rack as well as a side burner. This means you can use both a gas and charcoal grill in a portable device.

This Gas2Coal combo grill also gives you a side shelf for storage. With porcelain-coated, cast iron grates as well as the stainless-steel burner make this combo grill extra durable.

To have control over the temperature as well as to keep track of preheat status, this model comes with electronic ignition and temperature gauge. 

Char-broil offers users up to 5 years of warranty on all burners, 2 years on lid and firebox and 1 year on other parts. This is the best combo grill for small gatherings or a family barbecue.


  • High-quality material
  • Save space
  • Good warranty


  • Take times to assemble
  • Difficult to clean up
  • Can’t adjust the charcoal tray

Royal Gourmet ZH3002-S

With this combo grill from Royal Gourmet, users have 742 Square of cooking space (577 square of cooking and 165 square of warming) and side tables with hooks on both sides, giving users extra working space. A slide-out ash pan and an oil cup make it easier to clean up. 

Two casters with two wheels make the grill portable but still sturdy. Users can also control the temperature with gauges, adjustable charcoal tray and air vents. In addition, the charcoal tray can be adjusted using a handle, which means it would be safer to control the temperature. Three burners quickly and evenly heated the gas grill.


  • Two side tables for extra space
  • Easy to clean up the charcoal grill
  • Portable


  • Unclear instructions
  • Low durability

Royal Gourmet ZH3003 Dual 3-Burner

With this combo grill, you have a total cooking space of 810 square inches (600 of cooking and 209 of warming rack). The stainless-steel burner helps the heat to be evenly distributed. The charcoal pan can also be safely adjusted using a handle. In combination with air vents, this allows the user to have more control of temperature. Users are also offered extra storage space under the grill and on the sides.

There is a removable grease cup and tray design under the gas grill and a removable ash dump tray design under the charcoal grill, making the cleaning up easier. The two grills and lockable casters help the grill to be portable but also stable.


  • Simple instructions on assembling
  • Quick and even heat
  • Easy to clean up


  • Damage to parts due to shipping

Char-Broil Deluxe 1010 3-Burner Combo Grill

No products found.

This Char-Broil combo grill comes with 505 square inches of cooking surface and extra storage with a side shelf and two-door rolling carts. There is also a side burner that can give users extra cooking space. This combo grill also comes with four wheels, allowing users to freely move the grill.

Along with gauges on the gas grill, the charcoal grate is adjustable, allowing more control of temperature. The producer also offers easy clean up with a slide-out ash pan.

This product also comes with a feature called make sure this fits, making finding compatible accessories easier by entering the model number.


  • Easy to move around but steady
  • Side burners
  • Side shelf


  • Low durability
  • Tray too big for cleaning up
  • Can be damage due to shipping

Char-Griller 5030 2-Burner Dual Function

With this combo grill, the user has a total of 870 square inches of cooking area, including 606 square inches for primary cooking and the rest for warming the rack. There are two burners on the gas side. It also offers a side shelf and hooks for extra storage. 

With air vents, adjustable charcoal grates and gauges, users will have more control over temperature. This combo grill is also compatible with an extra firebox. There is also an ash pan, coated with porcelain for easy cleanup. 

The best combo grill for a family barbecue, since it won’t take too much space.


  • Easy to clean: small porcelain-coated ashtray
  • Easy to assemble
  • Save space


  • Little temperature control
  • Poor customer service
  • Low durability

Dyna-Glo DGB730SNB-D Dual Fuel Grill

This combo grill offers 952 square inches of cooking surface, including 222 square inches of warming rack, which means users can use up to 38 burgers at a time. 

Adjustable charcoal trays and electronic ignition give users more control over temperature. Regarding the charcoal tray, users can also conveniently load more charcoal from the front. This tray can also be removed, making clean up easier. 

For extra working space, there are side tables as well as tool hooks and towel bars on both sides. These side tables can hold up to 25 pounds and can be folded when not in use.


  • Well-packed
  • Simple assembling
  • High durability


  • Risk of incomplete delivery: 1 out of two packages
  • Heavy

Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 Model PS9900

With just this combo grill, you have up to 4 options of cooking method: liquid propane gas grill, charcoal grill, smoke or sear. The primary cooking space is 860 square inches and the space for the warming rack is 100 square inches. There is an adjustable charcoal pan (available to 6 levels) which makes it easier to control the temperature of the charcoal grill. The shelf underneath offers an extra storing place. 

This is the best combo grill for someone who wants to grill in different ways.


  • Diverse in cooking methods
  • Easy cleaning
  • Sturdy


  • Takes time to change from liquid propane to natural gas
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Heavy

Char-Broil Gas2Coal 4-Burner Liquid Propane and Charcoal Hybrid Grill

With this grill, users are offered 710 Square inch total cooking area, 530 Square inches of primary cooking area and 180 Square inch warming rack. This grill also offers users the ability to switch from gas to charcoal in less than 60 seconds. The charcoal is also lighted up with gas, saving you time. Charcoal will be placed on the two removable trays, which allows the user to use both a gas and charcoal grill at the same time. Since the trays and grates are removable, cleaning up would be easier. The grill also comes with a side burner and a side table, allowing extra space for cooking and working.

With a Char-Broil Gas2Coal combo grill, users are provided with a warranty of 5 years for burners, 2 years for the firebox and 1 year for other parts.


  • Wide cooking space
  • Side burner
  • Quick charcoal light up


  • Heavy
  • Can’t adjust the charcoal trays
  • Take times and effort to assemble

Char-Broil Standard 10103-Burner Combo Grill

This combo grill offers you a total of 505 square of primary cooking surface along with a side burner. The charcoal grate is adjustable using a crank, making it safe and easier to control temperature on the charcoal grill. Regarding the gas grill, there are three gauges for three burners, provided the user with control over temperature. There are four wheels for portability. 

There is extra storage from the shelf underneath and a side table. 

This product comes with a make sure this fits feature, therefore, finding compatible accessories easier. All you need to do is enter the model number to make sure the accessory fits.


  • Side burner
  • Side table
  • Make sure this fits feature


  • Difficult cleaning up
  • Difficulty adjusting charcoal grate
  • Difficulty in assembling

American Muscle Grill Freestanding Dual Fuel

This grill offers 1,105 square inches of cooking surface as well as warming racks. Freestanding grill design allows users to use wood, charcoal and/or natural gas at the same time. This means there are plenty of cooking methods as well as cooking surfaces.

This grill also comes with heat resistant BBQ gloves to safely add fuel to the grill along with a multi-purpose grill tool. There is plenty of storage and working space.

The producer provides a lifetime warranty on the grill and burners.


  • Wide cooking surface
  • Wide working place
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavy
  • Take space
  • Excessive cooking surface

Coyote Centaur 50-Inch Dual Fuel Grill

This grill offers up to 1200 square inches of cooking space. There is plenty of storage space underneath the grill. Users are offered the ability to cook with both charcoal and propane gas, with electric ignition to quickly start the grill. You can also control heat with adjustable charcoal trays and airflow with dampers. The thermometer on both grills can also help you in keeping track of the temperature. 

There are four wheels, offering the ability to move this grill around. This combo grill also comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.


  • High durability
  • High-quality material
  • Wide cooking space


  • Limit working space

What To Consider Buying A Combo Grill: A Buying Guide

As you decided that you want to buy a combo grill, but still not sure which one it is for you. In the following parts, I will suggest to you the elements that should be considered when buying to find the most suitable grill.

What Is A Combo Grill?

best combo grills

There are two types of hybrid or combo grill. One is the kettle-style, which lights your charcoal, but is then turned off once it's fully alight. The other is the twin grill style, which has separate charcoal and gas grill.

Size/ Cooking Space

The physical size, cooking space as well as storage space of a combo grill are elements you should take into consideration. This depends on how many people you would normally serve. 

best combo grills

While a specific cooking space might not be enough for someone, it could be plenty for others. You can also consider the suggestion from the producer to know how much a specific grill can cook at the same time. In addition to how much cooking space you will need, keep in mind how much space you can afford for a grill. Some grills also offer warming racks for you, which would also be a plus. 

Storage space and working space should be taken into consideration as well, depending on how much space you would need. There can be sider burners, side tables (foldable to save space or not) and hooks to hang utensils, which will give you extra convenience.



The number of burners can range from two to four. The more burners, the more even the heat. Some gas grills also come with electric ignition, saving time to start cooking. You can use side burners for multiple purposes, such as heating sauce. 

With the charcoal side of the grill, an adjustable charcoal tray would give users some control over the temperature. A removable tray or drawer also helps cleaning up be easier, just simply dumping the ash. Some grills also come with a grease cup to help with cleaning up. 

best combo grills


The grates can be removable, making it easier to clean. The material should also be taken into consideration: while stainless steel is easy to clean, cast iron would be great for conducting heat and porcelain-coated cast iron would give you the best of both worlds.


As you get the convenience of a gas grill and the flavour from a charcoal grill, a combo grill comes at a higher price. And with a wider cooking surface, the grill comes with a higher price. Therefore, consider how wide you need your grill to be, any additional feature that you can leave out. Etc.

best combo grills

Musts To Keep Your Grill Functional Over A Long Time

Seasoning your grill

Seasoning your grill means you need to oil the grates, then leave it for about 15 minutes, wait for it to start smoking. Only then you should start grilling. You should season your grill at the beginning of every grilling session, which will help you maintain the grill for longer, lower the chances that your grill would be rusted.

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Purchase a good grill cover 

Since you have paid a noticeable price for your grill, why would you not pay for the cover, which will help you keep the grill for longer. Take time to find a suitable cover for your combo grill, sometimes the suitable one might be from the same producer as your grill. A suitable cover will protect your grill from the weather, from rust and therefore your grill can function for a longer time.

Start the grill the right way

Charcoal grills normally take up to 20 minutes to preheat. Also, be sure that you have dumped the charcoal from the last grilling. Next up, open the air vent, allowing the charcoal to be heated faster. Check the manual for any further reminder.

Regarding the gas grill, you keep the lid open while lighting. Open the valve of your propane tank, and push the ignition button. You should turn on one burner by one.

best combo grills

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Combo Grills

To choose the best combo grills for your preference, you should always keep in mind your purpose to purchase a combo grill in the first place. Consider elements such as cooking space, working space, features, etc. 

Choosing a combo grill can also be based on your experience, while experienced “grillers” might have a higher expectancy on the cooking methods, newbies might find out that grilling might not be their thing. 

We’ve picked out 3 top picks for combo grills based on different need:


Best for family and small gathering
  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best combo grills at the comment box below!

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