17 Best Commercial Blender For Smoothies In 2020-Which One Is Suitable For You?

Using the best commercial blender for smoothies is the accommodation, effective, and convenient way to make smooth and fresh smoothies for your family. However, it is a bit hard for you to choose the best commercial blender from various excellent blenders available. So that agernrestaurant has reviewed 17 best commercial blenders for smoothies for you to consider.

A commercial blender is ideal for natural products, vegetables, and more shakes, frozen yogurt, and even soups. These business blenders have the juice to deal with day by day drinking fresh smoothies. Obviously, in case you're the sort of individual who likes to have many nursery gatherings and summer grills, you should attempt one at home for smoothies.

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best commercial blender for smoothies
best commercial blender for smoothies
best commercial blender for smoothies
best commercial blender for smoothies

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Top Best Commercial Blender For Smoothies Reviews 2020

Vitamix 36019 Quiet One Blender

Vitamix Quiet One Blender is our first best commercial blender for smoothies on this review list. If you like to get the quiet blender to make smoothies, you should consider this blender from Vitamix. 

As its name implies, this blender includes work in vibration housing innovation to make it work quieter. Besides, a secure plastic sound fenced in the area encompasses the mixing holder to catch the sound, making it probably one of the calmest blenders accessible. 

Moreover, this Vitamix commercial blender is known as a ground-breaking blender. With the engine pushing a pinnacle three-pull, this blender will have no issue blending smoothies, spreads, nuts, and much more. 

This blender features program catches, upgraded programs with variable speeds so that you can make what kind of drinks you need, including smoothies, frappes, solidified beverages, spreads, flavors, sauces, nuts, and substantially more.

One special feature of this Vitamix Quiet One Blender is its excellent mixing holder that holds up to 50 ounces, and dissimilar to glass, this mixing holder is extremely solid and far-fetched to break. 

One more fantastic feature is the guarantee. Utilizing this blender in your home voids the guarantee, and Vitamix won't supplant it. In spite of these shortcomings, this blender still becomes one of the best commercial blenders on our list.


  • Quiet
  • Sound housing in the engine lodging
  • Sound control walled in the area
  • Ground-breaking with three-HP engine


  • Costly
  • The guarantee just covers business utilization

Blendtec Stealth 885

Blendtec Stealth 885 is our next best commercial blender for smoothies, which is another calmest blender available. Blendtec's 885 model is a business adaptation and is utilized in many smoothie shops worldwide. 

This Stealth 885 utilizes Blendtec's secrecy plan, which is a restrictive sound damping and wind stream plan alongside the commotion hosing sound nook. This commercial blender is a decent decision on the off chance that you prefer a quiet blender. 

This 885 blender features various pre-modified one-contact cycles, so you can make anything from smoothies to cappuccinos soups, margaritas, bread mixture sauces, dressings, and so on. Each cycle closes off, consequently opening up administrators for different undertakings.

Blendtec Stealth 885 is also perfect for its self-cleaning. You just simply add a little cleanser, and your blender can clean itself in a few minutes. It also comes with a material interface for simple cleaning and fast mixing with an LCD commencement clock for steady outcomes.

This commercial blender can hold up to 90 ounces mixing limit for mixing refreshments, granulating grains, and warming drinks for more than five people. It is intended to incorporate a beverage in a few seconds and features a particularly planned ergonomic handle for more straightforward sans strain pouring. 

This blender hushes up as it is exceptionally peaceful. It comes equipped with astonishing adaptable controls that permit you to download explicit mixing programs over the entirety of your blenders when you have different units. This 885 model isn't only for drinks but, on the other hand, is planned as a business food blender.


  • Ground-breaking engine
  • The sound shield altogether decreases commotion
  • All-around planned lightweight containers
  • Excellent ruff edge plan
  • Simple activity with the variable control speed


  • Expensive

Waring MX1500XTX

Waring is a well-known brand that has produced a ton of excellent commercial blenders, and one of their great commercial blenders is this MX1500XTX, which will work for food and drink mixing undertakings. 

This best commercial blender for smoothies utilizes a powerful 3.5 pinnacle pull engine. The various models in this product provide shifts dependent on controls, container size, and extra highlights. 

This MX1500XTX comes equipped with the most recent highlights, including an LCD screen with re-programmable mixing programs, sound hosing fenced-in area, enormous 64 oz compartment, and high RPM engine. 

The container configuration considers a superior stream during the mixing cycle, and the as good as ever well-honed edge takes into consideration quicker planning of your number one beverages, nourishments, and sweets. 

This blender from Waring is more moderate than other blenders; however, the unwavering quality and plan aren't suitable for weighty business utilization. On the off chance that you aren't utilizing a business blender as regularly and you are on a tight spending plan, then the Waring may be a decent alternative for you.


  • Perfect engine
  • The electric controls can be effectively cleaned
  • LCD screen with re-programmable drink stations
  • Flexible velocities
  • Stable nook framework


  • Doesn't feature a commencement clock
  • The sound nook doesn't fill in perfectly
  • There are some problems with unwavering quality

Hamilton Beach HBH650

One of the most well-known blender brands is Hamilton Beach, which produces a lot of commercial blenders and separates them into bar blenders and superior blenders. Among all their best commercial superior blender models, this Hamilton Beach HBH650 is a mainstream model planned as a drink blender. 

This excellent commercial blender is ideal for use at coffee shops in light of the fact that it features explicit highlights to make life simpler for barkeeps, and it doesn't do the best occupation of handling entire or intense nourishments. 

This best commercial blender for smoothies comes equipped with some excellent plan highlights with a compartment sensor, remarkable wave-activity mixing holder, and overheat insurance. 

This HBH650 model is a decent blender that features some pleasant highlights as a refreshment blender; however, we incline toward one of our top decisions above for dependability and high volume utilization. 

Worked to be solid enough to utilize in occupied bars, dance clubs, and cafés, this Hamilton Beach mechanical looking blender is a truly able device. Although it's not alluring, it features a strong three HP engine, ready to smash ice shapes and nourishments with no issue. 

The wave-activity framework powers the food down to the sharp edges that help you make a smoother blend than conventional cutting edge arrangements. Notwithstanding, it likewise makes enough strain to pop the cover off, so you will need to keep a hand on the top. 

This HBH650 model is a bold, nitty-gritty blender; however, you may anticipate a large group of outstanding highlights at the exceptional cost label. The bounce cycle highlight begins more slowly to squash ice before accelerating to mix, which can improve the life expectancy over contenders.


  • Amazing 3-HP engine
  • Wave-activity helps it make smoothie mix perfectly
  • Bounce cycles can broaden engine life


  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn't feature pre-customized capacities
  • Not exceptionally alluring

Vitamix 5086

Vitamix 5086 is another best commercial blender for smoothies available that is constrained by six variable speed settings. These settings feature a programmed stopped component that helps it to control itself when making smoothies.

This commercial blender comes with a 2 HP engine providing its force to a bunch of solidified tempered steel edges that have an encased packaging with fixed metal rollers. Besides, this engine's active energy is productively moved to the cutting edges for unrivaled pounding power. 

Moreover, this Vitamix commercial blender comes with some excellent highlights incorporating a sans 32 ounces holder and a heartbeat control that provides you manual control when mixing your smoothies. 

All things considered, though this Vitamix 5086 is a bit costly for some users, it still conveys all the high-quality and strength highlights. It will make you feel comfortable and happy whenever you make smoothies.


  • Programmed element
  • Incredible two HP engine
  • Solidified tempered steel edges in an encased packaging with fixed metal rollers
  • Variable paces in addition to beat control


  • Pricey
  • Limit capacities as it can hold just 32 ounces

Blendtec Designer 625

Another best commercial blender for smoothies from Blendtec comes to this Designer 625 blender that features heaps of incredible highlights to make smoothies simpler. The heavy 3-pull engine provides enough capacity to the sharp edges to easily coast through any nourishment. 

With two glass mixing holders included, you can make many fresh drinks, including smoothies, soup, or whatever you love. Also, when you disdain to make numerous little groups, at that point, the 90 ounces limit of the bigger compartment implies you can stuff everything in simultaneously to make your supper in one pass. 

If you want to utilize your blender as a simple soup creator, at that point, this Blendtec model must be your first choice as it can warm and cook the soup as you set it up. The eight-year guarantee implies this blender is a venture that will hold repaying you for quite a long time. 

In spite of the multitude of incredible potential gains to this commercial blender, it's not great. Moreover, this Designer 625 isn't the calmest blender available, so if you need a quiet option for your kitchen, you may consider other options.


  • High limit mixing holder
  • Two mixing holders included
  • Cooks soup perfectly


  • Not in the top calmest blenders available

Vitamix Vita-Prep 3

The Vita-Prep arrangement is Vitamix's dependable blender, and this Vita-Prep 3 is their most current variant with more force and a bigger cooling fan for longer running time. This Vitamix blender features an excellent engine and is intentionally made for all food prep undertakings. 

This best commercial blender for smoothies accompanies a 64 oz holder, fundamental for adaptability in the kitchen. It will likewise work with 48oz and 32oz holders from Vitamix. 

This Vita-Prep 3 comes with controls required for food prep like heartbeat and variable speeds, yet doesn't offer customized settings or programmed shutoff.

Additionally, the cooling framework is intended for a heavier remaining task at hand so it won't overheat fast. It also comes with a long term business utilization guarantee. 

However, the main disadvantage of this Vita-Prep 3 is commotion, and it is truly for involved mixing errands. It can mix drinks; however, it doesn't feature the valuable highlights that business drink blenders provide.


  • Can deal with the most requesting food prep errands
  • New engine plan with cutting edge cooling fan lessen overheating and shut off
  • Dependable basic controls with variable speed dial control and heartbeat switch
  • Works with various compartment sizes
  • Long term guarantee


  • A few objections of the container bounce around on the base
  • A few objections of the container bounce around on the base

Waring MX1000XTX

Pushing 3.5 pull, this Waring MX1000XTX features enough capacity to make short work of anything you put within it. In case you're extremely reliable about the commotion, the additional force this blender likewise implies it makes additional clamor. 

This commercial blender selects to dump all the extravagant pre-modified controls and other very good quality blenders' multi-button activity for a basic two-switch plan. One switch works while the other switch controls the beat work. 

Created without BPA copolyester, this best commercial blender for smoothies can hold more than 60 ounces. This blender is decent but positively not class-driving. One favorable position is that the holder is plainly set apart on the two sides for estimating. 

In spite of the fact that it's fabricated substantially for business strength, the Waring brand just provides a restricted three-year engine guarantee and a two-year guarantee on parts and work. Value savvy, this blender is towards the center of the pack.


  • Extremely ground-breaking engine
  • Rock-solid business blender for smoothies
  • Long-term guarantee


  • Doesn't feature pre-modified controls
  • More force implies more clamor

Blendtec Classic 575

Blendtec Classic 575 features simple mixing cycles one-contact catches four pre-customized cycles heartbeat and five-speed manual control with the capacity to accomplish an assortment of surfaces.

This Blendtec model features full oversight to change your mixing while mixing. It also has a perfect LCD show to show you the mixing process duration remaining. This blender doesn't have hacking prep spare time and doesn't need to slash, cut or dice ahead of time of mixing. 

This best commercial blender for smoothies also comes with a protected cutting edge with thicker hardened steel fashioned edges with wings for incredibly smooth mixes making it more grounded than other blender edges. 

Moreover, this Classic 575 is famous for its self-cleaning as it can clean itself for just a few minutes. It likewise features huge bunches sans and can hold up to 90 ounces volume containers with 36 ounces mixing limit, making it ideal for mixing refreshments for about six people.


  • Simple to blend
  • Self-cleaning
  • Long-term guarantee
  • Molded plastic finish


  • Doesn't come with an instruction book or manual

Vitamix E310 Explorian

Our next best commercial blender for smoothies is this E310 Explorian from Vitamix. This blender comes equipped with ten variable velocities that permit you to refine each surface with culinary accuracy to make the fresh smoothies and heartiest soups as well.

E310 Explorian features a 48 ounces limit, making it ideal for mixing medium groups for little family dinners, cutting edges estimating three inches distance across to guarantee a steady mix without fail.

This Vitamix model also features solidified treated steel sharp edges. These grade-tempered steel edges are intended to deal with the hardest fixings, so you will get similar quality outcomes from the principal mix to the last. 

One outstanding feature of this Vitamix blender is its self-cleaning ability. With a drop of dish cleanser and warm water, this amazing blender can clean itself in a few seconds. It also has a spiral cooling fan and warm insurance framework for making smoothies perfectly.


  • Ten variable speed controls
  • Best for making smoothies for small families
  • Self-cleaning
  • Spiral cooling fan and warm framework


  • The canister doesn't lock into place, so you will need to hold it when blending
  • The sides are awful when scraping things out

OmniBlend VTM-800B

The premium-valued OmniBlend VTM-800B blender is scheduled to keep going the long stretch. The 3-HP engine is bounty ground-breaking to make short work of anything you need mixed. The mixing compartment is just 50 ounces. 

However, it is still greater than numerous available, but not comparable to a portion of the top singles out this rundown. The pitcher is likewise created from copolyester rather than glass. There are markings on it; however, they're hard to peruse. 

This blender performs sufficiently. Everything is pleasantly mixed, and the last blend is entirely smooth. It's equipped for rapidly mixing soups, nut spreads, yogurt, and other food. While it is a truly fit blender, its obligations are great without anything extra. 

This blender doesn't come with additional highlights, including warming or self-cleaning, computerized show, and commotion cover. It seems like you're following through on the exceptional cost only for the service contract. 

This best commercial blender for smoothies has essentially obsolete looks, and it's presumably not an apparatus you'd need to leave on your counter along these lines. 

Generally, this blender obviously forfeits structure for work; however, its phenomenal execution actually acquires it a spot on this rundown.


  • Heavy duty engine
  • Versatile machine
  • Long-term guarantee
  • Extraordinary mixing execution


  • Doesn't come with additional highlights
  • Doesn't feature a glass mix holder

Breville BBL620SIL

Breville BBL620SIL is an excellent commercial blender for making smoothies on our list. It consolidates the usefulness of an incredible blender with some food preparing undertakings for adaptability and comfort.

This Breville model is perfect for its calm and proficiency. The cutting edge plan and high force engine convey tranquil and productive mixing execution. Designed careful evaluation treated steel guarantees the edges remain sharp. 

This commercial blender for smoothies features rock solid edges. It is designed carefully, and the evaluation of treated steel guarantees the cutting edges remain sharp. LCD shows check up on speed settings and down for pre-modified settings for unlimited oversight when mixing.


  • Reasonable price
  • Heavy-duty blades
  • Self-cleaning
  • Works quietly


  • Plastic jar
  • Doesn't feature a press and hold burst function

Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Cleanblend commercial blender's variable speed control is capable. When a solitary serve blender isn't sufficient, you can utilize this blender to deal with an expert, business, or uncompromising tasks as it presents huge clusters of rich, frigid, or sassy plans. 

CleanBlend comes with eight edges fixed metal roller for boosted execution, solidified hardened steel cutting edges, and an essentially unbreakable pitcher. The powerful engine can mix vegetables, organic products, and ice effortlessly. 

Tragically, the edge configuration permits some to get caught toward the mixing holder's edges and won't get completely blended. As it can hold up to 64 ounces, the BPA plastic mixing compartment permits you to get enormous ready volumes of food immediately. 

Steel metal rollers are utilized instead of the plastic orientation found on most financial plan valued blenders, helping this best commercial blender for smoothies to have a quite a while ago extended future.


  • Long life expectancy
  • Solid and powerful engine
  • Reasonable cost


  • Plastic mixing compartment
  • Cutting edge configuration will make some food get caught

Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield Blender

For certain individuals, commotion concerns are one of the main components with regards to buying a kitchen apparatus; this Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield Blender merits investigating. At 2.0 pinnacle pull, it's unquestionably not the most impressive blender available. 

Likewise, this blender doesn't feature a huge mixing limit at a pitiful 32 ounces, not enormous enough for a large family. In any case, the tranquil shield cover that encompasses the mixing compartment when being used assists with containing the commotion and decreases the clamor of activity.


  • Calm activity
  • Long-term guarantee
  • Reasonable price
  • Best for small families


  • Limit mixing compartment
  • Short life expectancy implies you may require the guarantee

Countertop Blender Professional Commercial

Countertop Blender Professional Commercial features enough highlights to fulfill the necessities of a great many people. With 70 ounces sans plastic mix compartment, it features a lot of limitations with regards to mixing. 

This best commercial blender for smoothies is ideal to have a glass compartment, yet you're probably not going to find that at this value point. The engine turns the edges up to 45,000 rpm, making short work of any nourishments you fill it with. 

Despite the fact that the sharp edges are produced using treated steel, they really rusted following a couple of brief months. Since this blender is covered under a short one-year guarantee, the sharp edges were supplanted rapidly with no problem.


  • Reasonable cost
  • Large limit


  • Short-term guarantee
  • Sharp edges gave indications of rust following half a month

VIVREALNY Professional Blender

At the moderate finish of the range, this VIVREAL blender highlights basic two-switch activity with a variable speed control handle. It comes with an enormous limit of 72 ounces mixing pitchers produced using BPA plastic. 

A computerized clock checks down on the facade of the machine so you can perceive how long you've been mixing. This blender prescribes not to permit the machine to run for over three minutes all at once to try not to wear out the engine, after which it needs 10-15 minutes to chill off. 

Despite the fact that this best commercial blender for smoothies is very satisfactory, it's hard to upkeep for proceeding. Blender edges will, in general, wear out and get dull with long periods of utilization and may at last need supplanting. 

Lamentably, apparently, substitution edges may not be accessible for this blender, which means that you may need to supplant the entire unit when the edges destroy. All things considered, the guarantee is useful for a very long time and should cover it.


  • Reasonable cost
  • Triple security protection
  • Variable speed controls
  • High-quality and sharp blades


  • The engine can run just for a few minutes
  • Doesn't feature substitution cutting edges

Cenow HT8004

Special looks are the primary thing that stands apart about this Cenow HT8004 blender. One single handles projects from the front of the base, while a screen including enlistment touchy touch determination enhances the base's highest point. 

With programmed warming, this blender is ideal for making soups or child food. On account of the warmth, it's additionally got inherent cleaning and sterilizing programs. 

However, this Cenow commercial blender is underpowered. The most extreme mixing limit of 56 ounces isn't awful, yet it's not a big deal. Shockingly, it's valued high for the highlights and not the capacity. 

Notwithstanding the marvelous highlights that set this blender in front of numerous contenders, the absence of intensity and not exactly heavenly limit keep it away from arriving at a higher situation on our list.


  • Can cook while you mix
  • Excellent cleaning and sterilizing programs


  • Underpowered at just 800 watts

Things To Know Before Getting The Best Commercial Blender For Smoothies


Everybody has their inclinations with regards to style and whether it even issues. For some, the kitchen is a point of convergence of the home, a region where a great deal of time is spent. Along these lines, the vast majority lean toward a pleasant looking kitchen with outwardly engaging machines. 

best commercial blender for smoothies

In case your blender spends a greater part of its life concealed in a bureau, at that point, you may not generally care about looks in any case. Then again, in case you use a blender every day to make smoothies, yours likely has a lasting spot on the counter.

In such a case, you presumably need to watch out for a blender with hopes to supplement your kitchen's present style. While a few blenders are very productive looking, others have rich looks that will be comfortable in full view. Mixing Limit 

While not every user needs enough ability to serve a whole gathering, many would like to serve a family or, if nothing else, something beyond themselves. Vegetables, especially verdant greens, watch out to occupy a great deal of room in the blender. In case you've ever struggled to fit enough food within your blender's holder, at that point, you comprehend the predicament. 

Blender limits can fluctuate incredibly from model to display. On this rundown alone, the compartment size changes from 32 ounces as far as possible up to 90 ounces. You'll need to decide exactly how much limit you think you require for the normal serving size you'll be mixing.

Holder Material 

Today, blender compartments can be made out of a wide range of materials; however, the most well-known are glass and sans BPA plastic. Albeit both are totally dishwasher protected and simple to clean, there are still motivations to incline toward one over another. Plastic may, over the long run, begin to retain a portion of the fragrances or flavors from the nourishments you put in it. 

This is the greatest downside to plastic mix holders and the fundamental motivation behind why you would need to search for a glass one, all things considered. Obviously, glass is simpler to break. Notwithstanding, blender holders made of glass will, in general, be thick and tough, so breakage shouldn't be a significant concern.


best commercial blender for smoothies

On the off chance that your blender can't effectively mix up its substance, you should ensure you search for a blender with enough capacity to slice through verdant greens and ice easily. 

Two-torque engines and over will give a lot of speed. In any case, with endless alternatives accessible at an incredible 3HP, it merits investigating the models that have the additional force.

Working Volume

Regardless of whether you're at home making breakfast or at a get-together encompassed by discussions, the exact opposite thing you need is for your blender to be so boisterous it awakens the family or muffles the individuals around you. 

While mixing strong ice squares is never going to be quiet, a few blenders go far towards limiting the measure of commotion made. Inherent sound hosing innovation can help to definitely decrease engine commotions. 

Sound fenced-in control areas are provided with certain blenders that will encompass the mixing pitcher during utilization and contain the commotion. This can calm the commotion enough to not, at this point, be an aggravation. You should search for these highlights if the commotion is your principal concern for a blender.


Blenders play out a troublesome obligation. They should go from a virus starts to exceptionally high speeds while delivering enough capacity to pound solids, for example, ice shapes. This can make a ton of mileage, making bad quality blenders have short life expectancies.

best commercial blender for smoothies

While it is an immediate pointer of value, a long guarantee typically shows that the organization remains behind its item and anticipates that it should satisfy a long assistance life. 

A few blenders have guarantee periods as short as one year. Others have as long as eight years of inclusion included. The more drawn out your guarantee covers the blender, the more extended your speculation will keep on taking care of you with extraordinary assistance.

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