Top 13 Best Commercial Food Processor – Essential Buying Guides For Users

Nowadays, we know that owning a commercial food processor is extremely necessary in any kitchen or restaurant which could help users save time and increase productivity for slicing many kinds of food. It is ideal for users to use the best commercial food processor.

Choosing the best commercial food processor is quite not easy because there are many kinds of commercial food processors on the market. However, you should not worry about that, we highly recommend the top 13 best commercial food processors in this article.
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best commercial food processor
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best commercial food processor
best commercial food processor

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Top Best Commercial Food Processor Reviews 2020

Robot Coupe R2N

We introduce to users the commercial food processor that is the Robot Coupe R2N, which is extremely easy to use. It cannot work simpler anymore with the control table providing 3 buttons like activate or turn off as well as a pulse function which allows users to manage accurately just in case you like it.

In addition, the commercial food processor of Robot Coupe R2N operates smoother and more convenient for users with the cutting bowl is meant a lid fastly supplement liquid components during it works.

Furthermore, the R2N Robot Coupe offers an excellent number of functions like mixing, pureeing and so on. It's an awfully versatile blade with non-rusty material. It helps users have an honest preparation and brings them many creations.

Besides, users could save a lot of time and space when using this commercial food processor. You could see that the R2N is designed to be slim as well as solid which is suitable for limited space places. 

In general, the Robot Coupe could bring users high productivity along with very best quality for daily activities and save time.


  • It has a high productivity and adaptability.
  • It is very convenient and saves time also as space.
  • The price is competitive.
  • It has a protracted warranty.


  • Its engine is only strong enough for a brief time per day.
  • It doesn't include other accessories with high cost.

Robot Coupe CL50 Ultra 

We are pleased to introduce another model of Robot Coupe brand which is the CL50 Ultra. It could help users prepare a large number of elements of foods as well as increase the speed of capacity.

In addition, this Robot Coupe CL50 Ultra is also a very perfect product for using at the restaurant to slice, grate or chop. Besides, this model of Robot Coupe brand is designed for a continuous feed, which is very suitable to process a numerous foods. 

Furthermore, you'll see that the CL50 Ultra operates easily due to its simple control operation for activation and switch off. you may save lots of your time in processing the food with this product.

Moreover, an incredible thing about this model is that it offers two different hoppers for processing plenty of foods at the identical time. This CL50 Ultra provides a slicing disc along with a grating disc for users to process the food immediately. It also accompanies another optional disc to serve many varieties of foods.

In addition, users could clean it very easily after using it because the design of the lid or pusher supports users washing conveniently.


  • It has a strong motor, which is made from stainless steel material.
  • There are many types of discs for various process functions.
  • It is suitable to process a large number of foods.


  • Some optional discs must be bought seperately.
  • It has to be connected to high power.

Breville BFP800XL

One of the best prices of commercial food processors is the Breville Sous Chef, which is incredibly unique with some bells yet as whistles function. Users might see that, this product includes a good price with many great features.

In addition, users could adjust the blade of this model for slicing the food with 24 levels of setting. Therefore, it permits users to require the recipes. It's very convenient and versatile to slice vegetables and acquire it perfectly.

Furthermore, there are 2 various bowls within the Breville Sous Chef that make it compatible with the kitchen or restaurant. Hence, users feel more convenient due to saving space and time. Besides, the timer setting is strange. It allows users to avoid wasting time and relax because it could put off automatically and also the food is ideal.

Moreover, The Breville Sous Chef commercial kitchen appliance provides a high powerful engine. That's the reason why it's used as the best commercial food processor with the competitive price and suitable for using both restaurant and kitchen.


  • It provides a lot of options for chutney to slice food.
  • Its design is solid.
  • It offers a great engine to use for a long time.
  • It is easy to use and clean.


  • It is quite heavy.
  • It only is washed by hand combined with warm water.

Robot Coupe R101 B CLR

We are very happy to recommend the R101 model of Robot Coupe, which is extremely great for users to possess faith in this product. This model of Robot Coupe R101 features a great design with a high quality blade that's manufactured from stainless material. Besides, it's very necessary, this Robot Coupe R101 is extremely strong and powerful likewise soundless because of a great engine.

Moreover, users could do plenty of various types of kitchenworks, which is more convenient than doing by hand with the flexibility of this model. It's very easy for users to execute some tasks like slicing, pureeing or mixing. We sure that users may take lots of your time to try to do these tasks without having the best commercial food processor like this model.

Furthermore, users could control without getting any trouble due to featuring an activate or shut down button along with a setting of speed for amazing and straightforward design. It could permit users to require a look into the bowl while running. Therefore, some components may be supplemented easily.

In addition, users can be fascinated by its safety system because its bowl can't operate until being adjusted within the right way. Another thing is that it provides some tiny footprints so as to make sure that it's solid and doesn't take an excessive amount of space.

In general, you do not have regret if you invest in a Robot Coupe R101. You'll receive the best commercial food processor for an extended time.


  • It has a compact, light design and powerful engine.
  • It provides a high quality bowl.
  • It is very enduring.


  • Some accessories are not included.
  • The supply of power is not continuous.

Avantco CFP5D

We also introduced a tremendous commercial food processor from Avantco CFP5D, which could save time to prepare the food and improve the quality of food.

You might agree that preparing the food might take a lot of time. Owning a commercial food processor is the great choice to make it easier. This brilliant product of Avantco CFP5D provides users many functions such as slicing, grating, or perhaps shredding the food for different kinds of dishes, which makes it faster and safer than by hands.

Furthermore, with a strong engine, the CFP5D helps users not only complete any cooking tasks easily, but also support a secure system which is integrated for stopping the engine when the pusher is maximum opened. We believe that this cylindrical hopper which is additionally integrated brings a superb processing. Besides, this model also provides a cylinder plunger to stop users from being injured. It helps users keep their fingers far from the operation of cutting.

Moreover, there are 2 discs for slicing and three discs for grating, which are accompanied so as to slice and grate or maybe shred many kinds of fruits, vegetables. Another thing is that this model is very durable and easy to clean after operating for a long time.


  • It has a powerful motor.
  • It provides 5 discs for convenient and safe using.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • It has a good price.


  • Its design is heavy and cumbersome.

Waring Commercial WFP11S

Another best commercial food processor of Waring Commercial. It offers a premium motor. It is a brilliant product for any kitchen or restaurant. Many users agree that the Waring WFP11S commercial food processor could meet necessary needs of the kitchen because it provides a great and precise quality.

If you are finding an efficient and cost saving commercial food processor, this product of Waring Commercial  is a tremendous solution to cut, mince, pure, or maybe liquefy easily and fastly any kinds of food.

In addition, this model provides users a decent bowl so they may easily make some soups, sauces, or other liquid foods. They also process the food fastly with a pusher to cram into the blade.

Furthermore, the bowl of this product is extremely enjoyable with a capacity of quite two liters, which is created of transparent and shatterproof material. As the reason why, users could see and control the speed for nice processing.

Furthermore, it's easy and safe for users to scrub by dishwasher. All blades and removable devices may be cleaned in no time by dishwasher without breaking.

In general, we believe that this model is one the best options for you to save lots of your time and money for preparing the food.


  • It has a premium power.
  • It provides a decent bowl so they may easily make some soups, sauces, or other liquid foods.
  • It is an economic model.
  • Users could clean it by dishwasher.


  • It must be bulky with somebody

Braun FP3020

We are pleased to introduce a good utensil, which brings many functions and doesn't take an excessive amount of space. It's a Braun FP3020 model, which is ideal not only for the kitchen but also restaurant space.The Braun FP3020 model is additionally very flexible with some swapping blades and top quality material.

In addition, except for blades used to slice or shred, the Braun FP3020 consists of a whisk. It could help users to possess the simplest food. Besides, users could control easily the speeds of this model by a pulse button for beautiful dishes.

Furthermore, this best commercial also features a brilliant function that it accompanies with a citrus juicer equipment which could squeeze the fruit fastly. The model of Braun FP3020 provides capability to slice numerous foods at the identical time. Therefore, many users could see the miracle of this product for processing the food.

For many users, the security is placed on the highest consideration. Some users might prefer the agility of a business kitchen appliance while making some foods. However, safety is an extremely important element to safeguard both users and others. As the reason why the Braun FP3020 is prioritized safety, because users couldn't start it until the lid was correctly closed. Besides, before the merchandise is started, the bowl must be matched into the engine.


  • It is a great design with some types of blades.
  • It provides a powerful engine.
  • Users could control the speed easily for great food.
  • Its design is compact and safe as well as work quiet.


  • It does not provide some optional accessories.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY

We highly introduce to users a basic and solid model of commercial food processors. It is a product of the Cuisinart brand. This Cuisinart processor is reliable and could process a lot of great works such as slicing, chopping, mixing, shredding or kneading with powerful and high quality of motor although it is short of accessories.

In addition, this model of Cuisinart offers some blades which are created from stainless material. Therefore, it's very easy and convenient for users to scrub them and keep them in fitness.

Furthermore, if you like to decide on an equipment, which facilitates your saving space in your room, this product could be a great choice for you. Besides, its blades could operate well for perfect foods. Therefore, you'll process the food easily and fastly. It also offers a pulse control button. Users could manage the speed and don't have to hold this button before it starts operating. We predict that it's very useful for all of you, because it's an extended warranty to stay durable.


  • It provides a high, great and silent engine.
  • It has an oversized capacity.
  • It is safe enough for use for a protracted time.
  • It consists of blades to process every kind of food.
  • Its price is affordable.


  • The safe lock system is sort of hard to use.
  • The chute of this model isn't quite clear.
  • The additional accessories for this model are expensive.

Breville BFP660SIL

In case your finance is good enough to afford an advanced commercial food processor, we highly introduce the Breville BFP660SIL model. Many users who are finding the best food processor and long lasting must be satisfied with this Breville BFP660SIL model. The product of Breville is premium to use in any restaurant or kitchen because of durable and great quality material, but its design is more suitable for restaurant space. 

In addition, It has a robust and powerful engine to help users process any kind of food fastly and easily. Users do not get any troubles to slice, shred and mash components of foods which might be considered difficulties in other commercial food processors. Users could easily process ice cubes or nutritious fruits. It also provides excellent productivity, which is worth expecting from the value of this product.

Furthermore, the BFP660SIL model offers some wonderful blades in order to process many kinds of food. A lot of blades will help this BFP660SIL model operate effectively. If the blades are not suitable, the engine might be broken for a short time. 

Moreover, this model includes a high cost with brilliant speed settings. Therefore, it's easy for you to regulate the speed for processing the food they need. This model also includes a button of Pulse to assist shredding the toughest foods conveniently in spite of its design for processing smaller foods.


  • It has a good design for a restaurant.
  • It offers a high productivity for processing easily and conveniently.
  • It provides a good cutting discs and blades system.


  • It is a heavy model.
  • The price is over others.
  • There is some noise when using.

Ninja BL770

We introduce to users a model the Ninja BL770 Kitchen System commercial food processor, which encompasses a lot of functions and will assist remarkably for users in kitchen works. Users could see that mixing food is the main capability of this product. Besides that, users could knead, slice, grind or cut many other kinds of foods.

This model of the Ninja brand offers a strong capacity and really convenient to use.Therefore, it's considered as a great equipment to use and serve daily needs.

In addition, this commercial food processor is easy to maneuver to any place within the kitchen with a long electric cord. Users could roll the facility cord and keep it in a box, which could access at the rear of this model of the Ninja BL770 Kitchen System.

Furthermore, the Ninja BL770 Kitchen System commercial food processor provides a big grinding bowl as well as some other bowls with different sizes to help users process the liquid food and other kinds of food they want. The massive grinding bowl is incredibly useful when used in important events. Especially, the BL770 of Ninja has the lids along with two specialized blades, which are made from stainless steel, for cutting or slicing the food in a very short time.


  • It has a great engine.
  • It provides many kinds of large bowls.
  • The blades are made from stainless steel.
  • It is easy to wash.


  • The price is not cheap.

Oster Pro

The last product of the best commercial food processor we introduce in this article is Oster Pro, which is considered two in one food processor. This Oster Pro model offers multifunction and compact size for simple use and keeps it after completing operation.

It has beautiful features and powerful performance.This model provides seven levels of speed furthermore as three smart settings for blending the food. It even has a good blade system that helps users chop, slice and grind the food easily.

In addition, this model is ideal for you if you favor settling on a food processor integrated blender. It also provides a six cup capacity, which is enough for several components still because the high engine of 1200 watts for processing for an extended time. This product also encompasses a Pulse button for cutting and blending excellently and exactly.

Furthermore, the Oster Pro encompasses a modern and delightful design, which is suitable and contains a great looking in any style of kitchen. Users could move and put it easily furthermore as convenient in any corner of the kitchen because of its light and compact size.


  • Its productivity is great for processing any quiet foods.
  • The setting is brilliant with seven levels of speed further than three smart settings for blending the food.
  • It provides the twin direction blade for cutting foods effectively.
  • It has an extended warranty.
  • It is safe to clean by dishwasher.


  • There is some noise when processing the food at high speed.

KitchenAid KFP1466CU 

Some users prefer to choose the commercial food processor which has a lot of different applications, good size, and the price must be reasonable, this commercial food processor of KitchenAid is the brilliant choice for users. We believe that this product is very suitable with your finance and the space in your kitchen.

In addition, this model of KitchenAid provides 2 bowls in various sizes. These bowls offer large size with 2.5 liter capacity, which is made from unbroken and transparent material. Therefore, it helps users make many kinds of food conveniently as well as the space in their kitchen. This commercial food processor of KitchenAid could be a useful equipment and necessary for users.

Furthermore, it has a great system of the bowl and the lid for not spilling over outside. For all above reasons, we believe that this model KitchenAid could be a perfect choice for users.


  • It provides a great design with full applications.
  • It offers 2 bowls with huge capacity.
  • It has a reasonable price.


  • The control of speed might be inconvenient and hard to use.

Hamilton Beach Professional

We highly introduce to a giant and dear model, which is that of the Hamilton Beach Professional. The commercial kitchen appliance of Hamilton Beach has been popular in addition as it accompanies many sorts of accessories. 

This best commercial kitchen appliance from Hamilton Beach is extremely convenient for users who are very busy and don't have an excessive amount of time to form some dishes. It provides to users 14 bowls, so they might process many a part of food at the identical time in once setting.

In addition, it's perfect for the Hamilton Beach commercial food processors food cooking many forms of foods quickly. Its design is easy enough for users to work. It's considered as a wonderful solution to satisfy all the wants of homemakers. 

Besides, the Hamilton Beach may be a compact model filled with functions such as choppering, slicing, dicing, and pureeing, which help users save the time for preparing the food within the kitchen.

Furthermore, this model of Hamilton Beach offers an enormous chute to contain plenty of food with land. Another thing that these products provide 2 levels to manage the speed and a pulse control button. It could help users easily execute many dishes. The blade of this model is created from stainless-steel.

Especially, users could wash some removable parts like the bowls, blades, lids by dishwasher safely. This Hamilton Beach is brilliant for users to organize the foods fastly and favourably.


  • It has a great design.
  • It operates easily and many kinds of food at the same time.
  • It offers a powerful engine for processing the food.
  • Users could wash by dishwasher.


  • It is not an expensive model.
  • It might be big for use at home.

Buying Guide The Best Commercial Food Processor

In spite of getting a lot of functions same as the blender, the commercial food processor provides a great impression and role for your kitchen to organize and process the food. As the following, there are some necessary characteristics to assist you get decent information for choosing the best commercial food processor.

The Engine

best commercial food processor

You must agree that the engine is that the most significant feature of any commercial food processor you should consider its power before choosing. As the reason why, you ought to choose the commercial food processor which incorporates a high power of engine. Additionally, by using the high power of engine commercial food processors, you may easily prepare an outsized number of foods for a brief time.

With the high power of the engine, an unlimited torque is made for operating rapidly yet to reduce the noise during processing the food. Similarly, the high power electric engine which is integrated with an addict cooling function is extremely durable and prevents the temperature from operating for a protracted time.

The Capability

best commercial food processor

If you have got plenty of foods that need processing, it takes lots time and energy to handle them by hand or normal food processor. You could complete kitchen tasks by using a commercial food processor, which could process many kinds of foods at the same time. The commercial food processor is provided with a large capacity bowl which is made from great quality material in order to make sure that the commercial food processor is durable and could operate for a long time.

The Blades

This is a vital aspect once you attempt to choose  the best commercial food processor, any models might need a basic set of blades. The model is provided with many various functions like slicing, mixing, cutting, grinding, grating and kneading. Therefore it could bring the most effective service for you to process the food.

best commercial food processor

You also notice that the pliability to assemble rapidly and disassemble for laundry is incredibly important. You certainly don't want to spend an excessive amount of time cleaning or finding the appropriate blades or discs. If you've got to process lots of foods, the time to convert the blade or discs is extremely important.

The Setting Of Pulse

best commercial food processor

It is important to consider the pulse setting while you are looking for the best commercial food processor. This thing will help you recognize the sharpness of the blade after you process the food. It could improve the facility of electrical engines moreover save plenty of your time to process you like. As a result, the convenience of Pulse mode is great to mix, cut, grind, grate and knead the food and it brings you've got the dishes you favor.

The Buttons

best commercial food processor

The best commercial food processor should have a solid and durable control system as well as big enough to use. There are some products that offer the button with LED for using easily.

The safety

best commercial food processor

When choosing the best commercial food processor, you should pay much attention to the security system. It is extremely necessary to look for the commercial food processor, which is extremely easy to use and supply the system like an interlock for safety or auto lid lock. We think that it is very necessary to make sure that your commercial food processor you decide on is safe enough within the space of kitchen or restaurant.

Easy Setting and Washing

best commercial food processor

We think that it is quite difficult for users to discover whether the commercial food processor could tackle, build, wash and take it apart. However, users might understand its easy setting and cleaning by trying carefully before choosing. Of course, users might choose the best commercial food processor, which is durable and straightforward to scrub and change with any varieties of foods like butters, cereals or somethings like that. We see that almost all economic food processors are very safe to scrub by dishwasher. However, you want to remember that if you place the dishwasher at extreme temperature to wash the food processor, it could have a foul effect on blades or materials of the processor.

The Keeping

best commercial food processor

The keeping is additionally very necessary for you to think about to choose the commercial food processor. Some food processors, which have low prices, are not convenient to store after processing the food. Especially, if you have children, the keeping is very necessary to ensure safety for them.

The Price

best commercial food processor

It is an important aspect to contemplate when buying the food processor. It relies on the size, the functions, the engine, the amount of accessories. Additionally, the length of warranty and also the durability of materials of the commercial food processor affect the price.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Commercial Food Processor

We hope that our descriptions of those products will facilitate your provides a great decision to choose the best commercial food processor for yourself, which is suitable with high power, huge capacity and also the best price. If you're still in two minds, we are going to provide you with some suggestions as our choice for top 5 of the best commercial food processors.


Best Commercial Food Processor For Using In Restaurant 

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Nowadays, the commercial food processor is extremely necessary to assist users save time to arrange the food and make cooking easy. The commercial food processors provide many various sizes and purposes. Users could grind, slice, shred, knead, mix or puree more easily than making by hand. We expect that our article will facilitate your choice of the best commercial food processor, which is suitable with your needs and finance.

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