Top 8 Best Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix 2020 Review And The Complete Buying Guide

Ice cream, ice cream. Do we not all love that refreshing treat that satisfies us in the hottest summer days and the loneliest winter nights. We love it so badly that we want to make it ourselves using the soft serve mixes. Not just ice cream, but also tons of different soft-serve desserts that use these mixes. Whether you are a lover of ice cream and soft-serve dishes, or you want to bring the joy to your customers and satisfy their cravings, selecting the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix plays a crucial role in your culinary mission. 

If you are new to this journey of soft-serve or you are already a professional in this field, I am sure that looking for the best commercial soft-serve ice cream mix will be an exciting experience for you. In this post on Agern Restaurant, I shall review the top 8 commercial soft serve ice cream mix that people all enjoy, along with the complete guide of how to choose the best mix for your likings. Are you hyped now? Let’s go!

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Top 8 Best Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix Reviews 2020

Frostline Soft-Serve Ice Cream Mix

It has more flavors than the vanilla one, but the vanilla flavor is my personal top choice. From sweet tastes such as chocolate and coconut to those that are a bit more savory such as gingerbread and salted caramel, you could have your favorite desserts come in a six pounds pack, perfect for commercial purposes or for large gatherings where everyone would like a cup of ice cream. 

The product is lactose-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, low on fat, so it could easily satisfy your customers with different eating habits. Moreover, it is delicious. You could use it as a base to add other ingredients such as fruits and nuts, or you could simply add whipping cream and milk, then leave the mixture to your ice cream mixing machine. The product works well with commercial ice cream mixing machines, and it is versatile enough for you to be creative and go wild!

The downside, unfortunately, also comes from its versatility. If you lack experience with soft-serve ice cream mixes, then you may find the mixing ratio of this product a bit hard to achieve. And, some may not find its artificial flavors.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Versatile.
  • Big packs, suitable for commercial purposes.
  • Lactose-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, low on fat. 

Dole Pineapple Soft-Serve Mix

So far the best flavor from Dole, trust me. I am not particularly a fan of pineapple due to its sourness, but this product does a great job of elevating the sweetness of the fruit. If you are tired of classic tastes like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, and you want something exotic from the tropical lands, then I strongly recommend this one.
It is dairy-free, does not contain gluten and lactose, and it is vegan-friendly, so even if you are a vegetarian, you still could grab some good soft-serve ice cream. If you do not like pineapple, then you could consider other flavors such as lime, orange, or mango. The product contains pineapple juice, so you could taste the natural flavor when using it to make ice cream. It is exactly like Disney Dole!
The downside, however, is that the quality of the ice cream and other desserts could decrease if the mix is stored in a freezer. You could also find the flavor too sweet for your preference. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Natural exotic flavor.
  • Dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free.
  • Vegan friendly. 

Triple Scoop Ice Cream Mix

The vanilla flavor of Triple Scoop is exquisite. But just in case you do not like vanilla, then there are chocolate, strawberry, mint, and mocha. It is hard to choose the tastiest, so I suggest you give them a try.   

The vanilla is from Madagascar bourbon vanilla, so the taste is super rich and creamy. It could satisfy your cravings immediately, and it is easy to get the right ratio for the perfect soft-serve ice cream, making it ideal for beginners or to practice your skills in making ice cream. You could have fun with your family while making ice cream, and it is good for parties as well. The product is non-GMO, and it does not use any preservatives, trans fats, or artificial flavors and colors, so you could enjoy the treats to all your heart’s content. 

The downside is that it does not come in big packs so if you want to use it for commercial purposes then you need to buy in bunches. Also, the Madagascar bourbon vanilla may be too sweet for some people.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Rich and creamy flavor.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Non-GMO, with no preservatives.

Arctic Ice Brodys Soft-Serve Mix

I know that it does not have a very appealing look, but it appears a lot at popular theme parks where we all know and love, such as Disneyland! Other than the vanilla flavor, some flavors are more exotic that we rarely see, such as cotton candy and toasted marshmallow. I am a person who enjoys new flavors, and my favorite is the cotton candy one, but the vanilla is also very good. 

The product is gluten-free and lactose-free. It contains some milk derivatives, but it is a vegan and kosher friendly product. It works well with ice cream mixing machines, so you could create large batches of soft-serve ice cream with a blink of the eye. Mixing instruction is on the bag, which works like magic for machines, so you do not have to worry that you might mess it up. 

If you want to make smaller batches, then you may need to change the ratio. Also, since it is non-dairy, you may find the taste to be a bit bland.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Vegan and kosher friendly.
  • Works well with machines.
  • Gluten-free, lactose-free.
  • Clear instructions. 

Junket Ice Cream Mix Bundle

The great thing about buying in a bundle is that you get the best of many worlds at a great price. These bundles by Junket include two boxes of vanilla, two boxes of chocolate, two boxes of strawberry, so you could enjoy your favorite flavors to your heart’s content, or you could mix and match and be inventive! The chocolate flavor is especially delicious for my taste bud by the way.  

A particularly nice thing about this product is that they have an instruction on how to make ice cream without an ice cream machine; hence, you could use it to improve your skills or experiment with techniques so you could take leaps and bounds on your journey of confectionery and desserts. Also, it makes a great night food for your late-night cravings. 

The downside is that you could find bigger packs at the same price, in case you are aiming for commercial purposes. I would say that the servings per box are not much; hence, not very economic.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Bundle of flavors.
  • Ideal for beginners or practices.
  • Works well with soft-serve machines.
  • Nice flavors. 

ShiveryShake Pumpkin Spice Soft-Serve Ice Cream Mix

Pumpkin spice! It is not very popular, but I find the flavor to be exquisite! The original warmth of the pumpkin is enhanced with the use of cinnamon, giving your taste bud a ride of sweetness and satisfaction. It is as if autumn is dancing on your tongue. You could enjoy it in the early days of autumn, or go wild and make it into Halloween spooky treats. You do not have to wait until autumn to enjoy the sensation of pumpkin. Nothing could be a better companion for a summer day than a cup of pumpkin ice cream, no? 

As you can tell, it comes in a big package, enough for about 40 servings; hence it is very economic. It is gluten-free and kosher friendly, so you have more versatility when making ice cream and soft-serve desserts for your customer. 

However, I am sure you know that pumpkin spice is a flavor that needs consideration when choosing its companions. It does not match easily with other toppings like the classic flavors, and to some people, the sense of spice may be too strong for their likings. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Exquisite, warm pumpkin flavor.
  • Coming in big packs, very economic.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Gluten-free and kosher friendly. 

Nostalgia Ice Cream Mix

This product by Nostalgia Ice Cream comes in liquid form. Different from power form, those that are watery have higher fat content and less ice, thus making the ice cream super creamy in texture. I would recommend you buying these Nostalgia Ice Cream Mixes in bundles of eight. You could mix flavors and have a diversifying set of different flavors to use at different times. That is to say, however, they only have the classic three flavors. 

These soft-serve ice cream mixes are quick and easy to use since they are liquid-based. Hence, they also suit commercial purposes very well. They blend perfectly in ice cream machines, including soft-serve machines. Just add some milk and heavy cream, and the result will bring you a nostalgic feeling. Just like homemade ice cream, hence we have the brand name. 

Of course, since they are liquid, they have a short shelf life, so you should pay attention to the expiry date. Other than that, some people also think the taste is too sweet for them. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Quick, easy to make.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Ideal for businesses.

Gelato Pronto Ice Cream Mix

Now, the great thing about Italian ice cream that makes us fall in love with it so hard is that it is much leaner and milkier, with less air in the texture and more sugar. The Gelato Pronto Ice Cream Mix comes direct from Italy, with Italian formula, so rest assured that the result - ice cream, gelato, or any soft-serve treats - will be so Italian. 

The product comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. The taste is as artisanal as it could be for a packaged product, and if you are worrying that Italian sweets are too hard for your level, then rest assured. It is super easy to use, perfectly suitable for beginners. 

The downside, as you can tell, the product does not come in big packs. Hence, it is not very economic, and I would recommend you build some strategies with the supply of this product if you want to choose it as the main source.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Italian style ice cream.
  • Artisanal flavors.
  • Easy to use. 

The Complete Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix?

We all love ice cream and soft-serve treats. The main differences of these sweets from other sweets and confectioneries are that they are softer - just as the name suggests - fluffier, creamier, and must be served in a short time to ensure the highest quality. With these differences, it is a true challenge for us to make the perfect soft-serve ice cream, even with the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix available on the market. 

best commercial soft serve ice cream mix

However, having the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix readily available to the mass market is indeed a relief, for it has taken us a huge step forward in our journey of making the best soft-serve treats. With the flavors ready and the formula is broken down into several simple steps, not only we could always have some creamy, soft ice cream whenever we crave some, but also when we want to take it further and pursue the process of commercialization. 

However, trust me when I say that choosing the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix is possibly one of the hardest decisions for the culinary emissaries. Not just the flavor matters, but other problems as well. Hence, you could expect some headaches when looking through the various types of soft-serve mixes. But worry be not! The ultimate guide to choosing the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix for your sweet mission is coming right up! Keep reading for the qualities that you need to consider for your next shopping trip!


You may have known that the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix comes in two types: powder and liquid. Ice cream and soft-serve desserts made from one form of the mix will be different from those made from the other form, which may (or may not) require a die-hard fan of soft-serve sweets to tell the difference. 

The best liquid soft-serve ice cream mix has a higher content of fats and less amount of ice crystals than powder soft-serve ice cream mixes. It is dairy-based, with butterfat as a core part, so when you pour the mixture into the machine, the ice cream that comes out will be creamier than those made from powder mixes. Hence, you usually find liquid soft-serve ice cream mixes more expensive than the other one. 

best commercial soft serve ice cream mix

However, powder soft-serve ice cream mixes have a higher shelf life. The dried and powdery form makes the mixes easier to store and could maintain their quality for as long as 18 months. Typically, they are dairy-free products, making them fat-free. Since they have fewer ingredients than the liquid form, they are also cheaper. 

Whether you are a beginner or a senior in soft-serve desserts, you may find mixing the powder mixes to be quite difficult. The best commercial soft serve ice cream mix always requires careful calculations when mixing with other ingredients, but finding the perfect ratio for the powder mixes is slightly harder than the liquid ones. For liquid mixes, you do not need any mixing before pouring the mixture into the machine, while for powder mixes, you need to mix it with water, milk, heavy cream, and whatever necessary. The powder form makes these products extremely versatile but at the same time very tricky to get them right, and we all know how important the quality of the mixture plays to the overall result. 

best commercial soft serve ice cream mix

Therefore, you should consider which type of the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix you want to work with. Due to being quick and easy, liquid mixes are ideal for businesses, but they are expensive and contain dairy ingredients, which may not suit the eating habits of your customers. On the other hand, powder mixes are nice options for traveling vendors and artisan shops, but you will need some time to practice and get the maths correct. You could make tasty desserts with both of these types, but selecting the one that suits your style the most will help you save a lot of time.


Of course, we all deem this matter to be extremely important. This usually is the first thing we think about whenever we shop for food. 

best commercial soft serve ice cream mix

Best commercial soft serve ice cream mix could have many flavors, so many that you could be having a hard time deciding which to buy. From the classic set that could not fail to the exotic tastes that are rare and exciting, they have all you need for a fun mix-and-match.

However, please keep in mind that you are not buying these flavors for your satisfaction. To be more precise, if you are aiming for commercialization then you are trying to soothe the cravings of other people, and they do not have the same taste bud as you. You could like cotton candy, but your customers may not. Vanilla could satisfy almost everyone, but what if it has been too popular and it is time for something more daring? 

Overall, some brands offer a diverse set of flavors, such as Dole and Arctic Ice, and some brands focus on cultivating the flavors we all know and love, such as Nostalgia Ice Cream. Whatever flavor it is, the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix has it ready for you to make into tasty treats. You just have to spend some time considering the flavors that you believe would bring success to you. 

Nutrition Facts

I know, I know. We do not have the habit to look at the nutrition facts, especially when it comes to sweets such as chocolate or ice cream. Unless we are on a diet or have some specific eating habits, we might never pay attention to that white box printed on the back of the product. However, that is exactly what you should pay attention to when shopping for the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix. 

best commercial soft serve ice cream mix

As you could tell, many tags could accompany the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix. Whether it is gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, fat-free; whether it is vegan-friendly and kosher ok; whether it contains soybeans, nuts, butter, how artificial it is or how natural it could be; these are just a few of the nutrition facts that you must consider before settling down with a brand. Like I said, your customers have different eating habits, and you do not want to mess with these habits even if you do not mean to do it.

If your soft-serve ice cream does not do anything bad to your customers’ health, then you are already a step ahead in winning a customer. If they enjoy your ice cream then that is even better! Knowing about the ingredients should also assist you in making delicious desserts for your customers.


Last but not least, we have the money matter. If you are planning for commercialization, then I suppose this problem has always been in your head. Well, let me provide you with an overall picture for the market of the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix. 

The price of the best soft-serve mix could range from $10-$12 to $60. Mostly, it depends on the quantity that you buy, the flavor, and the type of the mix. Liquid mixes are generally more expensive than powder mixes. Flavors that are more exotic, or made from high-quality ingredients, could be more expensive. And of course, if you buy in large quantities then the price will be higher, but there are high chances that you could enjoy some discounts if buying in bulk.

best commercial soft serve ice cream mix

From around $12 to $40 is the lower range of price. You could easily find some conventional chocolate and vanilla best commercial soft serve ice cream mix in this range. They usually come in small bags or boxes that serve a maximum of 10-15 servings, maybe 20, and most of them are powder mixes. Since they offer small amounts, they are ideal for home use, or you could use them for experimenting with new dishes, and maybe stock some of them as a backup supply. The Triple Scoop Ice Cream Mix and the Nostalgia Ice Cream Mix are in this range, with each box is about $10-$12. 

From $20 to $40 is the medium range. This is the sweet spot for soft-serve desserts, and most of the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix is around these prices. Packs of 6 pounds are on the lower end, and on the upper end, we could have 10 pounds packs that are perfect for commercial use. Other than the classic flavors, you could also discover some flavors that are less typical in this range as well. I strongly recommend you focus on this range because many famous brands that people all love and enjoy sell their best soft-serve mix at the price of $20 to $30, such as Dole, Frostline, Arctic Ice Cream, to name a few. Liquid mixes are available in this range as well. 

Those that are $40 usually come in large quantities, with multiple flavors to maximise your convenience and creativity when making soft-serve treats for commercial use. However, I have to say that having a higher price does not mean that the product is especially high-quality. Mostly, that is because of the large quantities. Moreover, if your skills are good enough, then you could always make some tasty ice cream regardless of the price of the mix. 

Hence, depending on your purpose, you should choose the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix in the price range that suits you.  


In case you find it too hard to select the flavor you need, or you find the ready-made flavors not good to the taste, then you could buy a neutral one, such as vanilla, then you could use it as a base and add whatever you want to customize it to your taste. 

best commercial soft serve ice cream mix

If you find the freezer has not done any justice to your leftover, then gelatin could be the rescue you need. It could maintain the softness of the soft-serve desserts in the freezer while not affecting the flavors of the dish. The only thing you should remember is that gelatin is not kosher or vegan. 

For visual instruction about the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix, here is a short video:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

Alright, now that we have finished looking at the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix available on the market, it is time to pick the best three! This is a hard task after having so many names of the best commercial soft serve ice cream mix introduced to us, but I have strived through the hard part and conclude with my favorite three! They have their advantages and disadvantages, but in general, I consider these three are must-haves.

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