Top 13 Best Concealed Carry Backpack: Reviews 2021

Nowadays, wearing a concealed weapon is no longer a privilege that only law enforcement workers can do. You can bring them with you for hunting, to use in some extreme sports or for some safety reasons. Whatever the reason, you definitely need a convenient and safe way to carry it around. There are several ways you can solve this problem and among them is to find yourself the best concealed carry backpack.

However, finding a suitable concealed carry backpack is not an easy task, especially for someone who does not have much experience or knowledge in the specific areas that need to use concealed products. That's why we share here this review about the top 13 best concealed carry backpacks in the market at the moment based on our research and experiments. Hope it will bring you useful information.

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Best Concealed Carry Backpack For Overall

Best Concealed Carry Backpack For Storing Items

Best Concealed Carry Backpack For Easy And Quick Access

Best Concealed Carry Backpack For High Durability

Best Concealed Carry Backpack For vigorous activities

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Top 13 Best Concealed Carry Backpack Reviews 2021

One of the backpack's standout features is its ID storage system - you won't find this in many pockets. This function helps you find things quickly without much effort. The backpack has one perfect size which can help you to carry it easier. It can also pack all the items you deem essential for everyday use.

This backpack features quality stitching to ensure that the bag doesn't pop out after months of use. No doubt, this is actually a “tactical” backpack. Anything less than that cannot have the 'tactical' name.

The concealed carry backpack has many different compartments to ensure your belongings don't get messed up. Nobody wants to find food on their iPhone or your gloves in your lunchbox. There are specific compartments for each kind of item. There's a separate gun holder to make sure it's completely safe.

For bullets, there's a top compartment and another for items like earplugs and cleaning tools. While tactical backpacks should be sure to withstand the constant abuse, they should also be quite comfortable. About that, the shoulder straps have a great design.


  • High quality
  • Smart design
  • Very convenient and comfortable
  • Cho cái thích vào đây
  • Got many different compartments


  • Could be a little bit expensive for some people

This is probably one of the best concealed carry backpacks based on features. With a streamlined main compartment, this bag helps to keep all your belongings neat and convenient. Pads along with mesh pockets help organize your gear better. Robust and durable zippers for easy continuous use. The zipper system is quite effective for quick access.

The inside of the compartment is waterproof material to ensure the safety of your items. There are also grommets that drain when water gets inside. This concealed carry backpack also has a water bag with tube routing and dual zippers. The inside of this section is quite stiff to ensure that nothing inside will puncture it. And on top of the backpack is a bag for the sunglasses. Sunglasses bag with a microfiber lining in fleece fabric to protect your lenses.

Compared to tactical backpacks of the same type, this one is quite bulky. For your concealed weapon, there's an airtight compartment that can fully accommodate a carry holster.

There's also a standard front compartment with fabric allowing you to use it as you like. Other pieces include an admin bag and two other small pockets to hold more of your stuff. This backpack also comes with a high quality strap. They are easily adjustable in length to suit your personal preference.

Additionally, they are padded and wide with a mesh lining underneath to enhance air release.


  • Carry easily
  • Very durable
  • Convenient and modern design


  • Zippers could be ripped out after long time used

Let's continue this list with one product from Maxpedition. This backpack incorporates a carry mode with its own advantages. The first is the ease of accessing items you get by rotating it forwards. This feature is useful when you need quick access to your items. Most importantly, this style is quite important when it comes to balancing the body - you need this especially when going long distances.

This backpack is also very light. It will still be light even after you put all the widgets you need. The included single-strap design provides adequate full weight distribution for ease of use. The product is entirely non-biodegradable polymer nylon. This means it can easily take any beat and maintain its shape for a long time.


  • Can carry easily
  • Highly durable material
  • Very light
  • Can hold many heavy objects


  • Not really a good one for those who have problem with shoulders

Without a doubt, the Condor brand is undoubtedly among the top best backpack brands available today. Their main focus has always been on top quality products at an affordable price point, and this product is full proof of that. The bag can be a suitable option for most of your needs and it has an attractive price tag. This product has a heavy duty construction that ensures its durability.

In addition, this concealed carry backpack has more functions than similarly priced bags. With a 1000-layer texture, this backpack is possibly one of the toughest packaging available with water resistance. It has seven pockets that will help you organize your backpack. We can assure you that its main compartment is large enough for most of your everyday luggage.

Another plus about this item's main compartment is that it has laces to keep your belongings safe in place. It has a wide shoulder strap and a foam pack on the back to help vent and release sweat. The backpack also has a hip belt that helps reduce the weight of your shoulders and back.


  • Highly durable
  • High quality material
  • Waterproof
  • Smart design


  • Could be a little bit expensive for some people

If you are a backpacker enthusiast, we highly recommend this one from Explorer. The first thing you will notice when you come across this package is its plethora of compartments and pockets. For gadget lovers, there's an easy-to-access iPad pocket, a laptop compartment, four side pockets, six zipper pockets and an extended iPhone pocket.

In addition to those mentioned, the bag also comes with an extra military-style pocket on the front. Some of them are coated with Velcro. What's more, it's one of the few backpacks that boast a dedicated gun bag. At the belt you will find a gun bag. There's also a gun compartment inside - this is definitely a real tactical bag!

This concealed carry backpack has no shortage of handles, and it's all for your sake. It has a Molle-compatible fabric system and padded shoulder strap. On the bottom, you'll find other shoulder straps that will hold extra pockets for more inventory. These straps may seem like a lot at times, but they're there for you to use the bag conveniently and easily.

This is a premium 600D X 600D polyester product, which means you probably don't need to worry about quality issues. Special stitching and high quality straps - what else can you look for? Our helpful guide to the best hunting backpacks has more of this great product.


  • Very durable backpack
  • Smart design for easily carry
  • Many pockets
  • High quality


  • Not really a good carry-on backpack for riding

The next product in our top list of the best concealed carry backpack will be another backpack from the Condor brand. What's fascinating about this bag is its design. The coloration of the product is amazing and it looks stylish enough for you to carry around on most occasions - it doesn't matter whether you're hunting or going to a seminar. This backpack will also allow you to carry all the essentials you need in your daily life.

The backpack is divided into three large sections to help you organize your belongings conveniently. To make it easy for everyone to carry around, this bag comes with an ambidextrous strap. The main compartment features an air vent and a sizable mesh pocket. The second one has four mesh zipper pockets.


  • Smart design
  • Can be carried easily


  • Might not a good match for the heavy loads

Most of the products listed above seem to be more suitable for men. But don't worry, girls. The next item on this list is a design that is well suited for women in attractive colors. This bag is pure leather - a material that won't stain and is easy to clean. With this handbag, you can easily carry a gun with you but still comfortably go to formal venues like seminars or concerts.

The backpack has a pocket for a cell phone and another slot for a credit card. There's a center top pocket and zip pocket. The side zip pocket where you can hide the weapon is easy to use - you can pull out your handgun right away. However, if you are looking for a solid tactical concealed carry backpack, then this is not your first option. There are many larger pockets that are suitable for activities like hunting.


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to use and organize
  • Made from high quality material


  • Not an ideal bag for vigorous activities

Next we will talk about a bag from 3V Gear - the name that just mentioned is a guarantee of quality. This backpack has established its reputation and is easily among the best concealed carry backpack. This product is made of PVC 600D nylon - super durable. It will definitely accompany you for quite a long time.

With dual seams and anti-rust zippers, this bag can easily withstand the harsh conditions as well as completely comfortable in everyday use. The para-wire threaded product means it produces minimal sound. Another big plus point of this product is the lifetime warranty that comes with the product. There aren't many products on the market that have similar attractive terms.

About the size, this concealed carry backpack can comfortably hold all kinds of electronic devices such as iPads and small laptops. The zippered compartments come with pretty easy organization. In total, there are four bags. Among these bags are a water bottle bag to prevent dehydration when you have to travel long distances. With an adjustable and padded shoulder strap, you can comfortably wear this backpack on your back for long periods of time.


  • Made from high quality material
  • Very good warranty policy
  • High durability
  • Quick access


  • Not really a good match for a left-hand person

The next product in this list is a representative from Red Rock Outdoor. This concealed carry backpack is one of the best you'll find in the market. This bag meets nearly every criterion for an ideal concealed carry backpack. The bag is very compact and light - about 1.6 pounds and has great durability thanks to 600 denier polyester - a material already famous for its durability.

Therefore, this concealed carry backpack can easily overcome the harshest outdoor conditions. Another good thing about this material is its water resistance. Don't worry about sudden rains, your items will always be safe in this bag.

The product also has a molle mesh for more storage compartments. You can add extra bags to your backpack and take it with you - depending on the items you use often. You can have a knife bag or even a pistol bag in your concealed carry backpack for added convenience.

There are many compartments in this bag to help you organize your belongings. It has two zippered compartments, a zippered pocket on the inside and two other regular pockets. There's also a quick close for extra storage and convenience. The backpack can hold just about anything on your phone, charger and iPad - connectable on the go. This backpack comes with an ambidextrous strap for easy portability.


  • Highly durable
  • Optimal design
  • Very easy to carry
  • Compact and light


  • Zippers may loosen over time

This is a concealed carry backpack designed to be especially suited to desert and jungle people. The backpack is made from 600 Denier PVC material to help the product meet different requirements in continuous use. If you are a hunter, your bag must be able to withstand inclement weather.

The bag has several compartments to help organize your items. There's a compartment in the front pocket where you can keep your favorite magazines. This bag has a drainage pad - this can quickly help keep your items from getting soggy with the liquid. There's also a sliding front pocket, for easy to grab.

With split rear and front compartments, the main compartment has convenient zippered pockets where you can keep your keys. There's also a rear pocket for extra choice. The shoulder strap is ambidextrous, making it easy for everyone to carry around. To make the bag easy to carry around, the strap and back have a good cushion for comfort. And finally, the extremely light weight of the backpack makes it easy to move.


  • High quality material
  • Smart design with many compartments
  • Very lightweight


  • Outside section doesn’t have enough space

If you're not someone who often travels long distances or works in harsh environments, but simply wants to keep a self-defense weapon by your side to keep yourself safe, you might consider choosing a product. which we introduce next here.

This is the product line of M-Tac cross bags with the size of the main compartment about 10 x 8 inches - 16 inches total height. Multi-purpose pistol case inside the front pocket comes with a hot zipper for quick access to the gun.

The bag is made of high quality material which is 100% Polyester canvas 600D, coated with anti-wear PVC and waterproof. In addition to the central compartment, the bag also has 5 additional compartments to help you easily store basic everyday items.


  • Smart and convenient design
  • Very lightweight
  • High quality material


  • Not an ideal backpack for vigorous activities

All parts of the bag are attached with a zipper SBS with tab, high quality and quiet. The design of the backpack is also very modern, including 2 side small bags, 3 front patches, 1 main pocket, 1 pistol / rear partition. The main partition and one front pocket are designed with a zipper.

With 2 zippered side pockets for quick access to necessary small items such as coins, tissues, cards. Detachable belts can be almost 96cm. The carry strap of the carrier can be around 109cm. The backrest cushion is breathable and super soft for your daily task.

This is a great choice for day hikes, day trips, daily walks, exercise, biking and even camping. Finally a plus point is that the company has a very good warranty and customer support policy.


  • Lightweight
  • Smart design with many compartments to organize things
  • Good warranty policy


  • Not a good choice for those who work in extreme weather condition or often do vigorous activities

No products found.

The final product that will appear on this list of best concealed carry backpacks is the Reebow crossbody bag, made from super durable 600D polyester. The carrying package size is 12 x 9.5 x 6 inches which is enough to carry an iPad 9.7, small daily basic items such as notebook, wallet, keys, gloves, cell phone,water bottle, flashlight, charger, etc.

It also has a comfortably adjustable shoulder strap, and also has two smaller straps to help reduce bag shake when traveling like a small military shoulder backpack.


  • Convenient and smart design
  • Very light
  • Easy to use 


  • Not suitable for heavy duty

Buying guide: How To Find The Best Concealed Carry Backpack for you

So we are done sharing with you our top 13 best concealed carry backpack. All of the products above have been checked and confirmed about their high quality by a lot of users around the world. We do hope that our list can help you somehow in finding the best concealed carry backpack for yourself. 

But that is not all. Below, we are gonna give you a few tips that you can rely on when shopping for your product. So let’s take a look at the things that you need to notice when buying a concealed carry backpack.

Your concealed objects size


Anyway, the main reason to buy a concealed carry backpack is so that you can carry your concealed weapon. It doesn't help if a concealed carry backpack can't hold the gun you have. Maybe the inventory slots are too small or too large. Either way, it's important to make sure you have the right backpack for your gun - this may require you to have the right measurements for your gun.

How often will you bring the concealed objects with you?


If it's up to you, we are pretty sure that you'll carry your gun wherever you go. However, there are some places where weapons are not allowed and may need to be left at home. Anyway, if you always have guns and have no limits, then you might need something that is comfortable to carry around for a long time. A concealed carry backpack with padded back and shoulders is the ideal choice in such a case. Comfort for everyday use is key here.

Will it fit well with your normal use?


People have some things they consider essential for everyday use. In such cases, it is important for you to determine what things you will be carrying with you daily. Some people may need optics, a flashlight, a knife, stationary and others. It depends on how many things are needed to meet your needs. 

If you are planning on having a lot of items, then you may need a larger backpack. There is no point in having a too small backpack to hold everything.

Extra space for other stuffs 

This one will be based on your interests as well as daily needs, for example if you are a frequent user of a laptop, you should buy a concealed carry backpack for the laptop. So for your everyday items, you may find that you need more room for other things. For example, an extra room for snacks, notebooks, water and clothes - once again, it depends on what activities you will be doing on a daily basis.

The quality and durability of the backpack

There is no point in buying low quality products just because they are usually cheaper except that it gives you the chance to go back to the stores to buy things more often. We strongly recommend that you choose to buy products from well-known brands, as their products and quality have been verified by many other users. Your best bet is to find one from our list above.

Wow, too much information, right? We know that. That’s why we have prepared here a short rest for you guys - a video that you can visit via this link below, it should help you to have a clearer view about a concealed carry backpack and why we need to use it:

Best Concealed Carry Backpack

With all the suggestions and product information that we wrote above, hopefully you will get the right decision to choose the best concealed carry backpack for yourself.

Just in case you are too busy to complete reading the full article, here are our top picks of the best concealed carry backpack.


BEST Concealed Carry Backpack 
FOR overall


BEST Concealed Carry Backpack
FOR easy and quick access


BEST Concealed Carry Backpack
FOR high durability


BESTConcealed Carry Backpack
FOR vigorous activities

We understand there are many ways you can carry a concealed carry weapon, but in our opinion the backpack is the most suitable and convenient means. The concealed carry backpack will give you the freedom to wear whatever you want while not compromising your ability to grab items immediately. Plus, it has enough space to carry around other things you might need daily, and other things you feel should be in your pocket. 

The concealed carry backpacks which are shown in this article will absolutely not let you down. We hope you enjoy our list of the best concealed carry backpack.

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