Top 15 Best Dutch Oven For Camping- 2021 Review

People are enjoying camping more and more these days as they can go alone, with family, and with friends. Camping helps them to relieve stress and have the chance to come close to nature. Of course there are a lot of important tools to bring along while camping, only few people know that the best dutch oven would upgrade your camping days to a whole new level. 

There are countless models of Ducth ovens available nowadays, different in their materials, brands, designs… To help you find the best one, this article is published to show you the most common ovens and gives you some buying tips!

** below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best dutch oven for camping, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on amazon.

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This special oven is obviously the best Dutch oven for camping you should add to your collection. Le Creuset has been a famous French company providing cutlery tools for over 90 years. It is a widespread fact that its products are always outstanding in quality.

All the ovens are made from enameled cast iron that ensures the heat preservation and distribution to provide you with the best food quality available. The material can work well with high temperature from all the heat sources. The light interior color helps to see clearly inside at the cooking surface so you would always know what is going on before it gets burnt. 

The lids are fit to the oven, bring back moisture and circulate steam inside and outside efficiently. All other little parts, for example, knobs and handles are made with heat resistant and easy to use. This oven is so suitable for cooking all kinds of meats, poultry, vegetarian meals, baking,..

Depending on your requirements, you can take the oven with accessories such as a brush, cleaner, cool tool, tuner,... in the package. 

Besides, there are different colors that you can choose from. All of them are undeniably elegant. They are long-lasting enamel to prevent chipping so you do not have to worry about the beautiful colors. The only thing about this oven is its comparatively high price, however, we still highly recommend it to you because of its high-quality.


  • A variety of colors
  • Enameled cast iron material
  • Well-known company


  • Comparatively high price

The second model comes from GSI. We highly recommend this oven for its creative design of highly conductive cast aluminum, unlike other ovens that are made from cast iron materials. As a result, the oven is able to heat up very quickly so you do not have to spend a very long time waiting to enjoy your food. 

There is nothing that this oven can not make: from simple things eggs and vegetables to pork and beef stew or home-baked bread. Your camping experience must be lit up with this one. Moreover it is very easy to clean up after eating thanks to the non-porous anodized surface. The leftover would not stick to the bottom and the surrounding.  

You are free to choose from 3 different sizes so it is very convenient as you no longer have to cook just a little food in a super huge oven. Another plus point is that this model is quite lighter than other cast-iron models. 

GSI provides life-time warranty now, assuring better customer satisfaction. It always gets our thumbs up for creating your great time outdoors. You should also notice that this is not compatible with a tripod so you might want to get something deeper.


  • Made from cast aluminum
  • Never stick
  • Life-time warranty


  • Not good with a tripod

We would like to present to you another representative for the best Dutch oven for camping for its durability. The Bruntmor model has a real long usage time thanks to its powerful cast iron. 

Additionally, the integrated side handle is designed in a way that it would be best fit in the palm of your hand. With this product, you no longer have to worry whether it is strong and reliable enough for your camping days. This is an outstanding unit.

The domed iron cover can be used for roasting while the lid can be used as a skillet, making the cooking process less complicated and more effective. 

The 5-squart size is perfect for a small nuclear family or a couple of friends gathering for camping. Its advantages are obviously excellent, however, it does not have the legs and the weight is a bit heavy so you might want to think twice before purchasing this one.


  • Durability
  • Perfect handle
  • Good size for a small group of 5-6 people


  • Does not have legs
  • Heavy for its size

Very bored with those traditional black Dutch ovens’ designs? You are lucky that we are here to show you the outstanding design of this model from Best Choice Products. It would always do you good by its thick, premium cast iron with the glossy enamel non-stick interior. 

All those materials make it resistant to high heat and suitable to use for gas, fire, grill,... The quality of your food are also ensured by the materials. 

It has very good reviews for its easiness to clean. You just have to put it in the dishwasher without any “pre wash” steps. Additionally, it can also last for a very long period if you take good care of it. Looks like the more expensive ones I have seen and just could afford. Cooks evenly and I can’t wait for winter to make lots of soups.

Another good point is that the size is so great for making soup and stew because it can always cook evenly. Isn’t the idea of having warm nutritious soup in cold night camping not appealing to you?


  • Outstanding design
  • Premium material
  • Easy to clean


  • not found

The wholesome oven is special due to its design: It is an all-round oven made from cast iron material, not toxic chemicals, enabling it to last very long and used with all types of heat sources such as campfire, gas, stove, oven. The legs make it perfectly suitable for a campfire. 

Moreover, the outstanding feature about this oven is that both the pot and lid have integral legs that you can put it right over the campfire while frying meat on the lid simultaneously. If you really care about the quality of cooking your food, this one is the best for you because the design gives a cyclic thermal flow that distributes the heat evenly and preserves the nutrition substances inside. 

Just one small thing about the oven is that its weight is a bit heavier than other models, however, it could be much lighter if you use only the pot or the lid one thing at a time. 

Our users have been very pleased with this product because of the good customer service provided by Overmont.


  • Design
  • Good-quality material
  • Last long


  • A bit heavy

The users have been very satisfied with this cast iron dutch oven from MEIGUI as its surface is smooth while the other cooking surface is rusty. It also has the microporous enamel inside so you do not need to put much water and oil while cooking. 

Besides, understanding the importance of cooking safety, the lid knob made from stainless steel prevents the heat from burning your hands. vapor is circulated thoroughly inside thanks to the bumps inside. 

Another good point is that the modern color and design is obviously a big plus point for this model. This item is a worth-considering product to have as customers are also given a lot of other accessories. The comfort might as well evoke you to use it more.


  • Nice color
  • Safety 


  • not found

With the famous slogan: “Make you fall in love with cooking”, the oven from Sulives does not only restrict inside your kitchen but it also opens up everywhere. Made from super durable cast iron and a microporous inside, the Dutch oven is ideal for safety and scratch resistance. 

Another thing we like about this is that it has condensation rings located at the back of the lid to help moisture circulate inside continuously instead of congesting at the back of the lid, making the food more tasteful and well-cooked. You can even put ice at the top to make the circulation inside faster. 

Sulives provides good customer service when maintenance or replacement. If you are looking for some cute efficient oven, this is a note-worthy consideration. The only thing you should notice beforehand is that although high heat is fine, it is better suited for low to medium heat. 


  • Safety
  • Unique design to bring better cooking experience
  • Good customer service


  • Better for low to medium heat

If you are looking for a small efficient oven to cook yourself or a couple of people, this one model here is for you. This oven is available in a 3-quart option as well as in 5-squart options. The product has been upgraded by modern technology so it has a thick wall and made from sturdy cast-iron but only weighs 19 lbs. 

Many of our reviewers have noted about how durable and versatile it is, making it a great addition for a rugged camping experience. There's no doubt about this one's ability when cooking. It is more than perfect for your savory stews, meat roasting, crispy breads and BBQ grilling. It never burns or sticks. You would be so impressed by how the heat is distributed evenly. 

We would recommend this product considering its lifetime durability and your fantastic experience. 


  • A variety of colors


  • not found

Lodge is based and designed in the USA since 1896. Its name is among one of the most reliable brands in this category of cookware. 

This unit is well-known for its even heating and durability. It is made to last for decades. You can put it in literally everywhere: oven, stove, camp fire, gas… everything you can hope for. 

Lodge seasons its oven with 100% vegetable oil and no synthetic coatings or chemicals. Hence, it is promised that the more you use the oven, the better the seasoning will get. The kit is absolutely fit for camping activities. 

If you're afraid that the inconvenience of too complicated design will discourage you from having outdoor experience, this Lodge is a flawless alternative.  Overall, when buying this oven, it can possibly go with different accessories and sizes.


  • A variety of colors


  • not found

One of the most outstanding features of this company is that the products come with super affordable prices regarding the good-quality cast-iron material and their durability. 

The classic oven comes with legs on the pot to stay balanced above coals and a loof wire for hanging. The tight-fitting lid makes the distribution of heat go around and keeps the moisture inside perfectly. 

The only one thing about this oven is that it is not pre-seasoned and the lid is sometimes not stable enough to be used as a skillet. However, we still highly recommend this oven for its budget-friendly price for a small family of campers. 


  • A variety of colors


  • not found

The next option for best camping dutch oven is from Stansport as its reputation is considered to be one of the best in the market. 

This dutch oven by Lodge uniquely comes with a 3-leg tripod and a nickel chain that make the pot stand perfectly and sturdy over the campfire. You are free to adjust the height of the tripod  without supporting it with rocks as the legs stay anchored into ground without slipping. Moreover, the chain can also be creatively used to hang a lot of other things such as lanterns, clothing, tea pot…

The pot itself is super versatile and in fact, a productive skillet for both home cooking and camp cooking. It is made to last long for all types of heating surfaces.

The oven is powder coated with a type of shiny black paint that last for very long time to protect it from scratching.


  • A variety of colors


  • not found

This oven is the best dutch oven for camping from Lodge, the family company that has been producing cast iron cookware for around 120 years. This model is absolutely a perfect friend for your cooking adventures thanks to its design. Apart from the inside, you can also utilize the flat lid above as a griddle to make things like sausage or sandwich perfectly as a pan. 

The flat-top design enables you to put those hot coals on the lid in order to make the cooking process much faster. Another advantage is the addition of metal feet allows it to be placed above coals while camping.

Additionally, it has the unique pre-seasoned cookware with no synthetic chemicals that are able to bring more season to the food time after time.  The longer you cook with this, the better the seasoning becomes. There are 5,8, and 10-quart sizes for you to choose. 

This one is so well-packed that it even comes with a Cooking 101 guide so you can discover more interesting recipes.


  • Long history USA company
  • Convenient design
  • Preseasoning


  • not found

This premium oven is made with superior craftsmanship and cast iron material. There are two parts of the oven, the pot and the lid, working extremely well together to ensure an even heat distribution and preservation. 

Another good part about this oven is that the lid can also be used as a pan, which means you can both boil, stew with the pot and fry, roast with the lid at the same time. So convenient and time-saving!

Moreover, this is among the most common Dutch oven for camping among professionals who demand reliable heat retention ovens. It is worth-mentioning that the unit is pre-seasoned that turns out very  nicely.

This one has a 30-day money back policy and  life-time warranty so it would not disappoint you as a budget-friendly oven for camping. 

The only shortcoming is that you have to remember to wash the life by hand as it is not compatible with soap or dish-washing machines. 


  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Convenient
  • Good policies


  • Handwash

With its modern extraordinary design, it is always suitable for both professional use and private use, from cooking competitions, high-end restaurants to home-made kitchens, not only camping… So we would say the act of cooking is super efficient and satisfying with these ovens, especially with its high-quality materials that can go from stovetops, to ovens, to tables. 

If you are looking for an oven that is so ideal in slow cooking, this one should be a competitive option. It distributes the heat evenly through the pot and is able to endure 450 Fahrenheit degrees easily. It has a reasonable price considering an efficient oven so it is not so risky to purchase this. 

The well-designed oversized handles create a sturdy grip to increase its mobility so you are ensured that you can take it everywhere during camping. 

One more best thing is that the Artisan Collection is durable and rust-free. You can even feel from the picture that its material is super easy to clean.


  • Good for both professional and home-cook purposes
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable


  • not found

The final product we would want to introduce to you is from Wiselady. The design would definitely make you fall in love with it at first sight. 

It has an exceptional corrosion resistance as well as heat retention. Of course it can be used in any energy sources, oven, coal heat, gas,... 

It is suggested to wash the oven by hands but you can also put it in the washing machine sometimes you are too busy.


  • A variety of colors


  • not found

Things You Should Consider While Choosing The Best Dutch Oven For Camping

When you go out camping, it is important to have reliable kitchen tools. A best Dutch oven for camping can provide you with the comfortable pleasure of camping and filling your stomach at the same time. The camping ovens market provides you with so many different models. Therefore, it can be sometimes confusing and complicated to get the best suitable one. 

best dutch oven for camping

We want to help you have the best experience camping with a list of most integral factors you should acknowledge before buying any dutch ovens.


This should be the first and foremost factor in our list. Materials are obviously important to any stove. You would not want something really soft and fragile to go camping with you. Fortunately, the updated Dutch ovens versions are made from cast-iron, ensuring life-time use and durability no matter of the outside  factors. 

Moreover, the outer and inner material also affect the length of time you have to spend on cooking. 

It is generally right that those ovens made in the US have better quality of cast iron and are better suited for camping. 


While it might not be as important for other kitchen tools, the design of an oven is very essential. The capacity, surface area, the shape of the lid and handle, the location of condensation rings at the back of the lid… all of them make a great difference in how the heat is distributed or where the moisture is condensed. 

best dutch oven for camping

In addition, camping ovens with legs are generally more common among campers because they can easily sit on coals. 

Size and portability:

Modern Dutch ovens are no longer massive and heavy like those in the past. In the other hand, most of the dutch oven for camping are designed to be both lightweight and efficient while being small. Portable ovens enable you to put them in the back of your cars or even carry it with a small bag, minimizing their inconvenience while you enjoy outdoor activities. 

It is good to know that many oven brands offer a variety of sizes now. 


Let's consider your plan after buying the ovens. First of all, if you go camping, you should choose the ovens that ensure the most fundamental functions like stewing, boiling, making soup... Modern models now include lots of convenient features in the lids to improve the camping experience and save much time. 

Besides, if you are a professional camper or who go camping very regularly, you might want a more durable and heat resistant. Based on your specific needs, not only will you find a suitable oven, but you also won't waste your money. 

best dutch oven for camping


Finally, the final thing is price. The prices range between those ovens is huge, from 30$ to over 350$ so you should look out for any ovens that live up to your budget and requirements at the same time. For instance, a more modern or more accessory oven would definitely cost you more than a simple one. 

Other things:

Besides those points above, there are some remaining things that you should get to know before you buy any ovens. They are things such as the necessity of additional accessories or the heat resistance capacity.

best dutch oven for camping

To this point, if you are not 100% sure of what you would do after you buy a Ducth oven, here is a recipe link

Common questions:

1. What are the important add-on things to go with the ovens?

There are important add-on tools that you might want to go with your ovens. People usually have things like lid lifters to help you with hot ovens, a tripod grill hanger to hang up your ovens, or safety gloves to prevent burning. They are very beneficial. 

2. What size of the ovens should you buy?

It is entirely up to you but it is better to choose the one that best fits. We would say 2 quart is for 2-4 people, 4 quart is for 6-8 people, and 8 quart is for 14-16 people. This is just the rough common portion but it is mostly right for everyone. 

3. How can you clean the Dutch ovens?

Remember to double check whether your ovens can be hand-washed or machine-washed. The non-stick surface always allows you to wash it easily with just a little scrub. 

4. What are things that you should also look for apart from those apparently important?

These are usually essential factors but people usually forget to check out: looking for the flat base, pittings, cracks at the surface, the thickness of the wall,... 

5. What are the main differences between a home Dutch oven and a Camping Dutch oven?

It might seem to be the same but they have some distinct differences. Camping Dutch oven should be more sturdy, made with stronger material such as cast iron, and often have legs to stand above fire coals. On the other hand, home Dutch oven can be made from other softer materials and not be that rough.

Conclusion: Our top 5 picks for the best Dutch oven for camping

A best Dutch oven for camping would be super useful and convenient for you while going out. A good camping trip is nothing without those delicious warm meals. This is why we are focused in helping you invest in the finest ovens. 

People like different ovens all the time. Some of you might enjoy colorful lightweight ovens while others prefer classic ovens. After reading our reviews, you might have already known some essential features of any Dutch ovens and the most reliable models available in the market. 

Here we have the top 5 most best camping dutch oven for camping that we would like to present to you:

Whether you are looking for a Dutch oven for small groups, perfect quality, or professional use... each of five above ovens are unique with distinct characteristics. You should choose the best one that fulfill all your needs and budget. 

Dutch ovens have become the favorite things of many campers nowadays. Your food would definitely taste better if you choose the best ovens for it. We hope it is much easier for you to buy one after reading our review and comparisons. 

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best dutch oven for camping at the comment box below!

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