Top 15 Best Electric Pool Heater Review 2020: Enjoy Your Cold Swimming-Day With The Best Electric Pool Heater

There’s nothing like jumping into a comfortably warm pool in December! Luckily, we have tested all of today’s products and contracted the best electric pool heater for you.

Based on their construction, ease of utilizing, and warming execution, the models within the electric heating reviews below are the best. Keep reading to find the most excellent one for your pool and start getting a charge out of a warm, comfortable pool nowadays!

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Top 15 Best Electric Pool Heater Reviews 2020

Hayward Pool Heat Pump 95,000 BTU

From its article, Hayward is our top product I want to introduce for those who are looking for the best electric heater as its corrosion and durable materials.

This pool heater is designed for quiet, effective execution and highlights warm titanium exchangers for prevalent resistance to rust and corrosion. Pool proprietors who favor a calm setting station with companions and family will appreciate this. 

With 140,000 BTU of warming control, the Hayward HeatPro wins a bounty of commend for its capacity to raise pool temperatures and amplify swimming seasons rapidly. 

It may not be sufficient for expansive pools over 10,000 gallons at the estimate, but it is compact, simple to introduce, and simple to use.

With a low price tag and low working costs, this powerful small swimming pool heater is challenging to defeat.


  • Highly efficient
  • Relatively low working costs
  • Less costly than warm pumps and gas pool heaters
  • Works great for spas and pools up to 10,000 gallons in size
  • Operating quietly


  • Not suitable for larger pools
  • Heavy

SmartPool SunHeater Solar Heating System

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If you need to raise your pool’s temperature without springing a significant spill in your accounts, consider The SmartPool SunHeater. Its framework could be a solar-powered pool heater that utilizes the sun’s energy to slowly warm your pool.

Utilizing 80 square feet of sun oriented boards with collector tubes bolstered by the pool pump, this sun introduced board pool radiator works well to raise pool temperatures by at least a few degrees—depending on sun exposure and climate conditions.

It is perfect for medium-sized over ground pools. Whereas it might not work exceptionally productively in cruel winter, if the temperature is near 70, it can rise to a more wonderful level reasonably rapidly. The framework works well for both in-ground and above-ground pools.


  • Low price
  • Use in various places.
  • Using polypropylene heat collector
  • Friendly with the environment


  • Instruction is not explicit.
  • Depend much on solar energy

Ecosmart US SMART POOL Heater

No products found.

The Smart Pool series by EcoSmart offers quick and productive warming of pools up to 15,000 gallons.

Satisfied clients of the Smart Pool electric pool heater regularly portray the unit as little and quiet. It stands out for its compact; it is too simple to function, much appreciated by an advanced control board that lets you set exact target temperatures for your pool.

This product is a reasonable choice for an electric pool heater around just as long as numerous heat pumps fetched three times as much.


  • Compact and easy to install
  • Flow Activation
  • Space-saving design


  • No long-term reliability

Raypak Electric Spa Heater

Like other top brands such as Pentair, Trane, Raypak may be a pioneer in the spa and pool heating industry. 

Thanks to its modern technology and expertise in this field, innovative electric pools are being created nowadays.

The brand utilized its years of involvement and top-notch design to make one of the foremost mechanically progressed electric pool and spa heaters available nowadays. 

People who used this are satisfied with its compact, simple design and easy to install. Moreover, Raypak provides users with a relaxing and comfortable moment at any time of the year, especially on cold winter days.

Beyond its fantastic productivity and warming execution, it utilizes high-quality commercial-grade components for long-lasting solidness.


  • Efficiency
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works flexible
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for large in-ground pools

FibroPool In-Ground Swimming Pool Heater

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Your pool is not small, and it is also not too large. Do you find difficulty in choosing a suitable electric pool heater? Do not worry. The best light-weight heater FibroPool is our choice for you.

The Fibropool 55k BTU Electric Heat Pump Swimming Pool Radiator fits just as well and employs less energy. 

Not at all like electric resistance pool radiators, the Fibropool is a warm electric pump, which permits you to draw heat from the environment to warm up your pool and spare you a few significant greens within the handle. 

It requires a beating and keeps on heating with a warm titanium exchanger, premium Mitsubishi rotating compressor, and enamel-coated steel exterior.

Although it takes longer to warm up water, the investment funds from its effectiveness are momentary as it were to a sun-powered pool radiator. This product is one of the off-chance that not the most excellent electric pool radiator your hard-earned cash can purchase.


  • Easy to install
  • Well-built
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Low working costs
  • Operating quietly


  • BTU output is large

ZMM Electric Pool Water Heater

ST Series Pool Heaters are extraordinarily utilized for little pools less than 7CBM, Less Than 2000 Gallon rub pool and hot spring to warm and keep warm; meanwhile, they can be partners for the friendly pump in warming. 

This item receives the most recent consistent temperature controller- -temperature sensor replaces the conventional attractive stream switch. It makes strides incredibly of inconvenience free in working time of the water environment flexibility and steadiness.

The heating thermostat liner fabric is stainless steel, and the electric warming tube has excellent erosion resistance.

The ZMM based Radiator Tangle is an eco-friendly radiator based on innovation that can raise your pool water temperature to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This radiator is perfect for little- to medium-sized over ground pools, i.e., up to 8000 gallons. 

It might not be perfect if the water stream rate is more than 2500 gallons per hour. It’s considerably reasonable, so you will too consider getting two of these for illustrative purposes. It’s perfect to utilize a sun based pool cover with it. 

These sun-powered tangle radiators are perfect in ranges where winter is mellow, i.e., where the temperature is 60-65 Fahrenheit. They can raise it to a more charming 70-75 degrees.


  • Multiple protections
  • Intelligent self-checking system
  • High quality


  • Not suitable for larger pools

TOPCHANCES Electric Swimming Pool Heater

The automatic heating thermostat will begin to reach the preset temperature; at that point, halt working until the temperature drops many degrees. The indoor regulator consequently turns on. 

The ultra-high temperature assurance switch and ultra-high temperature switch will consequently trip—besides, the swimming pool indoor regulator excellent insides circulation, not dross, simple removal. 

Comprehensively screen the functional status of the framework, and rapidly make comparing judgments and shows.


  • Automatic water thermostat
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Intelligent self-test system


  • Not suitable for larger pools

New Automatic Electric Heater 

This thermostat is an outline for the hot tub. The manufacturer introduced the indoor regulator within the pipeline jacuzzi. 

When including a hot water shower, begin the pump, the indoor regulator consequently warm cover work, so the water temperature shower kept up at 39 degrees Celsius, give your Jacuzzi to make a more comfortable environment. 

Thermostat operation is entirely mechanized, clockwise, the warming is on, pointer light, the temperature comes to a preset temperature, will stay at that temperature.

On the off chance that vitality utilization could be a concern, Automatic Electric Heater’s sun based radiator may be the culminate fit for your pool. Each pack comes with a single board that uses your existing pool pump framework to circulate the water for heating. 

For bigger pools, you’ll likely require different boards, and the sets interconnect. Whether you lay the boards level on your grass, pool deck, or attach them to the roof, wherever they get coordinated daylight, they’ll warm the pool water.


  • Compact, lightweight, and versatile.
  • Easy to utilize, secure, and reliable.
  • Classical appearance.


  • Not ideal for large in-ground pools


Incoloy800 steel thermostat component exceptionally safe and long life. It is straightforward to introduce and supplant, with no need to connect adjustments. It is especially suitable for a bath & spa tub.

It is also easy to set your craved temperature inside 45 ° C. When the temperature is up to your set temperature, it'll halt consequently. In contrast, the weather drops down, and it’ll warm up water until your set temperature. 

Usually, a unique curved shape sun-oriented radiator guarantees extending Warm by 5 degrees Fahrenheit inside four days. The merchant gloats substantial development and guarantees quick action. 

Although the producer claims that this product is perfect for both in and above-ground pools, in reality, it is as it was great for over-ground pools. If you arrange to utilize it for your little in-ground pool, you might require numerous units.

In any case, this will not as it requires more space for the radiators but will too fetch you more. The particular bent shape would undoubtedly offer assistance. It captures warmth; indeed, when the position of the sun keeps changing. It is the best choice for a small pool or a bath.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Whirlpool accessory
  • High quality


  • Compatible as it were with American Standard Whirlpool tubs

Immersion Heater

High power for rapidly warming, heats 5 gallons of water in a couple of minutes, convenient submersion radiator will warm water ceaselessly over 180 degrees F and towards boiling. It is significantly sparing your time. 

The center stainless steel tube contains a warm over-burden security switch. When water comes to a specific temperature (about 180-194 degrees F), the drenching radiator for water can consequently cycle on and off to preserve water temperature. 

The overwhelming obligation 304 stainless-steel watch on the electric bucket radiator secures the warming component from straightforwardly reaching people or creatures. 

The gaps on the watch offer assistance discharge warm into the water speedier.


  • The thermostat and auto shut-off
  • Simple operation
  • Stainless-steel guard


  • The cord and handle can't be submerged in water.

Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Propane Gas Pool and Spa Heater

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Making a warm pool requires a lot of energy. The buyers are always considering the price of the operation. Luckily for you, we have found a product that provides excellent efficiency and economizes your money.

This product may be a gas pool heater that can utilize normal gas. It is little and lightweight and appropriate for both indoor and open-air establishments.

This Sta-Rite demonstrate has a curiously outside compared to other radiators we looked into – it is made of Dura-Glas, a thermoplastic gum, which handles warm and climate well. The board highlights a computerized temperature show, five buttons, and five marker LEDs to keep users assessed on the frameworks and operations. On the other side of the board, there are extra Driven markers for investigating particular issues.

We prescribe contracting a proficient to introduce the radiator, as the inappropriate establishment can cause untimely disappointment and void the guarantee. Issues with the establishment and the coming about harm can cause perilous glitches like gas spills and fire.


  • Compact Design
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lightweight - Lightest heater


  • Loud when startup
  • Intended for residential retrofit or custom installations only

Pentair 460730 MasterTemp Eco

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The ultra-compact pool/spa radiator may be a portable standard gas model that's perfect for those that got to transport, repair, and supplant pool heaters. 

This standard gas pool heater works at 83%-84% proficiency. It, too, consolidates Versa Flo coordinates bypass innovation that provides auto-activation and on-call warmth. 

The water can stream through the framework without entering the radiator, which also increments vitality productivity. The blower-driven, copper-tube heat exchanger features a hot-surface igniter start-up that ensures simple start-up.

Not at all like other pool radiators whose blunder messages are intense to figure out, its blunder messages are simple to figure out indeed in case you're not exceptionally experienced.


  • Best-in-class energy efficiency
  • Flexible, quick-connect installation
  • Energy efficiency


  • Not ideal for large in-ground pools

Happybuy Electric Water Heater

Are you looking for the best electric pool heater suitable for your small pool, Happybuy Electric Pool Heater is the best decision for you. If your house has a mini spa or a small pot, this may help you because it’s portable and convenient.

Typically one of the leading electric pool radiators to consider. This electric radiator encompasses a computerized fit for an indoor regulator that creates it conceivable to screen everything that goes around your radiator so merely can control everything that goes on in your radiator so that you simply can make opportune support and adjustments. 

It fits perfectly for an indoor regulator control. You may appreciate working with this sort of radiator because it adjusts well to ceaseless temperature varieties with the assistance of a temperature sensor. Introducing this radiator isn't a complicated handle; it may be a basic handle in which you'll do it by yourself.


  • Safety shutoff perfect for spas
  • Easy to move/set up
  • Remarkably lightweight at beneath 17 pounds


  • Not for open-air utilize; needs a weather-proof covering
  • Difficulty in metric fitting

Pentair 460735 MasterTemp Pool Heater

In case you are within the showcase for a gas heater, Pentair’s MasterTemp is an excellent choice. 

This product may be a top-rated pool radiator. Pentair maybe an advertising pioneer among all brands of pool radiators. It is capable and effective. It contains a few furious competitors from other producers but has overseen to hold its ground over time. 

it is competent of warming a standard swimming pool in an awfully brief time. But in case you were to compile a list of the most excellent swimming pool radiators accessible nowadays, at that point this one will effectively discover its legitimate put within the best three. 

Pentair makes other related items as well such as other pool pumps. There's an entire run of quintessential items or frameworks and embellishments. This makes it perfect for customers who need to depend on one brand for their changing needs.


  • Operates quietly
  • Warms quickly
  • Suitable for pools with high capacity


  • Using natural gas
  • Not perfect for smaller pools

IIS Premium Quality Water Heater

This thermostat is planned particularly for the hot tub, received by Stream Temperature Sensor Technology. 

The sensor is continuously beneath the single-chip microcomputer’s control to precisely and conveniently screen the whole warming framework’s temperature status and flow. The water temperature shower keeps up at 22-50 degrees Celsius, granting your Jacuzzi to form a more comfortable environment. 

Comprehensively screen the framework’s functional status and rapidly make reasonable judgments and shows, thereby avoiding destitute water stream, dry fuel, other disappointments within the nonattendance of water, and more help for the client.

The IIS Premium Quality Water Heater is one of the littlest pool radiators accessible on the advertising. It is around 30% lighter and 21% littler than most of its competitors. But it is not cruel that this unit isn’t as severe or significant as any of its competitors. Another astonishing thing almost the product of this brand is productivity rating with moo NOx emanation.  

It makes the unit exceptionally eco-friendly. It includes a kind warming component, copper blade warm exchanger tubes, and blower-driven gas and discusses blend. It’s too exceptionally user-friendly, much obliged to its mechanical control interface.


  • Intelligent self-checking system
  • Automatic heating
  • Multiple protections
  • High quality


  • Not suitable for larger pools

If you are still not clear about how to choose the best electric pool heater, this video might be useful for you: 

Complete Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Electric Pool Heater


best electric pool heater

Electric heat pumps will cost a bit less than the other heaters because they use warm air directly into the pool. So an electric pool heater is the best choice for those who want to own a product which is also convenient and has enough price. The pool heaters we have listed above have a range price from $200 and $5000. You have to remember that you will have to pay costs related to operations that go with the pool heater.

Pool Size

best electric pool heater

The pool-size will manage the perfect sort and control of your radiator. It plays an essential part in how warm it can be with an electric pool radiator. Unnecessary to say, more significant and complex formed pools will require a more effective radiator.


An electric pool heater has a good engine and will be a long-lasting product useful for your house. 

best electric pool heater

When considering buying one, you also have to consider its efficiency so that it is essential to put efficiency at the top of the list when you are shopping.

The energy of the electric pool heater's efficiency is not as vital as a gas pool heater. Yet, if you are looking for a low-price product and have the best energy, the electric pool heater is the best decision.

Size (thousand BTU)

Capacity (Gallons)

Surface area (Sq.)

< 250

1500 - 15 000

< 350

250 - 350

15 000 - 25 0000

350 - 550

350 - 450

25 0000 - 45 000

550 - 850

450 >

45 000 +

850 >


best electric pool heater

An appropriately introduced and kept up electric pool radiator can outlive a gas pool radiator. Establishment and yearly support are fundamental for accomplishing top effectiveness and should continuously be performed by a proficient swimming pool learner electrical hardware.  Refer to the Owner’s Manual for the supporting plan.

Control Panel

The control panel is regularly neglected, but it plays a crucial part in its ease of utilize. Our control panel decides the sum of vitality in your unit employments.  

best electric pool heater

About all quality, electric pool heaters go with a show and control board to permit you to screen and alter the temperature of the water in your pool. The control panel allows you to set your pool’s craved temperature of the water and its mode. 

The control interface communicates with the sensors and prompts the fan engine and compressor to control on and off. A few indeed come with advanced control panels and have marker lights to alarm you to any glitches. 


best electric pool heater

Another factor we have considered is the durability of each electric pool heater we bought. Indeed, electric pool heaters’ purchasing price is not as high as the heaters run by gas or others. But the cheapest is not the worst.

Luckily, most of the electric pool heaters we mentioned above are made with the best qualification and permanently used.

The Benefit And Detriment Of Using An Electronic Pool Heater

In standard, electric pool heaters are friendly with the environment, transmit zero outflows, are not enormously influenced by temperature or climate, warm rapidly and productively year-round. Their introductory fetched, unwavering quality, and flexibility are their essential benefits. 

best electric pool heater

They are by and large, less costly to purchase and have introduced than sun or gas oriented models.

In general electric pool heaters, vitality productivity depends on the sort of electric pool radiator you purchase. Electric resistance radiators having lower vitality effectiveness can bring about a higher month to month price of operation.

Weather affect

Weather is a virtual factor for you in choosing the best electric heater for your pool. If our living weather is warm, you can select any pool heater you think is suitable for your home. However, the power of a large pool heater may not be necessary for you to maintain the water degree at an appropriate level. In this situation, an expensive electric pool heater would be wasteful. 

best electric pool heater

Suppose the region you lived in is cold. In that case, it is not suitable for a solar pool heater or an electric heat pump since the sum of sun-based vitality, and ambient warmth within the discussion is much lower and questionable.

Faqs: Difference Between Electric Pool Heater And Electric Pool Heat Pump

Electric pool heaters and pool heat pumps - the two types both run by power. The distinction is that a pool heat pump will not create warmth from a warming component but it will gather the warmth from the discussion and exchange this warmth to your water’s pool.

A little sum of power is utilized to run the components. This framework is the effective primary method of warming up your swimming pool. It is not as expensive as other types such as gas heaters or other electric element heaters, and it just costs less than 4 or 5 times. By maintenance properly, we concluded that heat pump pool heaters often have a life span longer than gas pool heaters. So, you can save your money for an extended period.

By arranging accessories properly, the leat pump pool’s lifespan can last eight or more years. Electric heaters are also popular with its automatic tankless heater. An electric heater is usually more expensive than a heat pump estimate at about six times, yet it is cheaper than a heat pump for installation. For the best choice, an electric heater will fit for spas because of its easy handling and can be placed indoors. However, it wastes too much energy to make the pool warm.

Electric pool heat pump

Electric Pool Heat Pump


  • The low price of operation: The cost of operating a heat pump is lower than an electronic pool heater because it depends mostly on the atmosphere around 

  • Effectual working in warm weather: This product is an excellent decision for regions to have a medium to high temperature. A heat pump is working by transferring the heat from the outside into the pool.

  • Suitable for frequently using: It is clear that an electric or a gas heater is absolutely heating water quickly than a heat pump, yet it is an excellent product for home keeping a stable temperature. 


  • No effective working in cold weather: A heat pump will not be suitable for you anymore if your temperature outside falls under 50 census degrees in the pool season.

  • Working not as strong as an electric heater: Since the warm pump doesn't produce its claim friendly through burning fuel, it by and large works slower than an electric heater.

Perfects for:

  • Regions with hotter temperatures (more prominent than 60 degrees F)

  • Saving your budget

  • Use only for a single pool.

  • Enlarge your swimming

Electric pool heater 

Electric Pool Heat Pump


  • Better in colder climates: Because pool heaters create their heat source inside the combustion chamber, they're usually the best option for people who live in colder climates where the outside temperature regularly dips relatively low.

  • Effective working in cold temperature: An electric pool heater is the best choice for those who live in regions with a lower degree than the other because this product uses its source to make the air warm inside.

  • Heating quickly: It is terrific for every day you wake up. A pool heater makes your pool have the desired temperature fast enough for you to have a short exercise before going to work. An electric pool heater is a good option for you and your family who likes swimming. 

  • The upfront price is low: Electric pool heaters generally have an upper cost more than an electric heat pump. This aspect attracts consumers to buy them. 

  • The best solution for tubs: An electric heater is the best choice for those who have a hot tub or a Jacuzzi that they want to make the temperature higher


  • The high price of operation: The price spent on an electric heater can increase promptly, in the situation you frequently use, the cost of it can increase.

  • Not suitable for using frequently: If you want to use your pool every day and enjoy the warmth when you are dipping into the water, I recommend choosing a heat pump. Because the electric heater is suitable for use in just a few weeks.

Prefers for:

  • Regions with colder temperatures 

  • Rapidly warming your water.

  • Combination pool as well as spa

  • Limited time

So, what should you buy?

Buying a heater for your swimming pool takes some deliberation. Both heat pumps and water heaters are excellent options, and neither is intrinsically better than the other. When you're making your decision, try to ask yourself the following questions:

best electric pool heater

Buying a radiator for your swimming pool takes a few considerations. Both warm pumps and water radiators are excellent alternatives, and not one or the other is inherently superior to the other. 

When you're making your choice, attempt to inquire yourself by taking after questions: How imperative is fast, on-demand warm? Both water radiators and friendly pumps can warm your pool to the temperature you need, but water radiators are, for the most part, a little quicker. What is the weather in your place? 

In a cold region such as the northern climate, an electric pool heater can be the most excellent choice. In hotter, southern weather, a warm pump is likely the more proficient choice. What's the fetch of characteristic gas vs. propane in your range? 

Suppose you intend to go with a gas radiator. In that case, you'll unquestionably need to require a near see at the relative costs and accessibility of gas and propane in your community.

Is it more imperative to spare up-front or over the long-term? In common, since it's exchanging instead of making warm, a warm pump uses considerably less vitality within the long-term. In any case, they make it a tool more upfront. If you're not beyond any doubt which warming strategy suits your needs superior, it's a great thought to a proficient conversation. 

A master in pool establishment can converse with you through the climate variables, proficiency questions, and way of life needs that will shape your choice.

If you are interested in electric pump heaters, we will give you our best review of that product.

I hope the following tips have indeed helped you understand more about the type of electric pool heater. All the products we have listed above are the best electric pool heater in the market. 

Before buying any of these, consider whether the price is right for you, followed by the machine’s efficiency and productivity. And don't forget to be sure of your swimming pool’s size to choose the right product. 

Winter is coming. Owning the best electric pool heater for your home will make your winter more wonderful and dynamic. Stay healthy and have a wonderful winter!

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best electric pool heater at the comment box below!

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