17 Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars (Review updated 2021)

Today, most people intend to work out at home. Best free standing pull up bars are the right choice for any home gym. They allow you to perform a variety of pull-up variations, among many others.

Currently, there are many consideration units on the market - large, compact; high-end, affordable price; Simple designs and designs that have multiple stations to hit every muscle in your body.

Hence, We have focused on the top 17 best free standing pull up bars to help you think before making a purchase.

Here's what you will get in this review.

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Top Best freestading pull up bars Reviews 2021

HulkFit comes with an entire steel square bearing frame and an H-shaped kickstand for increased stability and safety. The base protects by rubber feet.

Two additional diameter solid steel safety rods are included with two additional J-Hooks and mounted at your preferred height.

This product also has two hands positioned and a safety lock dip bar.

The assembled dimensions of the rack are 81 ″ x 44 ″ x 47 ″ (205.7 x 111.8 x 119.4 cm), and the empty weight (cage only) is 165 pounds (74.8 kg).

It is made of 12 gauge steel; this squat stand weighs 800lb. 2.5-inch x 2.5-inch frame offers more excellent stability

It is relatively easy to put together. It shouldn't take you more than an hour by yourself. You'll finish it in about 30 minutes with help.

The angled pull-up bars are not one bar, but two pull-up bars, as they are not connected but rather attached to the frame, which adds variety to your workouts. Due to their careful design, you can use them to pull muscles and even lift muscles.

Optional latency pull-down attachments are available, along with weight belts and cables.


  • robust square steel structure
  • affordable price
  • super stable product


  • It takes a bit of time to assemble

KT Aerial Yoga is a sturdy product made of high-strength alloy steel, a high-quality yoga carrier frame, and a high bearing capacity to withstand 440.9 LBs (200kgs) during exercise.

Its weight is 37.47lbs (17kg). The company has upgraded the product several times to reduce vibration up to 92% so that most users feel "stable" when they exercise.

Moreover, you can also adjust this bar's height from 72,8 '' - 92,5 '' (185cm - 235cm); Therefore, you can choose the right height for your workout.

It's high enough to hang the yoga hammock but doesn't extend over your ceiling, so you can conveniently place it in any room you want.

It takes less than 10 seconds to fold back after using it.

Easily add or remove other accessories besides the overhead yoga hammocks and kits like handles, children's swing chair, hammock chair, TRX straps. It's perfect for both adults and children to use.


  • Light and folds quickly.
  • High durable and quality
  • Adjustable pitch


  • Price

Also, this machine is the best free standing pull-up bar for mobility from KT that allows you to put it wherever you want conveniently.

It is also known as a sturdy product with a premium steel frame.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the bar's height, with seven adjustable levels allowing you to perform more than 20 exercises; Therefore, you can choose the right level for your workouts.

Besides, this product weighs over 50 kg but can withstand the user's weight up to 130kg. It's incredible that it only takes 30 minutes to assemble.

It also comes with a handle grip that includes a strap and back cushion with waterproof foam, antibacterial material so you don't have to worry about cleaning your gym equipment.


  • Adjustable horizontal bars
  • 7 different levels for more than 20 exercises
  • comes with accessories


  • big size

The KARMAS is known as the highest quality bar. This pipe is made from high quality 2 "thick square steel construction and has a capacity of up to 330pounds, so you can get comfortable while exercising.

Besides, to ensure the user's safety, the four anti-slip legs below help the device firmly on the floor.

It has a multi-functional power tower station to perform various movements with different body weights that can assist with chin-ups, knee raise, dips, and pull-ups while also improving your overall fitness level. It is recommended for those who want to develop their height.

You can also adjust this bar's height from 61 "to 84.6", suitable for different body types when doing exercises. This unit has all the assembly tools and instructions for easier assembly.

Additionally, it comes with elbow protection PU and a backrest cushion to protect your elbows and back, making you feel more comfortable.


  • perfect for full body fitness
  • Assembly easy and quick
  • Super durable


  • sometimes comes without instructions

The Body Champ VKR1010 is an energy tower with a 4-station VKR that brings exercise back to the basics, perfect for home workouts.

The stations allow you to perform upright knee and leg lifts, like a dipping station, pull-up, or push-up.

The cushioned backrest also allows you to perform core exercises like leg lifts. You can do various exercises to build muscle and increase sharpness, targeting specific muscle groups without buying expensive weights.

The company designed this product with an H-frame base to enhance stability with a sturdy frame; so you can do the exercises for both sides. It also features two dome stabilizers for a sturdy steel frame. It measures 58.5 "x 46.5" x 83 ".

This product has a soft non-slip grip to protect your hands when exercising with body weight, and the product's feet are designed to avoid damaging your floors. It also has a secure and stable pull bar holder.

This product is the best free standing pull up bar for use in the home gym, even when you have limited space.

It also has a stand at more affordable prices than similar products offering the same or fewer features.


  • affordable price
  • great quality
  • Super durable


  • not adjustable height

RELIFE is made from high-quality steel, which is manufactured for durability. The suction cups at the bottom keep this pull bar holder firmly grounded for increased stability.

This product uses a locking pin to hold the screw tightened to prevent the nut from falling out in the event of vibrations during intense exercise.

This product supports various exercises to build triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles with incredible upper body strength. It is suitable for all exercise and strength-building exercises.

The back cushion supports your back workout comfort, and it is also height adjustable from 7 to 9.6 inches so that you can place it for people of any height.

With a non-slip grip, this product guarantees safer workouts for complete mobility with total confidence.

The product height adjustment range is 58.5-89. The power tower is also suitable for your child, so you can buy it for the whole family to practice.


  • simple assembly
  • easy to use
  • stable product


  • not for people over 6’2″

K KingKang has several workouts on the same side, including a wide pull bar with six positions adjustable height: 51.2 (L) x 35.4 (W) x (64.96-92, 52) (H), Back cushion: 11.8x 8.6, Arm cushion: 7.8x 3.5.

You can use the crossbars and parallel bars to pull up and do leg pushers, forearm flexes, push-ups, etc.

There's also a dipping station that incorporates elbow and back cushioning to protect your spine while exercising, and there's a push station in the base.

In the back, you will find a few hooks, which use with dumbbells and benches. It supports users up to 330pounds.

It is designed with a U-type stand, stretching up to 1.3M with suction cup-shaped non-slip feet, connected by two crossbars, unrivaled safety, and stability.

As you might expect from an affordable product, there's a lot to go for it.


  • adjustable height
  • offers wide range of exercises
  • affordable price


  • slightly wobbly when used

The GoBeast set is a hassle-free design with a free-standing pull bar, a dip station, and a bunch of resistance wire.

This product is ideal for a newbie to home fitness routines with more than 35 exercises, including crossbar pull and hugging, chin support, arm dips, leg lifts, various push ups, etc.

This product allows you to develop strong limbs and core muscles while exercising comfortably with a comprehensive and sturdy stand to support a streamlined pull station that can descend to become your dip station. 

You can dismantle it into smaller length tubes. It takes less than five minutes, so you can easily store it at home, in your car, or anywhere.

It comes with three quality resistance bands, a workout manual, and a large carrying pouch with a shoulder strap so you can easily carry it wherever you want.

The machine weighs 46lbs and supports user weights up to 300lbs / 150kg.

The advantage is that the price is reasonable, the assembly and dismantling are effortless without tools.


  • super stable product
  • easy to assemble and adjust
  • lightweight design


  • the pull up bar cannot be purchased alone

The CAP Barbell Power Rack measures 46 inches wide by 50 inches deep x 85 inches high.

The company made it using 11 and 12 gauge steel pipes, allowing this bench to handle 750 lbs on the pull up bar, and 500 lbs on the barbell catches. You will not have to worry about it being damaged and insecure with this capacity, 

You can squat with barbells and free weights; you can do full-body exercises with this device with adjustable safety latches.

Don't just focus on your upper body like other free-pull solo beams. The pull-up bars feature two upright bars for exceptional stability and security to provide superior stability; J grabs the cup to hold it safely.

The durable industrial zinc hardware and powder coatings provide exceptional durability without maintenance.

CAP has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has locations worldwide.


  • high weight capacity
  • safety catches
  • super stable


  • cannot adjust height

Sportsroyals Power Tower is the best free pull up bar option on Amazon.

The company created this super durable and sturdy construction with a 14-meter square steel frame with a scratch-resistant coating to keep the rider weighing up to 400lbs and withstanding long service life. This product is the maximum quality and durability.

This power tower has a 39,7 'long H-shaped base. The adjustable bar comes with eight support points formed by stretched steel, which increases the contact area and provide double stability for your various needs.

The handle is designed with a soft PU gasket to protect the elbow, and the armrest of this dip throttle is slightly tilted 10 degrees inward to prevent the elbow from slipping off.

This product can adjust the height from 64.56 "to 88.18", easily suitable for adults' fitness needs at home, office.

With seven adjustable holes (1,2 "-6.7") in the power tower's support, rear cushion, this power tower supports vertical knee lifts, pushes, scuba diving, and pull up, helping Tighten and aim at your arms, core, shoulders, chest, and back for a healthier upper body.


  • flexible powder
  • durable and long-lasting powder
  • multi functions


  • sometimes comes without instructions

KT KHANH KHANH bar is a must-have free pull up bar if you are short of space.

You can easily adjust the KT height in many levels from 76.7 to 100.4 inches, suitable for users from 4.92 to 6.56 feet and 485 Lbs.

This product has an adequate bearing capacity and is stable. The KT Pull Up Bar can withstand up to 771.6 Lbs and allows you to do the most challenging workouts without falling or bending.

 It reduces sway by up to 92%. It is not 100% stable but enough to get you to do weight-loss exercises. You can perform exercises well that pull bars, lift knees upright, and twist.

It is also made of high strength alloy steel with a powder coating.

It's portable and foldable quickly within 8 seconds, so you can easily free up space after a workout.

It not only folds but also works for low ceilings because the pull-up bar is adjustable. Handlebar width is 39.37 '', allowing you to hold wide or narrow depending on your training purposes. Its handlebar also never falls suddenly like some pull bars.

You can use it well with Aerial Yoga Hammock, Swing Chair, Punching Bag, Calisthenics Fitness Ring, TRX Stringing Exercise Kit, Resistance Belt Set, Training Ball, Barbell, Weightlifting chair.


  • The product is portable and foldable
  • Width and height are adjustable
  • Vibration is reduced when using


  • Paint on the bar can peel off

The Stamina Energy Tower is a design product that allows you to perform various bodyweight exercises while building muscle and losing weight.

This pull bar is perfect for rafters, triceps, push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, vertical knee lifts, and more.

This product is designed with a safety foam handle at each training site for stability and comfort during workouts. The lift bar frame alone is made of stainless steel and supports the user up to 250 lbs.

It measures 49 ”x42.5” x81 ”compact, ideal for easy assembly, and fits any space in the home or garage. Anti-slip endcaps protect any surface the Power Tower may lie on.

As for the quality of the product, it has a five-year frame and 90 days parts warranty.


  • does not take up too much space
  • solid steel frame structure
  • multi functions


  • no back cushion

Ainfox is made from a steel frame reinforced with stone slabs for outstanding strength and stability.

The product has a handle for anti-slip exercise. It can hold a 550-pound weight, is comfortable to hold so you won't slip, and it also has a back cushion (10.2x 17.9x 2.0) and hand cushion (11, 8x 4.7x 2.0) adjustable in pitch and makes you comfortable in your workout routine.

The size of the product is 30.7 (L) x 42.5 (W) x 84.7 (H), and height is adjustable to 84.6.

Doing your exercise routine is very easy as you can perform various exercises like abs, arm muscles, back muscles, chest, shoulders, and leg muscles.

This pull bar holder is easy to assemble and maintain.


  • Available pull-up bars and embedded stations
  • Comfortable back cushion and armrest
  • Easy to assemble


  • rust on metal pieces

BangTong & Li stable Power Tower is made from a dense bearing steel structure with high-density foam rubber grips, handrails, and anti-slip screws perfect for bodybuilding exercises.

It has removed the back cushion support for safety, although most power towers have it that can interfere with pull-ups and other exercises.

A square tube is a multi-station bar made from thicker and wider heavy steel that can hold up to 330lbs.

This tower has many stations; you can perform a series of exercises such as Pull-up, Dips, Chin-up, Push-up, Knee raise allowing you to practice many muscle groups. You can do this with arm muscles, arm muscles, back, chest, shoulders, and leg muscles. This product is suitable for use at home, office, gym, or gym.

The bar height can be adjusted from 76.4 to 84.3 inches, while the soft foam handle provides a firm grip to avoid slipping when using this fitness device. It also has thick and wide arms for a more comfortable workout.


  • sturdy and durable product
  • multi-function
  • adjustable height


  • unpopular brand

Livebest Power Tower is high quality multipurpose electric power made of square tube steel.

It has an embedded kickstand and a pull-up pull bar that stands freely. The single-beam pull-up tower is suitable for delivering perfect results for both the upper and lower sections such as high lift, belly flex, chin support, and knee elevation at the home, office, or gym.

It also comes with a variety of handles to help you choose the right one for exercise.

You can adjust the bar pitch with eight levels to accomplish your fitness goals while using it.

LiveBest is made of high-quality steel that can hold up to 600LBS. This product has a comfortable back and elbow cushion that will allow you to perform dips, reduce pressure on your spine, avoid injury while playing sports.

It also features four non-slip rubber foot pads to keep the strapping stable on the floor while in use.


  • adjustable height
  • super stable
  • adjustable height


  • difficult to assemble

XR 10.9 is one of the best free pull-up bars on Amazon.

This affordable free-drive tower features a multi-point pull-up station or even a dipping station for wide and narrow grip lift, chin lift, knee lift, chest muscles, and shoulder with incredible upper body strength.

Besides, at the bottom of the product, you can also perform push-up hand grips.

XR 10.9 is a tough, bearing steel product that can hold up to 300lb in weight. The frame is of super high quality and durable for safety and comfort for you to exercise.

With a price tag of around two hundred dollars, this is an affordable unit.


  • durable and sturdy product
  • safe and comfortable using
  • multi-function


  • not stable enough for some exercises

OneTwoFit brand is made of a bearing steel pipe frame to ensure consistent rigidity.

This product has an ultra-wide U-frame base with non-slip feet for safety and stability. High-density foam handle and armrest and backrest ensure comfort during exercise.

This energy tower features a multi-handle pull station that you can use for wide-angle and standard-angle pull-up and chin-rest exercises like push-ups, rafters, crunches, belly lifts, and any other episode you can think of.

You can adjust the height to suit your needs during exercise; this single bar's height is adjustable in 6 levels from 79.5 to 86.6 inches (202 to 220 cm).

The base also uses L-shaped support bars that you can use for push-ups. This product can hold a weight of up to 330 lbs.

It features a high-density foam handle and a back cushion and armrest to minimize hand fatigue after long workouts.


  • easy to assemble
  • adjustable height
  • multi-function


  • lack of front handles

Comparison Of Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

This table will show you a comparison of the best freestanding pull up bars clearly


User’s weight



HulkFit 1000-Pound Multi-Function Power


74.8 kg

variety workouts

KT Aerial Yoga Free Standing Pull Up Bar

440.9 lbs

74.8 kg


Bowflex Body Tower Pull Up Bar



more than 20 exercises

Karmas Freestanding Pull Up Bar


over 50 kg

variety workouts

Body Champ VKR1010 Freestanding Pull Up Bar

64 pounds

88 pounds

variety workouts

Relife Freestanding Pull Up Bar

330 LBS

63.9 lbs

variety workouts

K KingKang Freestanding Pull Up Bar T056


60.69 lbs

variety workouts

GoBeast Freestanding Pull Up Bar



more than 35 exercises

CAP Barbell Power Rack

500 pounds

500 pounds

variety workouts

Sportsroyals Pull Up Bar


61.75 Pounds

variety workouts

How to choose the Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

best freestading pull up bars

Training goals

You can use the pull-up bar to perform various exercises like leg lifts, crunches, and knee lifts to increase overall body strength, increase your grip, target specific muscle groups, and increase endurance. So, make sure that choosing to use the pull-up bar can give you an exercise that fits your training goals.

Adjustable Grip

best freestading pull up bars

A freestanding pull up bar has neutral and handgrip positions. Each grip works with different muscles. If you're going to do a variety of exercises, find a slider with adjustable arms. The pull bar should also have a soft non-slip handle to protect hands when exercising with body weight.

User weight supported

It would be best to consider the supported user weight to choose the freedom goal that is right for you. The user weight supported varies from 200 to 600 lbs. It should be at least 50% more than your weight.


When choosing a freestanding pull-up bar, you should make sure it is compatible with your home space. Most companies have designed their bars to fit standard door frames 24 inches, 33 inches, or 36 inches wide.


If your space is limited, you should choose a portable pull up bar. They are lightweight, easy to assemble, and can be stowed away when not in use.

Additional features

The weight limit of the lifts is a critical consideration. Some of them can hold up to 1,000 pounds for users.


You should choose products that fit your budget and fitness goals—the prices of the Free Standing Pull Up Bar range from $ 100 to $ 475.


best freestading pull up bars

What is a Freestanding Pull-Up Bar?

The Freestanding Pull-Up Bar and free dip station are a revolution in home exercise. ... The Freestanding Pull-Up Bar allows you to perform dozens of gymnastic, calisthenic, and bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Are Freestanding Pull Up Bar Worth It?

The freestanding pull up bar is worth buying, especially if you want to be able to pull the bar at home. ... That said, pull-ups are generally an excellent exercise for your upper body. It will impact not only your back and biceps, but also your muscles and shoulders.

best freestading pull up bars

Does Freestanding Pull Up Bar build muscle?

Freestanding Pull Up Bar is an excellent machine for your upper body exercises and primarily back muscles and strengthens your arms and core muscles. When you train better, and your body shape improves.

Can I lose weight doing pull-ups with a freestanding pull up bar?

Another characteristic of an excellent fat loss exercise is the amount of muscle it works on at the same time. ... For the best fat burning exercises, Pull-Up / Chin-Up is second to none. With just one pull, you are actively active in most of the back muscles and the core and arms.

How much can the freestanding pull bar hold?

The average freestanding pull bar can hold a weight of around 300-500 pounds, making it an excellent and safe option to get.

Can I easily transport the freestanding pull up bar?

The freestanding pull up bar can be transported easily.

Some brands are easy to assemble and take just a few minutes to put together and ready to use.

Many weigh only a few kilograms to move quickly, making it ideal for those with little room in the house.

Can I leave a freestanding pull up bar outside?

Leaving a freestanding pull up bar outside is not recommended.

If left outside in the rain and other inclement weather, they can rust depending on the materials made from it. Plus, any foam can crack and deform under sunlight and heat.

You can watch this video to see more than 30 exercises you can do with a freestanding pull up bar.

best freestading pull up bars

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best freestading pull up bars

In short, the best freestanding pull up bar is all that you need for your home workout. It allows you to perform dozens of gymnastic, calisthenic, and bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Based on our experience, we’ve picked out 5 top picks for the best freestanding pull up bar as suggestions for you:

After taking a look at my reviews of freestanding pull up bar, I hope this review will help you choose the best freestanding pull up bar that satisfies your desire. Find your ideal on Amazon and make the final decision!

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best freestading pull up bars at the comment box below!

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