Food Scraps Eliminator: Top 15 Best Garbage Disposal For Septic In 2020

For most families, having a garbage disposal to get rid of leftovers in their kitchen without much effort is a manna from heaven. Even if there is a septic system in your house, having a powerful and best garbage disposal for septic tanks would wipe out your worry about damaging the drain.  

Whether you are itching for a brand new disposal under your sink or an upgrade for the old and inefficient one, there are many factors to consider for the optimal option. Just leave the hassle for us and take a look at Agern Restaurant’s top 15 Best Garbage Disposal For Septic In 2020.

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Top 15 Best Garbage Disposal For Septic Reviews 2020

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel model comes with a powerful motor as well as advanced technology, which makes this unit considered as a smart choice for high-end product range. 

Though this product is ideal for people with higher budget, the most exceptional feature of this disposal is its top-notch sound insulation and vibration-free mounting system. This means the disposal is able to operate and work in silence. Hence, regarding residential usage this is a highly appreciated model. 

With 1 HP motor and spin speed at 1725, the disposal is able to operate with high efficiency and requires less maintenance. The rustless steel grind component and the strong motor allows the unit to handle toughest waste, namely, bones, seeds, and stringy waste.

Another feature that differentiate The Evolution Excel from the XTR model is that it features 3-stage Multigrind Technology. That means the disposal has the ability to grind food waste three times to ensure it’s completely pulverized in order to mitigate the possibility of clogging or jamming drain. 

Even when clogging happens, the product itself can detect these issues and is able to handle them quickly. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel has a 7-year in-home limited warranty coverage, which is pretty impressive compared with other products.


  • 1 horsepower motor
  • 3-Stage Multigrind Technology
  • Soundseal Tech for super quiet operation, Vibration-free mount
  • Installation is a breeze
  • 7-year warranty


  • At a higher price range
  • Doesn’t come with power cord so you have to purchase it separately
  • The cutting areas are likely to get rusted if not frequently used

InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

This is another product from InSinkErator, the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist is a flawless garbage disposal that satisfies all needs and budgets. 

The most fascinating feature of this unit is its 2-stage grinding level and automatic treatment of microorganisms. The model’s grinding ability is strong enough to handle toughest food scraps such as beef bones or eggshell as it has a ¾ HP motor. The substance produced by the microorganisms of the bio-charge comes in handy with your septic system.  The bio-charge also gives off a sweet-smell scent that pleases you all day. 

When it comes to noise level, this product comes with the SoundSeal system that makes it pretty tranquil operation compared to other garbage disposals. Besides the amazing insulation and vibration-free functionality, the Quiet Collar Sink Baffle has the purpose to prevent noise from coming up through the countertop.

However, there is a matter of looking for a separate electric cable and finding a fitted PVC tube. The quality of the product is worth the price since it works effectively and comes from a trusted brand that applies cutting-edge technology on their products.


  • 2-stage Multigrind level
  • Value for the money
  • SoundSeal technology for silent operation
  • Anti-rust steel components
  • Easy to put together


  • Doesn’t come with power cord
  • Suitable for bigger tank

General Electric GFC530V Continuous Feed Disposal

This General Electric GFC530V may attract your attention if you are searching for best garbage disposal for septic systems. This is an epic option for someone who wants a disposal that has an extra-large capacity to get rid of leftovers. 

At the speed of 2800 RPM, this unit has a strong and fast-speed motor that has the ability to crush even the most difficult food scraps under the sink that are left after you do the washing. In this unit, there are double level pre cutter systems to make sure that the food residuals can be easily grinded in an efficient and careful way. By pulverizing it continuously, it prevents jamming and clogging so as not to affect its performance.

Another interesting feature is that the rustless steel sink flange does come with galvanized steel turntable for longevity. The shaft is made of carbon steel to make it more compact, yet still give it the desired power. It’s also a breeze for users to mount the unit without calling a plumber.  A power source is directly connected to the disposal for easier operating.


  • Sound-insulated function for tranquil time in the kitchen
  • High motor speed at 2,800 RPM
  • Jam-resistant rotating blades
  • Made from stainless steel for greater build quality
  • EZ mount application
  • Accomodate large amount of food waste


  • Cannot make adjustments and replacement manually with an allen wrench since there is no socket underneath
  • Pretty noisy

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator Essential XTR which comes from the most popular American disposer brand is a functional and sturdy disposal. It has become the awesome garbage disposal for a regular home for a reason. With the feature of 2-Stage Multigrind, the machine is able to handle tougher foods such as eggshell or beef bones and can accomodate the trash volume of a 4-6 person household.

The InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR is a successful upgrade from the formerly InSinkErator Evolution Compact which will be reviewed below, with some minor alterations made to the housing. The InSinkErator Essential XTR has improved its former versions’ performance and that’s why it occupies the best ¾ HP garbage disposal on the market.

One of the most terrific advances is the application of sound reducing technology or the SoundSeal insulation. This means that the unit’s ability to perform and operate in silence is highly improved with this product compared to former ones. In fact, many users and reviews have proved how quiet it is and this item is also the most silent they’ve ever owned. 

Additionally, the disposal also comes with default attachments, including a SinkTop Switch and a power cord. It’s a ¾ HP continuous model with a Dura Drive induction motor that spins at the speed of 1725 rpm. Though the product has not been compatible with the dishwasher yet, it allows you to cut down the power bills. Besides, it also covers a 6-year warranty. It;s hard to find anything better.


  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful motor
  • 2-stage multigrind to deal with tough food waste
  • Expensive warranty: 6-year
  • Process most food types well


  • A bit expensive
  • Not include the adapter for the dishwasher

Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal

Despite being more pricey than other Waste King models, it offers phenomenal features compared to its counterparts. Instead of the multigrind technology that you find in InSinkErator models, this unit features One Pass technology with 1.0 HP motor and a high speed of 2700 RPM for easier process of the toughest food trash in just one pulverizing pass

Since the Knight A1SPC’s grinding chamber is made of glass-filled nylon to prevent corrosion. Another factor to differentiate this model from other Waste King models is the exclusive silencer technology which is applied to make soundproof music studios. 

Nonetheless, replacement installation can be challenging, the snap and lock mounting part makes a new installation a breeze. In our opinion, it’s understandable that this Waste King Knight A1SPC be on this list of best garbage disposal for septic for those listed reasons.


  • Exclusive silencer technology used in most music studios
  • One Pass technology for more powerful grinding system
  • Includes power cord
  • Lifetime in-home warranty coverage


  • Replacement can be a bit challenging
  • Not as silent as the InSinkErator
  • Is not as compact as average disposals

Moen GXS75C Host Series 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The Moen GXS75C is a typical product from Moen, a newcomer in the kitchen appliances industry, including spigots and garbage disposals, especially the highly appreciated faucets compared to other models. 

The Moen GXS75C GX offers a high-speed motor to power its performance. The ¾ HP motor spins at the pretty fast speed of 2700 rpm with the purpose of preventing jamming to occur. While the grinding ability of steel chambers is not extremely perfect, it is likely to handle most types of food at such a speedy velocity, except for bones and other fibrous substances.  

Apart from being made of stainless steel, the unit features the Soundshield for reducing loudness. However, this function doesn’t live up to some users’ expectation since the device is pretty noisy while operating. 

With a newly-established brand like Moen, a product like the GXS75C is a nice start and is likely to develop more in the near future. This item is also covered by a 5-year limited in-home warranty.


  • 3/4 HP Continuous Feed
  • Easy swap installation
  • Dishwasher connection
  • Value for the money
  • 5-year warranty


  • Might be noisier than expected
  • The strainer may pop out and need replacement

Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal (L-8000)

The Waste King L-8000 is one of many products from the Waste King brand. Compared with the InSinkErator series, it might not be as versatile as. However, when it comes to its main performance, the L-8000 is able to work productively at such a lower cost. Especially, if you are on a tight budget but still desire something powerful, this is a smart option.

What is special about this L-8000 is that it has a sturdy build and a 1 HP motor that allows for spin speed at 2800 rpm. The ultra-quick motor, together with the stainless steel flanges, allows the system to pulverize food leftovers efficiently and hassle-free. That’s also the reason why it is a septic-friendly disposal.

Besides, the compatibility of the Sound-insulated system makes it very quiet, despite its powerful motor. Additionally, the EZ Mount twist-and-lock design makes it easy and convenient to assemble and install. Also, this exceptional unit comes with a limited lifetime in-home warranty so that you could save some money for maintenance and repairment. 

Surprisingly, this unit offers all necessary features in a compact package which optimizes your kitchen spaces. Other amazing features include the reset button on the front instead of locating in the bottom as you usually find in most other disposals as well as the replaceable for easy hygiene and dropped items retrieval. 


  • Ability to prevent jamming
  • Insulated to mitigate noise
  • E-Z mount, 1HP disposal
  • Comes with 36-inch power cable
  • Anti-rust and corrosion proof


  • The noise level is average
  • Sometimes, the mounting system doesn't seal well on a SS sink

Moen GX50C Prep Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

This unique and stylish designed Moen GX50C, like other units from Moen, is cherished for its plumbs and faucets. Moen deserves a spot in the list of best garbage disposal for septic for a reason. Starting with the required standard horsepower of the motor and the pretty fast speed at 2600 RPM. These features of a strong motor are designed for the smoother disposal of food scraps as well as jamming mitigation. 

Besides, it’s a continuous feed model which means more user-friendly functionalities. Specifically, this product is ideal for families with basic food preparation and is easy for hygiene. Regarding longevity, the unit is designed to last longer since it is made of stainless steel.


  • SoundShield insulation technology to reduce sound level
  • Comes with power cord
  • Can handle peels smoothly
  • 5-year limited warrantyInstallation is a breeze


  • Not very quiet to some users
  • Can’t handle tougher waste like bones or eggshells

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed

This InSinkErator Badger 5 is an astonishing option for families that have fewer members and/or don’t cook too often. 

The attribute to differentiate the Badger 5 from other ½ HP counterparts is its durability. With a sturdy build and a powerful motor, the Badger 5 can be seen as the standard food scraps disposer over the whole industry.

The induction motor is not only appreciated for its longevity but also for being precise, and productive. With proper maintenance and usage, it is able to work for a long time. Like other products in the InSinkErato series. The Badger 5 spins at the speed of 1725 rpm. The grinding system under the sink is capable of crushing soft food waste with ease. However, It is likely to have some difficulty in handling tougher garbage such as bones or eggshells. 

Frankly, it can deal with hard waste but in a slow and thorough way to prevent jamming. Hard-to-grind waste like bones, meanwhile, are probably not recommended to put down the disposal. 

Generally, the InSinkErator is a decent option for smaller and less spacious homes. The model requires less cost for repairing at an affordable price. Additionally, the installation is quietly straightforward, the quick lock allows you to switch to a new model without any hassle.


  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable components including induction motor


  • The interior is easy to get rusted
  • Cover merely a 2-year warranty

Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal (L-2600)

Another product from the series Waste King Legend which has advanced kitchen devices in their own way. Waste King L-2600 now has literally thousands of positive reviews in the market and the best thing is: it’s a very affordable garbage disposal.

It’s hard to deny the user-friendly features of the Waste King L-2600. Regarding noise level, it’s incredibly as quiet or even less than the InSinkErator Badger 5. Your children now will not get scared by the sound of the device anymore. Also, it’s hassle-free to set up and install the disposal without the help of a plumber.

With the strong ½ HP motor and spins at the speed of 2600 RPM, the disposal is able to break down thick vegetable peels. Also, the unit comes with a pre-installed power cord. The most unique feature of this best garbage disposal for septic is that it offers a reset button at the bottom to lessen jamming, which means you don’t have to worry about the clogged drain that much.


  • Install without any hassle
  • 5-year warranty
  • Pretty quiet
  • You don’t have to purchase an stopper and waste guard separately


  • Not the quietest garbage disposer on the market.

Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal

Unlike former models from the Waste King Legend series we have reviewed, the Waste King L-3200 is able perform more powerfully since it has an advanced motor with ¾  HP and grinding speed at 2700 rpm.  That means it can grind almost any type of food waste.

Another thing to identify the L-3200 from other products is the compatibility with a splash guard which can be removed for regaining dropped items as well as easy cleaning. I am also really content with the reset button that allows for quick recovery to normal operation if jamming has occurred.

Moreover, the corrosion proof polymer grind chamber which is brushed rust-proof contributes to the decreased noise level of this unit. In fact, this is the same technology applied to build soundproof rooms.


  • Comes with power cord
  • ¾ HP motor and spin speed at 2700 RPM
  • Manual reset button incase of overfilling or jamming
  • Very long warranty: 8 years
  • Removable splash guard for easy cleaning


  • Removing the cord and hardwire this unit is quietly difficult
  • Perhaps, there is some balance problem with the grinders.

Waste King L-111 Garbage Disposal

The Waste King L-111 is a remarkably compact, power-saving food trash disposer with a surprisingly multiple features!

What makes me personally content with this unit, is the incredibly reasonable price compared to most units on our list. Though it offers a short in-home warranty of 2 years, when you look at the positive sides, with anything that is get exposed to water and  air for lengthy periods of time, you will unavoidably face with corrosion problems

Even though the unit offers the EZ-Mount System like other Waste King, at this price range and the short coverage of warranty, you have to expect an adequate period between 2 to 5 years. If that is extended, then this unit turns into an absolute bargain that you rarely find anywhere. 

Despite what has just been said, if you don't have a spacious area under your kitchen sink, then this unit as well as the Waste King L-1001 should be added to your cart to check out.

For my personal experience, if I am living in a small house, I would opt to pay for the extra $5 or so and get the more powerful 1/2 HP grinding motor of the L-1001, which also gets you stainless grinding material compared to the galvanized grinding system of the L-111. This is likely to give you somewhat greater durability and save the hassle of repairment or maintenance  in a few years.

Or if you go for the L-111, you would be impressed with how slimline the unit is, how much space it saves, as well as it’s compatible with a dishwasher and the included power cord


  • Ultra-affordable compared to the majority of the products on the list
  • Includes a 36-inch attached power cord as well as plug for easy installation.
  • Silent operation
  • Slender-design case to fit tight spaces.
  • Reduce your electric bills thanks to its meagre power consumption.
  • Continuous feed for user-friendly features


  • Is covered by merely a 2 year warranty.
  • Cannot accommodate the food residuals volume of large families.
  • Possible problems with the flange.

Waste Maid 258 Mid Duty Food Waste Disposer

Waste Maid 258 ensures provision of durability and excellent functionality due to its stable magnet motor. The motor is also able to offer jam-free impellers that guarantee consistent performance of the disposal. The motor on this unit operates at 120 Velocity and 60 Hz power to enhance productive functioning without raising energy consumption in your home.

Most of the parts are made of stainless steel material that is not easy to get rusted from excessive exposure to water over time. The stainless steel torque chief grinding scheme works efficiently in the pulverizing of the food scraps while diminishing the vibration.

This is a continuous feed best garbage disposal for septic that fits even business places well such as restaurants. That means you can discharge food into the disposal while it is still working. The installation and replacement of this unit are pretty clear as it features triple-bolt mounting design. All you have to do is to screw until it fits.


  • Continuous feeding system for convenience
  • Simple to install
  • Save more room under the sink
  • The motor blades and housing structure is anti-rust and resistant to corrosion


  • Some components of this product are made of plastic material
  • Cannot handle toughest waste like chicken bones

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

If you have a tight budget, this Waste King L-1001 is one of the most optimal choices that you can find on the market. 

The L-1001 features consistent magnet motors instead of induction motors that you are likely to find in most InSinkErator products. This design is for mitigation in jamming and clogging drain while the unit is operating quietly

Though it’s not a very smooth task for this unit to grind solid waste like animal bones, with the help of a grind speed of 2600 rpm as well as a galvanized steel locking ring, the machine can easily handle most types of food scraps..

While the main material is rubber, the hopper and grind chamber housing are built with fiberglass for a not only compact but also durable frame. Regarding the positive side, the polymer is also extremely effective for prevention of corrosion.

Despite offering valuable features and functions, it's much cheaper compared with the InSinkErator series, making it a budget-friendly pick to accommodate the waste volume of a family of 1-3 people. Unfortunately, it only covers a 2-year limited in-home warranty.


  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with sink adapter, dishwasher-connected
  • EZ mounting system
  • Easy to install


  • Most parts are made of plastic
  • The unit is not draining very well
  • Is not able to process solid waste well
  • Covers a limited 2-year warranty

Frigidaire FFDI501DMS 1/2 Hp D Garbage Disposer

The  Frigidaire FFDI501DMS is underrated and deserves more recognition since it’s a potential septic-compatible garbage disposal on the market. 

The Frigidaire FFDI501DMS is worth your consideration for the reason that it has a powerful motor with ½ HP and runs at the speed of 2600 RPM. Additionally, it is made of galvanized anti-rust steel for long-term usage and durability. Now, if you compare this garbage disposal model with other brands, you will find that this one has pretty amazing specifications at a reasonable price.

When it comes to its performance, the Frigidaire FFDI501DMS Garbage Disposer for septic tanks is a decent option for you. This garbage disposer offers a continuous feed model which is directly wired and has an impressive speed spin as well as capacity to pulverize a large volume of food waste rather within such a short period of time. 

The compatibility of the high torque motor results in the consumption of less water and electricity and also reduction in jamming. Besides, the soundguard package helps to mitigate noise while operating


  • Fit well with any sink sizes
  • More affordable than most other products with same functionality
  • Polymer housing with the s/s blades for durability of the unit
  • Made from Galvanized Steel Turntable


  • Plastic seal is not so durable
  • No very quiet in operation
  • Only 2-year warranty
  • Does not have a port to fix jamming

How To Pick Out Best Garbage Disposal For Septic

Since you are not in the situation of having a plumbing system for household sanitation, there are a multitude of things to bear in mind regarding choosing best garbage disposal for septic. Your disposal must have the ability to process multiple kinds of food waste as well as doesn’t cost you a fortune for the water bill. We have listed some key factors for you:

Waste Volume Of Your Family

best garbage disposal for septic

The more members in your family, the more waste is discharged into the disposal and the septic tank. Hence, a considerable volume of waste from food preparation and consumption in your house means that you need a larger and more powerful unit. Meanwhile, if your family consumes a decent quantity of food scraps, a smaller and compact unit would come in handy. Therefore, this is a matter of each family’s need and budget.


best garbage disposal for septic

The size of the disposal not only depends on the amount of food consumed by your family, but it also bases on how large your septic tank is. This means that your disposal must be large enough to accommodate the dimension of the system. Specifically, bigger disposal means a higher amount of food scraps is released into the tank at one time, so small septic systems wouldn't be able to handle that effectively. Search for compact or space-optimizing products that will give you the equivalent level of processing power without having too large of a tank.


best garbage disposal for septic

This factor may be a minor issue with many people. However, there are still users who prefer the silent operation of their disposal since they don;t want the noise from the machine startles children and pets while they are playing in the kitchen or bothering their time while preparing meals for their family. Luckily, a wide range of brilliant disposals are designed with sound-insulation for the grinding chamber and become vibration-free before they reach the countertop.


best garbage disposal for septic

The performance of the system depends a lot on the size and speed of a motor with the purpose of controlling the waste that you dump into the tank. In fact, if a motor grinds your food at a higher speed, you will end up creating less waste compared with a unit that doesn’t work that well. It’s ideal to have at least a horsepower or 2600 rpm for household septic systems.

Septic-System compatibility

This is an indispensible feature since you are looking for a disposal that does good for the septic tank. Not every waste disposal unit offers that function so you need to thoroughly read the specification in order not to waste your money. 

best garbage disposal for septic

In fact, recently, most units are likely to be designed for installation with septic systems, instead of acting as a casual disposal. In this case, the product will come with a bio-pack for microorganism treatment of the waste you dispose of. This ultimately enhances your septic system in both speed and productivity.

Continuous Disposal Or Batch Feed Disposal

best garbage disposal for septic

Though many homemakers go for the option of continuous best garbage disposal for septic instead of the batch fee type because they are more user-friendly, the truth is the batch feed models are more recommended for your septic tanks. If you are going to purchase a batch feed disposal, you should know that this model requires some assembly by sealing it before it can truly start working. 

By doing so, you don’t have to run the disposal every time you dump food into the disposal under the sink, which allows you to mitigate the amount of water needed. Especially, if you have a smaller system, a batch feed disposal may be the right solution.

Capability to pulverize waste

An unit that meets the standard capabilities to grind food must have motors with the minimum of 1/3 horsepower (HP), and offers a rotation speed range of at least 2600 rotations per second (RPM). The wider Hp and rotation speed range is, the more likelihood that the waste and garbage is processed at an extra-fast speed..

best garbage disposal for septic

The chamber dimension is also of significance:While a small unit can work well and efficiently, you still cannot put a lot of waste down at the same time, because it may get overfilled or stuck in such a small disposal.


Though this feature doesn’t significantly affect the efficiency of your best garbage disposal for septic tanks, easy installation is a plus if you are not very good at setting things up, or spend an additional amount of money for the plumbers. Complicated installation may make it difficult even with excellent plumbers. You are likely to adore a product whose installation you are able to DIY with adequate tools and detailed instruction. Don’t worry, all products we have reviewed above are pretty easy to install either you have experience in working with disposal for septic systems or not. 

best garbage disposal for septic


The standard warranty is usually 1 year with coverage of evident manufacturing flaws. You also don’t have to take it to the mechanic or pay for the repair since it regularly offers in-home warranty. During the warranty period, all expenditure is on the manufactures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are garbage disposals harmful to the septic systems?

Though septic-friendly garbage disposal has become commonplace everywhere, it’s recommended that you thoroughly check the product description and specification on the website to figure out whether the item is a casual waste food disposal or compatible with septic systems. Moreover, reading the technical information also helps you to find out which product features a separate injection treatment of microorganisms to assist in the pulverization of food waste.

Is it better to throw food away or use garbage disposal?

If you opt to dispose of your food scraps and other household waste into the trash bin instead of using best garbage disposal for septic. Have you thought about how these waste is transported to the landfill and takes years to decompose? After the decomposition process, it gives off methane gas or often called greenhouse gas which is not good at all for the environment.

On the other hand, a much environmentally-friendly method of getting rid of food waste is to utilise a garbage disposal as food residuals is instantly pulverised into small food particles and then sewage will wash them away and flow to the water treatment plant. The methane gas is captured and is often generated to become electricity and empowers other facilities at the plant.

For how long do I need to replace my garbage disposal?

After using the disposal for a long time, you are likely to get to know the average amount of time it takes to process all the food waste every time you do the washing or cleaning at the sink. Also, you will get used to the sound of the unit that is usually made while it is working and what is the appropriate time to put more food waste down there without overfilling it and clogging the blades.

Then, if you notice that the grinding process often takes a lot longer than usual and/or that disposal is making some strange sound as it works, you should think of the possibility of some malfunctions in your disposal. Even after you have tried to clean it up or check whether something is blocked here but it still makes no difference, then it’s an evident sign that the grinding blades are dull and it’s time to replace the old disposal. 

Other obvious indications of a brokedown disposal is when the garbage disposal starts leaking water from its body? If that ever happens you had better stop using it immediately, unplug it from the electric source, and contact the manufacturer or plumber to get it repaired or replaced. It may sound weird to some people but you may happen to know how your disposal smells, if you notice strong smells that still emanate even after cleaning it spotlessly then it’s time for replacement. 

And generally, even best garbage disposal for septic tends to lát about 5-6 years. If your disposal starts to show any of these signs and has been working for that long period on a regular basis, then you could say that it has completed its own duty and it’s time to look for a new friend. 

best garbage disposal for septic

Do my garbage disposal need to be cleaned often?

This seems to be the questionable issue with everybody using septic-compatible garbage disposal. The answer considerably bases on the type of food waste that is discharged into the disposal and also how often your family uses it. 

If you would like to be in the kitchen everyday and cook for your family, as a result, there’s lots of food leftovers being dumped into that garbage disposal every day and if that waste is tough and hard types then you better off giving that disposal a good clean out weekly. 

Or if your family doesn’t spend the kitchen that often and the disposal is used for light utility, then you should be cleaning it up every 2-3 weeks.

Besides, you can know exactly when it needs cleaning since you can tell from how well the disposal is working and the noise it generates and even some strange odors, it may be time for hygiene. 

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