Top 10 Best Garden Tractor For Hills Clearly Change Your Outlook On Lawn Mowing

For large flat lawn areas and strict standards, the use of hand or shoulder lawn mowers is too tough. But if you use a garden tractor, it becomes simpler than ever. On the market, there are various garden tractors with many different features and different qualities. Choosing the best garden tractor for hills with good engines, good quality, longevity, spare parts, and durable high-yield engines is not easy for a market with numerous products.

To make it easier for you to buy the garden tractor for hills to suit your budget and needs, agernrestaurant has created a list of the top 10 best garden tractor for hills.

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Top 10 Best Garden Tractor For Hills Reviews 2020

Ariens 915213

Ariens 915213 is one of the best garden tractors for hills with the ability to work effectively with a side lawn spraying system that is intelligently designed and convenient to use. Powerful Kohler engine with 19HP engine power, 42 in blade width, and a maximum speed of 6 mph with forwarding and 3 mph backward.

Ariens 915213 will help you mow the lawn quickly and conveniently. This garden tractor is comfortable and secure with a hand-controlled drive. It can be used to mow lawns on large grounds. Using this garden tractor will make the lawn after cutting even and beautiful thanks to adjusting the cutting height. Ariens 915213 is a worthy investment to make your lawn mowing faster and more accurate.


  • The engine runs smoothly and without noise
  • Scratch-resistant wheels
  • The control bar is adjustable
  • The handrails can be adjusted in 3 directions
  • Sliding adjustment seat


  • Traction problems on wet terrain
  • Can only pull under 250 pounds

Ariens Zoom 34

Ariens Zoom 34 offers you a great choice for mowing lawns as well as for cutting leaves. Creating a clean and beautiful garden is the job of this garden tractor. The cut grass will be stored in a large collection bin attached to the vehicle and easily removed while on the seat. KOHLER 6000 series engines power this garden tractor with pressure oiling and a manual transmission with 6 forward and 1 reverse gear.

The garden tractor has a lawn mowing switch and a guard for the rear lawn mowing system as an optional accessory—three cutting systems in one lawnmower. It comes with a standard lawn collector and chopper. You can use the switch to release the grass to the back. The blade is closed by an electronic system with a large cutting width up to 34 ".


  • Enduring
  • Large capacity engine
  • Cutting can be maintained with a maintained uniformity regardless of the obstacle
  • Comfortable cushioned seats


  • The wheel may have problems reversing
  • Refueling frequency is an annoying job

Ryobi RY48111 Electric Rear Engine

This is the only electric garden tractor in our list of the best garden tractor for hills. If you want to get rid of gas and smoke from using traditional gas-powered lawnmowers, the Ryobi RY48111 Electric Rear Engine is perfect for taking care of your lawn.

The two 38-inch and 12-position blades easily cut and cut large grass sections, while the forward-facing steering wheel delivers neat and accurate results. The powerful 100AH battery-powered motor delivers great performance with 2 and a half hours of continuous use on a single charge.

This electric garden tractor uses a brushless motor with large capacity and quite a high price, but its outstanding advantages make it attractive to users. The electric garden tractor line uses a brushless motor to help bring higher speed, easy speed adjustment. Especially, speeding up and reducing drilling speed in a short time limits malfunctions such as the case of machines using brushes.

Using a brushless motor keeps this electric garden tractor running for a long time without the need to replace brushes periodically. This saves maintenance costs, rarely needs to replace the engine, and minimizes losses during downtime for maintenance.

This electric garden tractor is very quiet when used with 70 dB sound output. This Ryobi Garden tractor comes equipped with LED Headlights, a USB Phone Charger, and Cruise Control features to make lawn mowing as efficient and convenient as possible. The cleaning removable mower floor makes it possible to store and use the mower for a long time.


  • Brushless motor
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Headlights for night vision
  • Environmental friendliness
  • USB charging port and console available
  • Two blades with adjustable deck height for different cuts


  • Absorption is slightly poor when mowing the lawn
  • The seat is not comfortable

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna is a global leader in outdoor products for the forestry industry, from logging to orchard care. It's no surprise that the Husqvarna Z254 is on our list of the best garden tractor for hills.

Husqvarna Z254 is powered by a powerful and durable 26 HP Kohler engine. This garden tractor cannot collect grass and leaves but can only be disposed of, mulched, or bagged with the mulch kit and bagger attachment sold separately.

The machine has a travel speed of 6.5 miles/hour, with 2 blades, a 54-inch blade width, and quick grass cutting. Unique seat height automatically changes when the seat is moved forward or backward to optimize operating position. This garden tractor is built on a sturdy steel frame, ensuring maximum durability and durability.


  • Spacious sized deck
  • Automatic parking brake system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to controls
  • Sturdy structure.


  • Trimming grass accumulates on deck
  • Inability to collect grass

Husqvarna YTA24V48

Husqvarna YTA24V48 is also a remarkable garden tractor for hills. Husqvarna YTA24V48 is a huge vacuum machine, so the grass is sucked into the collection bin faster and sucks wet grass. Husqvarna YTA24V48 comes with a lawn collector.

The Briggs Stratton twin V 24 engine is fully pressure-lubricated to keep it healthy and quiet. It features the full Kohler engine features with a pressure oil lubrication and a manual transmission with 6 forward and 1 reverse gear.
The plentiful accessories make this garden tractor flexible and can be used all year round. It can be fitted with a trailer, snow rake, brush, etc.

It is convenient and easy to remove and install to facilitate the cleaning of the cutting floor. The blade high pitch adjuster is attached to the anti-collision device. The spring-backed cutting table makes adjustment easy.

The innovative air cutting system draws clean air from the top and bottom of the floor, enhancing the airflow resulting in larger lawn lifts and premium cutting. This garden tractor has a light design that allows you to work in the dark.


  • Instructions for use included
  • Air-sensing technology provides a neatly trimmed lawn
  • Reverse motion
  • Great for large compounds


  • Bulky
  • There was a problem with climbing the slope and mowing the lawn at the same time

Craftsman Z525Craftsman Z525

Craftsman Z525 is one of the largest and most famous brands of the best garden tractor for hills. As one of the few garden tractor brands that create their own motivations. Craftsman Z525 is known for its strong engine, easy start.

The Craftsman engine is powerful, has cut power suitable for larger yard jobs, while its auto-start provides quick and efficient start-up. The EZT hydraulic type of pedal makes the user drive more optimized.

The machine has a vacuum cleaner for quick and neat mowing. The driver's seat area has a spacious, comfortable night that makes it possible to work for long periods of time. The Craftsman Z525 comes with 46-inch wide decks for trimming, trimming, and mowing lawns in just one quick sweep. It also has a built-in floor cleaning function that saves time when cleaning the underside.


  • Excellent build quality
  • The seats are very comfortable
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Quick cut


  • No headlights

Snapper 2911525BVE Classic

Snapper 2911525BVE quickly clears tall and dense grass. This garden tractor can be connected with various cutting tools to suit small cuttings to large cutting areas. Snapper 2911525BVE uses a fuel-saving engine but still brings efficiency to work.

Snapper 2911525BVE uses a powerful 344cc Briggs & Stratton engine. The OHV air-cooled system keeps the machine running continuously. It is equipped with an AVS anti-vibration system with a capacity of 11.5 HP.

This garden tractor frame is designed with steel, and the shaft is made of pure iron to make Snapper 2911525BVE strong and durable. The machine has a vacuum cleaner to help your grass fast and neat. The driver's seat area is spacious and comfortable to help users work for a long time.

This garden tractor is equipped with 2 blades, 7 height adjustment modes when cutting, allowing users to cut grass in high grass or wet terrain. Additionally, with the ability to stand on vertical edges, this garden tractor is easy to maintain and takes up less space in your warehouse.


  • It is possible to climb the slope quickly and easil
  • The vertical feature is very convenient for users
  • Easy to convert lawn mowing height


  • Lawnmower floors are not in a position to be easily seen while working
  • Not equipped with enough power to maneuver

Troy-Bilt Pony 42X

Troy-Bilt Pony 42X is one of the best garden tractors for hills that can cut grass on terrains ranging from flat to mountain slopes. Besides, it can cut a wide variety of grasses from high to low, from hard grass to soft grass.

This garden tractor has a large engine capacity with a cylinder capacity of 420cc, so it can be used to cut large tree branches. The electric motor starts, so it's easy to start up under any circumstances. Wide control handles, helping users to operate the machine for a long time without causing fatigue. High-efficiency transmission clutch, the transmission speed is almost maximum.

The 42-inch steel deck has dual blades for faster lawn cutting. This garden tractor has a front headlight for easy visibility and allows use even in the dark.


  • Powerful engine for denser lawns and harsher terrain navigation
  • Can change speed
  • Large cutting width
  • Cutting heights can be varied from 1.5 inches to 4 inches
  • Dual headlights
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories


  • It does not have a deck wheel, so the deck is more likely to contact the higher patches of ground during mowing
  • It does not provide covering or bag closure after the move

Raven MPV7100Raven MPV7100

Raven MPV7100 is a quality garden tractor with a large capacity of 420cc and fuel economy. It is sleek and easy to remove parts, making it convenient to move or maintain. Your work is entirely focused on a garden tractor with high power and blade size. Therefore, owning a Raven MPV7100 will save you a lot of time and effort.

In particular, this garden tractor can become a 7100-watt generator that powers the sockets and propellers and beneficial battery charging. Cutting times are fast with guaranteed cutting heights and widths thanks to transporting speeds of up to 17 mpg in gas or electricity.

It does not consume much fuel. This garden tractor runs on a gasoline engine to be used anywhere, regardless of the power source. It has incredible strength with a pull capacity of up to 550lbs. This garden tractor has a built-in storage bed to bring supplies to your worksite without much effort.


  • Comes with an impressive transmission line
  • Can be used as a generator
  • Great traction


  • The seats are not comfortable
  • Not installed with speed limiter

Poulan Pro PP155H42

The Poulan Pro PP155H42 is powered by a high-performance 155 HP single cylinder Briggs & Stratton overhead valve engine. This garden tractor has excellent grass and leaf harvesting capabilities that keep the pitch clean after every cut, with optional accessories included.

The light design makes the tractor more visible and allows you to work in the dark. The unique seat-controlled comfort design automatically changes height when the seat is moved forward or backward to optimize the operating position.

The Poulan Pro PP155H42 has an oscillating front axle with a 6 in turning radius that helps you cut across even in rough terrain and allows you to cut close to smaller trees or obstacles. Its 6 adjustable cutting positions easily give you the flexibility to adjust the tractor's cross-section to best suit your grass's current field conditions and desired length. The innovative air cutting system draws clean air from the top and bottom of the floor, enhancing the airflow resulting in larger lawn lifts and premium cutting.


  • Easy to assemble.
    10 years warranty
  • Easy adjustment of 6 cutting positions
  • Vent floor 42 inches
  • It is possible to adjust the speed of this lawnmower


  • There are several types of congestion problems

Buying Guide: Tips To Choose The Best Garden Tractor For Hills

To buy the best garden tractor for hills, you need to clearly understand what criteria you will choose the most suitable one for high productivity. There is a notable difference between using a garden tractor on a plane and a hill. Here are 5 criteria that we have carefully researched to make your selection easier:


Best Garden Tractor For Hills

The most important thing is to consider your needs when buying garden tractors to choose which one is right and compare your needs to buy the best garden tractor for hills.

When choosing a lawnmower, demand is the most important thing you need to consider. Depending on the purpose of use and the job is used to cut grass, large dust, weeds, clearing bushes, and choose the right machine.

It is necessary to choose the garden tractors for hills with suitable capacity. In the case of cutting on a plane with only soft grass, it is unnecessary to choose the type with a large capacity. If you have to mow a large area, you should choose a large garden tractor.

For garden tractors, you can network according to choice with two types. One is a garden tractor that uses traditional gasoline. The other is a garden tractor that uses electric technology to operate. In general, these two garden tractor types are not different from the machine than the way they work, and their structure is almost the same.


Best Garden Tractor For Hills

For better traction and rugged hilly terrain with steep slopes, tires should be considered before buying the best garden tractor for hills. You will want a heavy garden tractor and especially a garden tractor with large tires and a bit heavy because it will give you good "grip" on the down slopes and can be the most dangerous. The weight of the garden tractor also helps prevent it from tipping over.

Grass Collected Function

Best Garden Tractor For Hills

The garden tractors must have a lawn container. When mowing the grass in high and coarse areas, mowing the lawn is best suited to the one with side grass features. A manned mower should integrate features such as a lawn collector, lawnmower, and spray cutter to suit each lawn. 

In particular, garden tractors must have Bio clip technology; otherwise, you should buy additional containers equipped with Bio clip standard cut.

If you are using the garden tractor to mow grass in tall, coarse areas, choose one with a lawn mowing table. In terms of work scope, side lawn mowers cannot work in small areas because they cannot be accessed compared to conventional lawnmowers.

The garden tractor has a lawn collector for absolute work results and saves time when you don't need to rake the grass you just cut. You can also use the gom may collect leaves when autumn comes. Weeding is a great idea to help avoid side effects on your lawn and reduce weed growth.


Garden tractors with a manual drive system are often more difficult to control than one with hydrostatic transmission because you have to stop the engine every time you change gears. With the manual drive system, you have to stop the engine every time you change gears. The hydrostatic drive system allows for gear adjustments even while the machine is running.

Best Garden Tractor For Hills

If your yard is very steep, you will have to carefully balance strength and safety to find the right garden tractor for you. Check your yard and identify the topography and barriers inside. A powerful engine to push the mower smoothly can help with lawn mowing on steep terrain.


The garden tractors are equipped with many accessories that will make them more convenient to use, such as leaf pickers, moss rakes, plowshares, lawn rakes, brooms or snow rakes, snowers, etc.

Best Garden Tractor For Hills


Selecting garden tractors should pay attention to the area where the grass needs to be used. If the lawn area is large, choose a machine with a blade with a large width, the better. If the lawn area is medium or large, a parallel machine can be selected.

Garden tractor has more functions than other conventional lawnmowers, so we need to change blades to suit each cutting area when mowing.

Note When Using The Best Garden Tractor For Hills

For operators

Best Garden Tractor For Hills
  • You must carefully read the manufacturer's instructions, become familiar with the controls, and use them appropriately for the device.
  • Do not allow children who do not understand the garden tractor to operate the machine
  • The lawn mowing should be stopped immediately if children or animals are nearby.
  • Do not operate the garden tractor with a guard, an improper cover, or a guard not installed.
  • Do not change the preset engine adjustments or overload the engine.
    Operating the machine too fast can cause injury to the user.

Before operating

  • Before using the garden tractor, the user must check and remove any debris attached to the machine and behind the guard.
  • Always visually inspect the assembled blades, blade catches, and cutting table for damage or breakage, replacing damaged blade units and screws to ensure balance.
  • Check the entire area where the making equipment will be used and remove any objects thrown from the garden tractor.
  • Locate and mark rocks or other objects to avoid collisions.

While operating

  • While mowing the lawn, always wear sturdy shoes and long pants, do not operate the machine with bare feet or sandals.
  • Do not turn people on the garden tractor.
  • Do not operate the garden tractor in a narrow space where you can breathe dangerous carbon fumes.
  • Should only run during the day or in a good light.
  • Before trying to start the engine, do not engage the clutch, close the blade, switch to the middle position.
  • Do not use the garden tractor on terrain steeper than 5 degrees to avoid drifting.
  • Do not stop or start while going up or down a hill.
  • Close the clutch slowly, always keep the engine on the special gear when going downhill.

After operation

  • Clean the blade after the operation
  • Do not use the pressure washer to clean it. Water can get into the machine, and the transmission shortens the life of the machine.

If you are unsure of which mowing system is best for your lawn, you should choose a garden tractor with a few mowing systems, such as sprinkle the lawn on the side, gather the lawn, and cut the grass.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Garden Tractor For Hills

Now you are up to date on our top 10 best garden tractor for hills. We have pointed out the pros and cons of each garden tractor for hills. We believe that you will make a suitable choice for your own.

Hopefully, this article can help you choose for yourself the best garden tractor for hills. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

When using the garden tractor for hills, pay special attention to labor protection issues because if you are not careful, unintentional incidents will occur. 

After comparing things like suitable size, speed, and safety system, we choose the best garden tractor for hills suit your requirements. So here is my pick:

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best Garden Tractor For Hills at the comment box below!

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