Top Best Glass Blenders Is Always Necessary In Kitchen: Reviews & Comparison 2021

What are there in the kitchen? Of course in the kitchen, there are many foods, spices, dishes, spoons, chopsticks, cooking tools (pans, cooking pots…). And there are also many machines which are necessary for cooking. The best glass blenders is one of them that any house, any kitchen has.

Each machine has its own function. Some of them can have many functions to help users be convenient to cook and prepare for meals. However you cannot get one machine for all works. Such as you cannot use a rice cooker to boil water. And you are also incapable of spending an electric kettle making icy drinks. Or you are unable to blend a smoothie using a juicer.

This is also the reason why people invent many technology machines. Because people need many machines to do many works easily. For serving people ease to blend a smoothie, blenders were invented. Compared with plastic blenders, the glass blenders are better choices for you if you are looking for one.

And this list is about the best glass blender. After a long hunt, we found many products for you to check and choose one. Let’s go with us now.

 Best Glass Blenders
 Best Glass Blenders
 Best Glass Blenders
 Best Glass Blenders
 Best Glass Blenders

Best For 

creating smoothies

Best For 

blending both hot and cold ingredients without trouble with a motor or glass jar

Best For  

convenience thanks to 1-touch versatility and LCD screen.

Best For 

the simple using include 10 modes in 1 button.

Best For 

last longevity with durable material.

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Top 15 Best Glass Blenders: Comparison & Reviews 2021

No products found.

Now we come to the first item for the place of best glass blender. This is a product which owns almost necessary criteria. Let's see Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender.

The first thing we can see from a blender is its containers. Vitamix E310 has a medium container - 48-ounce so it is very suitable for small family meals. The 3 inch cutting blades makes sure the mixing is consistent at all times. With the blade's material is stainless-steel, the blender can be easy to solve the strongest ingredients. You always have the best result though you grind anything.

It was designed with ten variable speeds. This point allows you to adjust speed exactly. Combined with pulse feature, your meals and smoothies will be heartier and smoother. You can use it to make icy blends, a light with fruit, sauces, hot soups, etc. From main meals, snacks to dessert can all be made from this blender.

Moreover, Vitamix E310 can clean easily by itself. You just need to blend warm water with a drop of dish soap in the pitcher. Then enter the highest speed, it will self-clean in 30 to 60 seconds without disassembly. With this ability, you will save a lot of time and clean the blender perfectly without fear of cutting your hand or touching the blade.

The Vitamix is one of brands most trusted by professional chefs so this blender can be really good that users should try.

What do you think about this product? With its comfortable function, can it be the best glass blender?


  • Variety of speed.
  • High-performance motor.
  • Specially Designed Tamper.
  • Easy to clean.


  • With a medium container, it cannot blend a large amount of material one time.

No products found.

This product has a lot of features like the product above. It also comes from the Vitamix brand. We just call it Vitamix Eplorian Blender.

About function, it still has 10 speeds for users to refine with culinary precision. So that you can choose suitable speed for what you are blending, not only not waste energy but also help you have the smoothest and most delicious meals.

The blades are still made from aircraft-grade stainless steel. So the blender can grind from soft, chunky to toughest elements to give you the smoothest mixture.

Like other glass blenders of Vitamix, this item can also self-clean in only 30 to 60 seconds. Container and lid were made of Eastman Tritan without BPA which are really safe with dishwashers.

The container is also the low-profile one. Nevertheless, its size was upgraded. With the size being 64 ounce allows customers to mix more ingredients for bigger meals or smoothies.

The best function that we need to talk about is its powerful 2.2 HP motor. With a stronger motor, the best glass blender can create high-quality results from every ingredient.

The higher performance can make this Vitamix Explorian Blender be the best glass blender.


  • Higher-performance motor.
  • Full warranty in 3 years.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Variable 10 speed control.
  • Can be used for hot and cold things.


  • Shouldn’t be used for big meals.

No products found.

Now, the blender will be talked about by us as one of the products from Breville. Its name is Breville BBL620SIL The Fresh and Furious Countertop Blender.

The functional of a blender combined with high even blending kinetics performance helps it be more effective in processing food. It can be used to crush ice into snow, to aerate, to make icy smoothies and soups. With 9 task controls create a fresh start to picking the right tools for your needs.

Beside effective working, during xay, the glass blenders are also quiet because of the special design of blade and motor with high torque. And the stainless steel material of blades ensures they are always sharp and durable.

The assistant lid of Breville BBL620SIL was designed uniquely. Therefore it helps users be easy to remove and still sealed tight while active.

The best feature of this blender that we can skip is its LCD screen and 1-touch versatility. Thanks to two functions, you can quickly push the button to select the pre programmed settings. Then control the whole blending. You can also up or down the speed displayed on the screen to make it easier for control.

Such a perfect best glass blender.


  • 9 task controls and timer.
  • 1-touch versatility.
  • Not only efficient but also quiet.
  • LCD screen display.


  • The plastic grooves are easy to be stripped

No products found.

And the next type of glass blender is the Instant Pot type. The name of this product is Instant Ace Plus Cooking Blender.

The blender functions are included in the touch button. You can select and change 10 modes in one touch button. The manufacturers call it 10 in 1. This button is so convenient and modern.

With 10 adjustable speeds, users can choose the most suitable speed. Then you'll have delicious smoothies with healthy and nutritious ingredients. Ice blend program helps customers make ice smoothies and frozen cocktails.

Plus the hot heater makes the blender capable of blending delicious and hot soups with a variety of sauces perfectly. Not only heating but also cooking and thorough cooking. And you can also use it to make healthy baby food quickly.

With one of the best glass blenders, you can find many more possibilities that the manufacturers have installed for it.

Note: You need to connect these glass blenders to a 120 volt, 60 hertz power supply to ensure trouble free and safe operation.


  • Easy to use with touch buttons.
  • Many accessories include.


  • Hard to clean.
  • Quite big and bulky.

No products found.

And now, which is the next best glass blender? Absolutely it is Tribest Glass Personal Portable Blender PBG-5001-A.

Beside the glass blending container, we can talk to the stainless steel blades. Thanks to the super durable material so the blades are very strong. Combined with 6 durable prongs and high performance motors are also made of stainless steel, both effective blending and the longevity of this product is upgraded a lot.

Because most elements’ material is stainless steel and glass, food when put in the container will not contact plastic. And it always ensures food safety.

Using the Tribest PBG-5001-A blender, users can launch it with one-touch pulse button. And then, if you want, you can still speed up by variable speed dial. Therefore it will give you to reach your desired results.

This is the best selection for glass blenders which are brought for travel. The silicone-lined lids will keep recipes always being safe and clean. The container wasn’t made from normal glass, it is tempered glass. So that customers can take it anywhere without breaking.

With all material environment friendly, this item deserves a place of the best glass blenders.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Operate easily.


  • Just really effective with fresh fruit.

No products found.

Another option we found was a NutriBullet glass blender. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender will take you to the new level of nutrition extraction.

Installed with three different speeds and a pulse function which allow users to full offer control with only the press of a button.

With many different types and sizes of containers, you can choose the right one for each use. This variety makes it convenient and quick to blend ingredients.

The easy-twist extractor blade is designed in a tornado style. Together with 1200 watts of power allows you to create a wide variety of soups, smoothies, sauces, etc in a snap.

And beyond that, customers can easily clean it. Only need to place the pitchers and cups in the dishwasher, then the machine will do everything for you.

Their versatility and high operating efficiency have created advantages for these glass blenders.


  • Three precision speeds.
  • Many types and sizes of containers.
  • 1 year Limited warranty.


  • It has a noisy sound when it works.

And can you guess the next best glass blender in this list? Like its name ‘Ninja Professional 72 oz Countertop Blender (BL610) ', it works like a ninja.

Power 1000 watts helps this glass blender have an outstanding performance compared with others.

Ninja 'total six crushing blades assembly allows you to crush ice completely and quickly. You can control the blender's function to make frozen treats, smoothies or dips and sauces in seconds.

Thanks to a big professional pitcher - 72 ounces, users will be able to process large batches drinks and smoothies in one time.

Not only having high grinding and grinding efficiency, these glass blenders also work very quickly, in a few seconds to produce the best product.


  • Sleek design.
  • Crush, blend, puree ice perfectly.
  • Bigger jar - 72 ounce.


  • Difficult to find spare parts to replace.

No products found.

Good glass blenders do not necessarily have many functions or outstanding workability. Sometimes a best glass blender can only have a normal motor but it always works stability. And Oster BRLY07-B00-NP0 B 7-Speed Fusion Blender is one of them.

It has a powerful 600 watt motor. Combined with 2 built-in settings for blended drinks and chopped ingredients so you can create quality smoothies and many meals in a normal way. Don't need to be so quick or special, the glass blender still gives you the best results.

Users can control the machine easily because of 7 electronic pre-programmed digital speeds. You can change and choose the suitable speed for each ingredient to perfectly blend them.

Six blades were made from stainless steel so the durability is very high. The special feature is put in six glass jars. These jars can withstand extreme temperature changes. Therefore last longevity is its advantage.


  • 7 pre-programed speeds.
  • Can suffer extreme temperature changes.
  • 10 years all-metal drive limited warranty.


  • Working so loud.

No products found.

Here is another product from NutriBullet. We can call it a small version of the next one above. However it also has almost all the main functions. Now let's take a look at the characteristics of NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender.

The 1200 watt power gives the glass blenders the ability of high effective working. Plus the stainless steel blade was designed with cyclonic action giving customers the experience of amazing crushing and puree.

At the press a button, you can control the whole three speeds and the pulse function of the blender. So that you can adjust the speed to be suitable with each recipe. And then, the results will not make you disappointed.

Note: You need to check the electrical before using because the product is built to North American & Canadian electrical standards.

Thanks to good performance, NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender is worth the ultimate cooking companion that everyone should try.


  • 1200W of power.
  • Multiple speeds blend.
  • 1 year Limited warranty.


  • (we didn’t find anything else)

No products found.

Did you choose one best glass blender? If you chose, go on reading to know more about glass blenders. If not, continue following us to look for the best suitable product for you. And this is Cuisinart SPB-7CH SmartPower - the next item we introduce.

The ability of this blender about mixing, blending, pureeing, liquefying and stirring is really wonderful. You can consider this as the point that makes it more perfect for the user.

The pitcher not only has enough size – 40 ounce but also the dripless pour spout ensures after blending, users can take mixture out without dripping.

The pouring lid is designed with 2 ounces in size. Besides, also marked the measurement numbers. This way while adding ingredients to the jar, you can easily weigh and measure with the pour lid. Some measures are approximately 13-1/4 by 7-1/3 by 9-7/8 inch.

What a glass blender worth a try!


  • 7 speeds touch pad control.
  • Glass jar with dripless.
  • Pour lid with marking measurement.


  • Normal powerful motor 500 watt.

No products found.

Oser is one of the brands that makes many blenders. And the best glass blender we are talking about today is the Oster Blender Pro 1200.

Unlike many other machines, the Oster Blender Pro 1200 has two capacities for two different things: 1200 power watts for blending and 900 power watts for crushing ice. So when using, you can choose one to not only help blender work more efficiently, but also help save a part of fueL.

Installed with smart technology that is not inferior to popular blenders. It has 7 selectable speeds with buttons - very convenient and modern.

The blade system has been upgraded compared to previous versions. About a 50% wider blade system allows ingredients to flow down into the blade faster and easier. The results will also be improved.

Six cups made of Boroclass glass are completely safe. The containers are designed with sizes from small to large suitable for each use. Not only could it withstand thermal shock.


  • Smart Settings Technology.
  • A 50% larger blade system.
  • 10 years duralast all metal drive limited warranty.


  • The material of the blade is not too strong, so with hard materials it can break.

No products found.

As mentioned above, Oster is one of the brands that produce many blenders. And let's see another glass blender comes from this brand - Oster Core 16-speed Blender.

Similar to the above product, this item also has two powerful modes: 700 watts and 450 watts. Even though these parameters are lower, it is suitable for daily meals. And 3 cups' capacity is just enough for every day meals, desserts and snacks.

4 durable blades help the blender crush ice and solve ingredients simply.

The highlight that we appreciate is diversity in speed. Installed at 16 different speeds so users can select each using for each type of ingredients or time condition.

With Oster Core 16-speed Blender, you can use it daily for every meal with the best performance.


  • Strong and durable stainless steel S-blade.
  • 16 speeds differently.


  • The speed button fell off.
  • Work loudly.

No products found.

NutriBullet came back with another glass blender version - NutriBullet NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor.

Do you wonder why NutriBullet is usually chosen for the start of transforming health? Because almost everything that comes from this brand is really safe.

The cups are made from high quality material which is not only safe for cooking but also durable. The stainless steel blades were designed with cyclonic action. This design makes the blender work more effectively and give users better results.

The motor 600 watts is powerful to help blend foods and ingredients in liquid. You can select your favorite nuts or fruit or something then put them into the jar, the machine will give you a perfect mixture in seconds. You will have a perfect result without waste much time waiting

Washing the glass blender is an important and also difficult part for customers. For NutriBullet NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor, cleaning is designed to be hassle-free. You only need to twist the blade to take it out, then rinse with water and soap. The blender will be clear.


  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Powerful stainless steel extractor cyclonic blades.


  • The glass container must be protected carefully because it is very easy to break.

You like smoothies, icy drinks and treats. So you are finding the best glass blender to meet this demand. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender (58148A) is the one you spent time looking for.

It owns the powerful 700 watts, the blender always gives you the best results. Working quickly and effectively. Crushing ice and blending fruit together create nutrition meals for everyone.

With 12 blending functions, you’re sure to look for the right setting for each smoothie, drinks or shakes. The blender can also mix sauces, dips and purees. The patented Wave-Action system works continuously to smooth the mixture quickest.

The jar has a unique no-drip pour spout and a hinged cap for taking out the product without dripping. It will not drop around where you put the blender. And of course you won't spend too much time cleaning the 'battlefield'.

This is a good competitor for the best glass blender. Therefore, customers ought not to skip this product.


  • 12 blending functions.
  • 3 year limited warranty.


  • Quite noisy while working.

No products found.

And the last blender we bring is from Sboly. Sboly Personal Blender is a machine tailored to the individual.

Very compact, with an average capacity of 300 watts. With 4 super sharp stainless steel blades for more efficient grinding ability.

Small in size, not too big with bulky dimensions, so it's easy to store.

All blender components are made from BPA-free, safe materials. Therefore, users feel completely secure about the guarantee of food safety.

Besides, especially when the container is properly inserted in its locked position, it can operate. Moreover, this product is installed with the ability to prevent overheating and recover automatically, so it will never cause an explosion or danger to your home.

Users will have many conveniences when deciding to choose this glass blender. With only a small space, you can store it easily. Thanks to the function of preventing overheating in combination with automatic recovery, it not only helps you to work efficiently but also gives peace of mind when it works.


  • Completely safe material.
  • Easy to store.
  • Prevent overheating.
  • Automatic recovery.


  • (may be don’t have anything)

You Need To Pay Attention These Features For The Best Glass Blenders:

Best Glass Blenders

Is a glass blender better than a plastic one?

The glass does not discolor or scratch, nor does it absorb the smell of food like plastic jars. Users can use both fruits and sauces, dips in one pitcher.

Glasses seem to hold off the beauty much longer.

Best Glass Blenders

And also some things need to be researched by customers.

About effective performance, you want it very high or a normal one. The best glass blenders for each person are not similar. For someone, they only want to find good glass blenders for making smoothies or some icy drinks. When they need to create sauces or dips, they can get another machine for that work. But others like multiple function blenders which can be used for both hot and cold things. Those customers want to save money, stored space and energy so they just one blender can do many things.

Best Glass Blenders

Aside from, some users need glass blenders which have many choices of speed. They want to use it for a long time so beside the durable material, the way that the machine works is also really important. If users can change and adjust the speed suit with each ingredient, the longevity of the blenders also lasts.

Best Glass Blenders

Of course, everyone has their favourite and demand. Such as about design, material, size, operation’s way, etc. So that you need to think and check carefully before deciding to get home one.

Conclusion: Best final selections

After a long time hunting and checking, these are the best glass blenders that we found out. They are almost good at performance, design and durability. And this table includes five best selections that we selected carefully for you. You can watch it as an option and try one if you like.


BEST FOR creating smoothies 

No products found.


BEST FOR blending both hot and cold ingredients without trouble with a motor or glass jar.

No products found.


BEST FOR the convenience thanks to 1-touch versatility and LCD scree

No products found.


BEST FOR the simple using include 10 modes in 1 butto

No products found.


BEST FOR last longevity with durable material.

No products found.

What do you think about these best glass blenders for the kitchen?

Every blend has both advantages and disadvantages. Depend on your demand to choose the best one. Not only help you in cooking but also make you aren’t disappointed about the item.

Hope this article is helpful for you.

See you in the next article.

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