15 Best Glute Machines For Home (Updated 2020)

The sagging, not - toned buttocks make you lose confidence. You have read hundreds of advertisings about excercising at home to get toned butt after 30 days but haven’t found a suitable machine. Our reviews may help you choose 15 best glute machines for home in just 5 Minutes!

We based on the thousands customer’s opinions who have used this product to choose top 15 the best glute machines. So, if this is your first time buying this product, don’t worry, we-domain.com are confident can help you make a great choice. Let’s go!

Best Glute Machines For Home
Best Glute Machines For Home
Best Glute Machines For Home
Best Glute Machines For Home
Best Glute Machines For Home

Best glute machine for multiple exercise

Best glute machine for durability

Best glute machine for old/ weak people

Best glute machine for quality

Best glute machine for women

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Top 15 Best Glute Machines For Home Reviews 2020

8-in-1 Sissy Squat Equipment

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With the name 8 in 1, in addition to training gluteus muscles, it also supports training quadriceps and arm muscles. With 8 exercises: Squats, push-ups, weight-bearing squats, flat-lift squats, stretch curls, leg lifts after stretching, stretch flat lifts, and stretch leg lifts together

The frame is made of sturdy and perfect stainless steel, the outside is painted with anti-oxidation powder for long-lasting durability. It can withstand a user weight of 256lbs, the special design has a U-shaped bottom to help you squat without falling back. Beside that, cushion height can be easily adjusted for different people. Plastic handle, thick foot cushion does not cause slippery for the trainer.


  • Multifunctional Body Fitness Trainer
  • Easy to move and store, even for women
  • Powerful suction cup design


  • No negative resistance

Squat Assist Row-N-Ride

"Best buy I had in a time" is a saying that many customers have commented on this product, and I think that it deserves in list 15 best glute machines for home 2020.

The product is easy to use, suitable for beginners. This is a combination product that provides a synergistic effect, not only toning glutes, it also affects the shoulders, arms, back and waist. Moreover, your heartbeat will increase, burning calories after each exercise.


  • Affordable
  • Room saving (great for small places)
  • Easy to use


  • Wondering about the durability!

 Allstar Innovations Squat Magic

What is the most basic exercise for toned butt muscles? Yes, it's squat. And this thing makes squat simpler and easier than ever!

The machine has 3 different resistance levels, easy to adjust to suit the user level. Even it deserves the best glute machine for home, but with a weight of just 7.3 pounds, it's still suitable for carrying around without any trouble.


  • Easy on the joints, and helps make a squat doable at any level
  •  5 degree tilt is perfect


  • The arrow on the base is the same color as the base, it is difficult to identify and place it between the legs

 Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine

Oh, do you think this is a suitcase at first glance? I used to think so too * laugh *

With its compact and sturdy design, ABG deserves to be the top 15 best glute machines for home with a very high rating. You are in complete control of your workout with the timer, plus it is designed with 40-speed vibration for exercise comfort and excitement, high vibration capacity and fat burning quickly, the machine can withstand weight below 265lbs.

After a period of use, the excess body fat will be replaced by the muscle in the lower body. Sounds great, right?


  • Super easy to set up
  • Durability
  • Eye-catching looking


  • Have to plug it into a 110 household outlet

 SF-BH6629 45 Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair

If you are looking for a product that is most suitable for women and short people then this is definitely the product for you. Of course men can also use it, it's just that it's more suitable for women because of its features.

The product directly affects the buttocks, hips and lower back. Compact design for the family, and it can withstand a user weight of 250lbs


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy design
  • Comfortable high density foam hip support pads


  • It’s not fit with people over 6’

 Stair Stepper Machine With Resistance Bands

You want something effective, easy on your body, took up little space, portable, easy to use, inexpensive and of great quality then this machine met every one of your wants!

This is a machine that allows you to practice anytime, anywhere, while watching TV or talking to friends without making noise or needing a lot of concentration, and still bring exercise efficiency. Simple design but work-out to the entire body through resistance bands, mountain pedals with hydraulic cylinder work with for resistance, the energy exerted with this machine is sure to get your heart pumping.

But since the pedal works with hydraulic cylinders, you can only exercise continuously for 15-20 minutes and need to rest the machine for 15 minutes before the next workout.


  • The convenient digital monitor displays: count, time, calories, total count, and scan
  • Removable resistance bands are foam padded, perfect for a non-slip grip


  • It doesn't seem as durable as expected

 INNSTAR Booty Resistance Band

It's not that easy to find a product with thousands of buyers and has over 80% rated 5 *. And this is one of them. A product that is handy, simple, yet suitable for beginners to advanced learners.

There are three types to choose from depending on your strength, calf force and arm strength: heavy, medium and x heavy. Consider carefully if you want to choose x heavy, as it is probably only suitable for coaches.


  • Durability
  • It comes with a sports bag, making it easier to carry on the go
  • No assembly time wasted
  • Suitable for beginner to advanced


  • With us, it has no defects. Just consider your door is good!

  BodyBoss 2.0

BodyBoss 2.0 is a product that made us think a lot before we put it on our list of 15 best glute machines for home, because out of thousands of products sold, there is a safety review. its. He almost died using this product! We will talk about it in the cons section

BodyBoss 2.0 is designed to simulate all the bulky equipment and machines you see in the gym, in just 2 minutes you can set up a gym with 6 parts in the set: base, bar, strap. , straps, handles, door anchors.

You can perform more than 300 exercises with difficulty or ease according to adjustment. It is truly a revolutionary product for those who want to exercise at home.


  • Be a great inspiration to exercise  at home, save time going to gym
  •  The plastic is heavy duty and not flimsy
  • Affordable


  • It is not really good for people who want to challenge themselves with difficult exercises

  Booty 3 Resistance Bands For Legs And Butt Set

Specialized equipment for women who want a toned butt. With 3 resistance levels but the same size (14 inches), it is perfect for beginners and professional trainers. Simple appearance, easy to use and the features: non-rolling, non-slipping, non-pinching made this product durable over time.

With over thousands of purchases and thousands of satisfaction too, we believe it will become a good product for you and deserves to be in the top 15 best glute machine for home!


  •  Eye-catching design for girls
  • Latex-free construction, ideal for sensitive skin
  • Inner grip strips to prevent slipping


  • People who are sensitive to smell may have a not really good experience

  EFITMENT Rower-Ride Exercise Trainer

How many times can you squat in one session? Have you ever wished for a product that made squatting easier? If your answer is yes then this is the product you are looking for.

EFITMENT focuses on your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. The machine can adjust 12 levels of hydraulic resistance with 1 button on the machine. In addition, you can track exercise progress via the electronic screen, squats total time  and calories burned.

This product helps to increase the mobility and balance of your hips by strengthening the muscles around your leg joints. You can squat with peace of mind without getting hurt or falling.

The machine can be used for a long time with its metal frame design can withstand a user weight of 220lbs.


  •  Wide pedal, for optimal comfort
  • Squatting for a long time without worrying about falling
  • Non-slip handle and 2-way adjustable


  • Use up to 20 minutes per session, need a 20-minute break until the next session

  Dmoose Fitness Ankle Strap

If you are looking for a product that supports glutes, leg muscles and leg lengthening, you should not miss this product - Fitness ankle strap.

With strong elasticity and high stability, the product is suitable for everyone from beginners to professional trainers. They are super easy to strap on and off so a single would work fine if you’re trying to save money. You can be completely assured of using without fear of broken or loose wires. We have consulted thousands of customer reviews who purchased the product to be sure of this.

This is a product that can be used anywhere, not only at home but also in the gym.


  • Strong elasticity and stability
  • Eye-catching design and color
  • Durability


  • Image shown is 2ea, but when delivering only 1ea

  Body-Solid Powerline PGM200X

If you are interested in targeting your glutes then this Body-Solid Powerline PGM200X would be worth looking at.

This product strengthen and the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps with controlled movement for total isolation of the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. Design to support almost all types of body and surely it is easy to use and repair.


  • Adjustable forearm to support many users
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable rollers and pads


  • Not really durable

  Marcy Squat Rider Machine

If you are in trouble of squatting following trainer, not able to squat in a correct form then Marcy Squat Rider Machine is right machine you should have for those problems.

The Squat Rider Machine uses three resistance bands under the seat to provide resistance during your squats. It does also support to squatting in a proper form using the handle as well as  provides a slight workout for your arms while squatting.

With all these benefits you should really need this machine!!


  • Adjustable seat and handle
  • Computer to track your progress which displays time, scan, count, and calories
  • Can store it easily


  • Not suitable for heavy body.

  Booty Booter

With a weight of just 1 pound, the booty booter confidently becomes the most comfortable butt lifter for women without squatting or messing up, making your thighs thicken.

Booty Booster is made for men or women of all ages and works both indoors and outdoors. It is designed for different levels of experience - beginners, intermediate and advanced. Just 5 minutes a day will round, lift and enhance all 3 glute muscles - minimus, medius & maximus.


  • Compact, convenient design
  •  Focus on the glutes without strengthening the thigh muscles
  • Easy to use


  • The rope is easily broken during exercise!

  OYO Personal gym

We have reviewed a lot of butt training products for women, and these products are suitable for men. The product not only affects the gluteus muscles but also helps increase endurance, burn excess fat, tone chest, back, arms, abdominal muscles, and leg muscles while enhancing cardiovascular strength.

OYO Personal Gym SpiraFlex Resistance produces linear, smooth, isotropic drag like free weight - but no weight, just 2 lbs, but provides smooth SpiraFlex resistance up to 25 lbs.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Looks sleek
  • Durability


  • It does not have a lot of resistance at all

Things You Should Know To Choose 15 Best Glute Machines For Home

Buying a glute machine for home product is not easy because there are so many similar product lines on the market now. So how can you choose a product that suits your requirements? Don't worry, we're here to help you do that.

Please refer to the questions below and note down your answers!

How much do you want to pay for this product?

Best Glute Machines For Home

When you have decided to buy a glute machine for home, price is a very important factor. A product with too high price is not necessarily a good product, but a product with too low price will limit many features. Choose a product that fits your budget and carefully read the description and advice of those who have bought the product, and professional reviewers will help you get a product that fits your budget and needs.

A product priced under $ 200 will be more suitable for beginners and do not need to invest too much in a professional machine. In this list of 15 best glute machines for home, price is always one of the top things we care about when considering a product on the list.

What feature would you expect?

It is important to specify what kind of glute machine you want. If you just want to focus on butt lifts, you should choose machines that do not impact the legs and quadriceps muscles like the Hyperextension Roman Chair.

If you want to flexibly change your exercises, the multi-functional machine is the perfect choice for you and your loved one in your family. And if you are looking for a product that is not only home training, but can be taken anywhere, then a small, light, eye-catching look that you should pay attention.

Where do  you want to place the glute machine at home?

Best Glute Machines For Home

Did you know, the most important and essential factor needed to make the session successful is placement. The correct glute machine placement will help your home become tidy and more luxurious, moreover, it also helps you to easily perform exercises and prevent unwanted injuries.

What if your house is too small and you bring home a bulky machine?

Do you need an easy to assemble machine?

It looks like a dumb question, but it's really not. Let me tell you my own story. I bought a treadmill, and the first time I received it, it took me and my brother four hours to assemble it. Sometimes, I would like to put it in a corner for a long time of unusing or for some reason, but I dare not take it off because I know, I won't be patient enough to reassemble it. For me now, my priority when buying a machine is its ease of assembly.

Is resistance the key factor?

A high resistance exercise machine is perfect for beginners to advanced trainers. According to experts, resistance is an important factor affecting the performance and durability of the glute machine.

A good machine should be strong enough at low resistance and not too hard at high resistance, not too affected by the user's weight.

You should choose a machine with more than 3 resistance levels so that you can easily switch back and forth, increasing training efficiency.

Does exercise time affect your choice?

Best Glute Machines For Home

According to experts, practicing regularly for 4 weeks, 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes each time will significantly improve your buttocks. However, there are those who don't exercise regularly and take 45-60 minutes for each exercise time, so for these people, machines which use hydraulic resistance like the EFITMENT Rower-Ride Practice Trainer are not a suitable option.

Do you have children in your home?

In fact, the exercise machines have been guaranteed to be safe for the user. However, installing the device in a fixed location in the house and when we are not paying attention, children playing and using them can make an undue risks. Choosing a machine that folds and stores after each exercise is one way to help keep your baby in safe.

Who are the users?

As in our review above, there are machines that are suitable for everyone, but there are also machines designed to be suitable only for a certain audience. So what are the factors to consider here?

Best Glute Machines For Home


Most glute machines are designed for those lighter than 250lbs. Choosing a machine when you exceed this weight should be a careful choice.


There have been a lot of comments from users that they are too tall or too short to use the purchased machine, and had to press the return.


The engine of the machine not only determines the price and durability but also affects the gender of the user. Women are usually not that demanding when it comes to choosing a glute machine, but for men, low-powered machines will not be an option.


There are machines that will only focus on beginners, while others are only suitable for professional coaches. If you want to choose machines that are suitable for both beginners and pro, it will be a machine that focuses on a few certain exercises.

Let me tell you the true story of a fitness trainer using BodyBoss 2.0 at home and nearly died. He was doing the squatting exercise, suddenly the bar broke and because the metal was paper-thin it cut like a knife around his neck which made him need to stitch. Obviously, he needed a much more powerful and professional machine.

Do you care about the brand?

Best Glute Machines For Home

When it comes to glutes, or any other exercise machine, branding is an important factor. Choosing a well-branded exercise machine on the market will give you more peace of mind when ordering it. With a large number of people having used it, you can be completely assured of the safety and durability of the product.

Is it important to test the machine before buying?

It's very important to try the product before you buy, but if you are busy and don't have time to go to the store, that's okay. Choosing a reputable website and ensuring returning when they meet a defective product not only saves your time, but also has a satisfied product.

After reading our reviews, do you still wonder about choosing a glute machine for your family? Take a moment to watch a short video of how the glute machine work-out with your glutes. If that's still a tough choice, let us recap for you our 5 favorites in the final section below.

Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Glute Machines For Home

Choosing a glute machine for home is currently a trend of many families, the machine is located in the right position not only increases the elegance of the house but also helps your family improve health and save money. time. Time to go to the gym. Moreover, 2020 is a bad year due to illness and economic crisis, and saving money for the gym and avoiding crowds is highly recommended.

Join us to choose 5 machines like the best out of 15 best glute machines that we have reviewed as below


Best glute machine for multiple exercise

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Best glute machine for women

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