Top 21 Best Golf Chippers: Reviews & Comparison 2020

We have chosen 21 amazing chippers in this post through a lot of research which may change how you are playing the game. Chipping iron is particularly valuable because it allows you to use regulated, modest flight characteristics for green shots. The best golf chippers in the industry will keep you from committing some of the greatest risks on the greens which golfers are able to make.

Every item is not comparable, nevertheless. A multitude of poor ones will cause damage on any decent chipper available on the market.

In this guidance, we tell you how to prevent dudes by just looking at the best golf chippers which are existing on the market. We would also discuss a few essential purchasing aspects to ease your decisions. Well, start reading those 21 best golf chippers reviews without any additional worry..

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Top 21 Best Golf Chippers: Reviews & Comparison 2020

TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Fairway 

The fairway TaylorMade M6 D-Type is the perfect product for the right-hand player. The closed face as well as the expanded golf edge bring consolation whilst leaving the club face up and missing.

Even though D-type as well as the previous M6 seem nearly similar, the D-type displays a point further offset than the regular M6. It supports the ball nicely, encourages creating trust that you are fixed to the goal. The silver and carbon crowns Except in the strongest times, the matte complete eliminates all blink.

The D-Type findings were as predicted. On the left of regular M6 my diffusion map on the simulation software was grouped. The M6 D-type stopped me from heading far enough to the correct side although with my usual fade.


  • Simple to match, quick and tolerant from various lines and flexible


  • No adjustment loft for ball flight modification

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C

If you're experienced with Cleveland, this is indeed very making you remember again their usual wedge model. The only distinction is the addition of a lot of wider three soles. Via using 3 separate thirds, the product is built to get the most effective and reliable grass contact of almost any chipper. Especially good for shots which won’t be on such a quite smooth surface.

Every chipper sole often brings with it a balancing feeling which pushes weight nearer to the team's toe for a stronger core of pressure. While the adjustment can be minimal, it tends to produce a smaller total dispersion of shots.

Cleveland has opted to retain this golf edge and lie incredibly easily. With such lines at 45 degrees as well as a minor counterbalance, every golfer would be ready to get in great touch and start. Both the left and the right models are accessible as well as players are able to switch either a plumbago and steel ray.


  • Nice feeling
  • Great height of loft 
  • So simple to use


  • Quite costly

Square Strike Wedge -Pitching & Chipping

The Square Strike Wedge,  that is one of the most famous golf chippers on the commercial market, seems to be unisexual and safe for competitions.

The Square Strike is developed by a gold medalist from Golf Digest "Trending List" to extract fat hits. The Center of Gravity (CG) is at the core of the team, and the Moment of Inertia (MOI) becomes greater than the concentration in many other items, as well as they integrate to offer additional forgiveness. The measurement is at the top of the team, that allows it to remain more stable during your swings.

 The club could be reached in many level lofts which are suitable for all those are right or left hand members.


  • Additional large sole tends to reduce fat, chunky shots 
  • Higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) brings more mercy especially in comparison to some of the other wedges. 
  • The pressure is situated in the toe position that makes the clubface remain balanced for far more accurate hits.


  • From the costly line 
  • Any consumers found that the product was too bulky. 
  • Many people thought the product had taken a while to be able to get familiar with.

Mazel Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

Ok, it will be nothing if not mentioning that the Manzel is very close to a  product  above, which is Square Strike. They're practically nearly precisely similar. There are a few minor variations between both two items. First of all, Manzel may be really high, but uses the pressure to resist an unwelcome movement which is very close to golf mentioned above.

The Manzel variant does have an immense sole, as  many other chippers. The sole is indeed very plain in an effort to ensure very stable grass connections. An advantage of the product will be the whole face being milled. It would be a much further luxurious design on the best golf chippers today.

Golf fans also have a range of aesthetic as well as loft choices for the Manzel product. Orange and green or black are the 3 shades of color that can be filled in the background of the cavity. The lofts which can be bought are  around 36, 46 and 56 inches.


  • Cheaper choice of quite similar style of golf chippers
  • Simple controlling
  • Great of spinning


  • Quite pricey
  • Need taking time for practicing to get used to.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Chipper 

Our next chipper-style golf, the Hot Launch Chipper, draws the design inspiration from famous mallet golfs.  This has a trenchant lofted face of 37 degrees, as well as a sole stretched by 1½ balls. Its increased architecture makes the contact between the turf and the actual swing smoother.

Weight was primarily shifted to the player's toe and heel in an effort to minimize bending and setback during the motion. A rather thin hole is also provided and is intended to minimize unnecessary turf grabs across the green.

No specific modification is required and then Tour Edge Hot Launch Chipper provides with nothing but a 37-degree surface edge as well as a 35-inch metal handle. The Hot Launch Chipper is better swung with hits which can be found around 10 meters off the ground according to its loft and structure. Golf fans will even select the club for practicing approximately 50 yards.


  • Headcover is equipped with
  • Smart concept
  • The same as putting


  • Costly a bit

Precise Golf Co. Golf Chipper HX-9 

Adequate description about products is vital for any player out there as it may affect the golfing performance. You still have to be watchful of the label and PreciseGolfCo is one of the best candidates. It is paired to maximize golf hits from the hybrid golf club  with the cooperation of the chipper. 

This would be the best option for golf fans who usually come with shanks problems because this shaft-proof chipper is made. This chipper seems to be the inherent emblem of top - notch hits as well as higher results levels, combined with the new golfing innovations.


  • Development of shank-proof. 
  • Greater rate of excellence shots 
  • The most effective performance 
  • It is possible to shape the shots 
  • Correct and reliable shots
  • Shots are easy to control 
  • Swing shots would be stronger 
  • Fast flying of the hits


  • The grip is not appropriate for little heightened players.

Precision Performance For Golf Chipper 

This is a fairly good commodity that works well into the environment of the office. I really appreciate this item. I didn't even expect it would be any nicer at such a cheap cost. It is indeed produced reasonably. Managers clarified to me every specifics of the item selection, pricing and distribution. The materials seem to be good. That's a pretty tone, however I really do not like the design.


  • Mega offset head creates mishaps exceedingly difficult. 
  • Large head as well as upper gravity core 
  • Upright clubs lay angles to encourage you to move so much like a putter.


  • Poor client support for guarantee purposes.
  • A bit heavy.

Money Club 37° Fire Red Golf Chipper 

The popularity of golfing has grown during the last few years, with a growth in the amount of golf product producing companies. In the same way, the Money Club has created a broad variety of chippers. Its chipper was built for a right-handed preference, making it more accessible to most golf fans to choose from.

The chippers were aimed to support golf fans to make swings look secure whilst guaranteeing protection from difficult hits. The whole chipper has a 37-degree loft angle, that keeps it perfect for inexperienced golf fans. We also introduced a broad variety of functionality to support you!


  • Weight id so variable 
  • Multiple flex options 
  • Ball tempo boosted 
  • Spinning is low
  • State of variable status 
  • Greater tolerant 
  • Shaft of titanium


  • For right-hand players only.

Extreme 5 Chipper Right Hand 34 inch 

The Extreme 5 Chipper will be a great option to every golf suitcase. The broad sole and angled shape of the hole tends to minimize the size of the shanks whilst encouraging and softing the quick, tough hits across the ground.

The Extreme 5 introduces a 36-degree platform, an Apollo plain stepped butter pipe, a silicone façade and a regular Rexton sun-velvet silicone handle to ensure support and feel. Although the club is able to be purchased only in three separate sizes of 33, 34 or 35 inches and for right handed golfers mainly.


  • Style of the offset hole allows to slice the shanks for much more accurate shots 
  • Accepting the loft at 36 degrees allows the ball out from under a tough position. 
  • Alignment sections will get you the right direction throughout your pre-shot response.


  • From the costly line 
  • Usable just in the right hand 
  • Purchases are complete; no refunds are possible.

Wilson Men's Harmonized Golf Chipper 

Wilson's Harmonized Golf Club Line has become an outstanding supplier of inexpensive, well-built clubs. The Harmonized Chipper is no exception or includes a stunning all head concept which looks like a blade-style putting stroke. Looking closely, players will find that the team's sole has been mostly stretched and squared.

The Harmonized Chipper is really packed with a slender and somewhat offset hostess. Wilson suggests combining this chipper mainly with a putter to improve performance. With some coaching, players should be ready to handle the chipper in distances approximately to 41 yards.

On the reverse of the single three lines have been seen, intended for precise harmonization. There is no difference between the lines themselves, however the purpose is to stronger coordinate the team. Every Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper provides a 35-inch metal shaft as well as an 8-iron loft.


  • Good height introducing 
  • Style of bumping and running
  • Affordable cost


  • None

New Acer XK Chipper Flipper Golf 

Acer's not even a popular golf brand, however don't make you fooled yourself.  The XK Chipper Golf provides the functionality you will need to begin a shot  near the pin. The bigger expanded sole is perhaps the most visible characteristic. It is plain on the surface, whereas the sole is wide, which can become challenging to play on somewhat rough surfaces.

The lower face may be also a fascinating aspect of the product. An advantage of a lower face would be that the average drag is minimized as well as the ball fasters in the air. The drawback is that when the turf is very thick, it can be a bit simpler to the fluffing ball.

Acer decided to use a rather popular "S' theme" for the hosel. That form of hosel fits well enough on putters, and works really great on the XK Chipper. A 35-inch pole and a 37-degree facial elevate are required for each chip. Acer permits specific instructions on the shaft size if the shaft may be shorter or longer.


  • The surface is limited equivalent to the drag being lesser
  • Concept of bumping and running


  • Lightweight a bit

Ram Golf FX 37° Chipper 

Ram's FX Golf Chipper provides an evenly quick way to bring the ball near to the target however the appearance and mass of a bigger briefcase chipper. The Ram chipper brings you a special feeling as well as reaction in the stroke with the normal grip. This product has a balanced and broad facial features that rates like one of the best golf chippers . 

The 37-degree face can monitor the ball's momentum with no strength attack. While we hope the chipper will be a bit lightweight, the Ram FX Golf Chipper doesn't really serve the actual objectives. It is difficult to disagree.


  • Broad foundation for a balanced, flawed stroke which rolls the ball fast 
  • Alignment assistance helps you on the way without moment's hesitation 
  • Normal grip gives a putter 's weight or feeling with additional elevate


  • None

PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper 

You may be thinking, 'Why does everyone else go for the similar club of two club faces? ”. PowerBilt's reaction to the reason why the TPS Chipper includes double club sides is serving for flexibility. Since let's be clear, there are a few lines around the green, which can end up saving the day by getting a chipper which makes left and right side of use.

The total brief club faces are introduced to the durability. It easily releases the ball from the turf which aims to eliminate tall grass or escarps. A slender hosel gives excellent view lines to the left or right.

The PowerBilt TPS Chipper has no modification choices. The front angles for each Chipper are 36 degrees and a design 35 inches shaft are available. PowerBilt has opted to be secure with a special leather handle.


  • Unrivaled flexibility
  • Complete of fine black matte
  • Inexpensive


  • Sole is quite small

Orlimar Golf Escape Mallet Chipper 

The Orlimar Escape Golf Chipper offers novice players with an effective manner that's off the ground. With a deep face of 37-degree, the Orlimar will not elevate the ball very far but rather will support it to have a stable forward move from any problems location.

The broad orientation guidance on the edge of the chipper shows you a straightforward direction to push your golf ball down your goal line. Firmly constructed, this golf chipper is a well-built tank.

If not all the player needs a golf chipper with a deep face, the Orlimar Escape provides stability and excellent direction management.


  • Broad style of mallet aims for a stronger stability and feeling for the entire stroke.
  • The ball rolls more easily by a hollow face edge of 37 degrees
  • Clear butter return alignment technique will help you accomplish the aim


  • None

Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper 

The Two-Way Chipper Intech Golf Approach includes two facial features for every one of the product's edges, encouraging both left and right -handed players to use the golf easily. The chipper is not permitted for tourneys as the USGA (The United States Golf Association) does not permit two-sided clubs.

With two sides players can also use the chipper in certain tough conditions in which they have been in a hard role. The chip is approximately 35 inches long as well as the club is loaded with a total of six iron at 32°C.

iThis chipper is perfect for handicapped people and beginners who don't want to compete at the competitions.


  • With multiple sides, people can play powerful shots that require a challenging location.
  • It is open to players on the right side and on the left side.
  • The clubhead is a design equivalent to that of a wedge putting stroke that makes it easier to strike the grass.


  • The USGA was seen by its duplication as an unofficial club.
  • The slope of the face at 32 degrees might be a bit smaller than some of the other golf chippers from this post which gets it difficult to have enough loft and monitor the shots.

Intech Ez Roll Chipper 

Do you understand how and why the EZ Roll Chipper Intech Golf would save strokes? The reason is the back-weighted design of the golf chipper. As a consequence, efficiency around the green is expected to increase.

In addition, the chipper provides sophisticated positioning of the top forwards. So synchronization is easier, is indeed precision. The loft in this is 35 degrees, just the same as the 7-iron loft. Besides the construction of the gooseneck mandrel, this is shank proofing.

Although the most important thing is the back-weighted process. Since this is the aspect which sticks out in the context of the Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper. In reality, because of this specific purpose, the chipper is so popular. In addition,  the golf ball is awarded a larger loft throughout the effects. Extra, the chipper includes great high point alignment and excellent stability.

This is a great reference to the golf club team. Specifically if you are a rookie! With that kind of one you may quickly rip down several other shots!


  • This chipper is unbelievably reliable as well as tolerant.
  • The back-weighted mechanism is quite properly controlled.


  • Too lightweight to be chipped with this clubhead.

Ray Cook Golf- M1 Chipper 35" 

Only a move forward with the M1 Chipper. Ray Cook chose to use the putter style.  The M1 Chipper is comparable to a concept of mallet than several other golf chippers in this study manual with a perfectly formed sole. The best style is to pass across tall grass or rough lines.

A really slender hosel would be another characteristic which reduces the capture of tall grass. Like some putters, the hosel is gradually offset to allow the strokes to be consistent. On the rear of the club, well after the face, seems to be a wide sightline . It is good to match quick shots at or close the surround. This function benefits.

Each Ray Cook M1 chipper has a 37-degree face-up and all-state shaft. A lovely head cover often features the signature of Ray Cook as well as the title of the putter .


  • Simple floor gliding
  • Exactly precise
  • Contained headcover


  • A bit bulky

PowerBilt Tps Bump & Run Chipper 

Producers of golf clubs often aim to create the upcoming innovative concept. For its Triangle TPS Chipper, PowerBilt opted to get in an unconventional triangle structure. The type is ideal for a lightweight chipper model, which has a narrower sole.

By no means, The Triangle TPS Golf Chipper will not be a major club. The face as well as the head of the club are very little. It causes the mistake range marginally greater, however shanks or bad missing shots are nearly unlikely with a gooseneck framework.

PowerBilt proposes to use the Triangle Chipper mainly like a chipper concept. Due to a lower facial edge of just 32 degrees, this is logic behind the bumping and running recommendation.  And other types of chippers have a grade loft of 37degree. Designed metal shafts with customized grip become optional.


  • It's an unusual style 
  • Lightweight than most others 
  • Fair value


  • It could be so small

Acer Assembled Xk Chipper 

There is no chipper for golfing that is particularly more suitable than this for rookies. The Acer Assembled XK Chipper may not be as common as the other models I mentioned above. However this doesn't imply that the chipper isn't strong and productive.

It's a perfect choice for rookies who always stick to chipping around the grass. This golf provides an 8-steel loft with something like a graphite shaft. Plus you might not even have to take huge money to get this product for yourself. But only since this is also an inexpensive investment, it really doesn't imply it any less advantageous. As far as consistency or efficiency is concerned. There is no question that better outcomes can be predicted.

For moving smoothly and fast on a surface over any lines around the grass, the curved sole is ultra big. In addition, the gooseneck configuration improves the efficient product section. In addition to the elimination of ball shake also occurs with iron. This may be the first time that you use a golf chipper. Nevertheless, you will love the feeling as well as the reach. It just requires a couple shots of working on!


  • The chipper provides precision uphill or downhill, and even flat lines.
  • The chipper's feeling and size are fine.


  • Bulky clubhead

True Ace Assembled Golf Chipper 

The True Ace Assembled Chipper would have been our value choice because of its inexpensive cost and its advanced characteristics. The chipper is unique from the other ones because of its four broad sole which makes golfers reach the hard. This has a rear hole of heel as well as toe pressures which aid balance or forgiving. 

With a length of 35 inches and a loft of 35 degrees, the Real Ace Assembled Chipper offers consumers a real feeling of putter with a 7-iron edge that is ideal for bumping and spinning or quick chips on a softer ground.


  • Four broad soles helps golfers to reach the ground from a tall turf. 
  • Inexpensive compared to any other alternative with identical specifications. 
  • Valid to golf competitions.


  • Just made for golfers with a right hand. 
  • Unknown or highly respected company. 
  • Chipper was shaped like the mallet style of a putter so it could take time to become familiar to.

Jp Lann Golf Chipper 

If the players have to pick  one of the best golf chippers as well as other related golfing devices, the likelihood is that they favor premium labels, because for a plethora of purposes this is the best choice. First of all the efficiency is assured and the accuracy of the hits can never be affected.

Thus this chipper has become one of the best golf chippers built for luxurious design. The chipper has a left / right configuration which promises to be ideal for most golfers. The most fascinating part about it is this is appropriate for both men and women as well as has a unisexual style.


  • Organization of double hand
  • Concept of unisex
  • Shafts of iron
  • Precision in chipping shots Great construction for long service life and efficiency
  • Enhanced screening command
  • Griffin-style anti-slipping grip


  • None

Buying Guide: The Way Of Choosing The Best Golf Chippers Before Buying Decision Making 2020

When choosing one of the best golf chippers for your own, there are several aspects to consider to make sure your investment is the most suitable one for your wishes. If you're going to use it for a professional match, please ensure you choose one which includes a one-sided face as well as a cylindrical handle. 

Some producers provide double face chippers that are good for leisure, but prohibited under the regulations of the competition. Nothing is worse than spending several hours refining your fast game with a double-sided golf chipper just to point out that on competition day, you can not use that golf chipper.

The Appropriate Loft Identify 


The chipper ought to have a loft only at about 30-degree to perform as expected, however there are a variety of appropriate loft dimensions for this particular club configuration. Essentially, the greater the degree of the loft is , the faster the chipper supports your ball in the air. When you are using a golf chipper, you would like a little boost. But at the same point, since you may be too near to your objective, you would really like to have stuff which would allow you to get closer to the hole with greater precision.

A chipper with nothing but the correct loft is supposed to make you step nearer to the target with far more accuracy than a wedge. Loft dimensions for chippers usually vary widely approximately 28 to 39-degree, therefore make sure to take a few efforts to explore what sort of loft is ideally suited to your particular requirements.

Manual Alignment

587132610 travelers championship final round scaled

CROMWELL, CT - AUGUST 07: Russell Knox of Scotland reacts on the 18th green after winning the Travelers Championship during the final round of the Travelers Championship at TCP River Highlands on August 7, 2016 in Cromwell, Connecticut. (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)

Like every several golf clubs, it is indeed crucial to select a chipper which has the right alignment for your way of golfing. Right or left-handed golfers are spinning in the reverse way, and also every club is deliberately made to work in a specific way. In the definition of the club, many companies will mention if it requires a right and a left-hand alignment.

Head Capacity

golf club and ball on a green grass

If you are only studying the golf principles, you're going to want a product with a bigger head. Why? With a wider head means a wider striking surface, as well as therefore greater forgiveness. Newbies and heavy handicappers will gain immensely from a compassionate club since it could convert a badly performed shot into a fair result. Many golf chippers have fairly big heads, improving your balance point as well as helping you to make the hit you desire even though you don't exactly have the ideal shot.

Shaft Length

golf club and ball on a green grass

Surely, the size of the shaft would be equivalent to those of the putter. That manner, you are able to freely launch a ball a certain way which any other putter could do. In reality, several chippers also have unique heads which are designed to appear just like every putter you'll see in the shop.

Take a glance for a golf chipper with a size of 35-inch shaft.


maxresdefault 3

While I don't want to smear the products on this article, I guess it's fair to assume that golf chippers are something like gimmick products. Yeah, there's nothing incorrect with all of that. They perform efficiently, and they will reasonably decrease the points throughout the period.

You certainly ought not spend that much for these, though. The bulk of the businesses which produce these items are minor companies.  Currently, you wouldn't see golf chippers from big manufactures such as TaylorMade.

You can always get fairly decent choices, then when you can, do your hardest to pick one in that category.


It is quite essential to have a chipping steel which has a fair job of counterbalance. This indicates that the shaft is positioned in front of the product which truly creates influence with the ball.

A chipping steel which contains a number of offset can do a few things. Furthermore, this function would make it easy for you to normally move the product face via the ball in a manner that delivers optimum sideways spin speeds.

The offset would often make it possible to catch the ball in an upward direction. Practically, this part of the chipper is going to perform a number of the functions for you. The positive thing is that it is not so hard to say whether a chipper has a reasonable payout. A simple visual examination may inform you what you'd like to learn.


puttingfromoffthegreen 56a3d80a3df78cf7727f74fe scaled

It's important to note the look of the product, either. In the golf tournament, appearances are of the utmost importance to plenty of people. And besides, we're concerned about a match which is mainly managed to play throughout the room between your ears.

You might pick a chipper which will leave you feeling relaxed as you take it out of your suitcase. This means that chippers are basically a symbolic "novel" which the covers could be evaluated.


There are two distinct facial types which your chipping steel is likely to experience. You can see some choices which are identical to common wedge iron ridges. On the other side, chippers with face extensions such as those used on certain putters are also available.

Groove products have a heavier feeling, whereas the face extensions create a light, subdued touch. It's neither greater than any of the others, obviously. All you need to do is pick the right design for you.


story Golf Chippers 1597681823018

Now you need a fundamental picture of what a golf chipper is. Let me say how this can be used to you.

  • You begin by looking at the grass around your place and the ground. This would be to decide if you should firstly use a golf chipper or not. Be mindful that golf chippers are not so tall as wedges within swinging the golf ball. It says, you must ensure the ball is extracted with the chipping movement while you have strong obstructions.

  • The next phase is to make the shots line up. You are doing so in the same way as the long-held one. Test the green area as well as looking if the golf ball starts spinning as it drops on the turf.

  • Hold your position as with conventional putters with chippers. It's still the same grip. If  your left hand is not your dominant hand.  Then , bring it next to grip, only at the top. Place the thumb in a certain position which also fits the shape of the shaft.

Hold the moving movements steady or steady. Create all the power from your shoulders, but not your muscles. The pressure you strike should be comparatively less effective than whenever you are just hitting a putter. To meet the very same range!

Frequently Asked Question

What is the definition of a golf chipper?

A golf chipper seems to be a club which appears like a putter, however the profile is lofty, like some kind of wedge. The goal of a chipper is to ensure stability for golfers struggling across the ground.

Rather than using short hits, the player should actually use a putter to make the golf ball rise in the air as well as move forward. Golf chippers can assist in monitoring the golf ball's frequency and reach.

What is the greatest grip to select along the golf chipper?

golf club and ball on a green grass

The golf chipper has two grips that fit great. Firstly, a conventional, iron or wood-covering, synchronizing or alternating the grip. The other hand is the similar grip that you'd put on.

The golf chipper does not have to be drawn back as an steel, however only a little inches as a putter, and the golf grip fits great.

Are these golf chippers competitions legal?

If you are a professional golfer, you would be happy to hear that many of these chipping putters conform with USGA regulations. However, it is still valuable to investigate for certain before you confirm your decision to purchase. Overall, you wouldn't want a product which is going to make you out of the next competition.

Do the golf chippers perform out of the rugged areas?

At the end of the day, it would change based on the line you consider yourself with. Nevertheless, chipping putters are often designed to perform well on the edge of the ground.

So why is it? This is the reason the ball chipper faces less opposition and discomfort. Compared to a golf ball which bounces all the way down the grass.

My Top Choices: Which Will Be Top 5 Best Golf Chippers 2020?

Well, which of those chippers is it supposed to be? The great fortune for you is that any choices of the products on this post here is designed to please. Throughout this bunch of the top 21 best golf chippers on the marketplace you can not discover any duds.

Besides that, as for any type of golf supplies, certain choices are supposed to be more appropriate for you than those around. If you are unsure, take the decision through which chipper you think the most highly satisfying.

Moreover, I believe you are reflecting which our top choices for the best golf chippers would be? The table below will answer all of this.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best golf chippers at the comment box below!

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