Top 15 Best Gun Safe Under 1000 2020: Review And Comparison

The gun safe is a good and suitable space to protect the gun from outside impacts as well as from gun thieves. However, with the diverse shapes and special structures of each gun, the design of the gun safe is also varied in shape and size. Therefore, choosing the best gun safe under 1000 will become difficult for some people interested in purchasing a gun safe to keep their guns at home. 

Stemming from that need, we would like to present to you the top 15 best gun safe under 1000 below for your reference.

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Top Best Gun Safe Under 1000 Reviews 2020

Bonnlo Biometric Gun Safe

One of the gun safes we recommend to you in the top 15 best gun safe under 1000 is this product.

This is a biometric safe gun safe. With its compact design, you can put it in a cabinet or as a small speaker next to the TV table. The safe is the most advanced and reliable one-touch, programmable, and provides quick entry to a minimum of 30 different and unique fingerprints.

The gun compartment includes a 9-digit battery and two emergency keys for quick access. The quick access key is kept outside to ensure your gun safe is accessible in case the battery dies. Three locking systems are made of high-quality steel, are scratch-resistant, and have high durability and reliability.

The fingerprint-accessible safe design eliminates the need to remember a combination of numbers or carry the keys with the detachable LED sensor light for easy viewing in the dark.

This gun box can hold 5 rifles with a fairly simple internal design. Inside the safe are foam mattresses to protect important guns. Mounting holes are pre-engraved and include hardware to fix the gun in case the tank is moved or spilled.


  • The safe can protect many guns
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Diverse locking system
  • The gun can be fixed


  • The battery can be locked
  • The storage unit can only hold a handful of long guns, the inside of the safe cannot be changed.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

This is a box-shaped safe for pistols. The box is constructed with a thick steel body with solid gray construction. This gun safe cannot be opened on its own and is difficult even to destroy.

The heavy anti-counterfeiting hinge is placed under the door to protect the safe from attack. However, the air deflector easily lifts the heavy door to keep the safe open and easily accessible.

The safe used is a simplex button-type mechanical locking device for quick and easy unlocking. Antique silver powder coating provides a durable yet beautiful look for a sense of strength and quality. The inside is lined with egg carton-style foam to help protect your valuables and guns from damage or scratches.

The pre-drilled holes at the bottom make it convenient to screw screws to floors, drawers, or any other flat surface. However, this box could only hold one shotgun. It is suitable for those who only use a smaller gun than those who have a hobby of collecting guns or who prefer long guns.


  • Solid steel structures are difficult to break or damage
  • Beautiful and elegant colors
  • Compact, can easily be stored anywhere


  • Can only hold a single gun and just a pistol
  • The locking system is less secure
  • Heavy gun box, difficult to move

Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Safe for Firearms

This product is highly secure with a digital keypad that allows you to program the electronic storage safe with your passcode and also allows the keys to be unlocked manually. The integration of two types of locks in the same product offers a variety of options for users.

The main color tone is basic black, bringing elegance and cleanliness. The product is made from solid steel with a durable construction combined with the attached sleeve anchors to securely fasten to floors and walls.

This is a perfect product, suitable for storing handguns, bullets as well as small valuable items such as documents, jewelry, and heirlooms.

Its compact and slim design allows you to store it in closets or small areas. Inside the safe are fixed racks that hold the gun in place. You can take advantage of the small compartment above the gun heads to store bullets or small objects.

The top box has a key, which contributes to the privacy of this small compartment, separates from the lower gun part, avoiding risks and friction during use.

The safe uses 8 AA batteries to operate. When purchasing, you are given 4 batteries to replace when the battery dies. Besides, the space inside the gun safe can store up to 5 rifles with the inside floor with scratch-resistant cushioning.


  • Compact box, easy to store
  • There are screws on the wall and floor to secure the gun safe
  • Various types of locks
  • Make the most of the space inside the safe


  • There may be trouble if the battery goes dead
  • Storage capacity is just average
  • Security is not high

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

This is a type of safe hidden on the wall with a rectangular texture like a home medicine cabinet. The color of this safe is still the dominant black tone like most gun safes on the market.

This safe is based on the fingerprint or pin code that was registered when buying it. The safe is smart enough to retain memory even when the battery is removed.

This product is made of steel, the body is cut with an anti-pry laser, seamlessly welded in the black military finish. The safe is designed with a 500 DPI sensor and a digital keyboard with an LCD screen.

The locker can work with sound or you can experience it in silent mode if you like that. What's more, the programmed safe beeps if you leave it unlocked for more than a minute. This programming is really useful, if you forget it will become a signal to remind you to check and secure the safe again.

The fingerprint reader can store up to 32 fingerprints. Besides, the interior of this gun safe is completely carpeted to protect the guns from direct contact with the safe surface.

The interior of the safe is fitted with LEDs and the shelves can be adjusted to accommodate the guns. When you enter a pin code or 10 incorrect fingerprints, you have to wait 5 minutes to be able to re-enter it next time.

This is a type of gun safe designed with integrated many outstanding features that gun safe firms are. It is worth buying and using. You can experience that.


  • There is an alarm system when the lock is unlocked for more than one minute
  • High security when entering incorrect Pin code or fingerprint
  • Can be concealed in the wall, saving space
  • Adjustable storage compartment for a variety of guns


  • Cannot hold guns that are too long

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe

The safe is quickly and securely accessible with finger swipe technology with the highest accuracy and lowest error on the market. Finger swipe speed can reach 1 second if using an AC adapter or less than 2 seconds with a 9v battery.

This product can remember up to 15 different fingerprint codes. This safe is designed with the door automatically opening, as long as you swipe your finger, the door will automatically open.

The 14 gauge steel door has an integrated prying bolt integrated with a reinforced bolt system specially designed to withstand attack and break open. Installation holes are underneath the box to be able to fix the gun safe as well as create an aesthetic for it.

This gun lock is Tamper-proof designed to fit most pistols. The inside of the door has a light that allows the user to open the safe in the dark.


  • Unlock speed is fast and automatic
  • Reliable and highly accurate biometric system
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic design


  • Can only store pistols
  • The oldest fingerprint pattern change is sometimes not what the user wants
  • Difficulty getting objects deep inside the bottom of the box

SentrySafe QAP2EL Gun Safe

Like several other gun safes, this product also works with two unlocking mechanisms: electronic unlocking and key. The material to make this product is hard steel. On the surface, the safe looks like a hand-held suitcase, it looks very cute and compact.

Because of its compact size, it could only hold two handguns. Right above the box is a digital keyboard combined with LED lighting, so it's easy to see clearly in the dark.

The inside of the box glows to increase visibility so you can easily reach the gun without the need for additional lights.

When you unlock, the door opens automatically and you have quick access. Moreover, it makes no noise or any sound, so you don't have to worry about quietness and privacy.

Inside the box is a foam layer to protect the gun from damage. This safe operates with 4 high-quality alkaline AA batteries, ensuring the best in other features.


  • Compact box
  • There is a blue light system of high-quality LEDs
  • The automatic door system opens easily when entering the correct key
  • There is a protective foam layer for the gun


  • The safe can store a few guns
  • Only pistols and firearms can be stored
  • The security key system is not high.

GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun Safe

This is a small black gun for pistols. The gun box is made of 18 gauge steel and can hold 12 million selected hits.

Looking at the appearance of the product, we find it quite interesting, different from the rectangular blocks of other gun safes. This safe is made in the same shape as a wall condenser, beveled at the top and bottom to create a strange and eye-catching shape.

Inside the safe is a foam to protect the gun along with LED warning light when the battery is low and interior lights make up an important feature of this safe.

One special thing about this product is that it has a low battery warning sound combined with the LED light-up that affects both eyes and hearing of the user. This is a novel and special alert programming.

After many times of entering invalid pin codes, the safe will emit black access to the computer. It operates based on the operation of a 9V battery combined with the key to creating the security of the product.


  • The new and unique shape
  • There is a foam that protects the gun from damage
  • Combines sound and light when the battery runs out
  • Has fake indicators and black access to a computer when accessing invalid multiple times


  • The ability to store a few products only pistols stored
  • The safe can have a dead battery

SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe

Unique box-shaped design with an electronic lock mechanism, this product deserves to be one of the top 15 best gun safe under 1000 we recommend to you.

The safe is made of hardened steel and has a unique storage capacity for a standard shotgun. This product has an air strut for immediate secure door opening.

When you open the door safely, the safe makes no sound. It is ideal when you need direct contact with the gun in quiet conditions.

A digital keyboard helps you to set up your password for inside access privacy.


  • Compact and convenient shape
  • Open the door automatically when unlocking the electronic


  • Only one shotgun can be stored
  • An electronic lock will malfunction when the battery runs out

First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

Compact portable design with a variety of colors will be the next choice in the top 15 best gun safe under 1000.

The safe is made of heavy-duty 18-gauge steel with steel cables for fixing inside the trunk and fixing mounting holes to the shelf or floor. Because of its compact design, the safe can also be easily fixed in a closet.

Inside the gun case are foam pads to protect the gun from scratches or dents during storage. The spring unlock mechanism gives you quick access to the gun safe. Besides, the keyboard has an invisible 3 to 8 digit keypad for optimal security.

The safe operates on two AA batteries and two emergency press keys. Perhaps this is a gun safe design that guarantees two elements of mobility and security.


  • Compact and easy to move
  • The keyboard has a particularly useful and invisible code
  • The foam inside is thick
  • Various colors
  • Features automatic lock after 4 minutes if incorrect code entered


  • Just can't hold a pistol
  • There may be trouble with the battery dead

Paragon Lock & Safe

If you look at the form, this gun safe is like a giant book fixed to the wall or a home medicine cabinet. In the middle of the box is an electronic lock with numbers that facilitate the setup and use of users' keys.

Combine with manual unlocking from the keys in case the battery dies. The silver panel, emerging above the black center of the safe, creates a distinctive accent, harmony, and color elegance.

The whole safe is made of hard steel to make it strong against outside attacks and sabotage. Another feature is the paint coating on the outside and inside. The pre-drilled holes inside the tank have fixed bolts to allow anchoring.

Inside the safe is divided into 3 compartments of similar sizes, which can hold many pistols. Also, the compartments are covered with gray carpet padding to protect internal equipment such as guns, bullets, or even jewelry.

Referring to the electronic lock, it can be said that it is simply programmed with a buzzer and an LED that produces sound and light effects when unlocked.


  • Wall-mounted design, space-saving
  • Luxurious color, polite
  • Store lots of pistols and valuables
  • The internal brackets can be disassembled via screws


  • Have trouble with the battery dead.

SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe

The safe is made of solid steel with a prick-proof door to protect the gun. Inside the safe is a foam that protects the gun from being hit or scratched.

The safe has a handle for commuting like a hand-held suitcase. The lanyard section attaches the safe to a fixture to enhance security while traveling. This product is key locked, easy, and fast.


  • Easy to move and carry with you
  • Small and lovely design


  • The security is not high, easy to pry the lock
  • Can only store one shotgun

SnapSafe Lock Box With Combination Lock

Compact rectangular lockboxes provide storage with pistols or other valuables at home. The shape of the box is very similar to a large jewelry box, often placed on the nightstand, in the car, or while traveling.

The cable receiver has been calibrated to its specifications and the course allows you to store as much space in the box, allowing for as many guns as possible.

The box shell is made of 16 steel with good bearing capacity. Inside the box is a foam protecting the gun. This foam layer is removable for cleaning.

The gun safe has a 3-digit TSA user-set combination for gun protection.


  • Small, compact to carry anywhere
  • Removable inner foam layer for cleaning


  • Low security
  • Small in size and depth should only accommodate small guns
  • The cable part may be damaged due to external impact

Bulldog Cases Car Safe

This product is specially designed for cars with mostly steel material providing premium security that enhances the security of valuables in your car.

The product is designed with an open box like a jewelry box, with two colors for you to choose from. The safe has a rectangular structure with a length of 20,828 cm; width is 14.08cm and depth is 5.588cm.

The gun safe includes a 3-pin security cable. Besides, there is also a stand included. The bracket can be attached anywhere with the included hardware.

 However, this gun safe is designed to be quite flexible, it can still be protected even without a stand by using a 3-pin security cable. When the box is locked, the security cable will not come out of the holder.

The inside of the safe is soft and durable and is scratch-resistant designed to protect your gun from external damage. The whole product is painted with matte black powder coating which looks very nice.

The product is locked with the key. The key designed on the side of the gun safe is both meticulous and aesthetically pleasing.

The safe can be accessed easily with the hard key and holds the contents inside so its level of security is not as high as other products.

However, it is a good choice for when you need to leave valuables in your car or a small gun in isolation without the attention of others.

We should put it in the top 15 best gun cases under 1000 because it deserves to be bought and used in an unsafe environment of cars to avoid the scrutiny of the thief or even avoid the bizarre glances and judgment of others towards the people on the political duty.

What's more, having a gun safe in the car is safer when you have mischievous kids. Your valuable items will not be damaged by them during car play without their observation.

Besides, this product is very compact, easy to put in an enclosed space like a car. At the same time, it can be easier to find important items that have been put in the safe instead of spending too much time searching through your thoughts and messing around because you don't remember where you left them in the car.

Even in the process of moving and moving up and down, you can accidentally drop those important things. So instead of having to deal with the risks caused by forgetfulness, you should choose a safe gun for yourself as a valuable storage cabinet on the car.


  • Small, compact, and easy to use
  • Can hold many other valuable things instead of just the gun


  • Security is not high

Hornady Lockbox for Guns and Valuables

The box has a very thin, gray rectangle made of steel. The Lockbox also provides security for those with a concealed carry-around license. The gun compartment is heavily constructed, made of some of the strongest materials available. These durable boxes come in a variety of sizes and have different locking mechanisms.

The lock is designed with two double-barrel locks that open very gently and provide high reliability. The protective cable is made of high-strength four-leg steel.

The casing of the gun case is made of sturdy and durable 16 steel, which facilitates it away from harmful external influences such as smashing or chiseling.

The box is luxurious and elegant in color. On the surface, this gun safe looks like a jewelry box. You can use it as a box to store valuable jewelry and gun hold.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Meet the basic requirements of anti-theft gun safe


  • Security is not high
  • Little storage capacity

SWSD16GUN-EMP 60 Minute Fireproof 16 Long Gun Safe

This gun safe is designed in a rectangular shape, nearly 150 cm high, 55.88 cm wide, and 40.64 cm deep. With a special lock structure to never double-lock your iron thanks to dual bypass lock. 

This gun safe is based on an electronic mechanism combined with the key, creating high security and preventing thieves from entering by punching the key or removing it. 

Its locking system is made of anti-EMP digital keywords. This product has a massive amount of bolts with 10 solid steel locking bolts (diameter of each bolt is 3.81 cm), 7 chrome active bolts, 3 additional inactive bolts on the side surface for the 4-sided protective range of this bolt system.

Another feature is that this gun safe is made of thick and hard alloy steel, is bulletproof, resistant to drilling to ensure the tank is not manipulated or drilled.

Its main color scheme is black with a semi-glossy textured powder coating. The handle part is plated with polished chromium and looks very luxurious. 

When unlocked, inside there are racks to hold guns. These racks can be arbitrarily disassembled or adjusted to store different types of guns. Maximum one gun safe can store 8 long guns.

The cabinet is covered with a soft carpet, which helps to keep the gun protected from being damaged or scratched.

A special feature of this gun safe is that it is designed with a fire prevention function, meaning the gun is still well protected in the event of a fire for a certain period.

The reason this product has this special function is that the heat-activated extendable door gasket is designed to prevent smoke and water and expands by 8 times its thickness in the event of a fire.

Besides, on the inside of the door, there is also a set of doors. The door's organization configuration is preprogrammed, cannot be adjusted or removed by itself. Perhaps that is why it makes up the security of the product.

Inside that door, there are two locks to lock the device to keep it safe in case of illegal intrusion. The door seal is heat activated. In the event of a fire, the flame retardant gasket expands to retain heat and expel dust. In the event of a fire, the safe can resist fire for 60 minutes with temperatures up to 1023 degrees Celsius. 

The safe is partly due to the special construction of the door and the inside of the safe. The door is made of composite 12 cm thick, including 2 layers of fireproof boards. Two-layer fireproof panels cover inside walls, ceilings, floors, and jammed doors.

Inside the gun safe, there is a set of automatic LED lights that light up the dark, enclosed space, where the guns are most protected.

Not only that, but the designer is also very meticulous when giving more buyers a dry pack of 200g rechargeable silica gel desiccant when buying. Must be a gun lover and knowledgeable about guns, the designer can be so thoughtful.


  • High security
  • Meticulous design, taking into account risk situations
  • Luxurious and elegant color
  • Diverse materials, specific to each part
  • Flexible gun storage unit
  • Gun parts can be dried and protected well


  • It is difficult to clean the inside of the safe and the door areas
  • Difficulty in the process of moving safes

Buying Guide: Tips For Choosing The Best Gun Safe Under 1000 In 2020

best gun safe under 1000

Today, on the market there are many types of gun safes to meet our needs. However, the variety of designs, features, as well as each outstanding feature of the safes, has caused many difficulties for users. Therefore, today we have presented to you the top 15 best gun safe under 1000 as well as some of the following criteria for you to consult and choose the best safes for yourself.

Determine Your Needs

best gun safe under 1000

Before choosing a safe, you need to be able to identify your own needs. What do you buy gun safes for? Serve the needs of cutting and keeping guns at home, serving the need to carry guns to move or serve on cars. 

Depending on the purpose of use, you can also choose the most suitable gun safe for you. In the top 15 best gun safe under 1000, we have introduced you to all 3 types of safes for the 3 above needs.

Also, you need to determine which safe for the storage of guns? Pistols or long guns, more or fewer guns. From there you can also choose the corresponding type of safe.

Choose The Right Tank Structure


There are three different types of locks for safes including a biometric lock, an electronic keypad, and a mechanical lock. Each type of lock has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, today in many gun cases they have a combination of 2 or 3 types to ensure the superiority of the product. 

Door thickness

A harder and thicker door will keep you away from outside harmful influences such as smashing or fire.

best gun safe under 1000

Bolts locking system

A bolt that locks your safe door securely to its body or frame. These are very thick bolts that connect the door section to the body of the tank, creating a movable connection between the two parts and avoiding openings for outside intrusions by those on duty. The thicker the bolt, the more durable.

Fire rating

You also need to take the risk of fire into account. Choosing a fireproof gun safe will help you protect your property. In our description of the top 15 best safes under 1000, we mentioned that a gun safe can push smoke out and at the same time can protect it for up to 60 minutes in case the temperature is higher than 1000 degrees C. 

Besides, you need to pay attention to the size and weight of the gun box to avoid buying a safe that cannot be used due to the incompatible tank and gun size or improper weight of the tank during transport or store. The size of the gun safe is important, it determines how many guns you can store, as well as the types of guns you can keep in them. 

Consider the top 15 best gun safe under 1000 that we recommend to you! I believe you will find the safe you want from this article.

Although the safes are diverse and there are many models, in my opinion, the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe is the safest gun safe to choose from. Because it not only ensures high security but also meets the need for the ability to keep guns. On the other hand, from the outside, this safe is very luxurious, like a decorative box, can be placed in a small space to save space in a small room.

Therefore, it is the best product in the top 15 best gun safe under 1000 that we recommend to you.

Thinking, having a box in the house will help you protect your guns most safely.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best gun safe under 1000 at the comment box below!

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