Enjoying Fantastic Blowout At Home With Top 15 The Best Hair Dryer For Natural Hair [Updated 2020]

Finding the best hair dryer for natural hair could take a lifetime for researching and considering. The fact that different hair blowers are created differently, therefore, they are suitable not for every type of hair. Curly hair, straight hair, thin hair, thick hair, they all deserve the right partner for a perfect look.

Based on what our beloved hair lovers concern about this matter, this article from Agern Restaurant will save your time and money on seeking the best hair dryer for natural hair. No need to feel dizzy about thousands of blowers out there in the market, you will find convenience, ease and fun to investigate the most updated list of models along with our collective assessment to help you find the best one for your own.

Let’s roll in!

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Top Best Hair Dryer For Natural Hair Reviews 2020

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Why is this product on top of our recommendation for the best hair dryer for natural hair? Maybe the brand says it all. Turbo Power really focuses on creating models with high performance with AC motor systems which are able to work flawlessly for at least 2000 hours. By calculating this figure, we know that it is a good investment for a long term hair care tool.

What is more surprising about this product is it is eco friendly. Turbo Power TwinTurbo does not dispose of any toxic emission at any speed and temperature while you are drying. What an excellent product for a green blow-out! While using other hair blowers, particularly the ones with low wattage, sometimes if they work on maximum speed for a long time, you might sense some smokey smell in the air, but with this product, all you smell is the beautiful scent from your gorgeous and voluminous dried hair.


  • durability
  • no disturbance
  • eco-friendly


  • high price
  • not for travelling

BaBylissPro is no longer strange to any clients who are professional hairdressers, barber and clients who are passionate about hair care. This product is a combination of power, speed & design, brought out to satisfy any hair condition, even thick and coarse hair.

Nano titanium ionic technology applied in this hair dryer proves  a faster drying time with less frizz, helping consumers save a lot of time on drying hair. Besides, titanium makes this model super lightweight, the handle is ergonomical, you can freely dry even the thickest hair without any hand fatigue.


  • lightweight handle
  • innovative product


  • might be too strong for thin hair
  • no diffuser attached

We have heard about ionic technology to shorten the time of drying without much frizzes and loss of hair hydration. Apart from regular ions or infrared technology, this nanoe dryer has a special thing to offer. Its method of hydrating the hair is using the occuring moisture in the air and turning it into micro-sized moisture particles which create upto a thousand times shinier look on your hair.

Three attachment, 2 professional speed and 3 temperature mod, this hair dryer quickly combates with tangle, coarse and thick hair with ease and leaves a stunning, beautiful finish to your hair. You don’t need to go to the salon for such a result, because you definitely can create your own salon at home.


  • nanoe technology
  • maintain natural hair moisture


  • not a lightweight kind of hair dryer

Feeling like you want to have a salon vibe at home without monthly expense for going to the beauty parlour just to wash and dry your hair out? Then, a bonnet type of hair dryer is perfectly fit for your demand. This is designed by Conair with adjustable height, which makes drying messy thick wet hair become easy as a piece of cake. Literally, you just need to set up the temperature and relax on the couch or wherever you want to sit, take your time on your favorite book and let the bonnet do its job.

With an extra large hood and evenly heat distributor system, consumers are free to put on jumbo rollers for styling comfort. Designed for home salon, this bonnet does not take too much space as it can be folded smaller for compact storage.


  • salon-like
  • just sit and relax
  • adjustable height


  • not ideal for a quick blowout
  • the sound may be a little bit loudsy

Here is another innovative product of hair blowers. If you are looking for the best hair dryer for natural hair with a budgeted wallet under 50$, this is an excellent choice for you. Ion and bio-ceramic technology which are adopted into this hair dryer make it easy for a smooth and soft hair by releasing negative ion moisturizer.

Attached with the main part of this hair dryer is 3 separate magnetic pieces with different usage including one styling concentrator, one smoothing nozzle and one diffuser. Now you don’t need to hesitate if this works for curly or straight hair, thin or thick hair. Buy one, you get three. Well, to be honest, this is a beneficial choice for a hair care product.


  • Ion and bio-ceramic technology
  • reasonable price
  • 3 magnetic attachments


  • drying power may be not enough for some people
  • magnetic parts may be ineffective over time

Here is another great bonnet dryer for natural hair. Who likes the fancy ambiance of drying your hair at home will be in favor of this product. Elegant design with a retractable handle makes this product really catchy for the best hair dryer for natural hair at home.

Moreover, you also can bring it to travel anywhere anytime you want. There is a bonnet and cord storage compartment, a giant bonnet which accommodates a set of jumbo rollers for styling options.

Does it do the job well? Yesss, with ionic technology, your hair will be conditioned well, reserving the moisture and bringing in shiny and smooth hair.


  • flexible hose
  • suitable for travelling


  • small wattage
  • not ideal for quick styling

You are not confident about your thin layer of hair and struggle with it every morning? Let this 2-in-1 hair dryer and volumizer from Revlon take care of that. With just a single step, your hair will quickly turn out brilliantly shiny and high in volume.

This one-step hair accessory features a unique oval brush with the aim to smooth down the hair, while the round edges create volume. With just one basic step, you can take control of everything that is happening on your hair: detangling, improving volume and drying. Not similar to traditional hair blowers, this dryer-volumizer combo can be placed closer to the scalp for lift.


  • convenient
  • 2-in-1 product


  • might work well with damp hair but take longer with wet hair
  • it might get hot because it can placed close to the scalp

Natural Curls and Waves may be a challenge for anyone who loves to have a blowout at home but not yet found a good hair dryer. Conair designed this product especially for natural hair with colls, curls and waves. With a unique airflow system and a cold button, this hair dryer easily dries out your hair with much less frizz after consuming and locks all the curls up to the most natural condition.

With strong AC motor and multi-chambered design, this hair dryer is of promise for the best hair dryer for natural hair, particularly curly and wavy hair by its superior fast drying time and longer life than other normal dryers.


  • reasonable price
  • produce less frizz
  • innovative diffuser


  • not too high voltage might create more time to dry

This outstanding-colored hair blower is another good choice for you if you are looking for a multifunctional one but with a more comfortable price. Straightening, detangling and drying in just one step, this hair dryer helps customers a lot to save up their time and have the job done in the quickest way.

Negative ion is a great component to make hair smoother and deals with frizzes, which is optimized in this product. Three levels of temperature help users adjust wanted heat for personal preferences.


  • ceramic technology
  • basic drying and straightening but effective


  • the straightener may take longer time to do on thick hair

A 3-in-1 hair dryer from Conair like this product is a wise decision if you want to buy a good one for your family with different hairstyles and styling preferences. There are 3 attachments coming with the dryer which meet any demand: detangling comb, straightening comb and a thermal bristle brush for curly and wavy hair. In just one single step, you will be surprised by how efficiently this dryer works for any type of hair.

This hair blower includes a hinged air filter which is designed for easy and quick clean-up after each time using. A dual voltage makes it even more convenient for travelling purposes.


  • affordable price
  • convenient


  • the brush may fall off after using for a long time

If you’re a professional hair care person, you must know Andis has been one of the top brands for hair care products, especially hair dryers. This hair blower is manufactured with ceramic ionic technology, which produces more even heat to the drying performance and is not as noisy as dryers with fan heaters.

3 combs attached with the dryer allows multiple styles for a beautiful finish while having dry. A cold shot button helps lock in styles and maintain the consistency and lasting hair texture.


  • convenient
  • intense heat 


  • the attached combs’ teeth are made of plastic which may get soft when endure long time heating.

Andis impressed us again with this small-sized hair dryer. It is lightweight, easy to carry on but it has the work done well with positive approvals of many consumers.

With four heat and two air settings, this product is suitable for any type of hair and condition. The handle and the size of this dryer is super portable, you can bring it with you anywhere without any burden.


  • inexpensive
  • portable


  • drying power not so high

When first seeing the name of this candidate for the best hair dryer for natural hair, you can notice a special feature that this product from Conair includes: yes, it can be folded! We know packing a handbag for a short trip with your loved one could be stressful because you want to squeeze in everything. A hair dryer is essential but it is more valuable when it saves up free storage for you in the bag. Now, don’t you worry anymore.

Weighing no more than 1 pound but this compact hair dryer has a powerful wattage and dual voltage, which contribute to a quick and stunning result with much less effort.


  • folded hair dryer
  • dual voltage


  • the cord is not too long

Customers who are Revlon's fans cannot miss this hair dryer because of its beautiful color and still have enough function to be one of the best hair dryers for natural hair. And guess what, it is incredibly affordable.

With a smoothing concentrator and a volumizing diffuser, this hair blower helps users flexibly style their hair in their way at home, especially for wavy and curly hair. 3 heat settings, 2 speed options and a cold shot button make it more adjustable to different hair types, giving out a shiny, smoothish look with the negative ion distribution. The end cap is removable for a quick clean-up.


  • affordable price
  • intense power and heat setting


  • might create louder noise to some users

If someone is looking for an inclusive hair dryer without a much comforting price, then maybe this is the one. Ionic, ceramic, tourmaline technology are all included in one hair dryer, making hair softer and reducing frizz and static. Proprietary Micro Conditioner Technology helps conditioning the hair moisture, delivering 3 times protection than normal hair dryers.

The concentrator and diffuser are attached for advanced styling options and convenience. Drying power is made with maximum capability, resulting in an easy and flashy drying time.


  • inclusive benefits
  • great power


  • shorter lifespan to some users

What Factors Should Be Considered For The Best Hair Dryer For Natural Hair

Before deciding to buy a hair dryer, shoppers need to look for these factors for a perfect purchase. We don’t want you to be distracted by the marketing tactics or the market trend that leads you to a prompt shopping. Be patient and read until the end of this article and it’s not too late to decide.

Best hair dryer for natural hair

1. Hair Dryer Wattage

Higher wattage is not necessarily a better hair dryer. It really depends on what type of hair you have. The more powerful the wattage, the more time you will save up for a blow-out at home. However, for creating less damage on your hair, you can choose the dryer with less heat. This is often misunderstood, less heat doesn’t mean lower wattage. If the hair dryer motor is in high wattage, it generates more wind power and that is why your hair dries fast in a healthy way. On another hand, a weak motor means less wind blowing and more heat, your hair mostly will dry out. Choosing a high-wattage hair blower is the way to go for one of the factors for the best hair dryer for natural hair.

Best hair dryer for natural hair

The question is how much wattage is enough? If you possess thin hair, it is suggested that you dry your hair with low heat to avoid any damage and tangles. A hair dryer powered with around 1500W is ideal for this type of hair. For thick and coarse hair, you will need higher wattage, around 2000W or more for a quick dry. Now, hair dryer designer brands have several heat settings on the dryer itself so that you can actively adjust the temperature to your feeling and preference.

2. Hair Dryer Size and Weight

Choosing the size and weight of your hair dryer is crucial. Nobody likes that a blow-out turns out to be a hand workout, right? Especially who have beautiful long and thick hair, they won’t stand for hours just to try drying their hair with frustration and torture. Having a lightweight hair dryer helps you comfortably enjoy the time with your hair, reduces stress and pressure on your arms.

Best hair dryer for natural hair

3. Ionic and Tourmaline Technology

Ions in the water are positive, by shooting negative ions, ionic hair dryers send positively charged ions scattering, preventing the water soaking in the hair shaft and plus, speeding up the drying process. When using ionic hair dryers, you will find your hair dries without any excess moisture and unwanted frizz. This makes these scientifically hair dryer good choices for users with thick hair and wants a sleek, polished result. However, these blowers are not recommended for flat, oily-haired consumers or who don’t want a sleek hairstyle. Finally, it is up to your taste for ionic or non-ionic hair dryers.

Tourmaline is almost the same with ionic hair dryers except it is made of or coated with tourmaline- a semi-precious metal that releases even more negative ions into the air.

4. Titanium

Similar to ceramic, titanium is a material that helps to distribute the heat evenly and keep the temperature consistent. Because of that, hair dryers with titanium often have intense heat, which may not be suitable for damaged hair or thin hair. But for long and thick hair, this factor should be on the top list of criteria that make up the best hair dryer for natural hair.

However, unlike ceramic, titanium is lighter so that titanium dryers are lightweight and easy to grab. If you don’t want a blowout to be a workout with a lot of tiredness, then choose the right blower with titanium. 

5. Infrared, Ceramic, Porcelain

There are so many hair dryers with these terms included. When you see this word on product description, you know that ceramic or porcelain are two materials which contribute to even and consistent heat distribution, also, they emit negative ions for quicker blowing. They often replace the plastic parts in the old models or can be used to coat the outer of internal parts. Infrared indicates the longer wavelengths which help dry your hair inside out. These three terminologies are useful for considering the best hair dryer for natural hair, particularly, for hair enduring damages by harsh dryers.

6. Heat adjustment

Heat setting options are important when considering which hair dryer is good. The reason behind this is because we all have different needs on a hair dryer and when shoppers buy, they buy not only for themselves but also for their family, for example. Having the heat adjustable makes it easy to meet everyone’s need for appropriate temperature. Sometimes, we have a last-minute meeting, you will have to get ready ASAP, so a high heat button is the way to go while sometimes putting dryers under low heat reduces hair damage and expands the lifespan of the dryer.

Best hair dryer for natural hair

7. Accessories

When surfing the hair dryer choices, you will surely be attracted by many dryers with attachments like diffuser, concentrator, styling combs,...

Diffusers usually have a big shape like a plate and they allow the airflow to be distributed to a wider area and prevent unnecessary frizz. Therefore, shoppers with curly and wavy hair are suggested looking for a dryer with a diffuser. 

For straightening hair, a concentrator nozzle is a perfect choice for a dryer detachable accessory. The nozzle, in contrast to the diffuser, leads the airflow into a narrow direction so that users are able to control the styling position with precision. For this mechanism, a hair dryer with concentrator nozzle is preferable for sleeky and polished hairstyles.

8. Cost

Cost of a hair dryer varies depending on features, functions and the technology that is applied inside that product. Many people say that high quality is in direct ratio with price, that is true. The reverse is not, to be honest, high price doesn’t mean an assurance of high quality.

When it comes to the question of budget, it should depend on each person, their affordability and purposes. A cheap hair dryer normally is a small one with just basic functions of a dryer must have. They are typically used as a travel hair dryer because of its lightweight size and compact design, which add up convenience for consumers. The power is usually not too high and as a result, drying time is lengthened. Another problem is that if it is played on maximum speed and heat, the motor might get more pressure and stop doing their job for a while. After several times working overloaded, the lifespan of the dryer will be shortened and you may need to look for another one in a short period of time. To conclude with a low-budget hair dryer, it is super convenient, has the job done but in a good way or not, we cannot be sure.

Best hair dryer for natural hair

For high-end hair dryers, let’s say, the price is at least 3 or 4 times higher than normal one for understandable reasons. It is normally created with the most innovative technology, latest design and most optimized functions. When using a high-end hair blower, you can feel the heat is evenly blowed, the noise is minimized and the drying process is quick and easy. There are hair dryers that cost hundreds of dollars, used widely by professional hairstylists, but if you are seeking one for your home use only, it is not necessary to spend that much money on a hair dryer. You can still choose a model that costs less but ensures a stable power and good quality.

Best hair dryer for natural hair

Don’t worry, you can get a blowout at home just like you are in professional salon, check out the link right away for detail instruction

Conclusion: Top 5 Picks For The Best Hair Dryer For Natural Hair


BEST FOR high power and eco friendly

No products found.

After reviewing 15 products, we came to finalize with top 5 picks for the best hair dryer for natural hair.

The first one to mention is Turbo Power Twinturbo with the highest power capability among the candidates (3800W). This product also adopts ionic and ceramic technology, which enhances heat intensity and even distribution. It is super endurable and surprisingly, it is ozone friendly which does not emit any toxicant into the environment while drying. Best appreciated by thick and coarse hair which need a strong power blowout.

If a lightweight and high quality hair dryer is what you are looking for, Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium adapts the best. We haven’t found any material lighter than titanium when it comes to hair dryers. Nano titanium even makes it easier to grab for a quick dry with stable temperature.  

High Tech ionic or the nanoe hair dryer from Panasonic is ideal for hair which experienced damage by everyday brushing or harsh drying from the past. Unlike regular ions, nanoe particles are nurtured by moisture drawn from the air and they enrich the hair with more hydration in the drying process. Hair will be blown more quickly without drying out, featuring a smooth and conditioned texture.

Bonnet is every woman’s favorite type of hair dryer on a lazy day. Its flexible stand allows users to move anywhere they want. The hood is ultra large and free to accommodate large jumbo rollers for styling lovers. What a relaxing hair therapy at home with ease, you can enjoy reading books, watching your favorite TV shows or chatting with your girl friends. Of course, if you need a blowout to be done in under 15 minutes, this is not the right one but if you have free time, why not set up a salon vibe at your home?

Some might hear about Dyson hair dryer which cost around $400. However, things become easier because there are dupes of this innovative hair dryer, and the one from Slopehill is the best. Instead of paying for such a pricey hair blower, shoppers only spend less than one seventh of the high-end and enjoy the same benefits that this hair dryer has to offer. Magnetic attachments are designed for a quick assembling, no need to worry about how to fit everything in.

Yeah, that is our suggestion for the best hair dryer for natural hair. We hope that you will get an idea of which type of blower is good for your hair. Please share if you find this article useful for those who are struggling in searching for the right blower for themselves. Cheers!

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