Get Your Hair Flatten Perfectly At Home With The Top 15 Best Hair Straightener For Men [Update 2021]

If you are a guy who is looking for the best hair straightener for men, this article is your answer. We know that nowadays, men no longer feel ashamed of taking good care of their appearances, otherwise, men even prioritize the importance of their grooming before going out on a date or just everyday nice look. A nice straightened hairstyle makes them confident and attractive to people around, giving a good impression on the personality.

Shopping is not really a men’s thing, they often struggle with the complexity of many straighteners out there on display and may end up wasting their money on the unsuitable one. Finding the best hair straightener for men is a challenge, but that is why Agern Restaurant is here to help with any of guys’ issues. You will want to look over from top to the end of this article to find out the true savior for hair straighteners.


Best Hair Straightener For High Endurability

Best Hair Straightener For Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Best Hair Straightener For Thin And Lightweight 

Best Hair Straightener For Infrared Hair Straightener

Best Hair Straightener For Unique Design And Technology

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Top 15 Best Hair Straightener For Men Reviews 2020

ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener

The first one to mention for the best hair straightener for men must be the one from Good Hair Day (ghd). As the brand says it out loud, guys, you do not need to worry anything about a bad hair day because this is the weapon to fix it up. This is the first ever high quality smart hair straightener shoppers can find in the flat iron section.

Why is it smart? Because this hair tool’s heating engine is monitored 250 times per second and able to predict your hair’s need for ultimate results and stronger, healthier hair.

With universal voltage, ceramic heat-resistant plate, this hair straightener is portable to anywhere you go, enjoy your favorite hair styling time with no messing around. Automatic sleeping mode is another amazing feature of this product, providing a safe and secure experience. Check out this personalized flat iron because it is truly the one-of-a-kind hair straightener that breaks all the issues.


  • Unique product
  • Personalized heating system


  • Pricey

iKonic Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener

The second one to mention for the best hair straightener for men must be the one from SuperNova by iKonic. This tool is designed for a professional hair ironing, recommended by popular stylists around the world.

The extra long iron plate is made from tourmaline ceramic which prevents any heat damage but shapes your hair just very right in place. Also, they are the components contributing to evenly-coated heat through every strand of hair, reducing frizz and static.

The heat is flexibly adjusted due to preference and hair type, ranging from 150 to 450 degree Fahrenheit. The infrared beam and ionic technology help to add in moisture to the hair, giving it a smooth, shiny and silky look just like walking out of a hair salon


  • High quality product
  • Good plate material


  • Pricey

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

BaBylissPro is no longer strange to hair care tool shopaholics because of its application of nano titanium into their product. Researching hair tool technology, we know that titanium is one of the lightest materials to produce any hair care device. This brand extremely put customer’s comfort first by designing such a lightweight but effective flat iron. Titanium also protects hair from any damage, reserves hair moisture and boosts silkiness.

Super slim design makes this hair straightener even easier to hold without any hand workout during the flattening process. Even if guys feel like getting something different, for example, having some curly or wavy edges to an outstanding finishing look, they are free to make it with just one single tool.


  • Nano titanium technology
  • Ultra-thin design


  • The price is quite high

CROC The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron

Yeah, the CROC Classic Infrared Flat Iron looks pretty simple and “classic” but you will be surprised by how incredibly it tames your thick, frizzy and coarse hair in just one pass. Infrared beam is super helpful to remove any toxicant and deodorize while maintaining the balanced level of moisture in the hair.

Sometimes, the heat in the hair tool may affect the scalp and incurs dandruff and hair damage, however, with this hair straightener, your scalp plus the hair texture are protected to the highest.

The design is ergonomical, safety mode is automatically switched on after 30 minutes non-use. The voltage is created to be suitable for 110V or 220V so that shoppers can absolutely travel with it easily.


  • Strong infrared beam
  • Scalp protection


  • Some shoppers say this product’s lifespan is not long

BIO IONIC Magical Stone 10x Pro Styling Iron Limited Edition

If you are looking for a straightener that is one-of-a-kind, this product from Bio Ionic is the right one for you because of not only its outstanding functions but also the design, the color is spectacular.

Not created with ceramic or titanium, this hair straightener plate is made with sonic vibration technology and infused with Volcanic MX, allowing consumers to style their hair in less than 10 minutes. For guys, the time to get the job done is even more shortened. This version is super lightweight, suitable for any hair style and limited edition for an impressive look.

Moreover, Bio Ionic technology gives it a very high rank for the best hair straightener for men because it works things very fast but still maintains the moisture inside the hair cuticle, finishing with the glossy, sleeky smooth result.


  • Sonic vibrating plates
  • Bio Ionic Technology


  • Pricey

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

You are in a hurry every morning because there are so many things to take care of before going out including getting your hair straightened? You may need the device that can save as much time as possible. That's Solano Sleek Heat Flat Iron.

The plate width is 1.25 inch, not too wide, but we guess that is not a problem for you at all. Infrared ray technology with ceramic material gives it a nice and even heat distribution. Heating system functions very fast, just within seconds, this flat iron is ready to use. Even extremely thick and coarse hair will be tamed in just one pass.

9-ft swivel cord allows users to change the angle of flattening out without any wire damage and tangles. The producer offers a 2-year warranty, buyers are free to send it back and have it fixed without any penny. Actually a lot of customers like this product because not only does it do a good job on the hair but also provide excellent customer service.


  • Short heat-up time
  • Swivel cord


  • May not be suitable for thin and fine hair

T3 Micro T3 Lucea 1” Professional Straightening & Styling Iron

With T3 Rapid HeatIQ Technology, Lucea straightener is able to deliver advanced heat precision for frizz-free in just 1 pass by an active smart microchip monitor. 9 heat setting controlled by a digital screen and button helps users reach the heat that they want for their hair in a convenient way while T3 CeraSync technology helps distribute the heat evenly in both plates for fast styling.

Designed with CeraGloss ceramic plates, Lucea glides smoothly through every strand of hair, boosting shine and minimizing frizz. It also keeps the temperature consistent for every passthrough and contributes to a longer lifespan of the product. The plates are designed longer ensuring fast styling with greater control. Even if you are about to travel abroad, then still can you bring this hair tool because of Auto World Voltage. Isn't that amazing?


  • High tech product
  • Heat precision


  • The digital temperature control may be not easy to distinguish between levels

Skin Research Institute Infrarose Styler Flat Iron

With red light therapy and ionic moisture technology, this hair straightener is a perfect match for curly, wavy, frizzy, thin and damaged hair. The red light heats up the hair from inside out, ensuring a perfectly straight result while ionic moisture technology helps deal with static and frizzy hair condition without losing essential hydration needed for your hair.

One thing we really love about this hair styler is because of its LCD screen where users can easily track up the heat they want to set up, it is super clear and modernized. The heat setting is free to choose up to 450 degree F and needs only a few seconds to get heated up.


  • LCD screen
  • Innovative technology combined


  • Not too long lifespan according to some reviewers

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4" Straightening Hairstyling Iron

If you are a hair lover and usually look for good products for hair care, you cannot miss the popular brand CHI. Like other products that CHI has to offer, this flat iron is so well known for boosting the silkiness and shineness of the hair. The straightening plate is upgraded to higher technology than the previous version.

CHI has taken the ceramic material infused with high-grade titanium to finalize the best quality of the iron plates. This improvement makes it even more beneficial for CHI’s fans for the fact that the ceramic-titanium combination helps to strengthen the durability and lengthen the lifespan of the product while bringing in excellent experience for users.

The temperature is displayed on a digital mode, customers absolutely can adjust the heat depending on what type of hair they have. Smart customization with color differentiation recommends the suitable heat for each hair type: blue color for fine and fragile hair, green for medium and wavy hair, red for coarse and resistant hair. How amazing it is!


  • Ceramic-titanium technology
  • Smart digital temperature setting


  • The plate is wider

InStyler MAX 1.25” 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler

For curly and frizzy hair, sometimes it is struggling to deal with straightening stuff every morning. This rotating straightener and styler may be the savior to your everyday issues. The main part of this product includes a barrel which is rotating in 2 ways in a rounding shape and an ionic bristle brush and strands to prevent unnecessary frizz and boost up shineness.

The surface area is larger, allowing the heat to be distributed to a wider area. This helps customers save their time on straightening hair every time when they are in a hurry. With adjustable temperature and 6’ swivel cord, Instyler Max has introduced a brilliant candidate for the best hair straightener for men for its convenience and easy-to-use.


  • 2-in-1 product
    Suitable for travelling


  • Only 4 heat level

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener

There are very few brands that can bring in an all-inclusive type of product like Nition hair straightener. The plate is made of ceramic infused with other 5 elements: nano silver, argan oil, tourmaline and titanium.

Therefore, the hair is nicely straightened without any loss of hydration, instead, is treated with a great source of moisture from argan oil. Ceramic, tourmaline and titanium are too familiar ingredients for creating even heat coverage and also increase the durability of the product.

The temperature setting is designed with no button, shoppers can just twist clockwise to turn on and choose your favorite heat or rotate anticlockwise to power off or decrease the temperature. It is pretty easy, right? Not finished yet, a travel pouch bag with a pair of heat-resistant gloves, 2 styling clips, 1 comb coming along with the flat iron makes it a truly travelling companion for hair care lovers.


  • Suitable for travelling
  • 5-in-1 product


  • May not suitable for greasy type of hair

ELLESYE Hair Straightener and Curler

No products found.

Similar to Nition Hair Straightener, this product is a 5-in-1 flat iron with ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, argan oil and nano silver. However, as you can see the rounding shape like a pen is flexible for both straightening and curling your hair. Sometimes, changing your style a bit is what you might do, isn't it?

More surprisingly, this flat iron with 4 PTC ultra-zone heating technology helps reach the highest temperature 450 degree F in just 15 seconds. So, this is an excellent tool for busy men who need a quick hair straightening process. 13 levels of temperature setting is more than enough to satisfy any customers with different hair types and conditions.


  • Straightener-curler in 1 product
  • Fast heat up time


  • Might be heavy to some users

TYMO Ring Hair Straightener Brush

Guys, if you feel like the normal size of hair straightener bothers you and you want to keep it simplest and most convenient, Tymo Ring hair straightener brush is a perfect one. Its combination of flat iron and a brush cuts off all the unnecessary effort with a pocket-size hair straightener. You don't need to use the tool and the comb separately, all are inclusive in just 1 product, 1 pass and you are all set.

You may worry if this product does the job because it is kind of a small one, but don't worry, it does the flattening very well with 3D heating teeth which gives shoppers the same style but less heat. It is especially perfect for damaged and thin hair, substantially decreasing the breakage and frizz.

Tymo also offers you a set of accessories including protection gloves, 2 clips, a detangle brush and a travel bag along with the straightener, no need to go outside to buy each component, just 1 click and you get all delivered to your door.


  • Portable
  • Attached accessories


  • May not powerful for thick hair

Deogra Flat Iron for African American Hair

Here is good news for those who own African American hair. We know how challenging it is to deal with tangles and frizz every morning. From now on with Deogra Flat Iron, it is no longer a big thing to master beautiful healthy straight hair. The plates are infused with Argan oil and keratin which boost the silkiness to the highest level, ceramic and tourmaline coated over the plates reduce static and deal with frizz.

There are 6 different temperature settings which serve any demands from various customers with their own hair types. This product also offers a 360 degree swivel cord and a gift set of essential accessories that benefits an excellent salon experience at home.


  • Suitable for African American
  • Hair type
  • Accessories set attached
  • Affordable price


  • May take more time to straighten hair because the heat is not too high

AXUF Hair Straightener

Last but not least, for tight-budgeted shoppers, it is absolutely possible for them to get a nice salon-like healthy straight hair at home. This product from Axuf is an example of the best hair straightener for men for just under $30. The price is super affordable but the product itself does not miss any feature of a good flat iron which should be considered.

The plate is designed in S shape which contributes to not only straightening purpose but also curly waves when you feel like changing another style. The silica holder is very useful when you put the product on the table or any place without any heat damage. Negative Ions technology applied makes hair not dry out but smooth and silky sleek. Why not give it a try when it does the job and delivers great experience for a very good price?


  • 2-in-1 product
  • Cheap price


  • The S shape is not recommended for short hair around skin because it gets hot and may burn the skin

How To Choose The Best Hair Straightener For Men

Indulging in thousands of products that ensure the best result of straight, silky hair in the market, you cannot make your mind to decide which one is the right tool for you. Moreover, we understand it is even harder for men to select the best one that can do the greatest job. In this part, we will take care of this question and help male shoppers figure out the answer for themselves.

First thing that needs to be clear is to determine your needs. To do that, you can answer these questions: What is your hair type and condition? Is it thick, coarse, thin, fine, damaged, long, short,... ? And would you like just a straightener or would you like to have freedom in making different styles? After asking yourselves these questions, let's take a closer look at the following features to find your best haircare tool.


Best hair straightener for men

Temperature is a very important element to be considered when buying a hair straightener. Understanding that, all the brands normally offer an adjustable heat monitor, which gives customers the flexibility to choose the level of heat that they want and suitable for their hair. However the lowest and highest temperature may vary for different brands. 

But please make sure you don't go over 420 degree F because it is likely you will damage your hair. For thin and fine hair, it is the best if users choose lower temperature ( 300 degree F or less) while it should be 350-400 degree F for thick and coarse hair and for medium, normal hair is something in between. Finding the right temperature is difficult but once you figure it out, it will protect the hair from any breakage or scorching spots. Nice and healthy hair look won't be a dream any more to guys who have trouble in flattening out the hair.

Plate Material

After temperature, material of plates is also one element creating the best hair straightener for men. Good material helps to hold the consistency of heating and expand the lifespan of the product while bad material is not endurable and damages customers' hair. There are 3 popular materials that are widely used to produce the flat iron’s plates: titanium, ceramic and tourmaline.

Titanium is well known for heating up very fast and is able to maintain the even temperature in surface area while passing through hair strands. Titanium is resistant to rust and tarnish, however, users are advised to clean the plate after each time using and avoid applying styling products before having plates do their work. You can find some hair straighteners in the market with titanium “coated” plates.

Well, watch out for these products because the longevity of the plate with coated titanium obviously cannot be as long as the solid one which shows a better performance and endurability. As a result, the hair straightener with solid titanium plates tends to be pricier than coated one or ceramic and tourmaline. As for the ability to reach high temperature, titanium plates are suitable to deal with thick and coarse hair.

Best hair straightener for men

Hair straightener with ceramic plates is less pricey but also effective for almost all hair types. Ceramic creates even heat distribution to the plates’ surface, just 1 pass and you will get the straight line from top to the end. This material is popular for any type of hair and mostly used for normal hair. Like titanium, there are products with coated ceramic which are not high-quality and decrease the performance of the product.

Tourmaline is another popular material when it comes to the plates of a hair straightener. It releases negative ions which seal the hair’s cuticle and tame frizz. Also, tourmaline helps to straighten in fewer passes with lower temperature, customers don’t need to worry about the damage because it straightens without drying the hair out. If you have frizz hair and want to conquer a healthy silky look, don’t forget to consider products with tourmaline.

Plate Shape And Size

Best hair straightener for men

Size of the hair straightener is normally different for each hair type. For long hair, a wider and extra long flat iron is the best pick, medium hair goes with a medium size of plate such as 1 inch plate while for short hair, a mini plate may be just enough to get things done.

There are not so many choices for the plate shape. We have flat shape, round shape or special one like S-shape, hot brush. Speaking about the shape, it really is about shoppers’ purpose and need. If you just need to get your hair straightened, then head for the flat shape or hot brush. But most of the time, shoppers tend to choose a product that is versatile to use and benefits them more. Round and S-shape are great for straightening but also for creating perfect curls when you feel like you need to change another hairstyle.


Best hair straightener for men

If you have researched quite a bit about hair straightener, you may encounter so many technologies such as ionic, infrared, floating plates that are used to generate the product.

Infrared indicates the longer wavelengths which help your hair absorb the heat inside out. By this way, your hair will be less exposed to damage but stronger and silkier.

Ionic technology is another term for an innovative application in many haircare tool nowadays, including hair straightener.

The negative ions are produced and help to assemble with the positive ions in water particles inside our hair, which avoid a dry-out sort of situation when we style our hair under heat effect.

When straightening hair, it is very important to know that the angle of hands may affect the result of the whole process and it is why floating plates are invented for the purpose of giving the flexibility to glide through the hair.


Best hair straightener for men

Price of a hair straightener depends on the features like material, technologies and how powerful it is,... Many people say that high quality is in direct ratio with price, that is true. The reverse is not, to be honest, high price doesn’t mean an assurance of high quality.

Shoppers can easily find pricey hair straighteners with high quality components such as titanium solid and the most innovative technology application.

Meanwhile, lower categories tend to have basic design and function, the material quality is normally not as good as the upper line, of course. When it comes to the question of budget, it should depend on each person, their affordability and purposes. Just remind yourself and weigh the pros and cons of each option, and make a decision based on what you need.

We hope that those guidelines for the best hair straightener are helpful when customers are confused about which suits best for them. After having your own weapon, we would like to send away a video tutorial along with some tips to create a salon-like flattening experience at home.

Check it out:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Hair Straightener For Men


BEST Hair Straightener
FOR Infrared hair straightener


BEST Hair Straightener
 FOR unique design and technology

After reviewing 15 products, we came to finalize with top 5 picks for the best hair straightener for men.

The candidate from GHD is the number one product with high quality material. Ceramic is a great material to maintain even heat distribution, which shortens the styling time for customers. This product is super smart as for the ultra predictive technology which identifies each hair section and ensures the floating plates get the optimum temperature.

For fine or thin hair, it is the tourmaline hair straightener that indicates the best pick and the one from iKonic is on the top. It flattens the hair very well but also enrich with silkiness and shine. Digital screen showing temperature is very easy to read and helps shoppers control the heat more efficiently.

If you are looking for a lightweight hair straightener, we believe that there is nothing better than the one from Babyliss Pro. The titanium plates are the reason why this flat iron is super light, no more hand workout when handling with straightening hair.

Best hair straightener for men

The next one from CROC looks pretty classic but the way it functions is not classic at all. The infrared technology gives it a factor to remove toxicants, deodorize and absorb the heat from inside out. This protects the hair from damage and saves a lot of time for users.

Finally, we have one of the most outstanding designs from Bio Ionic. The color is brilliant and absolutely unique compared to many other hair straighteners. What is special about this product is the vibration technology, which allows customers to style their hair in just under 10 minutes.

Yeah, we believe that is our final suggestion for the best hair straightener for men. We hope that you will get an idea of which type is good for your hair. Please share if you find this article useful for those who are struggling in searching for the right hair straightener for themselves. Cheers!

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