Top 13 Best Hunting Rifle Under 500 To Enhance Accuracy

It seems that recently, the price of necessities has been climbing up so that many of us have been on a tight budget. Thus, for things like weapons for hunting, it’s more economical to find best hunting rifle under 500 that offers powerful action without breaking your bank. Also, you will be able to set aside some money for other hunting tools

In fact, to find a new qualified hunting firearm that does not exceed the cost of a thousand bucks seems to be a challenge. In this article, Agern Restaurant is going to give you some advice and detailed reviews of 13 most prominent products that are available at under 500 price range.
best hunting rifle under 500
best hunting rifle under 500
best hunting rifle under 500
best hunting rifle under 500
best hunting rifle under 500

Best hunting rifle under 500 for durability

Best hunting rifle under 500 for easy movement

Best hunting rifle under 500 for accuracy

Best hunting rifle under 500 for quietness

Best hunting rifle under 500 for entry-level hunters

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Top Best Hunting Rifle Under 500 Reviews 2020

Walther Lever Action .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle

The Walther Lever Action is also a decent option to enhance the shooting precision. Looking at the picture, you can tell how nice the design of this fully built with metal that sets that rifle outstanding from other casual hunting firearms. Besides the look, the product is also able to shoot accurately.

In addition, the rifle has a compact weight, together with a lightweight muzzle thanks to the placement of the stock as the central balance. The product offers a higher cartridge capacity in order to load more shots before requiring refilling. 

Although both of the windage and elevation are adjustable, the sights it provides are not made from high-quality materials. But users don’t have many problems with this issue. Also, the scope is not that easy to place. 

While the length of the rifle is more suitable for adults, the product features multiple safety compatibility for the use of your family. The rifle is perfect for small hunting and shooting cans practice. 


  • Built-in protection features for different users
  • Offers 8 shot rotating magazine
  • Loading pellets is quite easy
  • Wider cartridge capacity
  • Metal build


  • Placing a scope is not very easy
  • Rear sight lever wedge is easy to get loose
  • Can be very loud

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock PCP-Powered Hunting Air Rifle

Next on our list is the Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock PCP, which is an epic air rifle for excellent accuracy and silence shooting. The product itself offers great convenience for users. The muzzle speed can be readjusted in multiple ways as well as adjustable sht count and trigger to suit your needs. And to do all of these adjustments , the manufacturers provide you with detailed instructions.

In addition, the way to load a new cartridge is pretty simple with this rifle, bolt action, together with the trigger pull is of light weight as well. The smooth shooting experience is contributed by the dual-stage trigger for clean and sharp shots. 

Another amazing feature of this rifle is the quiet operation. It's super quiet so that you hardly find out when the rifle is fired. Besides, For more and more convenience, it features a window in order to let you know the existing number of pellets when shooting. 

On the other hand, the rifle doesn’t have the feed protection which should be found in most rifles, that may lead to more jamming and shocks during use. To make up for this, the stock comb’s height can be adjusted to suit each user, allowing users for greater possibility of accurate shots. The design and finish of this rifle is fine, but not really aesthetic if you’re a picky hunter.


  • Extremely quiet
  • Adjustable muzzle velocity
  • The 10 shot clip for bigger finger
  • Adjustable height stock to have a suitable cheek joint


  • The appearance of the stock is not very nice
  • May be heavy when including big scope.

Gamo Coyote Whisper Fusion PCP Air Rifle

On the top of our list is the Gamo Coyote Whisper Fusion PCP Air Rifle with incredible consistency and accuracy regarding shooting. This is because the muzzle speed can reach up to 958 FPS as well as a light trigger pull weight. 

Although the noise level is not very silent, it is not loud enough to bother other people. Also, the rifle has a dual-stage trigger that can be readjusted for your preference, together with manual safety features. 

The set doesn’t include a scope so you can select your desired model that suits the best. With a variety of positioning for the scope, the mounting of your scope is easy and versatile. In addition, the rifle has a reasonable weight as well as dimension for convenience and balance when holding the rifle. 

When it comes to the stock features, the awesome cheek weld helps to add more precision and allows usage for either right- or left-handed hunters. Regarding its design, the rifle gives off a conventional vibe and the beech wood stock is supported with the rubber padding.


  • Shooting with great comfortability and ease
  • Enhanced accuracy even with weighty pellets.
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Pressure gauge location
  • Not very quiet
  • Include filling probe

Umarex Diana RWS Model 350

The Umarex Diana RWS Model 350 is an excellent option for long-range shoots. If you are looking for a product with powerful downrange accuracy, this is just right for you. It has the ability to produce extensive power as well as features an awesome barrel so that it allows you for shooting at the target easily beyond 50 yards.

Besides, it offers a terrific double-stage adaptable trigger which also attributes to the rifle’s accuracy. It also comes with an airgun scope, though the quality is not very exceptional, but the 4x scope may be enough for you. 

On the other hand, this product is not suitable for most young people and women since it may be a bit heavy for them. The length may also not fit them as it is longer than standard products. Thus, they should go for other products with fit length. 

In terms of the rifle stock. It is crafted beautifully with solid wood and is decorated with checkering at the fore area. Some users reported that the screws at the stock may get loose and need tightening.


  • Excellent production and accuracy
  • Good target shooting precision
  • Sturdy build
  • Offer a double-stage adjustable trigger


  • The mount screws need tightening at first break
  • Heavy for women and teenagers
  • May be bigger than your expectation

Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

Raptor Whisper Air Rifle coming from Gamo is an exceptional choice for best hunting rifle under 500 with quiet operation. If you’re shooting in the backyard and don’t want to bother your neighbor, this Whisper rifle will stand out and you can use it to hunt small animals. However, since it has a higher velocity, loud crack sound is possible

Not only does it come in a very compact design, it also offers amazing power for a hunting distance of 40 yards. The package also includes a rifle scope, but it’s recommended to look for a new better one since the scope quality can considerably affect the accuracy of the shots. To double the precision, the rifle features a rubber pad for the grip which is covered with a slip-resistant coating. 

Apart from reducing noise, the product is beginner-friendly since it has the ability to mitigate shocks and recoil. Also the IGT helps with the mitigation in vibration for clean and smooth shots. 

Finally, in terms of safety, the Shockproof Scope allows the rifle to deal with any weather conditions and resulting in a long-lasting rifle


  • Lightweight to carry
  • Effortless and smooth cocking
  • Offers manual trigger safety
  • Built with sturdiness
  • Shockproof Scope to handle all weather conditions


  • Can be loud due to the the higher speed
  • The quality of the scope

Umarex Diana RWS Model 48 Hardwood Stock Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Another best hunting rifle under 500 from the Umarex, the RWS Model 48 comes with a solid word stock and a sleek design. It receives multiple positive reviews from users since it has a spectacular performance. Some people consider it pretty heavy, but it’s still worth your consideration for the quality. 

When it comes to accuracy, the rifle has a side lever action as well as high Velocity of 1100 FPS, which results in precise shots. With this product, you can easily enjoy the hunting experience. To double your appreciation, the rifle offers great quality and durability as it is made to last. 

Because this rifle doesn’t come with matching scope, it’s recommended that you find a scope made for airguns instead of other other types. 


  • Good warranty
  • Extra power for the game
  • High-quality German craftsmanship
  • Accuracy


  • Heavy weight
  • Some meagre issue with the barrel alignment

Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol

Another product from Benjamin, the Benjamin Marauder BP2220 is an incredibly terrific rifle. The rifle comes with multiple trigger and grip advancement. The most unique factor of this product is the shoulder stock which adds more convenience and comfort for users. The ideal distance to use this rifle is 30 yards, which is not very wide. 

Besides, it has the ability to pull out various shots at once as well as a 8 rounds magazine, this is greater for anyone who wants to practice continuous shooting instead of delayed shots. Perfect for small games when hunting small but fast animals. 

Compared to other PCP air rifles, this Marauder BP2220 doesn’t feature a very low noise level, so it may be more suitable for pest control. Since the product isn't built with any sights or includes a matching scope, you may spend an extra amount of money on one of those to produce more accurate shots.


  • Is shrouded to reduce noise
  • Choked and shrouded barrel helps to improve accuracy
  • Multi-shot mechanism
  • Adaptable trigger without heavy pull weight
  • Pistol grip for easier movement


  • May require another pump to recover pressured air
  • Is pretty loud
  • Need purchase iron sights or scope

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 .177 Caliber Nitro Piston Air Rifle

The Benjamin Trail XL 1500 is selected on this list for the reason that it is made with gorgeous craftsmanship without frequent maintenance. The fact that it is applied with Nitro Piston makes it more powerful. Specifically, the technology enables the rifle to perform as good as a spring gun without being powered by coiled spring. 

This 177 Caliber rifle is the single-shot type which is ideal to practice for disciplined shots. It offers a barrel, which may be a bit flimsy for some users, but generally, helps to increase precision and distance. Another epic feature is the stock, which is made from hardwood. It has the adequate quality to handle collisions and shocks for long-term usage. Thus, don’t worry about the durability of this product. 

This firearm is versatile for the reason that it can suit both left- and right-handed hunters. Also, the product has an ample speed up to 1500 FPS, which is enough for smaller hunts. Though the set doesn’t provide front and rear sight, 3-9 X 40mm Scope with adjustable objective so that you could have a clearer and more crisp view of the prey. You can use this rifle in the hunting area up to 50 yards.


  • Apply nitro piston technology
  • Nice hardwood stock
  • Gorgeous craftsmanship
  • Magnum power allows for high speed
  • Easy to perform cocking
  • Reduce recoil
  • Durability


  • Barrel can be a bit flimsy for the required force
  • Possible problem with the scope mount

Umarex USA, Gauntlet PCP Bolt Action Air Rifle

The Umarex USA, Gauntlet PCP Bolt Action Air Rifle, as the name suggests is a single-shot rifle with powerful action. The most fascinating feature of this product is the consistency of the trigger pull and every shot it can make. At such a reasonable price point, its performance is as good as an over $1000 hunting firearm. 

Regarding accuracy, the rifle offers precise shots thanks to the adjustable buttstock comb as well as the swivelable sling for stable forearm holding. However, the rifle is quite longer than some models on this list, it’s not very weighty and the trigger is adjustable. There’s also safety located in the front to add more protection.

Regarding its action, the bolt action is easy to handle, though you don’t have to remove the shoulder part. Yet the cocking action can be quite difficult to push back. In terms of noise level, though it’s louder than the Benjamin Marauder, the noise level has been reduced due to the wrapped barrel. 

You will have to find the suitable rifle scope for this rifle since the set doesn’t include one. 


  • High accuracy even with various pellets range
  • Consistency for trigger pull weight and shots
  • Value for the money
  • Swivelable sling for greater stability
  • Adjustable stock comb


  • Not comes with scope
  • Pretty long so it can’t fit picatinny rings
  • It’s not as quiet as the Benjamin Marauder model

Diana RWS Model 34 Air Rifle

If you are looking for a product that is built to last as well as great performance, this Umarex Diana RWS Model 34 is just right for you. You don’t have to worry about this product quality since it comes from Umarex, a brand with a good reputation for qualified engineering. 

Though the RWS Model 34 is just on the entry-level, it’s hard to find other high-quality products at this price range. This rifle provides ample performance for small hunting up to 60 yards. However, remember that hunters must obtain a certain technique and skill to handle long-range shots when using this rifle, compared to a lighter model. 

Although this hunting rifle may be heavy with high speed pellets. But the heaviness combines well with the hand position for shooting without hassle. Also, it has a long barrel so that more powerful force is provided as well as a huge spring piston to add more pressured air. 

Additionally, the product comes with an adaptable trigger, together with a nicely-crafted hardwood stock so that it’s easy to catch your eyes. Not to mention the lifetime coverage of warranty, the product is user-friendly as the loading pellets is easy and requires no charging. 


  • Good scope bundle
  • Adjustable trigger
  • The heavy weight suits well with the hand positions
  • Stock is made from hardwood
  • Lifetime warranty coverage


  • Cocking action is difficult
  • Lack of silencer
  • Very weighty gun

Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle, 22 Caliber, Black

The Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle is another backyard-friendly PCP rifle. It offers users great convenience in both shoulder and hands when holding the rifle. The 800 FPS speed can be a bit lower than some products on our list, but when combined with the rotary magazine, that’s enough for enjoyable small huntings.

The most unique feature of this rifle is that it has the ability to make 30 shots at the same time. Apart from the continuous shooting, it has a dual-stage trigger that can be adjusted for greater precision. Thus, it has a quite notable performance while coming in a compact build. 

On the other hand, the 2-stage trigger may be a threat to you regarding the second stage, so you have to carefully read the instructions. For experienced hunters, it’s not such a big deal. The rifle also offers a comfortable grip, though it can be a hassle with hunters with larger hands 

When it comes to loudness, the product is applied with a silencer so that you can work with it in quietness. 


  • Continuous multiple shots
  • 2-stage customizable trigger
  • Offers shock wave absorber
  • An ideal backyard rifle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful and precise shots


  • May encounter the threat of unsafe shooting due to the trigger
  • Have to be careful while loading the pellets

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 6110063254 Air Rifles

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 6110063254 comes in most ideal weight and balance that allows for target shooting. When it comes to feel, the rifle offers a  Recoil Reducing Rail to mitigate recoil as well as pressure on the scope. Also it features a recoil padding instead of the rubber cover that is mostly found in other models.

When it comes to noise level, the Gamo whisper comes with Whisper Fusion technology to reduce noise and the sound tawng. However, to some users, they don’t regard it as quiet as whisper. The 2-stage adjustable trigger enables you for more control over its operation, as a result improving accuracy. 

Apart from the high precision, the rifle does offer a high speed, which is adequate for small games and down-range shooting. Additionally, the set also provides you a 3-9x40 scope, but the quality may not satisfy you, let’s go for a better option for airguns 

Lastly, to load new bullets, you must use some effort on the barrel but for normal adults, this doesn’t matter much.


  • Powerful and precise rifle
  • Well-built
  • Comes with a 3-9x40 scope
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger


  • Not as quiet as “whisper”
  • To load the bullets, you will need some effort
  • You many want to change the scope

Umarex Ruger Yukon Magnum Pellet Gun Air Rifle

The final product on our list is the Umarex Ruger Yukon Magnum Pellet Gun Air Rifle with a decent cocking action. This rifle has the most affordable price compared to other under 500 hunting rifles but it still can offer many useful features. This Gas-Piston rifle arrives in a modish and nice design without visible scratches on the metal parts. 

Moreover, it features a picatinny rail with the purpose of hassle-free and smooth scope counting. Although the front optic sight doesn’t have a protective hood, when it comes to the rear sight, the windage and elevation can be adjusted. 

On the other hand, the noise level of this rifle may not satisfy you since many reviews encountered loud shooting problems. Additionally, the heaviness of the trigger pull is another cons of this hunting rifle.


  • Nice design and finish
  • The picatinny rail for sturdy and hassle-free scope mounting
  • Windage and elevation regarding the rear sight can be adjusted
  • Good cocking action


  • Weighty trigger pull
  • The automatic safety is more for beginners
  • The shooting is not very quiet

Buying Guide: Tips To Choose Best Hunting Rifle Under 500

Do some research

best hunting rifle under 500

To opt for the optimal product, you should do some research by looking at the products’ reviews on the website or finding advice from your experienced friends and professionals. Or simply, just consider within a much narrower option in our article and sort out the most potential best hunting rifle under 500. For quick advice, just move to the conclusion section at the end of our review. 


The type of hunting rifle you should opt for depends on the type of cartridge you will use.

There is a misconception that cartridges of rifles only consist of bullets, but actually, apart from bullets at the cap, it is a case including gunpowder and primer. First you use the primer to burn the gunpowder, which as a result, drives the bullet down the gun barrel and shoots out toward the prey. The cartridge still remains behind , and relying on your type of rifle, the way you discharge the used cartridge will differ, either manually or automatically.

best hunting rifle under 500

In fact, the companies that make cartridges tend to label their product by bullet size and caliber. Occasionally, there's an additional number in the cartridge name that may be a bit confusing for you. With some models, the number indicates the length of the casing that stores the cartridge. Meanwhile, with black gunpowder cartridges, that number suggests the size of the powder ammunition. Specifically, the size means how much power the cartridge will apply to the bullet, which then refers to the speed and length of the bullet flight path. 

In terms of bullets, lighter bullets are likely to improve accuracy with short-distance shots, yet have meagre influence on far-off targets compared to weightier bullets. For small-scale huntings, .17 or .22 caliber bullet seems to be a reasonable option. The .24 or .45, together with powerful ammunition charge are more appropriate for bigger hunting games. Moreover, if you're hunting in an area under one hundred yard, you can go for a large range cartridge. Otherwise, the distance is larger, a Magnum cartridge is more suitable.

Traditional bolt-action rifle

There are 2 main kinds of rifle including single-shot rifle and repeating rifle. As its name suggests, with the single-shot rifle, you can trigger the rifle only on time, then you have to add more cartridges to the rifle. Meanwhile, the repeater has the ability to fire several times at once. 

best hunting rifle under 500

Rifles come with multiple actions which consists of pulling an used cartridge in the chamber out and replacing it with a fresh cartridge.

The reason why some hunters are more into single-shot rifles is that they adore their sleeker and more stylish design. Besides, the single-shot models have a classical vibe since they bear many similarities to the traditional rifle in history. However, hunters using this type of rifles also have to shoot accurately in one shot. 

Single-shot rifles come in various categories, namely, rolling-block rifles, trapdoor springfield, break-action rifles,... And the falling-block rifles seem to stand out. 

The case is similar in the repeating rifles. There are bolt-action, slide-action rifles, lever-action and automatic models. While the automatic model has a mechanism to remove and add more cartridges automatically, others need manual movement to change the cartridge. 

If this is your first weapon, it's more recommended that you choose the repeater. You will need more experience and improvement in hunting and gun skills before being able to manipulate the single-shot rifle. 


best hunting rifle under 500

Rifles come in a multitude of materials. The metal parts may be carbon steel or rustless steel. Carbon steel is likely to be cheaper, but the cons is it is easy to get rusted. On the contrary, rustless steel is different but it is more costly than its counterpart. If you clean and store your weapons thoroughly, you can go to the more affordable option. 

On the other hand, wood as well as fiberglass are the 2 most common materials to make the stock. Each material can affect the comfortability and heaviness of the rifle in different ways. Other materials such as walnuts are less popular since they are more pricey. Let's go for the product that offers great comfort when holding within your hands. 

Main users

best hunting rifle under 500

It's important to buy a suitable rifle for the person who will use it the most. Is your wanted rifle for yourself, your partners or for your kids?

When it comes to people with smaller heights, a shorter stock as well as a longer comb seem a decent choice. Also you would feel more comfy with a more portable and lightweight rifle. This is because smaller rifles have more felt recoil 

Weight and Length

If you're choosing best hunting rifle under 500 for your grandchildren, remember youngsters will grow up and get higher, and after 1 year, the rifle stock's height may no longer fit them. 

best hunting rifle under 500

The length and size of the rifle stock is an extremely important aspect to consider. The stock should be of proper length, which is not too long or too short. The majority of standard rifle stock is about 13.75''. Most manufacturers provide models for the teens with the dimension of 12.5 inches. You can also look for products with reflex sight for younger hunters. 

Contributing to the comfortability while holding the rifle is the weight of the rifle. If your rifle does give an awkward feel as you hold it, you should change your rifle for a better one. Hunting is an activity that needs time and focus, thus, an uncomfortable firearm will distract you from the game.

Easy to use

best hunting rifle under 500

An user-friendly best hunting rifle under 500 is something that doesn’t require you to bear in mind a variety of secure positions and other technical specifications. Choosing a product that you find easy to handle and stay with it consistently is also a good method to improve your gun skills. As a result, you are able to have faster, more precise and more secure shoots.


best hunting rifle under 500

What are some hunting guides for safety?

1. Safe positions: You should find a hunting position to get a clear view of the surrounding area. Also you had better wear some protective equipment while hunting. For example, most hunters choose a tree stand as a handy tool for hunting. Thus, it’s crucial to wear fall restraints or straps when you get on a tree stand that allows you to get back to the ground without getting hurt

2. Go hunting with your others: Find at least 1 companion to go hunting with you, and you two can look out for each other. This also reduces the possibility of getting lost in the forest as well as advances your hunting skill level. 

3. Wear orange clothes while hunting: This is incredibly important if you don’t want other hunters to mistake you for the prey. In fact, it’s estimated that most incidents occurring during the game is due to hunters not puttin on their orange vests or caps. Besides, if you go hunting in the evening, though it’s not recommended, you can use a flashlight to inform other hunters. 

4. Practice with your rifle safely: 

Point your rifle in the safe direction, like to the ground, not yourself or anyone. 

Don’t close the action, and only load more bullets as you really use the rifle. 

Only place your finger on the trigger once you’re ready to fire

best hunting rifle under 500

Do I need a rifle scope?

Apart from a good rifle, you also need a rifle scope that has a good quality. The accuracy of your shots can be enhanced by utilizing a mediocre rifle with an awesome rifle scope. Without a top-notch rifle scope, you are less likely to shoot at your targets, though you have the most high-end firearm on the market. 

Rifle scope comes in many models and sizes. By determining the shooting style and pattern you desire, it’s easier to find the ultimate scope. Specifically, you can give the same type of rifle scope for a target hunter and a deer shooting

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Hunting Rifle Under 500


Best hunting rifle under 500 for easy movement


Best hunting rifle under 500 for entry-level hunters 
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