Let’s Find Out The Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500 In 2021!

Do you love riding a hybrid bike but don’t have enough money to get one? It is hard to find the best hybrid bike for under 500 suitable for your needs. However, you can find your excellent hybrid bike from the top 17 best hybrid bikes for under 500 dollars from agernrestaurant.

Hybrid bicycles are the combination of standard street bicycles and off-road bicycles, taking the best pieces of the two sorts of bicycles to make a machine that is agreeable overall landscapes and surfaces.

In principle, a hybrid bike can handle any sort of climate effortlessly. Regardless of whether you're hoping to drive on the streets or go rough terrain, the half breed bicycles can handle them all. 


Best Hybrid Bike For Dual Sport Frame 

Best Hybrid Bike For Mountain Frame

Best Hybrid Bike For City Frame

Best Hybrid Bike For Comfortable Ride

Best Hybrid Bike For Lightweight

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Top 17 Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500 Reviews 2021

Schwinn GTX is our first best hybrid bike for under 500 that is fun and easygoing; however, it is not for long and difficult rides.

It features the entirety of that, and that's just the beginning, a genuine multi-sport that can deal with all of your trekking requirements.

This GTX bike highlights 21-speed shifters and a back derailleur for simple, exact stuff changes, a suspension fork to streamline the ride, and solid and light composite edges for dependability.

The front and back mechanical plate brakes give additional halting force, and the multi-utilize tires are perfect for on-street riding or rough terrain experiences.

What's more, similar to all Schwinn bicycles, this GTX model accompanies a restricted lifetime guarantee; however long you own the bicycle.


  • Sheerness
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort
  • Thickness


  • A bit too high seat
  • Some issues with the pedal

Schwinn Bonafied is famous for the best hybrid bike for under 500 on our list. It includes an aluminum mountain outline and an amazing suspension fork that absorbs knocks and pounds to provide you a fun, strong riding experience.

The 24 speeds trigger shifters, and front and back Shimano derailleurs make gear changes simple and smooth. Front and back mechanical plate brakes give fresh all condition halting out on the path.

Sturdy compound wrenches give consistent outfitting and less annoying upkeep. Prominent twofold divider composite edges are light and solid for added sturdiness.

This bike features 2.25 inches wide bumpy mountain tires that are prepared for rough landscape. These bicycle ships fit to be amassed. The wheels measure 29 inches.

It also includes an aluminum mountain outline and a ground-breaking Schwinn suspension fork that absorbs knocks and pounds to give you a fun, sturdy riding experience.

Front and back mechanical circle brakes give fresh all condition halting out on the path. Prominent twofold divider combination edges are light and solid for more strength.


  • For beginners
  • Sheerness
  • Simple to assemble


  • Cassette wobble

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 7-Speed is another best hybrid bike for under 500. With shiny chrome parts and an edge with a sparkling sheen, it resembles a smooth, present-day masterpiece.

This single-speed model is excellent for cruising around the area and nice rides on the level landscape. The 21 speeds model will help you tackle requesting road, trail, significant distance, and tough riding.

An exemplary half breed cruiser made for the greatest solace, and this EVRYjourney bicycle comes with a low focal point of gravity and foot-forward plan that can keep your back upstanding while at the same time keeping up legitimate leg expansion for ideal accelerating.

With looks made for the seashore and the pinion wheels to take you wherever else, this bike is prepared for anything from hitting the path at the beginning of the day to cruising the seashore at nightfall.

The advanced plunging aluminum outline is planned with foot-forward seat and pedal situating, permitting riders of fluctuating statues to stop and put feet level on the ground.

When at a full stop, you can remain over the seat and low diving outline for simple mounting and getting off. The wide whitewall semi-smooth tires provide a padded, stable ride for simple rolling.

This bicycle comes total with a back rack for use with discretionary panniers, bushels, and different embellishments, in addition to coordinating full bumpers to keep you shielded from downpour and garbage.

It likewise incorporates a double-spring seat and sewed grasps for enhanced solace. It is planned with solace, simplicity, and eye-getting style. It also provides moderate quality for a huge scope of riders.


  • Low swooping frame
  • Varying heights of alloy riders
  • For commuting
  • Simple to assemble


  • Malformed screw
  • Loose leather handle

No products found.

Schwinn Wayfarer displays a nostalgic interest in your metropolitan driving. To provide more esteem, it features a back rack and bumper to keep away from sprinkles of earth and mud. Moreover, it comes with a cover case for its back drivetrain.

This hybrid bike is a comfortable model made for individuals who don't need a cream blend of street and mountain trekking. This is, to a greater extent, a street bicycle. There is also a combo of useful and ergonomic highlights.

The brakes aren't the plate assortment, yet the draw brakes are as fresh and responsive as you would envision. It utilizes wheels implies it's very acceptable at offering solidness and control to its riders, as well.

This Schwinn model is the tender loving care for metropolitan riding. Nonetheless, the full-wrap bumpers help to keep you and the bicycle clean, paying little heed to the climate or conditions.

With a moderate plan, the straightforwardness is differentiated by the reflexive, clear tones. You probably won't get a similar presentation out of this bicycle from a half breed viewpoint, yet you will discover city-riding far less issue.

The compound brakes of this bicycle function admirably, regardless of whether it's not as solid as pressure-driven plate brakes. In the interim, its seven stuff mixes are profoundly practical when you are following on different territories.


  • Tough and light
  • Promptly accessible back stockpiling compartment
  • Smooth and strong wheel edges and elastic tires
  • Composite stopping mechanisms


  • Pedals aren't solid enough

Another best hybrid bike for under 500 comes to this 700c Royce is a mixture bicycle you can't overlook. The tough, lightweight aluminum outline is simple to deal with and will never rust.

Premium, luxuriously cushioned seat, with double springs, is ergonomically intended for genuine solace. The good pedals keep a responsive vibe regardless of how long you ride.

The front suspension fork conveys strong execution, and the slight-ascent handlebar empowers an upstanding stance for a more agreeable ride. The total drivetrain empowers consistent changes between gears.

Lightweight amalgam straight force brakes with machined combination wheel edges empower brake cushion contact that conveys smooth halting force. The off-road track improves moving energy for less opposition among you and your objective.


  • Richly padded saddle
  • Lightweight
  • Solid


  • Not for bigger riders

No products found.

Schwinn 700c highlights a sturdy steel outline that can deal with an assortment of rides, from around the area to bicycle way outings.

The paces with curve shifters and back derailleur make it simple to adjust to your territory with fast, exact changes.

The front circle and back V-brake convey prevalent halting force in all conditions, while compound edges with double game tires give you the strength and hold you need.

The front plate and back V-brake convey predominant halting force. Amalgam edges with double game tires are ideal for asphalt and bicycle ways.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Dual sport tires
  • Rear V-brake


  • The seat is not durable enough

No products found.

Hiland Road comes with steel outlines with higher strength. The round steel tube provides this best hybrid bike for under 500 with a retro stylish.

The six speeds stuff can be utilized to ride serenely in the city. The wheels provide the rapid experience of a street bicycle.

This bike is intended for adaptability and execution that gives you an agreeable, moderate bicycle for riding. The plan and straightforward style give you an alternate new experience.

Bicycles are close to home machines, and each bicycle fits an alternate requirement for an alternate kind of rider.


  • Comfortable
  • High-speed
  • Simple to assemble


  • Brake issues

No products found.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 is designed principally for the street and metropolitan conditions as opposed to valid rough terrain utilization. In any case, it doesn't come with any nibble or coarseness and assurance.

The tires are combined with twofold divider composites, making them bigger than a commonplace street bicycle. Thus, this Vilano will fly through sloppy, park tracks or up a sizable slope.

Also, there is a ton of control for the rider because of the circle brakes and hydroformed amalgam outline. Along these lines, there is no compelling reason to worry about getting a move on and not having the option to stop.

The mix of touchy brakes and the solid edge will keep you free from any and all harm. In a metropolitan scene, the Vilano makes its mark as the derailleurs incorporated shifters let you experience the cogwheels easily.

Despite the fact that it probably won't have the option to deal with the afflictions of genuine going romping, it is professional and holds up in many conditions. Subsequently, there's no uncertainty about crossover bicycles for the cash.

On the off chance that you need to make an unexpected or continuous stop, its mechanical plate brake won't bomb you. There is a strong slowing down component, and the brake switch at the handlebar works productively.


  • Great quality shifters and derailleurs
  • A smooth and simple moving
  • Great gnawing hold on rough terrain and solid territories
  • Solid halting power


  • You need help with amassing this bicycle

No products found.

Giordano RS700 features the privilege Shimano shifters, derailleurs, and drivetrain to find a street bicycle's rapid exhibition.

Moreover, its outline is adequately light to help you go quicker for metropolitan and rough terrain visiting.

Its level handlebar underpins the smooth guiding at whatever point you turn over different street surfaces, making it the best hybrid bike for under 500.

The exact progress starts with one stuff mix, then onto the guarantees you are in the correct speed setting to the consistent cross-city and open country.


  • Stunning, energetic appearance
  • Exact stuff moving and a strong drivetrain
  • Smooth-moving wheels, quicker quickening


  • The seat isn't good enough as you need to upgrade it

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Schwinn Siro comes with a noteworthy element that helps your certainty when following on unpleasant and cleared surfaces. Its front fork suspension is amazingly viable in lessening pressure and stuns along your way.

Very little apparently, as the two of them have a movable front stem in the edge for simple arrangements and thick tires. This Siro model is equipped for performing on unpaved surfaces as cleared ones.

This best hybrid bike for under 500 utilizes a front fork safeguard and spring seat post. Therefore, the ride of this Schwinn model is less uneven and unsteady when rough terrain.

The derailleurs are exact and smooth in changing one gear blend to another. With its intense elastic tires, you can depend on its foothold and grasp on wet and sloppy surfaces.


  • For the city and rough terrain trails
  • Proficient controlling and slowing down execution
  • Lightweight and stable casing


  • Collecting its parts takes quite a while

Diamondback Edgewood breaks the standard of getting an incredible bicycle at a significant expense. It provides you an agreeable ride as it comes with twofold cushioning on its seat and the front fork suspension.

As far as footing, you will have better certainty in light of its bumpy and rough tires. There are bigger track blocks on the sides and a full surface zone in the middle rib. Besides, the drivetrain is strong and trustworthy enough to help your speed change.


  • Intense and appealing casing
  • Level handlebars are smooth to change
  • Padded seat and movable seat post
  • Keeps up upstanding position and great vision for guiding


  • Pedals are feeble

No products found.

Retrospec Barron comes with nimble designing and details that can meet your requesting day by day driving and wellness work out.

Its zoom front fork suspension is profoundly responsive and sturdy to handle smooth and unpleasant landscapes, making it the best hybrid bike for under 500.

In the event that solace is your anxiety, at that point, its seat has a twofold layer of cushioning to pad your butt and lower back. Then, its rubber treated hold handle has balanced examples that upgrade your grasp.

The tires and drivetrain profoundly make you feel the productivity of your ride in and out of town or in the open country. In general, this is a magnificent bicycle for your overall driving and wellness routine.


  • Lightweight and quick
  • Strong and responsive slowing mechanism
  • Agreeable cushioned seat
  • Hostile to slip hold handle
  • Smooth plan


  • Pedals are feeble yet can be supplanted with a superior one

No products found.

Our next best hybrid bike for under 500 is this wonderful Raleigh Cadent 2. Its mechanical plate brakes function admirably in assisting you with making a fast and continuous stop.

Moreover, this hybrid bike from Raleigh comes equipped with wheel edges and elastic track plans to ensure a forceful grasp on dry and wet surfaces.

This bike also utilizes fair Shimano derailleurs and shifters to encourage consistent progress from high to low stuff mixes.

In like manner, its wheel edges and edge are exceptionally versatile to common components and obtuse power. The issue with this model will be its shaky pedals.


  • Strong and precise drivetrain
  • Heavenly and reliable halting force
  • The lightweight casing and simple moving


  • Shaky pedals

No products found.

Populo Fusion 2.0 is another best hybrid bike for under 500 in the event that you are searching for a solid 24 speeds mixture bicycle.

There is trust in this model as it utilizes drivetrain, shifters, and back derailleur to precisely move starting with one-speed setting then onto the next.

Its mechanical brakes are powerful and responsive, with even a slight exertion of your finger. Other than that, its seat and grasp handle stand out for solace and reliability.


  • Durable and light for simple moving
  • Effective and powerful drivetrain and slowing mechanism
  • Strong and bumpy tires


  • None

No products found.

In case you are a devotee of nostalgic plans, at that point, the exemplary allure of this Nadine SE 7-Speed bicycle can fit you.

It is a treated steel surface on the handlebar, while different pieces of the casing are painted light blue. The seat and hold handle is protected with tan-earthy colored cowhide.

You can easily ride on this bicycle because of its progression through the edge. You can likewise see that it has a back rack and bumpers for a more comprehensive path.

This best hybrid bike for under 500 features shifters and stuff that set functions admirably in assisting you with getting the correct speed setting as the need emerges.

Its compound brakes at the front and back tires give solid halting power. Further, its wheel edges have great strength and opposition against erosion and marks.


  • A lightweight edge
  • Sturdy pinions, shifters, and back derailleur
  • Productive stuff moving
  • Solid slowing down power


  • Shaky pedals

No products found.

Hiland Aluminum Hybrid Fitness is the next best hybrid bike for under 500 that are quite flimsy and produced for less testing territory. It merits bringing up the thickness of the wheels. The aluminum outline makes it more adaptable and open to during a ride.

Moreover, the drivetrain is greater as it features a gear move, and the thumb hold implies exchanging while, at the same time, riding is simple. In this way, slopes shouldn't be an issue.

The brakes are made to work in any condition to give unrivaled wellbeing, and they don't baffle. It's down to the way that the plate brakes provide you more control and excellent reaction.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Brake issues

No products found.

Vilano Diverse 2.0 comes with a lively and vigorous allure that can coordinate your wellness schedule. In case you need comfort, it features a twofold pad in its seat.

Regardless of having zero suspension, its elastic tires and seat are fit for facilitating stuns and pressure.

You can guarantee extraordinary controlling, notwithstanding the rough territory due to its level handlebar and tough tires.

Besides, its outline is sufficiently steady to help you acquire control in whatever territory, making it the best hybrid bike for under 500.


  • The amassing cycle is straightforward
  • Consistent move
  • Simple to fix and keep up


  • It doesn’t feature a kickstand
  • Pedals aren’t strong enough

Things You Should Know To Get The Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500

Casing Materials

Before buying a hybrid bike, you need to consider the casing materials. Treated steel is the least expensive decision with extraordinary strength against outer power and dampness.

Interestingly, the most costly edge material is carbon fiber. It is lighter than aluminum with comparable strength as tempered steel.

In the interim, a lighter and more reasonable decision is an aluminum bicycle outline. It fills in as a halfway among steel and carbon fiber.

Crossbreed bicycles typically come in steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber outlines. In any case, most bicycles come in the aluminum outline since it is less expensive.

Then again, carbon outlines are lighter when contrasted with aluminum and more grounded when you contrast them with steel.

In any case, carbon fiber is costly when contrasted with different metals. While steel is sturdier than aluminum, it is heavier.

Along these lines, pick a bicycle that accompanies your material of decision, yet in this classification, it is elusive a bicycle that accompanies a carbon steel development.


Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500

This sort has a brake rotor appended to the wheel center point of your bicycle tires. There are two subtypes of circle slows down, that is, water-powered and mechanical plate brakes.

Mechanical plate brakes require a manual change of their brake cushions. It is more efficient and smoother to keep up than water-powered plate brakes. Its slowing down consistency and strength are a couple of steps lower than a water-powered circle.

Water driven plate brakes give a more solid and more powerful halting power even on the muddiest rough terrain landscape. It has a profoundly responsive brake switch, where a little finger power can deliver solid brake power.

As a rule, crossover bicycles come fitted with two brake types: circle brakes and edge brakes. While edge brakes are anything but difficult to utilize and affordable, they neglect to offer enough halting force and control you need to stop a bicycle securely.

Then again, plate brakes offer enough force, as are the better alternatives. The plate brakes come in two sorts, mechanical and pressure-driven. You control mechanical brakes physically while water-driven brakes are programmed. 


Before you purchase a half and half bicycle, it is acceptable to require some investment and analyze the distance between the seat and the handlebars.

The further the seat is beneath the handlebar, the better since it improves comfort. Then again, in the event that is anticipating a streamlined position, at that point, you need a bicycle whose seat is higher than the handlebars.

There are different shapes for the handlebars introduced in a mixture sports bicycle. These diverse handlebar shapes incorporate a level bar, riser bar, drop bar, and mustache bar.

Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500

On the off chance that you are slanted to quicker rides, at that point, a drop bar would fit you. It has a streamlined presentation like street bicycles.

In view of that, consistently set aside an effort to check the handle-bars position contingent upon the seat position to ensure you pick the one that suits you best.

Also, you would not have any desire to get a bicycle that will get you tired in the wake of riding only a couple of kilometers. Likewise, if handlebars an all-around situated, your shoulders and back are protected from harm.

Level and riser bars are useful for giving you an upstanding situation in utilizing your mixture bicycles. You can expect lesser tension on your lower back while acquiring the greatest vision in your ride.

The mustache handlebar is a mixture between a drop bar and a level bar. It actually has a drop-down shape yet very little with the drop bar. This handlebar type permits greater adaptability for your grasp and control.


Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500

For most events, half breed bicycle tires have a uniform track plan with medium-sized track blocks. It is deliberately intended to give the most extreme footing to both rough terrains and cleared street surfaces.

The wheel is the one that comes into contact with the surface; thus, you need to ensure you get the correct one.

The number of cogwheels ought to rely upon where you wish to ride. In the event that is anticipating riding in the mountains, at that point, gears should you get as much as possible.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you wish to drive to work or out and about, at that point, you do have to get such countless cogwheels.

Drivetrain and Stuff Setting

You figure for the absolute stuff or speed blend of your half and half bicycle by duplicating its front sprockets with its back tapes.

On the off chance that you have a 24-speed mixture bicycle, at that point, it has three front sprockets and eight back tapes. The commonplace scope of stuff blends for half and half bicycles is between 18 to 27 speeds.

Besides, you need to keep an eye on its thumb shifters, derailleurs, and the whole drivetrain component. The crankset and pedals should be adequately strong to withstand extraordinary power and strain. 

Bicycle suspension

Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500

Commonly, most bicycles have a hardtail suspension, while a couple has a double suspension. In the interim, those less expensive choices may have no suspension by any means.

The front or back fork suspension of a bicycle lessens the stuns as you turn over harsh and rough territories. It is basic to keep your path or to drive serenely and securely.

On the off chance that is needing a half and half bicycle that accompanies suspensions, all you require is to ensure you purchase the one that accompanies the suspensions since they are accessible.

Notwithstanding, it is acceptable to remember that a bicycle that accompanies no suspension is lighter and simpler to ride. You may pick a half breed bicycle with front suspension is anticipating retaining the effect on the front wheels.

Suspensions are incredible highlights to consider, particularly when anticipating riding on harsh territories, for example, bumpy or rough surfaces.


As you purchase a half and half bicycle, it is acceptable to ensure that the bicycle accompanies an agreeable seat. A superior seat is the one that accompanies delicate padding to ensure you are agreeable when riding for significant distances.


Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500

On the off chance that you are getting things done or, in any event, driving to chip away on a stormy day, bumpers are among the best embellishments that your bicycle can have.

The explanation is that bumpers are there to keep grime and street puddles from sprinkling towards you. Additionally, you would not need your uniform or office clothing types to get grimy even before you get to your objective.

In the event that you love conveying your companions on the back, the person will like the bumpers since they will keep their garments perfect and dry.

Nonetheless, you need to take note that bumpers are discretionary, thus during the bright season, you can eliminate them to remove some weight from the bicycle.

Load racks

Load racks are ideal for ordinary rides to the basic food item or when heading out to work, and you need to convey a bag with you. On the off chance that you love conveying additional payload, at that point, you need this element.

Notwithstanding, observe that most of the crossbreed bicycles need you to purchase additional panniers sacks to securely convey your stuff. Along these lines, contingent upon your riding needs, you can conclude if to get the one with racks.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Our Best Choice-Schwinn GTX 2.0

Schwinn GTX is our best hybrid bike for under 500. It features a genuine multi-sport. It highlights a suspension fork to streamline the ride and solid and light composite edges for dependability. It also accompanies a restricted lifetime guarantee.

There are various hybrid bikes for you to consider. However, you need to consider the casing materials, seat, handlebar, wheel, and other features before buying one. We are sure you will find the best hybrid bike for under 500 after reading this article.

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