Top 15 Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water 2020 – Hard Water Problems Solved

Living in a hard-water area might be inconvenient as it affects your skin, your hair, and even the dishes and laundry. Having high minerals, hard water makes it difficult for you to rinse off soap when cleaning, and also cause corrosion. Using a water softener may be the right solution; however, it won’t last long. Therefore, you may need the best kitchen faucets for hard water.

Not only does a kitchen faucet solve the problem of pesky "hard" minerals, but it is also convenient for you as it acts like a regular water tap. Here I introduce you top 15 best kitchen faucets for hard water. Keep reading on, and you may come up with perfect solutions for your home.

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 15 Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water Reviews 2020

Delta Cassidy - Best Durable

If you are looking for a long-lasting product, here it is. The outstanding benefit of this item is its lifespan is as twice as that of a standard product. This item also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If the price is not your matter, you may want to choose this faucet.

When you use a kitchen faucet for a long time, it will dangle gradually. But for Delta Cassidy, it has a solid magnet snapping your sprayer and keeping it docking. 

Another benefit is anti-leaking technology. This product comes with patented DIAMOND Seal Technology, which helps to decrease the leak points and keep your faucet leak-free throughout its life.

If you don’t want to get in trouble with complex assemblies, Delta Cassidy might be your product of choice. It is easy to install due to its diverse designs for single-hole or 3-hole, 8-inches configurations. If you want to install with the 3-hole model, you need to buy a deck plate separately. Also, InnoFlex PEX supply lines, which helps to decrease the leak points of the faucet, are in the box when you order. However, the instruction manual doesn’t seem to be detailed.

The convenience of Delta Cassidy is easy to clean. You don’t have to waste a lot of time to scrub and soak calcium and lime build-up anymore. With its Touch-Clean function, you can just simply touch and let the faucet do its work. 

This item also comes with various finish options for you to choose from. There are Chrome, Arctic Stainless, Champagne Bronze, Polished Nickel, and Venetian Bronze. You can pick one kind which is suitable for your kitchen decoration.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Durable

  • Leak-free

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to cleaning

  • Various finish options

Kraus Oletto - Best Premium Look

This item is a brilliant choice if you prefer a premium look. Kraus faucet comes with a curved design and a stainless steel finish, which does not only look luxurious but also durable. Its design is easy to fit with any kitchen, so it’s my favorite when remodeling my house. Also, this faucet has a spot-free finish which helps it to look bright by preventing water spots and fingerprints.

Another benefit of this faucet is its long lifespan. Coming with heavy-duty lead-free materials and a high-quality ceramic valve, this Kraus faucet can last for a longer time compared to other products. Also, you still get a lifetime warranty for it. However, this faucet doesn’t have a magnetic docking system in place.

This item is also flexible and easy to use with the reach pull-down technology. It can easily flex, pivot, and reach around your sink. No need to worry about water splashes anymore. Also, this faucet has double-sprayers, one is an aerated low power setting for rinsing and one is an extremely strong spray for cleaning.

A bonus point I love about this Kraus faucet is that it is easy to clean. Possible deposits from hard water could build up in your spray head and the spray holes on your faucet. Don’t worry, you can just clean it gently by hand because the spray head is in silicon and rubber, which makes it easier to clean.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Premium look

  • Spot-free finish, easy to clean

  • High-quality materials

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Reach pull-down technology and double-sprayer

Kraus Modern Oletto - Best Water-Saving

This is a modern version of the Oletto faucet from the Kraus brand. Compared to the previous version, this faucet improves its functionality by adjusting various technical advancements.

First, this modern model comes with a stainless steel appearance and a ceramic cartridge, which make it more long-lasting. Also, it can save water by using a Neoperl aerator. Moreover, this faucet is durable and prevents hard water due to its rubber nozzles.

Second, the pull-down spray head is more simple and easy to use, especially the handle. As the latest version, this faucet comes with two sprayers: aerated stream and spray. For this modern model, it is easier to switch between those two modes. Also, the swivel adapters are more flexible and provide a perfect range of motion.

Besides, the faucet has a mounting assembly for easily installing the top mount. Therefore, it allows you to install the faucet from above the counter or on the wall. You don’t need to secure the faucet underneath the sink anymore. However, the height of the arc is a bit shorter than the other faucets. Also, it’s hard to switch on and off this faucet because there are no sensors.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • High-quality materials, durable

  • Water-saving

  • A convenient pull-down spray head

  • Easy to switch between two sprayers

  • Easy to install for top mount installation

KOHLER Artifacts - Best Flexible

The impressive functionality of this faucet is the diverse design, including the low arch, pot filler, pull-down, smart, touchless. You can conveniently choose what type of design best suitable for your kitchen.

Apart from the flexibility, this faucet comes with a pull-down sprayer and two spray settings. It also offers two modes of the spray: a soft stream for washing food and the powerful one for more heavy cleaning. However, when using the powerful spray, it may create splashback.

Another benefit of this item is easy to use. With its magnetic docking system, you can install it anywhere without worrying about dropping over time. Also, it contains high-quality materials, which allow this faucet to last at least ten years by preventing corrosive properties.

It is also space-saving due to its curved design. Here you can have more space to wash your big pots.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Various design

  • Pull-down sprayer, two-spray setting

  • Magnetic docking system

  • High-quality materials

  • Space-saving

Kraus Nola - Best Simple

This is one of the most simple designs among the best kitchen faucets for hard water. This item can suit any kind of kitchen, from classic to modern. This faucet is durable because of its high-quality materials, though it is quite expensive.

This Kraus Nola item offers mounting hardware and an optional deck plate. You can use it for easier and quicker installation.

Its single-lever handle provides convenience for adjusting temperature and water flow. Also, by adding a double spring, it offers more reinforcement for the spray head.

Besides, there are two functionalities which are aerated stream and spray. You can easily switch between them. By using the aerator mode, you can save more water and also save money for your utility bills. However, its flow is quite low compared to other types of faucets.

As one of the best kitchen faucets for hard water, it has soft rubber nozzles, which can prevent chemicals and deposit from hard water to build up. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • High-quality materials, durable

  • Simple design

  • Easy installation and cleaning

  • Easy to adjust temperature and flow

  • Water-saving

Delta Signature - Best Standard

If you are looking for premier and best kitchen faucets for hard water, Delta Signature might be your product of choice. Though it’s a bit pricey, as they say: “You get what you pay for”.

First, this faucet lasts two times longer than the industry standard. Also, there is a guarantee that it will be leak-free throughout its lifetime. Moreover, you can get a lifetime warranty when purchasing this product.

It is also convenient to install with various options for any kind of kitchen facility. It includes single-hole or 3-hole, 8-inches configurations. The assembly process is easier because every essential tool will be in one box. 

Besides, you can easily and quickly clean this faucet with its Touch-Clean spray holes. Wipe away calcium and hard water properties just by touching. No need to scrub or use chemical cleaners.

Another useful feature of this faucet is flexibility. Its swivels are 120 degrees with a 20-inch retractable hose. Moreover, there are two spray settings for you including the aerated stream and the powerful one.

Despite those good features, you can expect that sometimes it might be hard to regulate the water temperature.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Durable

  • Leak-free

  • Easy to install

  • Easy cleaning

  • Flexibility

VAPSINT Modern - Best Price

A low-budget faucet doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. This VAPSINT is the evidence. Not only you can save your money but also enjoy the various functionalities of the best kitchen faucets for hard water.

This item is a kind of fixed faucet, which means you can’t adjust its motion. However, it’s still a good product since limited motion can protect your faucet from accidentally drop. Therefore, it still can be durable.

About the reach, don’t worry because it’s not a pull-down mechanism. The arc and the reach of this faucet are pretty high with up to 7.5 inches. Thus, it prevents water splash when cleaning.

This VAPSINT faucet comes with a ceramic disk valve, which reduces the probability of dropping over time. Other bonus points are a sturdy brass construction and brushed nickel finish, which can boost its lifetime.

Another benefit when you purchase this item is convenient. It takes a small window of time to install and also easy to use, especially controlling water temperature. However, a minus point is a heavy material, so you may find it a bit heavy.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Very cheap

  • Durable

  • High arc and reach

  • Easy to install and use

Kraus Crespo - Best Classic Design

My first impression of this faucet is its very unique design. Researching more about this item, I would tell you that its functionalities are also special.

This faucet comes with metal materials, which are more durable though it’s a bit heavy. It’s also easy to install because of its top mount installation.

At the first glance, it may look like a fixed-design spout. However, it comes with a swivel spout that can swing 360 degrees around your sink.

Another benefit of this faucet is easy to clean thanks to its rubber nozzles. They can prevent properties and chemicals from hard water, making them harder to build up.

Also, you could enjoy its convenience because this product has a splash-free single lever. You can control water easier and prevent your kitchen from being messy. However, there is no spray feature, so you don’t get many kinds of cleansing.

If those reasons are not enough, the good point is you will get a lifetime warranty for this product. Enjoy using a unique and high-quality kitchen faucet without worry about additional fees.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Unique design

  • Durable

  • Easy to install

  • Swivel spout

  • Easy to clean

  • Splash-free

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Moen Arbor Motionsense - Best Premier

This is another product for anyone who wants to upgrade their kitchen. Not only does it look luxurious but its functionalities are also premium. You also get a lifetime warranty when purchasing this item.

The outstanding benefit is spot-resistant. Coming with a stainless finish, this faucet prevents fingerprints and water spots for a clean and bright looking.

Also, this kitchen faucet would easily suit for any kind of kitchen thanks to its flexible design. You can install it through 1 or 3 holes.

Moreover, this Moen faucet has two sensors, which are easier and more convenient to adjust the water flow. It also has a flexible system with smooth operation. Those features allow the faucet to easily move and secure it from dropping over time.

If you are going to purchase this Moen faucet, you should notice its power clean spray technology. It offers an extra 50 percent of spray power compared to other products.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Spot-resistant design

  • Flexible for installation

  • Motions sensors for touchless convenience

  • Power spray technology

American Colony - Best American Favorite

This is one of the best kitchen faucets for hard water and one of the top favorite products from American consumers. If you are curious why it receives so much positive feedback, keep reading my reviews and I will tell you about its strengths and weaknesses.

This faucet offers three attractive colors: polished chrome, stainless steel, and matte black. Besides, it has two types of designs: classic and slim. You can choose freely to suit your kitchen decoration. If you don’t want to struggle with installation, this item might be your favorite.

The second benefit is the convenience it brings to. This faucet has a common pull-down spray and adjustable spray pattern, which makes it easier for you to control. However, the nozzle lacks a magnet, so it creates the feeling of loosely and sloppily.

Also, its brass swivel spout is not only durable but also lets you monitor the water flow easily. Comes with a metal lever handle, it can last for very long.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Durable

  • Affordable

  • Various design options

  • Easy to control water flow

  • Easy installation

Delta Leland - Best Reviews

If you want the best kitchen faucet for hard water with both modern functionality and traditional design, you would fall in love with this item. This Delta Leland faucet would never be out of fashion. Also, like other Delta faucets, it lasts two times longer than the industry standard.

There are three styles for you to choose from: standard, touch2O, and voiceIQ. This faucet also offers four types of finishes: chrome, venetian bronze, arctic stainless, and spotshield stainless. Not only would they decorate your kitchen perfectly but they are also durable.

Another useful feature of this faucet is an easy installation thanks to its single-piece supply line. There is also a diamond seal valve for maintaining the performance of this faucet. Besides, the Duramount mounting technology helps to prevent water from leaking.

Comes with a pull-down design, however, you don’t have to worry about its durability. The magnetite docking allows the spray head to be in place when not in use. In addition, this faucet is quite durable because it has a Touch-clean function, which helps to prevent chemicals and deposits from hard water. However, the retractable hose may bind over time, therefore this faucet will be harder to pull down.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Reduce the probability of leaking

  • Durable

  • Easy installation

  • Easy to clean and prevent hard water issues

KOHLER Simplice - Best Various Design

This KOHLER faucet has a simple look but comes in various styles: bar faucet, high arch, low arch, semi-professional, touchless. When I read about those styles, I thought that KOHLER products are enough to use throughout my life.

Apart from various designs, this faucet is a pull-down model, which allows you to monitor the water with one hand. Its arc is high enough to prevent water splashes from the sink.

There are three-function spray heads including the stream, boost, and sweep spray. By using a suitable type of function, you can save water and optimize your cleaning. With boost technology, it increases the water flow by 30 percent. For sweep spray, its angled nozzles can create a powerful flow to clean your dishes and also your sink. However, the pause button doesn’t work well.

This product is also easy to install. The good news is that the hose and spray head are already together. Also, the supply lines are flexible with 1 or 3 holes to install with escutcheon or deck plate.

If you feel annoyed when the normal faucet drops over time, let KOHLER solve your problem. Its magnetic docking will lock securely the spray head into its place and keep it from dripping.

The outstanding point which makes KOHLER one of the best kitchen faucets for hard water is durability. It comes with ceramic disc valves which help to extend the life of the facet. Also, the materials are anti-corrosion and tarnish resistant. If you do not please yet, this product offers you a lifetime warranty.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Various styles

  • Three function spray head

  • Easy installation

  • Durable

  • Lifetime warranty

Aimadi Commercial - Best Unique Design

This item is suitable for people who are looking to create a highlight in their kitchen. The multiple taps with torsion springs are what make this item look so unique.

In addition, it has extra flexibility and durability with a solid brass body and lead-free brass. This faucet comes with ceramic disc valves which help to extend its longevity and performance.

With a single handle, it is easy for you to adjust hot and cold water. The spout can rotate around your sink at 360 degrees. It also provides two-stream ways for optimal cleaning and saving water. However, the spout is not so high, therefore it might be a bit difficult when cleaning big pots. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Unique design

  • Flexibility and durability

  • Easy to adjust the hot and cold water

AguaStella Matte - Best User-Friendly

If you prefer an easy-to-use kitchen appliance, you may want to read more about this kitchen faucet.

It comes in two simple styles including brushed nickel and matte black. Overall, it has clean lines and has a high arc. But its functionalities are more than that. There are three sprayer functions: spray, stream, and stop for you to conveniently clean. However, the water flow might be too weak.

Its spout swivels can rotate 360 degrees for complete sink access. With an 18-inch hose, it prevents water splashes for easy use.

This product is also easy for installation. The motion hose and connecting hoses are pre-installed. Therefore, you can also set it up within 10 minutes.

If you are tired of cleaning, don’t worry. This AguaStella anti-corrosion and stain-resistant finish will prevent buildup from hard water.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • User-friendly

  • Complete sink access

  • Easy installation

  • Easy cleaning

WEWE Single Handle - Best Multifunction

There is one interesting fact about this faucet: it has a design of a tulip flower. Therefore, it brings the simplicity and the freshness of nature to your kitchen.

Apart from this impressive design, it has multifunctional outlet water effects. There are three spray settings: spray, stream, and pause. Specifically, you can choose spray mode for rinsing, stream mode for filling water, and pause mode for preventing water splashing when you are busy with other tasks. However, if you use it for a long time, the flow rate is a bit harder to control.

There are three easy things about this faucet: easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. First, the pull-down hose and water line are pre-installed, so you can save a lot of time when installing. Just 30 minutes and everything is done!

This faucet is easy to control the temperature and flow of water with a single handle. Its high arc with 360-degree swivel spout allows complete access to the sink.

This product is also corrosion-free and rust-resistant, which makes maintenance easier. 

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Impressive design

  • Multifunctional outlet water effects

  • Easy to install, cleaning, and maintenance

How To Choose And Buy Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

Hard Water Problems - Why Should You Choose Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

best kitchen faucets for hard water

If you live in hard water areas, this is a must to have water softener products, unless hard water would threaten your health. Though the hardness of water might vary, and not all of the hard water is extremely harmful, you still need to consider some issues below.

First, hard water tastes worse than soft water. Even if you don’t drink this water, it still can affect the taste of your food. You never want the water to ruin your dinner, right?

Second, hard water also can impact your appearance. It makes your hair and skin look dry and harsh. Then, you have to waste a lot of money on moisturizers and hair conditioners.

Besides, hard water destroys your appliance. As hard water contains high minerals and deposits, eventually, it makes your kitchen sink look dirty and stained. You can never clean those stains by normally scrubbing sinks, though it takes your time and energy.

Moreover, in case you live in a hard water area for years, you would probably need to call a service to solve the problem of the residue. The deposits in hard water will build up to a point, and later it could clog in water lines, affecting the health of you and your family. You don’t want to consume water which contains lots of deposits over the years, do you?

Those are common problems of living in a hard water area. If you don’t want to lose too much money on repair service, or feel inconvenient because of those problems, or take care of your health, you should build a water softener tool. Keep reading the sections below and I will tell you why using kitchen faucets for hard water is the right choice.

General Buying Guide - How To Choose Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

best kitchen faucets for hard water

I assume that you are a person who cares about family and house, as you are searching for information about kitchen faucets for hard water! Whether you want to finish decorating your home or look for remodeling your kitchen, you need to pay attention to kitchen faucets. 

Though it seems a tiny appliance in your house, kitchen faucets are essential daily tools- you will never realize how important they are until deposits from hard water block your water tap! While a good choice could solve tons of problems, the wrong choice costs you money, time, and inconvenience.

Don’t worry, I will help you with my experience and knowledge as a kitchen lover. Here are my suggestions when choosing the best kitchen faucets for hard water.


I put this criterion on the top of the list as it is a very practical thing to consider. The low price doesn’t mean the product is not good. As a consumer, we all want to make the most out of our budget. So, the priority is whether this kitchen faucet is suitable for your needs and your financial plan. You can research on the Internet or the website of a brand. If it’s way too much information, just come to a shop and let the professionals know what you want.

best kitchen faucets for hard water


As kitchen faucets are items that could last very long, most well-known brands provide a lifelong warranty. Do check with the seller to make sure that you could benefit from the warranty!

Your Existing Kitchen Gadgets

You will need to install and use kitchen faucets for a long time, so make sure that they go well with other kitchen fixtures. Not only just the style, shape but only the type of kitchen faucets. 

If you prefer a nice looking kitchen, you may want to pay attention to the style of kitchen faucets. They should fit and complement your kitchen’s existing appliances, especially those who are on the countertop. 

Also, you need to know how large is your kitchen, how big is your sink, and most importantly, the size of existing hoses


The best kitchen faucets for hard water should last ten years or longer. As I discussed earlier, your kitchen faucets must contain good materials, therefore, they can cope with hard water problems. Otherwise, you will soon have to pay for a replacing faucet and also the utility bills. Reading more reviews and referring to the instructions on the product for more information about the lifespan of the product are good ways to make sure that these items are worthy.

best kitchen faucets for hard water

Health Standards

Hard water contains tons of chemicals that easily causes corrosion for the kitchen faucet. Eventually, when those chemicals build up to a point and combine with water, it will lead to serious health problems both in the short-term and long-term. You don’t want to get the disease just by using water, do you?

Therefore, when choosing kitchen faucets, you should consider items that do not corrode easily. By doing this, not only will you save money for repairs and bills, but also reduce the harmful effects of hard water just by wisely choosing good kitchen faucets. 

Easy Cleaning

Having corrosion is unavoidable; however, if you clean your kitchen faucets frequently, the corrosion won’t get a chance to exist. Apart from the anti-corrosion and anti-tarnishes, kitchen faucets must be easy to clean to make sure that you won't suffer from toxic deposits. Also, cleaning extends the durability of your faucets, making it worth it.

Easy Installation

best kitchen faucets for hard water

Again, your choice is up to you. However, for the economical benefit, I would recommend choosing kitchen faucets which are easy to install, so you don't have to hire a professional. You may think that a professional will ensure your kitchen works well, but not really. The faucets only need to connect to the water hoses, which you can simply assemble like a game set. Setting up yourself also makes it easy when it comes to repairing or replacing. You know how to deal with those simple technicals, that’s a bonus point.

Easy Repair And Replacement

After a very very long time, it must have some tiny issues. If you choose simple kitchen faucets at the beginning, you won’t have to call a service or worry about water problems later. Save your money, save your time!


This is important if you prefer a simple and economical kitchen design. When you can’t find the same product of the same brand, you may need to change to other brands. To reduce additional costs, choose the simple faucets which can easily fit with other brands. Also, your faucets should be a flexible model so it can fit anywhere in your lovely kitchen. 

Easy Using And Controlling Water

best kitchen faucets for hard water

Here is the most important thing: you need kitchen faucets which help you to solve hard water problems, not what brings you to struggle to use them. Best kitchen faucets for hard water need to be easy to use and easy to control the water. Those factors will help you to minimize water wastage and even save you utility bills. Otherwise, the complex faucets will make you frustrated to control and result in a waste of water.

Ideally, the best kitchen faucets should allow water to flow at high pressure with minimum splashes.

Extra Functions

If you are minimalist and want a simple gadget but multiple functions, you should pay attention to this when buying kitchen faucets. I used to think that every kitchen faucet is the same: they just close and open the valve and let water flow. I realized that I was wrong when I bought my recent faucets, and I love them and keep using them now. 

You should choose kitchen faucets which allow you to use different functionalities. For example, the faucets are adjustable, so you can pull them between two sinks. Also, you should look for faucets that contain options for hot water, cold water, and a mix of hot and cold.

Technical Requirements Of The Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

best kitchen faucets for hard water

Apart from general buying guidelines, I would love to share with you a list of technical criteria you need to consider when choosing the best kitchen faucets for hard water. These recommendations are my selection from reliable sources, as well as my own experience, so I hope that these things could be helpful for you.

Materials And Finish

Best kitchen faucets must be durable. The durability of kitchen faucets relies on their materials and finishing. Therefore, you need to notice those two criteria. You should buy kitchen faucets which are anti-corrosion and anti-tarnishes. Not only are they more durable but they also have a good look. The standard materials for finishes are Chrome, nickel, polished brass, white, and oil-brushed bronze. Besides, brass and stainless steel are common for making a faucet.

best kitchen faucets for hard water

Shape And Style

After briefly researching about your kitchen, now let’s go on choosing the style and shape of kitchen faucets. They have various options for you to choose from, so mostly the choice is up to your taste. You may want kitchen faucets to go along with other kitchen fixtures or choose a different style to remodel your kitchen. 

For each type of kitchen faucet, you need to think about it based on existing appliances. For example, a gooseneck model has higher clearance but it fits with a deep sink only. 


This is the part helping kitchen faucets more durable by preventing possible damages and chemicals in hard water. You should choose kitchen faucets with sealing, especially those containing ceramic. 


This is a very important part to clear the minerals from hard water and prevent buildups and stains. There are various options for single-piece and multiple-pieces filters. However, you don’t have to waste too much money on multiple ones. The single-piece is better for filtering deposits in hard water.

best kitchen faucets for hard water

Mount And Holes

The first technical requirement you need to consider is where you will mount your faucets? Are you going to mount them on a deck or the wall? Almost all kitchen faucets for hard water are deck mount. If you want to attach the faucets on the wall, it might be harder to find.

Also, you should know how many plumbing holes in your sink. For example, you have one for hot water, one for cold water, or one for the sprayer.

Spout Height

This is important as you don’t want the faucets to cause splashes and mess while cleaning. It is especially important when you have a three-bowl kitchen sink or a very deep kitchen sink, which requires longer faucets. Though the standard length size of a kitchen faucet is 8 inches, you may go for a longer or shorter one to suit with your sink.

best kitchen faucets for hard water

Spout Reach

Similar to the spout height, you should choose a faucet with an arc between 8 and 10 inches. If you install a low arc faucet, you may not have enough space for your large pots and dishes. Also, choose the height of the arc depending on the design of your sink.

Soap Dispenser

I think it’s better to have a soap dispenser with a kitchen faucet, as I prefer convenience and hygiene. You can fill in dish soap, hand soap in the soap dispenser. Not only is it convenient and space-saving, but it increases the frequency of washing hands with soap. Sometimes we are just too lazy to take the soap, you know it, right!. 


Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

There are two types of handles: single handle and double handle. If you prefer a good look, you could choose the double handle. If convenience is your priority, you may want to buy a single-handle faucet. A single-handle faucet is both easy to clean and easy to adjust the water temperature. 


Most kitchen faucets have pull-down sprayers, which are more durable and reliable. You can also choose side sprayers, but I don’t recommend them as they are more expensive and easy to leak water.

If you are unsure how to clean kitchen faucets properly, let’s check out the clip below:

Final Thought: My Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

As you have read my reviews, you may feel confused as there are so many options. Considering the buying guide and choosing yourself the best items.

Here are my top favorite kitchen faucets for hard water from my own experience and many references.

I hope that my reviews help you feel more confident when choosing the best kitchen faucets for hard water. If you have tried any other products, do recommend me in the comment section below! 

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water at the comment box below!

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