Top 13 Best Lat Pulldown Machine For Home Gym: Reviews 2021

Are you looking for the best lat pulldown machine for home gym? You've come to the right place. The lat pulldown machine has recently been used by the home gym a lot more commonly. If you know the correct search method, you will be able to choose to buy a lat pulldown machine at a good price and with high quality.

The lat pulldown machine is a type of exercise machine that can be operated with a power rack as an attachment or also operated on its own. Its build will be a steel frame and include an upper rod or cable hanging a long bar, thigh support, and a padded seat. Some models also give the practitioner additional support by designing a pulley system at the bottom.

To help you make smart decisions and save time, we have reviewed and compared the best models on the market today for your reference.

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Top 13 Best Lat Pulldown Machine For Home Gym: Reviews 2021

XMark heavy duty lat pulldown low row cable machine is yet another of our recommendations on this list. It impressed us with the finish with scratch-resistant powder frame and all-body 11-gauge steel material. It equips you with both high and low pulleys for you to comfortably use for a wide variety of exercises.

XMark lat pulldown comes with the plate adaptors, making it capable of supporting either Olympic or standard weight plates. The hand-cushioned seats are comfortable and the nylon upholstered cables are durable and secure.


  • Smooth pulls
  • Overall quality is excellent
  • Includes adaptors for Olympic plates
  • The quality of the seat cushion and the steel frame is excellent
  • Great maximum weight support


  • Slightly expensive
  • Low pulleys may be too low for some people

The Fitness Reality 810XLT is a real workout that elevates your home workout because it's a penny-worthy investment. It impressed us first of all in terms of durability thanks to its high-quality bearing steel frame design. 

Therefore, without needing to be supervised by a fitness professional, you can still rest assured to exercise with this machine right at your home gym. It also allows you to easily move from side to side with its thoughtful large walking space design.

Not an exception to other lat pulldown machines on the market, the Fitness Reality 810XLT also has features for your convenience during workouts like two-direction pulleys and a smooth glide rail. Besides, to provide a secure grip experience for you, it is also designed with foam bars, a footrest, and a smooth seat.

Weighing up to 800 pounds, this lat pulldown machine will allow you to work out with a variety of exercises in the shoulder, arm, or back. It can be said that it is a durable multifunctional chassis, offers a full range of useful features, and is the easiest machine to use on the market. 

The types of exercises you can practice with Fitness Reality 810XLT are flat-bench press, push-ups, pull-ups, shrugs, curls, and squats.


  • Supports substantial weight up to 800 pounds
  • Includes two collars
  • Provide the weight plates storage space


  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • The included tools are of no significant quality

Weider Power Stack is on our best lat pulldown machine for home gym list because it is designed with many features to help you work out exercises that dig deep into the different muscle groups of the body. Plus, it has a surprisingly low price compared to the performance it offers.

The weight stacks that this Weider model gives you will allow you to easily adjust the weight to your liking. It is extremely easy to use, although you will have to sacrifice the weight limit functionality like other products.

You can freely train exercises to build muscles in the shoulders and chest with a chest press attachment design. Besides, it also has attached a seated row and has a footprint which in our assessment is slightly larger than the other designs. Overall, it is still a great investment for your home gym with its ease of use and versatility.


  • Includes seated row cable
  • Includes stack
  • Attaches with a chest press


  • Low weight capacity
  • Slightly large footprint

We were impressed with this Best Choice Products lat pulldown machine with the ability to change the program workout that its upper and lower pulley systems offer. It does that job with interchangeable rubber and foam features, along with compatibility with standard weight plates.

This Best Choice Products 2-in-1 low row lat pulldown cable machine is durable enough to withstand rust and weather conditions thanks to its powder coating finish and extremely strong carbon steel material. It also provides you with features that help keep you safe during your workout and add extra comfort with rubber handgrips and foam kneebar.


  • Suitable for home gym
  • Decent construction
  • Good price


  • Installation instructions are difficult

The HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Power Cage will be our top pick for a lat pulldown with enough performance for our workouts. What impressed us is its difference in weight compared to the other models on the list. Technically, this HulkFit machine can hold a weight of up to 1,000 pounds. 

However, a little advice here from the manufacturer, you should only work out at 500 pounds to avoid having to change the cables frequently.

Next, we have to mention its excellent design with quality materials, an extremely sturdy frame, and stable cable. One detail you need to note about this HulkFit model is that for it to function properly, you need to mount it to the power cage. However, don't worry as they are very helpful in helping you convert your workouts and they are also affordable.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy powder-coated finish
  • Weight capacity 500-pound


  • It has to mount to HulkFit power cage

SYL Fitness LAT Pulldown Cable Pulley System will be the right product for you if you are looking for a simple and small-sized lat pulldown machine for your home gym. Small in size but surprisingly effective, it allows you to install easily around your home practice area.

It is the best product for small spaces and for those who want to exercise anytime in their meager free time. The great thing about this product is that its super sturdy pulley system works well. At the same time, its cable has a fully adjustable length to your height.


  • Works smoothly
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Suitable for small-sized home gym


  • Not for commercial use
  • Cannot bear high loads

This Vanswe low row cable machine is on our list of the best lat pulldown machine for home gym because of its high versatility. You can do a lot of different exercises with it including upright rows, seated rows, triceps press downs, or lat pulldowns. Alternatively, you can also do exercises that focus on different muscle groups such as triceps, traps, shoulders, or biceps with high and low pulley system design.

Another feature of the Vanswe lat pulldown machine is that it also gives you some pretty cool features. The 2-inch adapter sleeves are a free feature that comes with a smooth functioning parallel pulley system compatible for use with Olympic or standard plate weights.

You can now enjoy comfort during exercise with the comfortable seat pad which can be adjusted in four different positions with a knob. A low row bar is used in conjunction with a sturdy flip-up footplate. Besides, the use of this lat pulldown machine in your home gym will also limit the floor scratches that occur because it has quality rubberized legs.


  • Good price and quality
  • Multiple functions
  • Sturdy
  • Simple and easy assembly
  • The free 2-inch adapter sleeves feature
  • Comes with a bottom pulley


  • Complicated assembly instructions
  • Low-quality mounting bolts
  • Need to purchase separately weights
  • Low row pulley can spread better

This is followed by our other suggestion from Valor - a well-known brand of heavy-duty exercise equipment with outstanding price and quality. The Valor Fitness CB-12 Lat Pulldown Machine is extremely affordable but fully equipped with features such as a low, mid, and high pulley, ab cruncher, adjustable seat, great max capacity, and a 12 gauge heavy-duty frame.

One detail that impressed us is the storage weight plate holders. They help keep your lat machine stable and keep the plates close to the loading bars and off the floor by allowing some extra weight. 

You can also help add the required stability to the machine by loading the storage bars up evenly with the plates. At the same time, the storage bars that were uploaded also made it less necessary to screw the lat pulldown to the floor.


  • Including weight plate holders
  • Versatile, giving you a choice of more than 25 exercises
  • The seat is adjustable
  • Good load capacity compared to the price
  • Sturdy structure, heavyweight


  • Hard to assemble

Next, we would like to continue to present you with another lat pulldown machine from Body-Solid: Body-Solid Powerline PLM180X. Like the Akonza, it is also finished with a powder coating and has a heavy-duty steel frame construction. It is designed exclusively for weight plate use.

Besides, you will also have a comfortable grip experience with the design of the lat bar which is slightly angular, quite standard, and has rubber ends. The seat pad is well upholstered, but unfortunately, it can’t adjust. The Body-Solid Powerline PLM180X is also not equipped with a low row pulley.


  • Affordable
  • Good looking
  • 1 year for parts, 10 years for frame warranty


  • The low row pulley is not equipped
  • The seat is not adjustable

The Akonza home workout lat pull-down machine deserves a spot on our list of the best lat pulldown machine with its powder-coated chassis and sturdy heavy-duty steel. It is specially designed exclusively for use with weight plates, and it does not provide you with an Olympic plates adapter. Besides, it also has a low bar 18 inches long and the lat bar 41 inches long.

This Akonza lat pulldown machine supports a maximum weight of up to 395 lbs. During the workout, your thigh will stay in place thanks to the foam rollers and the height-adjustable seat cushion.


  • Very affordable
  • Large weight support
  • Stretch good even for the taller ones
  • Sturdy construction


  • The adapter for Olympic plates is not included
  • Assembly instructions could improve better
  • For some people, the high pulley may be too far from the seat

Continuing on our list is a machine from the famous lat pulldown machine brand - Body-Solid. It features seat cushions that are wrapped comfortably and thickly next to a sturdy steel frame. With this machine, you can experience lightweight pulling thanks to the patented design of nylon bushings.

This Body-Solid pro lat machine has an 8-inch foam roller to keep the thighs in place. You'll get stability, security, and comfort thanks to a seated row foot brace, diamond plate stabilizers, a 20-inch low seat bar, and its 48-inch-long lat pull bar.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth stretch and pull
  • Long lat pull bar


  • Olympic adaptors are not included
  • The cable could be better improved

Like most lat pulldown machines on the market, the TDS 600lb Rated LAT/Row Machine also works via cable. The cable is attached to the bar at the top of the machine and connected to the bar at the bottom of the machine.

This TDS lat machine operates using plates. Therefore, it will be a useful convenience if you already have plates available at home. You'll want to control and adjust how much weight you lift according to your ability, and this lat pulldown machine lets you do just that.


  • The assembly instructions are reasonable and clear
  • Good construction for the price
  • Smooth pull


  • The plastic pulley is quite poor quality

The Powertec Fitness LAT Machine, also known as a cable pulley machine, is designed specifically for lat pulldown exercises. It gives you the ability to train shoulder and back muscles. It features a modern design, low profile, and an adjustable seat that is suitable for users of outstanding height with more room to move.

This lat pulldown machine ensures smooth operation with low resistance with an efficient slide rods design. You can perform a variety of other exercises thanks to the outward swiveling of the seat sections that open up the middle area. You can also customize the load you want because the machine can load with free weight.

In terms of safety, you can rest assured doing exercises with your heavy plate because the sliders are designed with ring stoppers, which prevent heavy objects from moving themselves to other areas.


  • Includes row bar and lat bar
  • Great weight capacity
  • Adjustable seat


  • The base model doesn't come with a weighted stack
  • Expensive

Buying Tips: Things You Should Know To Choose The Best Lat Pulldown Machine For Home Gym

To find the best lat pulldown machine for you, you will need to look at and check out what the basic features are required and which will be a bonus. Below, we will show you the features that a pulldown machine needs to have.


Best Lat Pulldown Machine

Warranty is an essential element you should look forward to when buying the best lat pulldown machine for home gym. It is impossible to foresee machine failures or malfunctions after they are purchased for use, and the manufacturer's warranty is a guarantee of your investment. You also do not need to worry too much because most of the machines we have reviewed above provide you with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Bottom Pulley

The bottom pulley is a worthy investment in the models that support this utility, as you can practice more different types of exercises. Usually, machines with a slightly higher price point come equipped with this utility. But the price difference isn't too great and in our experience, it's worth the price.


Best Lat Pulldown Machine

In terms of quality, the features you should consider are the seat cushions, frames, and the upper rod.

A quality lat pulldown machine is the type that comes with years of use of durable seat cushions, which won't tear easily after just a few weeks of use. You also need to check the quality of the frame, make sure it is not wobbly and is firm. In particular, remember to carefully check the quality of the upper rod. You certainly don't want your training to be interrupted or worse, possible injuries with a poor upper rod.

Weight Type

Weight type is also an essential factor you should consider when choosing the best lat pulldown machine for home gym. Depending on the model, you will receive plates or weight stacks. Among them, those that support plates will be able to use either Olympic plates or standard plates, although to be honest, the Olympic plates will be difficult to find on models with cheap prices. In general, if you already have additional weight plates available at home, it will be a huge advantage over choosing your lat pulldown machines.

Best Lat Pulldown Machine

The 1-inch standard weight plates will be used on most lat pulldown machines. If you only own the Olympic sized plate, no need to worry as the Olympic adapter will help you. Some machines will have a price that includes this Olympic adapter. Even if not, you can still buy them separately at any sports store for a fairly cheap price.

However, we highly recommend investing yourself the 2-inch Olympic sized plates if you wish to purchase additional plates for your lat pulldowns. Because according to your practice time and progress, the Olympic sized plates will be used more often than on almost all sports equipment.

The cast iron certified plates will be priced two or three times more expensive than the non-certified plates. Therefore, you can also save a bit of money by choosing to buy cast iron non-certified plates from a reputable brand. Besides, investing in bumper plates or plastic-covered plates is also quite wasteful and not necessary for a home gym.


Best Lat Pulldown Machine

The more expensive models will have larger total weight support. While affordable lat pulldowns will provide a small load, as the main users this price line targets are beginners.

Straight Short Bar

We recommend that you look for the straight bar as a necessary companion when choosing the best lat pulldown machine for you. Unless you want to upgrade the bar your lat pulldown has already provided, you generally won't need to pay for any additional straight bar.

Currently, on the market, you will come across a myriad of options for different straight short bars. These can be from models with rotating handles, neutral-grip handles, long 30-inch bars, and simple 20 inch straight bars. You should upgrade the bars that come with your machine with a short straight bar if they do not rotate. This is because they will often make your curling movements a lot more difficult if they don't rotate.

Double D Handle

Best Lat Pulldown Machine

The Double D handle attachment is a handlebar that you can typically find on the seated rows. It is versatile to use for practicing many exercises including close grip lat pulldowns, seated rows, and standing rows face pulls. We recommend you should purchase this attachment for your lat pulldown machine at your home gym even if you plan on using it only for the seated rows. You probably won’t use it every day in your workout routine, but we believe it’s a worthy investment.

Cable Rope

When it comes to cable machines, the cable rope is surely one of the most necessary attachments you’ll need along with the pulldown bar. The rope is built with black threaded and at each endpoint, it usually comes with rubber stoppers that act as handles. 

With this cable rope attachment, you now can practice more effective exercises including overhead extensions, rope curls, face pulls, and tricep pushdowns. Therefore, a cable rope attachment is a very good investment and is necessary to purchase especially for those who own a cable machine at home.

Upside Down Lat Pulldown Bar

An upside-down lat pulldown bar is different from a normal pulldown bar with handles that are angled upward. It helps force the elbows outwards and therefore, it helps focus more on the lats and helps spread the scapula. The endpoints are the only different feature from the standard lat pulldown bar. 

Best Lat Pulldown Machine

Lat Pulldown Accessories

High and low pulley cable systems currently on the market have many attachments for you to apply. You need to know more about these accessories because not all accessories are useful and worth the investment.

The pulldown bar is the first accessory we'd like to show you which is a standard feature for almost all lat pulldown machines today. A standard pulldown bar will allow you to do more types of exercise based on cables besides pulldowns, such as front raise, upright rows, bicep curls, exercises that stress on all heads of the tricep, and mass building exercises. 

However, you should also consider some features include shape, knurling, and length. The reason is you will find the bar length limits your grip width when practicing. Especially if you have wide shoulders, you will probably want a pulldown bar wide enough to match.

You should also avoid the rubber covered at the endpoints of the lat pulldown bars. The reason is the rubber will easily wear off after a year of use; after that, it will leave an area with no grip at all. Instead, you should find bars with knurling along the straight part of the bar and partially at the endpoints.

Adjustable Leg Holders And Seat

Best Lat Pulldown Machine

Make sure your lat pulldown machine includes either thigh support, leg holders, or an adjustable seat. Trust us, these features are essential to ensure the comfort of your workout. Look for a lat pulldown with as many adjustable positions as possible because it will be easy to adjust to best fit your height.


The frame is another important factor you need to consider and research carefully when deciding to buy your first lat pulldown machine. Whether it is any exercise equipment, from leg presses, smith machines, to power racks, when it comes to frames, they must be as solid as possible at a reasonable price range.

A heavy frame and professional welded will help a lot for your safety but also the weight of the machine. Because you will need a lat pull of the right weight to stay stable if your lat pulldown machine is not bolted to the floor. The weight of the machine also greatly affects its stability during the practice of your movements and lifts.

The lat pulldown machine's minimum standard for a home gym would be 11 gauge with 2 "x 3" steel. Know that the thicker the steel, the lower the gauge number will be. Hence, any larger measurements mean lower stability and weight. If an 11 gauge lat pulldown is more expensive than your budget allows, then at least invest in a 12 gauge machine.

For a more overview and realism, you can watch this video on how to set up a weight stack lat pulldown machine:

The Bottom Line: Our Top Picks Of The Best Lat Pulldown Machine For Home Gym

The top 13 best lat pulldown machine for home gym above will be a great list of suggestions for your search. It all depends on your training goals and needs. Therefore, there will be no certain criteria in which to choose. And also, in the course of your search, you can accidentally find a lat pulldown that best suits you that is not on our list.

For those of you who don't have a lot of research time, here's our brief look at the top 5 best lat pulldown machine for home gym.

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