What Is The Best Lathe For Bowl Turning On The Market In 2020?

Are you looking for the best lathe for bowl turning? You should read reviews from the agernrestaurant when looking for the best lathe for bowl turning as the majority of these items are costly, and it is grievous to spend on some unacceptable device. 

A lathe for bowl turning is a significant apparatus in a carpenter's workshop. You can do your carpentry ventures, but to get the absolute best degree of perfection, you should utilize a lathe or it would take you a ton of effort to accomplish a low-quality smooth completion. 

Here are our 15 best lathes for bowl turning!

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Top Best Lathe For Bowl Turning Reviews 2020

Powermatic 13520C Lathe

Powermatic 3520C is the first best lathe for bowl turning from Powermatic that we want to share with you on our list. This gadget accompanies the latest highlights and enhancements from its past models. 

If you are searching for a wood machine to use on your expert and business ventures, at that point this could be the correct one for you. 

It includes a strong substantial cast iron development that permits it not exclusively to convey definitive security yet in addition to improve its sturdiness and usefulness. 

The substantial cast iron likewise limits the vibrations, consequently permitting you to deal with your undertakings serenely. It includes an incredible 2 HP engine intended to run serenely at 220 volts. This engine conveys two-speed ranges. 

With its computerized readout, you can without much of a stretch change the speed to variable speed controls. This lathe for bowl turning accompanies upgraded highlights that improve its usefulness. 

These highlights incorporate a portable control box that makes the machine exceptionally flexible. Its movable riser block permits a 6-inch or greater change, subsequently permitting you to appreciate ideal solace when turning. 

It additionally accompanies another ergonomic shaft that is self-situating for simple one-hand activity. The all-inclusive axle nose is reached out to give you simple admittance to the workpiece. 

Also, it comes fitted with a tailstock that joins hostile to pivot key and zenith strings to convey a smooth activity while expanding its strength. 

Regardless, all these top of the line highlights come at a significant expense that is far off for the vast majority. If you are taking a shot at a spending plan, in this manner, we suggest that you go for sensibly estimated wood machines. 

This wood machine weighs 726 pounds, which gives you a steady turning experience. Besides, it accompanies a completely encased VFD for improved client security.


  • Has a ground-breaking engine for rock-solid tasks
  • Accompanies advantageous mobile control box
  • Accompanies flexible risers to give you open to working statues 
  • Huge load for more prominent dependability


  • Extravagant
  • Not convenient

Laguna REVO 1836

This Laguna REVO 1836 machine accompanies a well-designed plan that likewise comes stacked with brilliant highlights that will catch the consideration of any genuine bowl turner. 

Among the incredible highlights that will grab your eye is the ergonomically calculated control board that is made from anodized aluminum. It includes an electrical amazing 2HP engine that suddenly spikes in demand for 220 volts. 

This ground-breaking engine creates a dependable speed of 1725 rpm. This electronic variable speed is obtained through the VFD that changes over a one-stage contribution to a 3-stage yield. 

Therefore, you can make certain to achieve a lot of force even at low settings. Additionally, it accompanies a two-territory speed of 135-3500 higher rpm and 50-1300 low rpm. 

This isn't a standard wood machine since it accompanies a rich knurled control handle that is ergonomically fitted with an elastic grasp for agreeable activities. 

Its bed includes a strong steel development that permits the cast iron headstock to travel adequately and easily. The steel development is favored for this wood machine since it makes it sturdy as well as solid and stable. 

This best lathe for bowl turning includes a tailstock and headstock lock handles that are ergonomically situated on the back to dispense with interferences that may thwart the progression of your undertakings. 

Since the ergonomically planned handles use a cam lock, you can make certain to have a firm vibe with no redirection. 

This machine weighs 452 pounds, which is generally light for convenience. Nonetheless, this weight isn't sufficient to stifle the vibrations on extremely huge undertakings, which implies that you probably won't have a consistent activity. 

If you expect to purchase a wood machine that is amazing enough for your activities, at that point we suggest this wood machine. 


  • Highlights an ergonomic plan and a great completion 
  • Has a ground-breaking 2HP engine
  • Smooth and calm activities
  • Least speed of 50 RPM


  • Marginally costly

Grizzly Industrial G0766 Variable Speed Wood Lathe 

This Grizzly G0766 is another best lathe for bowl turning ideal for individuals hoping to turn huge dishes, wood pieces, and enormous measurement ventures. It is intended for simple establishment and use. 

On the off chance that you are searching for a simple way to utilize a machine that can likewise deal with an assortment of activities, at that point this is the correct pick for you. 

Its amazing engine is likely the primary component you will see once you switch on this machine. It additionally accompanies a variable speed of somewhere in the range of 100 and 3200 rpm. 

With this reach, you can make certain to appreciate ideal adaptability you would say. The way toward changing the speed has additionally been streamlined since you don't have to tinker with the belts. 

To hose down the vibrations while dealing with your wood pieces, this machine is built from a cast iron that weighs 350 pounds. 

This lathe for bowl turning likewise takes into consideration extra weight to be opened in the custom rack between the stands that are built deliberately to oblige this expansion. 

This machine permits you to swing 22 inches over the bed and 16 inches while under the instrument rest. The headstock can pivot 180 degrees, in this manner making it simple to turn your materials. 

On the off chance that you need the machine practically identical in size with Powermatic 3520C however twice less expensive, at that point this Grizzly is for you.


  • Has an incredible 3HP engine for heavier ventures 
  • Accompanies variable speed of between 100-3200 RPM 
  • Decently evaluated


  • Device rest base is excessively short for huge dishes

Jet 719500 JWL-1640EVS Lathe

Among our best by and large wood, machines are Jet JWL-1640EVS that is planned in a perfect world for carpentry lovers who are eager to spend more to secure a great bit of machine gear. 

This best lathe for bowl turning presents to you a noteworthy encounter that joins unparalleled control and ability to convey ideal outcomes on any wooden surface. 

This machine accompanies decent tallness off the ground, which will permit you to work it and agreeably do your woodwork. 

It is additionally ergonomically planned and weighs 375 pounds, which is sufficiently weighty to limit the vibrations that regularly happen when turning. Additionally, it guarantees you have a steady working stage. 

It accompanies a variable speed of between 40 rpm and 3200 rpm that permits you to turn your wood pieces with various estimations. 

This lathe for bowl turning additionally includes an improved tailstock plume locking framework that consolidates an enemy of turnkey. Besides, the tailstock accompanies strings that are great for smooth, reliable, and strong development. 

Another incredible element that accompanies this machine is that it accompanies an all-encompassing shaft nose that houses double headstock axle direction. The headstock slides and pivots viably to give ideal adaptability. 

Because of the very good quality highlights that accompany this wood machine, we enthusiastically prescribe it to all carpentry lovers.


  • It conveys excellent outcomes 
  • Intensely built for most extreme security
  • Accompanies a variable speed to convey an assortment of carpentry results 
  • Requires source with a voltage of 115V


  • Expensive

Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe

Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe is another extraordinary choice to consider. It is a midi lathe and can deal with enormous ventures easily. With all genuineness, this item is costly, yet it has fewer highlights however would even now deal with the majority of your ventures. 

This best lathe for bowl turning accompanies a 2 years guarantee, which is less amazing; nonetheless, it has a strong form and will doubtlessly last. It doesn't have an opposite component, however. 

One unrivaled element of this instrument is its ground-breaking engine that can accomplish a most extreme speed of 2400 RPM; this speed is quicker than some lathes. 

This lathe for bowl turning gives you such a great amount of adaptability in more modest undertakings due to the bigger plate size. You can decide to supplant the plate however it will require some exertion considering its non-standard post size. 


  • It is an integral asset
  • This machine accompanies a strong development


  • It doesn't have the reverse element.

Rikon Power Tools 70-220VSR Midi Lathe

Rikon Power Tools 70-220VSR Midi Lathe from the Rikon brand highlights an amazing engine that offers the entirety of the force essential for turning a wide scope of carpentry ventures including huge platters and bowls. 

Its enormous turning limit of a 12.5 inches width swing and 20 crawls between focuses make this the best lathe for bowl turning carpenters while the 24 position file head guarantees precise example and configuration to take a shot at a wide range of undertakings. 

This lathe for bowl turning offers variable rates of somewhere in the range of 250 and 3850 RPM making it simple to pick the ideal speed for every individual undertaking and gratitude to the LED shows it is simple to accomplish better exactness. 

This lathe additionally includes forward and invert capacities for more prominent adaptability and it runs unobtrusively, settling on the ideal decision in spaces where commotion levels are at a higher cost than expected.


  • 24 position head file for more exact plan work 
  • Huge turning limit of 12.5 inches for turning enormous platters and bowls 
  • Forward and invert capacities for more noteworthy adaptability


  • More costly than numerous lathes

Delta Industrial 46-460 Variable-Speed Midi Lathe

Delta Industrial 46-460 Variable-Speed Midi Lathe is the general best wood lathe for bowl turning if you are into wood creates. 

If you are managing more critical activities, similar to a model, or more modest assignments, similar to a bowl, at that point this instrument is the thing that you need. 

This lathe for bowl turning is a midi machine that accompanies so much adaptability; it accompanies a flexible speed setting of up to 1725 RPM, which is sufficient capacity to work your tasks easily. 

One interesting part of this device is its swing limit that remains at 12.5 inches. There is no other apparatus with a similar limit in a similar class as the delta. Moreover, you can toss it into the turn by flipping the switch. 

This present apparatus' belt pressure framework permits you to change speed without fundamentally resetting the belt. At long last, there is a solid metal base that makes this wood lathe for turning bowls last more. 


  • The device has a keen plan
  • It accompanies a full opposite mode
  • The changing of paces is simple


  • It's costly

Grizzly Industrial T25920

Another best lathe for bowl turning in a minimal bundle, the Grizzly Industrial is a shrewd decision for experienced carpenters who care about force, swing, and worth. 

This T25920 is a small scale machine that gives industry-driving limit and force at a value that is more reasonable than the majority of the best minimal machines. 

This lathe is driven by a ground-breaking torque engine that conveys a great 3,800 RPM. It has a variable speed control permitting you to dial in the correct speed for the work, and an advanced screen shows shaft speed consistently. 

A noteworthy swing gives the freedom you have to all the more full bits of material, and a standard axle limit gives you the room you have to deal with a wide range of materials. 

Most small scale machines just convey a 10" swing, which might be all in all too confined for the material you're working with. 

This lathe for bowl turning likewise has an augmentation accessible for this lathe, so it's ready to develop with you on the off chance that you discover you need greater limits later on. 

The strong cast-iron development and vibration hosing elastic feet help to guarantee that this machine is smooth, stable, and prepared for quite a long time of utilization. 

This T25920 offers life and prod focus apparatus rest and a faceplate. While this is a worked-to-last bit of hardware that should stand the trial of time, Grizzly doesn't move with certainty.


  • Smooth
  • Stable
  • Can go well with you for quite a long time


  • A bit heavy

Jet JWL-1015 Wood Working Lathe

On the off chance that you are a starter in woodturning and searching for the best lathe for bowl turning, at that point you should consider this Jet JWL-1015 Wood Working Lathe.

This instrument is moderate and, most importantly, conveys with regards to execution. You should possibly purchase this machine if you need something for little or medium size carpentry undertakings. 

Incredibly, this apparatus accompanies six unique paces, with the most extreme being 3975 RPM, which is higher than the best generally speaking item on this rundown. 

One thing that is to a greater extent a disadvantage on this device is the way that it utilizes a standard pressure belt that necessitates that you rearrange it when you are changing the rates. 

Having thought about each of these highlights, we suggest you stay patient, spare, and purchase the primary item on this rundown as it will give you such a great amount for your carpentry undertakings. 

Overall, this lathe for bowl turning is extraordinary for learning on the off chance that you are a tenderfoot. Additionally, the apparatus accompanies a five-year guarantee, with strong development.


  • The evaluating is reasonable 
  • It accompanies stunning characteristics
  • It's an incredible apparatus for amateurs
  • It is incredible


  • It has no opposite alternative
  • Not extraordinary for enormous activities

PSI Woodworking KWL-1218VS Turn Crafter Commander Variable Speed Midi Lathe

On the off chance that you have involvement in wood machines, at that point you need this PSI Woodworking KWL-1218VS Turn Crafter Commander Variable Speed Midi Lathe. It is the most developed, intense, and simple to utilize a machine that you can purchase today. 

This lathe for bowl turning comes fueled by a 1 HP elite enlistment engine in addition to a microchip, produced for car uses, and conveys exactness control and enduring unwavering quality. 

Different highlights of this astounding wood machine are the presence of an advanced readout that permits you to work at a speed that you like. 

This best lathe for bowl turning is a solid one, worked to last, and will give you proficient evaluation results on your distinctive carpentry ventures. 


  • The lathe is strong
  • It is progressed and permits you to deal with most carpentry errands 
  • The lathe accompanies a computerized readout for an open to a setting of your favored speed 
  • It offers a great exactness 


  • The lighting isn't all around situated.

Mophorn Benchtop Wood Lathe

In case you're hoping to add an amazing workhorse to your woodshop without using up every last cent, this minimal, seat top machine from Mophorn ought to be the first you consider. 

This best lathe for bowl turning mixes impenetrable craftsmanship with top of the line highlights to make a machine that is appropriate for all ways of accuracy carpentry. 

At the core of this machine is a ground-breaking 550w variable speed engine that turns over gradually to delay motor life. 

The engine has an endless factor speed range from 500-3,800 RPM, and a computerized readout permits you to gauge the specific speed with simply a look. To the extent speed settings go, this is truly outstanding. 

At this value point, this lathe should be an average instrument with no equilibrium and a serious vibration issue. It gives the simplicity to access, an amazing engine, different belt positions, and an extraordinary swing limit. 

While this carpentry machine costs about a large portion of the value that you'd pay for an expert little lathe, you absolutely wouldn't realize that by the looks, feel, or execution of this Mophorn lathe. 

Maybe the greatest piece of this Mophorn best lathe for bowl turning is its craftsmanship, which any carpenter can appreciate. Out of the container, each part has been painstakingly made for accuracy. 

The shaft lock, the fastener, the pulley framework, and the computerized RPM readout. This lathe is genuinely weighty which implies security, tipping the scales at almost 90 pounds. 

In case you're getting your beginning as a woodturner and are searching for a reasonable alternative to consider going all in, this is an awesome decision. 

In particular, this machine is all around made and adaptable, so it won't hamstring what you're ready to achieve in your undertakings.


  • Great craftsmanship
  • Easy to access
  • Amazing engine
  • Variable speed


  • No locking pin
  • Poor quality tool rests

WEN 3420T Variable Speed Benchtop Mini Wood Lathe

WEN 3420T Variable Speed Benchtop Mini Wood Lathe is another excellent lathe for bowl turning on our rundown if you are hoping to purchase a wood machine for turning bowls. 

This phenomenal apparatus permits you to change the variable speed anyplace between 750 to 3200 pivots for each moment. This best lathe for bowl turning has an axle in addition to tailstock tighten that assumes an essential function in the holding of workpieces. 

Additionally, this lathe has two instrument rests that offer help to the etches and different devices while you work out your undertakings. Moreover, this apparatus works on a 2A engine that helps in woodturning ventures. 

This best lathe for bowl turning is easy to change both the apparatus rest and the tailstock, on account of the simple to utilize switch clasping framework. 

When you get this lathe, you will also have a level wrench, a headstock prod focus, a knockout bar, a tailstock cup focus, a 5-inch faceplate for turning bowls, cups, and other non-shaft ventures. 

You don't need to stress over breakdown issues inside the initial two years of buying this wood machine since it accompanies a two-year guarantee, just as a cross country organization of gifted help delegates.


  • This lathe accompanies various extras
  • This lathe accompanies a great speed dial.


  • The scope of this lathe is short.

SHOP FOX W1704 Horsepower Benchtop Lathe

This SHOP FOX W1704 Horsepower Benchtop Lathe accompanies a little impression which makes it helpful when attempting to spare workbench space. 

It is the modest model that has a sizable swing permitting you to create nice measured wood ventures. With the cast iron table, you can be guaranteed it's made in light of value. This best lathe for bowl turning additionally comes outfitted with two device rest. 

This lathe for bowl turning has 13 creeps between focuses giving you space to take a shot at some more modest ventures. The RPM range gives you the adaptability to work with various kinds of woods and various sizes. 

The 1/3 hp engine is ideal for more modest ventures and accompanies a solitary stage unit. This Shop Fox lathe accompanies a 5.75 inches faceplate which joins to the shaft for non-axle turning, ideal for making bowls. 


  • Faceplate bowl add-on
  • More modest


  • Confined force
  • Little venture use

Nova 46300 Comet II Midi Lathe

Nova 46300 Comet II Midi Lathe includes a speed range from 250 RPM right up to 4000 RPM which makes it the best lathe for bowl turning. 

Because of its 12 inches swing over the bed and 16.5 inches between the focuses, it is ideal for a wide range of bowl turning ventures. 

The three-stage pulley framework permits the client to rapidly and effectively dial in low, medium, or fast ranges while the 3/4  electronic variable speed engine is incredible enough to handle a wide range of assignments. 

This creative and adaptable little lathe is space-sparing which makes it ideal for use in little workshops and it is sufficiently versatile to move between places of work when essential. 

Despite its little size, this lathe for bowl turning can convey the limit and has the entirety of the tough strength of a bigger machine. 

On account of its forward and turning around switch this model offers additional adaptability for a more predominant completion. 

This lathe additionally includes a fortified composite gatekeeper with a quick access lock for simple access and a powerful kick the bucket cast engine lodging.


  • Space sparing measurements for little workshops
  • Forward and turning around switch for additional adaptability and predominant completion 
  • Fortified strengthened composite gatekeeper and fast access hook 


  • Locking switches can be precarious to utilize
  • Delicate tailstock lock

NOVA 1624 II 8 Speed Wood Lathe

Another best lathe for bowl turning among the recognized NOVA wood machines is this NOVA 1624 II. This instrument accompanies some fabulous highlights which give you a smooth involvement in your turning ventures. It's fit for conveying amazing turning usefulness for quite a long while. 

This apparatus includes an amazing engine with eight velocities going from 215 to 3600. Different pieces of the world get 178 to 3000. Such a speed accomplishes such a great deal with regards to woodturning.

At that point, there is the 360 degrees turn head that will permit you to out your piece anyplace you wish to make agreeable turns. 

It has an ergonomic plan that consolidates great steel and a cast-iron stand that furnishes you with a steady stage for simple carpentry assignments. 

This lathe for bowl turning completely fit wood aficionados with enormous workshops and wants to work with a bigger wood machine. With its 360 degrees turn head, this machine is ideal for turning bigger dishes. 

The bed of this lathe for bowl turning is extendable to permit you space to deal with even long ventures easily. Its bowl turning limit remains at 16 inches when locally available and 29 inches detachable.


  • The device has a strong assembly because of the steel and cast iron structure. 
  • It is easy to amass and work on this device.
  • The machine accompanies a sensible cost.


  • Its manual speed change makes it difficult for some to work the machine.

Things To Look Out For Buying The Best Lathe For Bowl Turning


The material your machine is produced using will have extreme ramifications for how well it performs and how long it will last. The best wood machines are made from cast iron, and less expensive models are frequently produced using aluminum. 

best lathe for bowl turning

You'll most likely need to dodge any shaper that isn't produced using cast iron. Not exclusively do these mediocre machines break all the more rapidly, yet they likewise vibrate and babble like insane, which makes it considerably more testing to deliver spotless, steady outcomes.


best lathe for bowl turning

A machine's capacity is normally estimated in pull. It's not a sign of how quickly the machine can turn, albeit all the more incredible assets are generally equipped for higher rates. 

It's additionally a sign of how the machine will deal with harder woods, for example, maple or pecan. If you plan on handling uncompromising ventures, an engine that is at any rate 3/4 pull will be essential. 


best lathe for bowl turning

A barely noticeable quality that is inconceivably essential to consider is the heaviness of the lathe. Heavier machines are more steady, and vibration safe, which permits you to deal with sensitive work with more prominent exactness. A weighty lathe with elastic feet will give the soundness you have to handle any task.


best lathe for bowl turning

Speed is another basic zone to consider when buying a machine. To be more explicit, a quality machine will highlight variable speed, so you change the speed of the machine to the sort of wood and the kind of undertaking you're doing. A decent machine will give at least five-speed changes, while the best wood machines give limitless changes to speed.


The limit of the machine is a particularly significant thought, principally on the off chance that you work with bunches of various material sizes. Most smaller than usual machines oblige shafts up to 18 inches long and give around 10 inches of swing. Most woodturning work should be possible with a scaled-down lathe, yet for bigger undertakings, a full-size machine might be vital.

best lathe for bowl turning
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