Top 15 Best Massage Chair Under 1000 2020: Reviews And Buying Guides

As modern society develops, massage chairs become more popular with families because of the benefits and functions that the products bring to health. Therefore, the massage chair market is becoming more and more diverse. This makes it less difficult for users to choose to buy a chair to cater to their needs and family. They are bandaged by people, our article below shares some of the best massage chair under 1000 2020 for your reference.

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Top 15 Best Massage Chair Under 1000 Reviews 2020

DevLon NorthWest Massage Chair

Like other massage chair products, this chair is both compact (length 22,86 cm, width 5,08cm, height 30,48cm), convenient and sturdy. 

The seat cushion is made of cloth upholstery pads. These fabrics are easy to remove for cleaning. The color of the chair is courteous. However, this chair is not very convenient because it is impossible to adjust the height of the chair to suit the body of each person.

The body of the chair is made from a square aluminum frame, quite sturdy. Even so, the size of the chair is not large, but it cannot be folded neatly for carrying on long distances. I think we can just carry it around for short distances and it's suitable for guardians when they do their jobs. Because it was manufactured in 2013, its form and convenience cannot be compared with other types of seats. But in terms of massage effectiveness, it is also a good choice.

  • PROS
  • Easy to carry.

  • Easy to wash and clean

  • Good massage effect

  • CONS
  • Only one color

Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair- Royal Blue

This product is shaped like a compact recliner, which can be removed and stowed neatly in a small rolling box. The seat has no wheels. Instead, the rolling box for the massage chair has wheels, easy to carry, and this massage chair weighs only 10,9 kg but has a working capacity of 272,2 kg. 

This chair ensures durability and safety because it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, nylon parts reinforced with fiberglass. The chair has adjustable steps following the height of each user.

 Besides, this product is also designed with a small umbrella molding system including: face support, armrest, chest cushion, seat cushion, leg cushion, which can be removable.

  • PROS
  • Easy to carry and store

  • Flexible adjustment, suitable for everyone

  • Spacious, sturdy rolling box

  • Suitable for small spaces

  • Easy assembly

  • CONS
  • Only one color: royal blue

  • The armrest is quite weak

Blue Whale Super Big and Tall Gaming Chair

The chair is designed with main black tones with flexible curves creating a soft but no less luxurious. Overall the chair looks like a normal office chair but it has the functions of a massage chair for gamers. 

The seat with thick seat cushions, high-grade PU leather creates a soft, smooth and comfortable feeling. This product can withstand a weight of up to 181.44kg, a seat section, and a spacious backrest. Moreover, the seat can be adjusted in height by the lever below the seat cushion. At the same time, the back section can recline from 90 degrees to 175 degrees, making it ideal for work, study, solo book, or rest.

The armrest is made of aluminum alloy with 3D dimensions. Especially, the design of this chair has a mute wheel to help the chair roll on the floor smoothly without fear of causing noise or disturbing others. Besides, the chair can be rotated 360 degrees, giving you the freedom to change direction without having to leave your seat.

The seat legs are designed with 5 pillars, creating a solid feeling for the user. To ensure that the chair is movable, a wheelchair system is attached to the seat legs.

On the other hand, the chair is also made from an integrated metal frame to create durability for the product. The seat legs are connected to the body with explosion-proof gas springs, very special that few seats have.

The headrest is designed with a small removable pillow. The waist part is programmed with a vibrating system in a circular oscillation pattern to stimulate the lower back to avoid causing fatigue for a long time.

  • PROS
  • Material durable and safe

  • The nice and luxurious chair

  • Suitable for office  space

  • CONS
  • Average capacity weight

  • The armrest is not flexible

  • The chair height adjustment lever gets stuck

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

A lovely chair with five color options with ample legroom is a good suggestion for gamers. This product has an adjustable backrest and footrest. The chair can recline from 90 degrees to 140 degrees, suitable for a variety of purposes of users.

Also, the design of this chair focuses on the back with four massage points (two points in the back and two points in the waist). The chair is also programmed with eight massage modes. Users can adjust the intensity, position, and duration of the massage thanks to a remote.

The upper part of the chair has a removable head pillow. The cushions are covered with leather with high elasticity, creating a comfortable use.

The chair can be rotated 360 degrees to help us change direction when needed.

The chair has a very beautiful color, is a harmonious combination of colors, creating elegance and courtesy. However, the seat is designed with a round base, without wheels, so it is difficult to transport. It is more suitable for standing still in a fixed position like a sofa in the living room rather than moving flexibly like other types of chairs.

  • PROS
  • Good support for the back and waist

  • Pay attention to the footrest

  • CONS
  • Cannot be adjusted to fit each person's height

  • Cannot be folded down for compactness

  • Difficult to move

Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair

This chair is integrated with two functions: heating and massage to help soothe aching muscles, making me feel quite comfortable and comfortable.   

Besides, this product also helps me to avoid injuries in the workplace. Sitting at work all day in the office but I feel quite comfortable because the upper back, waist, and legs are massaged. I can adjust the height and position of the chair to match my appearance. 

The chair has six massage modes with variations of pulse and oscillation without the need for rollers. So the machine works very smoothly.

  • PROS
  • Recycled leather is very soft

  • Attractive designs

  • Easy to use

  • CONS
  • Must use two functions at the same time

  • Cords and chargers make it difficult to move around

  • No back adjustment support

InstaShiatsu Folding Massage Chair

This chair is designed with similarities to another chair. It also has two functions: massage to relieve aches and heat and to help relieve sore muscles and reduce stress. However, some differences make the truMedic brand's name.

However, some differences make the name of the truMedic brand and this line of massage chairs. The chair has a total of ten rollers. In it, two rollers in the headrest help massage the neck and reduce muscle tension;

The remaining eight rollers run along the back carrying the pressure applied to the entire back. The rollers can be reversed thanks to the controls. The remote is integrated with the armrests of the seat, making it easy to adjust instead of the separate remote.

In addition to being folded down compactly, this chair can also be adjusted to recline depending on the user's preferences(can recline to a maximum of 145 degrees).

The special thing is that this chair is designed to add a USB charging port to help you charge devices while using the chair. More than that the chair’s weight is light  (20,64kg), which makes it easy to move. Besides, the seats and backrests have airbags with three compression modes combined with different vibrations to create a sense of comfort.

  • PROS
  • Other devices can be charged while using the chair

  • Easy to move

  • Compact and convenient

  • CONS
  • No adjustments to suit the height or shoulder width of each person

  • Must be plugged in when using the chair

  • Takes a long time for the heater to warm up

HoMedics Easy Lounge Shiatsu Massage Chair

To match the modern space, HoMedics has designed a line of massage chairs that not only meet the requirements of pain relief and stress but also have an eye-catching form suitable for any stylish space. 

This product has two functions: massage to help relieve pain and soothe heat to help you enjoy the gentle heat creating comfort. Neck, shoulders, back, and legs are the areas where the massage chair focuses deeply. Particularly for the back area, the machine can massage three areas: upper back, lower back, or the entire back. 

Besides, the chair can be adjusted to suit the neck and shoulders of each person. The chair has an intensity adjustment button and can be folded down without the need to install a lot. You can reverse the action of the rollers, move up and down or place in a specific position thanks to the easy-to-use controls.

  • PROS
  • High efficiency

  • Luxury and modern

  • Easy to use

  • Flexible adjustment

  • CONS
  • Takes a long time for the heater to warm up

  • Can not be disassembled

  • The sitting time is not long

Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX

With a compact design (only 6,8kg) and a variety of colors (eight colors), this chair gives us many choices. The size of the chair compact 73,66cm x 48,26cm x 129,54cm, can be foldable and stored in a pocket and carried anywhere. The seats, chest, arms, and head are adjustable to suit the personalization criteria.  The spacers are fixed to the seat and cannot be removed. 

However, something new about this massage chair has a shoulder strap cushion and the sternum cushion creates comfort and lightness when carrying the chair.
  • PROS
  • Small, light, and wonderful

  • Adjust accordingly for each person

  • Varied colors

  • CONS
  • Low maximum weight

  • Difficult to clean after use

  • Easy to peel and scratch

Berkeley Ergonomic Split Seat Style Backrest Saddle Stool

The chair is small but can withstand a weight of up to 299,37 kilograms.

The seat has two main parts: the backrest and the soft, PU leather-covered seat. The seat is designed with a small angle. The back angle, seat angle, and height of the seat can be adjusted. 

This chair can be moved on the floor thanks to the wheels attached to the seat legs. This will be the right choice for doctors, masseurs, or dentists to support their back while working.

  • PROS
  • Compact, easy to move

  • Simple to use

  • CONS
  • Only acts as a support for the back

  • The width of the two saddle sides cannot be adjusted

  • Difficult to disassemble

Musso Massage Gaming Chair

A design for gamers or streamers should include this product. The stop is both comfortable and convenient for gamers. The chair is improved over any other chair, it has legroom, can be moved in or out, creating a comfortable feeling for your legs when you have to sit for long hours.

The headrest and backrest are thick, comfortable, and easily removable cushioned pillows. 

Under the seat, it has a rocking function system. This system is responsible for changing the height and seat to suit the position of each person. What's more, the chair reclines for a maximum of 140 degrees and the adjustable armrest provides support for the hands without restraint.

The chair can rotate 360 degrees and move smoothly on the floor, can move flexibly without having to leave the chair. The waist vibration will help reduce the pressure on us when sitting for many hours in front of the computer keyboard.

This chair is designed with curvy curves to create a soft and flexible chair. The footrest, though movable and adjustable, is connected to the main seat section using only small aluminum bars. I think it cannot bear a heavyweight person to get on it.

  • PROS
  • Elegant and varied colors

  • Pay attention to your feet

  • Thick and high elasticity cushion

  • CONS
  • Piton often gets stuck

Massage Office Chair

You work in the office environment, you sit for many hours in front of the computer, the desk, this chair is the best choice for you. The chair is designed to suit the requirements and characteristics of the office chair. Big and large office massage chair. The seat cushion is thick and smooth like a sponge, creating a comfortable feeling.

Besides, the chair can also be adjusted in height to suit each individual. Five legs with wheels are convenient for moving on the floor. In addition to its function as an office chair, the chair also has the function of a massage chair with slight rotation at the waist to help them reduce sharp pain and pressure on the spine.

You can stop the seat rotation with the remote control, and under the chair, there's a small pocket so you can roll and store the data cable inside. The chair can withstand a weight of about 226,8 kg.

The seat cushions are made of PU leather, so when using them they are very soft to create a comfortable feeling. The head and waist padding are very thick. The reason for the height adjustment of the chair is thanks to the piton connecting the base and the seat. After plugging in the USB charging port, just press the switch next to the seat, the oscillation massage function will be activated, you will feel the comfort of this function.

  • PROS
  • Wide and big chair

  •  Simple to use

  • CONS
  • Only impact the waist

  • Difficult Installation 

  • Low massage efficiency

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Office Chair

If you are a gamer who regularly works on a machine that causes neck, shoulder, and back pain, you should invest in this product to improve your health problem. The seat height is from 122,936cm to 130,048cm, Back and seat width is 56,007cm and Arm length is 24,99cm. The height of the chair is adjustable. The right of this chair has an adjustment button. It helps to adjust the back angle from 90 degrees to 135 degrees to create comfort.

Besides, this chair is made of high-quality steel with five-star feet to create a sturdy chair. More than, when you sit for a long time, your neck and back will get tired, this chair is designed with the headrest and waist section which are removable and adjustable sponge pillows. The seat backrest has special wave support for pain relief and muscle tension. 

Besides, the chair can rotate 360 degrees, shake 20 degrees and move without making noise on the floor. The handrails are made of aluminum alloy that can be flexibly adjusted from right to left, from bottom to top to facilitate all user activities.

  • PROS
  • Flexible and convenient for active people

  • Firm and comfortable

  • CONS
  •  Gets hot quickly

  • Suitable for them few subjects

Master Massage Berkeley Ergonomic Split Style Saddle Stool in Royal Blue

This chair improves my sitting posture and helps me with back pain symptoms. The chair is constructed quite simply with two seat cushions upholstered in PU leather adjusted for the body. The seat can be easily moved thanks to the five-point base with dual swivel wheels. 

Moreover, the height adjustment of the chair helps us to have a sitting position suitable for each specific situation, reduces pressure on the spine, and reduces leg fatigue for a long time. Despite its simple design, the chair has contributed to a standard and comfortable sitting position for me.

  • PROS
  • Easy to use

  • Small and convenient

  • Withstand great weight (299,37 kg)

  • Easy to move

  • The cushion is thick and smooth

  • CONS
  • Can not work around the neck, shoulders, and upper back

  • Difficult to Remove

  • The wheel is easily damaged

  • Low massage efficiency

Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair

I am impressed with this chair because it is compact and easy to carry wherever you are. Even so, the very sturdy chair is made from a lightweight aircraft steel frame with an anti-rust coating, and the cushioning system is thick, oil-resistant, water-resistant so it's easy to use and clean. 

The pads are made of laminated cell foam, making them comfortable and comfortable to use. When I buy the product, the main body is pre-assembled, I just need to assemble the rest of the chair. 

However, I think it is not suitable for those who are too tall, because of the uncomfortable place for them. If we could adjust this chair, we'd be great.

  • PROS
  • Compact, easy to carry around

  • Durable, beautiful, and sturdy

  • CONS
  • Cannot adjust the chair’s body

  • The head ring cannot be adjusted to fit each person

Massage Chair Office Swivel Executive Ergonomic Heated

If you are looking for a massage chair with integrated heating and flexible movement, this is a suitable choice for all three above criteria. The chair is designed with six massage points including two thigh points, two lumbar points, and two back points operated by a vibrating massage mechanism, impacting on aching muscles, making me feel very comfortable. 

The radiant function runs along the spine from the neck to the thighs, which has a comprehensive impact on the back and spine to reduce pressure on the spine, soothe pain caused by sitting too long. The thick padding creates a smooth feeling. The seat base is designed with five small legs attached to the wheels to help the chair move easily on the floor.

Part of the heat runs along the spine, contributing to heating and soothing the spine with heat. During cold days, a little heat is applied to the back to warm up the body. That feeling is great!

  • PROS
  • Integrating many functions

  • Beautiful and luxurious

  • Long charging cord

  • CONS
  • No adjustment armrest

  • Cannot recline 180 degrees

  • Hard cushion

Buying Guide - Tips For Choosing The Best Massage Chair Under 1000

Best Massage Chair Under 1000

Currently, the massage chair is considered to be the leading health care device and is chosen by many people. However, not everyone knows how to choose a massage chair that is right for them. Whether it is a back massage chair, a full body Massage chair, or a foot massage chair, you need to be an experienced person to choose the most suitable product.  Some of our guidelines below can help you choose the best massage chair under 1000 for your needs. Here are five criteria to consider to choose the right massage chair for you:

Clearly Define Your Needs

Best Massage Chair Under 1000

Before buying a massage chair, keep in mind that you should buy this chair? What do you want to use it for? Where is that chair used (office, game room, home space)? Because the price to buy a massage chair is not cheap but quite expensive, unlike other health care equipment, if you buy it without the right purpose or need, it is too wasteful. And One of the most reasonable options you can refer to is the best massage chairs under 1000.

For example: You are a gamer, you have to sit for many hours in front of the computer screen. So your back is affected a lot. However, you also need a massage chair that keeps your hands comfortable and your feet not numb from long sitting. 

Once you have identified your purpose, you will be able to choose a massage chair that is suitable for your purpose. More than that you can choose the best massage chair under 1000 which is both cheap and convenient.

The Use Of Massage Chairs

Best Massage Chair Under 1000

And when you have determined what the need you use for a Massage chair is, now you need to pay close attention to the specific uses of each chair to choose the most suitable one.

Currently, there are many different types of chairs on the market with different functions that are very good for human health, but if you learn and pay close attention, it seems that the massage chair the whole body is getting more favor from the user.

However, with different groups of subjects, the need to impact each part of the body differently (face, neck, back, waist, legs), as well as they, like their mechanism of action such as: vibration, heat generation, movement, flexible adjustment …

The Cost Of The Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair Under 1000

When you choose any massage chair model, you also need to pay close attention to the price of the chair, this seems to be a quite important factor. Pay attention to whether the Massage chair's function is suitable for the price you have to spend to own it or not? Be alert and wise when choosing to buy. 

Depending on the uses, materials, features ... of each type of chair, it will have a different price, each product and you also need to depend on your economic conditions to choose the best one.

After-sale Service Of Each Massage Chair Firm

This you also need to find out carefully before deciding to buy a Massage chair, from the warranty period, return policy, or any other incentives,…. Depending on each company that will have different policies. The best massage chair under 1000 is the one that has a good service.

Best Massage Chair Under 1000

Select A Reputable Shopping Address 

This is also an important criterion for you to find the best quality product, if you are wondering, come right to Amazon, we have many good policies for customers such as: periodic care. Before, during, and after purchase, good warranty, many incentives included …

When you come to Amazon, you will receive the best products, be consulted, and choose the most suitable Massage chair for use as well as the economic conditions of the family.

There are many famous brands of massage chairs as well as having many of the best massage chairs under 1000 on Amazon and in large quantities for you to choose from. Besides, you can read the review information about the product. From there, giving you the most objective and correct view of the massage chair that you are interested in. 

Structure And Design Of The Chair

Best Massage Chair Under 1000

The quality of the airbag, rollers, and vibrations determine the quality and features of the massage chair. Good chair, roller, vibration frequency design more delicate. The vibrating roller, oscillating frequency is like the hands of a professional masseuse, will smoothly perform punching, massage, rake, day, acupressure with the help of airbags.

The chair design is also very important, it shows the class and aesthetic of the owner.

Size of chair: you need to choose the right product, fit, in harmony with the display space. For families with comfortable space, you can choose any model you like. For families with limited space should consider the size of the product before buying.

Quality of leather chair: massage chair is made from many different materials. Genuine leather seats will be great to use but the price is quite high. If you want to choose an affordable product, the PU leather chair is also very good.

How To Preserve Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair Under 1000

Researching to buy the right massage chair has been difficult, keeping it properly and durable is even more difficult. Here are some tips for you to store a Best Massage Chair Under 1000 at home:

Don't place anything on the surface of the chair: We often take advantage of the massage chair as a regular chair, so we carelessly put everything household utensils on the chair, from food, clothes, heavier items to even sharp objects. These items affect the leather surface of the seat or endanger other parts such as sensors, controls, and airbags.

Turn off the power properly: Many people have a habit of plugging in the power plug continuously from day to day or even when the chair is active, suddenly disconnect the power supply. These two ways are both wrong. The sudden power shutdown causes the machine parts to stop immediately or plug the machine into operation for too long, which will prevent the chair from resting, leading to a reduction in the life of the chair.

Place the chair in a dry, clean place: Depending on the space and layout of each house, someone likes to book a massage chair in the bedroom or a polite, luxurious living room, at a private office. You can choose the best massage chair under 1000 and put it in a cool, dry place sometimes even better and more durable than an expensive massage chair that does not preserve well.

Best Massage Chair Under 1000

However, no matter where it is placed, it should be placed in a flat, dry, clean place, the temperature is not too high. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, where it is too humid or too hot to avoid damaging components and electricity inside as well as the leather surface of the chair. 

Clean regularly: We should wipe this product with soft, dry towels; Brush or small capacity vacuum cleaners remove dirt from the seat and not affect the performance of other components. Carefully read the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, to avoid solutions that damage the leather surface of the chair.

Check your chair periodically: It is necessary to check the engine systems inside as well as the parts of the chair to ensure and promptly correct problems related to the wires, rollers, and airbags ... This implementation should, with the instruction or direct implementation of technical experts, avoid arbitrarily disassembling the parts leading to damage to the chair.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Massage Chair Under 1000

The gaming massage chair may be the most luxurious of the options, but I prefer the stylish Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair because its versatile design fits almost any living space.

The design of this massage chair is compact, can be folded or adjusted to suit the user. With the massage function, this chair can affect many body areas such as the head, chest, back, arms, legs, creating a sense of comfort for the whole body.

The design of this massage chair is compact, foldable, or adjustable for the user. With its far-reaching functions, this chair impacts many body areas such as the head, chest, back, arms, and legs, creating a comfortable feeling for the whole body. 

So, if you research carefully and carefully, choosing the best massage chair under 1000 is also very good and will bring a good effect on traumatic the health of you and your family.

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