Top 15 Best Michelin Tires For SUV Review 2020

The demand for SUV cars has been skyrocketing in the recent years. Of course the demand for car things has been rising, too. As you might know, Michelin Tires have been on the top of the best tires in the market for a long time. You would always want to own the road with the best michelin tires for SUV. 

However, it is already very hard to choose from a huge pool of hundreds of tires in the market today only with the Michelin brand. So if it is time to change your tires but you are still confused about what to buy, join this to find out the best 15 michelin tires for your SUVs. We’ll make sure you would be able to choose the best after reading this.
best michelin tires for suv
best michelin tires for suv
best michelin tires for suv
best michelin tires for suv
best michelin tires for suv

Best Michelin Tires For SUV Best quality

Best Michelin Tires For SUV for modern design

Best Michelin Tires For SUV for winter time

Best Michelin Tires For SUV for commercial use

Best Michelin Tires For SUV for durability

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best michelin tires for suv, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top Best Michelin Tires For SUV Reviews 2020

Michelin 4x4 Diamaris Radial Tire 364

This among the best Michelin tires for SUV we would want to bring to you is the 4x4 Diamaris Radial Tire. It weighs 31 pounds with the rim diameter of 20 inches. A larger rim of diameter is also available for lighter trucks. 

It exploited the advanced BAZ Technology and two high-tensile steel belts in the internal structure to improve its stability and responsiveness of the tires. Even when you are at high speed, the tire’s shape can not be distorted. This is a very important feature of any tire, especially with the fact that people are driving more and more on highways these days. 

There is absolutely no doubt about its ability of steering response as well as cornering confidence thanks to the asymmetric tread. 

Moreover, wet grip and dry grip are both brought up by the tread compounds from the ultra-high performance sports car tires. Overally, according to the manufacturer,  this unit of tire is best for preeminent SUV lines such as Volkswagen and Porsche.

This tire is at the highest price end but it would always be worth considering its quality and durability for luxury sport cars. 


  • BAZ tech
  • High uniformity and stability
  • Suitable for Volkswagen or Porche, BMW


  • High price

Michelin Defender LTX M/S Radial Tire 349

The second line of best Michelin tires for SUV we would want to review is the Defender LTX M/S. It has the tread depth of 8 mm and section width of 245 meters. It is a kind of light truck tire used for all-seasons vans, sport vehicles, and heavy duty cab vehicles. 

The Defender LTX M/S is expected to give you smooth rides all around the year without wet, dirt, dry. It has a highly functional tread pattern that extends its life span regardless of the low or high demands of your chuck so you do not have to worry about riding around too much. 

Unlike other classic all-black ture, one plus point about this is that it has two color options for permanent stickers located on the top and bottom of each tire.

Its package comes with a Rubber Bright Touch-Up Cleaner (8oz) for you to keep your tires clean all the time. 

The tires have all been new warranted and free fast-shipping now, assuring better customer satisfaction.


  • All-season tires
  • Modern design with colors
  • Well-package
  • Warranty new

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV Winter Tire 304

If you are looking for the best winter-coping tire, this gear is one of the best Michelin tires for SUV you can add to your collection. It is specifically made to last in winter. Regardless there is little snow or snowstorms, this tire is always able to give you precise stretch. 

Besides, the upgraded center groove in its directional tread pattern improves its capacity to resist hydroplaning and prevent wet or dry drip. Not only one, there are two steel belts and a polyamide cap to support the tread dealing with high-speed performance. The ture is soft enough to improve ride quality better than the original all-season tires in winter. 

One more reason to choose Michelin is that the brand is promised to 75% recycle their tires so if you choose one from Micheline, you are participating in the process of saving the environment.  

It has a great offering of a tread warranty of 6 years, equally 30 000 miles and uniform warranty of 1 year, which means you can rely on this for your next decade of riding.


  • Super ideal for winter conditions
  • New version
  • Recycling material good for the environment

Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Terrain Radial Tire 261

No products found.

Another good option for an all-season tire from Michelin. It is a commercial use tire that can be worn in your cars to ride on both soft roads and tough off-road roads for such a remarkable length.

It reduces the amount of road noise and vibration so you and your family can always enjoy the time spent on cars. It is best for Chevrolet, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, Ford F-series,... 

One more good point is that it is designed to be good at fuel efficiency. Who does not like a tire that can save you tons of fuel, right? Inside the internal structure are the 2-3 steel belts to improve durability and puncture resistance.

Our customers have been very pleased with its comfort and its performance in wet conditions as the tire is suitable for all year round. 

The only one drawback we have noticed of the product is that the fast start and stop can leave tires with huge pressure, negatively affecting the rubber. 


  • Commercial use
  • Comfortable
  • Fuel efficiency

Michelin Defender LTX M/S All- Season Radial Tire 259

If you are looking for a Michelin tire that can go with you everywhere for a very long time, this is the one. It can go with not only SUV but also light truck and crossover tires. This one unit has almost the same design and structure with the Defender LTX M/S but this does not have the two stickers blue and white options. 

The tread life is extended significantly thanks to the Evertread Technology unique to Michelin. There are over four wide circumferential channels, lateral grooves and open shoulder slots to let off the water intrusion and give better stopping capacity. 

Additionally, it is also comfortable with wet and snow conditions. With the capacity of 3640 pounds, there is no limit in how much the tire can endure. 

The outstanding point about this is its 60-days satisfaction warranty and a 3-year flat tire assistance from Michelin. It is a very good try if you have no idea what to choose for your car. 

However, you need to know beforehand that this tire is not ideal for winter time as it is not so dedicated to severe winter. You might want to change from this to winter tires for a better deep snow traction.


  • Evertread Tech
  • High endurance


  • Not good in bad winter times

Michelin Premier LTX All-Season Radial Tire 255

With the load index of 110 and section width of 265 mm, the Premier LTX is a run flat tire verson. 

The major advantage is the Evergrip technology and wet grip that produces the tires with extreme silica compound for expending rain groves. The tire is super safe for any types of weather. The Premier should go with any SUV or light trucks for its quietness and durability. 

It maintains grip with the well-designed biting edges and open shoulder blocks. 

Users have been very pleased with the outstanding performance considering its reasonable price. It works pretty well on both wet and icy conditions. Overally, it is undeniably  a fantastic tire compared to other brands’ in the exact same category.


  • Evergrip technology
  • All-season
  • Reasonable price

MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 all season 251

No products found.

The next alternative for prominent SUV and Crossover vehicles such as Porsche and BMW is this Latitude Sport. The outer design would make your car look just like any racing car. With the new tread compound and higher void ratio, wet grip is better dealt with by this tire. 

Unlike the traditional design, the rolling resistance is significantly level up thanks to the variable thickness of its sipes. Additionally, the fuel consumption is also saved by the eco-focused methods of Michelin. 

The size of two high-tensile and steel cord belts located internally is optimized and precisely placed to prevent tire distortion so that you no longer have any worry when speeding up your cars. Hence, the tires would absorb all road bumps and leave you with only smoothness. 

The only short-coming of this model is that it is better used during summer time, and not very well in near-freezing temperatures or extreme winters.


  • Good for high-speed cars
  • Fuel savings


  • Not very good during winter time.

Michelin Latitude Sport Touring Radial Tire 

Another promising option for SUV and Crossover manufacturers as Porsche and Audi. This model resembles the similar asymmetric pattern and tread compounds of those Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 so you are assured of its capacity to deal with dry grip. 

Besides, this tire is also good to ride on grass and sand due to the innovative rubber compound. Of course they are not a kind of all-terrain tire like the ATX AT/2 but it is significantly decent in road and off road places. 

One more epic point about this product is its FAZ Tech as well as the hybrid silica black compound that improves the dry and wet traction. The outboard shoulder is large enough to enhance steering accuracy while the lateral notches help reload water. 

Size-optimized steel cord belts located in internal structure. Suitable for all four seasons. We love this tire.


  • Resemble Michelin Pilot Sport
  • FAZ tech
  • All-season 

Michelin Latitude Tour HP All-Season Radial Tire 233

No products found.

We would highly recommend this model for those who constantly have to ride in rainy weather. The 2-D Active Sipes are much better at handling rain and snow with its rigidity. 

It applied the FAZ Tech so the tire is resistant to any substances in the roads. Moreover,  our users are very comfortable with this tire as it provides stable feeling and accurate steering, even at high speed. 

help deliver better handling in rain and snow by locking together for greater rigidity.

It is needless to say that there is a combination of both fuel efficiency and friction reduction. 

The Latitude Tour HP has an all-season tread compound located in a symmetric pattern that they help boosting stability and responsiveness. Its best feature is comfort: the ride is always plush while it generates literally little noise on the highway. Drivers are assured with ample grip, traction, and braking in all conditions.


  • FAZ Technology
  • Ideal to address wet, dry and winter time
  • Fuel efficient

Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Season Radial Tire - P275/65R18 114T

If you are a fan of the LTX Michelin line, this one's for you. Not every tire has the optimized contact patch shape like this unit. 

The tire lasts much longer than you can imagine thanks to the MaxTouch Construction and the off-road endurance. There is no surface that can create difficulties for this: mud, dirt, wet land…

Besides, there is absolutely no doubt over its capacity to deal with road noise and vibration. 

The LTX is a tire that gives pretty one of the best ride quality with the lowest amount of noise in comparison with others in this category, making it become a tire for your loved family. 

The LTX also provides you with very good high-speed stability and outstanding traction. 

It only comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Michelin Primacy MXV4 Radial Tire

This Michelin Primacy is a brilliant option for a simple but efficient tire for your SUV. This is one of the best tires for basic comfort tour-oriented outdoor cars. The product from Michelin has been upgraded by modern technology after the Primacy 3 so it has longer usage time and is compatible in all seasons instead of only summer time. However, it is only available from R16 to R18, compared to R15 to R19 of the Primacy 3. 

The tire maximizes its contact with the road thanks to the Max Touch Construction. It is also preferred by a lot of people. It gives them comfortable rides without any road noise by its unique tread design with numerous biting edges. After the testing, it has 6% better road holding in comparison with its previous generation and 10% better than other models. Therefore, it is quite a good choice if you have never chosen a tire in your life.

Michelin Energy Saver A/S All-Season Radial Tire 147

Another best Michelin Tire for SUVs for every purpose is the Energy Saver A/S model. Although it is not ranked among the most common tires from Michelin, its quality cannot be undermined. The tire is produced at a level of energy saving so you can make sure that you are good for the environment!

There is a special tread rubber pattern that enables the whole tire to be cooler, even when it has been on the road for a long time. The engine now can move better for there is less CO2 emissions and less fuel usage.  Moreover, the tire tread design is well-done to endure better toughness in those badly dry and wet weather conditions.

Michelin also applies the method of MaxTouch Construction that helps it in the contact of the road more often and distributes the acceleration force more evenly. Furthermore, the silica-based tread causes the all-around traction as well as no-compromise braking. 


  • Energy saving
  • Maxtouch Construction

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All Season Performance Radial Tire

The Pilot Sport tire is capable of dealing with pressure when cornering with much more grip and control. Similar to the characteristics of the Michelin Energy Saver A/S, this one also has extreme silica compounds as well as 3-D sipes in order to stay controlled of the weather and avoid hydroplaning. 

As for its name, this tire is compatible in both dry and rain seasons, the Helio+ Tech is suitable in both extreme seasons. This feature is its plus point for it is the newer model from Pilot Sport 3. More interestingly, the hidden Biting edges also grabs loose snow for a faster starting and quicker stopping. 

This one is specifically developed for the drivers with high-end sports cars or sedans who are in search for a sporty lifestyle. Moreover, thanks to redial design, it would be greatly beneficial in fuel-efficient.


  • Helio Tech
  • 3-D sipes
  • Ideal for high-end sport cars


This one should be among the best Michelin Tires for SUV not because of its quality but also thanks to its affordable price. This one is made for SUVs, sedans,  station wagons and crossover vehicles. It would definitely give you daily comfort and reliable performance every time you ride your car. Compatible to all 4 seasons. 

The CrossClimate+ owns a distinct type of directional tread pattern that improves the stability as well as dry traction. 

There are several outstanding points about this: wide lateral grooves and open shoulders let the water move up and down smoothly beneath the contact patch. The 3D sipes cause biting edges for all year round. 

This is undeniably an amazing versatile all-round tire. It generally gets a thump up from us.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Radial Tire

We know that the severe winter time is coming so here we go another model of Winter Radial Tire. This is the 3rd generation of  X-Ice winter tire so it is able to provides the best safety even during extreme winter. 

Only the products of X-ice and Maxtouch are having the unique contact shape that entends the the using time of this tire. 

Moreover, this MICHELIN X-Ice Xi3 is also expected to be environmentally friendly, reducing fuel consumption and a long lasting life. The cross Z sipes is capable of providing tread and shoulder block the lateral and longitudinal stiffness. Therefore, the driving precision is much improved.

Along with the twin steel in the internal structure is a spirally wound nylon that keeps the tire shape and stability during high-speed. 

Another reason why you should pick this is that this Michelin X-Ice Xi3 winter has met the severe snow service requirements  for tires and got the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. These tires are an inseparable friend for your winter adventures and thrilling experience.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing The Best Michelin Tires For SUV

best michelin tires for suv

It is a very good first step to choose a tire from Michelin as the company has been famous for its products in all types of transportation: vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles… However, there are already thousands of tires to choose from only Michelin so it would be a bit time-consuming and confusing to choose the best Michelin tires for SUV for yourselves. 

We want to make sure you have the best experience riding so let us help you with the most important things you need to know before purchasing one.


best michelin tires for suv

This should be considered as the most important thing you should notice. You can easily get the dimension and sizes in the introduction of any tires but a lot of people do not pay attention to it. 

For example, the number can be 285/50R20 or P215/60R15.

Load Capacity

best michelin tires for suv

This one is also an important feature. The load capacity means the maximum weight that you can put on so that the four tires would handle perfectly without any breaking. It would not break or stop working right away but it would reduce significantly the time you can use your tires. 

You really do not want to always put on 6000 pounds while in fact your car has just 4000 pounds!

Tread Pattern

There are different tread pattern in different categories of tires. It is a bit complicated to distinguish between them but they might be symmetrical, unidirectional, and asymmetrical. Depending on the purpose and your using, you should choose the best fit.

best michelin tires for suv


best michelin tires for suv

Last but not least, those high quality tires generally cost more than other tires in the same categories. However, sometimes cheaper tires have the same functions as those more expensive. Plan ahead what you want and it would save you more money!

Other Considerations

Above is the most essential things you should know beforehand. There are some other points we think you might want to know:

best michelin tires for suv

  • Safety: Whatever the brands you are buying from, the tires should be recognized by a Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) mark, which means that they have been tested for their quality and qualified enough to get on the road. 
  • Fuel Economy: Modern advanced tires have been updated so they can save you a great deal of fuel, around 20%. This can be done by choosing the right tires for your vehicles.m 
  • Weather: As you may know, tires are made to deal with specific types of weather, summer, winter, or 4 seasons. You should double check whether your tires are only 1 season or 4 seasons so that they can last longer and work better.

At this point, you are still not 100% sure about what vehicles go with the michelin tires for suv or how to choose the michelin tires for suv, below is a link for you to have a better understanding of the best Michelin Tires For SUV:

Common questions

best michelin tires for suv

Should I use an all-season for winter time?

The all-season tires are specifically designed to deal with weather all year round so you can count on it during the winter time. However, it might only help you with a bit of slush and now, not extreme deep snow. You might want a winter tire with full capacity to deal with winter. 

The difference between touring and all-season tires?

The main difference is that those all-season tires have higher speed ratings than those touring tires. They are expected to have higher traction and cornering capacities at high speed. 

What is the best choice for an Average SUV Driver?

We would say that the best fit for an Average SUV Driver is those Michelin touring tires. The reason is that they can work in all conditions, durable for such a long time,  comfortable and cost-effective. 

What are the most common Michelin tires models?

According to our survey, the most common models are Michelin Defender T+H, Michelin LTX M/S2, Michelin Pilot Super Sport, and the Michelin X-Ice Xi3.

What is the cost range of a Michelin tire?

It is clear that those Michelin tires are significantly more costly than other tires in the market. The price should be between $80 to $550, depending on what type and what size you choose. Most of the all-season Michelin tires for SUVs cost around $200 each.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Michelin Tires For SUV

The tires are clearly one of the most important things of any car. Among many brands, Michelin has been well-known for their high-standard tires. The michelin tires for suv ensure you of safety, comfort, durability, and cost-effectiveness. 

Different people have different requirements for their cars, four-season, winter, sport luxury cars… Michelin is capable of supplying the best tires for you. We hope you have already got to know the best tires you are looking for and their features. 

Here is a short-list of our top 5 michelin tires for suv we would like to introduce to you:


Best Michelin Tires For SUV for commercial use

No products found.

Here is the best options we have for you, considering their capacities, characteristics, price… Each of them is special in their way. We suggest you look carefully both their pros and cons to see if they fit their expected requirements and budget. 

We hope we are able to help you make the decisions to pick the Best Michelin Tires For SUV.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best michelin tires for suv at the comment box below!

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