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Years ago, people used to think that the best mini milling machine could only be found in big garages and factories. 

But now, whether you are an amateur technician or simply just someone who enjoys doing DIYs, it is possible for you to get a milling machine that weighs no more than ten pounds.

But you can be a bit overwhelmed having a fair amount of options to choose from. It is never an easy job hunting a mini machine for all your needs, but lucky for you, we are here to arrange the list of best mini milling machine that we have carefully reviewed especially for y'all beginners in this field. Read this article and make your choice of purchasing the most ideal mini milling machine.

best mini milling machine
best mini milling machine
best mini milling machine

Best For Durable performance

Best For Affordable price tag

Best For Upgradability

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Mini Milling Machine, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 14 Best Mini Milling Machine Reviews 2020

Proxxon 34108 Micro Mill FF 230

This is definitely the bang-for-your-buck milling machine for your small shop business. If you are someone who is into investing money in quality then you don’t have to be afraid of getting this one because it is definitely worth the price you are paying for.

This model is vibration-free for fatigue-free usage. It runs so smoothly that you don’t have to suffer lousy engine noise.

And yes,because this is a mini milling, you will get the convenience of a slim-designed yet portable unit without any compromising performance. This mini milling weighs only 41 pound - an ideal weight for a small knee milling machine.

This milling system helps you to mill, drill and is able to countersink quite a fair amount of materials precisely such as cast iron, brass, aluminum, steel and plastic.

Amazing thing is that you can control the height due to a hand wheel which also plays as a fine feed when milling. Plus, the quill and headstock can also be actively locked in any spots you’d like which is totally essential to consider when milling. For the best milling outcome, I highly recommended you to lock the headstock. And don’t worry, it is not complicated to do thanks to the FF 230’s lock level of this unit.

With such a semi-affordable range price like that, this is definitely a perfect machine for you to kick-start all of your innovative mini milling machine projects.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Portable 

  • Durable

  • Most ideal for soft to medium metal materials

  • Low noise level

  • Suitable for not-too-complicated milling projects

KKmoon Mini DIY 6 in 1 Multi-functional Small Milling Machine

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In case you are an ultimate DIY enthusiast, this is definitely the milling machine that worths your consideration.

6 different types of lathes being available in just this one unit makes this an unbeatable multi-functional mini milling machine. This amazing feature allows you to perform sewing, grindering, drilling, wood lathing, metal lathing and milling. But keep in mind that you can only operate one lathe at a time.

Being made of high-quality aluminum alloy and zinc alloy, this mini milling offers you durability and non-deformable usage. Because the aluminum is known as a light-weighted material, that is why this mini milling for sale is relatively light in weight and makes it extremely easy to carry around from place to place without you having to put any extra effort.

Shortly speaking, if you love a great handcraft tool kit for DIYs, crafts,.. or you’re a student working on your project, this versatile mini milling machine ensures to help you solve all of your problems.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Portable for carrying

  • Durable

  • Multi-purpose milling machine

  • Suitable for DIY lovers, students and even professionals

Erie Tools 7 x 14 Precision Benchtop Mini Metal Milling Lathe

This mini milling machine for small shops can amaze you by how it can work like 10 machines combined together. No matter if you want to lathe, cut or drill, this mini milling is able to satisfy you by all means. Not just get the job done but it finishes the job with remarkable precision.

With the ability to cut metals, plastic, woods and PVC effortlessly, the motor of this machine stands out due to how its running speed can reach up to 2500RPM in both rotational directions which makes it allow left-handed threads.

The multi-jaw chuck is so good at holding all the workpieces firmly in place whereas the optional auto feed can be adjusted to satisfy the needs of the project at hand.

The 5/16 capacity tool post enables you to operate maximum four cutting tools at a time which is definitely more than enough for your mid-project.

With the help of thread indicator, customers can now metrically or imperially turn the screw threads anywhere from 12 to 52 TPI.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Ideal size for not-so-professional usage

  • Speedy

  • Durable

  • Versatile

JET JMD-18 350018 230-Volt 1 Phase Milling/Drilling Machine

Known for its reputation in the engineering technology fields for quite a long time, JET JMP knows how to satisfy its customers by keeping releasing high-quality machines. And this milling machine is not an exception.

Even with just the size of only ½ by ¾ inches, this small knee milling machine offers you two horsepower to run smoothly without you having to be afraid of its lack of durability over the time.

Basically an engineering machine but this milling machine can still impress you by its minimal yet modern design.

Since the tray can move around as you continue cutting and there is also a handwheel helping you to keep track with the position of the cutting point, your work now can be a lot more easy.

With an extra-large work table - 9.5 x 31.75 ich, you are now giving full liberty to handle larger scale projects which require more space and flexibility.

As we have mentioned before, JET is known for its popularity in the field of engineering, I highly recommend you to give this beat a shot!

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Reasonably cost

  • Easy to operate

  • User-friendly features

  • Incredible build quality

SHOP FOX M1036 Micro Milling Machine

This is maybe the most compact yet the miniest size home shop milling machine than those previous ones. In spite of its small size, the motor is still powerful enough to impress you as a machine for home use.

This Micro Mill is perfect for operating high acuration small parts. It contains digital depth readout, compound slide table, a micro downfeed knob and a variation of speed control. When you are working with smaller bits and softer materials, it is best to set up the high speed range while low range speed is more ideal for larger bits and harder materials.

There are two axes and each of them can be controlled independently by a crank handle. Besides, each axis is possibly to be locked in position which keeps the workpieces at a minimum vibration as possible.

There is also an optional M1038 Quick Vise designed to be paired with the M1036 Micro Milling Machine.

In case you want extra accuration, don’t worry, this unit includes graduated dials. With a complete rotation of the handwheel, it equals 0.050 inch. You can “zero” the graduated dials by simply grabbing the knurled section then rotating the graduated dial back to “0”.

This amazing micro features a death stop, allowing the operator to make various identical holes or hold the mill at a specific depth.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Digital meter

  • Light in weight

  • Controllable speed

  • Suitable for simple projects

PM-727M Milling Machine (Without Stand)

With its fairly small size, this unit is so worth it to be one of the best mini milling machines in this list. 

Being made out of high-quality material, you don’t have to worry that this machine will get rusted over the time. 

“Compact”, “precise” and “economical” is 3 adjectives I would like to use to describe this fantastic milling machine. If you’re having a tough time finding the best mini milling machine for your rather small workshop, but still, wanting it to have the ability to take quite heavier cuts compared to the other machine in the same size range. 

There are spindles in this mini milling machine supported by tapered roller bearings, which will surely provide you with high intensity of accuration. Also, the head of this mil is able to be tilted up to 90 degrees, both left side and right side

For the maximum reliability,  there are six-speed variation gear heads. Unfortunately, you will have to set up this milling machine yourself after buying it, but personally, I find that it is not a complicated process. You can easily get it done by reading the included manual.

The only downside about this mil is its relatively high price compared to the other mini milling machines in this list. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to take a moment to consider, but if you want to invest in a high-quality mini milling for long lasting usage and price is not very much your top concern, then this best mini milling machine definitely worth a shot for you to try.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Durable performance

  • Flexible features

  • Various speed ranges

  • Can be flexibly used for domestic and commercial purposes

WEN 33013 4.5A Variable Speed Single Phase Milling Machine with R8 Taper

You may don’t want to miss this WEN 421412-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press for an ideal tool in your workplace. This mill is amazing when it comes to challenging works due to its stability and the ability to drill smoothly-done holes,

With such professional grade design that we often see in factorie, this 

mini milling machine is created for durable performance with perfection. Besides, this machine offers a ⅝  inch chuck holder, a 3 ⅛  inch spindle travel which makes it possible for you to easily drill anything around 3 ⅛ or even more. That can be seen as beyond expectation for just a mini milling for any hobbyists out there.

There is a variation of speed settings allowing you to drill everything you want ranging from softwood to substantial steels. This amazing mini milling machine will do all your jobs neat and cleanly.

This is a flexible-to-adjust machine. Unlike many other ones, this mil stands out because of its handle which allows you to set the speed from low to high without requiring a manual belt movement. More than that, there is alo a digital readout on the machine too.

Due to the laser light included, this machine becomes a wonderful choice for precise and continuous cutting allowing you to get all your lining up work pieces done in no time.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Reasonable price

  • Longevity

  • Durability

  • User-friendly, anyone with just a little knowledge about crafting can quickly learn how to use it

  • LED light and laser pointer for extra precise work

  • Simple assembly process

Proxxon 37110- Best Mini Mill for Gunsmithing

This one has the price tag that is so affordable that it may concern you at the first sight, but surely is the best mini milling machine you can find in the market. But to be honest, seeing the price you pay and what you will get, it is quite a good deal. 

I highly recommend this machine for intermediate-level users since it is only equipped with necessary features for your actual needs. As a result, if you are more about gunsmithing and other similar works,  you may want to take a glance at this milling machine.

This unit offers you a variation of speeds from the 100-watt motor running at standard voltage requirement. The 24-pole motor, on the other hand, will help to maximise the quality of the outcome of your gunsmithing work.

For you small to medium projects or design jobs, this mini milling machine has the ability to speed up from 5000-rpm to 20000-rpm which may not be considered as much but it is more than enough for you if you are not a professional in the field.

The table has a decent size with a fair amount of dimensions, plus it is built sturdily enough and when combined with the wonderful adjustability, this mini milling machine will surely amaze you by how quick and easy your job can be done. This 200x700mm table is great for small-scale works such as lab, electronics or jewelry.

And the size and weight also, are more than portable for your ultimate convenience.

In terms of the general quality of building, of course with that kind of price, what you will get is fantastic - vertical columns and compound lathe for a complete using experience, all thanks to the aluminum treatments.

Shortly speaking, if you are a newbie out there struggling finding your best mini milling machine, then this proxxon 37110 is a more-than-perfect option to start with.

To be honest, with this range of price, keep in mind that you will not get something that is out of this world, but if you simply just want to get a mil that can take good care of all the basic operations then we are not afraid to highly recommend you to take a look at this one.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Reasonable price

  • High-quality features offering joyful working experience.

  • 3-T slot design giving extra precision and positioning

  • Adjustable wheels

  • 15.5 pounds in weight helping with the general usability

Klutch Mini Milling Machine - 350 Watts, 1/2 HP, 110V - Best Mini Milling Machine for Steel

This unit has many qualities that any best mini milling machine should have. 

Firstly, it is quite surprising that the motor speed in this machine is just as amazing as ¾ HP. Two-speed gearboxes featured in the variable speed motor can power up to 350 watts. On the other hands, the speed can be anywhere from 100 RPM to 2500 RPM.

The head and column are flexible enough to be able to be tilted 45 degrees, left or right side, it depends on your liking. This allows you to easily deal with larger operations just by this mini milling machine.

One of the reasons making this unit one of the best mini milling machines for steel is its work table size - fairly large for you to work on both small or large scale projects. In case you still want your ranges of works to be increased, there is a 360-degree swiveling head included.

You may want to note down this important factors when choosing a mini milling machine is  that this unit offers you a 4-inch- longitudinal traveling distance and a 7-inch-cross distance

Another important feature of this beat is that the feed controlling can be up to a perfect limit. More than that, you will get a full package of this good deal with just an extremely reasonable price tag, which makes this mill even more competitive compared with the others

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • powerful ¾ HP motor

  • 2-speed gearbox

  • ability to tilt up to 45-degree-angle 

  • 360-degree swiveling head

  • precise feed controllability

  • able to make a rotation of up to 2500 RPM

PM-727M Milling Machine (Without Stand) - Best Mini Metal Mill

When it comes to mini milling machines, it is relatively rare to have a good variation of gearing capacity.  

But with this milling model, although it is comparative new in the market, you can still have various included features.

First thing first, there is a handy  6-speed variation geared head feature for any machinist’s works. Because it is hardened and grounded, you will get maximum reliability. 

Compared with other kinds of mini milling machines, this unit is quite easy-to-assemble. It may not come with any stand, but in return, you have full freedom of setting it up anywhere you’d like to. And for the setting up part, there is no needed circuitry. 

Because this is a mini model of a milling machine, the size is so compact that it is pretty much traveling-friendly.

In terms of the power, the capacity of drilling can reach a maximum of 1 ¼ inches whereas the maximum of ending capacity is around an inch. Besides, the face milling max is 3 inches.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Best deal for such a price

  • Compact design

  • Durable performance

  • Ideal for small workshop, yet still able to take heavier cut compared to other mini milling machines in the same range of price

  • Capable of high accuration requiring

Mophorn Mini Milling Machine

This milling machine offers an RPM of 2500, various speed settings for full control and a 550 wattage - a completely perfect package for professional or business purposes. 

The overall strength of this unit is unbeatable. With a robust construction, it allows you to operate in even hard metals without having to worry about breaking the machine.

With a wastage of 550 and the ability to speed up to 2500 RPM, the motor of this mini milling machine can support the mill dealing with heavy duty tasks without putting in any extra effort. 

There’s a straightforward gear drive added, helping you to set up the speeds anywhere from 20 to 2500, all depends on your liking.


To add up more points of convenience, this machine’s head can swing vertically at an angle of 90 degrees making this feature one of the top factors to ease your burdensome with your work. This is particularly helpful in terms of setting or removing your work piece.

More than that, you now can also rotate the spindle 45 degrees which will help you so much with working on separate parts of your materials without the annoying of having to relocate the work table too much. Getting this kind of freedom while handling our works is an important upside when it comes to choosing the best mini milling machine.

In addition, there is also an unique digital readout display included in the machine, making achieving accurate cuts become a lot more easier.

Another point for this magnificent mini milling machine is its versatility. Tasks like threading, drilling, milling and cutting have never become more easier than right now since the unit is designed to handle a large number of jobs.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Digital readout monitor

  • Adjustability of the work table

  • Toolkit and manual included 

  • Approved by the European safety standards

  • Strong built

Shop Fox M1111 6-Inch by 21-Inch Mini Milling Machine

Lowering or raising the worktable during operation can be one of the most annoying things when it comes to using a machine. But now,  with this Shop Fox M1111, your problems can be all solved. 

Lucky enough that this unit has a head which helps users to raise and lower without having to move the worktable anywhere.

When you raise, yes it requires a bit of effort, but when you need to lower it down, you can even do it with only one hand.

The 1 HP motor helps this machine to handle heavy duty jobs quite easily while providing spindle speeds of 1750 RPM. Especially, while you work on low to medium speeds, noise production of this machine is quite minimal, giving you complete quietness and a peaceful time of working.

Because this is a modern brush less motor, this milling machine doesn’t require high maintenance. 

Besides, this mill requires only 110 volts. As a result, you can easily run it at home, using a power source from your own wall outlet. 

The variation of speed goes anywhere between 100 and 1750 RPM, providing you full liberty to handle any range of works.

Come with this best mini milling machine, you will get a ⅝ inch drill chuck and arbor, combo wrenches, T-nuts, hex wrenches and a spare drive belt - all amazing necessities for your project. It is loaded with a fair amount of useful features providing you full support to complete your project. 

With the digital readout and a digital depth scale, now you can work on any projects that require high precision.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Powerful machine due to the 1 HP brushless motor

  • Variation of speeds which is able to go up to 1750 RPM

  • Several helpful features included 

  • Column and work table made out of cast iron adding up more strength and durability

  • Emergency button for safety sake

  • Digital controls

  • Easy to use

JET 350017/JMD-15 Mini Mill

This mini milling machine has an incredibly large work table measured at 23 by 7.5 inches providing you a big working surface for full experience. Now there’s no more hesitation when you want to work on those large materials.

This has to be a perfect model for professional and business usage since it is packed with several helpful features plus a spacious work area for you to operate with.

Purchasing this mini milling machine,  you will surely get full experience of the sturdiness and durability. Since this is a one-piece cast iron column , it’s super tough and break-free. With this type of construction, you can comfortably handle hard materials.

The 1 HP motor is more than powerful enough for you to work on heavy-duty projects. It offers 12 selections of speeds,  and contains power that is able to reach 2580 RPM.

If you’re getting this unit, you don’t have to waste your time waiting for the speed to change. Whenever you want to change the belt speeds, the quick slide latch becomes so handy that it can help you to prevent those disturbing wait seconds.

Because of the head’s 360 degrees swivel, all your setting and removing job is now a piece of cake. As I have mentioned before, the worktable is quite large in size and it allows you to easily deal with a wide range of different materials that come in all shapes and forms. 

Another upside of this milling machine is that it includes a locking collet which is particularly fantastic when it comes to guaranteeing your safety while operating.

This unit even has a UL certification to prove its quality.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Durable performance 

  • Large size of worktable 

  • Worklamp included for high precision requirement

  • 360 degrees swivel

Grizzly Industrial G0704-7" x 27" 1 HP Mill/Drill with Stand

This is one of the best mini milling machines that have more than enough essential features that surely will provide you an ultimate using experience. It’s said that it is quite identical to the JET but with a little less motor power. Even though it also runs on the 1 HP power, it doesn’t have a high range of RPM which you might want to take into consideration if you want to use this mini milling machine for professional or industrial related tasks. 

But still,  if you’re simply one of the hobbyists out there enjoying the process of crafting or DYIng, then this one may be the perfect match. Like I have mentioned,  this unit may not have a competitively powerful motor, but the cool thing is that you can add a larger motor to it and then it can be able to handle heavy-duty tasks. Finally, in case you want to level up your machine, you can purchase an extra drive belt, CNC and some DROS.  

The settings of the machine are quite flexible so that you can personally apply any transformation as well as modification that you like. By custom it with your own liking, this Grizzly mini milling machine can quickly glow up.

With the Z movement, I believe this DRO will satisfy any of your desire when it comes to a mini milling machine. But keep in mind that, it only works the best when the thickness of materials is less than 1.5”.

This milling machine is so lightweight that you can easily carry it around without putting any extra efforts.

The only downside is that tha worktable is a bit not too big in size which means you can only operate with rather small pieces.  

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Head can make a rotation of 90 degrees in both left side and right side

  • Lightweight 

  • Safe turn off switch 

  • Be able to upgrade to CNC

Thing You May Want To Consider When Buying The Best Mini Milling Machine

In case after our long list of reviewing 15 best mini milling machines and you are still confused with the process of how to choose one that is best for all your needs, we are here to offer you an extra informative buying guide! So,without further ado, let’s jump right in!


best mini milling machine

This is especially an important element if you want to get a perfect cut and hole in metals. Every different material and every piece requires a different range of speed to make the milling process complete.

When we mention speed,  there is a thing that we cannot forget - RPM. As you can see,  in each of our reviews about milling machines,  we always talk about the number of RPM. Basically, the higher the RPM range is, the faster the speed can get and in opposite, the lower the RPM is, the slower the speed is.

best mini milling machine

Ideally, the best mini milling machine is the one that offers you both higher and lower RPM. When your milling machine has a dual RPM built-in setting,  you can easily achieve a wide range of different tasks without having to face any trouble occurring along the working process. Various selections in terms of speed when you are for a small project also allows you to handle multiple kinds of materials effortlessly.

Motor power

best mini milling machine

Of course, this is an extremely important element to decide how durable the performance of your mini milling machine can be. Technically speaking, any machine work relies solely on the motor’s capability then we talk about all the other factors.

It is important to choose the mini milling machine that has no problems working with several types of materials such as copper, steel,  aluminum, brass and mild steel. Keep in mind that every different material requires a specific level of power.  So let’s just say if you’re going to work with only metal, you have to make sure that you go for a particular mill. On the other hand, in case you’re a professional, it’s essential to go for a versatile one.

In our list, you can select a multi-material machine for your own liking. For tough materials,  I highly recommend you to take a look at the Jet.


best mini milling machine

There is no milling complete without the worktable.  A larger table size offers you a standard amount of flexibility in the operating process so it’s very much important to choose a machine with an acceptable table size.  

On the other hand, quality of the work table also determines the milling machine’s capability of durable performance. Heavy-duty industrial projects require the table to be sturdy enough. Ideally,it should be made of aluminum or steel. Another thing you need to take into consideration is the T-slots which are essential for securing the materials while you’re about to operate.


best mini milling machine

A minimum of 1 Hp power is needed for any of your DIY small scale projects. In this case, we strongly recommend the Grizzly from our review. 1 HP motor for simple tasks while more complicated one requires at least 2 HP.

Tilt Accuracy

Depending on the cutting requirement, your milling machine has to be able to tilt at a certain degree. Typically, milling machines have a range of tilt anywhere between 45 to 360 degrees. The capacity to rotate the head is pretty necessary when you want to deal with big workpieces.

best mini milling machine

FAQ Of Mini Milling Machine

Question 1: Is a drill press and milling machine the same thing?

Answer: Of course they are not the same thing! While a milling machine has earring to put up with side load, a drilling machine does not. Every mill is a drill press but in opposite,  a drill press is not necessarily a milling machine.

Question 2: Is it true that the most expensive one is the best mini milling machine?

Answer: It depends! Let’s just say you have full satisfaction when using the inexpensive one so why bother caring about the pricey ones? When it comes to choosing a milling machine, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration such as your purpose, your  career, your frequency of using, what types of materials you’re handling,... Don’t seek a high price machine and waste your money while all you need is a unit that can perform nicely all the basic requirements of your school project.

best mini milling machine

Question 3:  How many types of milling machine in the market?

Answer:  At the moment there are 7 types in total:

  • Turret
  • Horizontal
  • Column
  • C-frame
  • Tracer controlled
  • Planer style
  • Bed type

Question 4: Is it possible to custom the milling machine to my own preference?

Answer:  Parts like driver bolt, CNC extra motor and many more can be modified.

Guide for Safe Using 

best mini milling machine

Once you decide to step into the game of MIG, CNC, milling or other electric tools, it is extremely crucial to pay attention to your own safety. Make sure to get googles, masks and wear an apron on before milling since excessive bits from materials can get into your eyes, nostrils, ears or mouth,... at any times.

Check frequently if the current load is in normal condition as a short circuit can possibly ruin your entire project as well as your safety. 

Another factor you need to note down is make sure to bolt down your bench top milling machine. Because the bench top mini mills are possibly moving around while you are operating, we strongly recommend you to bolt it down.

Check out this youtube video for more information about mini milling machine:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Mini Milling Machine

Congratulations for getting to this point! We hope that we’ve helped you with all of our reviews as well as informative buying guides. Remember that, all of these amazing features could only be truly helpful when you know how to utilize them. Even though what you are going to buy is just a mini version of a mini milling machine, in case you don’t have a clear idea what you need it for, it can still be a big waste of money.

Knowing that concern, in this reviewing list, we only mentioned brands with trust-worthy reputation that provide excellent customer services. So maybe you don’t like our recommended products at the first sight, but I still think you should give those reliable brands a shot because at least, if you face a problem in the future, they will always stand by your side.

Keep in mind that there is not anything called as “the best” existing in this world and it’s the same applying for a mini milling machine. But you can still find your best mini milling machine by getting the one that is most suitable for your own needs. Go for one that is able to fulfill all of your desires when it comes to mini milling machine

So, that is a wrap for this article of reviewing the top 15 best mini milling machines. See you guys next time!

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best mini milling machine at the comment box below!

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