Best Paper Shredder Bags Are Necessary For Everyone

If the printed papers increase so much, at some time the number of people unable to use paper will be too many to store. Thus, we need to shred them by a paper shredding machine. And when having the best shredder, we will also need the best paper shredder bags too.

When life develops, many types of machines are invented. Therefore, working people often store almost all information and data on the computer or smartphone. Besides, there are still a lot of things printed into paper documents for storing and using.

And of course, after a while, the amount of paper will increase a lot. And people will need to use shredders.

However, not everyone will have time to put each sheet of paper in the machine to destroy. To solve this problem, someone invented the paper shredder bags. And they have become an essential part.

And today, we will give you products for the best shredder bags we searched for a long time. Let's see with us which they are.

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Best Paper Shredder Bags Comparison 2021

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Top Best Paper Shredder Bags Reviews 2021

We will come to the first product which we found out. It has almost necessary features that users want. Now we will check all points of Swingline GBC Shredder Bags, For TAA Compliant Shredders, Plastic, 30-60 Gallon, 100/Pack (1145482).

These bags were made of durable plastic. Because of this material, the bag has additional ability that is the tear proof.

And it also allows to see-through clearly. Therefore this paper shredder bag is not only durable but also helps you to see and know when the bag is full simply.

The size of it is perfectly suitable with all TAA Compliant Swingline Shredder models such as TAA CHS10-30, TAA CSM11-44, TAA CS50-59, TAA CX25-36 and so on.

The size is fit inside for the shredder waste bins which have the range from 30 - 60 gallons. Leads to the suitability for many types of paper shredder machine.

Such a good product for you to collect papers before putting it in the paper shredder machine. Do you think it is the best paper shredder bags that everyone should choose?


  • Durable plastic.
  • Tear resistance.
  • Wonderful size.
  • Can be used for all TAA.
  • Compliant Swingline Shredder models.


  • Quite hard to insert.

Fellowes is the next brand which appears in this list. We can know about this brand by the convenience. And this time, the product we will talk about is Fellowes Powershred Shredder Bags for All Personal Models, 100 Bags & Ties (36052).

The plastic bags combined with extra long wire ties will help you keep your work areas always clean and tidy.

Its capacity is about 6 -7 gallons. An ideal capacity for collecting a large number of papers. 

Whether you are an untidy person, this product can still solve your problem. Thanks to putting bags in the dispenser box, it will not only add convenience for using but also tidiness to the work area.

And  in some cases if you want, you can also recycle it.

However, it is designed to use AutoMax 130C / 200C and Fellowes 99Ms, 90S, 99Ci, HS-440. In other words, it is unable to be suitable with some shredders.

Using easily and conveniently makes this product become better than other competitors.


  • Easy to use.
  • 6 - 7 gallons capacity.
  • Super long wire ties.


  • It is not fit with some paper shredders.

The next selection for you is Shredcare 6.6-Gallon Office Waste Bin Trash Can Liner (SCB5006) Pack of 50. We will show you the good point of this item right now.

It probably should be used for the home or only each person at office. Because the medium size - 6.6 gallons, the bags fit most small size shredder bins instead of bigger ones.

This product also has good material. It gives the bags lightweight and durability.

Moreover, the paper shredder bags will have the dispense box. From that, while customers are using, they can also keep their areas tidy and clean like first.

For us, this is the product which doesn't have any bad points if you only find the best paper shredder bags for small size shredders.


  • The liners are durable and lightweight.
  • Having the dispense box.


  • Only ought to be used for small shredders.

If you are not pleased with the 3 products above, calm down. We still have a lot of things to introduce to you. Now, we go on with the forth product of the list for the best paper shredder bags - 50 Shredder Bags, for Medium to Large Shredders, Quality, Strong, Clear, 30 to 33 Gallon Size, 2 Rolls of 25 Bags for Total of 50.

This product's size is 33 gallons. The top's circumference of these bags is 65 inches. The size is suitable for both medium and large paper shredders.

The descriptions that the producers spend for this item are strong, clear and durable.

These paper shredder bags are packed into coreless rolls. Both help compact products and save space.

The main function that we need to talk about is capturing and containing all your papers and any virus on them.


  • Use for medium to large shredders.
  • Interleaved coreless rolls.


  • The bags are a little flimsy.

Even though these bags almost only use once then throw away, you still like the high material of bags.

Here is a perfect choice for you - 4 - 6 Gallon Clear Small Trash Bags Bathroom Garbage Bags Plastic Wastebasket Trash Can Liner for Home and Office (Fits 4 Gallon, 5 Gallon and 6 Gallon Cans), 200 Count.

This product was made of wonderful material. It is HDPE - High Density Polyethylene.

Thanks to the high quality material, these bags have the ability both of resisting puncture well and resisting tearing moderately.

The size is medium. With a thickness of 13 microns so it is suitable for storing many things other than paper.

And transparent bag design. To put it differently they are semi-clear bags, it helps the user to easily observe what's inside. You will know when the bag is full. It will also be easy to separate.


  • Resistance to puncture and tearing.
  • High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) material.
  • Multiple purpose.


  • The top of the bag is flimsy.

You are using a small shredding machine so you need small bags too. Why don’t you check and try this product. It is such a suitable item for you - 125 Shredder Bags, for Small SHREDDERS, Quality 9.5 Gallon Size, Fits Most 6 & 7 Gallon Size Shredders, 1 Roll of 125 Bags.

The size of the bag is 9.5 gallons. With a head circumference of 45 inches. So the top of the shredder basket can only be 45 inches or less to be used.

A one-star bottom makes the bag sturdy.

Packed in coreless rolls, the customer will not be fooled into thinking that it is so much or very large.

For medium and small shredders, these are the best paper shredder bags.


  • A strong star bottom.
  • Fits most 6 & 7 gallon size shredders.
  • The circumference at the top is suitable with 45 inches or less.


  • The top of the bag is easy to tear.

The next item is one which still has almost necessary features. And it is most suitable for someone who likes small packaging. We call it the Bonsaii Shredder Bags Fits Up to 15 Gallons Shredders, Comes with 2 Rolls of 25 Bags (B3001).

The makers didn’t talk about the material so much. But according to the description that the bags have the ability of toughness, resisting wear and firmness, we still can know that its material may be a good one.

These paper shredder bags were designed to be used for heavy duty shredders. Thus it of course has a big capacity – 15 gallons. In other words, it can be used to collect from small to big papers or anything that customers want.

Specially, the slotted line of the plastic bags can be pulled and adjusted by users. Therefore it is suitable with many sizes of machine shredder.

Which point can make this product cannot be one of the best paper shredder bags?


  • Firmness, toughness and wear resistance.
  • Suit with various sizes of shredder.
  • Large capacity - 15 gallons.


  • The material is quite thin.

In fact this product was made to be used for the kitchen but it is still used for paper shredding machines.

It owns a big capacity. With the size is 51 centimeters * 67 centimeters. Users can collect and hold many things, papers, for a quite long time.

The minimum bearing weight that the makers supply is 6 kilograms. That means it can withstand at least 6 kilograms or more.

What a wise choice for everyone who is finding the best one.


  • Bigger capacity.
  • Quite high bearing weight.


  • Hard to separate.

Protecting the environment is very important. And you always want to do that in all activities. With the ability of biodegradable, this is a good recommendation for you to use. Its name is Biodegradable Trash Bags 4 - 6 Gallon, 100 Counts, Extra Thick Small Trash Bag Recycling Garbage Bags For Kitchen Bathroom Yard Office Wastebasket Car.

Different from the other product, this is a product of biodegradable paper shredder bags.

It was made of PSM - plastarch material. Hence it has a durable and strong quality. And it also helps you can hold papers but still affect the environment negatively.

With big capacity, these bags can hold a maximum of 5 gallons of water. The number that are too large but still in sufficient use.

In addition, this product has a special feature. It will not stink and smell. It also won't leak so there won't be any bugs noticed.

And of course that you should try it, don't skip it.


  • The bags can be biodegradable.
  • Recyclable bags.
  • Non odor or leak.
  • Both strong and durable.


  • For aggressive people, it is easy to rip.

Not only want to collect papers but also want to use them in other locations such as the kitchen. This is a perfect one for you.  The best paper shredder bags for you can be Hefty Recycling Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, Blue, 13 Gallon, 60 Count.

This continues to be a recycled bag. Designed with a thickness of 0.7 mil. It can be quite thin but it might be fine to store papers in the shredding machine.

Container capacity is quite large - 13 gallons. Combined with users can close the drawstring - that is so dependable. Ensure that the things you collect inside are unable to fall outside.

The best thing about this product is the unscented arm and hammer odor. This is an invention that helps you prevent your bins from harmful smelling.

Do you think this is a good choice for the best paper shredder bags that you are looking for?


  • Trusty drawstring closure.
  • Unscented Arm & Hammer.
  • Big capacity - 13 gallons.


  • The bags are not thin enough.

The next product we introduce to you is the paper shredder bags which come from Lubricant. Its name is Shredcare Paper Shredder Lubricant Sheets SCLS12.

These bags not only help customers collect papers neatly before putting them in the shredder. It also helps you to clean work areas, keeping the work areas out of paper dust.

More than that, it can prevent your machine from jamming paper. Therefore, it will minimize the possibility of machine damage.

And when you insert the bag into the bin, users need to worry that you will touch lubricant. This case will never happen.

Not only does this item work well, but this item also protects your shredding machine and you. Such the best paper shredder bags that no one can ignore it.


  • Prevent paper jams.
  • Reducing noise.
  • Reducing paper dust.


  • We didn’t find out anything

We meet the Fellowes brand again. This product of Fellowes will still ensure the basic feature. But does it have anything else new? Let’s go with us and watch Fellowes Waste Bags for 99Ms, 90S, 99Ci, HS-440 and AutoMax 130C and 200C Shredders.

Fellowes bags are the bags that can be 100% recycled.

About the design, it is placed in the distribution box. So users can take it out easily and keep the work area always tidy.

Furthermore, each bag has its long wire tie coming with. Therefore customers can collect and keep paper that does not fall out when carrying it.

The shredders you can use with these bags are 90S, 99Ci, 99Ms, HS-440 and AutoMax 200C and 130.

Why don’t you try to use it once? Maybe you will like it.


  • 100% recyclable material.
  • Perfect combination of the dispenser box and wire ties.


  • Do not have flat bottoms.

Staples Shredder Bags, 15.8 Gal, 50 Count is the next product we want to recommend to you.

This product was made of plastic. That is a normal and popular material for almost paper shredder bags.

Each bag has a big capacity - 15.8 gallons. This is a perfect number for both home and office using.

The bags come with a dispenser box. Especially the makers designed this box to fit inside the shredder. More precisely Staples professional series shredders.

This is a really good product that anyone should try.


  • The dispenser box fit inside the shredding machine.
  • Big capacity.


  • The plastic material is thin.

Here is a product from BSBValue - a brand from the USA. And the name of the product we introduce to you is BSBValue Shredder Bags.

The fused bottom ensures that when users collect papers and put them inside, they are kept safe in them and do not fall out.

If the canister in your shredder has an overhead circumference of 48 inches or less, it will fit perfectly into these bags. Though it is any type, you can also use it.

What gives customers peace of mind is that the production process is absolutely safe. The makers sprayed their work area to protect the safety of customers by killing all the virus there.

This is a really worth product to try if you are needing the best paper shredder bags.


  • Safe manufacturing process.
  • Suit with many paper shredding machines.


  • The plastic bags are thin and fragile.

And this is the last recommendation we give you. Hope you chose the best one you want. Now we will check the features of the last product in the list of the best paper shredder bags together - Office Depot Shredder Bags, 1 mil, 15 Gallons, Clear, Box of 25, DP00704.

A powerful assistant to collect paper documents or small trash before disposing of them is the paper shredder bags. And the most important feature they need is the big capacity.

Therefore, this product also has 15 gallons capacity for users to freely collect.

And with a thickness of 1 mil, these bags will be difficult to be teared. Warranting that nothing will fall.

Designed suitable for many types of shredders, users do not need to hesitate too much when choosing.


  • Greener cleaning.
  • Large capacity - 15 gallons.
  • It fits most shredders.
  • High durability.


  • None.

How To Choose The Best Paper Shredder Bags Effectively?

To choose the best product for each person, it depends on many conditions from each one.

And for the best paper shredder bags, you need to pay attention to the size, material, design and so on.

First about the size, basic on your shredding machine, you will select the most suitable for it. You can choose the small, medium or large size bags following your size of shredders. Nevertheless, you can also choose a product which can be used for all sizes if you want or you are worried and don’t know exactly the size of your machines.

clary big

And about the material, this item has 2 popular materials: plastic and biodegradable material. This thing depends on each person’s demand and favorite to select. If you think you will recycle the bags, you can choose plastic ones. And if you will use it once and then throw it away, you should use the biodegradable paper shredder bags. Due to when you throw it away, it will decompose on its own. The environment will not be populated. No one can help you to choose one, it is your demand.

Also some products were designed for only a circle, square or rectangle bins. You can choose for each type if you want the paper shredder bags completely fit with your machine.

paper shredder bags

If you want, you can compare many products with each other about some features such as the thin bags or thick bags, the capacity, the color, having the dispenser boxes come with or not, etc. Many things to be checked before getting one.

Don’t think so much, just think about what you need, what you want and what you like. Then depends on them to select the best product for you.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Paper Shredder Bags

If you are still having some difficulty in selecting the best one for yourselves, here are 5 best recommendations in our opinion. We think that you ought to think, check and experience one of them once.


Best selection for customers who are using TAA Compliant Swingline Shredder models
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