Top 15 best pellet grill under 1000 for the next BBQ party

A BBQ party is the best thing to get your family and friends together for a quick catch-up and little sharing on a weekend night. With the best pellet grill under 1000, you will be able to host a gathering of friends occasionally or a big party for special dates such as Halloween or Christmas. 

With the advanced technology, today we  are offered a wide range of choices from expensive to affordable levels. Today, we - the editors at Agern Restaurants are going to show you a list of reviews for the best pellet grill under 1000 with a comprehensive buying guide at the end.

 best pellet grill under 1000
 best pellet grill under 1000
 best pellet grill under 1000
 best pellet grill under 1000

The most loved by customers on Amazon

The cheapest model by Traeger

The most popular model by Z Grills on Amazon

The best grill for steak lovers

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Top 15 best pellet grill under 1000 Reviews 2020

Traeger Grills PRO 575 PELLET GRILL – BLACK - The most loved by customers on Amazon

Of course, everyone must know about Traeger Company, who has been in the market since 1986. It has several models for every segment of customers. The one we are going to introduce here is a small model, the best pellet grill under 1000 for a small gathering. 

Available at the price around $800, this Grill will not let you down with precise temperature control. You will love its Digital Elite Controller and the LCD screen: thanks to them, you know how hot the grill it is for your meat. Moreover,  WiFIRE technology links your grill to home WiFi. You can use the Traeger app to control the grill from anywhere. 

It weighs 60 pounds with wheels and 575 square inches of grilling area, which is enough for 4 whole chickens, 5 ribs, 24 burgers, or 30 hotdogs. This model features 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ all on the same grill. In another way, it is a multi-purpose Grill. 

A quick examination of the material shows that this Grill is Made of  sturdy steel and long-lasting powder-coat finish. This Grill is built to stay with you in a long time. All these features explain why it is the best grill under 1000 you can find online.

Traeger Grills TFB88PZBO Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill and Smoker - The cheapest model by Traeger

Another even much cheaper from Traeger is the TFB88PZBO Pro Series 34 model. And it even has a larger cooking surface. With an 884 square inch cooking area, you can cook 8 chickens, 7 racks of ribs or 40 freaking burgers at the same time. Thanks to this Grill, you can host a big party with friends, neighbors and family for Christmas and Halloween. 

It also offers us 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ to cook a large number of dishes at the same time.

Additional features worth noticing are an electronic auto-start ignition, accurate temperature control and  a digital LED screen display. You will find it easy and comfortable to control and manage this pellet grill. 

This model is made of sturdy steel with a powder finish. Grill grates are also covered with for easy cleaning and even heat distribution.

This is the best pellet grill under 1000 if you prefer something large and reliable, even if you have no experience in pellet grills and smoking.

Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

The next worth noticing model from Traeger is the Texas Elite 34 with a smaller cooking surface. With the dimension of 54" W x 22" D x 49" H and the weight of 125 lbs, it is able to serve you 24 burgers, 6 whole chickens, 32 hot dogs, or 9 racks of delicious ribs at the same time. With the surface of 646 sq inch area, you will be able to cook a whole bunch of food spontaneously. This Grill works well from the main course and side dishes, the whole family and neighbor will love it. It is definitely a game changer for a big BBQ party in your backyard. 

This Grill has hardwood pellets constructed of pure, virgin hardwood with no fillers or binding agents, thus ensuring that your food will have wonderful wood-fired flavor. The Grill is made of strong and sturdy steel construction and powder coat finish, together with smart touches including easy-glide wheel. That’s why it deserves a place in the list of best pellet grill under 1000. 

Furthermore, this Grill features a digital control with LED display to manage temperature while cooking. It also has an electronic auto start ignition and an induction fan. All these features will make cooking and grilling a less boring chore for you.

Z Grills 2020 ZPG – 10002E Updated Wood Pellets Grill

This model has just been updated, with many new features designed for a smoke lover’s backyard.

The grill area of this Grill is immense, to be more specific, it has 1060 total square inches surrounded by three separate porcelain-coated racks. It features three layers of grill, allowing us to cook a dozen racks of ribs, burgers or hotdogs.  Another beneficial feature is the dual meat probes, meaning that you can cook different types of meat simultaneously for a perfect cook.

The most considerable feature is  an 8-in-1 which includes smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear char-grill and barbecue. It can also work as an oven. In other ways, it can bake desserts, pizza, biscuits or bread. Moreover, it has a temperature range between180 and 450 degrees which can be managed easily by using a dial. 

Additional features which worth considering is an electronic ignition for auto-starts, a micro-adjusted variable speed fan and motor. These features are useful in terms of convenience and durability.

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Barbecue Grill and Smoker - The most popular model by Z Grills on Amazon

Another model, smaller and more affordable Grill from Z Grills is the ZPG-450A model. 

It has a cooking surface of 330 square inches and  a secondary cooking rack of 120 square inches. You can still cook for the whole family with this Grill. A bunch of roasted veal, grilled bacon and smoked bacon is possible with this one!  

It still has a 7-in-one smoker which includes smoke, sear, grill, braise, roast, BBQ, and even bakes. After all, it is still a multi purpose cooking tool which can be used in different events. The temperature can be adjusted from 180°F to 450°F. 

This Grill is easy and convenient to use, even for beginners in grilling. This Grill features electronic auto-start ignition, digital temperature control and LED temperature display. It shows current temperatures and makes it simple to set a favorable level of temperature.Considering the material, the Grill is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and durable. It is also easy to clean and maintain in a long span of time. 

Last but not least, it has a 3-year warranty, which is a signal of high-quality customer service.

Z Grills ZPG-7002E 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker - The cheapest model by Z Grills

The Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2019 New Model Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is another recomendable  product from Z Grills.  With the ultimate 8-in-1 cooking feature, you will be able to grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbeque or char-grill. Thus, you can cook several types of food at the same time, which saves a lot of pressure and worry. 

This grill is made of excellent quality stainless steel which gives it strength to corrosion, so it is certain that this grill will stay with you for a long time. The grill also features steadiness and accuracy when cooking thanks to the digital temperature control. You just need to rotate a dial to set the temperature as you want. You can select from a range from 180°F to 450°F which is more than enough for a BBQ party. 

With a large grilling-area of 700 square inches and 20 pounds capacity, you will be able to cook  6 whole chickens, 7 ribs, 30 burgers, or 35 hotdogs at the same time. This model features a sturdy and durable pellet grill thanks to stainless steel and metal material. It is more effective and safer than other traditional old-styled grills & smokers.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Smoker with 2020 Newest Digital Controls

Another affordable updated in 2020 model from Z Grill is this model. With the dimensions of 19.2 x 26 inches and 513 square inch cooking space, it is a suitable model for a party of up to 12 people. In another way, it can cook up to 20 burgers, 5 whole chickens, or 6 racks of ribs at the same time. Considering the price just over $500, this is the best pellet grill under 1000 for a small and medium feast. 

This Grill features 8 in 1 cooking settings including: grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, barbeque food. This allows you to cook different food with just one Grill, saving a fairly considerable amount of money and effort. In addition, it has an automatic electric feed system with the range temperature between  180ºF and 450ºF. The Smart Digital Controller can be used to adjust temperature within +/- 20 degrees F by turning a dial. 

The last worth considering feature is the 3-year warranty, which comes with excellent customer service!

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

Established in 1990, Camp Chef is a popular name in the field of pellet grill. It is known for high-quality, strong and durable kitchenware for both indoor and outdoor cooking. The model we are going to introduce is a model updated recently with innovative features to make cooking and grilling a lovelier task. 

It has a medium cooking surface of 570 square inches, which is enough for a medium sized party. It is constructed of stainless steel material, which ensures durability and sturdiness. 

Considering performance, this is a functional Grill with digital heat and smoke control. You can choose from a full cooking range between low and high smoke, over 160 and 400 degrees. There are 10 automatic settings in total, which is more than enough for family use. 

We recommend using this Grill if you usually grill brisket and ribs since it has some specific features for these types of meat. For brisket, the Grill comes with a stainless steel probe to measure meat temperature and a warming rack for more space to cook. For ribs, the Grill has a huge and easy to clean pellet hopper. 

Camp Chef 36 in. WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker with Sear Box - The most expensive and functional grill

If you are willing to invest and price is not a priority for you, this 36 in. WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill is the best choice for you. With the price just slightly over $1000 and an impressive number of features, we decided to give it a place in this list of the best pellet grill under 1000. During seasonal and special sales, the price can go under $1000 - so save it into your wishlist to be the first one grasping the chance. 

The first outstanding feature is the WIFI enabled controller. You will be able to monitor, control, and select smoke settings from your smartphone; which works best in busy parties for both efficiency and safety purposes. 

The second notable feature is the PID controller. It is especially useful in regulating smoke and temperature. You will know and adjust accurately how much smoke you put into your cook by using the Smoke Number. The PID’s highly detailed controller allows you to set the the most precise temperature to get your desired state of cooking. 

Furthermore, the Grill is compatible with both Sidekick or a Sear Box for more cooking space. This Grill features a taller chamber with 40% more cooking capacity - no more need to worry about lack of cooking space.

Louisiana Grills 60800 Stainless Steel Wood Pellet Grill

This $1000 grill from Louisiana Grills is chosen thanks to its heavy duty construction and functional temperature control. 

It is built of stainless steel and the cooking grate is porcelain coated. It also features a powder coated finish, which guarantees durability and sturdiness. Moreover, it has 2 cabinets under the grill and a front full-width tray for storing sauces and spices. There is also a side shelf for storing cook equipment. These user friendly touches are especially useful for cooking different types of food at the same time. 

One noticeable feature is 838 sq. inches of cooking surface, which is a reasonable number for a medium and large family. You can easily manage temperature by using its Digital Control Board. It has a temperature range from 180 to 600°F and the temperature can be modified in 5° increments.You will turn on the grill by pressing the one-touch auto start button. It is simple to cool down as well. An additional feature is an exhaust system for even smoking - creating a nice smoky flavor for your food.

Louisiana Grills 61100-LG1100

From the same brand and the same range of price, this model is slightly more favourable thanks to some additional features and a more compact design. 

This model features almost the same digital temperature control, yet it comes with a Programmable Meat Probe, making it easier to cook meat. The grill can be automatically ignited and cooled down, which allows you to concentrate on cooking. You can select the temperature from 170° Fahrenheit all the way up to 600° Fahrenheit and adjust in 5 degree increments. Furthermore,  there is an electric ignition and air acceleration, which works well in preserving a burning flame for consistent heat and smoke. 

The cooking space of this grill is 1100 sq. inches in total, which include 750 sq. inches on the main grids & 350 sq. inches on the upper cooking rack. The upper one can be removed, allowing you to host both small and big BBQ parties. You will be able to cook smoked ribs and fish; bake biscuits, pizza; grill burgers, any dish for a cozy night with friends and family.

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill - The best grill for steak lovers

The Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill comes with an exceptional 700 sq. inches of primary cooking surface and a digital control center that allows you to pick the temperature between 170°F and 600°F. If you’re going to host a large party and 700 sq. inches isn’t enough for all your guests, you could install the upper cooking rack space. It is constructed of porcelain coated cast iron. In total, the grill can serve food for 10 people at the same time. 

For steak lovers, this grill features the flame broiler which is a  slide-plate for direct flame grilling. It works well in controlling direct heat and helps bring the best steak ever! 

At the price just around $400, it is a bargain for anyone with a limited budget.

Pit Boss Grills 440 Deluxe

Being sold at a slightly higher price around $600, this model from Pit Boss is also favored by lots of customers. 

It offers almost the same features with the 700FB model plus much more additional features. The first noticeable feature is more racks and shelves for more sophisticated grilling. It has a bottom shelf, side shelf and serving tray for busy feasts. It also comes with a bottle opener for a little bit of wine for night gatherings. 

You will also have a digital temperature control by turning a dial and an automatic start and cool down. It is simple to grill even for beginners in BBQ parties! With the area of 465 Square.Inches, it can cook up 25 burgers at the same time. If you want more area, you can install a cooking rack, which can add up 200 more inches of cooking area. 

Overall, it is the best pellet grill under 1000 for a small and medium feast.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro 680

Smoke Daddy is a newly established and family owned firm specializing in excellent quality cold smokers, wood pellet grills, and other products for your BBQ party. With the price around $1000, this is certainly a bargain. 

The capacity is one of the most attractive features with 680 square inches of cooking area. You can install a top rack for larger capacity, which, in total, can serve a fairly huge BBQ party. You can cook several grilled dishes at the same time, which is a game changer in a busy crowded gathering with lots of people to cater for. 

The next feature is convenience. The smart arrangement of the rack allows us to cook with several spices and seasoning. It has a bottom rack and a side rack for storing things. It has two small wheels for mobility as well. 

Considering temperature control, this Grill features an advanced PID controller for smart temperature management. You can easily turn on, increase or decrease temperature with the buttons on the side.

Oklahoma Joe’s 20202106 Rider Deluxe Pellet Grill

Oklahoma Joe is a local company in the same-name state. It has been working in the field of grills and smokers since 1987 and the brand is loved by customers for its smart and innovative design. This 20202106 Rider Deluxe model is loved by customers for its solid construction and versatility. 

Priced at around $650, this is a minimal yet functional grill, surely one worth considering at  the under $1,000 price range. 

Looking from outside and checking the material, it is obvious that this is a durable Grill. It is made of sturdy steel construction, guaranteeing it will stay with you for a long time. It features two large wagon-style wheels, so you can move it into your garden or backyard without much difficulty. The rubber, lid-mounted and non-slippery handle provides a solid and secure grip. 

In terms of performance, this Grill will not let you down. The PIT Control System

makes easier and quicker cooking with two different features. The Timer mode will inform you when you’ve reached the set amount of time and your desired temperature. The Temp Probe Mode notifies you when your dish has reached the desired internal temperature. You don’t have to stay by your Grill all the time to get the right temperature. 

The capacity of this Grill is also one point worth thinking over. The tall and big body smoke chamber means  greater capacity, with 578 square-inches of cooking space on high-quality grates and two modifiable 328 square-inch upper racks.

Last but not least, this Grill features a convenient flex grate and rack system, making it highly versatile. You can purchase additional accessories for larger cooking space and a wider range of dishes based on your own preference. Every part of this Grill is easy to clean and maintain.  

Crucial criteria to choose the best pellet grill under 1000?

 best pellet grill under 1000

Thanks to advanced technology, there are better pellet grills coming out each year for different segments of customers. For the sector under 1000, we can find a lot of models which are both functional and affordable. The best pellet grill under 1000 is not hard to find at all, below are some criteria we use to compose this review - hope that helps!

Material and Durability

Material is the most important factor to consider, since it is related to the safety side of the grill. Stainless steel, cast iron or metal are the most common and favorable material for a grill. They are safe, heat resistant and durable. The cooking grate should be examined critically. We suggest opting for stainless steel, porcelain coated or enamel coated. Cast iron is highly recommended for a cooking grate, yet it requires regular maintenance.

best pellet grill under 1000

Cooking space and Capacity

The cooking space should be decided based on your lifestyle. Most grills often offer at least 500 inches area, which is a number for a small family. If you do not have much space for a huge grill, maybe you should select a grill with a tall chamber. A tall chamber will allow you to install an additional cooking rack, increasing the cooking capacity. The total cooking area can be increased up to 1000 inches, which can serve a BBQ party of many people! 

Temperature controls and range

best pellet grill under 1000

This feature depends on what types of food you usually put in a grill. If you have just one or two prefered types of food, we suggest a narrower temperature range to save some money. A wide range of temperature is a must-have for parties, feasts and gatherings. 

Most grills offer digital temperature control, which is beneficial to have the right smoky flavor. Certain types will have dials, while others have buttons and LCD screens. It does not make much difference between these two types, it is just a matter of your grilling style. 

Exterior Design

 best pellet grill under 1000

Exterior design is the last essential to consider. It will increase the comfortability when using the grill. One thing to look for is the arrangement of the rack. If you often use a lot of spices and seasoning as well as kitchen tools while cooking, you should choose the one with a side or bottom rack to store these things. 

Sturdy wheels should also be taken into consideration if you want to move your grill to different places in your backyard.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For best pellet grill under 1000

The best pellet grill under 1000 is the one that perfectly serves your needs and preference. It is better not to follow short-lived trends and focus on your own lifestyles and demands. We hope that when you are reading this paragraph, you have already figured out which model to choose. 

We have prepared a precise table of the best products to help you make the best choice: 

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