Top 17 Best Propane Burner 2020 – Detailed Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

If you are a fan of camping or garden BBQ with friends and family, you might already experience yourself that proper meal preparation plays important role in making your vacations pleasant memories. In order to prepare high-quality outdoor dishes, a good cook needs to have excellent cooking equipment. One of the best propane burner, which provides a strong and trustworthy source of heat to cook food for everybody, is an indispensable assistant.

Besides outdoor cooking, a propane burner comes up with many other benefits. Nowadays, there are a lot of propane burner brands in the marketplace. Selecting a product that has appropriate features and fits your budget is quite difficult. The safety factor is also a priority. We are here to help you! Do not buy a propane burner before reading our list of top 17 best propane burners with detailed reviews and a complete buying guide.

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Top 17 Best Propane Burner Reviews 2020

Bayou Classic 14-Inch High Pressure Cooker

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The first one of the best propane burner we would like to introduce is the Bayou classic 14-inch high-pressure cooker. This burner can obtain enough BTU heat to boil a large amount of water in a short time thanks to its 10-psi regulator. In case you want to perform a slow cook dish such as beef stew or chili sauce, you also can make it easy with the help of this propane burner.

This Bayou propane burner weighs just 13 lbs so that you can effortlessly carry it with you during outdoor activities such as camping. Although this propane burner is not too heavy, it is still very durable thanks to the support of the three-widespread-leg construction. Moreover, the 14-inch diameter cooking surface of this burner makes it easy to hold various cooking containers of different sizes, from a small mug to large pots or saucepan. 

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when using this propane burner. Despite the burner’s 360-degree wind guard, the flame can still be put out by the strong winds if you are using the burner with a low flame level. Besides, the control knob is sometimes hard to adjust, it might take you a while to adjust to the flame to your desired heat.

Nevertheless, this product is still one of the best propane burners you can find on the market since it comes at an affordable price and has many awesome features: high durability, compact, strength, and versatility.

  • PROS
  • High durability

  • Versatile enough to hold various kinds of the cooking container

  • Can reach high temperature fast enough to boil a large pot of water in a short time 

  • High compact 

  • Has a wide range of heat: from simmer to rolling boil

  • Suitable for cooking methods that need high pressure

  • Has a 360-degree wind protector 

  • CONS
  • Strong winds can still put out the low-level flame

  • Keeping the low flame from being blown out is quite hard 

  • The heat knob is sometimes hard to adjust correctly

  • The product’s paint might come off after using high temperature many times

GasOne 200,000 BTU Square Heavy-Duty Propane Gas Cooker

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When it comes to the best propane burner for outdoor usage, GasOne 200,000 BTU Square Heavy-Duty Propane Gas Cooker is truly a perfect choice. This propane burner is built from metal and cast iron so that its construction is very stable. Moreover, it can provide you with a heat power of approximately 200,000 BTU, which can help you cook with any methods from slow cooking too quick frying.

As this GasOne propane burner made of cast iron, which is a very good heat-resistant material, it is certainly long-lasting. Besides, this burner weighs only 27 lbs so that it is very portable, you can easily carry it with you everywhere. 

When you want to control the flame, there are two things there for you to do that. The first one is the small face on the thermal control knob, you are able to adjust the flow of air to obtain the blue fire. The other thing is for extra safety purposes if you need even more adjustment of the flow of gas, the knob placed near the hose’s base is there to help you.

The top of the burner can hold any cooking container which is up to 17-inch wide. For fans of outdoor activities such as camping or fishing, this product is one of the best propane burner to accompany you.

  • PROS
  • Has heavy-duty construction

  • Boils water fast regardless of the weather with up to 200,000 BTU heat outcome

  • High compact

  • Very safe to use 

  • The burner’s top is large enough for different pots and pans

  • CONS
  • The adjustment knob seems fragile

  • High heat might cause paint residue and release an unwanted smell

  • Kind of noisy

GasOne Portable Propane 100,000-BTU High-Pressure Single Burner

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Despite this GasOne portable single burner camp stove’s small construction, this propane burner is very powerful that it can produce heat outcomes up to 100,000 BTU. This burner is also very reliable since it is made of cast iron. But it is a bit lightweight so that you might want to take some attention to set up this burner whenever you need o use it.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner, they design this GasOne burner carefully so that you can operate it easily. You can control the flame level straight from the burner’s regulator as it comes with a built-in heat adjuster.

The very convenient feature of this product is you can make changes to its legs so that for a suitable height for you. Using this burner, you can avoid foot fatigue or back pain caused by cooking for a long time. This portable single burner camp stove from GasOne is definitely one of the best propane burner, isn’t it?

  • PROS
  • Can easily adjust the height

  • Easy to use and set up

  • Can heat large amounts in a short time

  • Able to easily control the flame

  • CONS
  • The product’s legs can be a bit unstable seem flimsy

Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

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The next propane burner appears on our list of top 17 best propane burner in 2020 is Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove. One of the most outstanding features of this burner is the large top which can hold up to two pans or pots, and each side of the top can fit pots or pans up to 14-inch wide. With this propane burner, you can cook two different dishes at the same time. 

The sturdy cast-aluminum frame of this product can put up with high heat power. Each side of the frame can produce 30,000 BTU output, so the total is 60,000 BTU per hour if you use both of them. This Camp Chef burner height is 32 inches so that it works similarly to a regular stovetop. Although this product is pretty tall has a wide top, its legs are removable. Furthermore, it isn’t too heavy (30.5 lbs) so that it isn’t difficult to bring it with you on the trips.

This propane burner is used with any kind of propane container the 3ft gas hose that comes with a built-in regulator. Another useful feature of this propane stove is the three-side wind guard which prevents oil and grease of food from splatter. This use is very helpful if there are other people near you while you are cooking.  

  • PROS
  • Simple and fast to set up

  • The frame is lightweight but stable

  • The stovetop has 2 burners 

  • Has three-sided wind guard

  • Simple to control the flame.

  • Comfortable to cook while standing thanks to the suitable height

  • High compact

  • Comes with many tools from Camp Chef

  • CONS
  • The knobs might get hot when using for a long time

  • A bit difficult when it comes to cleaning

  • After using for many times, the legs’ crews might become loosen resulting in wiggle flame

Concord Deluxe 16" Square Banjo Single Propane Burner

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Are you looking for a heavy-duty propane burner that can release impressive heat level, this Concord Deluxe 16-inch square Banjo propane burner is the right one for you. It is built from cast iron and boil approximately 70 liters of water in less than 40 minutes thanks to the ability to produce 200,000 BTU heat.

This stove is 16-inch diameter wide and can hold different sizes of pans and pots. The top of the burner is large enough for pots with both flat bottom and round bottom. This Concord burner also can provide you with a stable and clean flame because of the 20-psi operation of the high-pressure hose. 

The frame of this product is so sturdy that it can manage even 400 lbs of weight. Besides, this stove is a very compact one, its legs are removable for transportation or storage purposes. A small downfall of this burner is that, similar to other burners, the high temperatures might cause paint residue in the first few times of usage.

Overall, with many benefits this stove brings you, it is still one of the best propane burner you should consider purchasing!

  • PROS
  • Has sturdy construction

  • The removable legs are convenient for transportation and storage purpose

  • Produce a powerful heat source

  • The burner’s top is wide and stable

  • The power knob is easy to adjust

  • Made from heavy-duty cast iron.

  • CONS
  • It might wiggle when you stir the food

  • The high temperature might cause paint residue

  • A bit heavy

  • The gas hose is short so that it is a bit difficult to establish the propane container

Coleman Gas Camping Stove

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If you need the best propane burners for camping trips, well, you have come to the right place. Despite this Coleman gas camping stove’s small size, it is able to produce a powerful source of heat which is up to 100,000 BTU. This propane burner is very compact and can boil a 2-regular-cup amount of water in less than 3 minutes.

This burner has a very simple design and it will be placed on top of the propane container when in use. Coleman company create this propane burner with tough aluminum alloy material. It also comes with a windshield in order to cover the flame from the strong winds. One of the best features of this burner is that it can maintain a high temperature for at least two and a half hours, which is very impressive for this small figure.

Furthermore, the most outstanding part of owning this propane burner is high portability and simple operation. All you need to do is securing the burner onto the propane tank and it is ready to use. This burner is made mostly for high compacity so that it is just suitable when you cook the amount of food for a few people. Besides, the top of the burner can only hold pots or pans that are up to 8-inch wide.

After you have set up the burner properly, it weighs just less than 2 lbs, and its height is less than 8 inches. You can see that this Coleman propane burner can effortlessly fit in your backpack or whatever you use to store it. For the best usage, make sure you put the burner on a smooth surface, and you might want to utilize the plastic base to prevent the device from unstable because of top-heaviness.

  • PROS
  • Super lightweight and compact

  • Able to maintain a high temperature for at least two and a half hours

  • Simple to operate

  • Very suitable for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking

  • Has a built-in wind protector to protect the flame from strong winds

  • CONS
  • Not suitable for cooking large amounts

  • Possibility of top-heaviness when handling too-heavy cookwares

  • Needs the plastic base to be more stable

GYMAX Outdoor High Pressure Portable Gas Cooking Stove

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Another outstanding product o our list is the Gymax outdoor high pressure portable gas cooking stove. One of the most significant features of this burner is a remarkably sturdy structure because it is made of cast iron material. Furthermore, the product’s paint is water-resistant and rust-resistant. 

With the ability to release the heat up to 200,000 BTU, this propane burner lets you cook with any methods such as fry, boil,.. in a much shorter time than other standard stoves. You also can adjust it to perform the slow cook method. The top of the burner is also large enough to handle different sizes of cookware, just use the one that is most suitable for your desired recipe.

The legs of this stove are high enough for you to easily place the propane tank beneath it. One good thing is you can avoid back pain as you don’t have to bend over when you use this Gymax burner. Besides, the legs are removable so that the product is very compact. When you have done with the cooking, just detach the burner’s legs and put everything easily in the storage.

This is one of the safest propane burners thanks to its overvoltage protection system. And there is an O-ring on the regulator for extra safety. You can make that O-ring tighter to prevent leaking gas.

  • PROS
  • Very safe and simple to use

  • Has the ideal height for comfortably standing while cooking for a long time. 

  • Has enough space underneath for the propane tank 

  • Can remove or adjust the legs of the burner

  • Has high durability 

  • The paint doesn’t easily come off

  • Extra safe with overvoltage protection system and O-ring on the regulator

  • CONS
  • The top of the burner is a bit tough to clean completely 

  • The wind protection feature might be done better

Bayou Classic SQ14 16-in Outdoor Patio Stove

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Another excellent propane burner we would like to introduce is the Bayou classic sq 16-inch outdoor patio stove. It is a very convenient choice for camping or picnic since it is 13 inches in height and comes with a 16-inch stovetop which is suitable for any cookware you want to use.

Moreover, the heavy-duty frame makes it effortless to handle large amounts. This propane burner also can release heat that is up to 55,000 BTU. With this feature, you will have no problems with average cooking. Because of the lack of a wind protector, you might what to adjust the flame so that the strong winds won’t put out your flame.

Despite the powerful heat this stove releases, it won’t need too much propane while you are cooking with it. With many benefits this propane burner brings you, it is truly one of the best propane burner!

  • PROS
  • Energy-efficient.

  • Has a comfortable cooking surface

  • Releases heat that is up to 55,000 BTU

  • Has a sturdy construction

  • CONS
  • Doesn’t come with a wind protector

GasOne B-5000+50460 Propane Double Burner

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It would be a serious lack if we don’t include this GasOne B-5000+50460 propane double burner in our list of top 17 best propane burners. This one is really an outstanding outdoor propane stove as it has two burners, each one can hold 75,000 BTU. You are able to prepare 2 different dishes at the same time when cooking with this GasOne propane burner. 

Also, this burner’s structure is made of solid cast ion that makes it very stable and durable. This burner also includes a steel braided regulator so that you can easily and safely adjust the gas flow.

Although this propane burner seems massive, it is very compact with removable legs. When you have finish cooking, just detach the legs and put it back in the storage place. And the good news is this burner comes with a carry bag so that it is even easier to carry it around. This convenient feature makes this GasOne B-5000+504600 propane burner the perfect option for both camping and event that require a space-saving stove.

  • PROS
  • Has cast iron structure

  • Highly portable

  • There is a carry bag included

  • Can cook two dishes at the same time thanks to the double burner

  • CONS
  • The knobs seem fragile

Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove, 2 Burner

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Another great propane burner from Coleman you should consider to purchase is the Coleman Gas Camping stove with two burners. This propane burner can function as two burners which release 10,000 BTU heat each one (total is 20,000 BTU). Each of the burners has its know control knob which has a separate pressure control valve to bring you steady performances. 

This propane stove comes with a three-side wind guard which prevents oil and grease from food to splatter. This use is very helpful if there are other people near you while you are cooking. The design of this burner is very unique in that it simulates the traditional grill stove. The straight iron bars help you not only easily cook using regular-size cookware but also let you grill meats and vegetables directly on the flame.

There is only one thing you should notice when using this Coleman burner. It is a bit difficult to control the flame accurately due to the loosely-attached knobs. You just need to remove these knobs and tighten the brass fasteners, and then the problem is fixed.

  • PROS
  • Unique design that simulates traditional grill stoves

  • Has a wind protector

  • Has a stable construction

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

  • Very compact

  • CONS
  • The rubber feet seem easy to loosen

  • It is difficult to control the flame accurately the knobs

Cookamp SH12 Cast Iron Burner With Brass Fitting Orifice

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The nest candidate on our list is Cookamp SH12 cast burner with a brass fitting orifice. This product comes from a very famous company in the outdoor and camping industry - Cookamp. The one-piece design is simple yet effective. The gas hose and the burner are in the same part and connect straight to the propane tank. This construction brings you remarkable safety, easy operation, and high portability.

The burner’s frame is made of cast-iron and comes with a 6-inch stovetop. Don’t underestimate its small design, you are effortlessly able to cook with various methods with the intense heat from this burner. And if you want to control the flame, you just need to twist the disc near the base to adjust the flow of gas.

Furthermore, whenever you are on your camping or hiking trip, you can just put this Cookamp burner in your backpack thanks to its high portability. This burner’s thickness is less than 3 inch and length is less than 12 inches. This product from Cookamp is truly one of the best propane burner when it comes to compact and convenience!

  • PROS
  • Simple design for ease of use

  • High portability

  • High durability with cast iron structure

  • CONS
  • Needs to use with small cookwares

  • Cannot last for too long when using a high level of heat

  • Needs a special brass attachment to attach to the propane canisters

GasOne GS-3900P Butane Portable Stove With Brass Burner Head

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The next option on our best propane burner list is the GasOne GS-3900P butane portable stove with a brass burner head. What makes this burner so special is the fact that it can function with both propane and butane. This is a powerful option since it can release heat that is up to 15,000 BTU. When using this burner, you won’t need the use of fuel to start your flame thanks to the advanced piezoelectric ignition mechanism.

Moreover, this GasOne burner is able to serve any purpose of yours, from camping to small cooking outside. The burner comes with a flexible heat control which can adjust gas pressure as well as flame intensity. A pressure safety system is constructed inside the burner, it will shut down the gas flow when it found and unusual things happen to the gas pressure. And all of these processes are automatic. Furthermore, this burner includes four heavy-duty wind guards that keep you from worrying about the flame being put out by strong winds.

 This GasOne burner can utilize both propane and butane as power sources. The gear is suitable for both a standard 8-oz. butane canister and a 16.4-oz propane canister. Besides, the tanks will connect straight to the side of this burner so that they won’t be on your way to be tripped over.

  • PROS
  • The streamlined single-piece design has no hoses

  • Able to utilize both propane and butane as power sources

  • The stovetop can handle most standard cookwares

  • Includes a carry case

  • Automatically shut off when unusual gas pressure happens

  • CONS
  • The design isn’t so eye-catching

  • Isn’t easy to clean up completely 

  • Use up butane fast

Basecamp F235825 1 Burner Angle Iron Stove

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Next up is the F235825 1 burner angle iron stove from Basecamp. This heavy-duty burner that is made from cast iron is able to serve any cooking methods you want to try. This burner has a design similar to traditional stovetops. The high ridges of the burner will hold the cookware contact with the flame’s hottest section in order to optimize cooking time. 

The legs of this burner are separately flexible so that you can adjust it to be more stable when cooking on rough surfaces. You can control the heat with the knob and this burner can release 15,000-BTU heat. Moreover, this Basecamp burner comes with a very reliable iron frame that can handle up to 250 lbs and the burner surface can suit most regular cookwares.

This propane burner is very compact. However, you will need to purchase a regulator valve hose individually since they aren’t included in the product’s settings. Another small downfall is paint residue during the first few times of usage. Overall this product is still a very worth-buying propane burner!

  • PROS
  • Optimal cooking time thanks to the high burner ridges

  • Has a heavy-duty that can handle up to 250 lbs

  • The burner’s surface is large enough for most standard pots and pans

  • The legs can be adjusted independently for better balance

  • CONS
  • Can be ignited only with matches

  • Need to purchase a regulator valve and hose individually

Hell Fire Floor Burner

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This Hell fire floor is created mostly for homebrewing purposes, but it also can effortlessly cook dishes with any methods. Blichmann is a very well-known brand in the industry so that be at ease about the quality of their products. First, let’s take a look at the benefits you will receive when purchasing this burner.

This Blichmann burner provides you with various cooking choices thanks to the dual-mode ability, you just need to select the most suitable option for you. This burner is able to hut out the heat with 140,000 BTU when you operate it at high-power mode. It also comes with a high-efficiency mode, depending on your needs. 

This product comes with a heat protector that prevents the burner’s frame from the effect of intensive heat, this feature helps the burner to be long-lasting. Another feature that can enhance the high duration of this Blichmann burner is the heavy-duty frame. This frame can endure high temperatures and helps to flame to be stable. 

The quality and the durability of this propane burner is undoubtful. However, the only problem with this product is the expensive price. Of course, the benefits can provide you truly worth its price, but the budget is also a serious concern.

Overall, this Hell Fire Floor from Blichmann is certainly one of the best burners because of the amazing benefits you can get after purchasing it. If your budget allows, you should definitely consider buying this one.

  • PROS
  • Comes with the dual-mode ability

  • Has a heavy-duty construction

  • Provides a powerful source of heat

  • High durability

  • Comes from a very well-known company in the industry

  • Provides stable flame

  • CONS
  • Kind of pricey

Garcima L-70 Professional Paellero Gas Burner

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The next one of the best propane burner you might want to consider is the Garcima L-70 professional paellero gas burner. This product is a high-quality one, but its price is relatively affordable. With this propane burner, your outdoor activities will become memorable. 

The easiest benefit you can see about this product is the 36-inch stovetop that allows you to use a wide range of cookware when cooking with this burner. Its structure helps optimize the strength of your flame, resulting in time-efficiency. Furthermore, this burner has CE certification so that you can be at ease that the product you are using was tested and proved to be extremely safe.

Moreover, this Garcima burner comes with 3 individual knobs that give you better control of the flow of gas. The product also has a heavy-duty frame which makes it highly durable and provides a stable flame, even with outdoor conditions.

Besides many benefits from this burner, it still has some points that need to improve. The price is affordable, however, it is still considered expensive compared to other products. Another problem you might have to face when using this product is the slight difficulty of gas flow adjustment.

Despite these issues, this product from Garcima is definitely included in the list of best propane burners in the marketplace. When you use the product, you will surely feel it is worth the money you spent on it!

  • PROS
  • Can fit a wide range of pots and pans

  • Has CE certification 

  • Includes 3 individual adjustable knobs

  • High durability 

  • Highly efficient 

  • Comes with the 360-degree wind guard 

  • Provides even source of heat

  • CONS
  • Affordable but still considered pricey compared to other products 

  • The gas flow is a bit difficult to control precisely 

Northern Brewer - Dark Star Propane Burner

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If you are looking for a propane burner to purchase at a good price and can provide you with excellent quality as well as stable performance, you have come to the right place. This propane burner from Northern Brewer will surely satisfy your requirements and it is also known for providing the best after-sales service.

First of all, this burner can put out the fire at up to 65,000 BTU that can heat anything you want in a much shorter time than many other products nowadays. Moreover, the 6-inch stovetop makes it easy to handle most of the regular-sized pans and pots and can hold up to 126lb. Another part that makes the product work efficiently is its windshield. With this gadget, you are able to cook your food outdoors without worrying about the flame being put out by the strong winds. And you can adjust the regulator to have better control of the flame.

Besides, this propane burner is highly compact since it isn’t too heavy. When you purchase this product, it will come in one piece so that you won’t have to gather the parts whenever in need. You can just use it right away.

However, there is a disadvantage to point out about this product, which is durability. Some people said that the Dark Star Propane Burner was less durable than other products.

After all, if you don’t really mind about the durability feature and just concern about other amazing benefits you get from the product, just go for it. The product’s good side still makes it deserve to be one of the best propane burner.

  • PROS
  • Can release up-to-65,000-BTU heat

  • Budget-friendly

  • Suitable for homebrewing and other functions

  • Portable

  • Can adjust the regulator

  • Doesn’t need to gather parts before using

  • Can handle a wide range of pots and pans and up to 125 lbs

  • CONS
  • Low durability

Goplus Outdoor Stove Portable Propane Gas Cooker

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Last but not least, to end our list of the top 17 best propane burner, we would like to introduce the Goplus outdoor stove portable gas cooker. This propane burner is very efficient when it comes to quick-cooking and easy carrying. It is also very safe to use because it includes a regulator that keeps track of the gas flow so as to stop the gas from leaking out when any unusual problems happen.

Moreover, this product will be surely long-lasting thanks to the cast iron construction powder coating procession. This propane burner isn’t heavy and very easy to use which makes it also used indoors. Compared to normal stoves, this product can cook low-temperature dishes better, you just need to put a griddle over the heat source.

This propane burner is highly recommended by many users. The only problem with this burner is the difficulty to adjust the flame to the simmer level, but this issue can easily be fixed by even out the heat with the help of a griddle. Besides, the customer service of the Goplus brand is very good. After receiving some unhappy comments from a few users about the unreliable packaging, the company quickly solved the problem resulting in great customer satisfaction.

To summarize, this propane burner from Goplus can satisfy even the most demanding outdoor home cooks. With this compact product, you can fully enjoy your favorite outdoor activities, from camping to just a BBQ party with friends and family.

  • PROS
  • Heavy-duty construction

  • High compact

  • Impressive cooking capacity

  • Simple to operate

  • Very safe

  • Excellent after-sales service

  • CONS
  • Has difficulty with precisely controlling the flame

Best Propane Burner: Complete Buying Guide

best propane burner

Why You Should Get Propane Burners?

Buying a propane burner is also an investment, and it needs to be purchased based on your demands. It would be a waste if you just buy the product and then just leave it in the corner. If you are a fan of outdoor cooking, well, you definitely need to get one of the best propane burner!

Besides normal cooking functions, below are the reasons why it is a necessary cooking companion.

Outdoor Frying:

If you don’t have a propane burner, this action is impossible. But if you have one, you can enjoy delicious deep-fried dishes in nature without worrying about smoke or a messy, oily kitchen after cooking.

best propane burner


Homebrewing requires a large amount of water. With normal stoves, it takes like forever to boil that amount of water. Having a propane burner will easily resolve the issue. A propane burner is able to put out extreme heat which boils even a large amount of water in no time. 

Smoked Meats:

Smoked meats lovers will surely be interested in this function of the propane burners. You can comfortably smoke your favorite kinds of meats without the fear of stained walls or stained windows, or noisy smoke alarms. 

Cooking Seafood:

Normally, you will need large pots and have to cook for a long time for your seafood to be fully cooked. Most burners on our top 17 best propane burner can handle large pots and can release high heat power to quickly cook your crawfishes or any other kinds of seafood.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Propane Burner

best propane burner

There are many things you need to consider before buying a propane burner. To make it much easier for you to find your most suitable one, we have listed down some most important elements that relate to propane burners. Let’s read carefully and purchase the best propane burner from our list to fully enjoy your outdoor activities!


This is a very important factor because if your burner isn’t stable, it will cause danger to you while you are cooking. You need to find a propane burner that is stable enough for you to be at ease during the cooking process.


The heavier the burner, the more stability it provides. The product may be lightweight, but it still has to be heavy enough to ensure its stability.


The size of propane burners varies so that just pick the one with the size that suits your activities the most.

Heat Output:

best propane burner

The heat output normally ranges from 15,000 BTU to 200,000 BTU.

You don’t really need to choose the one that can release the highest BTU, choose the one that suits your demands the most is better.

Propane Burners Safety:

Even if you have the safest model on the marketplace, your propane burner can be dangerous if you misuse it. Here are the things you need to keep in mind while using a propane burner.

The most important thing you must remember is not to use the propane burners inside your house. A large amount of odorless carbon monoxide will be released if propane burns.

best propane burner

This is a very toxic gas for your health, especially when you inhale a certain amount of it. That is why it is best to use the propane burners outdoors. You can place your burner in the garden, in the backyard, or bring it with you to use on the camping trip.

Steps by Steps: How To Properly Set Up Your Propane Burner?

Don’t worry if you are a beginner and feel awkward, even scared to set up your propane burner to be ready to use. Just kindly follow our directions, and you will be a master in no time.

best propane burner

Below are those simple steps that you need to know about:

  • Step 1: Choose a flat and reliable surface for the propane burner. Clear the surrounding area so that there is nothing easy to catch fire is near your burner

  • Step 2: Attach the hose of the propane burner to the main part. The hose normally will include a woven connection. You might want to add another half turn to tighten the seal of the hose.

  • Step 3: The propane canister has a valve. Close that valve and attach the regulator end to the propane canister. After that, you should turn the hand thread clockwise to attach to the regulator. 

  • Step 4: To start the fire, first, place a long match or a lit lighter over the propane nozzle. Next, adjust the canister's valve carefully and slowly, and a small hiss will appear. After a few seconds, the flame will show up. You can start cooking now!

  • Step 5: In case your flame doesn't show up, just do the process again. The first thing you need to do is to turn off the valve and don’t open it fully. This action is very important because gas accumulation is able to create serious fireball and fire hazards.

Don’t rush in any step. The priority is safety!

How Should You Clean Your Propane Burner?

best propane burner

Using propane burners when cooking can bring you many benefits and it is very safe if you use it correctly. If you clean it the right way, your burner can be more long-lasting and safer to use. Below are some simple steps to clean your burner.

  • Step 1: Carefully detach your propane burner from the gas canister. When not in use, there shouldn't be any gas in the hose, don’t worry about gas leakage. you can also disconnect the hose from the main part to remove residues or other trash.

  • Step 2: Use a wire brush to remove any burnt food left or carbon pieces.

  • Step 3: Squeeze some abrasive cleaner on a wet sponge and clean the uneasy conners.

  • Step 4: Dry the propane burner with a soft towel and then place it under the sun. If you have an air compressor, the drying process will be faster.

A single drop of water might cause rusting to happen. Remember to dry your propane burner completely!

The Maintenance Of Propane Burners:

best propane burner

You don’t have to follow a strict process to maintain your propane burner. Proper maintenance will help keep your product in the best condition.

You can use a toothbrush to remove the grease of carbon pieces that stay on the surface of the burner. For deeper cleaning, a paperclip is suitable to take away any tough residue inside the nozzle.

You also should regularly have a look at the connection of the hose, disconnect them, and thoroughly clean them. With this action, you can prevent serious damage or leakage caused by metal contraction and expansion.

We have found a very useful video on how to use the propane burner. In the video, you will see the easiest and safest way light a propane burner. Let’s take a look!

After watching the video, you must be very excited to choose the best propane burner to bring along on your trips, right? Propane burners come with different designs, capacity, and prices, select the one that is most suitable for you based on our guidelines.

We have found a very useful video on how to use the propane burner. In the video, you will see the easiest and safest way light a propane burner. Let’s take a look!

Final Thought: Selecting The Best Propane Burners

The most convenient thing you can see when having a propane burner is it is very compact when carrying along. You are able to bring it with you even if you are on a hiking or camping trip.

Even if you hold a BBQ party in your garden or you experience other outdoor activities, you can always enjoy delicious dishes with the help of a propane burner. The propane burners are very safe and simple to use if you use it the right way. All the products we suggested are very durable thanks to the cast iron construction.

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